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Theodore Roosevelt's Cabin Bismarck ND 1912

00105 Orin Grant Libby
ca. 1870-1950
Consists of images of the Badlands, Fort Lincoln archaeological camp and excavation, Mandan buildings and views, Fort Union festivities of 1926, and the last ox cart parade with Red River carts in Grand Forks. Native American photographs include Hidatsa boys, several views of Short Bull, Good Bird, Indian log house with bower, Mandan shrine, interior and exterior of earth lodges, medicine lodge, Arikara fort camp, various archaeological sites, Indian mounds, buffalo bone and horn implements, and mortar and pestles. There are also photographs and maps by Ernst Reinhold Steinbrueck, including those of many archaeological sites and early day Mandan. (289 photographs)

	Pioneer Family statue, Bismarck, N.D.

00106 Superintendent’s Correspondence Photographs
ca. 1920-1940
Includes photography files used by the State Historical Society for a number of purposes. Many are labeled. Archaeological images were taken and donated by Henry B. Syverud of Dagmar, MT. Eugene A. Burdick took many Native American portraits and some scenes. Other topics include the Pioneer Family Sculpture, North Dakota historic sites, and Bismarck Pioneer Day parade. Portraits include Bob-Tailed Bull, Shoots Holy, Dan Iron Road, Andrew Iron Road, No Two Horns, Mrs. Iron Cane, Mrs. Bullhead, Mrs. Standing Wind, Mrs. Eagle Staff, Old Bull, Bear Heart, Wicibedeza, and Mr. and Mrs. White Lightning. Other portraits include Mr. and Mrs. Frank Fiske, Francis Zahn, Usher Burdick, Quentin Burdick, Eugene Burdick, and Melvin Gilmore. (226 photographs)

High School Bismarck ND

00132 Annetta Erickson Postcards
Consists of images of Fargo, Devils Lake, Valley City, Bismarck, and Sioux Indians of North Dakota. Photographs of Sioux Indians were most likely taken by B.L.B. of Mott, ND in 1918. (25 items)

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