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00353 Badlands near Williston
ca. 1925-1934
Images of the Badlands in North Dakota and Montana. The images are likely those of Jacob L. Skrivseth who established a photo studio in Williston in 1925 and died in 1934. (29 items)

00355 Bagg Bonanza Farm, Richland County, N.D.
Images of Bagg Bonanza Farm, Richland County, N.D. (15 items)

00368 Daughters of the American Revolution, State Conference of North Dakota
Individual and group portraits of members of North Dakota Chapters of Daughters of the American Revolution. Includes postcards of French monuments and WWI ruins, along with photos of destitute families (many of Native American descent) in the 1940’s and military men and buildings. Also included are photos of early Bismarck (DT and ND) and Dryden (NY). (110 items)

00370 Edward Kurle
Portraits of Christian Kurle and his nephew Edward Kurle and postcards from Christian to Edward during WWI. (11 items)

00379 Fargo Tornado
June 20, 1959
Black and white images of destroyed homes, businesses, vehicles, and trees in the Fargo tornado. (55 items)

00382 Greater North Dakota Association/North Dakota Water Conservation Commission/State Soil Conservation Committee
Images of soil and water conservation projects primarily taken by W. P. Sebens. Some are stamped Greater North Dakota Association, State Water Conservation Commission, and State Soil Conservation Committee. Many of the images are also found in Series 30878 Soil Conservation Committee, State. Photographs and Negatives. (100 items)

00385 Board of Administration
Portraits of members of the State Board of Administration, the State Hospital, and the School for the Deaf. (31 items)

00388 Federation of Women's Clubs Portraits
Portraits of early individual members of the North Dakota Federation of Women’s Clubs as well as group portraits taken at state conventions. Some of the Sakakawea Junior Girls’ Clubs group portraits are included, as well as member and group photos of other local North Dakota clubs, such as the Shakespearean Club, Current Events Club, and the Alfredian Club.(126 items)

00390 Victor Mattern
ca. 1887-1985
Images of Hull Cemetery, St. Mary's Catholic Church, Hull (N.D.), early views of Strasburg (N.D.), Hague Church, and street views of Linton (N.D.). (11 items)

00394 Pembina, ND
1882, n.d.
Album of photos of floods, snow, children dressed as Indians, Charles Cavileer with dogs, Red River carts, hunting party with deer carcasses, and men marching in Pembina. (137 items)

00395 North Dakota Penitentiary
ca. 1892-1930
Glass plate negatives and contact prints of the Penitentiary, a baseball team, and inmate mug shots. (288 items)
See also Series 30366 mug shot books and prints (1.5ft)

00397 US Department of Agriculture. Soil Conservation Service
Includes Soil Conservation Service images from the late 1930s through the 1970s on North Dakota farms, conservation practices being taught at ND State Normal School, Mayville, and North Dakota postcards.

00399 State Water Conservation Commission
Images of gardens irrigated with water from springs and Missouri River flats, a reclamation land leveler to smooth ground for irrigation, windmill delivering 8 gallons per minute for 1 ½ acre garden near Elgin, pump  irrigating 20 acres running off a car battery, Houser’s Irrigated Farms Sanish N.D. truck with bushels of produce, flooded farms south of Grafton. (325 items)

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