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Elwyn B. Robinson, “The Themes of North Dakota History,” North Dakota History 26(winter 1959): 5-24.

Subsequent reference: Robinson, “Themes,” 20.

Carole Barrett and Marcia Wolter Britton, “ ‘You Didn’t Dare Try to Be Indian’: Oral Histories of Former Indian Boarding School Students,” North Dakota History 64(spring 1997): 4-25.

Subsequent reference: Barrett and Wolter Britton, “You Didn’t Dare Try to Be Indian,” 20.

Historical Editing

Adaline Forsee, “ ‘Oh What a River’: Adaline Forsee’s Journal of a Trip from St. Louis to the Cantonment Tongue River, 1877," ed., annot., introd. James S. Brust, North Dakota History 64(spring 1997): 26-36.

Reprinted articles

Russell Reid and Clell G. Gannon, “Birds and Mammals Observed by Lewis & Clark in North Dakota,” North Dakota History 66(spring 1999): 2-14.

If this later reprinting is the one cited, it is not necessary also to cite the first publication of Reid and Gannon, “Birds and Mammals,” North Dakota Historical Quarterly 1(July 1927): 14-36.

Subsequent reference [to the NDH 66(spring 1999) reprint]: Reid and Gannon, “Birds and Mammals,” 10.

Publication in Two or More Parts

Dolly Holliday Clark, “Memoir of a Country Schoolteacher,” ed., introd. Paula M. Nelson, parts 1 and 2, North Dakota History 59(winter/spring 1992): 30-45, 17-27.

Citing a Theme Issue, Whole Issue

Elizabeth Hampsten, issue editor, Women’s History in North Dakota, special issue, North Dakota History 63(spring/summer 1996).


Women’s History in North Dakota (special issue), North Dakota History 63(spring/summer 1996).

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