Lincoln Tapestry
Painting, oil on canvas
7'2" x 5'10" = 250 x 181 cm
SHSND 6734

History: This image was owned by John L. Cass, who moved to Stanton from Lincoln County, Minnesota in the 1890s. He served as the state’s attorney for Mercer County and was later the editor of the Mercer County Farmer. This huge painting was part of a “box of relics” shipped to the museum, via the Northern Pacific Railroad on October 10, 1937. The box weighed 82 pounds and the cost of shipping was $0.50.

  1. Examine the painting. Remember the questions of a journalist: Who, What, When, Where, and Why.

  2. A) What patriotic symbols are found in the painting?
    B) Why did the artist use this style of house?
    C) What is this style of a fence? Why did the artist use this style?
    D) As an artist, for whom would you paint this image?

  3. Compose a 100 word essay to answer the questions.