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[Authorized:  NDCC Section 43-45-02]

Legislation in 1987 created the North Dakota Board of Addiction Counseling Examiners for the purpose of examining, licensing, and disciplining addiction counselors (S. L. 1987, Ch. 536). The function of certifying professional addiction counselors had formerly been a duty of the Department of Human Services. 

The Governor appointed a seven member board made up of four members who were licensed addiction counselors actively engaged in the practice of addiction counseling, two laypersons, and one who was a director of coordination for an addiction counseling training program.  Board members served a three year term and served no more than two consecutive terms. 
The Board met quarterly and appointed other members to assist them in carrying out their duties (S. L. 1987, Ch. 536).

The Board increased to nine gubernatorial appointed members in 1993 and it included six who were licensed addiction counselors, two laypersons, and one licensed addiction counselor engaged in private practice. Initially the Board only issued licenses to addiction counselors, but in 1993 it included addiction counselors in private practice in the licensing process. Licenses were permitted at intern sites for students and trainers. The Board registered clinical trainers, interns, and clinical supervisors. The Board could license an addiction counselor by reciprocity if the applicant met the requirements established by the Board. All licenses were to be displayed prominently the place of business. The Board was authorized to address the issue of misrepresentation by any person claiming to be an addiction counselor (S. L. 1993, Ch. 438).

In 2007 legislation changed the Board to seven members, of whom the Governor appointed five licensed addiction counselors, one engaged in private practice, and two laypersons. Licenses were to be renewed annually (S. L. 2007, Ch. 383) and continuing education was required for renewal. Specific qualifications for licensing, registration, and exemptions were listed in the Century Code [NDCC 43-45]. The Board administered and enforced the provisions of the law. It evaluated applicants, issued all licenses and registrations for addiction counselors. The Board approved training programs, approved and administered examinations, and established continuing education requirements. It collected fees for examinations, licenses, and renewals.  The Board established an ethical standard of practice and provided disciplinary action for violators and it recommended necessary legal action to the Attorney General.

The Board could deny, refuse to renew, suspend, or revoke an application. It could call a hearing and place on probation an applicant or holder of a license who engaged in unprofessional conduct. A license holder could resubmit an application for an initial license one year after the date of the revocation. The Board recommended prosecution to those in violation of the law (S. L. 2007, Ch. 383). Violation resulted in a class B misdemeanor (S. L. 2009, Ch.359). All complaints were submitted to the Board in writing.


1987       North Dakota Board of Addiction Counseling Examiners replaced the Department of Human Services for the licensing of addiction counselors. The Governor appointed seven members (S. L. 1987, Ch. 536).

1993       The Board increased to nine members and a new section was added to the Century Code relating to the powers and duties of the Board. Licensing of private practice addiction counselors was addressed by the legislature (S. L. 1993, Ch. 438).

2003       Requirements for licensing of addiction counselors changed and new laws were added on disciplinary actions (S. L. 2003, Ch. 378).

2007       Legislation changed the Board membership to seven. Criteria for private practice counselors was set by the board (S.L. 2007, Ch. 383).

2009       Violation of the law was considered a misdemeanor [NDCC 43-45-05.2]; (S.L. 2009, Ch. 359).


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