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Huff Aerial
Aerial photo of Huff Village.
Enhanced Aerial View of Huff Village
This aerial view is enhanced by lines drawn
around each of the house remains in
the village and the palisade.

Huff House 7 Excavation
Excavation of House 7.
House 7 Diagram
This is the floor plan of
House 7, a typical
family home.

Rectangular Lodge Sketch
Archeological examinations of Huff indicate that a typical long-rectangular earth lodge would have been built
in this fashion. The house floor was dug out to about 1 foot below the surface. The side poles were about
5 feet high and were banked with earth. The end walls were probably covered with bark or hide.

House 2 Sketch
This is the floor plan of House 2, the
lodge that was probably associated
with the ceremonial or social leader of
the village and his family. The house is
larger than most and faces
the ceremonial plaza.
Palisade Excavation
A portion of the palisade wall was excavated in 1960.
You can see the postholes and the depression which marks
the ditch in this photograph. The ditch was probably 5 feet
deep originally, but over time has filled to only 2 feet deep.
Storage Pit
This is a storage pit which has been excavated.
The drawing shows what archeologists found in
the pit including cutting tools (bifaces), bones, and
pieces of broken pottery (potsherds or sherds).

Cache Pit
This is a typical bell-shaped cache pit which
would have been used for storing dried garden
produce for winter use or for trade.

Bifaces found at Huff Village.
Reconstructed Large Vessel
A portion of a Huff pot reconstructed
from broken pieces.

Pot Rest
A round bottomed pot would be set to rest on a coil of grasses such as this to keep it from tipping over.

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