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Books Listed by Topics

Prices and availability subject to change without notice. Please call, write, or e-mail before sending payment. POSTAGE/HANDLING: $3.95 for the first book (payments in U.S. dollars) $1.00 each additional book. (List last updated October 11, 2013.)




Book 1 (2002) | 1989 reproduction of "The Night Before Christmas" | SOLD OUT

Book 2 (2003) | 1888 reproduction of "Red Riding Hood" | SOLD OUT

Book 3 (2004) | 1942 reproduction of "Three Little Kittens" |

Book 4 (2005) | 1897 reproduction of "Beauty and the Beast" | $9.95

Book 5 (2006) | 1904 reproduction of "The Night Before Christmas" | $9.95

Book 6 (2007) | 1946 reproduction of "Cinderella" | $9.95

Book 7 (2008) | 1953 reproduction of "Mother Goose Rhymes" | $9.95

Book 8 (2009) | 1946 reproduction of "Sleepy Time Picture Book" | $9.95

Book 9 (2010) | 1901 reproduction of "Father Christmas Stories" | $9.95

Book 10 (2011) | 1905 reproduction of “Fairy Tale Pictures” | $9.95


36 COWBOYS & RANCHERS, THE - BOOK THREE IN THE NORTH DAKOTA FRONTIER EXPERIENCE SERIES - Albers & Tweton. Recorded in the middle 1930s with the WPA project, these oral history stories of the earliest North Dakota pioneers are from the 1870s - 1890s. $12.95

36 DAKOTA COWBOY: MY LIFE IN THE OLD DAYS - Ike Blasingame. This is one of the most gripping Western tales; told in a warm, human and flavorful way by an author who was a one-time Matador ranch cowboy. $17.95

36 FARM BYLINE: REFLECTIONS ON NORTH DAKOTA AGRICULTURE 1974-2013 by Al Gustin. A collection of his newspaper columns from 1974 to 2013. $19.95

12RANCH LIFE & THE HUNTING TRAIL - Theodore Roosevelt. With 83 illustrations by Frederic Remington, this book describes Teddy’s routine labor and extraordinary adventures. $17.95

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00 DINOMUMMY: THE LIFE, DEATH, AND DISCOVERY OF DAKOTA, A DINOSAUR FROM HELL CREEK - Dr. Phillip Lars Manning. Considered a child’s version, this stunning book is exciting for any age. Its full-color photography shows the story of the hadrosaur’s life on the flood plains of prehistoric North Dakota. Tyler Lyson discovered one of the best-preserved dinosaurs ever found. $18.95

3 DINOSAURS, SHARKS & WOOLLY MAMMOTHS... John Hoganson. A reprint from our North Dakota History Journal, this 2007 publication shows in magnificent detail North Dakota beginning 65 million years ago. Based upon the exhibit “Corridor of Time” at the North Dakota Heritage Center State Museum in Bismarck, this publication is full of comparative photos and text to take you through time. $14.95

3 FACE OF NORTH DAKOTA (Third Edition) - John P. Bluemle. This volume is a generalized discussion of North Dakota’s geology, meant to heighten people’s awareness of our natural environment and surroundings and help them better understand the changes in rocks and landforms that can be seen across the state. $6.00

4 FORMER GOVERNORS' MANSION OF NORTH DAKOTA: ITS HISTORY AND PRESERVATION - edited by Virginia Heidenreich. This presentation of essays describes the home to North Dakota’s governors from 1893-1960; including its structure and occupants. $7.50

3 GRAVE SECRETS OF DINOSAURS: SOFT TISSUES AND HARD SCIENCE - Phillip Manning. The paleontological story of a 65-million-year-old hadrosaur discovered in the Hell Creek Badlands of North Dakota by Tyler Lyson in 1999. One of the rarest of all specimens - a dinosaur mummy with skin, bone, ligaments, and tendons. $16.95

4 NATURE OF EASTERN NORTH DAKOTA: PRE-1880 HISTORICAL ECOLOGY by Kieth E. Severson, Ph.D. and Carolyn Hull Sieg, Ph.D. Develop a deeper understanding of how the geologic setting of eastern North Dakota changed through time with glimpses of natural communities beginning with the Precambrian Era. $21.95

4 NORTH DAKOTA STATE CAPITOL (THE): ARCHITECTURE & HISTORY. Striner, Hafermehl, Bruegmann, & Perry. A how the existing capitol building grew out of the ashes of its predecessor makes entertaining reading. An architectural gem, the building is unique among capitol buildings with a story that entertains and educates. $6.50

3 PLAINS VILLAGE ARCHAEOLOGY: BISON-HUNTING FARMERS IN THE CENTRAL AND NORTHERN PLAINS - edited by Stanley A. Ahler & Marvin Kay. Gain fresh insights into the origins, settlement plans, conflict, and cooperation of Mandan and Hidatsa settlements in North Dakota; including Menoken, Huff, Double Ditch, and Fort Clark State Historic Sites. $50.00

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42 ARISTROCRACY ON THE WESTERN FRONTIER: THE LEGACY OF THE OF THE MARQUIS DE MORES - SHSND. Three essays concentrating on four years, from1883 when he and his family first settled in the Dakotas until their departure in 1886: 1) The Marquis in the Badlands.. 2) ..the Murder Case. 3) His Vision for the Chateau. $6.50

41 ARISTOCRAT OF THE WEST: THE STORY OF HAROLD SCHAFER - Larry Woiwode. Growing from the bare prairie of western North Dakota, Schafer created an empire in which nearly every home in the country had at least one of his products: Glass Wax, Mr. Bubble, Snowy Bleach. His enthusiasm and optimism also brought Theodore Roosevelt’s old cow town of Medora from ruin to a premier tourist attraction. $24.95

47 BOOTS AND SADDLES: LIFE IN DAKOTA WITH GENERAL CUSTER - Elizabeth B. Custer. Her story is an absorbing adventure which also portrays her husband as a gentle, loving person. This is a first-hand account of women who accompanied their military husbands. $19.95

39 BUFFALO HUNTER, THE CHAMPION: THE FRONTIER MEMOIRS OF YELLOWSTONE VIC SMITH - Victor Grant Smith, Edited by Jeanette Prodgers. A captivating story of one of the most legendary frontiersmen of the early West. Yellowstone Vic Smith was a trapper, dispatch rider, scout, trick shot - and buffalo hunter extraordinaire. $16.95

41 BURDICK, QUENTIN: THE GENTLE WARRIOR - Dan Rylance. An insightful warm biography of the late Senator Quentin Burdick. Based on interviews with Burdick, his family, Senate colleagues, and many North Dakotans. $28.95

42 CAREER OF THE MARQUIS DE MORES IN THE BADLANDS OF N. D. Originally prepared by Arnold O. Goplen to guide the accuracy of the restoration and interpretation of the Chateau de Mores State Historic Site in the late 1930s. $6.50

26 CHIEF JOSEPH, SAGA OF - Helen Addison Howard. A definitive biography of the great Nez Perce chief. $19.95

48 CUSTER, GENERAL GEORGE A., MY LIVE ON THE PLAINS 1874 – Applewood Military History Series. A collection of Custer’s magazine articles and his personal accounts. $17.95

30 DID YOU KNOW THAT...? Volume 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 & 6 - Curt Eriksmoen.  Each book contains 47 fascinating stories about people who have lived in North Dakota. $14.95 each

42 ENOCH’S SAGA: HORSEPOWER TO SATELLITE IN A SINGLE LIFETIME - Enoch Thorsgard of Northwood, ND. Encompassing a period that marked a transition from agricultural practices 200 years old to an era of satellite-guided tractors, Enoch’s Saga is part history and part memoir - with some of 91 years of accumulated wisdom tossed in. $12.00

41 GUY, BILL REMEMBERS: WHERE SELDOM WAS HEARD A DISCOURAGING WORD - William L. Guy. The memories of Bill Guy, North Dakota governor from 1961 until 1973. His memoirs are humorous, poignant, exciting, moving and deeply warm and human. $25.00

46 MINI BIOGRAPHY SET - set $9.00


5 OLSON, GOVERNOR ALLEN I. & BARBARA - North Dakota History, Journal of the Northern Plains Vol 74, Nos. 1 & 2. $14.95

41 MR. WHEAT: A BIOGRAPHY OF US SENATOR MILTON R. YOUNG - Andrea Winkjer Collin with Richard E. Collin. Chronicles North Dakota’s longest serving US Senator’s life from his early years as a farmer, service in the ND State Legislature, and 36 years in the US Senate. $29.99

42 PRAIRIE POPULIST: THE LIFE AND TIMES OF USHER L. BURDICK - Edward Blackorby. Tells of Burdick’s frontier upbringing on Graham’s Island near Devils Lake, North Dakota, his political career in the North Dakota Legislature, and 10 terms in the U.S. House of Representatives. It also details the personal side of his life, including his involvement with the Indian people of the state, his abiding interest in the history of the state, and his family relationships, particularly with his son, Quentin, who served North Dakota as a U.S. Senator for 32 years. $28.95


42 REMEMBERING LOUIS L’AMOUR - Memoir by Reese Hawkins and his daughter, Meredith Hawkins Wallin. As Louis’s best friend, Reese shares his friendship and life with a legion of fans. Share stories from Louis’s study and travel across the frontier in stories and discussions. $16.95

12 ROOSEVELT, THEODORE IN THE AMERICAN WEST by Clay S. Jenkinson. This hardcover book includes more than 150 photographs of the life and times of T.R. Share his adventures as he lived and worked in the ND badlands, hunting big game, ranching, etc. $45.00

12 ROOSEVELT, THEODORE, THE ADVENTURES OF – edited by Anthony Brandt. A National Geographic Adventure book that sets up the adventure that was Theodore Roosevelt’s life. $16.00

11 ROOSEVELT IN THE BAD LANDS - Herman Hagedorn. His adventures as a ranchman in Dakota as seen through the eyes of the men and women who lived and worked alongside Roosevelt, as well as his personal recollections. $21.95

11 ROOSEVELT, (THEODORE) A STRENUOUS LIFE - Kathleen Dalton. An intense biography sharing a personal and intellectual depth rarely seen in our public figures. A great one-volume biography. $19.00

11 ROOSEVELT, THEODORE: IN THE DAKOTA BADLANDS - Clay S. Jenkinson. Answers questions about Roosevelt’s sojourn in Dakota Territory; such as: how close he came to fighting a duel with the Marquis de Mores, how is ranches got their names, what encounters he had with American Indians, and many more. $12.95

11 ROOSEVELT, THEODORE: HUNTING TRIPS OF A RANCHMAN & THE WILDERNESS HUNTER - introduction by Stephen Ambrose. Written during his days as a ranchman in the Dakota Bad Lands, this books recounts his favorite adventure, tracking a 1200 pound grizzly, and offers a personal view of the man who would eventually be president. $18.95

11 ROOSEVELT, THEODORE, IN TRACE OF: A MONTANA HUNTER'S JOURNEY - Dan Aadland. On a single-footing horse, lever-action rifle under his knee, the author set out to become acquainted with TR as only those who shared his experiences could. This book documents that quest, inviting readers to ride along and get to know Theodore Roosevelt. $29.95

11 MORNINGS ON HORSEBACK - David McCullough. Authoritative biography of the young Theodore Roosevelt telling the story of a remarkable little boy, seriously handicapped by almost fatal asthma attacks, his struggle to manhood, and the very uncommon household in which he was raised. (winner of the National Book Award) $17.00

12 ROOSEVELT, THEODORE ‘A PASSION TO LEAD’ IN HIS OWN WORDS. How one extraordinary man led from the front and changed America forever. Hardcover $29.95

12 ROOSEVELT’S ROUGH RIDERS – Alejandro de Quesada. Insights into the daily lives of the 1st US Volunteer Cavalry’s colorful history. $18.95

50 SIBLEY, HENRY HASTINGS: DIVIDED HEART - Rhoda R. Gilman. (1811-1891). Recounting the life of a fur trader, Congressman, U.S. Army general, and Minnesota’s first governor. $32.95

11 ROOSEVELT, THEODORE, THE RISE OF - Edmund Morris. Winner of the Pulitzer Prize! A towering biography with a sweeping narrative of this extraordinary and interesting man who became our youngest president. $17.95

44 SITTING BULL, HIS LIFE AND LEGACY – Ernie LaPointe, great-grandson of Sitting Bull. The author offers a new perspective on an iconic legend through family stories or oral histories put to paper in a Native American voice. Hardcover $19.95

41 TURNING POINTS: A MEMOIR by George A. “Bud” Sinner and Bob Jansen. The Governor of North Dakota between 1983-1992, this memoir examines the life and achievement of George Sinner, the 29th Governor of North Dakota. HC $29.95

43 UNEQUAL CONTEST: BILL LANGER AND HIS POLITICAL ENEMIES - Robert Vogel. This is the previously untold story of a Nonpartisan League leader who fought against corruption, greed, and those who sought to destroy him. $17.95

41 WHITE-BEARDED PLAINSMAN: THE MEMOIRS OF ARCHAEOLOGIST W. RAYMOND WOOD.  An influential leader in Plains archaeology shares his life story, exposing the reader to this emerging field, but also he recounts his training and how it was shaped.  Hardcover $49.94

44 YOU HAVE BEEN KIND ENOUGH TO ASSIST ME: HERMAN STERN AND THE JEWISH REFUGEE CRISIS - Terry Shoptaugh. The amazing story of one man in North Dakota who helped save more than a hundred German Jews from the clutches of the Nazis. HC $24.95

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31 AFRICAN AMERICANS IN NORTH DAKOTA: SOURCES AND ASSESSMENTS - Newgard, Sherman & Guerrero. This book presents a chronicle on over 100 black individuals and families who lived in Dakota from the earliest days till the mid-20th century. $24.95

18 ALONG THE TRAIL TO THUNDER HAWK – George Gilland and Sharon Rasmussen. American classic of dual cultures told in electric, enthralling and often humorous prose. $12.95

47 ARIKARA NARRATIVE OF CUSTER’S CAMPAIGN AND THE BATTLE OF THE LITTLE BIGHORN - Orin G. Libby. Little has been heard from the Indians who fought beside Custer - the Arikara scouts. This is their eyewitness reports; the result of interviews with nine scouts in 1912. This edition includes a new forward, preface and introduction. $19.95

16 BEING DAKOTA: TALES & TRADITIONS OF THE SISSETON & WAHPETON - Oneroad & Skinner. Winner of the CHOICE Outstanding Academic Title award, this book is a major contribution to Plains Indian studies. $19.95

16 BIRCH COULIE, THE BATTLE OF: THE EPIC BATTLE OF THE DAKOTA WAR by John Christgau. Following the Battle of Birch Coulie was the decisive battle in the deadly Dakota War of 1862.  The author recounts the dramatic events surrounding the battle.  $16.95

17 BLACK ELK, HOLY MAN OF THE OGLALA - Michael F. Steltenkamp. This biography is based on extensive interviews with Black Elk’s last surviving daughter as well as friends who knew him personally. $19.95


00 BODMER’S AMERICA REVISITED (KARL) LANDSCAPE VIEWS ACROSS TIME This hardcover coffee table book is sure to be treasured. $45.00

27 BUFFALO BIRD WOMAN'S GARDEN as told to Gilbert L. Wilson. This Hidatsa Indian born about 1839 was an expert gardener. Here she shares her horticultural secrets. $14.95

20 CHIPPEWA BEADWORK: A’NICINA’BE MANIDO’ MINESIKAN - SHSND. Based on an exhibit at the North Dakota Heritage Center, this slender volume features color photographs of stunning examples of Chippewa beadwork with educational background. $6.95

19 BURY MY HEART AT WOUNDED KNEE: An Indian History of the American West by Dee Brown. Using council records, autobiographies, and firsthand description, Brown allows great chiefs and warriors to tell us in their own words of the battles, massacres, and broken treaties. $17.00

22 CHIPPEWA CUSTOMS - Frances Densmore. This book gives accurate, detailed descriptions of the tribal customs, history, legends, traditions, art, music, economy, and leisure activities of the Chippewa (Ojibway) Indians. $16.95

16 DAKOTA DAWN: THE DECISIVE FIRST WEEK OF THE SIOUX UPRISING, AUGUST 17-24, 1862 by Gregory F. Michno. Hardcover $32.95

16 DAKOTA LIFE IN THE UPPER MIDWEST - Samuel W. Pond. In 1834, Samuel Pond and his brother arrived to preach Christianity to the Indians. They spent nearly 20 years learning the language and observing how the Indians lived. He recorded his recollections in the 1860s and 1870s. $15.95.

17 DAKOTA PRISONER OF WAR LETTERS: DAKOTA KASKAPI OKICIZE WOWAPI by Clifford Canku Michael Simon. Fifty extraordinary letters written by Dakota men imprisoned after the Dakota – U.S. War of 1862 give direct witness to a harsh and painful history. $27.95

17 DAKOTA WAR OF 1862: Minnesota’s Other Civil War - Carley, Kenneth. A fascinating portrayal of the conflict which is called one of the bloodiest of the U.S. Indian wars. Taken from white and Indian participants and observers, this shows the sources of the Dakotas’ justified and bitter wrath - and its terrible consequences. $22.95

16 DAKOTA WAY OF LIFE - Ella Cara Deloria. Descended from a family of tribal leaders, this unpublished research material was compiled years ago and recently brought out of storage. The author details the deepest recesses of tribal life, bringing to life experiences of long ago. $19.95

16 DAKOTA WOMEN’S WORK: CREATIVITY, CULTURE, & EXILE by Colette A. Hyman.  The author traces the change in the lives of Dakota women through their decorative works, starting before the arrival of the whites, covering the fur trade, the years of treaties, brutal removal, starvation, and the transition to reservation life.  $19.95

5 EARLY PEOPLES OF NORTH DAKOTA - C.L. Dill. Follow the history of the first people who lived in & traveled across this area from 11,000 years ago to 1858. $6.00

24 ENCYCLOPEDIA OF THE GREAT PLAINS INDIANS - David J. Wishart. A sweeping overview with nearly 150 entries focusing on contemporary Plains Indians, with many photographs. $24.95

16 GALL: LAKOTA WAR CHIEF - Robert W. Larson. Once of the most prominent leaders of the Lakota Sioux, Gall was a great leader - both in war and later on the reservation. A significant contribution to history and our knowledge of Lakota culture. $24.95

17 GHOST DANCE RELIGION & THE SIOUX OUTBREAK OF 1890 - Mooney. The author traced the progress of the Ghost Dance from place to place, describing the ritual and recording the distinctive song lyrics of seven separate tribes. His classic work includes succinct cultural and historical introductions to each tribal groups and depicts the Ghost Dance among the Sioux. $35.00

53 HALFBREED - Maria Campbell. Maria shares the brutal realities of growing up a Metis, her story beginning in 1940 as she moved across Canada. $11.95

23 HIDATSA SOCIAL & CEREMONIAL ORGANIZATIONS - Alfred W. Bowers. A study of an important horticultural Plains Indian tribe which synthesizes the rich material Bowers recorded in the early 1930s from the last generation of Hidatsas who lived in the historic village of Like-A-Fishhook. $24.95

16 HOKAHEY! A GOOD DAY TO DIE! THE INDIAN CASUALTIES OF THE CUSTER FIGHT - Richard G. Hardorff. This book details the final moments of each fallen Cheyenne and Lakota heroes by sifting through many interviews with Indian survivors of the battle. $16.95

25 INDIAN HERITAGE OF AMERICA - Alvin M. Josephy, Jr. A new expanded version of the classic history of Native American life in North and South America. $16.00

27 HOW INDIANS USE WILD PLANTS FOR FOOD, MEDICINE & CRAFTS. (Formerly titled Uses of Plants by the Chippewa Indians) A wealth of new material for those interested in natural food, natural cures, and native crafts. $7.95

18 HONOR THE GRANDMOTHERS: DAKOTA AND LAKOTA WOMEN TELL THEIR STORIES - compiled and edited by Sarah Penman. Oral histories of four Indian elders who recount their life stories. $15.95

26 INDIAN DOCTOR: Nature’s method of curing and preventing disease according to the Indians. With 60 pages, you can learn they used to treat anything from poisons to sore throats. $3.95

25 INDIAN INTERVIEWS OF ELI S. RICKER, 1903-1919. Vol. 1 of the Voices of the American West series by Richard E Jensen.  Share the vivid oral narratives from interviews conducted by Ricker with firsthand accounts of events of the time.  $34.94

25 INDIAN LIFE ON THE UPPER MISSOURI - John C. Ewers. Looked upon by the author as demonstrations of the results that can be obtained from the critical study of the various ethnohistorical sources as well as a contribution toward a better understanding of some aspects of the history and culture of the Indian tribes of the Upper Missouri. $21.95

25 INDIAN PEACE MEDALS IN AMERICAN HISTORY - Francis Paul Prucha. With two distinct parts, this book presents the history of the use of the medals in American dealings with the Indians as well as a catalog of the individual medals, with a brief history of the designing and manufacturing of each. $24.95

25 INDIAN TIPI: ITS HISTORY, CONSTRUCTION & USE - R & G Laubin. This book will show you how to make, use, and enjoy the best of all movable shelters which is as beautiful as it is serviceable. $26.95

20 KNIFE RIVER INDIAN VILLAGES (THE): M-E E’CCI AASHI AWADI - N. Sulivan & N. Vrooman. The story of the Hidatsa and Mandan people’s Knife River Indian villages, the story of cultural growth and a tale of tragedy. $6.95

17 LAKOTA BELIEF AND RITUAL by James R. Walker. This collection of documents is especially remarkable because it preserves individual variations from a whole generation of holy men. $19.95

17 LAKOTA RITUAL OF THE SWEAT LODGE: HISTORY AND CONTEMPORARY PRACTICE - Raymond A. Bucko. An in-depth look at the history and significance of the Lakota sweat lodge and the changes in the ritual over time. $17.95

17 LAND OF THE DAKOTA: MNI SOTA MAKOCE by Gwen Westerman & Bruce White.  The authors examine narratives of the people’s origins, their associations with the land, and the seasonal round through key players and place names.  $24.95

17 LAND OF NAKODA: THE STORY OF THE ASSINIBOINE INDIANS - James L. Long. Written from tales told to the author, this book is a vivid account of the history, legends, customs, crafts, and ceremonies of the Assiniboine Indians of the northern plains. $14.95

19 LEDGERBOOK OF THOMAS BLUE EAGLE. Although fictional, this ledgerbook tells the story in narrative form using both the white man’s words and the Indians’ picture stories. These imaginary drawings show events that may well have occurred in the life of a Sioux boy who attended school in the East to learn about the world of the white man. Founded on historical facts and in ledgerbook style. $21.95

18 LITTLE CROW: TAOYATEDUTA: Leader of the Dakota by Gwenyth Swain. The story of a great historical leader and his part in the Great Sioux Uprising. $12.95

22 LIVING OUR LANGUAGE: OJIBWE TAKES & ORAL HISTORIES. A bilingual anthology, edited by Anton Treuer. Presenting original stories collected from ten Anishinaabe (Ojibwe) elders with English translations on the facing pages. $22.95

26 MAN WITH THE INDIAN HEART:JAMES MCLAUGHLIN - L. Pfaller. A biography of perhaps the most famous Indian agents in American history who spent fifty-two years with the Indians. $15.95

23 MANDAN SOCIAL AND CEREMONIAL ORGANIZATION - Alfred W. Bowers. Based on years of research and conversations, this book brings the world of the Mandans vividly to life, including ceremonies, legends, beliefs, myths, and much more. A comprehensive look at the legacy and traditional roots of this culture. $26.95

24 MYTHS AND TRADITIONS OF THE ARIKARA INDIANS compiled by Douglas R. Parks.  The voices of the Arikara past are presented in this collection of Arikara myths, tales, and stories. $29.95

24 NATIVE AMERICAN WEAPONS - Colin F. Taylor. Featuring 155 color photos and illustrations, this book surveys weapons made and used by American Indians from prehistoric times to the late nineteenth century. $19.95

22 OJIBWAY CEREMONIES by Basil Johnston. Focusing on a young member of the tribe, the author shows his participation in the many rituals so important to the Ojibway (later known as Chippewa) life. $18.95

22 OJIBWAY PEOPLE (HISTORY OF) - William W. Warren. Written in 1852 by the son of an Ojibway woman and a white man, he collected firsthand descriptions and stories from his relatives, tribal leaders, etc. $22.95

24 OJIBWE PEOPLE: WE ARE AT HOME: PICTURES OF THE OJIBWE PEOPLE - Bruce White. A fascinating history of the Ojibwe people at home through 1950, as told through more than 200 vivid photographs. Set in Minnesota but definitely pertinent to the Ojibwe in North Dakota. $32.95 (hardcover) $24.95 (soft)

22 PLAINS EARTHLODGES: ETHNOGRAPHIC AND ARCHAEOLOGICAL PERSPECTIVES - Donna C. Roper & Elizabeth P. Pauls. This collection of papers shares the variety of tribes and their lodge construction, architecture, maintenance, deterioration, and life span as well as the ritual practices performed in them. $29.95

19 PLAINS INDIAN PHOTOGRAPHS OF EDWARD S. CURTIS. The traditional cultures of the Plains Indians are recalled in stunning detail in this collection of black and white photographs. Actual photos which Curtis took over twenty years with the Indians. $50.00

24 PLAINS INDIAN ART: The Pioneering Work of John C. Ewers.  Vividly illustrated, these essays trace the history of the pictorial art of Plains peoples from images on rock surfaces to the walls of modern museums. HC  $39.95

24 PLAINS INDIANS OF THE TWENTIETH CENTURY - Peter Iverson. The author begins with a capsule history and introduces eleven articles by leading scholars in the field. This collection emphasizes the ability of Plains Indians to change adapt, and yet maintain tribal identity despite demands on their lands and cultures. $14.95

17 RED CLOUD: WARRIOR-STATESMAN OF THE LAKOTA SIOUX - Larson. Highly readable biography of Red Cloud, who was probably the most important tribal leader of the late nineteenth century. $19.95

17 RED CLOUD’S FOLK, a History of the Oglala Sioux Indians by George E. Hyde. During the years of heavy conflict between 1865 and 1877, Red Cloud of the Oglalas stood out as one of the greatest of the Sioux leaders. $24.95

2 SACAGAWEA SPEAKS: BEYOND THE SHINING MOUNTAINS WITH LEWIS & CLARK - Joyce Badgley Hunsaker. Filled with classic storytelling and user-friendly history, the author combines oral traditions, scholarly research, historical anecdotes, and images from a multitude of collections to present a complete picture of Sacagawea. $27.50

2 SACAGAWEA, THE MAKING OF: A EURO-AMERICAN LEGEND - Donna J. Kessler. The persistence of her legendary importance emerges from a seemingly inextricable link between her story and euro-American frontier myths. This book provides an excellent starting point for historians who plan to explore cultural representations of Native Americans. $25.00

2 SACAGAWEA’S CHILD: THE LIFE & TIMES OF JEAN-BAPTISTE (POMP) CHARBONNEAU - Susan M. Colby. In this first complete biography of the man, the author offers historians and general readers a thought-provoking study of a unique American and the cultures and times that molded him. $24.95

2 SACAJAWEA - Howard. This colorful account retraces the path of the famed guide and interpreter for the Lewis and Clark Expedition, with an objective evaluation of the accounts of her later years. $19.95

2 SACAJAWEA, THE TRUTH ABOUT - Kenneth Thomasma (young adult). An accurate paraphrase of the journal accounts, this entry-by-entry approach allows readers to experience what Lewis and Clark wrote about their guide. Between the journal accounts is a short commentary and brief synopsis of events that took place between the entries. $7.99

20 SACRED BEAUTY: QUILLWORK OF PLAINS WOMEN - SHSND. An exhibit catalog with 30 pages of strikingly beautiful color images of objects decorated with Northern Plains Indian quillwork. $6.95

2 SAKAKAWEA: THE BIRD WOMAN - Russell Reid. The historical account of the woman companion on the Lewis & Clark expedition. 27 pages in a clear and well-documented study of facts. $2.50

26 SHEHEKE, MANDAN INDIAN DIPLOMAT: THE STORY OF WHITE COYOTE, THOMAS JEFFERSON, AND LEWIS AND CLARK - Tracy Potter. The author tells the story of the Mandan Indian, Sheheke, who traveled from North Dakota with Lewis & Clark to meet President Thomas Jefferson in Washington, D.C., in 1806. $15.95

21 SIOUX, SANTEE/ INDIAN BOYHOOD OF - Charles Eastman. One of the first American Indian biographies written, this book shares the provocative childhood recollections of a mixed-blood Santee Sioux who later became a government physician at the Pine Ridge Agency. Ohiyesa describes his life until age fifteen. HC $12.95

21 SITTING BULL: CHAMPION OF THE SIOUX - Stanley Vestal. Reporting the Sioux version of Sitting Bull’s life and accomplishments, the author’s realistic story makes a mockery of the weird legends and fantasies about the great warrior, chieftain and statesman. $24.95

21 SITTING BULL’S SURRENDER AT FORT BUFORD – Paul Hedren. This 40 page booklet outlines an important episode in American history. $6.95

22 STRANGE EMPIRE - Joseph Kinsey Howard. The story of Louis Riel, the Metis people, and their struggle for a homeland on the plains of the United States - Canada border. $24.95

17 THROUGH DAKOTA EYES: NARRATIVE ACCOUNTS OF THE MINNESOTA INDIAN WAR OF 1862. The tribes erupted into a brief, futile blood bath as well as a record of the death song of the Dakotas’ traditional, nomadic way of life. $18.95

53 WAHEENEE (Univ of Neb. Press) - Gilbert L. Wilson. A Hidatsa Indian girl’s story, born in 1839 amid a devastated tribe, three years after the smallpox winter. $12.95

19 WE ARE AT HOME: Pictures of the Ojibwe People by Bruce White.  The vivid story of the Ojibwe people at home through 1950 as told through more than 200 vivid photographs.  $24.95

53 WOMEN OF THE EARTH LODGES: TRIBAL LIFE ON THE PLAINS - Virginia Bergman Peters. The author follows the life cycle of a representative woman to explore female farming, trading, and hunting activities, the organization of village life, and the culture of war. $19.95

17 WOVOKA AND THE GHOST DANCE (Expanded Edition) - Michael Hittman. The author interviewed members of Wovoka’s family and his friends who shared the story of Wovoka’s experience during a solar eclipse on New Year’s Day in 1889 and the message that spread rapidly among tribes. $24.95

25 YANKTON SIOUX (INDIANS OF NORTH AMERICA SERIES) by Herbert T. Hoover. This series presents accurate portrayals of the history and culture of North American Indian peoples for young adult readers. $7.95

16 YEAR THE STARS FELL, THE: LAKOTA WINTER COUNTS AT THE SMITHSONIAN. This book provides detailed information on the creators, keepers, and collectors of the documents of over eleven centuries of richly illustrated Lakota events. $45.00

20 YUTO'KECA TRANSITION (BURDICK COLLECTION). This book displays magnificent beaded clothing and functional items of Plain Indians of mostly Sioux influence. Collection at the State Historical Society of North Dakota. $23.95

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6 FINDING THE WEST: EXPLORATIONS WITH LEWIS AND CLARK - James P. Ronda. Centered on stories and storytellers, the author uses his twenty some years of research and writing about this pivotal era to interpret fascination with the West. $23.95

6 IN SEARCH OF YORK: THE SLAVE WHO WENT TO THE PACIFIC WITH LEWIS & CLARK (revised edition, hardcover) - Robert B. Betts. The sole African American member of the Lewis & Clark Expedition, body servant to Clark, York emerges as a believable human being touching both the heights and depths of the world he lived in. The author exposes the impact of racial prejudice on historical interpretation. $39.95

6 LEWIS & CLARK, THE ESSENTIAL - Meriwether Lewis & William Clark. Edited by Landon Jones. Through these tales of adventure we meet Indian peoples and see the Great Plains, the Rocky Mountains, and western rivers the way Lewis and Clark first observed them - majestic, pristine, uncharted, and awe-inspiring. $13.95

7 LEWIS & CLARK IN NORTH DAKOTA - R. Reid. Concentrating on the Lewis & Clark travels in North Dakota...through the explorers’ journal entries, follow the Missouri River, the changing seasons, and encounters with new people and cultures. $15.95

6 LEWIS & CLARK, PIONEERING NATURALISTS - Paul Russell Cutright. The author has added scientific detail with the medical aspects of the expedition discussed. $24.95

6 LEWIS & CLARK JOURNALS: AN AMERICAN EPIC OF DISCOVERY - Meriwether Lewis & William Clark. Edited and introduction by Gary Moulton. This riveting account blends the narrative highlights of the Lewis and Clark journals in one condensed book. $29.95

8 LEWIS & CLARK, STORY BEHIND THE SCENERY. Dramatic full-color photography with informative text to commemorate the epic journey. $12.95

1 LEWIS & CLARK, TAILOR MADE, TRAIL WORN: ARMY LIFE, CLOTHING, AND WEAPONS OF THE CORPS OF DISCOVERY - Robert J. Moore, Jr. & Michael Haynes. This book describes military life with individual items of clothing they used, the weapons and equipment that made their trek a success. Using materials in archives and museums, he’s painted and sketched a rich vision of the expedition based upon research. $39.95

7 MERIWETHER LEWIS, CHARACTER OF: EXPLORER IN THE WILDERNESS – Clay S. Jenkinson. With 7 of Michael Haynes color artworks in the center, the author has done a marvelous job of bringing Lewis & Clark to life. $19.95

10 NAVIGATING THE MISSOURI, STEAMBOATING ON NATURE’S HIGHWAY, 1819-1935 – William E. Lass. This book recounts the complete and colorful saga of steamboating on the Missouir River. Hardcover $45.00

8 PLANTS OF THE LEWIS & CLARK EXPEDITION - H. Wayne Phillips. With excerpts from the journals, this book mixes history with botany and invites readers to see wildflowers, shrubs, and trees as the explorers saw them. 7 maps, 315 color photographs, 19th century sketches, and quotations from the original journals. $20.00

7 PROLOGUE TO LEWIS & CLARK: THE MACKAY AND EVANS EXPEDITION - Raymond Wood. As the last effort by Spain to gain control over the Missouri River basis before the US purchased the Louisiana Territory, Mackay and Evans led this Spanish expedition which later provided the Lewis and Clark expedition with invaluable information. $19.95

6 UNDAUNTED COURAGE: M. LEWIS, T. JEFFERSON & THE OPENING OF THE AMERICAN WEST... poignant human drama; epic narrative puts you in Lewis’s moccasins all the way across the great American West. $18.00

1 VAST AND OPEN PLAIN: LEWIS & CLARK IN NORTH DAKOTA - edited by Clay Jenkinson. For the first time, all journals of the Lewis & Clark expedition are placed in chronological order for comparative entries. Included are exclusive maps as well as the weather information. Paper - $34.95, Hardcover $39.95

7 VOYAGES OF DISCOVERY - James P. Ronda. Essays on the Lewis and Clark Expedition. This new collection of essays explores the origins, mystery, and consequences of the adventure that forever changed our history. $19.95

56 WARREN’S, LIEUTENANT G.K., 1855 AND 1856 MANUSCRIPT MAPS OF THE MISSOURI. This series of 39 oversized reproductions of maps drawn on the Missouri River provides insight into the natural and cultural environment of the river more than 150 years ago. They were created by surveyors of the Warren Expedition in 1855 and 1856 and used in the creation of an 1859 map of the Plains region. These original hand-drawn manuscript maps, however, have not, until now, ever been published as a unit available to the public. They contain a wealth of previously unavailable information about the Missouri River environment from what is now the Kansas -Nebraska border to the confluence of the Missouri and Yellowstone Rivers. Reproduced in a portfolio of map sheets measuring 16 by 24 inches, the publication includes an introduction by Graham A. Calloway and W. Raymond Wood. $39.95

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56 AMERICAN FUR TRADE OF THE FAR WEST, VOL. 1 - H.M. Chittenden. This volume includes the organization and financing of the fur trade and a detailed history of the major American companies operating in the trans- Mississippi West to the year 1843. $24.95

26 AMERICAN FUR TRADE OF THE FAR WEST, VOL. 2 - H.M. Chittenden. Volume 2 follows the traps and trails of famous characters with descriptions of explorers, missionaries, government survey parties, and Indian tribes of the fur trade West, and the geography of that region. $24.95


57 CHARDON’S JOURNAL AT FORT CLARK, 1834-1839 - Chardon. In 1834 Francis A. Chardon took charge of Fort Clark, a main post of the American Fur Company on the Upper Missouri. His journal offers rare glimpses of daily life among the Mandan Indians and the smallpox scourge. $25.00

56 EARLY FUR TRADE ON THE NORTHERN PLAINS - W. Raymond Wood, Thomas D. Thiessen. Canadian Traders Among Mandan and Hidatsa. $29.95

56 FORT CLARK AND ITS INDIAN NEIGHBORS: A Trading Post on the Upper Missiouri – Raymond Wood, William J. Hunt, Jr, Randy H. Williams. A chronicle with surprising details of this pivotal fort on the Missouri during the fur trade, both from the fur traders perspective as well as the Native peoples. HC $34.95

57 FORT UNION AND THE UPPER MISSOURI FUR TRADE - Barton Barbour. Presenting the first comprehensive history of Fort Union, exploring the economic, social, legal, cultural, and political significance of the fort. $19.95

57 FORT UNION TRADING POST: FUR TRADE EMPIRE ON THE UPPER MISSOURI. Founded in 1829, this was the grandest of fur posts on the upper Missouri and Yellowstone rivers by the American Fur Company and it’s rivals. $9.95

57 FORTY YEARS A FUR TRADER ON THE UPPER MISSOURI - Larpenteur. The personal Narrative of Charles Larpenteur, 1833-1872. Based on his journals describing the business side and social milieu of the fur trade. $19.95

56 FUR TRADE IN NORTH DAKOTA - C. Dill, G. Camp & J. Peterson. The impact of the fur trade on American Indian cultures in North Dakota from the 1730s to 1880s is captured in four well-written essays - detailing the people, companies & forts that dominated the era. $7.50

56 FUR TRADE OF THE AMERICAN WEST 1807-1840, THE - David J. Wishart. Tracing out the whole fur trade system, the author discusses factors such as capital formation, shifting commercial institutions, nature, costs, and many more. $21.95

58 FUR TRADE ON THE UPPER MISSOURI, 1840-1865 - John E. Sunder. Focusing on the American Fur Company, the author brings a mix of river transportation, Indian relations, and influx of miners & farmers. $24.95

58 FUR TRADE TRAPPERS & MOUNTAIN MEN OF THE UPPER MISSOURI - LeRoy R. Hafen. This book focuses on 18 eighteen men who represented the American Fur Company and its successors in the Upper Missouri trade. $13.95

57 JOSEPH N. NICOLLET ON THE PLAINS AND PRAIRIES: The Expeditions of 1838-39 with Journals, Letters, and Notes on the Dakota Indians. Translated from the French and edited by Edmund C. Bray & Martha Coleman Bray. Nicollet led two US government-sponsored expeditions into the land between the Missouri & Mississippi Rivers. This book contains translations of his journals, letters & notes written during those expeditions. $14.95

53 MANY TENDER TIES: WOMEN IN FUR-TRADE SOCIETY, 1670 - 1870. Story of inter-racial fur-trade families and the unique society they developed in Western Canada. $24.95

57 ON THE UPPER MISSOURI: THE JOURNAL OF RUDOLPH FRIEDERICH KURZ, 1951-1852 - Carla Kelly. In 1846, this Swiss artist joined the American Fur Company in order to travel to Fort Berthold and Fort Union to study and paint American Indians. $24.95


57 STEAMBOATS WEST: The 1859 American Fur Company Missouri River Expedition by Lawrence H. Larsen & Barbara J. Cottrell. HC $34.95

56 TWILIGHT OF THE UPPER MISSOURI FUR TRADE: THE JOURNALS OF HENRY A. BOLLER - Raymond Wood. During his four-year sojourn as a fur trader, Boller wrote with a sympathetic eye towards the Plains Indians. $21.95

57 VOYAGEUR (The) by Grace Lee Nute.  French Canadians guided & paddled canoes of explorers and fur traders going through treacherous routes, brought to life in this full of life narratives.  $15.95

57 WHEEL BOATS ON THE MISSOURI: The Journals and Documents of the Atkinson-O’Fallon Expedition, 1824-26 - Richard E. Jensen & James S. Hutchins. $39.95

58 WHEN SKINS WERE MONEY: A HISTORY OF THE FUR TRADE by James A. Hanson. Within its 21 chapters – each a fascinating essay – and 140 maps and illustrations (most in color), modern readers will discover the fur trade’s central role. $29.95

58 WHERE TWO WORLDS MEET (Great Lakes Fur Trade) - C. Gilman. Based on a museum exhibit collection from the Minnesota Historical Society. Through a 13-year underwater search, a treasure trove of trade goods, remarkably preserved were found where canoe accidents had dumped them centuries earlier. $18.95

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46 AUTOMOBILE, HISTORY OF, IN NORTH DAKOTA TO 1911 - C. Larsen. Documenting how the automobile transformed North Dakota beginning with the first self-propelled device, built in Dakota Territory in 1883 - and moves to 1897 when the first known automobile appeared. Reprint for North Dakota History Journal issue. $1.50

37 BLEED, BLISTER, AND PURGE: A History of Medicine on the American Frontier - Volney Steele, M.D. Not only a summary of peculiar medical practices of the past, Dr. Steele sheds light on the dedication of those who cared for patients in all phases. $18.00

22 CHECKERED YEARS: A BONANZA FARM DIARY, 1884-88 by Mary Dodge Woodward. Through this book, the author brings back to print a valuable record of her life as a frontier woman on a Bonanza farm.  $26.95

31 CHILDREN’S BLIZZARD - David Laskin. The heartbreaking account of the 1888 blizzard which claimed more than 100 children on the Dakota-Nebraska prairie. $15.99

40 CHRISTMAS MEMORIES BOOK. Fill in the pages to document 20 years of your family Christmas memories as you make them in the beautiful book. $19.95

00 COLOR BLIND: THE FORGOTTEN TEAM THAT BROKE BASEBALL’S COLOR LINE by Tom Dunkel. Believe it or not, Bismarck ND for a brief time in the 1930s hosted the most dominant baseball team in the country, including the major leagues with its half-white, half-black, and half-crazy team with Satchel Paige. HC $25.00

38 DUTCH OVEN COOKING – Terry Lewis. Spiral Bound (hardcover) with recipes for beginners, intermediate, and advanced cooks! $15.99

38 DUTCH OVEN COOKING, 4TH EDITION by John G. Ragsdale. Packed with lots of good recipes, this is a handy little guide bound to be a hit on your camping trip. $8.95

35 ETHNIC HERITAGE IN NORTH DAKOTA - Francie M. Berg. This book is based on two heritage specials produced by the Bismarck Tribune in 1982, covering everything from our cultural traditions to the diverse offering of different nationalities. HC $14.50

52 EYE OF THE EXPLORER: VIEWS OF THE NORTHERN PACIFIC RAILROAD SURVEY, 1953-54 by Paul D. McDermott, Ronald E. Grim, and Philip Mobley. Journey from Minnesota to Whidbey Island in Washington state through this hard-cover coffee table book to reveal the incredible story of the 1850s Northern Pacific Coast Railroad Survey in fascinating detail, illustrated with rare color lithographs and period maps. $50.00

26 FATHER DE SMET IN DAKOTA - Louis Pfaller. Interesting and scholarly account of Fr. Pierre Jean DeSmet’s missionary journeys through Dakota during the 19th century. $5.00


51 GREAT NORTHERN RAILWAY, THE - R. Hidy, M. Hidy, R. Scott, and D. Hofsommer. The complete history of the Great Northern Railway Company, from 1816 to its maturation and eventual merger in 1970. Illustrated with over 200 maps and period photographs. $29.95

33 HISTORY OF NORTH DAKOTA - Robinson. This 1966 reissued work is full of politics, sociology, economics, ethnology, theology, nature studies, and geography. $25.00

30 HUNTING THE AMERICAN WEST, THE PURSUIT OF BIG GAME FOR LIFE, PROFIT, AND SPORT, 1800-1900. A Boone & Crockett Club publication. A brilliant new panoramic history of the quest for big game in the frontier west. HC $49.95

51 JAY COOKE’S GAMBLE: THE NORTHERN PACIFIC RAILROAD, THE SIOUX, & THE PANIC OF 1873 - M. John Lubetkin. The author vividly portrays the fascinating soldiers, engineers, businessmen, politicians, and Native Americans who tried either to build or block the railroad. Numerous illustrations, maps, and drawings included from previously unpublished letters, diaries, reports, etc. $29.95

15 MEDORA AND THEODORE ROOSEVELT NATIONAL PARK - Gary Leppart. Part of the Image of America series, this book is full of archival photographs sharing the history of this special community in the Badlands of North Dakota. $21.99

35 NORTH DAKOTA CENTENARIANS AT THE END OF THE 20th CENTURY, 100 OR SO... - Everett C. Albers & Rebecca J. Weisgerber. The philosophy, advice and life stories of almost 100 North Dakota centenarians who responded to Governor Ed Schafer and First Lady Nancy Schafer to celebrate their longevity and share their wisdom plus 100s of photographs. $9.95

32 NORTH DAKOTA HABITATS OF NORTH DAKOTA SERIES - ND Game & Fish Dept. and ND Center for Distance Education. This series seeks to teach wildlife and conservation topics about North Dakota, intended for 4th grade level. Five separate units include Wetlands, Prairie, Badlands, Woodlands, and Riparian Areas. Beautiful color photographs throughout. $15.00 for the set of 5 books.

39 NORTH DAKOTA, HEAL THYSELF: THE STORY OF THE FIRST HUNDRED YEARS OF THE SCHOOL OF MEDICINE & HEALTH SCIENCES - The University of North Dakota - John Vennes, Ph.D. & Patrick McGuire. This book tells the story of how professors and staff of the smallest full-time faculty medical school in the country manage to put out doctors whose scores rank in the top quarter of the nation. $45.00

33 NORTH DAKOTA HISTORY, LEGENDARY, Junior High Level - Neil D. Howe & Theodore B. Jelliff. The North Dakota Center for Distance Education and the State Historical Society of North Dakota collaborated to produce this 410 page textbook which is a study of North Dakota’s geography, history, government, and issues. $39.95

34 NORTH DAKOTA HISTORY: READINGS ABOUT THE NORTHERN PLAINS STATE. Text - High School Level. A collaborative effort of the State Historical Society of North Dakota and the North Dakota Center for Distance Education, this book was the winner of the Library Association Notable Documents Award in 2008. This beautifully illustrated 426 page full-color book contains material selected from more than 100 years of articles published in North Dakota History, the journal of the State Historical Society of North Dakota. $50.00

32 NORTH DAKOTA STUDIES - Set of 6 books by Gwyn Herman & Laverne Johnson for the North Dakota Center for Distance Education. Intended for 4th grade level, the series includes Geology, Geography, and Climate; Early Settlement of North Dakota; Citizenship; Frontier Era; American Indians of North Dakota; and North Dakota Agriculture. $12.95 each

51 NORTHERN PACIFIC PIONEER STEAM ERA by Lorenz P. Schrenk & Robert L. Frey. Large hardcover volume documents the history of the Northern Pacific Railway and its motive power, from the turbulent beginnings of the company as it struggled from one crisis to another with detailed descriptions of all of the locomotives during its first two decades. With 350 rare and vintage photographs, it also contains complete rosters and diagrams. $60.00

38 OLD WALLS DO TELL TALES - with photos and stories of the buildings that comprise ‘Buckstop Junction’, where older building with interesting histories were brought together near Bismarck, North Dakota. $18.95

31 ONE TO REMEMBER: THE RELENTLESS BLIZZARD OF MARCH 1966 - Ramsey & Skroch. With 650+ pages of text and photos, remember the experience of this devastating 3-4 day storm that proved a true test of endurance. $17.95

58 PATHFINDING ON PLAIN & PRAIRIE - John McDougall. This stirring account of life in the Canadian Northwest at the turn of the twentieth century includes stories of Aboriginal life, camping, epidemic, hunting, war parties, and a wealth of other experiences. $22.95

38 QUARTZITE BORDER: Surveying and Marking the North Dakota-South Dakota Boundary 1891-1892 by Gordon L. Iseminger. Along the 360 mile border between these two states stood 720 quartzite markers, placed there by US surveyors. The author recounts the intriguing story behind the markings. $17.95

12 RANCH LIFE & THE HUNTING TRAIL - Theodore Roosevelt. With 83 illustrations by Frederic Remington, this book describes T. Roosevelt’s routine labor and extraordinary adventures. $17.95

45 RED RIVER RISING: THE ANATOMY OF A FLOOD AND THE SURVIVAL OF AN AMERICAN CITY - Ashley Shelby. Based on one of the worst floods in US history from April, 1997, the author depicts a city in crisis - Grand Forks. $24.95

12 ROOSEVELT, THEODORE & THE DAKOTA BADLANDS - Brooks & Mattison. 50 pages about the Badlands, Medora, & Roosevelt. $5.95

12 ROOSEVELT’S (THEODORE) CABIN: THE TRAVELS AND TRIBULATIONS OF - Mike Thompson. Using many early photos and postcards images, as well as portions of Roosevelt’s letters, enjoy the history of this little log cabin. $11.95

11 ROOSEVELT, THEODORE: LETTERS TO HIS CHILDREN written over a 20 year time span. $16.95

11 THEODORE ROOSEVELT, THE RISE OF - Edmund Morris. Winner of the Pulitzer Prize! A towering biography with a sweeping narrative of this extraordinary and interesting man who became our youngest president. $17.95

12 ROUGH RIDERS: THEODORE ROOSEVELT An unlikely combination of cowboys, frontiersmen, Native Americans, African-Americans, and Ivy League alumni – trained in Texas before being shipped to Cuba, from Roosevelt’s own pocket diary comes this gripping account of the Rough Riders’ heroism. $8.95

11 ROUGH RIDERS: THEODORE ROOSEVELT – Caleb Carr. In 1898, TR assembled this regiment of men which became known as the Rough Riders. $15.00

35 STORY OF THE PEACE GARDEN STATE - Erling Rolfsrud. This book chronicles the colorful history of those who have lived in and loved this prairie land, from ‘The First People’, through ‘Lewis & Clark’, the ‘Fur Traders’, ‘Sioux Uprising’, ‘Bonanza Farms’, ‘Little Bighorn’, to the ‘Taming of Big Muddy’ with numerous black and white photos on 125 pages. $4.95

51 WORKIN’ ON THE RAILROAD: Reminiscences From the Age of Steam by Richard Reinhardt. Firsthand accounts from engineers, brakemen, porters, conductors, section men, roundhouse workers, switchmen, telegraphers, surveyors, and other neglected pioneers who worked the railroad during the 19th and early 20th centuries, the Age of Steam. $19.95

45 WPA GUIDE TO 1930's IN NORTH DAKOTA (THE) - SHSND. Presents an engaging montage of this state at the end of the Depression Era. Includes ‘Survey of the State’, ‘City Neighbors’, ‘Playgrounds’, and ‘Highways and Trails.’ $12.95

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47 AFTER CUSTER: LOSS AND TRANSLORMATION IN SIOUX COUNTRY – Paul L. Hedren. A chronicle of the transformation of the northern plains in the wake of the Great Sioux War – establishing military posts, railroads, buffalo, etc. HC $24.95

39 ARCHAEOLOGY, HISTORY, AND CUSTER’S LAST BATTLE by Richard Allan Fox, Jr.  The author’s use of Indian accounts, with his combination of history and archaeology in interpreting the Battle of the Little Big Horn presents an excellent case study in historical archaeology. $24.95


54 ARMY WIVES ON THE AMERICAN FRONTIER: LIVING BY THE BUGLES - Anne Bruner Eales. Based on the writings of more than fifty women who accompanied their husbands to remote duty posts in the far west. $16.95

51 AT THE CONFLUENCE: THEN AND NOW: Papers Presented at the Symposium Held in Williston, North Dakota, June 29, 2002. Five articles from different presenters: “Landscape Change at the Confluence: From Lewis and Clark to the Present” - John L. Allen; “The Fort Union of the National Park Service” - John Matzko; “Securing the Confluence: A Portrait of Fort Buford, 1866 to 1895" - Mark Harvey; “The Buffalo Carcass on the Company Sink: Sanitation at a Frontier Army Fort” - Carla Kelly; “The Dispossessed: The Ojibwa and Metis of Northwest North Dakota” - Gregory S. Camp $9.00

44 BLACK INFANTRY IN THE WEST 1869-1891 – Arlen L Fowler. Fighting in the Civil War, these soldiers faced prejudice, discrimination, and lynchings through which these African Americans emerged as tough, disciplined units. $19.95

48 BOUND TO HAVE BLOOD: FRONTIER NEWSPAPERS AND THE PLAINS INDIAN WARS by Hugh J. Reilly. The author takes readers back to the late nineteenth century to show how newspaper reporting influenced attitudes about the conflict between the US and Native Americans.  This book focuses on 8 watershed events between 1862 and 1891. $15.95

44 BOYS, THE: 1ST NORTH DAKOTA VOLUNTEERS IN THE PHILIPPINES - John Durand. Told in the words of the men who were there, this is the definitive history of the 1st North Dakota Volunteer Regiment in that haunting conflict. $17.95

49 BUFFALO SOLDIERS: A NARRATIVE OF THE NEGRO CAVALRY IN THE WEST - William Leckie. Organized into the 9th and 10th Cavalry, their service in controlling hostile Indians during the next 20 years was as invaluable as it was unrecognized. $19.95

44 CITIZENS AS SOLDIERS: A HISTORY OF THE NORTH DAKOTA NATIONAL GUARD - Jerry Cooper w/Glenn Smith. A comprehensive study of the state military organization from its origins as a territorial militia during the Civil War, to the close of the 1970s. $29.95

50 CLASS & RACE IN THE FRONTIER ARMY: MILITARY LIFE IN THE WEST, 1870-1890 - Kevin Adams. The author uses the experiences of the western army to emphasize the importance of class and to de-emphasize the significance of ethnicity. He shows the egalitarian worldview of enlisted men contrasted sharply with the elitist attitudes of officers. $34.95


48 CUSTER, CAVALIER IN BUCKSKIN - Robert M. Utley. This new, lavishly illustrated book combines over 200 photographs and paintings, many in color, with a revised edition of Utley’s classic biography, Cavalier in Buckskin. $19.95

47 CUSTER, THE GREAT PLAINS GUIDE TO 85 FORTS, FIGHTS, AND OTHER SITES by Jeff Barnes.  Included are every significant monument, fort, headquarters, and battlefield between Texas and Montana.  $19.95

44 ENEMIES: WORLD WAR II ALIEN INTERNMENT - John Christgau. The author tells the stories of several individuals who were representative of the internee experience at Ft. Lincoln by presenting the subjects’ lives, before and after capture, in case studies. $14.95

48 FOLLOWING THE CUSTER TRAIL IN 1876 - Laudie J. Chorne. This book is divided into individual parts, each one marking one day’s march and events with each map and page showing a camp site and location description, followed with a summary of that day’s events, etc. $24.95

48 FORT BUFORD, SENTINEL AT THE CONFLUENCE by Carla Kelly (2009) $10.95

48 FORT TOTTEN MILITARY POST & INDIAN SCHOOL 1867-1959 - SHSND. This second edition tells the story of military life among the Indians at Fort Totten and Indian education. $9.95

49 FORTS OF THE NORTHEN PLAINS: Guide to Historic Military Posts of the Plains Indian Wars - Jeff Barnes. The perfect traveler’s guide for visiting the many forts across the northern plain states. With descriptions & photos (then and now) as well as travel information, i.e., hours, fees, etc. $19.95

57 FORTS OF THE UPPER MISSOURI by Robert G. Athearn. Colonel Henry Atkinson led an expedition to explore the wilderness and establish sites for a string of military posts along the upper Missouri set in 1818 to the late 1880s. $29.95

49 FORTY MILES A DAY ON BEANS & HAY - Don Rickey Jr. Spotlight on the enlisted man of the regular army during Indian Wars in the West, 1865 - 1890's. $19.95

50 FRONTIER ARMY IN THE SETTLEMENT OF THE WEST - Michael L. Tate. The author examines the army’s contribution to our nation’s development, such as exploration, scientific records, building roads, et. $19.95

49 FRONTIER REGULARS: THE UNITED STATES ARMY AND THE INDIAN, 1866-1891 - Robert Utley. Brilliant descriptions of military maneuvers and battles of the final, massive drive by the Regular Army to subdue and control the American Indians and open the West during the 25 years following the Civil War. $29.95

50 FRONTIER SOLDIER: An Enlisted Man’s Journal, Sioux and Nez Perce Campaigns, 1877 - William F. Zimmer. The journal of a private, rich in detail as he recorded his adventures in Indian warfare. $15.95

49 HARDTACK & COFFEE: THE UNWRITTEN STORY OF ARMY LIFE - John D. Billings. This book offers a vivid, detailed picture of what ordinary soldiers endured every day during the Civil War, enhanced by many drawings. $18.95

16 HOKAHEY! A GOOD DAY TO DIE! THE INDIAN CASUALTIES OF THE CUSTER FIGHT - Richard G. Hardorff. This book details the final moments of each fallen Cheyenne and Lakota heroes by sifting through many interviews with Indian survivors of the battle. $16.95

50 LIFE OF A SOLDIER ON THE WESTERN FRONTIER - Jeremy Agnew. Focusing on the Indian Wars period of the 1840s through the 1890s, this fascinating book captures the daily challenges faced by the typical enlisted man and explores the role soldiers played in the conquering of the American frontier. $18.00

18 MAN CALLED CHIEF: WOODROW WILSON KEEBLE - Merry M. Helm WGAw On Oct. 20, 1951, Master Sergeant Woodrow Keeble single-handedly destroyed three heavily fortified machine gun bunkers to save the men of Company G, 19th Regiment, 24th Infantry Division. Although recommended for the Medal of Honor, the paperwork was lost twice and the deadline had passed. After 57 years, he posthumously was the first full-blood Sioux to receive the Medal of Honor. $19.95

49 MILITARY LIFE IN DAKOTA: THE JOURNAL OF PHILIPPE REGIS DE TROBRIAND, COMMANDER AT FORT STEVENSON - He rose to the rank of General in the Civil War and in 1867, assumed command of Fort Stevenson. His journals describe the daily life of a frontier outpost, giving a frank and vivid account of army life in the last years of the Indian wars. $14.95

47 SAGEBRUSH SOLDIER: Private William Earl Smith’s View of the Sioux War of 1876 - Sherry L. Smith. Much of the content taken directly from Private Smith’s diary, he shared the war in detail from the enlisted men’s viewpoint. $19.95

45 SETTLER AND SOLDIER INTERVIEWS OF ELI S RICKER, 1903-1919. Volume 2 of the Voices of the American West series by Richard E Jensen.  A magnificent achievement of oral-histories showing the stories told with their perspectives on historical events.  The author brings together all of Ricker’s interviews with men and women who came to the west…settlers, homesteaders, and veterans.  $34.95

33 SITTING BULL: HIS LIFE AND LEGACY by Ernie LaPointe, Great-Grandson of Sitting Bull.  Ernie reveals family stories that share a new perspective on an iconic legend.  Hardcover $19.95

33 SITTING BULL’S SURRENDER AT FORT BUFORD, An Episode in American History by Paul L. Hedren. This is a reprint from the North Dakota History Journal in 1995.  $6.95

44 THEY WERE READY: THE 164TH INFANTRY IN THE PACIFIC WAR, 1942-1945 - Terry L. Shoptaugh. Told in the words of 70 veterans, this is the story of the National Guard regiment in the Pacific War: from its origins in North Dakota, its entry into battle at Guadalcanal, to its final victories against the Japanese. $19.95

52 U.S. ARMY IN THE WEST, 1870-1880: UNIFORMS, WEAPONS, & EQUIPMENT- Douglas C. McChristian. About 300 pages describing the development of army uniforms, equipment, and small arms during the Indian campaigns in the West. HC $39.95, paper $24.95

47 WHITESTONE HILL: THE INDIANS AND THE BATTLE by Clair Jacobson. Touted as the bloodiest battle ever fought in the eastern Dakota Territory. $20.00

47 YELLOWSTONE COMMAND: COL. NELSON A. MILES AND THE GREAT SIOUX WAR, 1876-1877 - Jerome A. Greene. Drawing from Indian testimonies and many other untapped sources, he reconstructs the battles that resulted in the last major engagement of the Great Sioux War. $19.95

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39 101 THINGS TO DO WITH A DUTCH OVEN by Vernon Winterton. Bring the outdoors in with these wonderful recipes for your Dutch oven. $9.99

36 40 YEARS OF NORTH DAKOTA RODEO: North Dakota Rodeo Association Organizational History and Major Events in N.D. Rodeo 1953-1993 by Phil Baird. 5.95

28 ANNUALS FOR THE PLAINS AND PRAIRIES by Edgar W. Toop. This is the perfect guide to the annuals of our area, covering more than 200 annuals in a beautifully illustrated guide telling you everything you need to know about them, plus a detailed chart to cross-reference them from color and height to disease susceptibility in 214 pages of easy to follow text and beautiful pictures. $24.95

20 AUTHENTIC AMERICAN INDIAN BEADWORK AND HOW TO DO IT, with 50 charts for bead weaving and 21 full-size patterns for applique by Pamela Stanley-Millner. $4.95

29 BACKYARD BIRDS, ATTRACTING & FEEDING - Jen Green. Complete Book of Bird Feeders, Bird Tables, Birdbaths, Nest Boxes, and Garden Bird-Watching in 25 step-by-step projects for birdhouses, expert advice on feeding, a directory of wild bird species and 700 photographs and illustrations fill this practical guide. HC $35.00

19 BEADING IN THE NATIVE AMERICAN TRADITION - David Dean. Beadwork history, descriptions, patterns and techniques with colorful and clear illustrations and color photographs of contemporary & historical pieces. $24.95

35 CHRISTMAS MEMORIES BOOK. Fill in the pages to document 20 years of your family Christmas memories as you make them in this beautiful book. $19.95

39 COOKBOOK, BISON – Bruce Carlson. These recipes are also great for elk and grass-fed beef. Spiral bound $ 9.95

39 COOKBOOK, THE WESTERN FRONTIER – Stoney Hardcastle. With recipes that come down to us from the Great American Frontier. Spiral Bound $ 9.95.


39 GERMAN FOOD & FOLKWAYS, Heirloom Memories from Europe, South Russia and the Great Plains - R M H Gueldner. A combination of text and recipes that are understandable and attractive, this is an enrichment by the culinary traditions of the Germans from Russia people. $25.00

20 NORTH AMERICAN INDIAN BEADWORK PATTERNS by Pamela Stanley-Millner. Contains 73 charts for bead weaving and 12 full-size patterns for bead applique with instructions and color keys for every chart and pattern. $5.95

4 NORTH DAKOTA STATE CAPITOL (THE): ARCHITECTURE & HISTORY. Striner, Hafermehl, Bruegmann, & Perry. A how the existing capitol building grew out of the ashes of its predecessor makes entertaining reading. An architectural gem, the building is unique among capitol buildings with a story that entertains and educates. $6.50

36 NORTH DAKOTA RODEO (Image of America Series) by Cathy A. Langemo. Full of black and white photos and information about our state’s best-known rodeos and stars. $21.95

39 PRAIRIE COLLECTIONS COOKBOOK - Bismarck/Mandan Symphony. Compiled for the state centennial in 1989, these 400 tested recipes include family favorites, ethnic specialties and party recipes not readily found in other cookbooks. $19.95


46 TRACING YOUR DAKOTA ROOTS - Langemo & Winistorfer. A guide to genealogical work in the Dakotas from ‘where to begin’ to ‘records and research tips and sites’. A user-friendly book with over 200 pages of information. $24.95

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29 AMAZING, INCREDIBLE BIRDS - Dr. Kenneth J. Johnson. A retired physician, Dr. Johnson traveled all 50 states and 10 provinces during his life, always observing birds. He shares interesting things about birds that people didn’t know. $14.95

10 AMERICA’S HERITAGE: CAPITOLS OF THE UNITED STATES - Willis J. Ehlert. Learn more about our Capitols and their histories. $10.95

29 ANIMAL TRACKS OF THE GREAT PLAINS by Tamara Eder/ Tjos small gem will help you identify tracks of all shapes and sizes, from the Deer Mouse to the Pronghorn Antelope. $6.95

13 BADLANDS OF THE HIGH PLAINS - this coffee table book is filled with stunning photography of the wild and beautiful Badlands. $19.95

28 BIRDS, BACKYARD GUIDE OF NORTH AMERICA – Jonathan Alderfer & Paul Hess. National Geographic’s guide with hundreds of illustrations in a user-friendly format. $18.95

28 BIRDS, MIDWESTERN BACKYARD GUIDE – Bill Thompson III. This guidebook features 55 of the most common birds that you are likely to see in backyards anywhere in the Midwest with large, full-color photos of featured birds. $17.99

28 BIRDS, NATIONAL AUDUBON SOCIETY’S FIELD GUIDE TO THE WETSERN REGION OF NORTH AMERICA. With 676 full-color photographs covering 544 species plus range maps and guidelines. $19.95

28 BIRDS OF THE DAKOTAS FIELD GUIDE - Stan Tekiela. With full page, full-color photos of 125 species of Dakota birds and accompanying information of each, this little book has an easy-to-use color guide and range maps. $13.95

28 BIRDS OF THE DAKOTAS FIELD GUIDE - Stan Tekiela. With full page, full-color photos of 125 species of Dakota birds and accompanying information of each, this little book has an easy-to-use color guide and range maps. $13.95

28 BIRDS, PETERSON FIELD GUIDE OF NORTH AMERICA (featuring 35 video podcasts) – Roger Tory Peterson. Clear species accounts, illustrations and maps using paintings which highlight the key field marks identified for each bird. $26.00

15 BISMARCK NORTH DAKOTA - From the Images of America Series. Cathy Langemo has compiled some of the best examples of local historic photography, showing the dynamic changes in Bismarck from its beginnings to the present day. $21.95

09 BRIDGES ACROSS NORTH DAKOTA This hardcover coffee table book is an educational tool featuring the history, engineering, and technology aspects of bridges for the reader with snapshots through time showcasing some of the historic bridges and the different bridge styles by decade. Hardcover $19.95

30 BUFFALO COUNTRY: A NORTHERN PLAINS NARRATIVE - Edward Raventon. Weaving personal adventures with stretches of history, you can follow buffalo along old trails, into the buttes, across the prairies and badlands, and along the riverbeds. $20.00

29 BUTTERFLIES OF NORTH DAKOTA by Ronald Alan Royer. Each of our state’s 148 recorded species of butterflies is given a page to itself, complete with multiple color images plus text entries on everything you’d want to know about it. HC $40.00

10 CELEBRATION OF STATE CAPITOLS - by Richard R. Gibson. This stunning coffee table book features full color, detailed photographs and information about each state’s capitol. $54.95

P CLASON’S NORTH DAKOTA GREEN GUIDE AND MAP. Originally produced to attract new residents to North Dakota, this reproduction of a 1920 booklet and full-sized accompanying map will delight you with the charm of those earlier days. $10.95

15 DAKOTA DAY TRIPS is based on KFYR-TV’s series “Off the Beaten Path” by Cliff Naylor and Monica Hannon featuring many interesting sites to explore across North Dakota, plus fascinating stories about some of our state’s little-known historical figures. Vol 1 $11.95. Vol. 2 is MORE DAKOTA DAY TRIPS - $9.95

15 DAKOTAS, THE: OFF THE BEATEN PATH, THE GUIDE TO UNIQUE PLACES - Robin McMacken. Devoted to travelers with a taste for the unique, this easy-to-use guide will help you discover the hidden places in the Dakotas that most tourists miss. With historical and cultural information, detailed maps and driving directions, fees and hours of operation, restaurants and places to stay. $14.95

45 DAMMED INDIANS REVISITED: THE CONINUTING HISTORY OF THE PICK-SLOAN PLAN AND THE MISSOURI RIVER SIOUX – Michael L. Lawson. In 1944, the Pick-Sloan Plan flooded more than 200,000 acres of bottomlands that forced the relocation of whole communities. $18.95

35A DID YOU KNOW THAT...? By Curt Ericksmoen. Volumes 1 through 4! Each book featuring 47 fascinating stories about people who have lived in North Dakota. $14.95 each

13 EVELYN CAMERON: MONTANA’S FRONTIER PHOTOGRAPHER – text by Kristi Hager. Born in 1868 to a wealthy British family, Evelyn spent 34 years documenting eastern Montana, including the badlands, which are included in 117 of her finest images. $14.95

35 EVERY PLACE WITH A NAME - Mark Strand. During North Dakota’s 1976 bi-centennial year, seven photographers set out across the state to photograph North Dakota main streets, the people and points of interest for the Dakota Photo Documentary Project. This book is a compilation of black and white photos of everyday life as it was then. $18.95

10 FIFTY STATE CAPITOLS: The Architecture of Representative Government by Jim Stembridge. Beautifully detailed photographs showcase our nation’s fifty capitols in gorgeous color in this stunning coffee table book. $27.95

4 FORMER GOVERNORS' MANSION OF NORTH DAKOTA. Home to North Dakota’s governors from 1893 - 1960, essays about this stately mansion and it’s structure, occupants, etc. $7.50

33 GOVERNING NORTH DAKOTA 2013-2015 - Edited by Robert S. Wood & Neil D. Howe. This biennial textbook is intended to provide up-to-date information about North Dakota’s governmental system and includes updates from the 2009 Legislative Assembly. It highlights ND’s legislative executive, and judicial branches of government and local governments including counties, cities, townships, and special districts. $10.00

27 HANDBOOK OF NORTH DAKOTA PLANTS - O.A. Stevens. This book presents general information on the state’s wild plants with detailed descriptions. HC $11.95

22 HIKING, NORTH DAKOTA’S BEST TRAILS – Scott R. Kudelka. Native son and former park ranger leads you to 35 unforgettable locations in a user-friendly format and easy-to-read maps. $12.95

28 HISTORY OF THE DAKOTA PRAIRIE GRASSLANDS: An Overview 2011 by Thomas J. Turck MS, RPA as published for the US Dept. of Agriculture, US Forest Service and Dakota Prairie Grasslands. $9.95

30 HUNTING OF THE BUFFALO - E. Douglas Branch. Drawing from rich materials, including Indian legends, old letters and diaries, and tales of frontier travelers, this book is about the great herds, their habits and haunts, their importance to the Indians, and their decimation. $18.95

14 IMAGES OF NORTH DAKOTA – Larry Aasen. A collection of unforgettable photographs and captions that tell a wonderful story of ND through good times and bad, from 1900-1940. $21.95


13 LEWIS AND CLARK ROAD TRIPS, EXPLORING THE TRAIL ACROSS AMERICA – key guide to 573 historic campsites, 161 maps and driving directions, over 800 destination and a road trip planner. $29.95

15 MAIN STREET NORTH DAKOTA in Vintage Postcards - old time photos of North Dakota spanning the state and showing the way it was. Vol 1 - $21.95, Vol 2 - $21.95

29 MAMMALS OF NORTH DAKOTA by Robert Seabloom (contributions by John Hoganson & William Jensen). 461 pages with detailed accounts of each of the state’s 86 mammals species including common, scientific and known Native American names and a significant amount of other information. $36.00

16 MARKING THE LAND: JIM DOW IN NORTH DAKOTA - finding the well hidden treasures in our state, Jim Dow’s photography fills this coffee table book with ‘wish I could see that’ interesting places and things in our state. $35.00

15 MEDORA AND THEODORE ROOSEVELT NATIONAL PARK - Part of the Images of America Series. Editor Gary Leppart. Using archival photographs, take a historical journey with two men, the Marquis de Mores and Theodore Roosevelt, who were wealthy cattle ranchers instrumental in the beginning of the town of Medora becoming a primary tourist town in the Badlands of North Dakota. $21.99

29 NATURE IN WINTER, STOKES NATURE GUIDE - Donald Stokes. This book consists of 8 small field guides, each covering a different aspect of nature in winter along with 485 pen & ink drawings. $14.95

13 NORTH DAKOTA IMPRESSIONS - Chuch Haney. A wonderful book filled with full page, full color pictures of the spectacular scenery that is North Dakota. This makes an excellent gift to depict our beautiful state. $9.95

15 NORTH DAKOTA: LAND OF CHANGING SEASONS - Francie M. Berg. Surveys the geography, cities, education system, sports, arts, churches, agriculture, business and industry, and history of North Dakota. $14.50

15 NORTH DAKOTA PICTORIAL GUIDE has 33 pages of North Dakota information, from facts, topography, climate, famous moments to pages filled with beautiful postcard image pictures of North Dakota with information about the state. $6.95


13 NORTH DAKOTA UNFORGETTABLE – photography by Chuck Haney. This hardcover coffee-table book is filled with beautiful scenery of North Dakota. $32.95

13 NORTH DAKOTA WILDLIFE PORTFOLIO - photography by Daphne Kinzler (from North Dakota). This fabulous coffee table book has 118 dazzling color photographs of North Dakota’s beautiful fauna, large and small. $19.95

13 OBSESSED WITH NORTH DAKOTA - Clint Saunders and Daron W. Krueger. A collection of fine art photographs of North Dakota in a stunning coffee table book. $34.95

22 PRAIRIE CHURCHES by Lauren Hardmeyer Donovan. Full of pictures sharing the connection to our ancestors through these powerful monuments that have survived on the prairie. Hardcover $39.95

37 PRAIRIE TRAVELER: The Best-Selling Handbook for America’s Pioneers by Randolph B. Marcy, Captain: U.S. Army. Includes first aid, recommended clothing, shelter, provisions, wagon maintenance and the selection and care of horses, information concerning the habits of Indians. $12.95

45 PROMISE OF WATER, THE: THE GARRISON DIVERSION PROJECT - Photographs by Wayne Gudmundson, Essay by Robert Silberman. Information and over 40 photos documenting the Garrison Diversion Project. $12.95

40 REGIONAL RAILROADS OF THE MIDWEST – Steve Glischinski. This hard cover volume chronicles 12 of the midwest’s most notable regional railroads with many color photographs. $19.95

15 SPECTACULAR NORTH DAKOTA HIKES: BRING THE DOG - Author Susan Wefald shares her knowledge of 50 of North Dakota’s best day hikes. $24.95

09 SUNDOGS AND SUNFLOWERS: FOLKLORE AND FOLK ART OF THE NORTHERN GREAT PLAINS - compiled and edited by Timothy J. Kloberdanz and Troyd A. Geist. This beautiful hard cover coffee table book has been 30 years in the making. With more than a thousand examples of folklore and folk art and more than 300 images, mostly set in North Dakota. $34.95

13 THEODORE ROOSEVELT NATIONAL PARK IMPRESSIONS - Another beautiful book featuring full color photos of the natural beauty of our state’s national park. $9.95

30 TIME OF THE BUFFALO - Tom McHugh. The author combines extensive research on live herds with the study of historical records to trace the evolutionary history, patterns, and impact on and of the buffalo from its genesis. $24.95

46 UNIVERSITY OF NORTH DAKOTA POTTERY: A HISTORY AND COMPARATIVE STUDY, SCHOOL OF MINES – Ken Forster. 220 pages of detailed information and pictures of actual pottery created at the School of Mines. HC $29.95

27 USES OF PLANTS BY THE INDIANS OF THE MISSOURI REGION - Melvin Gilmore. Showing the relation of the native people of the plains to plant life and their ingenuity in supplying their necessities and pleasures. $12.95

4 VISITOR'S GUIDE TO THE NORTH DAKOTA CAPITOL GROUNDS: BUILDINGS, MONUMENTS, AND STONES - Robert F. Biek Fifty-five pages packed with photographs and information about the beautiful buildings and monuments found on the capitol mall and the stones used to create them. $3.00

28 WILDFLOWERS OF THE NORTHERN GREAT PLAINS, third edition. Vance, Jowsey, McLean & Switzer. This newest edition has a section on grasses, sedges, and rushes. Includes 750 color photographs with 455 species. $19.95

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31 AFRICAN AMERICANS IN NORTH DAKOTA: Sources and Assessments - Thomas P. Newgard, William C. Sherman, John Guerrero. Presented here is information about over 100 black individuals who lived in a permanent, or semi-permanent way in North Dakota from the earliest days till the mid-20th century as well as a complete list of names and details found in the census from Dakota Territorial days until 1920. $24.95

34 BESSARABIA: German Colonists on the Black Sea by Ute Schmidt This book describes the origin and form of settlement of the Germans in Bessarabia.  HC $60.00

37 DUST BOWL DIARY- Ann Marie Low. A moving and informative account of a decade (1927-1937) of drought and depression in North Dakota as seen through the author’s diary. $18.00

34 FROM THE BANAT TO NORTH DAKOTA: A History of the German-Hungarian Pioneers in Western North Dakota - David Dreyer & Josette Hatter. The first collection of personal histories written by and about the North Dakota Banaters. It weaves together a poignant tale about ordinary people relying on their personal courage, community spirit and cultural heritage, to succeed in North Dakota. $19.95

55 GRASS OF THE EARTH: THE STORY OF A NORWEGIAN IMMIGRANT FAMILY IN DAKOTA - Aagot Raaen. An engaging, richly detailed family biography of Norwegian immigrant homesteaders in eastern North Dakota in the 1870s-90s... opening with a three-day blizzard the tale proceeds.... $16.95

37 HORSE AND BUGGY DOCTOR (THE) - Arthur E. Hertzler. Following no conventional lines, this book is rich in anecdotes with a lively and somewhat rough-and-ready depiction of the country physician’s experiences. $21.95

35 HORSE, I AM YOUR MOTHER (9 stories on German life in ND in early times) - $4.95

54 IN THEIR OWN WORDS: Letters from Norwegian Immigrants - Solveig Zempel. The author uses the letters of nine Norwegian immigrants to convey a wide range of experiences from 1870 to 1945. $17.95

09 IRON SPIRITS. This book considers the heritage of the blacksmith-created iron grave crosses originally prevalent in the Black Sea area of southern Russia. $10.95

35 900 MILES FROM NOWHERE: Voices from the Homestead Frontier - Steven R. Kinsella. Using personal letters, diary entries, and vivid photographs, the author reveals the promise and hardship of life on the prairies. $29.95

35 NORTHEN PACIFIC: PIONEER STEAM ERA – Lorenz P. Schrenk & Robert L. Frey. This volume documents the history of the Northern Pacific Railway and its motive power, covers the turbulent beginnings of the company as it struggled from one crisis to another to finance, construct, and finally to open its transcontinental line. HC $60.00

43 NORWEGIANS ON THE PRAIRIE: ETHNICITY AND THE DEVELOPMENT OF THE OCUNTRY TOWN – Odd S. Lovoll. A study of Norwegian Americans – one of the major ethnic groups – and their social, cultural, political, and religious development in the stat’s small towns and communities. $22.95

31 ONE TO REMEMBER: THE RELENTLESS BLIZZARD OF MARCH 1966 - Ramsey & Skroch. With 650+ pages of text and photos, this compilation covers the state with vivid memories of that 3-4 day storm that proved a test of endurance. $17.95

55 PEARSON GIRLS: A FAMILY MEMOIR OF THE DAKOTA PLAINS - Kathy L. Plotkin. Set between 1900 and the 1930s, this is the real-life story of five spirited sisters born into the rigors of homesteading on the North Dakota prairie. $16.95

35 PLACE CALLED HOME: Writings on the Midwestern Small Town - Richard O. Davies, Joseph A. Amato, David R. Pichaske. Offering a comprehensive examination of the small town and its evolving nature from the 1800s to the present, this rich collection features well-known authors in thirty-four selections. $24.95

34 PLAINS FOLK: NORTH DAKOTA’S ETHNIC HISTORY. This book was from the combined efforts of three historians, an anthropologist, a political scientist, and a sociologist over seven years. Over forty different national groups are discussed; their origins, personalities, customs, successes and failures, even their festivals and their foods. A basic source book with hundreds of illustrations, maps and tables, census data and an extensive index. $35.00

37 POX AMERICANA: THE GREAT SMALLPOT EPIDEMIC OF 1775-82 – Elizabeth A. Fenn. Provides a dazzling new perspective that embraces an entire continent and tells the larger story of the destructive, desolating power of smallpox. $16.00

33 PRAIRIE PEDDLERS: THE SYRIAN-LEBANESE IN NORTH DAKOTA by William Sherman, Paul Whitney, and John Guerrero.  Containing the names of almost 2000 individuals in ND history, you will find a surprising panorama of settlers. HC $28.95

35 RESEARCHING THE GERMANS FROM RUSSIA - Michael Miller. This bibliography, which is only a guide, features a collection of works unique for its focus on the Black Sea Germans and their pioneering role on the Northern Great Plains. Taken from their sources of maps, books, community and family histories, cassette tapes, sound recordings and other resources. $30.00

34 UKRAINIANS IN NORTH DAKOTA, IN THEIR VOICES by Agnes Palanuk. A compilation of stories, pictures, memories and dreams. $24.95

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55 ADVENTURES OF THE WOMEN HOMESTEADER, THE LIFE & LETTERS OF ELINORE PRUITT STEWART - Susanne K. George. Based in 1914-15, Elinore related her adventures on an isolated Wyoming homestead with such vividness, gusto, and sympathy that she has become the woman homesteader. $13.95

54 COVERED WAGON WOMEN, BEST OF Kenneth L. Holmes. Eight firsthand accounts portraying the hardship, adventure, and love that characterized the overland experience. Vol 1 and 2. $19.95 ea

53 ESSIE’S STORY: LIFE & LEGACY OF A SHOSHONE TEACHER - Esther Burnette Horne & Sally McBeth. The spirited story of an accomplished and inspiring educator in Indian boarding schools. This story illuminates the ongoing struggle by Native teachers and students to retain their cultural identities. $19.95

53 FANNY DUNBAR CORBUSIER: RECOLLECTIONS OF HER ARMY LIFE 1869-1908 by Patricia Y. Stallard. Written from the unique perspective of a surgeon’s wife, depictions of an army wife who saw many different aspects of frontier military life. HC $29.95

55 LADY’S EXPERIENCES IN THE WILD WEST IN 1883 - Rose Pender. This aristocratic lady and her husband were among the thousands of English travelers in the American West. This lively account deals with the West from frontier to modern times. $10.95

54 LAND IN HER OWN NAME: WOMEN AS HOMESTEADERS IN NORTH DAKOTA - H. Elaine Lindgren. Records of the women homesteaders’ experiences as revealed in interviews with surviving homesteaders and their families and friends, land records, letters, and diaries. $19.95

55 NOTHING TO DO BUT STAY: MY PIONEER MOTHER by Carrie Young. Carrie tells the story of growing up under the care of her remarkable mother. $15.95

54 RACHEL CALOF’S STORY: JEWISH HOMESTEADER ON THE NORTHERN PLAINS. This riveting narrative recalls the hardships of pioneer life under harsh and primitive conditions. $15.00

55 SARAH CAMPBELL: THE FIRST WHITE WOMAN IN THE BLACK HILLS WAS AFRICAN AMERICAN - Lilah Morton Pengra. The author suggests Sarah Campbell was enslaved by fur traders in St. Louis cooking on the American Company’s steamboat when she was only 8 and sued for her freedom at 12.Sift through the evidence presented to see if you agree. $18.95

54 SO MUCH TO BE DONE: WOMEN SETTLERS ON THE MINING AND RANCHING FRONTIER - second edition - Ruth Moynihan, Susan Armitage & Christiane Fischer Dichamp. Sharing well-written accounts from various women who’ve experienced life across America between 1800 and 1900. $16.95

55 WOMEN IN WAITING IN WESTWARD MOVEMENT: LIFE ON THE HOME FRONTIER - Linda Peavy and Ursula Smith. During the last half of the nineteenth century, men went west in search of gold, etc. - leaving their wives to handle family, farm, and business on their own. $24.95

55 WOMEN OF THE EARTH LODGES: TRIBAL LIFE ON THE PLAINS - Virginia Berman Peters. The author uses women’s accounts, myths and creations stories, as well as other data to demonstrate the life of Plains Indian women. $19.95

53 WOMEN OF THE FRONTIER ARMY - Charles L. Convis. Fascinating true tales of women once living in the Old West. $8.95

54 WOMEN OF THE NORTHERN PLAINS: GENDER & SETTLEMENT ON THE HOMESTEAD FRONTIER 1870 - 1930 - Barbara Handy-Marchello. Stories of North Dakota’s farm women’s roles with a wonderful combination of personal details and realities of life. $18.95

53 WOMEN'S WEST, THE - Susan Armitage & Elizabeth Jameson. The book uses selections from dairies, public records, letters, interviews, and fiction to describe the experiences of women in the West, including Indians, servants, waitresses, prostitutes, and farmers. It challenges the traditional picture of women as racist, sexist and romantic. $19.95

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