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00051 G. William Eckberg
Cabinet card images including a Witmer and Derby photograph of downtown Bathgate (D.T.), an unidentified group picnicking by a stream, and photographs by David F. Barry, including the Standing Rock Indian Police, a portrait of Sitting Bull, and images of Sitting Bull's house, tepee and family. (7 items)

00052 David Davis
ca. 1880s-1900
Portraits of residents of Bismarck, including E. H. Wilson, Warden of the State Penitentiary. (8 items)

00053 Custer Drama Trail West
ca. 1958
Images of the Custer Drama "Trail West," performed at the Custer Memorial Amphitheater in Mandan (N.D.), presented by the Mandan Historical Development Association. (29 items)

00054 Mrs. W. C. Burton              
Images of a Picnic at the H. Allen home, Lake Hester (N.D.), and James Pendroy. (4 items)

00055 A. B. Gilbert
ca. 1880s-1920
Includes images of agriculture, the Nonpartisan League, and buildings. Photographs were taken in Bismarck, Brantford, Buffalo Spring, Esmond, Fargo, Hekton, McKenzie, Pretty Rock, Williston and Wyndmere (N.D.). (36 items)

00056 George Teskey
ca. 1928-1961
Images of road and bridge construction, Knights Templar activities, family photos, and the Devils Lake Ski area. (1439 items)

00057 Henry Bogenrief
ca. 1904
Images of Miss Takes the Gun, Lucy Hawk Bear, the Oscar One Bull family, Pollock (S.D.), and a woman dancing by a lake. (12 items)

00058 Liberty Memorial Building Dedication
ca. 1924-1979
Copy photographs of the dedication of the Liberty Memorial Building, Bismarck (N.D.) on Armistice Day 1925. (25 items)

00059 Lulah Cavileer
ca. 1910-1920s
Photographs of Lulah (Lulu) Cavileer, Dr. Howard Simpson, George F. Forester, a monument at Pembina (N.D.), an unidentified pontoon bridge and Fort Garry, Manitoba. (27 items)


Ferryboat & Riverboat landing

00060 Orin Grant Libby
Photographs of American Indian artifacts found at archaeological expeditions, people from Hebron (N.D.), Minnewaukan (N.D.) and the Black Hills Expedition members from Grand Forks (N.D.).
For more Libby photographs see Photo Collection 105

00061 Sioux Family and Postcards
c.a 1890-1930
Consists of a portrait of a Sioux family, including Laughing Face and White Breast, and  postcards of Tipi Butte-Dickinson (N.D.), Grassy Butte (N.D.), Northern Pacific Railroad Bridge over the Missouri River at Mandan (N.D.), and one color post card of Sakakawea statue, Portland (Or.). (8 items)

00064 William R. Mandigo
Consists of an image of snow covered sidewalk in Fargo (N.D.) from 1897 and an image of a balloon parachutist at a Fargo (N.D.) balloon festival in June 1898 taken by William R. Mandigo. (2 items)

00067 Fort Yates (N.D.)
May 20, 1952
Images consisting of views of Fort Yates (N.D.), the Standing Rock monument, Sitting Bull's grave, and the Sioux County Honor Roll taken by George A. Grant. (5 items)

00069 John Galvin Cowan
August 25, 1904
Consists of images taken at the Old Settlers Picnic in Pollock (S.D.). Includes Oscar One Bull, Miss Takes the Gun, and Lucy Hawk Bear. The photographs were captured with 4 X 5 Eastman Kodak box plate camera. (6 items)


00062 Harold A. Madison
ca. 1900-1915
Images of Van Hook (N.D.), Palermo (N.D.), Epworth (N.D.) and settlement scenes. (8 items)

00063 Theo Mattson
Images of Sanish (N.D.), Fort McKeen, the North Dakota Capitol Grounds, the Menoken Indian Village, and agricultural scenes, including several images of the Dalrymple farm (Cass County, N.D.). (25 items)

00065 Vern Erickson
Images taken by Vern Erickson of the Fort Totten Centennial Celebration in 1967 for North Dakota Outdoors magazine, branding in Medora, buildings in Fillmore, and Vern Erickson in an Esmond baseball uniform. (34 items)

00070 Patterson Hotel
Prints and post cards of the interiors and exteriors of the Patterson Hotel, McKenzie Hotel, Soo Hotel , Northwest Hotel and other buildings in downtown Bismarck, farm scenes, riverboats, prize fighters, North Dakota National Guard in 1899, and portraits. Images by David F. Barry, Holmboe Brothers, Andreas Risem, W. H. DeGraff, Butler Studio, and A. E. Boyce. (178 items)

00071 Former Governor's Mansion
Images of the Former Governor's Mansion and the Governors and families who lived there. (123 items)

00072 Northern Pacific Railroad Work Yard
ca. 1910-1925
Images of a family, their farm, automobiles, dogs, and Northern Pacific trains, bridges, workers, and rail yards. (69 items)

00073 Garrison Dam
1947-1955, 1963
Construction images from the Greater North Dakota Association, ND State Soil Conservation Committee, Department of Defense, and Corps of Engineers. (114 items)

00075 Historical Data Project
These photographs were part of the North Dakota Writers Project files for the North Dakota Guide, WPA construction project files, and Pioneer Biography Files. Includes WPA buildings, road construction projects, images of drought, farming, irrigation projects, coal mining, 4-H activities, and agriculture students in the National Youth Administration program. (846 items)

00080 Bismarck Tribune
Images used in the Bismarck Tribune newspapers from the 1930s-1970s.

00081 Coal Mining
Coal mining images from Beulah, Hazen, and Zap. (70 items)

00082 Coal Mining in Beulah, N.D.
Images of coal mining and the Knife River Coal Mining Company in Beulah, N.D. (237 items)

00083 Homme Dam, Park River N.D.
Images of Homme Dam and Park River N.D. (132 items)

00085 Western North Dakota Roman Catholic Churches
ca. 1925-1942
Images of Catholic rectories, churches, and schools in western North Dakota. (14 items)

	Owl Woman hanging squash to dry


00086 Paul A. Ewald
Consists of prints and some copy negatives of several photographers on the Fort Berthold Reservation, primarily Gilbert L. Wilson, and also including Frances Densmore, Frank Fiske, Fred Olson, Sumner Matteson, and several unidentified photographers. Ewald wrote identification of many photographs in his collection based upon suggestions from the people of Fort Berthold. Images include celebrations and gatherings, dances, sweat lodges, Little Missouri camps, cradles, portraits, Buffalo Bird Woman, Wolf Chief, Goodbird, Indian crafts and skills, artifacts, wood gathering, gardening, food processing and cooking, earthlodges, bullboats, travois, and Indian cowboys. (1736 photographs)

00088 Daniel Webster Longfellow
Photographs by O. S. Goff and others of Fort Berthold, American Indians, buttes and North Dakota landmarks. (60 items)

00089 Marion D. Connolly
Photographs, post cards, and a funeral card of the Louis and Daniel Connolly families who homesteaded in the Hensler (ND) area.

00090 W. H. Brown Land Company
Photographs of Flasher, Mandan, and Mott (ND) farms, produce, and related subjects. (154 images and five photograph albums)

	Fannie Dunn portrait

00091 Fannie Dunn Quain and Eric P. Quain
ca. 1880-1940
Consists of six family albums made up of cartes de visite and many loose portraits. Also included are post cards and photos of Montana, South Dakota and North Dakota Indians, nuns, and Indian students from Fort Yates, St. Alexius, and Bismarck; some Frank Fiske photographs; and resort areas in Montana, Wyoming, and Colorado. Another topic features a series of cartoons of ‘Teddy Roosevelt’s hunting adventures in Africa.’ There are many unlabeled small snapshots of various places and travels, some rodeo pictures, and a photo of the first all woman jury in North Dakota. (6 albums)

00092 Edward L. Faunce
Family portraits and interior and exterior images of the Faunce stores and home. (43 images)

00093 W. C. Haas
Photographs of the Haas family, primarily in Dickey, Emmons, Hettinger, and Towner counties. (341 items)

00094 Dullam Estate
Portraits of the Dullam, Knowles, and Close families. (142 items)

00095 Historic Sites
Images of International Peace Gardens, installation of the Northern Pacific Railroad locomotive at Camp Hancock, Chateau De Mores, State Historical Society exhibits in the Liberty Memorial Building, and monuments and historical markers. (206 items)

00096 Irrigation
Images of irrigation measures used across the state with dams, drainage ditches, and pumping plants for agriculture, recreation, and to mitigate flooding. (236 items)

00097 Marquis DeMores
Images of roundup and branding on the DeMores Ranch and the Medora-Deadwood stagecoach.

00098 Marquis DeMores
Images of the DesMores in Medora, Dakota Territory and the Von Hoffmann family in France. (92 items)

00099 Louis B. Hanna
Portraits of Governor Hanna and his family, photographs with the Norwegian President, at the presentation of the Battleship North Dakota silver service, and at the Panama-Pacific Exposition. (146 items)

00100 Carl Ben Eielson
Images of Carl Ben Eielson, a Detroit Arctic exploration plane, and a US Mail plane in Alaska in the 1920s. (290 items)

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