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Manuscripts by Subject - Military - #11063

Title:   Lindegren Family Papers                                           
Dates: 1897-1968

Collection Number:   MSS 11063

Quantity: 5.5 feet                  

Abstract: Papers consist of materials of August William, John F. and Anton Lindegren, brothers who served in World War I. Also included in the collection is material of Caroline (Carolyn) Lindegren, their sister, and of Warren Harding Olson, Anton’s son-in-law. The collection includes correspondence, Army papers, songbooks, ephemera, programs, flyers from various European cities and attractions, publications, maps, a blueprint, World War II ration books, organizational membership cards, scrapbook, autograph book, post cards, a photograph album, photographs, and several artifacts.

Provenance:   The collection was donated by Noreen Olson, granddaughter of Anton Lindegren, in June 2010.  Emily E. Schultz created this finding aid in June 2010. Additional material was donated in November 2011, and the finding aid was updated to reflect the addition.

Property Rights: The State Historical Society of North Dakota owns the property rights to this collection.


Access: This collection is open under the rules and regulations of the State Historical Society of North Dakota. 

Citation: Researchers are requested to cite the collection title, collection number, and the State Historical Society of North Dakota in all footnote and bibliographic references.

Transfer:  Seven souvenir scarves from France, ca. 1918, were transferred to the Museum Division in July 2010. Several CCC patches of Warren Olson’s were offered to the Museum Division in December 2011. 


Olof August Lindegren was born in 1849 in Sweden, and in 1884, married Anna (Hanson) Lindegren, who was born in 1854 in Sweden. The couple immigrated to the United States in 1886, and by 1900, lived in Litchfield, Meeker County, MN. They had four children: Caroline (Carolyn), John Ferdinand, Anton H., and August William. Anna Lindegren died May 12, 1931, in Litchfield. Olof Lindegren passed away in St. Louis County, MN, August 11, 1938.

The oldest Lindegren child, Caroline, was born in July 1885 in Sweden, and immigrated to the US in 1890. She passed away September 28, 1909, in Hennepin County, MN. John Ferdinand was born June 23, 1891, in Litchfield. A cement finisher, he registered for WWI in Stutsman County, ND, and was inducted at Jamestown, June 24, 1918 and sent to Camp Dodge, IA. John served in the Headquarters Company, 88th Infantry Division, 339th Field Artillery, to discharge and served overseas from August 24, 1918-January 31, 1919. He was discharged at Camp Dodge, February 12, 1919 as a private. John F. stayed in Jamestown at least through the 1930s, and might have held a permanent residence in Litchfield, MN in the early 1940s. He died June 10, 1953, in Stutsman County, ND.

Anton H. was born June 23, 1891, John’s twin, in Litchfield, Minnesota. A hotel porter at the Gladstone Hotel, Jamestown, Anton registered for WWI in Stutsman County and was inducted at Jamestown, June 14, 1918. From there, he was sent to the North Dakota Agricultural College (NDAC) in Fargo. He served in a Training Detachment to August 14, 1918 and was in Company B, 212th Engineers, at Camp Devens, MA, to discharge. August became a private 1st Class, December 1, 1918, and was discharged at Camp Dodge, IA, February 8, 1919. Anton married Nora (last name unknown) April 26, 1919.  They resided in Jamestown, ND, at least until 1925. Anton died August 13, 1959 in Jamestown, ND. Anton’s son, James Lindegren, lives in Ypsilanti ND.

August William Lindegren was born April 10, 1894, in Litchfield. A carpenter, August registered for WWI in Litchfield. He was sent to Camp Devens, Ayer, MA, and was stationed at Nevers, France, with Company D, 33rd Engineers, American Expeditionary Forces. By May 22, 1918, he had earned the rank of Corporal. While in France, his unit constructed infrastructure, including barracks, camps for German prisoners of war, and railroad car repair shops and yards. On May 7, 1919, August left Nevers; he arrived at Le Mans, France, the following day. He sailed on the U.S.S. Frederick, and on June 3, 1919, arrived at Camp Upton in Long Island, NY. August returned to Litchfield, where he lived until his death on October 25, 1982.


 United States Federal Censuses, Minnesota Territorial Censuses, North Dakota State Censuses, Social Security Death Index, World War I Draft Registration Cards, 1917.

Roster of the Men and Women Who Served in the Army of Naval Service (Including the Marine
Corps) of the United States or its Allies from the State of North Dakota in the World War, 1917-1918. The Bismarck Tribune Company: Bismarck, ND. 1931. p. 1904. 


Box 1:
1 Correspondence – from August (mostly to parents, several to Anton, bulk sent from Nevers, but also from Le Mans, France, and from Camp Upton, NY) (see also the post cards for correspondence), May 1918-June 1919
2 Correspondence – to August (from Anton and miscellaneous), 1918 & n.d.
3 Correspondence – from John (to parents), May 1918-Feb. 1919
4 Correspondence – to John (from Anton), June 1918-Feb. 1919
5 Correspondence – post cards (to/from various family members), ca. 1918-1919
6 Army papers and ephemera (August and John), 1917-1919
7 Army songs and song books (August and John), ca. 1918
8 France, Germany, Monaco – entertainment and attractions, travel booklets, ephemera (August), ca. 1918-1919
9 WWII Ration books (John), 1942-1943
10 Organizations – membership cards (John), 1926 & 1932
11 Publications – “The Downfall” (supplement to The Graphic) (1918), Siboney Signal (1919), The American Embarkation News (1919), The Stars and Stripes (1921), The Observer (1932), and The Minneapolis Journal (1936), 1918-1936

Box 2:
1 School material, Lindegren children, 1901-1912
2 Warren Harding Olson material (printed material relating to the Northern Pacific Railway), 1934, 1966
3 Caroline (Carolyn) Lindegren material (correspondence, get well cards, autograph book, funeral card), 1897-1909

Box 3:
1 Post card album/scrapbook created by Caroline, ca. 1905-1907
2 Scrapbook created by Caroline, 1902

Box 4:
Post cards (most contain descriptions and/or correspondence on back, are arranged
chronologically by date provided by Lindegren):
11063-01         Private August W. Lindegren on motorcycle, Camp Devens, MA Apr. 14, 1918 (El Juan Studio, Newport, RI)
11063-02         Private August W. Lindegren portrait, Camp Devens, MA, Apr. 14, 1918 (El Juan Studio, Newport, RI)
11063-03         Nevers, France, Nov. 22, 1918
11063-04 – 27 Nevers, France (booklet), Nov. 23, 1918
11063-28 – 32 Dauphiné, Uriage-les-Bains and Chasseurs Alpins en Reconnaissance (Alpine hunters in recognition?), France, Dec. 6, 1918
11063-33 – 56 Uriage-les-Bains, France (booklet), Dec. 7-15, 1918
11063-57 – 62 Uriage-les-Bains, Grenoble, Vizille, and Sassenage, France, Dec. 10, 1918
11063-63         Le Dauphine, France, Dec. 12, 1918
11063-64         Nevers, France, Dec. 22, 1918
11063-65         Christmas and New Year’s post card (hand-embroidered), ca. Dec. 25, 1918
11063-66         General Pershing portrait, Feb. 13, 1919
11063-67         Marshal Joffre portrait, Feb. 13, 1919
11063-68         Nevers railroad car repair shops and yards built by Company D, 33rd
Engineers, American Expeditionary Forces in 1918, including a German prison camp and American barracks. The cars are repaired by the 49th and 50th Engineers. Lindegren had charge of the construction of almost every building pictured, Nevers, France, Feb. 13, 1919 (four duplicate post cards, three with correspondence) (Pierre Preméry photograph)
11063-69         Nevers car repair shops: blacksmith shop, wood working factory, warehouses and workrooms, supply building and office. The cars were repaired by the 49th and 50th Engineers, Feb. 13, 1919 (Pierre Preméry photograph)
11063-70         American soldiers marching in the parade celebrating the Independence Day of France, July 14, 1918, from the painting by J.F. Bouchor, Feb. 13, 1919 (two duplicate post cards, one with correspondence)
11063-71         19th Engineer engine repair shops, the largest of their kind in France, housing about 3,000 men, which began operation in July 1918, near the car repair shops where A.W. Lindegren worked, Nevers, Feb. 13, 1919  (Pierre Preméry photograph) (two duplicate post cards, one with correspondence)
11063-72         l’Arc de Triomphe, Paris, France, Feb. 27-28, 1919
11063-73 – 75 Paris, France, Feb. 28, 1919
11063-76 – 81 Château-Thierry, France, March 1, 1919 (some with duplicates)

Box 5:
11063-82 – 87 Château-Thierry, France, March 1, 1919 (some with duplicates)
11063-88 – 94 Paris, France, March 1, 1919
11063-95 – 108 Nice and Beaulieu-sur-Mer, France, Monaco and Italy (booklet and loose), Apr. 3, 1919            
11063-109 – 129 Monte Carlo, Monaco, (booklet), Apr. 7, 1919    
11063-130       American Expeditionary Forces on furlough, from left to right: Holter, August W. Lindegren, Goodrich, and U.P. Hansen, in front of the YMCA casino, Nice, France, Apr. 9, 1919
11063-131 – 132 Monte Carlo, Monaco, Apr. 9, 1919
11063-133 – 134 Le Mans, France (Mother’s Day cards), May 11, 1919
11063-135       “Just Back from France on the U.S.S. Frederick,” ship on which August W. Lindegren returned to the US, June 3, 1919 (with duplicates)   
11063-136 – 145 Camp Upton, Long Island, NY (August W. Lindegren arrived June 3, 1919) (Published by Army YMCA Camp Upton, Long Island, NY)
11063-146 – 147 Camp Devens, Ayer, MA, n.d. (probably from when August W. Lindegren was there around Apr. 14, 1918)
11063-148       August W. Lindegren portrait, ca. 1918
11063-149 – 151 88th Division with French rifles, France, ca. 1918-1919 (A.B. Collette, publisher, Des Moines, IA)              
11063-152       “These supply trains will continue moving as long as you folks buy bonds,” ca. 1918-1919
11063-153       The “Bagnasco Geyser” near “Myrtled a le Resort,” Calistoga, CA, ca. 1920 (I.C. Adams photograph, Calistoga, CA)

* SEE OVERSIZE ITEMS FOR POST CARDS (11063-154 – 11063-156)

Box 6:
11063-157       August W. Lindegren, Co. D. 33rd N.A.U.S. Engineers, Camp Devens, Ayer, MA, March 30, 1918 (with duplicate)
11063-158       August W. Lindegren, probably at Camp Devens, Ayer, MA, Apr. 25, 1918 (with duplicate)
11063-159       Destroyer boat in the foreground and troop ships in the rear, Brest, France, May 22, 1918 
11063-160       Probably American engineers on locomotive, Nevers, France, Nov. 17, 1918
11063-161       Cathedral of Nevers interior, France, Nov. 29, 1918
11063-162       Railway bridge across the Loire River, Nevers, France, Jan. 12, 1919
11063-163       One of the oldest buildings in town, used as a chapel, probably 600-700 years old, Nevers, France, Jan. 12, 1919
11063-164       The family on whose land the American camp is built, the girl’s name is Jenny Reid, Nevers, France, Jan. 17, 1919
11063-165       American soldiers’ graves at main French cemetery, Nevers, France, Jan. 17, 1919
11063-166       Corporal R.E. Miller, Sergeant Rocko Pompo, Sergeant Spencer Harris, Sergeant Eno, Sergeant Clayman, Corporal Severin Renhahl, Nevers France, taken by Corporal A.W. Lindegren Feb. 25, 1919
11063-167       Inside Non-com barracks, 33rd Engineers, front row: Sergeant Pompo, Sergeant Clayman, Corporal Miller; back row: Sergeant Harris, Sergeant Eno, Corporal Lindegren, Corporal Rendahl, Sergeant Livingstone, Nevers, France, Feb. 25, 1919
11063-168       German prison camp in the foreground, part of the railroad car repair shops to the rear, the 19th Engineer camp is a bit farther to the rear, the small building in front is for the “hard boiled” prisoner, Nevers, France, Apr. 26, 1919
11063-169       Oil sheds at Usine Colette, built in Nov. 1918, last used by the M.F.C. after May 1, 1919 as their Motor Park and repair place after turning over the French barracks to the French. All work done by Co. D. 33rd Eng., Nevers, France, Apr. 26, 1919
11063-170       Part of the venereal wards at the French Barracks, Co. D. 33rd Engineers put up the barracks and quite a few more in the area, ca. 1918-1919
11063-171       Behind one of the trucks, Harold? or August W. Lindegren, probably Nevers, France, ca. 1918-1919
11063-172       Unidentified man with shovel or pitchfork, probably Nevers, France, ca. 1918-1919
11063-173       From top of Bourges Cathedral, city park and city hall in distance, Bourges, France, ca. 1918-1919
11063-174       Unidentified man with gas mask, probably in Nevers, France, ca. 1918-1919
11063-175       View of the 19th Engineers engine repair works, across from Lindegren’s camp, thousands of engines have been rebuilt there this year, Nevers, France, 1919
11063-176       Construction, probably France, ca. 1918-1919
11063-177       August W. Lindegren, probably at Camp Devens, MA, or in France, ca. 1918-1919
11063-178       American troops, probably in France, ca. 1918-1919
11063-179       Unidentified American soldier, probably in France, ca. 1918-1919
11063-180       Main entrance to the Bourges Cathedral, Bourges, France, ca. 1918-1919
11063-181       Cathedral of Nevers, France, ca. 1918-1919
11063-182       Unidentified American soldier, probably in France, ca. 1918-1919
11063-183       From the rear of the ship showing the giant troop ship the President Lincoln, which was sunk on its return trip, Brest, France, May 22, 1918
11063-184       Chateau Thierry, Yanks in trench and shell holes, France, ca. 1918-1919, copyright P.E. Leeb, printed ca. May 1919
11063-185       Gotha (bomber) over Paris, ca 1918, copyright P.E. Leeb, printed ca. May 1919
11063-186       An American Hero, crash site of 1st Lieutenant Quentin Roosevelt (Theodore Roosevelt’s son), July 14, 1918, copyright P.E. Leeb, printed ca. May 1919
11063-187       Boche (German) tank, Place de la Concorde (Harmony Square), Paris, France, ca. 1918, copyright P.E. Leeb, printed ca. May 1919
11063-188       Clermont in Argonne (Clermont-en-Argonne), France, ca. 1918, copyright P.E. Leeb, printed ca. May 1919
11063-189       German observation balloon in flames, Verdun, France, ca. 1918, copyright P.E. Leeb, printed ca. May 1919
11063-190       Burial of French Dead, France, ca. 1918, copyright P.E. Leeb, printed ca. May 1919
11063-191       Marshal Ferdinand Foch and General John J. Pershing at Chaumont General Headquarters, France, ca. 1918, copyright P.E. Leeb, printed ca. May 1919
11063-192       Attack on German observation balloon in Verdun, France, ca. 1918, copyright P.E. Leeb, printed ca. May 1919       
11063-193       1st Lieutenant Quentin Roosevelt grave marker, France, ca. 1918-1919, copyright P.E. Leeb, printed ca. May 1919
11063-194       German dead, Dead Man’s Hill, Verdun, France, ca. 1918-1919, copyright P.E. Leeb, printed ca. May 1919

Box 7:
Jamestown, ND, post cards from album:
11063-195       Fifth Avenue, Jamestown, ND
11063-196       Birdseye view, Jamestown, ND
11063-197       Opera House, Jamestown, ND
11063-198       Jamestown Roller Mills, Jamestown, ND
11063-199       New Junior High School Building, Jamestown, ND
11063-200       Public School Gardens, Jamestown, ND
11063-201       Lobby, Gladstone Hotel, Jamestown, ND
11063-202       Exterior Gladstone Hotel, Jamestown, ND
11063-203       Exterior Gladstone Hotel, Jamestown, ND
11063-204       Roosevelt School, Jamestown, ND
11063-205       Franklin School, Jamestown, ND
11063-206       City Hall and Fire Department, Jamestown, ND
11063-207       B. P. O. E. Hall, Jamestown, ND
11063-208       Courthouse and Jail, Jamestown, ND
11063-209       Exterior Gladstone Hotel, Jamestown, ND
11063-210       Post office and courthouse, Jamestown, ND
11063-211       Corner Main Street and Fifth Avenue, Jamestown, ND
11063-212       Northern Pacific Depot, Jamestown, ND
11063-213       Masonic Temple, Jamestown, ND
11063-214       Presbyterian College, Jamestown, ND
11063-215       Russell-Miller Mill, Jamestown, ND
11063-216       Main Buildings, ND Hospital for the Insane, Jamestown, ND
11063-217       North Dakota Hospital for Insane, Jamestown, ND
11063-218       “Come to Jamestown and forget your troubles”
11063-219       Jamestown College, Jamestown, ND
11063-220       New and old high school, Jamestown, ND
11063-221       Park View Hospital, Jamestown, ND
11063-222       High School, Jamestown, ND
11063-223       Solberg Hotel and Cafe, Jamestown, ND
11063-224       Four views of the Gladstone Hotel, Jamestown, ND
11063-225       Lobby, Gladstone Hotel, Jamestown, ND
11063-226       State fish hatchery at Spiritwood Lake, Jamestown, ND
11063-227       St. John’s Academy, Jamestown, ND
11063-228       St. John’s Academy, Jamestown, ND
11063-229       Klaus Park, Jamestown, ND
11063-230       Entrance to Klaus Park, Jamestown, ND
11063-231       Campfire Girls Fireplace, Lovers Lane Park, Jamestown, ND
11063-232       Going through a snow cut on the NP, 1400 ft long 32 ft deep, Jamestown, ND
11063-233       Snow cut on the NP, 32 ft deep, Jamestown, ND
11063-234       Rotary at work on Wilton Pingree Line, February 27, 1917
11063-235       Sidewalk construction, Jamestown business district, ND
11063-236       Putting out a fire, Jamestown, ND
11063-237       Oil tank fire, Jamestown, ND, August 23, 1924
11063-238       Milking at Jamestown, ND
11063-239       Roosevelt School, Jamestown, ND                

Loose postcards:                                 
11063-240       A bountiful North Dakota Grain Harvest
11063-241       Harvesting and Seeding in No. Dak
11063-242       Wishek High School
11063-243       Battleship Butte near Watford City, ND
11063-244       Grand Canyon of the Little Missouri, Watford City, ND
11063-245       Brinsmade, ND baseball team portrait
11063-246       “Our Latest Holiday” (Labor Day)
11063-247       “I don’t mind”
11063-248-249 Camp Upton, Long Island, NY
11063-250       French 155 millimeter (6 inch) Rifle, ordnance of 337th, 338th, and 339th Field Artillery Regiments 88th Division
11063-251       August W. Lindegren in portrait
11063-252       Unidentified, Private C. E. Brugger, and August W. Lindegren in uniform, Nevers, France, ca. 1918
11063-253       Private C. E. Brugger, Nevers, France, November 1, 1918

Box 8:
11063-254       Captured German tank exhibited at the Place de la Concorde, Paris, France, Feb. 27-March 1
11063-255       The Yanks in Action, ca. 1918, copyright P.E. Leeb, printed ca. May 1919
11063-256       Friends of August W. Lindegren standing next to airplane that came down next to their camp, Nevers, France, ca. 1918
11063-257       U. S. Red Cross train stopping at camp making ready for a call up to the front. Pictured is train 66 and 64, ca. 1918
11063-258       Water scene, might be in California
11063-259       In the hills of CA, Nash Quad truck
11063-260       Construction, probably in Nevers, France
11063-261 – 11063-268          Photographs taken by Warren H. Olson of the Gladstone Hotel fire in Jamestown, ND, March 27, 1968
11063-269       Stereoview – 8363 “Extracting the Bullet, Japanese surgeon operating on wounded Russian, Prisoners’ Hospital, Matsuyama, Japan,” copyright 1905 by H. C. White Co.
11063-270       Stereoview – No. 1 Mr. R. W. Sears, President Sears, Roebuck & Co. at his desk
11063-271       Stereoview – 5228 “Do keep still pussy, you are worse than papa,” copyright 1904 by H. C. White Co.

Box 9:  Portraits:
11063-272       Anton H. Lindegren portrait
11063-273       John F. Lindegren portrait
11063-274       August W. Lindegren portrait
11063-275- 11063-302 Photo album compiled by Warren H. Olson during his days in the Civilian Conservation Corps in Baker, MT


Blueprint: Plan for Prisoners of War Labor Company Enclosure, Provost Marshal General Department, approved July 31, 1918
11063-Map1    Paris, metropolitan and city map, ca. 1918-1919
11063-Map 2   Map of Europe, H.V. Kaltenborn’s map published for the Pure Oil Company, May 15, 1939
11063-Map 3   Military and naval map of the world, Rand McNally & Co., Chicago, printed in The Minneapolis Sunday Tribune and Star Journal, May 3, 1942          
11063-Map 4  New map of France, ca. 1940s
11063-Map 5   Dated events war map (WWII), printed in the USA by the US Printing & Lithograph Company, Brooklyn, NY, copyright, Canada and USA, 1942 C.C. Petersen Advertising, Toronto, Ont.       

Post cards:      
11063-154       US Army Cantonment, Camp Dodge, Des Moines, IA, March 3, 1918 (panorama)
11063-155       Camp Devens, MA, April 10, 1918 (Sanborn Photo Company, 1917) (panorama)
11063-156       General view of Asmara, Italy, ca April 1919 (panorama)

Photographs:   11063-303       Portrait, Headquarters Company 339-F. A. July 1918, Des Moines, IA
11063-304 – 11063-305 Italian military camps, ca. 1918


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