Civil War Veterans in a graveyard - Local field trip

The cemetery in many locations across North Dakota will contain the tombstones of local residents. Some of those early residents were veterans of the Civil War. In addition, the cemetery is a park, and some cemeteries have a wide variety of plants and animals.

Scavenger Hunt – How Many Can You Find?

1. Civil War Veterans tombstone interpretation

a. Examine photographs of tombstones and read the interpretation notes
b. Discussion topics - roles in the military

1) Musician in the Army
2) Fireman in the Navy
3) Cavalry vs Infantry
4) Light Artillery vs Heavy Artillery

2. Field trip day

a) Find a Civil War veteran in a cemetery. What clues led you to this tombstone?
b) Research that individual

1) County - local history books at the local library
2) local cemetery records
3) obituary in newspapers
4) military service record

c) compose 300 word essay on the veteran you found.

Bring insect repellent, sun screen, water, and a picnic lunch!