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Unit 1: Set 3: Ancient Villages - Double Ditch Photos

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Double Ditch Aerial
An aerial view of Double Ditch State Historic Site
taken from the north. The Missouri River flows
below the bluff. The roads and parking area
allow visitors access to the site.
Double Ditch Contour Map
This early contour map reveals the locations of
earthlodges within Ditch 4.

Magnetic Gradiometry of Double Ditch
Magnetic gradiometry produced this picture of the
sub-surface structures at Double Ditch. With this
method, archeologists were able to determine that
the village had had 4 ditches over its long history
and the exact location of each.
Another Aerial View of Double Ditch
In this aerial view, ditches 1 and 2 can be seen.
The depressions indicate storage pits or the
foundations of earthlodges. The elevated mounds
were made of both earth and trash to strengthen
the defensive system.

Mound B Excavation 1905
This mound (named Mound B) was opened in 1905 by archeologists. They gathered information
on how the people of Double Ditch lived by examining their refuse.

Mound B Re-Opened 2005
Mound B was re-opened in 2005 by archeologists to see if they could gain more
information with modern technology and advanced evaluation methods.

Mandan Lodge
This photograph of an earthlodge of the reservation era shows
a typical circular earthlodge which would have been built in the
1500s at Double Ditch. The structure at the very top surrounds
the hole in the roof where smoke escaped. The hole was
covered by a round bull-boat in the winter to
prevent snow from falling into the lodge.
Lodge Floor Plan
This floorplan of a circular earthlodge
shows the four post and beam central
supports (the square in the center). The
wall between the entry and the fireplace
helped to prevent drafts from disturbing
the fire or chilling the residents. Beds
were arranged around the walls.

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