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Chateau De Mores Lesson 1 - Lesson Plan Packet Information

Pre-Visit Materials

• Background information and photos for class discussion
• Observation Exercise and Images

On-Site Visit

• Interpretive Center Exhibits with Clue Search activity sheets
• Interpreter led tour of the Chateau
• Clue Search
• Chaperone led visits to outbuildings and Civilian Conservation Corp exhibit

Post-visit activities

• Travel writer essay
• Word Search - People and Places
• Word Search - Treasures
• Coloring Page - De Mores packing plant
• Coloring Page - Chateau de Mores


Suggested reading on the Marquis de Mores and the De Mores State Historic Site

Suggested classroom activities

Have your students list, or make a story board of the important accomplishments that the Marquis started in Dakota Territory. Locate Paris and Cannes, France, New York and Medora, North Dakota on the map. Discuss the mode of travel and some of the famous routes pioneers used to cross America in the late 1800's. (Story boards can easily be incorporated into a presentation by using the students’ information and making a Microsoft Power Point slide show or Hyper Studio.

Research Victorian customs such as the calling card. Have your students create their own calling cards (business cards) either by hand or in a computer program and bring your calling card when you visit the Chateau!

Play Victorian games:

  • Parlor games such as Charades, Blindman’s Bluff, or Pin the Tail on the Donkey
  • Card games like Old Maid or build a house with the cards!
  • Twenty Questions and Gossip were popular games.
  • Jacks
  • Marbles
  • Tiddly Winks
  • Kick the Can
  • Football (more like our modern day soccer)
  • Baseball
  • Tug -of- War

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