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Gardening in a Dust Bowl title image

11 year old boy holding 47 pound banana squash
11 year old Leon Just with 47 lb. banana squash measuring
33 inches long, 28 inches girth, Bismarck, ND
SHSND# 0080 box 4 file 13-46
Gardens also provided sources of delight for children. Buffalo Bird Woman recalled that children claimed certain squashes (the coloration had to be just right) that served, undecorated, as dolls to which they would sing. (Buffalo Bird Woman’s Garden, p. 81)

The garden also holds magic and mystery for children. The Child’s Garden of Verses, The Secret Garden, The Mary Frances Garden Book are products of Victorian culture, but suggest that gardens need not be only a place of labor for children, but a place where they can play, dream, and taste raw vegetables before harvest. Sunflower Houses by Lovejoy offers many suggestions for children’s play in both vegetable and flower gardens.

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