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Unit 7: Set 5: Floods & Blizzards - 1950 Flood - Photographs

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Introduction | Pembina Flood Photographs

Flooded Red River Bridge in Pembina
This view of the bridge over the Red River at Pembina indicates how high the water got in May 1950.

Flooded Downtown Streets, Pembina
Red Horse Johnsonís Locker plant was located in
downtown Pembina. (White building in center with
door and octagonal window). 2009-P-014-01
Johnson's Locker Plant
As the flood waters rose, Johnson wrapped the
base of the locker plant with black plastic and built
a sandbag wall around the building. 2009-P-014-45

Red Horse Johnson
Johnson stands in front of the locker plant.
The water has risen a little higher. 2009-P-014-46
RHJ in Doorway
Red Horse Johnson looks out from the boarded up
door of the locker plant. He soon had to take all the
frozen food from 400 lockers and transfer it by
boat and then train to a locker plant in Fargo.

Fez-Hatted Man in Parade
In honor of Armed Forces Day, May 20, 1950, residents of Pembina held
a water parade led by a Shriner in dress uniform. 2009-P-014-29

Man in Top Hat
These parade participants wore fancy hats and
decorated their rowboat with a cardboard
cutout of a hula girl. 2009-P-014-49
Two Girls in Waders
Parade watchers had a good seat on top of the
sandbag dikes. The walk to the parade route
required hip waders. 2009-P-014-51

Bud Feldman's House
The flood waters remained high for several weeks. Mr. and Mrs. Bud Feldman carry on with
ordinary life as they hang their laundry out to dry while standing in a boat. 2009-P-014-20

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