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Pioneer Gardens title image

Oscar H Will Pioneer Seed House, 1904
Oscar H. Will Pioneer Seed Company, Boyce photo 1904,
SHSND# 0029-027
Seed catalog companies often sponsored vegetable prizes. In 1912, at Fargo, Burpee offered $12 cash prize for the “best collection grown from Burpees seed.” For a collection of vegetables and flowers, Burpee offered a $5 prize. Burpee also offered to buy photos of prize winning exhibits for $2. The big prize was $100 from Burpee for the exhibiter who won the most prizes for vegetables grown from Burpee seeds at any number of fairs in 1912. The winner had until December 10, 1912 to submit documentation. The notation was not specific. This may have been a national prize. Burpee also offered a prize at the Grand Forks fair of 1921. First prize was a $10 collection of Burpee seed for the best collection of vegetables, not necessarily grown from Burpee’s seeds.

Local nurseries and catalog companies also offered prizes. The Northwest Nursery Company of Valley City offered prizes for the best currants (3 Loring Prize Plum trees), raspberries (dozen Eaton Raspberry plants), and strawberries (100 New Duluth everbearing strawberries) at the 1921 Grand Forks fair. Oscar H. Will & Co., offered prizes at the Fargo fair in 1912. The prize was $15 cash for the best collection of vegetables grown from Will’s seed in 1912. The winner had to indicate an interest in the fair at the time of ordering seed, and Will would give the entrant a sign to put with the display. Will also offered $2 extra for a photograph of the winning exhibit. The Hankinson Nursery offered an unspecified prize for the best Compass cherries and the best Surprise Plums.