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North Dakota Social Studies Standards

8th grade

8.1.1 Apply various primary and secondary resources (e.g., historical maps, diaries, speeches, pictures, charts, graphs, diagrams, time lines specific to North Dakota) to acquire, analyze and evaluate information 

8.2.10 Explain the significance of key events (e.g., settlement and homesteading, statehood) and people (e.g., Quentin Burdick, Roger Maris, Louise Erdrich) in North Dakota

8.3.3 Describe how technological advances (e.g., cotton gin, McCormick reaper, steamboat, steam locomotives) impacted the North and South.

9th -12th grade

9-12.1.2 Employ, interpret, and evaluate historical documents (e.g., primary and secondary sources, fact and fiction) to enhance the understanding of social studies content

9-12.1.3 Use research processes to collect, organize, evaluate, and synthesize information (e.g., questioning techniques, research paper, presentation, mini-essays, debates, current events analysis)

9-12.3.7 Analyze the conflict among the social goals of an economic system (e.g., security, freedom, equity, efficiency, stability and growth)