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Photographs - Collections - C Collection

Title: C Photographs

Dates: ca. 1836-1960

Collection Number: C

Quantity: ca. 3800 items

Abstract: At some point in time the State Historical Society separated photographs into collections by size. The A collection consists of items 4 X 5” or less, the B collection consists of items 5 X 7” or less, the C collection consists of items 8 X 10” or less, the D collection consists of items 11 X 14” or less, and the E collection consists of items larger than 11 X 14”.

Provenance: The provenance for these photographs is listed in the ReDiscovery database with each item.

Copyrights: Copyrights to materials in this collection remain with the donor, publisher, author, or author's heirs.  Researcher should consult the 1976 Copyright Act, Public Law 94‑553, Title 17 U.S. Code and an archivist at this repository if clarification of copyright requirements is needed.

Access: This collection is open under the rules and regulations of the State Historical Society of North Dakota.

Citation: Researchers are requested to cite the collection title, collection name, and the State Historical Society of North Dakota in all footnote and bibliographic references.

Transfer: Many photographs were returned to the collections they were earlier removed from and others were separated out to make new collections.

Photographs Inventory

0001-00001         Overlook Fort Abraham Lincoln 1875
0002-00001         Medora (N.D.)  ca. 1895         
0003-00001         George Northrup  XX/XXXX        
0004-00001         Northwestern Bank with ravine or dry creek at Renden Village site 1904   
0005-00001         Pioneer Fire Co. No. 1, 4th St., Bismarck (N.D.)  ca. 1892       
0006-00001         Mr. & Mrs. J. T. Boman, Mr. & Mrs. J. P. Hoagland, Jonas Oatland  XX/XXXX 
0007-00001         Homes of K. L. Johnson, C. T. Ness, E. Stafne  1871-1878         
0008-00001         Fort Totten Indian School Band  ca. 1890-1900-
0009-00001         Pierre Wibaux  1903
0010-00001         J. V. Brower  10/12/1903        
0011-00001         George Armstrong Custer in entrance of tent, Fort Dodge (Kan.)  ca. 1868  
0012-00001         Mountain lutherske kirke, Adams (N.D.)  XX/XXXX
0013-00001         Boating on the James River, Jamestown (N.D.)  XX/XXXX-
0014-00001         David F. Barry and Major James McLaughlin  XX/XXXX
0014-00002         David F. Barry and Major James McLaughlin  06/04/1951-
0015-00001         Committee of the Indian Fair, Elbowoods (N.D.)  09/18/1911       
0016-00001         Flood, Fort Benton (Mont.)  06/00/1908   
0017-00001         Flood, Fort Benton (Mont.)  06/00/1908   
0018-00001         Mannhaven Boat Landing  1890-1900
0019-00001         Ransom County Pioneers  05/22/1923       
0020-00001         Exhibitors at Indian Fair, Elbowoods (N.D.)  09/18/1911          
0020-00002         Prize Winners at Indian Fair, Elbowoods (N.D.)  09/18/1911       
0021-00001         Indian Baseball Team, Elbowoods (N.D.)  ca. 1910 
0022-00001         Wah-ou-tsi-ha-tski or Long Bear Gros Ventre Chief of North Dakota  1910-1911
0023-00001         Summer Lodge of the Sioux  1905 
0024-00001         NW bank of Fort Clark site bottomlands showing change of Missouri River bed  1905
0025-00001         Double Ditch site  1905
0026-00001         Steinbrueck's Camp at NW corner of Fort Abraham Lincoln 11/00/1905
0027-00001         H. H. Steele ca. 1920
0028-00001         E. R. Kennedy XX/XXXX
0029-00001         State Teachers College, Dickinson (N.D.) 07/09/1941
0029-00002         State Teachers College, Dickinson (N.D.) XX/XXXX
0029-00003         Bird's eye view of Dickinson (N.D.)  XX/XXXX
0029-00004         State Normal School, Dickinson (N.D.)  ca. 1918
0030-00001         G. M. Frye  XX/XXXX
0031-00001         Teton Schoolhouse foundation washed away by Marias River (Mont.)  06/00/1908
0032-00001         Bert D. Arnold  ca. 1915        
0033-00001         Bill Quinn's store and house, Fort Wadsworth (D.T.) 1865
0034-00001         Sitting Bull's grave, Fort Yates (N.D.) XX/XXXX 
0035-00001         G. M. McKenna XX/XXXX
0036-00001         Red River cart, Minot (D.T.) XX/XXXX
0037-00001         Knoll at eastern bank of Hugo Site  1905 
0038-00001         Timbered bottomlands from the NW bank of Fort Clark site 1905
0039-00001         Part of trench surrounding Brower Site  1905
0040-00001         Survivors of Co. A  07/02/1897  
0041-00001         William Moore School, Bismarck (N.D.)  ca. 1900
0042-00001         Cadets ready for a balloon flight at Camp Wheeler, Macon (Ga.) 07/06/1918
0043-00001        Mother ship of submarines with submarine lying alongside 04/27/1918
0044-00001         Regular rookies of the remount depot at a horse camp, Fort Sill (Okla.) 09/02/1918
0045-00001         French 75 in action, manned by American cannoneers, Fort Sill (Okla.) 08/18/1918
0046-00001         Inoculation at the Aviation Ground School, Austin (Tex.)  07/17/1918      
0047-00001         Assembling a machine gun blindfolded  04/10/1918 
0048-00001         RAF airplane ready to start on German bombing expedition  ca. 1918
0049-00001         Loading a trench mortar  ca. 1918
0050-00001         U.S. soldiers in England read daily news from home posted on a bulletin board  ca. 1918 
0051-00001         Looking through the periscope of a British submarine  ca. 1918   
0052-00001         Formation of airplanes at high altitude  04/20/1918
0053-00001         Postcard dropped by German planes behind American lines ca. 1918
0054-00001         Lloyd George, Sir Douglas Haig, General Joffe, and M. Thomas, Minister of Munitions on the front in France ca. 1918
0055-00001         Troops coming through a wood ca. 1918
0056-00001         One of our monster guns  ca. 1918
0057-00001         British troops crossing the Marne River east of Paris ca. 1918
0058-00001         A Famous Royal Air Force Squadron  ca. 1918
0059-00001         One of the big bombs to drop on the Hun lines  ca. 1918          
0060-00001         Children's Bureau of American Red Cross  1919-
0061-00001         British Aviators pursuing an enemy plane  ca. 1918
0062-00001         German Airplane newly captured at a flying depot near the front  ca. 1918 
0063-00001         Admiral Sir David Beatty  ca. 1918 
0064-00001         David Lloyd George  ca. 1918    
0065-00001         Brigadier General Charles Frederick Lee  ca. 1918
0066-00001         Captured German U-boat  1915-1920
0067-00001         King George V  ca. 1918         
0068-00001         Field Marshal Sir Douglas Haig  ca. 1918 
0069-00001         Tents at mobile hospital on the outskirts of Paris, France  09/25/1918    
0070-00001         Soldier loggers of the Hoaquim Military Spruce Camp (Wash.)  03/12/1918   
0071-00001         NE corner of Mandan Lake  1905  
0072-00001         Camp NW of Pretty Point and Western Village sites  1905          
0073-00001         From bluff of Pretty Point site looking down the Missouri  1904  
0074-00001         Inspection and review of men in training, Camp Wheeler, (Ga.)  ca. 1918   
0075-00001         Ex-Cavalryman riding a horse down a mountain, Camp Wheeler (Ga.)  ca. 1918
0076-00001         14th Cavalry drilling in Texas  ca. 1918 
0077-00001         Recruits of the 309th Cavalry Band  08/14/1918
0078-00001         Cadets learn proper method of making a bed  07/29/1918-
0079-00001         Trap shooting at Officer training field, France  09/10/1918      
0080-00001         Cavalrymen training on the border, Fort Sam Houston (Tex.)  08/26/1918    
0091-00001         Troops arriving on an army transport  08/04/1918 
0092-00001         Night view of the illumination of 24 inch searchlights used by the Engineering Corps  06/15/1918
0093-00001         American soldiers at the United States Balloon School of the Signal Corps, Fort Sill (Okla.) making miniature balloons in their spare time  07/17/1918
0094-00001         Submarine on the surface in open water  04/27/1918  
0095-00001         Dirigible taking a practice flight at Key West (Fla.)  04/14/1918
0096-00001         Soldiers training to clear trench of gas, Camp Kearney (Calif.)  05/26/1918
0097-00001         12 inch Howitzer turned out at the Watervliet Arsenal  06/24/1918
0098-00001         Croix de Guerre decorated with colors of 104th Infantry, France  06/24/1918
0099-00001         First grade class , Carrington (N.D.)  1903-
0100-00001         Sixth grade class, Carrington (N.D.)  1903
0101-00001         High school class, Carrington (N.D.)  1903
0102-00001         Public school faculty, Carrington (N.D.)  1903
0103-00001         Seventh grade class, Carrington (N.D.)  1903
0104-00001         Fourth and fifth grade classes, Carrington (N.D.)  1903          
0105-00001         Eighth grade class, Carrington (N.D.)  1903
0106-00001         Chemistry class, Minot (N.D.)  1913      
0107-00001         Rows of cabbages in State Penitentiary garden, Bismarck (N.D.)  XX/XXXX   
0108-00001         Brickyard, State Penitentiary, Bismarck (N.D.)  1900-1930        
0109-00001         Barnyards, State Penitentiary, Bismarck (N.D.)  1900-1930        
0109-00002         Cattle herd, State Penitentiary, Bismarck (N.D.)  1900-1930      
0110-00001         Central Ward School, Minot (N.D.)  XX/XXXX
0110-00002         Public School, Minot (N.D.)  1913
0111-00001         Second grade class, Carrington (N.D.)  1903
0112-00001         Third grade class, Carrington (N.D.)  1903
0113-00001         Wagon loads of wool, waiting to unload, Villard St., Dickinson (N.D.)  1903
0114-00001         Wallis Huidekoper's chuckwagon  ca. 1906
0115-00001         Indians from Elbowoods coming to the Stark County Fair, Dickinson (N.D.) 09/01/1924
0116-00001         Restaurant interior, location unknown  XX/XXXX
0117-00001         Crow Bull  1899 
0118-00001         Horse sale, Jack M. Watson Sales Yards, Dickinson (N.D.)  ca. 1907
0119-00001         Hunting camp, Badlands (D.T.)  1886      
0120-00001         Hunting Camp  ca. 1901   
0121-00001         Deer hunt  1902-1903
0122-00001         Short, Don  ca. 1960
0123-00001         Chuck wagon outfit, Eland Yards, W of Dickinson (N.D.)  ca. 1900
0124-00001         World War I sailors in formation on parade ground spelling out words "God and the Right"  07/21/1918       
0125-00001         Cadets lined up o grounds of School of Military Aeronautics, Austin (Tex.)  07/17/1918
0126-00001         Stokes mortar going into action under heavy bombardment of smoke bombs during practice drill, Fort Sill (Okla.)  07/28/1918 
0127-00001         American soldiers making hand grenades for practice work, Fort Sill (Okla.)  07/28/1918 
0128-00001         Cannon in action during practice work at the School of Fire, Fort Sill (Okla.)  08/20/1918 
0129-00001         Class instruction at an American cantonment  04/25/1918   
0130-00001         Prizes of war: German field pieces, trench mortars and airplanes on view, Court of Invalides, Paris, France  03/31/1918  
0131-00001         Field hospital unit working with British field hospital unit, France  08/17/1918
0132-00001         Cadets in calisthenics at Ground School, Austin (Tex.)  07/17/1918
0133-00001         Four of the first party who went to the Black Hills  05/1875 
0134-00001         White man killed by the Sioux  ca. 1880  
0134-00002         Lt. Reade and Chief of Scouts John O. Austin by the corpse of Ralph Morrison, Fort Dodge (Kans.)  1867
0135-00001         D. C. Poindexter  ca. 1920
0136-00001         Indian grave  1868
0137-00001         Ladies Historical Society members, Bismarck (N.D.)  XX/XXXX
0138-00001         Nelson A. Miles  XX/XXXX 
0139-00001         Miles, Nelson A. (Gen)   
0141-00001         Classroom School  1898 
0142-00001         Medora-Deadwood Stagecoach, Dickinson (N.D.)  ca. 1896
0143-00001         Elkin, G.L.
0146-00001         Scaffold burial  XX/XXXX 
0146-00002         Indian on horse beside scaffold burial  XX/XXXX
0150-00001         M. P. Slattery  XX/XXXX  
0151-00001         Mouse River Great Northern Railroad Dam, Minot (N.D.)  XX/XXXX
0152-00001         Indian girls, Fort Totten Mission School, Fort Totten (N.D.)  ca. 1900    
0153-00001         Joint Session North Dakota Legislature, Bismarck (N.D.)  ca. 1908-
0154-00001         Big Foot's village before Battle of Wounded Knee (S.D.)  1890
0155-00001         Steamer F. Y. Batchelor, Missouri River at Bismarck, with troops from Fort Yates  XX/XXXX
0156-00001         Hervey J. Benedict family Linton, future site of Linton (N.D.)  1903      
0157-00001         Chief Joseph  XX/XXXX-
0158-00001         Running Antelope or Ta-to-ka-in-yanka, Hunkpapa Dakota  1872 
0159-00001         Belmont Grade School, Grand Forks (D.T.)  ca. 1885
0160-00001         Arch of the Army and Navy, Fort Snelling (Minn.)  09/1896 
0161-00001         Lewis Ferandus Crawford  1915
0162-00001         Sitting Bull's grave, Fort Yates (N.D.)  ca. 1920
0163-00001         Sod house a few miles from Hettinger, Adams County (N.D.)  1908
0164-00001         Adjutant General E. S. Miller  XX/XXXX   
0165-00001         Dunkard Family, Carrington (N.D.)  XX/XXXX
0166-00001         Mr. and Mrs. Peter Palda, Mr. and Mrs. John Wacha, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Phillip of Lidgerwood (N.D.)  XX/XXXX 
0167-00001         First Methodist Episcopal Church, Fargo (N.D.)  XX/XXXX   
0168-00001         Valley City State Normal School Class of 1896
0169-00001         Board of Trustees, Soldiers Home, Lisbon (N.D.)  XX/XXXX  
0170-00001         North Dakota State Building at the World's Columbian Exposition, Chicago (Ill.)  1893   
0171-00001         Pat McHugh residence, Langdon (N.D.)  XX/XXXX
0172-00001         Whitestone Hill monument  XX/XXXX-
0173-00001         John J. Jackman house and farm buildings  XX/XXXX
0174-00001         Frederick Meile  XX/XXXX 
0175-00001         31st Division in training at Camp Wheeler, Macon (Ga.)  08/28/1918
0176-00001         Lower Yellowstone Irrigation Project  ca.  1915
0176-00002         Heart River Station near Richardton (N.D.)  08/16/1915-
0176-00003         Water pouring over a dam  ca. 1915       
0176-00004         Lower Yellowstone Irrigation Project  ca. 1915
0176-00005         Discharge from direct pumping plant, Savage (Mont.)  ca. 1915
0176-00006         Lower Yellowstone Sec. 2 panorama  ca. 1915
0176-00007         Irrigation ditch  ca. 1915
0176-00008         Three buildings in snowy landscape  ca. 1915
0176-00009         Road cut out of a hill beside a river  ca. 1915
0176-00010         Irrigation project  ca. 1915
0176-00011         Distant view of river  ca. 1915
0176-00012         Irrigation equipment over a creek  ca. 1915
0176-00013         Dam on a river with barn across the water  ca. 1915
0176-00014         Concrete dam creates a pond  ca. 1915    
0176-00015         Sluice carrying water from across a ravine  ca. 1915
0176-00016         Dam construction  ca. 1915
0176-00017         Home of George Printher, one of the directors of Irrigation District No. 2 (N.D.)  ca. 1915
0176-00018         Creek possibly after being cleared of brush  ca. 1915-
0176-00019         Map of Dunn County Reservoir situated in Twp 145N R 54W  1923
0176-00020         Concrete drop on Lower Yellowstone Project  ca. 1915
0176-00021         Cannonball River station, Stevenson (N.D.) downstream from cantilever gage to benchmark  08/30/1916-
0176-00022         Ditch through tall grass  ca. 1915       
0176-00023         Irrigation project  ca. 1915
0176-00024         Map of Fayette Reservoir site situated in SQ 1/4 Sect. 26 Twp.144N R 87W. Mercer County (N.D.)  11/08/1923 
0176-00025         Irrigation ditch  ca. 1915
0176-00026         Two men with a horse drawn cart on a concrete dam  ca. 1915
0176-00027         Two men standing above a wood irrigation structure  ca. 1915 
0176-00028         Irrigation project  ca. 1915
0176-00029         William Notebloom's home and barn 3 miles from Fairview (Mont.)  ca. 1915 
0176-00030         Distant view of a house and barn  ca. 1915
0176-00031         Spillway, Lower Yellowstone Project  ca. 1915
0176-00032         Irrigation project  ca. 1915
0176-00033         Fairview School 
0176-00034         Irrigation project  ca. 1915
0176-00035         Construction crew building a dam  ca. 1915
0176-00036         Two men with a truck on a bridge  ca. 1915
0176-00037         Spring Lake Reservoir site  06/12/1923   
0176-00038         Machine dredging an irrigation ditch  06/12/1923 
0177-00001         Frederick B. Fancher  XX/XXXX
0178-00001         Indian Police, Fort Yates (N.D.)  12/30/1890
0179-00001         Bob Miller Coal Mine in Cedar Coulee E of Williston (N.D.)  1902
0180-00001         James W. Thom, Grandin (N.D.) merchant  XX/XXXX
0181-00001         Early Day deer hunt  ca. 1890
0182-a  - 0182-e Sakakawea Statue, Capitol Grounds, Bismarck (N.D.)  XX/XXXX
0183-00001         Strong and Nichols coal mine, Velva (N.D.)  XX/XXXX
0184-00001         Group portrait, Fort Berthold Reservation (N.D.)  ca. 1915
0185-00001         Chippewa Lodge  XX/XXXX  
0186-00001         Clown Dancers, Turtle Mountain (N.D.)  06/1908
0187-00001         Rain-in-the-Face  XX/XXXX
0188-00001         Little Bighorn Battlefield Monument  ca. 1922
0189-00001         Rain-in-the-Face  1888   
0189-00002         Rain-in-the-Face  1888   
0190-00001         Standing Holy (sitting Bull's daughter) and Hattie Road  XX/XXXX
0190-00002         Rain-in-the-Face on horse, Fort Yates (N.D.)  ca. 1880
0191-00001         Scaffold Burial  XX/XXXX 
0192-00001         Standing Rock Council taken on the 4 mile flat S of Fort Yates (D.T.)  ca. 1880         
0193-00001         Pratt Commission, Fort Yates (D.T.)  1888
0195-00001         Steamer Washburn at Washburn Landing  XX/XXXX
0196-00001         Knife River Village drawing  XX/XXXX     
0197-00001         Knife River Indian Village, Second Village of Mandan & Hidatsa  XX/XXXX   
0198-00001         Rev. Joseph Baldwin, Luellen Ladbury, Mr. & Mrs. George Saunders, Sr.  XX/XXXX          
0199-00001         Berthold High School graduating class of 1923
0200-00001         Sacred Heart Indian Mission, Elbowoods (N.D.)  XX/XXXX
0201-00001         Tipis at the Upper Missouri Historical Expedition, Fort Union (N.D.)  07/18/1925        
0202-00001         Indian women in dance costume, Upper Missouri Historical Expedition, Fort Union (N.D.) 07/18/1925-
0203-00001         Indian Dance, Upper Missouri Historical Expedition, Fort Union (N.D.)  07/18/1925       
0204-00001         Historian T. C. Elliot speaking, Upper Missouri Historical Expedition, Fort Union (N.D.) 07/18/1925       
0205-00001         Upper Missouri Historical Expedition, Fort Union (N.D.)  07/18/1925       
0206-00001         Indian Council, Fort Yates (N.D.)  ca. 1880
0207-00001         E. R. Hutchinson, R. M. Probstfield, Adam Stein  ca. 1900 
0208-00001         State Mill and Elevator, Grand Forks (N.D.)  XX/XXXX
0209-00001         Bilyeu and Patterson Store  ca. 1900     
0210-00001         Rainfall Chart for Bismarck (N.D.)  1925 
0211-00001         Beef Issue, Standing Rock Indian Reservation, Fort Yates (N.D.)  XX/XXXX  
0212-00001         Parkin Ranch on the Cannonball River  XX/XXXX
0212-00002         Parkin Ranch on the Cannonball River  XX/XXXX
0213-00001         Wilton Mines, Wilton (N.D.)  XX/XXXX     
0214-00001         Northern Pacific Railroad Bridge over the Missouri River, Bismarck (N.D.)  XX/XXXX       
0215-00001         Deadwood Stagecoach Black Hills SD 1889 Grabill photo  1889
0216-00001         Three men with their automobiles in early Bowman (N.D.)  ca. 1920
0217-00001         Fort Totten (D.T.)  1878 
0217-00002         Reverend Joseph Goiffon  XX/XXXX-
0217-00003         Mrs. Alexander Faribault, Mrs. Joseph Buisson, Mrs. Wells  XX/XXXX
0217-00004         Dennis Doheny, David deNoyer, Mrs. Octave LaRose, Edward Haney, James Michels, Octave LaRose  XX/XXXX      
0218-00001       Badlands  XX/XXXX
0218-00002         Little Bad Lands, Elbowoods (N.D.)  XX/XXXX
0218-00003 – 0218-00019 Badlands  XX/XXXX
0218-00020         Badlands flowers and grasses  XX/XXXX    
0218-00021         Badlands view of prairie pothole  XX/XXXX
0218-00022 – 0218-00023 Badlands  XX/XXXX
0218-00024         Badlands views  XX/XXXX  
0218-00025         Badlands  XX/XXXX
0218-00026         Castle Butte, Badlands (N.D.)  XX/XXXX   
0218-00027         Badlands  XX/XXXX
0218-00028         Little Missouri River, Badlands (N.D.)  XX/XXXX
0218-00029 – 0218-00039 Badlands  XX/XXXX
0219-00001         Airplane, Bowman (N.D.)  ca. 1920
0220-00001         Argonne cemetery, France  ca. 1918       
0220-00002         Argonne cemetery No. 91, France  ca. 1918
0221-00001         American Horse, William F. Cody, Red Cloud  ca. 1885
0222-00001         Chief John Grass  1890   
0223-00001         Indian Game  ca. 1916-
0223-00002         Broadway looking north, Fargo (N.D.)  ca. 1925
0223-00003         Indian game pieces  XX/XXXX 
0224-00001         Chief Red Cloud  ca. 1890
0225-00001         John Sitting Bull, Jr.  XX/XXXX
0225-00002         John Sitting Bull. Jr.  XX/XXXX
0226-00001         Chief Goose  XX/XXXX-
0226-00002         Chief Goose  XX/XXXX-
0227-00001         Wild Horse  XX/XXXX
0229-00001         Chief Crow  XX/XXXX
0230-00001         Curley  XX/XXXX 
0230-00002         Curley  XX/XXXX 
0231-00001         Francis E. Willard  XX/XXXX 
0232-00001         Buffalo Bill  XX/XXXX-
0233-00001         Long Soldier  XX/XXXX-
0233-00002         Long Soldier  XX/XXXX-
0233-00003         Long Soldier  XX/XXXX-
0234-00001         Nelson County Business Men's Association Executive Committee  ca. 1900    
0235-00001         Young girl with long curls leaning against table  1860
0236-00001         Civil War officers  XX/XXXX 
0236-00002         Civil War officers, 8th Minnesota Infantry  XX/XXXX
0236-00003         Civil War officers, 8th Minnesota Infantry  XX/XXXX
0236-00004         Civil War officers, 8th Minnesota Infantry  XX/XXXX
0236-00005         Mexican War officers, 2nd U.S. Sharpshooters  XX/XXXX
0237-00001         Icelanders  XX/XXXX
0238-00001         Grafton District Court  XX/XXXX
0239-00001         Theodore George Carter  ca. 1910
0240-00001.db  Spicer Murder - missing
0241-00001         John Grass  XX/XXXX
0242-00001         Council at Fort Yates (N.D.)  1889       
0243-00001         Chief Thunder Hawk  XX/XXXX 
0244-00001         Tree Burial  XX/XXXX-
0245-00001         Northern Pacific Railroad station, Bismarck (D.T.)  ca. 1876 
0246-00001         Parade ground and officers Quarters, Fort Yates (N.D.)  ca. 1890
0247-00001         Officers' row, Fort Abraham Lincoln (D.T.)  ca. 1880
0248-00001         Like-a-Fishhook Village, Fort Berthold (D.T.)  ca. 10/1872
0249-00001         Moses Embree Milner  XX/XXXX
0250-00001         Fort Buford State Park dedication  07/31/1929
0251-00001         Brigadier General Alfred H. Sully  1880  
0252-00001         Yellowstone Trail on the outskirts of Marmarth (N.D.)  ca. 1920
0253-00001         Expansion, Washburn, and Weston, Benton Packet Company boats, Bismarck (N.D.) XX/XXXX  
0254-00001         Erastus Appleman Williams  1910
0254-00002         Erastus Appleman Williams  1910
0255-00001         State Penitentiary barns under construction, Bismarck (N.D.)  1927
0256-00001         Ghost Dancers  ca. 1890  
0257-00001         Son of the Star  XX/XXXX 
0258-00001         Standing Rock Agency boarding school, Fort Yates (N.D.)  1897
0259-00001         Fort Yates baseball team  1890
0260-00001         Group portrait, Father Bernard Strassmeier center  ca. 1900
0261-00001         Columbus Day celebration, Standing Rock Agency school, Fort Yates (N.D.)  10/12/1892    
0262-00001         Officers of the 1st North Dakota Volunteers, Manila, Philippines  1898    
0263-00001         Indian School students posed in front of girls dormitory, Fort Totten (N.D.) 1890
0264-00001         Martin Rolette, Kan-ic and wife, and Antoine Wilke  XX/XXXX
0265-00001         Barns, State Penitentiary, Bismarck (N.D.)  XX/XXXX
0266-00001         Bottineau baseball team game, Deloraine, Manitoba  1887   
0267-00001         Sheldon School, Sheldon (N.D.)  1882-1909
0268-00001         Douglas School, Fargo (N.D.)  1900-1909  
0269-00001         Son of the Star and Peter Beauchamp, interpreter  XX/XXXX 
0270-00001         Trader's store, Fort Yates (D.T.)  ca. 1890
0271-00001         Soldier standing on hill looking down at barbed wire fence  07/01/1918    
0271-00002         Caissons returning to camp  04/28/1918   
0271-00003         Soldiers at lumberyard  04/28/1918       
0272-00001         The Standing Rock, Fort Yates (N.D.)  XX/XXXX
0273-00001         Kit Carson  XX/XXXX
0274-00001         Good Horse and wife  XX/XXXX
0275-00001         Colonel Samuel Davis Sturgis  XX/XXXX    
0276-00001         Chief Spotted Horse, Crow Chief  XX/XXXX 
0277-00001         Chief Circling Bear  XX/XXXX
0278-00001         Governor Lynn J. Frazier signing Women's Suffrage bill, Bismarck (N.D.)  01/23/1917
0278-00002         Governor Lynn J. Frazier signing Women's Suffrage bill, Bismarck (N.D.)  01/223/1917    
0279-00001         Governor Lynn J. Frazier  XX/XXXX-
0279-00002         Governor Lynn J. Frazier  XX/XXXX-
0280-00001         President Woodrow Wilson and Governor Frazier motoring in parade through Bismarck (N.D.)  09/10/1919       
0281-00001         Camp in small hay bottom east of Arikara Fort  1905
0281-00002         Southwestern corner (bastion) of Arikara Fort  1905
0282-00001         Sitting Bull's grave, Fort Yates (N.D.)  XX/XXXX 
0283-00001         Dakota Territory Governor Gilbert A. Pierce  ca. 1900
0284-00001         Officers Row, Fort Yates (D.T.)  1888-1889
0285-00001         Dry docked for winter, Bismarck Landing  ca. 1880
0286-00001         Marcellus Red Tomahawk  1929
0287-00001         Oscar H. Will and Company warehouse employees, Bismarck (N.D.) ca. 1920
0288-00001         Nestos group  XX/XXXX-
0289-00001         Cowan Impeachment Committee  1911-
0290-00001         Historic Pageant, State Capitol Grounds, Bismarck (N.D.)  ca. 1921
0292-00001         Shocks of grain at Northern Great Plains Research Station, Mandan (N.D.) XX/XXXX
0293-00001         Bert Baker  XX/XXXX
0294-00001         St. Alexius Hospital, Bismarck (N.D.)  ca. 1930
0295-00001         Rev. Aaron McGaffey Beede  ca. 1900      
0296-00001         Frank A. Wardwell  XX/XXXX
0297-00001         Basketball team, St. Mary's High School, Bismarck (N.D.)  1938-1939        
0298-00001         James E. Campbell  XX/XXXX
0299-00001         John Steen  XX/XXXX
0300-00001         Hyacinthe Villeneuve at 70 years  1907   
0301-00001         Harry Goodspeed Ward  XX/XXXX
0302-00001         Ladies Aid First Lutheran, Minot (N.D.)  ca. 1893
0303-00001         Ole Jensen home, Minot (N.D.)  XX/XXXX   
0304-00001         Lignite mine, Hettinger County (N.D.)  XX/XXXX
0305-00001         Carl Bredy family, Bismarck (N.D.)  ca. 1930
0306-00001         Pan Attic Club, Bismarck (N.D.)  ca. 1935
0307-00001 – 0307-00005 U.S.S. North Dakota Silver Service  07/30/1926
0308-00001         Gathering of North Dakotans at the Council of General Federation of Women's Clubs, Hot Springs (Ark.)  XX/XXXX           
0309-00001         Settlers armed for supposed Indian uprising, New Salem (N.D.)  12/1890    
0310-00001         Grant County Congregational Church group, Elbowoods (N.D.)  1926
0310-00002         Congregational Men's Choir from Elgin, Johansthal and New Leipzig churches, Elbowoods (N.D.)  1926-
0311-00001         Test of Northern Pacific Railroad Bridge, Bismarck (D.T.)  09/1883
0312-00001         Schoolhouse across the road from Ole Thygeson home, Minot (N.D.)  XX/XXXX 
0313-00001         Sitting Bull's camp, Fort Buford (D.T.)  XX/XXXX 
0313-00002         Sitting Bull's camp, Fort Buford (D.T.)  XX/XXXX 
0314-00001         Treadwell Twitchell  XX/XXXX
0315-00001         Agricultural and Industrial Exhibition at the North Dakota Corn Show, World War Memorial Building, Bismarck (N.D.)  10/28/1931
0315-00002         Agricultural and Industrial Exhibition  1930
0315-00003         Agricultural and Industrial Exhibition  1927
0315-00004         Agricultural and Industrial Exhibition  1927
0315-00005         North Dakota Corn Show, World War Memorial Building, Bismarck (N.D.) 10/28/1931
0315-00006         North Dakota Corn Show, World War Memorial Building, Bismarck (N.D.)  10/28/1931
0316-00001         Circling Bear  XX/XXXX   
0316-00002         Circling Bear  XX/XXXX   
0317-00001         Reviving Norwegian folk dances  1920     
0317-00002         Reviving Norwegian folk dances  1920     
0317-00003         Reviving Norwegian folk dances  1920     
0318-00001         Branding cattle in corral at Peaceful Valley Ranch  XX/XXXX
0319-00001         American Horse  XX/XXXX  
0320-00001         Fort Buford (N.D.)  1892 
0320-00002         Fort Buford (N.D.)  1892 
0321-00001         Fort Abraham Lincoln (D.T.) just finished  1873
0322-00001         Main Street, Grand Forks (D.T.)  ca. 1868
0323-00001.db  Indian Games - missing
0324-00001         Thorstein H. H. Thoresen  XX/XXXX
0324-00002         Thorstein H. H. Thoresen family  XX/XXXX 
0325-00001         St. Mary's High School, Bismarck (N.D.)  1922
0326-00001         Red Cross meeting, Bismarck (N.D.)  ca. 1935
0327-00001         Gladys Risem  ca. 1935    
0328-00001         Pageant, Fort Abraham Lincoln  1936      
0330-00001         Group, Britton (S.D.)  02/1899
0331-00001         Carved wood display  XX/XXXX
0332-00001         Bull wagons or bull carts  XX/XXXX       
0333-00001         Boat Landing, Devils Lake (D.T.) and Capt. Edward E. Heerman  12/00/1947  
0334-00001         Little Missouri River north of Medora (N.D.)  ca. 1925
0335-00001         Liberty Memorial Building, Capitol Grounds, Bismarck (N.D.)  XX/XXXX      
0336-00001         Reverend M. C. McLean, Crystal (N.D.)  XX/XXXX
0337-00001         Treadwell Twichell  1915 
0338-00001         Dr. Fannie Dunn Quain, baby Marion Quain, and Dr. Eric P. Quain  ca. 1910 
0339-00001         Mr. & Mrs. D. C. Ramp, Bismarck (N.D.)  XX/XXXX
0340-00001         Tree felled by a beaver, Painted Woods Lake (N.D.)  1923  
0341-00001         Cathedral of the Holy Spirit, Bismarck (N.D.)  ca. 1941   
0342-00001         Mr. & Mrs. M. Quigley and family, Bathgate (N.D.)  1910   
0343-00001         Philo G. and Katherine Harrington  XX/XXXX
0344-00001         Clarence Belden Little  XX/XXXX
0345-00001         Fortnightly Club members in costume, Bismarck (N.D.)  ca. 1940
0346-00001         Linda Warfel Slaughter  XX/XXXX
0347-00001         Provident Life Insurance Co. convention, Breezy Point (Minn.)  08/05/1929 
0348-00001         Custer Trail Ranch  XX/XXXX 
0349-00001         Northwest Airlines plane after taking a nose dive on landing in Bismarck (N.D.)  1939   
0350-00001         Frances Hare  1903
0351-00001         First home of John P. Dunn, Broadway Ave., Bismarck (N.D.)  05/1873        
0352-00001         Quain family  ca. 1915   
0353-00001         Mrs. John P. Dunn, Mrs. Wakeman, Mrs. Oscar Ward  ca. 1930
0353-00002         Mrs. John P. Dunn, Mrs. Wakeman, Mrs. Oscar Ward  ca. 1930
0354-00001         Alexander (N.D.)  1909   
0355-00001         Cable ferry on the Missouri River at Buford (N.D.)  ca. 1908 
0356-00001         Painting of Lewis and Clark entering Mandan Indian Village by Ralph W. Smith  XX/XXXX   
0357-00001         Oxen-drawn Marsh self-binder  1877       
0357-00002         Dazey High School basketball team  1945  
0358-00001         Steamer Selkirk at Moorhead (Minn.) Levee  1877
0359-00001         Columbia Hotel, Morehead (Minn.)  1898   
0360-00001         Mr. and Mrs. Carl Kositsky  XX/XXXX      
0361-00001         W. J. Church family  1921
0361-00002         W. J. Church family  1921
0362-00001         O. T. Haakenson family  1921
0363-00001         A. G. Olson family  ca. 1920
0364-00001         George S. Register  ca. 1925
0364-00002         George S. Register  ca. 1925
0365-00001         R. G. McFarland  XX/XXXX 
0366-00001         William T. Kraft  XX/XXXX
0367-00001         George Christo  XX/XXXX  
0368-00001         John J. Lee  XX/XXXX-
0369-00001         Bismarck High School girls tumbling team  1938-1939
0370-00001         F. E. Deihl  XX/XXXX-
0371-00001         Capital City Bottling Works, Bismarck (N.D.)  ca. 1935
0372-00001         Father John A. H. Slag  ca. 1927-
0373-00001         Presentation of car to Sister Boniface and St. Alexius Hospital, Bismarck (N.D.)  1935  
0374-00001         Major Bowes Amateur Hour touring troupe  ca. 1935
0374-00002         Major Bowes Amateur Hour touring troupe  ca. 1935
0375-00001         Alta B. Herman, Cafe Manager seated in Private Dining Room in Capitol Lunch Room, Bismarck (N.D.)  ca. 1940
0375-00002         Private Dining Room, Capitol Lunch Room, Bismarck (N.D.)  ca. 1940
0375-00003         Private Dining Room, Capitol Lunch Room, Bismarck (N.D.)  ca. 1940
0375-00004         Private Dining Room, Capitol Lunch Room, Bismarck (N.D.)  ca. 1940
0375-00005         Women's Restroom, Capitol, Bismarck (N.D.)  ca. 1940
0375-00006         20th Floor Elevator Motors, Capitol, Bismarck (N.D.)  ca. 1940
0375-00007         Attorney General's Office, State Capitol, Bismarck (N.D.)  ca. 1940       
0375-00008         Chief Justice Office, Capitol, Bismarck (N.D.)  ca. 1940  
0376-00001         Dr. Eric P. Quain  1904  
0377-00001         Bismarck Junior High School basketball team Champs  1925
0377-00002         Bismarck Junior High School basketball team Champs  1925
0378-00001         Phantom basketball team, Bismarck (N.D.)  1926
0379-00001         St. Mary's basketball team, Bismarck (N.D.)  ca. 1935-
0379-00002         St. Mary's basketball team, Bismarck (N.D.)  ca. 1935-
0380-00001         Bismarck High School basketball team  1935
0381-00001         Bismarck American Legion Baseball Team  1935
0382-00001         Girl Scout Troop, Bismarck (N.D.)  ca. 1940
0382-00002         Girl Scout Troop, Bismarck (N.D.)  ca. 1940
0383-00001         Reverend Opie S. Rindahl and Trinity Lutheran Church confirmation class, Bismarck (N.D.)  ca. 1940
0383-00002         Reverend Opie S. Rindahl and Trinity Lutheran Church confirmation class  ca. 1940       
0384-00001         St. Mary's High School basketball team, Bismarck (N.D.)  1932
0385-00001         Ulmen Motor Company lot and Plymouth pickups, Bismarck (N.D.)  ca. 1940   
0386-00001         Gamble-Robinson employees, Bismarck (N.D.)  ca. 1940
0387-00001         Courtroom, Burleigh County Courthouse, Bismarck (N.D.)  ca. 1931
0388-00001         Dakota National Bank building, 4th St., Bismarck (N.D.)  1950
0389-00001         Richholt School rhythm band, Bismarck (N.D.)  ca. 1930-
0390-00001         Contract Letting World War Memorial Building, Bismarck (N.D.)  1930       
0391-00001         Harry Turner Orchestra, The Red Jackets  ca. 1935
0392-00001         Abe's Recreation, Bismarck (N.D.)  1938  
0392-00002         Abe's Recreation and Girl's Bowling Team, Bismarck (N.D.)  1938
0393-00001         Fort Abraham Lincoln, (N.D.)  ca. 1891   
0394-00001         4-H Conservation Camp, Bismarck (N.D.)  1938
0395-00001         Truckload of squash and pumpkins, Bismarck (N.D.)  1936   
0395-00002         Truckload of squash and pumpkins, Bismarck (N.D.)  1936   
0396-00001         Ford Company employees, Bismarck (N.D.)  1936
0397-00001         Dakota National Bank employees after the robbery, Bismarck (N.D.)  08/1930
0398-00001         Siebrand Brothers Shows  ca. 1935
0399-00001         State Railroad Commission  1935
0400-00001         Board of Administration  1935
0401-00001         Diesel Caterpillar outside Capitol Building, Bismarck (N.D.)  ca. 1935     
0402-00001         Flower Show at the World War Memorial Building, Bismarck (N.D.)  ca. 1935 
0402-00002         Flower Show at World War Memorial Building, Bismarck (N.D.)  ca. 1935     
0403-00001         Flooded Memorial Highway west of Memorial Bridge, Mandan (N.D.)  1938     
0404-00001         Ceramics Exhibit  ca. 1935
0405-00001         Hazel Johnson  ca. 1940  
0406-00001         Capital Service Station, Bismarck (N.D.)  ca. 1932
0407-00001         Hyacinthe Villeneuve at 80 years of age  1927
0408-00001         Paramount Theater, Bismarck (N.D.)  09/07/1935
0409-00001         6th St. looking north from Main Ave., Bismarck (N.D.)  ca. 1935
0410-00001         Funeral Home embalming room, Bismarck (N.D.)  ca. 1935
0411-00001         Catholic Daughters in front of St. Mary's parish house, Bismarck (N.D.) ca. 1935
0412-00001         Ole Eielson with a group of Indians  ca. 1935
0413-00001         Scandinavian members of Legislature promoting Discovery Day  1927-
0414-00001         Winston Newell Company employees, Bismarck (N.D.)  ca. 1935
0415-00001         East side of 5th St. between Main and Broadway, Bismarck (N.D.)  ca. 1940 
0416-00001         Rendering Plant, east of Bismarck (N.D.)  ca. 1940
0417-00001         William Langer and Herman A. Brocopp, Bismarck (N.D.)  1933-1934
0418-00001         Kelley-How-Thomson Co. Duluth Train of Hardware Progress  ca. 1940-
0419-00001         Main St. at 1st Ave. NE, Mandan (N.D.)  ca. 1940 
0420-00001         Boy Scout Troup 11, Bismarck (N.D.)  ca. 1935
0421-00001         Bismarck Tribune printing presses  ca. 1935
0421-00002         Bismarck Tribune printing presses  ca. 1935
0422-00001         Table set for dinner  ca. 1935
0423-00001         The Ring Bar and Cafe, 5th St., Bismarck (N.D.)  1937
0424-00001         Automobile accident on 7th St. at Ave. E, Bismarck (N.D.)  1934
0425-00001         Bismarck Hospital graduation  ca. 1935   
0426-00001         Abattoir in slaughterhouse south of the west side of Memorial Bridge, Mandan (N.D.)  ca. 1935
0427-00001         Nonpartisan League Langer acquittal dinner  01/00/1935
0428-00001         Norge electric appliances display  ca. 1935
0429-00001         Miss McKinnon  ca. 1935  
0430-00001         State Treasurer Alfred Dale promoting scrip outside vault at Bank of North Dakota, Bismarck (N.D.)  ca.1934
0430-00002         State Treasurer Alfred Dale promoting scrip outside vault at Bank of North Dakota, Bismarck (N.D.)  ca. 1934
0431-00001         Bullsnake  04/28/1963
0432-00001         SEE - C1780  
0433-00001         St. Mary's 3rd grade rhythm band, Bismarck (N.D.)  1935   
0434-00001         Northern Pacific Locomotive  1929-
0434-00002         Man standing at railroad crossing  1929  
0434-00003         Railroad tracks with elevators in distance  1929 
0434-00004         Railroad tracks with elevators in the distance  1929
0435-00001         Power and Light Company hospitality room  ca. 1935
0436-00001         Sitting Bull  XX/XXXX-
0436-00002         Sitting Bull  XX/XXXX-
0436-00003         Sitting Bull  XX/XXXX-
0437-00001         Calvary Protestant Episcopal Church, Mayville (N.D.)  XX/XXXX
0438-00001         New England Horse Co. Livery and Feed Stable, New England (N.D.)  XX/XXXX 
0439-00001         Scene on Mouse River (N.D.)  XX/XXXX     
0440-00001         Major John H. Fraine, Grafton (N.D.)  XX/XXXX
0441-00001         Henry Bain and oxen hitched to a binder, Omemee (N.D.)  1912 
0442-00001         Boulder for Capitol cornerstone, east of St. Anthony (N.D.)  1932-
0442-00002         Boulder for Capitol cornerstone, near St. Anthony (N.D.)  1933
0443-00001         Pioneer Family Statue, State Capitol Grounds, Bismarck (N.D.)  08/00/1939 
0443-00002         Pioneer Family Statue, State Capitol Grounds, Bismarck (N.D.)  08/00/1939 
0444-00001         Juvenile Club of Capital Lodge no. 6 Degree of Honor P.A.  10/27/1934     
0445-00001         General Alfred Gruenther addressing the North Dakota Legislature  1955    
0446-00001         Laying new flooring on the Liberty Memorial Bridge between Bismarck and Mandan (N.D.)  06/1956
0447-00001         Mathies G. Braden gravestone, Mandan (N.D.)  06/1956
0448-00001         Governor Norman C. Brunsdale turning on the power at Garrison Dam (N.D.)  06/1956       
0449-00001         Arthur LeSueur, Socialist Mayor of Minot (N.D.)  XX/XXXX  
0450-00001         Herman F. Strehlow and L. R. Nostdal  06/1955
0451-00001         North Water Users Association delegation to Washington (D.C.)  1959       
0452-00001         North Dakota Peace Officers study Civilian Defense  03/26/1942
0453-00001         Harvesting wheat with header on the H. G. Zabel farm 18 mile N of Hazen (N.D) ca. 1918
0454-00001         Bird's eye view of Medora (N.D.)  ca. 1950
0455-00001         Mill and Elevator, Grand Forks (N.D.)  1939
0456-00001         Beef cattle grazing near Watford City (N.D.)  XX/XXXX-
0457-00001         Caterpillar diesel D4 tractor pulling 1-row potato digger near Buxton (N.D.)  1940
0458-00001         Simon Grenier breaking sod with Caterpillar diesel RD4 pulling John Deere breaking plow 7 miles E of Dunseith (N.D.)  05/25/1937-
0459-00001         Combining grain on side-hill  ca. 1940   
0460-00001         Drillers in coal mine  XX/XXXX
0461-00001         Aerial view of North Dakota Agricultural College, Fargo (N.D.)  ca. 1935  
0462-00001         Sod house, McKenzie County (N.D.)  ca. 1935
0463-00001         Disking a field  ca. 1935
0464-00001         Potato field in Red River Valley near Fargo (N.D.)  07/1937
0465-00001         Antoine B. Gingras  ca. 1870
0466-00001         Cavalry on parade, Fort Yates (D.T.)  ca. 1895
0467-00001         Infantry on parade, Fort Yates (D.T.)  1874-1889 
0468-00001         Fort Yates and Standing Rock (D.T.) looking southeast  ca. 1889
0469-00001         Buffalo hunt in Montana  1880
0470-00001         Harvesting with John Deere binder  ca. 1910
0471-00001         President Theodore Roosevelt speaking at the North Dakota State Capitol, Bismarck (N.D.)  04/07/1903       
0472-00001         Pasque flower  XX/XXXX   
0473-00001         Northern Pacific Railroad Locomotive 719  XX/XXXX
0474-00001         Gussner's Store, Bismarck (N.D.)  ca. 1906
0475-00001         Marker in recognition of North Dakota National Guard erected at Mercedes (Tex.)  04/07/1960
0475-00002         Close up of Marker in recognition of North Dakota National Guard erected at Mercedes (Tex.)  04/07/1960    
0476-00001         The Flaxton Bee newspaper office  ca. 1902
0477-00001         George Armstrong Custer  ca. 1875
0478-00001         George Armstrong Custer  ca. 1875
0478-00002         George Armstrong Custer  ca. 1875
0478-00003         George Armstrong Custer  ca. 1875
0479-00001         St Bernard's Academy, Grand Forks (D.T.)  1885
0480-00001         Steamer Valencia  1898   
0481-00001         Henry Duemeland  ca. 1955
0482-00001         Sitting Bull  1880
0482-00002         Sitting Bull  1880
0483-00001         Chief Rain-in-the-Face and wife  XX/XXXX 
0484-00001         David F. Barry and Rain-in-the-Face  ca. 1880
0485-00001         Rain-in-the-Face on a spotted pony  ca. 1880
0486-00001         Crow King  XX/XXXX
0487-00001         Governor William L. Guy  1961
0487-00002         Governor William L. Guy  1961
0488-00001         Red Tomahawk  XX/XXXX-
0488-00002         Red Tomahawk  XX/XXXX-
0489-00001         Nonpartisan League convention  1954      
0490-00001         Picketer from Hotel, Restaurant and Bartenders A.F. of L. Local 729 in front of the Sweet Shop Cafe, Bismarck (N.D.)  1954
0491-00001         Montana Dakota Utilities Hesketh substation, N of Mandan (N.D.)  12/11/1953
0492-00001         George Longmire and Leonard W. Hall at Midwest and Rocky Mountain G.O.P State Chairmen's Association meeting, Washington (D.C.)  04/11/1953          
0493-00001         Orrin Grant Libby  XX/XXXX
0494-00001         Bank of Kulm (N.D.)  ca. 1885
0495-00001         Royal King family  01/08/1906
0496-00001         James Morris swearing in Nels Johnson as Supreme Court justice  04/01/1954
0497-00001         50th Anniversary parade, Hazelton (N.D.)  1953
0498-00001         Lake Sakakawea at Garrison Dam  1954     
0499-00001         Engineers inspection of Garrison Dam  1953
0500-00001         Boat launching at Garrison Dam  1954     
0501-00001         Four Bears Monument and Bridge  07/28/1958
0502-00001         Four Bears Bridge  1958  
0503-00001         William George Fargo  XX/XXXX
0504-00001         Anna (Mrs. William George) Fargo  XX/XXXX
0505-00001         Bismarck Brewery, Bismarck (N.D.)  XX/XXXX
0506-00001         Frank S. Talcott  XX/XXXX
0507-00001         Lake Superior Voyageurs  XX/XXXX
0508-00001         A portion of Ludden Dak as seen from top of the elevator  ca. 1889
0509-00001         Crow camp  1883 
0510-00001         Cowboys' roundup  ca. 1883
0511-00001         Memorial Congregational Church, Elbowoods (N.D.)  1926
0512-00001         Cowboys' camp  ca. 1880  
0513-00001         Burning Hills Amphitheatre  06/01/1959   
0514-00001         Republican Organizing Committee members  1954
0515-00001         Model of Sitting Bull monument at Mobridge (S.D.)  XX/XXXX
0516-00001         First house built by Home Building Association, Bismarck (N.D.)  ca. 1935 
0517-00001         Soo Line celebration parade, Bismarck (N.D.)  1902
0518-00001         Laying crude oil line north of Bismarck (ND)  1953
0519-00001         Laying crude oil pipe line north of Bismarck (N.D.)  08/20/1953
0520-00001         Laying crude oil pipe line north of Bismarck (N.D.)  1953 
0521-00001         Capt. Charles F. Mudgett  1898
0522-00001         Rev. Opie S. Rindahl, Trinity Lutheran Church, Bismarck (N.D.)  1954      
0523-00001         Oil Celebration, Belfield (N.D.)  1954   
0524-00001         Lodge at Willow Lake National Wildlife Refuge, Rolette County (N.D.)  XX/XXXX           
0525-00001         Dr. Edmund C. Stucke, Garrison (N.D.) and German orphan  ca. 1954
0526-00001         Farmers plowing the Alex Asbridge farm, Burleigh County (N.D.)  04/20/1954
0527-00001         John Quillian and Louie Pelissier at the Stockmen's Convention in the Lewis and Clark Hotel lobby  ca. 1953
0528-00001         Rolette County Courthouse, St. John (N.D.)  1885 
0529-00001         Main Avenue,  Bismarck (D.T.)  1873      
0529-00002         Main Avenue, Bismarck (D.T.)  1873       
0529-00003         Main Avenue, Bismarck (D.T.)  1873       
0529-00004         Main Avenue, Bismarck (D.T.)  1873       
0530-00001         Goose  XX/XXXX
0531-00001         Standard Oil Refinery, Mandan (N.D.) personnel  09/20/1957
0532-00001         Standard Oil Refinery, Mandan (N.D.) aerial view  10/1957 
0533-00001         Standard Oil Refinery, Mandan (N.D.) under construction  ca. 1953
0534-00001         Shelterbelt, Frank Smiley farm, Cass County (N.D.)  1940  
0535-00001         Charles Johnson shearing sheep, Windsor (N.D.)  ca. 1953  
0536-00001         Mrs. William Reid, Salt Lake City (Utah)  ca. 1888
0537-00001         William Reid, Salt Lake City (Utah)  ca. 1888
0538-00001         Quale Church, Walsh County (N.D.)  ca. 1890
0539-00001         David F. Barry  ca. 1875 
0540-00001         Signal Oil and Gas Company, Gas Plant #12, Tioga (N.D.)  1955
0541-00001         Signal Oil and Gas Company, Gas Plant #12, Tioga (N.D.)  1955
0542-00001         Signal Oil and Gas Company, Gas Plant #12, Tioga (N.D.)  11/20/1953       
0543-00001         Signal Oil and Gas Company, Gas Plant #12, Tioga (N.D.)  02/1955
0544-00001         Signal Oil and Gas Company, Gas Plant #12, Tioga (N.D.)  02/21/1954       
0545-00001         Signal Oil and Gas Company, Gas Plant #12, Tioga (N.D.)  05/10/1954       
0546-00001         Fargo (D.T.)  1878
0547-00001         Merchants Bank building, Fargo (D.T.)  1881
0548-00001         Grandin elevator, Fargo (D.T.)  ca. 1878 
0549-00001         Headquarters Hotel from the east, Fargo (D.T.)  ca. 1880  
0550-00001         First National Bank and Post Office, Fargo (D.T.)  1878   
0551-00001         Broadway looking north, Fargo (D.T.)  1879
0552-00001         Pupils and school, Fargo (D.T.)  1878    
0553-00001         Medora von Hoffman de Mores  1874
0554-00001         Mr. and Mrs. Marc Alfred Dease  1909     
0555-00001         Double Ditch site  1905  
0556-00001         Fort Buford group  1891-1893
0557-00001         Post Office, Grassy Butte (ND)  1959     
0558-00001         Ferris Store, Medora (N.D.)  07/1958     
0559-00001         Ferris Store, Medora (N.D.)  07/1958     
0560-00001         Ferris Store, Medora (N.D.)  07/1958     
0561-00001         Ferris Store, Medora (N.D.)  07/1958     
0562-00001         Ferris Store, Medora (N.D.)  07/1958     
0563-00001         Ferris Store, Medora (N.D.)  07/1958     
0564-00001         Sakakawea Statue, Capitol Grounds, Bismarck (N.D.)  ca. 1935 
0565-00001         Melvin Randolph Gilmore  04/16/1917      
0566-00001         Mrs. John Iron Boulder and Alvin Red Rox  ca. 1945
0567-00001         U.S. flag at half mast on death of President Franklin D. Roosevelt 04/13/1945
0568-00001         First Baptist Church and St. James Catholic Church, Page (N.D.)  XX/XXXX  
0569-00001         Post Office, Page (N.D.)  XX/XXXX
0570-00001         First National Bank, Milnor (N.D.)  XX/XXXX
0571-00001         Wagon from Sully expedition abandoned in marsh near Dawson (N.D.)  ca. 1955
0572-00001         Fort Mandan drawing  1804
0573-00001         Red River carts from Pembina encamped on St. Anthony Hill  1858
0574-00001         St. Alexius nurses' home, Bismarck (N.D.)  02/1958
0575-00001         Attorney General and Staff  1954
0576-00001         American Legion officers  1954
0577-00001         Parade, 4th St. between Main Ave. and Broadway, Bismarck (N.D.)  ca. 1953 
0578-00001         Stockmen's Convention  ca. 1953
0579-00001         Stockmen's Convention, Mandan (N.D.)  ca. 1953
0580-00001         State Penitentiary Office  XX/XXXX       
0581-00001         State Penitentiary Twine plant 2nd floor, Bismarck (N.D.)  XX/XXXX-
0582-00001         State Penitentiary Twine plant 1st floor, Bismarck (N.D.)  XX/XXXX
0583-00001         Elevators, Doyon (N.D.)  XX/XXXX
0584-00001         Elevators, Doyon (N.D.)  XX/XXXX
0585-00001         Arikara warrior  ca. 1835
0586-00001         Assiniboin breaking camp at Fort Union  ca. 1835 
0587-00001         Assiniboin tipi camp  ca. 1835
0588-00001         Assiniboin warrior  ca. 1835
0589-00001         Arikara warrior Noapeh  ca. 1835
0590-00001         Beaver on the Missouri River  ca. 1835   
0591-00001         Bison in river  ca. 1835 
0592-00001         Indians on horseback hunting the buffalo  ca. 1835
0593-00001         Bull boats in the river below the Mandan Village  ca. 1835
0594-00001         Mandans on the frozen Missouri at Fort Clark (D.T.)  XX/XXXX 
0595-00001         Crow Indians  ca. 1835   
0596-00001         Elkhorn pyramid  ca. 1835
0597-00001         Mato Tope, (Four Bears) the Mandan Chief, in his state dress  ca. 1835    
0598-00001         Mato Tope (Four Bears) with the marks of his exploits  ca. 1835
0599-00001         Bear hunt on the Missouri  ca. 1835      
0600-00001         The Travelers meeting with the Minatarre Indians  ca. 1835
0601-00001         Hidatsa scalp dance  XX/XXXX
0602-00001         Hidatsa winter village  XX/XXXX
0603-00001         Dog Sledges of the Mandan Indians  XX/XXXX
0604-00001         Mandan Earth Lodge interior  XX/XXXX     
0605-00001         Hidatsa warrrior Periska-Rulipa  XX/XXXX 
0606-00001.db  Assiniboin-Hunting signal - missing
0607-00001         Keel boat near Piegan camp  XX/XXXX      
0608-00001         Fort McKenzie Indian battle  08/28/1833  
0609-00001         Snags Missouri River  XX/XXXX
0610-00001         Missouri River traveler's camp  XX/XXXX  
0611-00001         Scaffold burial  XX/XXXX 
0612-00001         Dakota camp with scaffold burial  XX/XXXX
0613-00001         Dakota Indian racing horses near Fort Pierre  XX/XXXX
0614-00001         Dakota warrior  XX/XXXX  
0615-00001         Dakota woman with Assiniboin girl  XX/XXXX
0616-00001         Missouri River View of the Stone Walls  XX/XXXX
0617-00001         Steamboat Yellowstone  XX/XXXX
0618-00001         Forks of the Yellowstone and Missouri Rivers  XX/XXXX
0619-00001         Turtle Mountain Ojibway and Cree at the Canada-Dakota border  1889
0620-00001         Assiniboin- Camp  XX/XXXX
0621-00001         Half-breed hunters camp  XX/XXXX
0622-00001         Snowstorm on the Couteau  XX/XXXX
0623-00001         Scaffold burial, Mouse River  XX/XXXX    
0624-00001         Pine Ridge camp  12/22/1873 
0625-00001         Near Mouse River  1855-1860 
0626-00001         Herd of Bison Near Lake Jessie  1855-1860
0627-00001         Red River hunters' camp  1855-1860       
0628-00001         Maple River Camp  1855-1860 
0629-00001         Lake Jessie  1855-1860   
0630-00001         Butte de Morale  1855-1860
0631-00001         Assiniboine-Distribution of goods  1855-1860
0632-00001         Sheyenne River Camp  1855-1860
0633-00001         Fort Union and Distribution of Goods to the Assiniboin  1855-1860
0634-00001         Steamer Rosebud  ca. 1880
0635-00001         O. H. Phillips' office, Larimore (N.D.)  1893
0636-00001         Steamer Minnie H  XX/XXXX
0637-00001         Medora & Black Hills Stage & Forwarding Co. poster  1884  
0638-00001         Bismarck Brewery  ca. 1910
0639-00001         Governor Walter Welford seated at his desk  1935-1936
0640-00001         Governor Walter Welford  1935-1936       
0641-00001         Governor William Langer signing the theater bill  ca. 1937
0641-00002         Governor Langer hands pen used to sign the Theater bill to Milton Bradford  ca. 1937    
0642-00001         At the North Beef Corrals, Fort Yates (D.T.)  ca. 1885
0642-00002         Soup Dance, Fort Yates (D.T.)  ca. 1885  
0643-00001         Frontier Scout  06/15/1865
0644-00001         Upper Missouri  1867-1869
0645-00001         Fort Steele, Wyoming Territory  1871-1873
0646-00001         Douglas Creek (D.T.)  ca. 1870
0647-00001         Winter Quarters, Fort Stevenson (D.T.)  1867-1868
0648-00001         Trader's Store, Fort Stevenson (D.T.)  1867-1869 
0649-00001         Northern Pacific Railroad train landing from ferry, Bismarck ND  1873-1882
0650-00001         Northern Pacific Railroad train crossing Missouri River on rails laid on ice, Bismarck (D.T.) 1879
0651-00001         Seventh Calvary march to the Black Hills  1874
0652-00001         Judge Charles Joseph Fisk  ca. 1930      
0653-00001         Thomas Hall  ca. 1924-
0654-00001         Edgar M. Phillips family  1908
0655-00001         Edgar M. Phillips farm, Norwich (N.D.)  06/00/1915
0656-00001         Warden Boucher and guards, North Dakota State Penitentiary, Bismarck (N.D.)  1897       
0657-00001         Public School, Kulm (N.D.)  1921-
0658-00001         Intermediate Room, Kulm School, Kulm (N.D.)  1921
0659-00001         Lansford (N.D.)  ca. 1936
0660-00001         Lignite (N.D.)  ca. 1936 
0661-00001         Maxbass (N.D.)  ca. 1936 
0662-00001         Portal (N.D.)  ca. 1936  
0663-00001         Grano (N.D.)  ca. 1936   
0664-00001         Mohall (N.D.)  ca. 1936  
0665-00001         Powers Lake (N.D.)  ca. 1936
0666-00001         Mohall (N.D.)  ca. 1936  
0667-00001         Lansford (N.D.)  ca. 1936
0668-00001         Mohall (N.D.)  ca. 1936  
0669-00001         Flaxton (N.D.)  ca. 1936 
0670-00001         Tolley (N.D.)  ca. 1936  
0671-00001         Glenburn (N.D.)  ca. 1936
0672-00001         Antler (N.D.)  ca. 1936  
0673-00001         Eden Valley School No. 1, Renville County (N.D.)  ca. 1936
0674-00001         Northgate (N.D.)  ca. 1936
0675-00001         Bowbells (N.D.)  ca. 1936
0676-00001         Kenmare (N.D.)  ca. 1936 
0677-00001         Training School, Mandan (N.D.)  ca. 1903 
0678-00001         Herd of cattle at Training School in Mandan (ND)  ca. 1903
0679-00001         Calves at Training School, Mandan (N.D.)  ca. 1903
0680-00001         Training School, Mandan (N.D.)  ca. 1903 
0681-00001         Main Street, Sherwood (N.D.)  ca. 1936   
0682-00001         Columbus (N.D.)  ca. 1936
0683-00001         Hamlet School, Renville County (N.D.)  ca. 1936
0684-00001         Portal (N.D.)  ca. 1936  
0685-00001         Bowbells (N.D.)  ca. 1936
0686-00001         Economic Development Commission float in North American Indian Foundation Parade, Bismarck (N.D.)  08/03/1965
0687-00001         Norma (N.D.)  ca. 1936   
0688-00001         Kenmare (ND)  ca. 1936   
0689-00001         Fort Totten enlisted men's barracks  1960
0690-00001         NPL Legislators who voted to impeach Governor Thomas Moody  1935
0691-00001         Mrs. Collinson, grandmother, Robert Hoskins, Mrs. R. D. Hoskins, Bismarck (N.D.)  12/00/1915
0692-00001         A. S. Anderson Carriage & Wagon Shop, 2nd Ave. N. and 4th St., Fargo (N.D.)  XX/XXXX    
0693-00001         Broadway and Northern Pacific Ave., Fargo (N.D.)  XX/XXXX 
0694-00001         C. O. Nelson sod house, Cavalier County (N.D.)  1899
0695-00001         Commanche  ca. 1875
0696-00001         Mrs. John Piatt Dunn  ca. 1936
0697-00001 – 0699-00001 Northern Pacific Railroad Vista Dome interior, Bismarck (N.D.)  ca. 1954  
0700-00001         Power line, Garrison Dam  ca. 1954       
0701-00001         Electric light plant, Page (N.D.)  ca. 1920
0702-00001         Mrs. John Piatt Dunn and Mrs. Oscar Ward, Bismarck (N.D.)  1936
0703-00001         Bird's Eye View of Doyon (N.D.)  ca. 1910
0704-00001         Presentation of new car to Sister Boniface & St. Alexius Hospital  1935   
0705-00001         Steamers Montana, Dakotah, and Wyoming  XX/XXXX
0706-00001         William Henry Harrison Beadle statue in National Statuary Hall Collection  XX/XXXX      
0707-00001         Family Coat of Arms of the Marquis de Mores  XX/XXXX
0709-00001         Horse race near Killdeer (N.D.)  ca. 1890
0710-00001         Steam powered Merry-Go-Round, Dickinson (N.D.)  1890
0711-00001         Early Day Immigrant Woman  XX/XXXX       
0712-00001         Horse pasture near Dickinson (N.D.)  ca. 1890
0713-00001         Horse Fair and Sale, Dickinson (ND)  ca. 1890
0714-00001         Corner of Sixth and Villard looking west, Dickinson (N.D.)  ca. 1890      
0715-00001         Coal Mine, Lehigh (N.D.)  ca. 1890       
0716-00001         Sheep southwest of Dickinson (N.D.)  ca. 1890
0717-00001         Waiting to unload dollar wheat at Lyon Elevator, Dickinson (N.D.)  10/171904
0718-00001         Rotary plow clearing railroad tracks, Dickinson (N.D.)  1902 
0719-00001         Bird's Eye View of Belfield (N.D.)  1911 
0720-00001         Main Street Belfield (N.D.)  ca. 1890    
0721-00001         Bird's eye view of Belfield (N.D.)  ca. 1910
0722-00001         North Dakota State Penitentiary. Barns  ca. 1925 
0723-00001         Elevator, Sheyenne (N.D.)  ca. 1890      
0724-00001         North Dakota State Penitentiary. Herd of white-faced Herefords  XX/XXXX   
0725-00001         North Dakota State Penitentiary. Herd of white-faced Hereford cattle  XX/XXXX           
0726-00001         North Dakota State Penitentiary. Entrance  ca. 1925
0727-00001         North Dakota State Penitentiary. Chicken house  XX/XXXX   
0728-00001         North Dakota State Penitentiary. Entrance and warden's house  XX/XXXX     
0729-00001         Joe E. Ross  1953
0730-00001         William Grawe home, Hankinson (N.D.)  XX/XXXX
0731-00001         John R. Jones Lumber Office and the Farmers Merchants Bank, Hankinson (N.D.)  XX/XXXX   
0732-00001         Ferry and Steamer Last Chance, Running Water (S.D.)  XX/XXXX  
0733-00001         Senator W. E. Purcell, Wahpeton (N.D.)  1907
0734-00001         Melvin A. Hildreth  XX/XXXX 
0735-00001         North Dakota State Penitentiary. Barn interior  XX/XXXX   
0736-00001         North Dakota State Penitentiary. Demolition of cell block  XX/XXXX
0737-00001         North Dakota State Penitentiary. Administration building  XX/XXXX
0738-00001         Steamboat Josephine  XX/XXXX
0739-00001         Steamer Josephine  XX/XXXX
0740-00001         Cattle in blizzard  XX/XXXX 
0741-00001         Indian School, Fort Stevenson (D.T.)  ca. 1885
0742-00001         Fort McKeen (D.T.)  1873 
0743-00001         Fort Abraham Lincoln (D.T.)  1876
0744-00001         Church, Medora (N.D.)  XX/XXXX
0745-00001         Pierre Gaultierde Varennes, Sieur de La Vérendrye statue  ca. 1930
0746-00001         Thomas Frank Marshall  XX/XXXX
0747-00001         Liberty Memorial Building, Bismarck (N.D.)  XX/XXXX
0748-00001         Northern Pacific Railroad refrigerator car  ca. 1885
0749-00001         George Purchase  ca. 1930
0750-00001         Assumption Abbey, Richardton (N.D.)  1955
0751-00001         David Gillespie  XX/XXXX 
0752-00001         Pasque flower  04/11/1925
0753-00001         Old Wolf  XX/XXXX
0754-00001         White Bull  1931
0755-00001         Painting of Fort Totten (D.T.)  1867      
0756-00001         Sister Sabina  XX/XXXX   
0757-00001         Fire scene, Bismarck (N.D.)  1898-
0758-00001         County Treasurers' Association on the Benton Packet Company excursion Steamboat Scarab, above Bismarck (N.D.)  XX/XXXX   
0759-00001         National Guard departing for Philippines from Bismarck (N.D.) Depot  1898 
0760-00001         La Verendrye Monument, St. Boniface, Manitoba  XX/XXXX-
0761-00001         St. Boniface Catholic Cemetery, St. Boniface, Manitoba  XX/XXXX
0762-00001         Louis Riel grave, St. Boniface Cemetery, St. Boniface, Manitoba  XX/XXXX  
0763-00001         Archbishop Tache Monument, St. Boniface Cemetery, St. Boniface, Manitoba  XX/XXXX       
0764-00001         Louis Riel Monument, St. Boniface Cemetery, St. Boniface, Manitoba  XX/XXXX
0765-00001         Water tower and sawmill, Fort Buford (N.D.)  ca. 1890-
0766-00001         Frank Roberts, Medora (N.D.) painting  XX/XXXX
0767-00001         John Piatt Dunn  XX/XXXX 
0768-00001         Bismarck Tribune job printing plant opening  ca. 1950-
0769-00001         Bismarck Industries groundbreaking, Bismarck (ND)  11/26/1957
0770-00001         Kittenball diamond, Washington St., Bismarck (N.D.)  ca. 1953
0771-00001         Buffalo headdress  1918  
0772-00001         U.S. Senator Edwin Fremont Ladd's grave, near Washington (D.C.)  12/28/1925
0773-00001         William Bale as Jake Murdock in the cast of Old Four Eyes  ca. 1957       
0774-00001         Bob Carlson as Balladeer in cast of Old Four Eyes  ca. 1957
0775-00001 – 0777-00001 Jay Bee Flesner as Marquis de Mores in cast of Old Four Eyes  ca. 1957    
0778-00001         Arthur Goldman as A. T. Packard in cast of Old Four Eyes  ca. 1957
0779-00001         John Hesse as Frank Moore, hotel landlord in cast of Old Four Eyes  ca. 1957
0780-00001         Thomas Joyal as Red Finnegan in cast of Old Four Eyes  ca. 1957
0781-00001         Gordon Kovell as Lincoln Lang in cast of Old Four Eyes  ca. 1957
0782-00001         David Lommin as Theodore Roosevelt in cast of Old Four Eyes  ca. 1957     
0783-00001         Jerry Martz as Gregor Lang in cast of Old Four Eyes  ca. 1957
0784-00001         Richard Wicklund as Dutch Wannigan in cast of Old Four Eyes  ca. 1957     
0785-00001         Charles J.  Fisk  1916   
0786-00001         Edith Wakeman Hughes  1893
0787-00001         Hay stacker on Steinhoff farm  08/04/1915
0788-00001         Donelson Hay stacker, Bozeman (Mont.)  08/00/1903
0789-00001         Major James McLaughlin  XX/XXXX
0790-00001         St. Mary's Grade School, Bismarck (N.D.)  XX/XXXX
0791-00001         Merchants Hotel, Bismarck (D.T.)  1876   
0792-00001         Victor J. LaRose  XX/XXXX
0793-00001         Luther C. Ives  ca. 1880 
0794-00001         Citizens' Military Training Corps, Fort Lincoln, Bismarck (N.D.)  ca. 1930
0795-00001         Badlands  XX/XXXX
0796-00001         Badlands  XX/XXXX
0797-00001         Custer Trail Ranch night club, south of Medora (N.D.)  ca. 1940
0798-00001         Original State Capitol building, Bismarck (N.D.)  1883-1930
0799-00001         Standard service station, Bismarck (N.D.)  ca. 1950
0800-00001         Shoveling snow on Fourth St., Bismarck (N.D.)  ca. 1940   
0801-00001         Rotary Club event, Bismarck (N.D.)  ca. 1950
0802-00001         Laying flooring, Bismarck Public Library  ca. 1950
0803-00001         Woman placing books in the drive up book return, Bismarck Public Library  ca. 1950      
0804-00001         Children of Samuel Spates  ca. 1855      
0805-00001         Reverend Samuel Spates  ca. 1880-
0806-00001         Sir Hubert Wilkins, Governor Fred Aandahl, George Will, Sidney Lee, Russell Reid, Bismarck (N.D.)  ca. 1950
0807-00001         Sully's Expedition. Camp of 6th Iowa Cavalry and wagon corrals near Fort Berthold (D.T.)  1864
0808-00001 - 0809-00001 Sully's Expedition camp near Fort Berthold (D.T.)  1864  
0810-00001         C. W. Getchell  ca. 1898 
0811-00001         Igoe Construction Co. buildings, Bismarck (N.D.)  ca. 1950
0812-00001         Demolition of condemned buildings, 6th St. and Broadway, Bismarck (N.D.)  ca. 1950      
0813-00001         Demolition of condemned buildings at 6th St. & Broadway, Bismarck (N.D.)  ca. 1950      
0814-00001         Demolition of condemned buildings at 6th St. and Broadway, Bismarck (N.D.)  ca. 1950    
0815-00001         Looking SW from Provident Life building,  Bismarck (N.D.)  ca. 1954       
0816-00001 – 0817-00001 Badlands  XX/XXXX
0818-00001         Judson LaMoure  ca. 1920 
0819-00001         U.S. Army Memorial on Last Stand Hill, Little Bighorn Battlefield National Monument (Mont.)  XX/XXXX       
0820-00001         Custer Monument and Battlefield, Little Bighorn Battlefield National Monument (Mont.)  XX/XXXX
0821-00001         Cemetery, Little Bighorn Battlefield National Monument (Mont.)  XX/XXXX   
0822-00001         Cemetery, Little Bighorn Battlefield National Monument (Mont.)  ca. 1895  
0823-00001         George M. Sabin  09/30/1868 
0824-00001         Cemetery, Little Big Horn National Monument (Mont.)  ca. 1905
0825-00001         Aerial view of North Dakota Capitol Grounds  XX/XXXX
0826-00001         Scaffold burial  XX/XXXX 
0827-00001 – 0829-00001 Park Hotel, Grand Forks (N.D.)  1927     
0830-00001 – 0832-00001 Barker Baking Company, Bismarck (N.D.)  XX/XXXX
0833-00001         John J. Jackman's claim, Bismarck (N.D.)  XX/XXXX
0834-00001         John J. Jackman's claim, Bismarck (N.D.)  XX/XXXX
0835-00001         Jackman's claim, Bismarck (N.D.)  XX/XXXX
0836-00001         John J. Jackman's claim, Bismarck (N.D.)  ca. 1880
0837-00001         John J. Jackman's house, Bismarck (N.D.)  XX/XXXX
0838-00001         Fishers Landing (Minn.)  1885
0839-00001         Steamer Manitoba at Fishers Landing (Minn.)  XX/XXXX
0839-00002         Manitoba at Fisher's Landing MN
0840-00001         H.T. Ranch mess wagon  1895 
0841-00001         H.T. Ranch and ranch hands, near Amidon (D.T.)  ca. 1880  
0842-00001         H.T. Ranch riders at horse barn at headquarters ranch of the Little Missouri Horse Co.  1892
0843-00001         Fisher's Landing (Polk County, Minn.)  1876
0844-00001         Beef issue, Standing Rock Indian Agency, (D.T.)  XX/XXXX  
0845-00001         North Dakota State Mill & Elevator under construction, Grand Forks (N.D.)  06/09/1922   
0846-00001         North Dakota State Mill & Elevator under construction, Grand Forks (N.D.)  06/28/1922   
0847-00001         North Dakota State Mill & Elevator under construction, Grand Forks (N.D.)  1922         
0848-00001         North Dakota State Mill & Elevator under construction, Grand Forks (N.D.)  06/28/1922   
0849-00001         North Dakota State Mill & Elevator under construction, Grand Forks (N.D.)  07/31/1922   
0850-00001         North Dakota State Mill & Elevator under construction, Grand Forks (N.D.)  06/29/1922   
0851-00001         North Dakota State Mill & Elevator under construction, Grand Forks (N.D.)  06/29/1922   
0852-00001         North Dakota State Mill & Elevator under construction, Grand Forks (N.D.)  06/09/1922   
0853-00001         Transfer crossing Snake River  09/08/1883
0854-00001         Loading Transfer at Snake River  1883    
0855-00001         Multnomah Falls  1883-
0856-00001         Group of Section Four at Last Spike  1883
0857-00001         First train over the last spike  1883    
0858-00001         Crow Indians at Last Spike  09/08/1883   
0859-00001         Looking West from Last Spike  09/08/1883 
0860-00001         Looking East from Last Spike  09/08/1883 
0861-00001         During the Oration at Last Spike, Independence Creek, Powell County (Mont.)  09/08/1883 
0862-00001         Iron car-horse, "Nig," and tracklayers  1883
0863-00001         Last Spike pavilion and valley  09/08/1883
0864-00001         Crossing Bismarck bridge  1883
0865-00001         Laying cornerstone of Capitol at Bismarck (D.T.)  1883-
0866-00001         The Four Sections at Bismarck (D.T.)  1883
0867-00001         Sheridan House, Bismarck (D.T.)  1883    
0868-00001         Major Fleming's farm, Red River Valley (D.T.)  1883
0869-00001         Villard Arch Fargo (D.T.)  1883
0870-00001         Headquarters Hotel, Fargo (D.T.)  1883   
0871-00001         Red River Transportation Company's Steamer "Dacota', Dufferin, Manitoba 1873
0872-00001         United States Army ambulance  ca. 1875   
0873-00001         United States Army wagon  ca. 1875       
0874-00001         Group of Officers, United States Boundary Commission  1872
0875-00001         Teamster, Northern Boundary Commission  ca. 1875 
0876-00001         U.S. Army, 20th Infantry, Fort Pembina (D.T.)  ca. 1875   
0877-00001         U.S. Army, 20th Infantry, Fort Pembina (D.T.)  ca. 1875   
0878-00001         Fort Pembina (D.T.)  ca. 1874
0879-00001         Governor John Moses  ca. 1940
0880-00001         Chateau de Mores, Medora (N.D.)  XX/XXXX 
0881-00001         Antoine Vallambrosa, Marquis de Mores  ca. 1880
0882-00001         David F. Barry  XX/XXXX  
0883-00001         Captain James Calhoun  XX/XXXX
0884-00001         Black Owl  XX/XXXX
0885-00001         Moon Eyes  XX/XXXX
0886-00001         War Eagle and family  XX/XXXX
0887-00001         Black Bear and Moon Eyes  XX/XXXX-
0888-00001         War Eagle  XX/XXXX
0889-00001         Captain Algernon B. Smith  XX/XXXX       
0890-00001         David F. Barry Studio, Denver (Colo.)  XX/XXXX
0891-00001         David F. Barry Studio, Denver (Colo.)  XX/XXXX
0892-00001         Indian dancers  XX/XXXX  
0893-00001         William S. Hart  XX/XXXX 
0894-00001         Indian dancers  XX/XXXX  
0895-00001         Soldiers with Gatling gun, Fort Abraham Lincoln (D.T.)  ca. 1880
0896-00001         Luther Sage Kelly  XX/XXXX
0897-00001         Rain-in-the-Face and wife  XX/XXXX       
0898-00001         Shooting cattle at Standing Rock Indian Agency  XX/XXXX   
0899-00001         Fort Yates (D.T.) looking southeast  XX/XXXX
0900-00001         Fort Yates (D.T.) looking southeast  XX/XXXX
0901-00001         Beef Issue, Standing Rock Indian Agency (D.T.)  XX/XXXX   
0902-00001         Beef issue, Standing Rock Indian Agency (D.T.)  XX/XXXX   
0903-00001         Beef issue, Standing Rock Indian Agency (D.T.)  XX/XXXX   
0904-00001         Beef issue, Standing Rock Indian Agency (D.T.)  XX/XXXX   
0905-00001         Beef issue, Standing Rock Indian Agency (D.T.)  XX/XXXX   
0906-00001         Red Cloud  XX/XXXX
0907-00001         Red Tomahawk, Eagle Man and unidentified  XX/XXXX
0908-00001         American Horse and Red Cloud  XX/XXXX    
0909-00001         George Faribault  XX/XXXX
0910-00001         Fort Abraham Lincoln (D.T.)  1875-
0911-00001         North Dakota State Penitentiary, Bismarck (N.D.)  ca.1892 
0912-00001         Hidatsa Medicine Lodge, Like-A-Fishhook Village, Fort Berthold (D.T.)  10/1872          
0913-00001         Bismarck High School play, "Man Without a Country"  XX/XXXX
0914-00001         Original North Dakota State Capitol from southeast, Bismarck (N.D.)  1905 
0915-00001         North Dakota State Capitol in ruins after fire, Bismarck (N.D.)  12/28/1930
0916-00001         Man on a ladder in doorway to a vault after Capitol fire  12/1930-
0917-00001         Man in vault with ladder down to lower floor after Capitol fire  12/1930  
0918-00001         Steamer Selkirk at landing  ca. 1875     
0919-00001 – 0921-00001 Policemen, Bismarck (N.D.)  1935-
0923-00001         Civil War Veterans at Fort Rice State Park Dedication-missing  1913     
0924-00001         Berry Boise Cattle Co. train shipment, Eland Yards (N.D.)  1898
0925-00001         Last shipment of 6000 head of Berry Boise cattle from Eland Stockyards 4 miles W of Dickinson (N.D.)  1898 
0926-00001 – 0928-00001 7500 head of Berry Boise Cattle Co. (777) cattle shipped from Eland Yards 4 miles W of Dickinson (N.D.)  1898
0929-00001         Last big shipment of 5600 cattle from, Eland Yards, about 10 train loads  1898          
0930-00001         7500 head of Berry Boise Cattle Co. (777) cattle shipped from Eland Yards 4 miles W of Dickinson (N.D.)  1898
0931-00001 – 0933-00001 Berry Boise Cattle Co. cattle shipment  1898
0934-00001         Evan Lewis  XX/XXXX
0935-00001         Original North Dakota State Capitol south wing under construction, Bismarck (N.D.)  ca. 1892
0936-00001         State Capitol Grounds, Bismarck (N.D.)  ca. 1930 
0937-00001         Officers and wives, Fort Abraham Lincoln (D.T.)  1875-1875
0938-00001         Policemen, Bismarck (N.D.)  1937-
0939-00001         Bismarck High School ca. 1935
0940-00001         Phantoms basketball team, Bismarck (N.D.)  ca. 1935
0941-00001         Bismarck High School Demons basketball team  1937
0942-00001         Bismarck High School band  1941
0943-00001         Nursing School graduates, Bismarck Hospital, Bismarck (N.D.)  1935
0944-00001         Bismarck High School under construction  1934
0945-00001         Bismarck High School under construction  12/08/1934
0946-00001         Bismarck High School under construction  1934
0947-00001 – 0948-00001 Aerial view, Bismarck (N.D.)  09/00/1922 
0949-00001 – 0950-00001 Aerial view, Bismarck (N.D.)  ca. 1931   
0951-00001         Main Ave. and 9th St. corner looking NW,  Bismarck (N.D.)  ca. 1935       
0952-00001         Main Ave. looking west from 9th St., Bismarck (N.D.)  ca. 1935
0953-00001         Main Ave. between 4th & 5th Sts. Bismarck (N.D.)  ca. 1935
0954-00001         Main Avenue at 5th St. looking west, Bismarck (N.D)  1923 
0955-00001         4th St. looking north, Bismarck (N.D.)  ca. 1942 
0956-00001         Montgomery Ward furniture display room, Bismarck (N.D.)  ca. 1935
0959-00001 – 0960-00001 Montgomery Ward clothing display room, Bismarck (N.D.)  ca. 1935
0961-00001         Montgomery Ward main floor looking down staircase to lower level, Bismarck (N.D.)  ca. 1935
0964-00001         Patterson Hotel, Bar & Grill  ca. 1935   
0965-00001         Peacock Alley & Bar, Patterson Hotel, Bismarck (N.D.)  ca. 1935
0966-00001         Back entrance to Peacock Alley, Patterson Hotel, Bismarck (N.D.)  ca. 1935
0967-00001         Patterson Hotel Bar and Grill, Bismarck (N.D.)  ca. 1935  
0968-00001         Patterson Hotel, Bar & Grill, Bismarck (N.D.)  ca. 1935   
0969-00001         Kitchen, Patterson Hotel, Bismarck (N.D.)  ca. 1935
0970-00001         Montgomery Ward, corner of 4th St. and Thayer Ave., Bismarck (N.D.) ca. 1935
0971-00001         Bismarck Baseball team  XX/XXXX
0972-00001         North Dakota State Penitentiary from the northeast Bismarck (N.D.)  XX/XXXX
0973-00001 – 0974-00001 North Dakota State Penitentiary. Cell House interior  XX/XXXX
0975-00001         North Dakota State Penitentiary. Library interior  XX/XXXX
0976-00001         North Dakota State Penitentiary. Horse barn  XX/XXXX
0977-00001 – 0980-00001 First National Bank interior, Bismarck (N.D.)  ca. 1914   
0981-00001         Bismarck Evangelical Hospital  ca. 1930  
0982-00001         Bismarck Evangelical Hospital, corner of 7th Street and Thayer Avenue ca. 1930
0983-00001         Bismarck Evangelical Hospital  ca. 1930  
0984-00001         Nurses Home, Bismarck Evangelical Hospital, Rosser Avenue  ca. 1930       
0985-00001         Bismarck Evangelical Hospital  ca. 1930  
0986-00001         Bismarck Evangelical Hospital, corner of Rosser Avenue and 6th Street  ca. 1930         
0987-00001         Superintendent's residence, Bismarck Evangelical Hospital from 7th Street  ca. 1930     
0988-00001         Bismarck Evangelical Hospital, 6th Street and Thayer Avenue  ca. 1930     
0989-00001         Nurses Home, Bismarck Evangelical Hospital, Rosser Avenue  ca. 1930       
0990-00001         Bismarck Evangelical Hospital  ca. 1930  
0991-00001         World War Memorial Building and Auditorium 6th Street, Bismarck (N.D.)  ca. 1930        
0992-00001         World War Memorial Building 6th Street, Bismarck (N.D.)  ca. 1930
0993-00001         Employees and trucks, Gamble Robinson Co., Bismarck (N.D.)  ca. 1930      
0994-00001         Bismarck Tribune employees  1939-
0995-00001 – 0996-00001 Bismarck Tribune building, Bismarck (N.D.)  1942 
0997-00001         Bismarck Tribune Pulitzer Prize banquet  1938
0998-00001 – 0999-00001 Bismarck High School gymnasium  ca. 1930
C1000-00001 Bismarck High School library 1936
C1001-00001 Bismarck High School library 1936
C1002-00001 Bismarck High School hall main floor ca. 1936 
C1003-00001 Dorothy Moses, Superintendent H. O. Saxvik, Marian Jensen, Bismarck High School office staff 1936
C1004-00001 Main Street, Bismarck (D.T.) ca. 1870 
C1005-00001 5th St. looking south, Bismarck (D.T.) ca. 1870 
C1006-00001 Bismarck steamboat Landing (SW) Bismarck (D.T.) ca. 1880 
C1007-00001 View of Bismarck (D.T.) from the northwest ca. 1870 
C1008-00001 Chippewa Indians, Dakota Territory XX/XXXX
C1009-00001 Custer Hotel, 5th St., Bismarck (N.D.) ca. 1890 
C1010-00001 Bismarck (D.T.) northwest from Sheridan House  ca. 1877 
C1011-00001 Steamboats Far West and Nellie Peck, Bismarck (D.T.) XX/XXXX
C1012-00001 Main Avenue, Bismarck (D.T.) Villard Excursion 1883
C1013-00001 Main Portion Old North Dakota State Capitol, Bismarck (D.T.)  1885
C1014-00001 4th St. looking north from Main Ave., Bismarck (D.T.)ca. 1887 
C1015-00001 Burleigh County Courthouse, Bismarck (D.T.) XX/XXXX
C1016-00001 Chief Joseph  XX/XXXX
C1017-00001 Lamborn Hotel, Bismarck (D.T.)  1880
C1018-00001 Bismarck High School, Bismarck, (D.T.)1883
C1019-00001 Bismarck Mills, Bismarck (D.T.) ca. 1880 
C1020-00001 Main Avenue looking east from 3rd Street, Bismarck (D.T.)  ca. 1880 
C1021-00001 First National Bank, Bismarck (D.T.)  ca. 1880 
C1022-00001 Methodist Church, Bismarck (D.T.)  ca. 1880 
C1023-00001 North Dakota State Penitentiary. Main Building, Bismarck (D.T.)  ca. 1883 
C1024-00001 Episcopal Church, Bismarck (D.T.)  ca. 1880 
C1025-00001 Northern Pacific railroad bridge, Bismarck (D.T.) ca. 1881 
C1026-00001 Looking northeast to Courthouse, Bismarck (D.T.)  ca. 1885 
C1027-00001 Looking northwest from 3rd St. and Broadway, Bismarck (D.T.)  ca. 1885 
C1028-00001 4th St. looking north from Broadway, Bismarck (D.T.) 1888
C1029-00001 Racek & Schmiel Saddle & Harness shop, Bismarck (D.T.)  ca. 1880 
C1030-00001 Warehouse in flood waters at Steamboat Landing, Bismarck (D.T.)  1881
C1031-00001 Northern Pacific Railroad Bridge construction, Bismarck (D.T.)1881
C1032-00001 Looking west down flooded Main St., Mandan (D.T.) ca. 1881 
C1033-00001 Missouri River flood south of Bismarck (D.T.)  ca. 1881 
C1034-00001 Capt. Ambrose Osborn and officers, Fort Lewis (Wash.)XX/XXXX
C1035-00001 Ambrose Osborn in groupca. 1890 
C1036-00001 26,000 Cocoons, Dickinson (N.D.)04/1921
C1037-00001 View of Graveyard Hill, Dickinson (N.D.) ca. 1917 
C1038-00001 Looking north on Villard St., Dickinson (N.D.) 1882
C1039-00001 Stagecoach in front of Osborn Studio, Dickinson (N.D.)  ca. 1900 
C1040-00001 Masonic Temple cornerstone laying, Dickinson (ND) 1929
C1041-00001 Flour mill & elevator, Dickinson (N.D.) ca. 1910 
C1042-00001 Sheep, south of Dickinson (N.D.) ca. 1910 
C1043-00001 Grassy Butte area ca. 1900 
C1044-00001 View of Dickinson (ND) from the south ca. 1900 
C1045-00001 Wool market, Dickinson (N.D.) ca. 1900 
C1046-00001 Wool market, Dickinson (N.D.) ca. 1890 
C1047-00001 Fourth of July celebration, Dickinson (N.D.) ca. 1910 
C1048-  00001 Northwestern Motor Company, Dickinson (N.D.) ca. 1910 
C1049-00001 Theodore Roosevelt standing on rear of train during presidential campaign, Dickinson (N.D.) ca. 1904 
C1050-00001 Men working on flooded Northern Pacific Railroad track west of Dickinson (N.D.) ca. 1900 
C1051-00001 National Guard leaving Dickinson (N.D.) during Spanish American War 1898
C1052-00001 Firemen's Association Tournament, Dickinson (N.D.)ca. 1901 
C1053-00001 Herman Roby family in 1st Model T in Dickinson (N.D.)1910
C1054-00001 County officials, Stark County (N.D.) ca. 1910 
C1055-00001 Indian Police, Fort Yates (ND)  ca. 1897 
C1056-00001 Indian Police, Fort Yates (N.D.)ca. 1897 
C1057-00001 Indian Police, Fort Yates (N.D.)ca. 1897 
C1058-00001 Little Missouri Horse Co. Headquarters Ranch, west of Amidon (N.D.) 1892
C1059-00001 Little Missouri Horse Co. corral with Percheron horses, west of Amidon (N.D.) 1892
C1060-00001 Seventh Cavalry Officers and Ladies ca. 1876 
C1061-00001 After the Races North Dakota State Fair, Grand Forks (N.D.) 07/1907
C1062-00001 Herald newspaper building, Grand Forks (N.D.) ca. 1920 
C1063-00001 Courthouse Block, Grand Forks (N.D.)  ca. 1920 
C1064-00001 Blacksmith shop, Grand Forks (D.T.) ca. 1880 
C1065-00001 Breaking sod, Pembina Hills  ca. 1900 
C1066-00001 Threshing rig, Walhalla (N.D.)  ca. 1910 
C1067-00001 Threshing outfit, Fort Ransom (N.D.)  1910
C1068-00001 Harvesting with four 4-horse teams, Bowman (N.D.) ca. 1920 
C1069-00001 Threshing, Streeter (N.D.)ca. 1920 
C1070-00001 Early Rumely gas tractor, Bowman (N.D.)  ca. 1920 
C1071-00001 Heading grain, Bowman (N.D.)  area ca. 1920 
C1072-00001 Bear shot by Fred Kino and Jimmy Sheltrau, north of Walhalla (N.D.) 04/1904
C1073-00001 Sod house, 4-5 miles south of Mandan (N.D.)  08/1960
C1075-00001 Members of the 12th Infantry, Fort Yates (N.D.) ca. 1900 
C1076-00001 North Dakota State Bar Association XX/XXXX
C1077-00001 – C1078-00001 Flood, Missouri River bottoms 04/30/1934
C1079-00001 – C1081-00001 St. Alexius Hospital, Bismarck (N.D.) XX/XXXX
C1082-00001 St. Alexius Hospital. Nurses' Home, Bismarck (N.D.)  XX/XXXX
C1083-00001 Northern Pacific Railroad Villard Gold Spike Excursion  1883
C1084-00001 Northern Pacific Railroad shipment of steam engines and threshers to Red River Valley 1883
C1085-00001 Northern Pacific Railroad Villard Gold Spike Excursion  09/08/1883
C1086-00001 Northern Pacific Railroad Villard Gold Spike Excursion  09/08/1883
C1087-00001 Major James McLaughlin funeral, McLaughlin (S.D.) 08/00/1923
C1088-00001 Major James McLaughlin funeral, McLaughlin (S.D.) 08/1923
C1089-00001 Pioneer Daughters Club, Bismarck (N.D.)  1941
C1090-00001 St. Mary's High School graduates, Bismarck (N.D.) 1933
C1091-00001 St. Mary's High School graduates, Bismarck (N.D.) 1932
C1092-00001 St. Mary's High School graduates, Bismarck (N.D.) 1933
C1093-00001 Jungers & Sons Farm Equipment, Regent (N.D) ca. 1954 
C1094-00001 Regent Grain Company, Regent (N.D.) ca. 1900 
C1095- 00001 Regent Grain Company buildings, Regent (N.D.)  ca. 1900 
C1096-00001 – C1098-00001 Regent Grain Company interior, Regent (N.D.) ca. 1900 
C1099-00001 Indian dance, Devils Lake (N.D.)XX/XXXX
C1100-00001 John Grass ca. 1900 
C1101-00001 John Grass ca. 1910 
C1102-00001 Missouri River near Fort Buford XX/XXXX
C1103-00001 Highway Patrol broadcasting, Mandan (N.D.)  1938
C1104-00001 Indian gathering, Pine Ridge Indian Reservation (S.D.)  1890
C1105-00001 – C1108-00001 Sakakawea statue, Capitol Grounds, Bismarck (N.D.)XX/XXXX
C1109-00001 Sakakawea statue, Capitol Grounds, Bismarck (N.D.)XX/XXXX
C1110-00001 – C1114-00001 Sakakawea statue in sculptor Leonard Crunelle's studio, Chicago ca. 1910 
C1115-00001 Roadmaker  XX/XXXX
C1116-00001 Garrison Dam Inter-Agency Commission, Garrison (N.D.)1949-1952
C1117-00001 Bismarck (D.T.) from the northwest ca. 1880 
C1118-00001 Main Street, Mandan (D.T.)ca. 1885 
C1119-00001 View of Lawn at State Tuberculosis Sanatarium, Dunseith (N.D.)ca. 1935 
C1120-00001 Masonic Cottage, State Tuberculosis Sanatarium, Dunseith (N.D.)  ca. 1935 
C1121-00001 Refectory and Infirmary, State Tuberculosis Sanitarium, Dunseith (N.D.)ca. 1935 
C1122-00001 New Refectory Building, State Tuberculosis Sanatarium, Dunseith (N.D)  ca. 1935 
C1123-00001 Refectory, State Tuberculosis Sanatarium, Dunseith (N.D.)  ca. 1935 
C1124-00001 Refectory and Men's Cottage, State Tuberculosis Sanatarium, Dunseith (N.D.)  ca. 1935 
C1125-00001 Men's Cottage and Nurses' Cottage, State Tuberculosis Sanatarium, Dunseith (N.D.)  ca. 1935 
C1126-00001 Administration Building, State Tuberculosis Sanitarium, Dunseith (N.D.) ca. 1935 
C1127-00001 New Dairy Barn, State Tuberculosis Sanitarium, Dunseith (N.D.) ca. 1935 
C1128-00001 Harvesting on the David C. Herndon farm, Nelson County (N.D.) ca. 1890 
C1129-00001 Grafton State School class making nets, Grafton (N.D.)  ca. 1920 
C1130-00001 Grafton State School basketry class, Grafton (N.D.)  ca. 1920 
C1131-00001 Dormitory west wing, Grafton State School, Grafton (N.D.)  ca. 1920 
C1132-00001 Farm, Grafton State School, Grafton (N.D.)  ca. 1920 
C1133-00001 Hall in Ward building, Grafton State School, Grafton (N.D.) ca. 1920 
C1134-00001 Hospital, Grafton State School, Grafton (N.D.) ca. 1920 
C1135-00001 Campus, Grafton State School, Grafton (N.D.) ca. 1920 
C1136-00001 Power House, Grafton State School, Grafton (N.D.) ca. 1920 
C1137-00001 Main building, Grafton State School, Grafton (N.D.)  ca. 1920 
C1138-00001 Kindergarten class, Grafton State School, Grafton (N.D.)ca. 1920 
C1139-00001 Kindergarten class, Grafton State School, Grafton (N.D.)ca. 1920 
C1140-00001 Grafton State School, Grafton (N.D.)  ca. 1920 
C1141-00001 Sitting room, Grafton State School, Grafton (N.D.)ca. 1920 
C1142-00001 Sitting room, Grafton State School, Grafton (N.D.)ca. 1920 
C1143-00001 Grafton State School, Grafton (N.D.)  ca. 1920 
C1144-00001 Dining room, Grafton State School, Grafton (N.D.) ca. 1920 
C1145-00001 North Dakota Press Association editorial trip  XX/XXXX
C1146-00001 North Dakota Press Association editorial trip at Echo Mountain (Colo.) XX/XXXX
C1147-00001 Boy injured in Walcott (N.D.) tornado 07/1955
C1148-00001 Wrecked cars after tornado, Walcott (N.D.)  07/1955
C1149-00001 Wreckage after Wolcott (N.D.) tornado 07/1955
C1150-00001 Tornado destruction, Walcott (N.D.)07/1955
C1151-00001 Remains of a house off the foundation after tornado, Walcott (N.D.) 07/1955
C1152-00001 Barn missing the roof after tornado, Walcott (N.D.)  07/1955
C1153-00001 Clothes and other fabric hanging on broken tree limbs after tornado, Walcott (N.D.) 07/1955
C1154-00001 Wrecked farm machinery and vehicles after tornado, Walcott (N.D.)07/1955
C1155-00001 Row of canned goods after tornado, Walcott (N.D.) 07/1955
C1156-00001 Wreckage after tornado, Walcott (N.D.)07/1955
C1157-00001 Shredded tree trunk after tornado, Walcott (N.D.) 07/1955
C1158-00001 Trees destroyed in tornado, Walcott (N.D.)  07/1955
C1159-00001 Tornado destruction, Walcott (N.D.)07/1955
C1160-00001 Shredded trees after tornado, Walcott (N.D.)07/1955
C1161-00001 Foundation all that remains of house after tornado, Walcott (N.D.)  07/1955
C1162-00001 Man standing by car smashed in tornado, Walcott (N.D.)  07/1955
C1163-00001 Herman Bakko funeral after tornado, Walcott (N.D.) 07/1955
C1164-00001 Group outside Lutheran Church after tornado victim Herman Bakko's funeral, Walcott (N.D.) 07/1955
C1165-00001 Group talking after tornado, Walcott (N.D.) 07/1955
C1166-00001 Injured boy after tornado, Walcott (N.D.) 07/1955
C1167-00001 Brick foundation after tornado, Walcott (N.D.) 07/1955
C1168-00001 Splintered trees after tornado, Walcott (N.D.) 07/1955
C1169-00001 Broken wagon wheels after tornado, Walcott (N.D.) 07/1955
C1170-00001 Grain bin destroyed by tornado, Walcott (N.D.) 07/1955
C1171-00001 Men stand by remains of house after tornado, Walcott (N.D.) 07/1955
C1172-00001 Tornado destruction, Walcott (N.D.) 07/1955
C1173-00001 Buildings including Standard Oil Co., Page (N.D.) XX/XXXX
C1174-00001 Methodist Church district superintendents ca. 1950 
C1175-00001 Robert Langford with President Dwight D. Eisenhower at Boys Nation, Washington (D.C.) 1953
C1176-00001 Robert Langford elected president of Boys' Nation, Washington (D.C.) 1953
C1177-00001 Anheuser Busch Clydesdale horses, Bismarck (N.D.) 07/1953
C1178-00001 Norwegian Lutheran Church, Grafton (N.D.)XX/XXXX
C1179-00001 Deaconess Hospital, Grafton (N.D.) XX/XXXX
C1180-00001 View of the NE part of Grafton (N.D.) and the United Lutheran Church XX/XXXX
C1181-00001 Marching band, Garrison (N.D.)  ca. 1954 
C1182-00001 Mulching the slope on Garrison Dam 1949-1952
C1183-00001 S. W. Robertson, Burleigh County Deputy Auditor, reviews delinquent tax records ca. 1955 
C1184-00001 Catherine McDonald, Burleigh County Deputy Treasurer, checks property assessment records ca. 1950 
C1185-00001 North Dakota Press Association meeting at Chautauqua, Devils Lake (N.D.)  ca. 1890 
C1186-00001 Ethel (Sandin) Davis designing her own dresses ca. 1954 
C1187-00001 Drum in Museum collection 1918
C1188-00001 Missouri Valley Motor Company Building, Bismarck (N.D.) 1919
C1189-00001 McCormick-Deering hay baler, Terras Brothers, Hebron (N.D.)ca. 1950 
C1190-00001 John Deere combine  ca. 1950 
C1191-00001 Threshing outfit ca. 1880 
C1192-00001 Threshing near Page (N.D.)ca. 1890 
C1193-00001 Threshing crew, Union County (S.D.) ca. 1894 
C1194-00001 Threshing  1911
C1195-00001 Caterpillar tractor 09/12/1937
C1196-00001 Curley  ca. 1880 
C1197-00001 John Deere tractor discing a field ca. 1960 
C1198-00001 40th anniversary parade, Killdeer (N.D.) 07/26/1954
C1199-00001 Fred Gutter farm, Bottineau (N.D.) ca. 1920 
C1200-00001 Roy Berry farm ca. 1920 
C1201-00001 Lake view on Ed C. Enge's farm, Milnor (N.D.)  XX/XXXX
C1202-00001 Ed C. Enge farm, Milnor (N.D.)  XX/XXXX
C1203-00001 N. H. Dyste farm, Forman (N.D.) XX/XXXX
C1204-00001 Karenius Carlson farm, Milnor (N.D.)  XX/XXXX
C1205-00001 John Brekke farm, Milnor (N.D.) XX/XXXX
C1206-00001 C. Gordon farm, Bottineau (N.D.) ca. 1920 
C1207-00001 L. J. Glomseth farm, Carbury (N.D.) ca. 1920 
C1208-00001 Thomas Hillestad farm, Milnor (N.D.)  ca. 1920 
C1209-00001 F. Mastvelten farm, Bottineau (N.D.)  ca. 1920 
C1210-00001 Mrs. Dees Libakken farm, Milnor (N.D.) ca. 1920 
C1211-00001 Residence of Henry Lee, Grafton Township (N.D.) ca. 1920 
C1212-00001 Ole Krogen farm, Bottineau (N.D.)  ca. 1920 
C1213-00001 E. B. Johnson farm, Shuman Township, Milnor (N.D.) ca. 1920 
C1214-00001 Kristian Monne farm, Bottineau (N.D.) ca. 1920 
C1215-00001 Nels Sonneborg farm, Milnor (N.D.) ca. 1920 
C1216-00001 Henry O. Wolstad farm, Forman (N.D.)  ca. 1920 
C1217-00001 Carl Woll farm, Bottineau (N.D.) ca. 1920 
C1218-00001 William Williams farm, Milnor (N.D.) ca. 1920 
C1219-00001 Rattle belonging to Moves Slowly 1918
C1220-00001 Rattle  1918
C1221-00001 Sarah Digna Mercer farm, Buford (N.D.) 1912
C1222-00001 Hammer, Hidatsa Stone Hammer Society  1918
C1223-00001 Post Trader Stores, Fort Washakie (Wyo.) 08/1883
C1224-00001 Bismarck High School Band 1938
C1225-00001 – C1228-00001 John Frank Stevens statue, Marias Pass (Mont.) 1925
C1229-00001 Theodore Roosevelt National Park, North Unit ca. 1955 
C1230-00001 Theodore Roosevelt National Park, North Unit ca. 1955 
C1231-00001 Theodore Roosevelt National Park, North Unit ca. 1955 
C1232-00001 Theodore Roosevelt National Park, North Unit Overlookca. 1955 
C1233-00001 – C1234-00001 Theodore Roosevelt National Park, North Unit ca. 1955 
C1235-00001 Faunce & Brown glass house - moved to 00092-00041 1890
C1237-000001 Faunce Store - moved to 00092-000431884
C1238-00001 Capital City Band of Bismarck at fair Mandan (N.D.)  1902
C1239-00001 Northern Great Plains Research Station Mandan (N.D.) XX/XXXX
C1240-00001 Girls dress for play ceremony at the Indian School, Bismarck (N.D.) 05/26/1926
C1241-00001 Capitol Building at night, Bismarck (N.D.)  ca. 1950 
C1242-00001 Walking Cloud and wife XX/XXXX
C1243-00001 Dakota woman  XX/XXXX
C1244-00001 Dakota boy XX/XXXX
C1245-00001 Group portrait, Fort Yates (N.D.)  ca. 1910 
C1246-00001 William Montgomery, Sr. farm, near Harvey (N.D.)  XX/XXXX
C1247-00001 Lewis Wylder farm, Cathay (N.D.)XX/XXXX
C1248-00001 Mrs. Alfred Zuger and students at the Indian School, Bismarck (N.D.) ca. 1930 
C1249-00001 Former Governor's Mansion, Bismarck (N.D.)  ca. 1940 
C1250-00001 Hospital Day, St. Alexius Hospital, Bismarck (N.D.)  ca. 1945 
C1251-00001 John B. S. Todd  XX/XXXX
C1252-00001 Page High School Band, Page (N.D.) XX/XXXX
C1253-00001 University of North Dakota Law School Class of 1932, Prince Hotel, Bismarck (N.D.) 06/27/1957
C1254-00001 Threshing  XX/XXXX
C1255-00001 General George A. Custer  ca. 1875 
C1256-00001 Celebrating first train entering Walhalla (N.D.)  07/1897
C1256-00002 Gabrielle Dumont, Louis Riel's Lieutenant Riel's Rebellion, Manitoba Canada 1885 XX/XXXX
C1256-00003 Mennonite village, Manitoba, Canada XX/XXXX
C1256-00004 Bridge east of Walhalla (N.D.)  XX/XXXX
C1256-00005 Kitson Trading Post, Walhalla (D.T.)  XX/XXXX
C1256-00006 Indian mound  XX/XXXX
C1257-00001 Original Capitol burning, Bismarck (N.D.)12/28/1930
C1258-00001 – C1281-00001 Round up, Badlands (N.D.) ca. 1955 
C1282-00001 Man on horse in front of post office, Medora (N.D.)  ca. 1955 
C1283-00001 Horse sale for the March of Dimes, Medora (N.D.)  ca. 1955 
C1284-00001 – C1290-00001 Round up, Badlands (N.D.) ca. 1955 
C1291-00001 School for the Deaf, Devils Lake (N.D.) Class of 1916
C1292-00001 Advanced oral class, School for the Deaf, Devils Lake (N.D.)  ca. 1915 
C1293-00001 First Year Class, School for the Deaf, Devils Lake (N.D.)  ca. 1915 
C1294-00001 Girls' tumbling team, Bismarck High School, Bismarck (N.D.) 1935
C1295-00001 Deer hunters with their game ca. 1940 
C1296-00001 First Issue Bismarck Tribune v1 no107/11/1873
C1297-00001 – C1300-00001 Theodore Roosevelt Maltese Cross cabin interior 06/1959
C1301-00001 Theodore Roosevelt Maltese Cross cabin exterior south side 06/1959
C1302-00001 Theodore Roosevelt Maltese Cross cabin exterior north side 06/1959
C1303-00001 Theodore Roosevelt Maltese Cross cabin east side 1959
C1304-00001 Theodore Roosevelt Maltese Cross cabin bedroom 06/1959
C1305-00001 Stacking alfalfa with a Mormon Stacker, Lucerne (Colo.) 07/1918
C1306-00001 Moving a Mormon Stacker from one field to another 08/05/1915
C1307-00001 Skiers on the Capitol Grounds, Bismarck (N.D.) ca. 1954 
C1308-00001 Aerial view of the Capitol Building, Bismarck (N.D.) 1935
C1309-00001 Mrs. Grace Wohl at North Dakota Telephone Company switchboard, Washburn (N.D.) ca. 1950 
C1310-00001 Ferry Landing, Bismarck (N.D.) 1918
C1311-00001 Steamboat F Y Batchelor loaded with soldiers and equipment 1887
C1312- 00001 Bird's Eye View of Bismarck (D.T.) 1880
C1313-00001 Mi-di-pa-di band, Hidatsa Indians  XX/XXXX
C1314-00001 Croquet game at St. Mary's Catholic Church, Bismarck (N.D.) ca. 1880 
C1315-00001 Scattered Corn with short hair (Mandan)  XX/XXXX
C1316-00001 Camping group from Noonan (N.D.) at Woodend (Sask.)  XX/XXXX
C1317-00001 Buffalo hunters camp Upper Missouri Breaks  XX/XXXX
C1318-00001 Graders at work on Bismarck, Washburn and Fort Buford Railway, Wilton (N.D.) ca. 1903 
C1319-00001 Surgical Service staff, Base Hospital, Camp Jackson (S.C.) 03/30/1918
C1320-00001 Liberty Memorial Bridge under construction, Bismarck (N.D.) 1920
C1321-00001 First public school house in the northern half of Dakota Territory at Pembina ca. 1876 
C1322-00001 7th Cavalry officers and ladies, Fort Abraham Lincolnca. 1875 
C1323-00001 Aerial view looking NE, Mandan (N.D.) 09/1922
C1324-00001 Aerial view looking NW, Mandan (N.D.) 09/1922
C1325-00001 Former Governor's Mansion dining room 1937-1938
C1326-00001 Former Governor's mansion southwest bedroom in the servant's quarters  1937-1938
C1327-00001 Former Governor's Mansion daughter's bedroom east side  1937-1938
C1328-00001 Former Governor's Mansion Governor's bedroom1937-1938
C1329-00001 Library, University of North Dakota, Grand Forks (N.D.) XX/XXXX
C1330-00001 Campus entrance, University of North Dakota, Grand Forks (N.D.)  XX/XXXX
C1331-00001 Woodworth Hall, University of North Dakota, Grand Forks (N.D.)XX/XXXX
C1332-00001 Gate entrance to Fort Lincoln, Bismarck (N.D.) 05/07/1957
C1333-00001 Headquarters sign, Fort Lincoln, Bismarck (N.D.)  05/07/1957
C1334-00001 Headquarters, Fort Lincoln, Bismarck (N.D.) 03/25/1957
C1335-00001 Quarters at Headquarters, Fort Lincoln, Bismarck (N.D.) 05/07/1957
C1336-00001 Headquarters building, Fort Lincoln, Bismarck (N.D.) 03/25/1957
C1337-00001 Service Club Lounge and PX, Fort Lincoln, Bismarck (N.D.)  03/00/1956
C1338-00001 Officers quarters, Fort Lincoln, Bismarck (N.D.)  04/28/1957
C1339-00001 Officers' Quarters, Fort Lincoln, Bismarck (N.D.) 03/25/1957
C1340-00001 Engineer building, carpenter shop, and garage, Fort Lincoln, Bismarck (N.D.) 05/07/1957
C1341-00001 Building #3, Fort Lincoln, Bismarck, (N.D.) 03/25/1957
C1342-00001 McKinney Mill on Mouse River near Tolley (N.D.)ca. 1905 
C1343-00001 Eric Sevareid holding baby Theodore Roosevelt Rough Rider Award Ceremony  1964
C1344-00001 Rough Rider Award Ceremony 1964
C1345-00001 Eric Sevareid speaking at Theodore Roosevelt Rough Rider Award Ceremony 1964
C1346-00001 Eric Sevareid at Theodore Roosevelt Rough Rider Award Ceremony 1964
C1347-00001 Theodore Roosevelt Rough Rider Award dinner 1964
C1348-00001 Unidentified woman and Eric Sevareid at Rough Riders Award 1964
C1349-00001 Eric Sevareid, Mrs. Jean Guy, and Minot State Pep Band at the Theodore Roosevelt Rough Rider Award Ceremony 1964
C1350-00001 Eric Sevareid and other dignitaries at Theodore Roosevelt Rough Rider Award Ceremony 1964
C1351-00001 Eric Sevareid speaking at Theodore Roosevelt Rough Rider Award Ceremony1964
C1352-00001 Governor William Guy presenting Eric Sevareid the Theodore Roosevelt Rough Rider Award 1964
C1353-00001 Eric Sevareid at the Theodore Roosevelt Rough Rider Award Ceremony  1964
C1354-00001 Group with Eric Sevareid at Theodore Roosevelt Rough Rider Award 1964
C1355-00001 Eric Sevareid and Jean Guy a the Theodore Roosevelt Rough Rider Award Ceremony 1964
C1356-00001 Aerial view of Fort Lincoln, Bismarck (N.D.) ca. 1950 
C1357-00001 Aerial view of Fraine Barracks, Bismarck (N.D.) ca. 1950 
C1358-00001 Aerial view of Capitol building, Bismarck (N.D.)  ca. 1950 
C1359-00001 Bishop Leo F. Dworschak, Bishop of Fargo 1964
C1360-00001 Cardinal Aloisius Muench, Bishop of Fargo1964
C1361-00001 Steamer Benton aground, Missouri River near Sioux City (Iowa) 07/18/1897
C1362-00001 C. J. Atkins and W. H. Sims  1868-1869
C1363-00001 Governor Norman Brunsdale 1953
C1364-00001 Rock Haven Employees Men that work at Harbor XX/XXXX
C1365-00001 Third House 25th Assembly North Dakota Legislature 1937
C1366-00001 Gold Star Mothers, Fort Lincoln Chapter  ca. 1940 
C1367-00001 Governor George Frederick Shafer ca. 1930 
C1368-00001 U.S.S. North Dakota XX/XXXX
C1369-00001 – 00003 Installation of Bishop Vincent Ryan, Diocese of Bismarck 05/29/1940
C1370-00001 Senator William J. Braun, Governor John Moses, and Senator Andrew Skarvold 1939
C1371-00001 William Webb, Isaac P. Baker, Edward G. Patterson, Bismarck (N.D.)  03/31/1931
C1372-00001 Edward G. Patterson XX/XXXX
C1373-00001 Representative Charles R. Robertson ca. 1940 
C1374-00001 Burleigh County Bar Association 1926
C1375-00001 Andreas Risem retouching negatives ca. 1940 
C1376-00001 McCabe Methodist Church, Bismarck (N.D.) 1940
C1377-00001 Trinity Lutheran Church, Bismarck (N.D.) 1940
C1378-00001 First Presbyterian Church, Bismarck (N.D.)  1940
C1379-00001 Medicine Rocks southwest of Marmarth (N.D.) XX/XXXX
C1380-00001 First Methodist Church, Jamestown (N.D.) XX/XXXX
C1381-00001 First Methodist Episcopal Church, Ellendale (N.D.)XX/XXXX
C1382-00001 Alfred Dickey Public Library, Jamestown (N.D.) XX/XXXX
C1383-00001 Lyndes Garage, Ellendale (N.D.) XX/XXXX
C1384-00001 City Hall, Ellendale (N.D.)  XX/XXXX
C1385-00001 Jamestown College, Jamestown (N.D.)XX/XXXX
C1386-00001 Pavilion at Spiritwood Lake, Jamestown (N.D.)  XX/XXXX
C1387-00001 St. John's Academy, Jamestown (N.D.)  ca. 1920 
C1388-00001 Presbyterian Church, Jamestown (N.D.) XX/XXXX
C1389-00001 Nickeus Park, Jamestown (N.D.)  XX/XXXX
C1390-00001 3rd Ave. S, Jamestown (N.D.) ca. 1920 
C1391-00001 Rasmussen home, Ellendale (N.D.) 1890-1910
C1392-00001 Hotel Ellendale, Ellendale (N.D.)  ca. 1920 
C1393-00001 Dickey County Courthouse, Ellendale (N.D.)  XX/XXXX
C1394-00001 George Lutz residence, 3rd Ave. S, Jamestown (N.D.)  XX/XXXX
C1395-00001 Arthur W. Lucas of Bismarck (N.D.) ca. 1920 
C1396-00001 William H. Forbes XX/XXXX
C1396-00002 Frank Palmer  XX/XXXX
C1396-00003 Ernest W. Brenner XX/XXXX
C1397-00001 Grain Growers 1900
C1397-00002 Portrait of unknown man XX/XXXX
C1398-00001 Harry S. Lobach's residence 519 9th St., Bismarck (N.D.)XX/XXXX
C1399-00001 St. Mary's Catholic Church, Bismarck (N.D.) 1933
C1400-00001 Bishop's chair, St Mary's Catholic Church, Bismarck (N.D)  1933
C1401-00001 St. Mary's Catholic Church, Bismarck (N.D.) 1933
C1402-00001 Bishop's chair, St Mary's Catholic Church, Bismarck (N.D.) 1933
C1403-00001 St. Mary's Catholic Church interior, Bismarck (N.D.) 1933
C1404-00001 Orin Grant Libby, Professor of History, University of North Dakota, Grand Forks (N.D.) ca. 1940 
C1404-00002 Rosengrant homestead, Slope County (N.D. ) 1909
C1405-00001 Normal School boating excursion on Sheyenne River, Valley City (N.D.)  1898
C1406-00001 Mrs. George D. Mann residence, Bismarck (N.D.) 1930
C1407-00001 – C1411-00001 Tornado destruction, Langdon (N.D.)05/29/1909
C1412-00001 Flasher Band playing on Capitol steps, Bismarck (N.D.)  1940
C1413-00001 Flasher Band playing on Capitol steps, Bismarck (N.D.) - missing 1940
C1414-00001 Henrik Wergeland monument, Island Park, Fargo (N.D.) 1953
C1415-00001 Julius Hanson family ca. 1940 
C1416-00001 Winter scene, Bismarck (N.D.)ca. 1940 
C1417-00001 John Thomas Davis XX/XXXX
C1418-00001 Salvation Army Band on steps of World War Memorial Building, Bismarck (N.D.) 1938
C1419-00001 Lions Club children's party on Post Office steps, Bismarck (N.D.) ca. 1940 
C1420-00001 Convert-Boelter Funeral Home, Bismarck (N.D.)  ca. 1940 
C1421-00001 Nonpartisan League members hold The Leader headlines on election victory  1936
C1422-00001 Boxing rings in World War Memorial Building, Bismarck (N.D.)  ca. 1940 
C1423-00001 Dunkard settlers moving from Indiana to North Dakota on Great Northern Railroad 03/29/1894
C1424-00001 Sitting Bull addresses Council at Standing Rock Agency  1886
C1425-00001 - C1426-00001 Council at Standing Rock Agency 1886
C1427-00001 Sitting Bull's Council Lodge, Fort Yates (D.T.)1886
C1428-00001 Third grade class, Buffalo (N.D.)  ca. 1900 
C1429-00001 Eighth grade class, Buffalo (N.D.) ca. 1900 
C1430-00001 Ninth grade class, Buffalo (N.D.)  ca. 1900 
C1431-00001 Eleventh grade class, Buffalo (N.D.)  ca. 1900 
C1432-00001 Primary Department club swinging class, Buffalo (N.D.)  ca. 1900 
C1433-00001 Latin lessons, Buffalo (N.D.) ca. 1900 
C1434-00001 Sixth grade class, Buffalo (N.D.)  ca. 1900 
C1435-00001 Seventh grade class, Buffalo (N.D.) ca. 1900 
C1436-00001 Seventh grade class, Buffalo (N.D.) ca. 1900 
C1437-00001 Intermediate Geography recitation, Buffalo (N.D.) ca. 1900 
C1438-00001 High school Geography class, Buffalo (N.D.) ca. 1900 
C1439-00001 English literature class, Buffalo (N.D.) ca. 1900 
C1440-00001 Eleventh grade Physics Electricity class, Buffalo (N.D.)ca. 1900 
C1441-00001 – C1446-00001 Building the grade across the McKenzie Slough under direction of W. L. Whitson  XX/XXXX
C1447-00001 Classroom, St. Mary's High School, Bismarck (N.D.) ca. 1940 
C1448 -00001 Classroom, St. Mary's High School, Bismarck (N.D.) ca. 1940 
C1449-00001 Library, St. Mary's High School, Bismarck (N.D.)  ca. 1940 
C1450-00001 Theodore Roosevelt as a cowboy ca. 1885 
C1450-00002 Theodore Roosevelt as a cowboy ca. 1885 
C1451-00001 Theodore Roosevelt in cowboy clothes with horse ca. 1885 
C1452-00001 Theodore Roosevelt San Juan poster 1898
C1453-00001 Theodore Roosevelt San Juan poster 1898
C1454-00001 President Theodore Roosevelt ca. 1905 
C1455-00001 Grand River Indian School, Fort Yates (N.D.) 1890
C1456-00001 Patterson Hotel, Bismarck (N.D.)ca. 1930 
C1458-00001 Patterson Hotel road sign ca. 1935 
C1459-00001 International Harvester Company truck dealership, Bismarck (N.D.)ca. 1940 
C1460-00001 International Harvester Company, Bismarck (N.D.)  ca. 1920 
C1461-00001 Eltinge Building, Bismarck (N.D.)  ca. 1928 
C1462-00001 James Bennett Gayton XX/XXXX
C1463-00001 Alexander McKenzie and "Bull Moose" Vermillion, Fort Yates (N.D.)ca. 1900 
C1464-00001 William Grawe Store, Fullerton (N.D.) ca. 1918 
C1465-00001 Garden, State Penitentiary, Bismarck (N.D.) XX/XXXX
C1466-00001 Gate at Theodore Roosevelt cabin, Capitol Grounds, Bismarck (N.D.)  ca. 1920 
C1467-00001 Dead cattle in blizzard east of Sterling (N.D.) along Highway 10 03/09/1966
C1468-00001 Operations Board manage blizzard recovery from Fraine Barracks, Bismarck (N.D.) 03/05/1966
C1469-00001 Northern Pacific Railway Engine 354 buried in snow 1 mile N of Linton (N.D.) during blizzard 03/08/1966
C1470-00001 National Guard digging out Sebastian Krumm house after blizzard 13 miles E of Hague (N.D.)  03/09/1966
C1471-00001 Hired man's trailer house on Weiser Farm 1 1/2 miles N of Hazelton (N.D.) nearly buried in blizzard  03/-0/1966
C1472-00001 SSgt Adams, 3662d Ord. Co. and crew shoveling out bulldozer 2 miles W of Burnstad (N.D.) 03/08/1966
C1473-00001 Main Street, Hague (N.D.) after blizzard 03/09/1966
C1474-00001 William Grunefelder barn, Emmons County (N.D.), collapsed by snow piling on roof 03/09/1966
C1475-00001 Sebastian Krumm house 13 miles E of Hague (N.D.) after blizzard  03/09/1966
C1476-00001 Snow drifts on Weiser farm 2 miles E and 1 1/2 mile N of Hazelton (N.D.)  03/09/1966
C1477-00001 Cow frozen to ground in blizzard03/09/1966
C1478-00001 Hole dug in snow to access electric, phone and water lines, Sterling (N.D.)  03/09/1966
C1479-00001 Architect's Drawing State Capitol, Bismarck (N.D.)1930
C1480-00001 Russian Jewish farmer settlement Wachsler Burleigh County, (D.T.)XX/XXXX
C1481-00001 Bismarck High School under construction, Bismarck (N.D.)1934
C1483-0001 Aerial view of the Chateau de Mores, Medora (N.D.)XX/XXXX
C1484-00001 Chateau de Mores, Medora (N.D.) XX/XXXX
C1485-00001 Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show, Florence (Italy) 03/13/1890
C1486-00001 Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show, Paris (France)  07/10/1889
C1487-00001 Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show, Barcelona (Spain)  01/16/1890
C1488-00001 Rifleman in Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show, Paris (France)  1890
C1489-00001 Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show, Rome (Italy) 03/06/1890
C1490-00001 One Bull, his wife and child ca. 1910 
C1491-00001 Justices of the North Dakota Supreme Court, Bismarck (N.D.)1966
C1493-00001 Oregon 2 year old steers shipped by Wallis Huidekoper for Bullhead Ranch ca. 1906 
C1494-00001 – 00002 Members of Trinity Lutheran Church, Bismarck (N.D.)  1920-1930
C1495-00001 Bismarck High School football Team 1936
C1496-00001 Liberty Memorial Building, Bismarck (N.D.)  ca. 1925 
C1496-00002 – 00003 X-ray from unknown court case of lower abdomen showing revolver  XX/XXXX
C1497-00001 Three Peace Commissioners 1880-1910
C1498-00001 Night in Mandan (N.D.) ca. 1930 
C1499-00001 Sheriff Charles McDonald and prisoners outside the new Morton County Jail, Mandan (N.D.) 1916
C1500-00001 Brickyard at Mandan (N.D.) ca. 1920 
C1501-00001 Lyon residence, Mandan (N.D.) ca. 1904 
C1502-00001 Freight yards and elevator, Mandan (N.D.) 1905
C1503-00001 Cast of a play on stage XX/XXXX
C1504-00001 Coal for the School House 1905
C1505-00001 Col. A. B. Welch, Mrs. Williams, Mrs. Heinke, Mrs. Anna, Mrs. C. Kidd  XX/XXXX
C1506-00001 Perfection Baking Company, Mandan (N.D.) 1915
C1507-00001 Press room, Mandan PioneerXX/XXXX
C1508-00001 Indians teams waiting for beef, Standing Rock Agency ca. 1890 
C1508-00002 South beef corral, Standing Rock Agency  ca. 1890 
C1509-00001 George F. Will ca. 1954 
C1510-00001 Dorothy Stickney and Governor Guy standing by Stickney's Rough Rider Award painting 06/10/1968
C1510-00002 Governor Guy and Dorothy Stickney and others standing by Stickney's Rough Rider Award portrait 06/10/1968
C1511-00001 Governor Norman Brunsdale at desk  1953
C1512-00001 William Jayne tombstone, Oak Ridge Cemetery, Springfield (Ill.)  XX/XXXX
C1512-00002 William Jayne tombstone and family monument, Oak Ridge Cemetery, Springfield (Ill.) XX/XXXX
C1513-00001 Governor Elmore Yocum Sarles ca. 1920 
C1514-00001 Ray H. Mattison  05/1964
C1515-00001 Greenwood Cemetery, Morton County (N.D.) 10/04/1967
C1515-00002 Elizabeth D. Mann tombstone, Greenwood Cemetery, Morton Co. (N.D.)  10/04/1967
C1515-00003 Lella A. Fraser tombstone, Greenwood Cemetery, Morton County (N.D.) 10/04/1967
C1515-00004 Tombstones overgrown with brush, Greenwood Cemetery, Morton County (N.D.) 10/04/1967
C1515-00005 Cornelia M. Clarke tombstone, Greenwood Cemetery, Morton County (N.D.) 10/04/1967
C1515-00006 Clarke family tombstone, Greenwood Cemetery, Morton County (N.D.)10/04/1967
C1515-00007 Broken tombstones, Greenwood Cemetery, Morton County (N.D.)10/04/1967
C1515-00008 Mann family tombstone, Greenwood Cemetery, Morton County (N.D.)  10/04/1967
C1515-00009 Elias B. Hope tombstone, Greenwood Cemetery, Morton County (N.D.)10/04/1967
C1515-00010 William P. Blackjord tombstone, Greenwood Cemetery, Morton County (N.D.)  10/04/1967
C1515-00011 Tipped over tombstones, Greenwood Cemetery, Morton County (N.D.) 10/04/1967
C1515-00012 Peter Stewart tombstone, Greenwood Cemetery, Morton County (N.D.)10/04/1967
C1515-00013 Tipped over tombstones, Morton County (N.D.)10/04/1967
C1515-00014 Mark G. Bateman tombstone, Greenwood Cemetery, Morton County (N.D.) 10/04/1967
C1515-00015 Mathies G. Braden tombstone, Greenwood Cemetery, Morton County (N.D.)  10/04/1967
C1516-00001 Indian Pictograph1927
C1517-00001 Co. A, North Dakota Volunteers return to Bismarck (N.D.) from Manila (P.I.)  10/01/1899
C1518-00001 Museum exhibit of Indian dress, Liberty Memorial Building  XX/XXXX
C1518-00002 Museum exhibit of oil lamps, Liberty Memorial Building  XX/XXXX
C1518-00003 Museum exhibit of rifles, Liberty Memorial Building  XX/XXXX
C1518-00004 Museum exhibit of deer and antelope, Liberty Memorial Buildingca. 1940 
C1518-00005 Museum exhibit of 1904 Cadillac, Liberty Memorial Building XX/XXXX
C1518-00006 U.S.S. North Dakota silver service exhibit, Liberty Memorial Building, Bismarck (N.D.)1926-1940
C1519-00001 2nd Lieutenant's Quarters, Fort Totten (N.D.)  ca. 1965 
C1519-00002 Commanding Officer's Quarters, Fort Totten (N.D.) ca. 1965 
C1519-00003 Company barracks, Fort Totten (N.D.)  ca. 1965 
C1520-00001 Minnie H. aircraft presented to the State Historical Society  01/30/1968
C1521-00001 Theodore Roosevelt Rough Riders Award North Dakota Hall of Fame  09/22/1967
C1521-00002 Dr. Anne Carlsen speaking at the Rough Riders Award ceremony  09/22/1967
C1521-00003 Artist Emmett Morgan speaking at Rough Rider Award ceremony09/22/1967
C1521-00004 Theodore Roosevelt Rough Riders Award, North Dakota Hall of Fame 09/22/1967
C1521-00005 Governor Guy addressing the gathering at the Rough Riders Award ceremony  09/22/1967
C1521-00006 Theodore Roosevelt Rough Riders Award, North Dakota Hall of Fame 09/22/1967
C1522-00001 William Plummer Co. Implement Yard, Minnewaukan (N.D.)  ca. 1915 
C1522-00002 William Plummer Co. Implement Yard. Minnewaukan (N.D.)  ca. 1915 
C1523-00001 Area residents examining exhibits at Buffalo Trails Museum, Epping (N.D.) ca. 1955 
C1524-00001 – 00004 Liberty Memorial Building 11/00/1967
C1525A – B Aerial view, Chateau de Mores, Medora (N.D.) ca. 1965 
C1526-00001 Wilmont Dow, Theodore Roosevelt, Bill Sewall ca. 1885 
C1527-00001 Aerial view of Hidatsa site on Missouri River, Stanton (N.D.) ca. 1965 
C1528-00001 Aerial view of Boley Indian Site1955
C1529-00001 Aerial view of Rock Haven (N.D.) government boat docks1963
C1530-00001 Aerial view of Forts McKeen and Abraham Lincoln 1963
C1531-00001 Aerial view of Four Bears Park and Museum, New Town (N.D.) 1963
C1532-00001 Beaver Creek, Fort Berthold Reservation  1963
C1533-00001 – 00003 Post Office, Grassy Butte (N.D.) 1967
C1534-00001 Relocated Indian Scout Cemetery, Fort Berthold (N.D.) 08/00/1967
C1535-00001 Officials noting financing of Turtle Lake Memorial Community Hospital in the Governor's Office, Bismarck (N.D.)  10/21/1968
C1536-00001 National Guard Civil Defense Emergency Operations Center Open House, Fraine Barracks, Bismarck (N.D.) 10/28/1968
C1537-00001 Dedication of Buffalo Trails Museum, Epping (N.D.)07/16/1967
C1538-00001 Mandaree School, Mandaree (N.D.)08/1967
C1539-00001 Housing project, White Shield (N.D.)  08/00/1967
C1540-00001 St. Joseph Catholic Church, Fort Berthold Reservation (N.D.)  08/00/1967
C1541-00001 Four Bears Monument, New Town (N.D.)  07/00/1961
C1542-00001 Four Bears Park, west of New Town (N.D.) 07/00/1963
C1543-00001 Independence Congregational Church near Mandaree (N.D.) 08/00/1967
C1544-00001 Entrance to Fort Berthold Reservation on State Highway 807/00/1961
C1545-00001 Reconstructed earth lodge in Four Bears Park, west of New Town (N.D.)  08/1967
C1546-00001 Badlands topography south of Lake Sakakawea 08/1967
C1547-00001 Twin Butte Trading Post, Fort Berthold Reservation07/00/1961
C1548-00001 Bureau of Indian Affairs, Fort Berthold Agency, New Town (N.D.)  07/00/1961
C1549-00001 Three Affiliated Tribes Museum, New Town (N.D.)07/1963
C1550-00001 St. Paul's Episcopal Church, White Shield (N.D.)  07/00/1963
C1551-00001 CCC stone bridge, Theodore Roosevelt National Park North Unit 1958
C1552-00001 Cannon ball concretions, Theodore Roosevelt National Park North Unit1958
C1553-00001 Slump formation, Theodore Roosevelt National Park North Unit  1958
C1554-00001 Prairie dogs, Theodore Roosevelt National Park South Unit 1958
C1555-00001 Prairie dogs, Theodore Roosevelt National Park South Unit 1958
C1556-00001 Campers in Cottonwood campground, Theodore Roosevelt National Park South Unit1958
C1557-00001 Aerial view of Eaton Brothers Custer Trail Ranch  XX/XXXX
C1558-00001 Custer Trail Ranch on the Little Missouri XX/XXXX
C1559-00001 Howard, Willis, and Alden Eaton on horseback XX/XXXX
C1560-00001 White Shield School, Fort Berthold Reservation 07/1963
C1561-00001 St. Anthony Mission, Mandaree (N.D.)  08/1967
C1562-00001 Buffalo Trails Museum, Epping (N.D.)  ca. 1967 
C1563-00001 Dedication of Buffalo Trails Museum, Epping (N.D.)07/16/1967
C1564-00001 Mr. Egge's Store built in 1887, Towner (N.D.)  1902
C1565-00001 Burning coal vein, Theodore Roosevelt National Park South Unit06/1958
C1566-00001 View of Medora (N.D.) from the southeast ca. 1890 
C1567-00001 Construction of the Northern Pacific Railroad at the big cut at Big Beaver Creek1879
C1568-00001 Construction of Northern Pacific Railroad on the big cut near Big Beaver Creek  1879
C1569-00001 Stagecoach and horseback riding tour leaving Peaceful Valley Ranch  ca. 1920 
C1570-00001 Senate Committee on Public Lands and Survey inspection tour on site of Maltese Cross cabin  07/15/1928
C1571-00001 CCC construction of shelter house, Theodore Roosevelt Park North Unit  1937
C1572-00001 CCC construction of shelter house, Theodore Roosevelt Park North Unit  1937
C1573-00001 View down the Little Missouri River, Theodore Roosevelt Park South Unitca. 1937 
C1574-00001 Committee investigating Badlands for Roosevelt Memorial Park, Medora (N.D.)  07/1928
C1575-00001 Buddy Ranch east of Medora (N.D.)  07/1928
C1576-00001 Senate Committee on Public Lands and Survey, Medora (N.D.) 07/1928
C1577-00001 CCC Camp in Theodore Roosevelt National Park South Unit ca. 1935 
C1578-00001 Walter B. Cushing ca. 1925 
C1579-00001 Theodore Roosevelt National Park South Unit dedication  06/04/1949
C1580-00001 Bison herd in Theodore Roosevelt National Park South Unit  XX/XXXX
C1581-00001 Carl Olsen, Stephen Mather and Roger Toll during the inspection tour of the Badlands  07/1928
C1582-00001 Visitor Center, Theodore Roosevelt National Park  ca. 1950 
C1583-00001 Maltese Cross cabin, Theodore Roosevelt National ParkXX/XXXX
C1584-00001 Utility and maintenance area, Theodore Roosevelt National Park South Unit XX/XXXX
C1585-00001 Burning coal vein, Theodore Roosevelt National Park South Unit06/1958
C1586-00001 Painting of a Plains Indian by J. W. Bradshaw  XX/XXXX
C1587-00001 Former Governors Mansion, Bismarck (N.D.)02/13/1955
C1592-00001 House Committee announcing adjournment to Governor Guy  03/19/1969
C1593-00001 Senate Committee announcing adjournment to Governor Guy 03/19/1969
C1594-00001 Democratic Senators with Governor Guy 03/19/1969
C1595-00001 Lt. Governor Richard Larsen gaveling the Senate to a close 03/19/1969
C1596-00001 House Speaker Ernest Johnson gaveling the House to a close 03/19/1969
C1600-00001 Whitestone Hill monument commemorating soldiers who diedXX/XXXX
C1601-00001 Arthur Clarke Huidekoper  1845
C1602-00001 Kittson Trading Post, Walhalla (N.D.) ca. 1900 
C1603-00001 Balloon view sketch of Fort Abercrombie from Minnesota side of Red River  ca. 1863
C1604-00001 Red River ox cart train near Canadian boundary 1858
C1605-00001 R. M. Calderwood, U.S. Commissioner and land dealer office, Williston (N.D.) XX/XXXX
C1606-00001 George Armstrong Custer ca. 1865 
C1607-00001 James B. Gayton, pioneer of Emmons County (N.D.)  XX/XXXX
C1608-00001 Governor Arthur Gustav Sorlie ca. 1925 
C1609-00001 Ernst R. Steinbrueck ca. 1915 
C1610-00001 Walter J. Maddock ca. 1930 
C1611-00001 Poor Wolf, Son of the Star and interpreter Mr. Smith XX/XXXX
C1612-00001 Charlie Reynolds, Gen. Custer's scout ca. 1875 
C1613-00001 Pioneer State Bank, Kermit (N.D.)  1906
C1614-00001 Air Force pilots Lt. Arlan J. Anderson and Lt. Col. Fred A. Haeffner hold a North Dakota flag, Dan Nang Air Base, Vietnam ca. 1965 
C1615-00001 The Buckeye No. 4 mower XX/XXXX
C1616-00001 Major John Wesley Powell in his office XX/XXXX
C1617-00001 Elwyn B. Robinson teaching his last history class at the University of North Dakota 05/1970
C1618-00001 Sakakawea statue, State Capitol Grounds, Bismarck (N.D.) XX/XXXX
C1619-00001 Aerial image of an airplane flying over Vietnam ca. 1965 
C1620-00001 Aerial of a bomb dropped over Vietnam ca. 1965 
C1621-00001 – C1622-00001 Aerial view of Vietnam ca. 1965 
C1623-00001 Broadway in Yankton, the Capitol of Dacotah Territory10/28/1865
C1624-00001 – 00002 First State officials west side of Capitol Bismarck (N.D.) 1890
C1625-00001 Center Ave. looking W, Moorhead (Minn.)  ca. 1885 
C1626-00001 Storm damage east side of 5th Street north of Main Ave., Bismarck (N.D.)  06/30/1927
C1627-00001 Captain Tom Custer  ca. 1875 
C1628-00001 Fort Rice (D.T.) ca. 1870 
C1629-00001 Esquimau dog train  ca. 1870 
C1630-00001 MacNider, William - Missing  XX/XXXX
C1631-00001 Three National Guard officers awarded citations and medals after C-54 aircraft incident  11/00/1967
C1632-00001 Private Carter Huse, Fort Buford Buffalo Soldier 25th Infantry 1865-1898
C1633-00001 Steamer Abner O'Neal, Painted Woods landing (N.D.) 07/17/1892
C1634-00001 Little Missouri River winding through the Badlands XX/XXXX
C1635-00001 General George A. Custer and his Scouts  ca. 1873 
C1636-00001 Birds eye view of Ashley (N.D.) ca. 1890 
C1637-00001 – 00002 Dedication of the Weights and Measures Laboratory, State Capitol, Bismarck (N.D.) 11/06/1970
C1638-00001 – 00008 Minnie H final flight from Municipal Airport, Bismarck (N.D.) 01/30/1968
C1639-00001 Standing Rock monument, Fort Yates (N.D.)XX/XXXX
C1640-00001 Benton Packet Co. boats on Ways, Bismarck (N.D.)  01/01/1914
C1641-00001 Gall XX/XXXX
C1642-00001 North Dakota flag being flown on Alabama Capitol grounds ca. 1960 
C1642-00002 North Dakota printed on a board ca. 1960 
C1644-00001 Commanding Officers Roosevelt's Rough Riders, San Antonio (Tex.) 1898
C1645-00001 John Grass 1900-1920
C1646-00001 Tower City (D.T.)08/29/1882
C1647-00001 Steamboats at Ways, Bismarck (N.D.)XX/XXXX
C1648-00001 Irene S. Cable, President of IAPES at convention, Asheville (N.C.)  ca. 1955 
C1649-00001 Izaak Walton League committee that sponsored introduction of wild turkeys in North Dakota ca. 1951 
C1650-00001 Francis Zahn on American Legion float, Washington (D.C.) ca. 1954
C1651-00001 Capitol Commission, Bismarck (N.D.) 1932-1933
C1652-00001 Steamer Rosebud on the Missouri River near Fort Benton  XX/XXXX
C1653-00001 Northern Pacific Ave. bridge looking north from top of mill, Moorhead (Minn.) 1876
C1654-00001 First McKenzie County Courthouse, Alexander (N.D.)XX/XXXX
C1655-00001 Wounded Knee monument, Fort Riley (Kan.) XX/XXXX
C1656-00001 Entrance, State Penitentiary, Bismarck (N.D.)  ca. 1930 
C1656-00002 Barns, State Penitentiary, Bismarck (N.D.)  ca. 1930 
C1657-00001 Governor William L. Guy and Senator Quentin N. Burdick in the Governor's Office, Bismarck (N.D.) 02/11/1969
C1658-00001 Thomas Charles O'Brien of Boston, Union Party candidate for Vice President 1936
C1659-00001 Lemke, William - Missing  XX/XXXX
C1660-00001 John Nystul 1936
C1661-00001 Governor Guy receives Civil Air Patrol award in Governor's Office, Bismarck (N.D.) 02/06/1969
C1662-00001 Medora 1886 - see B04841886
C1663-00001 Camp Wharton Bluffs, Sibley Trail, Ransom County (N.D.) XX/XXXX
C1664-00001 Mrs. Fannie Dunn Quain, Josephine Hosch, Mrs. Hazel Pearce Halvorson, Frank Milhollan – missing XX/XXXX
C1665-00001 Officers' Row, Fort Yates (D.T.)XX/XXXX
C1666-00001 President Dwight D. Eisenhower in Bismarck (N.D.) 06/11/1953
C1667-00001 Governor John Moses ca. 1940 
C1668-00001 Sentinel Butte, 3 miles S of Sentinel Butte (N.D.)XX/XXXX
C1669-00001 Martha Wetmore XX/XXXX
C1670-00001 Mr. and Mrs. Carl Thompson of Bismarck (N.D.)  ca. 1954 
C1671-00001 Actors in Custer drama, Trail West ca. 1955 
C1672-00001 Mrs. John Whalen 04/12/1919
C1673-00001 Senator Milton Young, Otto Krueger, Clyde Duffy, Governor C. Norman Brunsdale ca. 1950 
C1674-00001 Like a Fishhook Village, Arikara section 1872
C1675-00001 Graves of Sgt. George W. Northrup and Horatio N. Austin, Killdeer Mountains  XX/XXXX
C1676-00001 General Plan of the Harney Peak Consolidated Tin Company property in South Dakota  XX/XXXX
C1677-00001 The Vanner floor at the new mill, Hill City (S.D.)XX/XXXX
C1677-00002 Engine room at the new mill, Hill City (S.D.)  XX/XXXX
C1677-00003 Harney Peak Company's new mill, Hill City (S.D.)  XX/XXXX
C1678-00001 135 fathom level at the Addie Mine, Black Hills (S.D.)  XX/XXXX
C1679-00001 Harney Peak Tin Ore exhibit at the International Exhibition of Mining and Metallurgy, Crystal Palace 1890
C1680-00001 Harney Peak Consolidated Tin Company Ltd. offices, Hill City (S.D.) XX/XXXX
C1681-00001 Map of the Campaign of 1863 Sully's Expedition 1863
C1682-00001 George Northrup as gold seeker, Fraser River, British Columbia ca. 1860 
C1683-00001 Mrs. F. E. McCurdy and Mrs. Albin Hedstrom in ceramics class ca. 1954 
C1684-00001 Andrew Torfin 1908
C1685-00001 Legislative session, House Chamber, Bismarck (N.D.) 1963
C1686-00001 Autumn Winds painting by Joyce Hendrickson  12/12/1966
C1687-00001 Left Aside painting by Gary Miller 12/13/1966
C1688-00001 First Stage coach arriving at Fort Abercrombie (D.T.) painting by Arabel J. Thortvedt 1966
C1689-00001 Boundary Commission Landing at NW Angle  1872-1873
C1689-00002 Ambulance wagon NW angle Boundary Commission 1872-1873
C1689a Boundary Commission Landing at NW Angle  1872-1873
C1689b Ambulance wagon at NW Angle, Boundary Commission  1872-1873
C1690-00001 Senators Quentin Burdick and Edward Kennedy at Bowman-Haley Dam dedication 10/26/1966
C1690-00002 Bowman-Haley Dam dedication  10/26/1966
C1690-00003 Bowman-Haley Dam dedication, barbeque preparation 10/25/1966
C1690-00004 Crowd at Bowman-Haley Dam dedication  10/25/1966
C1690-00005 People eating at Bowman-Haley Dam dedication10/25/1966
C1690-00006 Slicing meat at Bowman Haley Dam dedication 10/25/1966
C1690-00007 Harold Hanson and R. P Gallagher of the State Water Commission and Milo Hoisveen, State Engineer at Bowman-Haley Dam dedication 10/25/1966
C1690-00008 Bowman-Haley Dam dedication near Scranton (N.D.)  10/25/1966
C1690-00009 Bowman-Haley Dam dedication near Scranton (N.D.)  10/25/1966
C1690-00010 Bowman-Haley Dam dedication near Scranton (N.D.)  10/25/1966
C1690-00011 Speakers platform at Bowman-Haley Dam dedication  10/25/1966
C1690-00012 Senators Quentin Burdick and Edward Kennedy at Bowman-Haley Dam dedication10/25/1966
C1691-00001 Joseph Henry Taylor 1869
C1692-00001 Governor C. Norman Brunsdale 1953
C1694-00001 Camp Red River Hunters ca. 1856 
C1695-00001 Pastor Opie S. Rindahl, Trinity Lutheran Church, Bismarck (N.D.) ca. 1954 
C1696-00001 Bismarck High School football team, Bismarck (N.D.)  1923
C1697-00001 Martha Curran Gray  ca. 1942 
C1698-00001 Diver Thompson connecting water main in Missouri River at Bismarck (N.D.) XX/XXXX
C1699-00001 Governor Walter Welford and Highway Patrol  1935-1936
C1700-00001 Original Capitol Building, Bismarck (N.D.)  ca. 1910 
C1701-00001 Original Capitol Building, Bismarck (N.D.)  ca. 1900 
C1702-00001 Steamer Far West watercolor and ink painting1980
C1703-00001 Officers' Row, Fort Yates (N.D.)XX/XXXX
C1704-00001 St. Francis Indian Mission, Elbowoods (D.T.)1887
C1705-00001 State Hospital, Jamestown (N.D.) 1920
C1706-00001 Oregon cattle shipped in by Wallis Huidekoper to 777 Ranch on Ash Coulee  ca. 1906 
C1707-00001 Charles Wilbur 1906
C1708-00001 - 00002 Low Dog ca. 1884 
C1709-00001 Rain-in-the-Face ca. 1885 
C1710-00001 Arthur Mills farm, home of the $60,000 alcohol still 20 miles north from Mandan (N.D.) 10/15/1928
C1710-00003 Agents who raided Arthur Mills farm, home of the $60,000 alcohol still, Oliver County (N.D.) 10/15/1928
C1710-00004 Automobile shot up in whisky high-jacking attempt Bismarck (N.D.) 1940
C1711-00001 Reunion of 7th Cavalry at the dedication Fort Rice (N.D.)  1913
C1712-00001 First school house in North Dakota at Pembina erected in 1876 XX/XXXX
C1713-00001 Von Hoffman house, Medora (N.D.)1959
C1714-00001 Red River cart and ox on display in Liberty Memorial Building ca. 1949 
C1715-00001 St. Mary's basketball team, Bismarck (N.D.) 1938-1939
C1716-00001 Bismarck High School basketball team  1935
C1717-00001 Bismarck High School hockey team1935
C1718-00001 Bismarck High School football team 1936
C1719-00001 St. Mary's High School basketball team, Bismarck (N.D.) 1935
C1720-00001 Rev. Father Hollaman and St. Mary's High School basketball team, Bismarck (N.D.) 1932
C1721-00001 Parkin Ranch, Cannonball (N.D.) ca. 1930 
C1722-00001 Prince Maximilian and Bodmer meeting the Minitari (Hidatsa) near Fort Clark ca. 1835 
C1723-00001 Sheridan House, Bismarck (N.D.) 1939
C1724-00001 Building a side track for Soo Line near Bathgate (N.D.) ca. 1905 
C1725-00001 (See Original 00025-B-00047) Indians receive Testimonials of Appreciation from President Coolidge Mandan (N.D.)  07/04/1924
C1726-00001 Governor Link signs HB 1315 transferring Former Governor's Mansion ownership to State Historical Society 03/18/1975
C1727-00001 Antoine B. Gingras House, Walhalla (N.D.)XX/XXXX
C1728-00001 Newcastle (Wyo.) 1907
C1729-00001 Sundance Mountain (Wyo.)  XX/XXXX
C1730-00001 Chimney Rock near Lusk (Wyo.)XX/XXXX
C1731-00001 Senator Gerald Prentice Nye  ca. 1940 
C1731-00002 Senator Gerald P. Nye cartoonca. 1935 
C1731-00003 Exploding a myth cartoon on neutrality act supported by Senator Gerald P. Nyeca. 1936 
C1731-00004 Neutrality Act cartoon  Gerald P. Nye ca. 1936  
C1732-00001 James B. Pope ca. 1935 
C1733-00001 Senator Homer T. Bone of Washington, neutrality supporter  03/22/1943
C1734-00001 Senator W. Warren Barbour of New Jersey  ca. 1940 
1735-00001 General John J. Pershing  ca. 1920 
C1736-00001 John Pierpont "Jack" Morgan, 1910 
C1737-00001 Bennett Champ Clark XX/XXXX
C1738-00001 Edward D. Storelee barn in northern Ransom County (N.D.) 1973
C1739-00001 Governor Art Link signing Little Missouri State Scenic River Act 1975
C1740-00001 Emery S. Beardsley  ca. 1897 
C1741-00001 – 00002 Governor William L. Guy signing a bill to encourage freight shipping to small towns 03/26/1969
C1742-00001 Birds eye view of Fort Totten (N.D.)  1940
C1743-00001 Looking up road towards original State Capitol, Bismarck (N.D.)  1905
C1744-00001 Looking up road towards original State Capitol, Bismarck (N.D.)  10/27/1910
C1745-00001 Public Library, Mayville (N.D.) XX/XXXX
C1746-00001 State Capitol Building, Bismarck (N.D.)  05/00/1977
C1746-00002 Sakakawea Statue and State Capitol Building, Bismarck (N.D.)  05/00/1977
C1746-00003 State Capitol Building, Bismarck (N.D.)  05/00/1977
C1746-00004 Sakakawea Statue and State Capitol Building, Bismarck (N.D.)  05/00/1977
C1747-00001.db                United States flag - missing XX/XXXX
C1748-00001.db                North Dakota flag - missing  XX/XXXX
C1749-00001.db                Governor George F. Shafer – missing XX/XXXX
C1750-00001.db                Martin S. Hagen - missing XX/XXXX
C1751-00001 Captain Miles (Myles) Keogh - missing 1874-1876
C1752-00001 First Church of Christ Scientist, Fargo (N.D.) 07/00/1937
C1753-00001.db                James Sperry - missing 03/24/1977
C1754-00001.db                Sakakawea Statue - missingXX/XXXX
C1755-00001 Jim Sperry holding up Centennial Quilt1976
C1755-00001.dbCl            Quilt, Centennial
C1755-00002 Norm Paulson holding up the Centennial Quilt1976
C1755-00003 Jim Sperry and Norm Paulson holding up the Centennial Quilt1976
C1755-00004 Centennial Quilt 1976
C1755-00005 Centennial Quilt 1976
C1755-00006 Centennial Quilt 1976
C1756-00001.db                Patterson Hotel - missing XX/XXXX
C1758-00001.db                Dakota Territory Bonds - missingXX/XXXX
C1759-00001.dbCl            Original Capitol Building, Bismarck (N.D.) - missing XX/XXXX
C1760-00001.db                Lamborn Hotel, Bismarck (N.D.) - missing XX/XXXX
C1761-00001.db                St. Alexius Hospital, Bismarck (N.D.) – missing XX/XXXX
C1762-00001.db                Patterson Land Company – missing XX/XXXX
C1763-00001.db                Anna and Joseph Japel - missing XX/XXXX
C1764-00001.db                Theodore Roosevelt's Maltese Cross cabin – missing XX/XXXX
C1765-00001.db                Theodore Roosevelt in hunting clothes with rifle - missing ca. 1880 
C1766-00001 Elizabeth Weber, of Temvik (N.D.) at her spinning wheel ca. 1960 
C1767-00001 Pigtail Bridge with Mount Rushmore in the background ca. 1947 
C1768-00001 First Post Office, Cannonball (D.T.)  1880-1881
C1769-00001 Steam threshing in North Dakota ca. 1900 
C1770-00001 Aftermath of fire, Bismarck (N.D.) 08/09/1898
C1770-00002 – 00003 Fire, Bismarck (N.D.)  08/09/1898
C1771-00001 Cannonball River scenery  ca. 1880 
C1771-00002 Sod house, Cannonball (D.T.) ca. 1880 
C1771-00003 First school house, Cannonball (D.T.) ca. 1880 
C1772-00001 Narrow Gauge train near Hill City and Mount Rushmore (S.D.)XX/XXXX
C1773-00001 Infantry soldiers, Fort Abraham Lincoln (D.T.) ca. 1875 
C1774-00001 Cavalryman holding horse, Fort Yates (D.T.) ca. 1885 
C1775-00001 Three Cavalrymen on horses, Fort Yates (D.T.)  1885
C1776-00001 Farm home of Anton Haug near Fairdale (N.D.)01/14/1910
C1777-00001 Marketing Buffalo Bones, Main Street S from Leland Hotel, Minot (D.T.) ca. 1884 
C1778-00001 Original State Capitol, Bismarck (N.D.)  XX/XXXX
C1778-00002 Writing Rock  10/00/1952
C1778-00003 Residence District, Minot (N.D.) ca. 1911 
C1778-00004 Aerial view of Liberty Memorial Building, Bismarck (N.D.)  07/18/1977
C1778-00005 Old O. X. Ranch where Marmarth (N.D.) is now located ca. 1900 
C1778-00006 Haying scene near Bowman (N.D.) ca. 1915 
C1778-00007 Result of a Days Sport, Dickinson (N.D.) 1907
C1778-00008 Lewis and Clark Hotel, Mandan (N.D.)  ca. 1925 
C1778-00009 Main Street, Mohall (N.D.) ca. 1925 
C1779-00001 Bertsch Millworks Shop, Bismarck (N.D.)  07/18/1977
C1780-00001 Sitting Bull in March of Civilization at convening of Constitutional Convention, Bismarck (D.T.)  07/04/1889
C1781-00001 Original State Capitol Building, Bismarck (N.D.)  ca. 1910 
C1782-00001 Pierre Jean de Smet XX/XXXX
C1783-00001 Charles Converse 1922-1925
C1784-00001 George Wallace 1919-1921
C1785-00001 Thorstein H. H. Thoresen  1925-1929
C1786-00001 Iver A. Acker 1929-1932
C1787-00001 F. A. Vogel 1933
C1788-00001 Lee Nichols 1935-1937
C1789-00001 Claude Stone  1938-1939
C1790-00001 Owen T. Owen  1937-1938
C1791-00001 John Gray  1939-1952
C1792-00001 Burtis B. Conyne 1952-1954
C1793-00001 J. Arthur Engen  1954-1963
C1794-00001 W. P. Depery  1939
C1795-00001 J. K. Murray  1937
C1796-00001 J. J. Weeks 1933-1935
C1797-00001 Lloyd Omdahl  1963-1966
C1798-00001 Ken Jakes  1963
C1799-00001 Edwin Sjaastad 1966-1969
C1800-00001 Turkey Track Bill - SEE 01952-6151 1931
C1801-00001 Math Dahl  1939-1965
C1802-00001 John N. Hagen 1917-1921
C1803-00001 Robert F. Flint  1915-1916
C1804-00001 Rollin J. Turner 1901-1904
C1805-00001 William Floyd Reynolds 1924-1925
C1806-00001 Ernest A. Greenwood 1928-1932
C1807-00001 Henry U. Thomas  1897-1900
C1808-00001 Elmer E. Kaufman 1903-1904
C1809-00001 Joseph A. Kitchen 1921-1932
C1810-00001 Andrew H. Laughlin  1895-1986
C1811-00001 Henry T. Helgeson 1889-1892
C1812-00001 Robert F. Flint  1915-1916
C1813-00001 Whitestone Hill  XX/XXXX
C1813-00002 Saluting soldiers graves at Whitestone Hill, Dickey County (N.D.)XX/XXXX
C1813-00003 Whitestone Hill, Dickey County (N.D.) XX/XXXX
C1814-00001 David H. Beecher XX/XXXX
C1815-00001 Adison I. Hunter XX/XXXX
C1816-00001 Edward J. Lander XX/XXXX
C1817-00001 Earle J. Babcock XX/XXXX
C1818-00001 James A. Dinnie  XX/XXXX
C1819-00001 Thomas Roycraft  XX/XXXX
C1820-00001 Robert B. Griffith  XX/XXXX
C1821-00001 Members of the Wannamaker Expedition and the "Signet"1913
C1821-00002 Eaglebutte Miniconjou Sioux sign Declaration of Allegiance to US Government  1913
C1821-00003 Looking Elk, Ogalala Sioux1913
C1821-00004 Signing the Declaration of Allegiance to the US Government by Suquamish Indians 1913
C1821-00005 Chief Two Moons (Crow) 1913
C1821-00006 Sitting Bear (Arikara) 1913
C1821-00007 Red Tomahawk (Sioux) 1913
C1821-00008 Plenty Coups (Crow) placing coup stick on Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, Arlington National Cemetery 1913
C1822-00001 Grand Forks Street Car #114  ca. 1977 
C1823-00001 Father Louis L. Pfaller ca. 1975 
C1824-00001 William Duncan Strong at Slant Village 1938
C1825-00001 Nellie Dougherty 1929
C1826-00001 Mandan Village ca. 1832 
C1827-00001 Birds eye view of  Buford (N.D.)1909
C1828-00001 Trenton (N.D.)1909
C1829-00001 Birds eye view of Antler (N.D.) 1905
C1830-00001 Fort Abraham Lincoln (D.T.)  1885
C1831-00001 Red River cart with bones near Devils Lake - SEE A5388  1885
C1832-00001 Logging Camp Ranch near Amidon (N.D.) 1960
C1833-00001 Socialist Party of America Convention, Minot (N.D.)  1910
C1834-00001 White Bear and Strike Enemy  XX/XXXX
C1835-00001 – 00001 St. Demetrius Ukrainian Church north of Belfield (N.D.) 1977
C1836-00001 Two men driving a wagon with a mixed team1925
C1837-00001 – 00002 Atsina Indians moving camp 1908
C1837-00003 Atsina maiden beside a stream1908
C1838-00001 Northern Pacific Depot, Valley City (N.D.)  ca. 1940 
C1839-00001 – 00002 Edward F. Ladd ca. 1920 
C1840-00001 Sitting Bull with hat - SEE 01952-5185 XX/XXXX
C1841-00001 Sitting Bull painting by Catherine Weldon XX/XXXX
C1842-00001 Theodore Roosevelt Maltese Cross Cabin XX/XXXX
C1843-00001 Numak-Mahana  XX/XXXX
C1844-00001 Numak-Mahana bundle 1908
C1845-00001 Crow's Heart (Mandan)  1908
C1846-00001 Former Governor's Mansion, Bismarck (N.D.)  XX/XXXX
C1847-00001 Fort Abraham Lincoln - SEE C1830XX/XXXX
C1848-00001 – 00002 CCC construction at Fort Abraham Lincoln 1936
C1848-00003 Former location of earth lodges at Fort Abraham Lincoln ca. 1935 
C1848-00004 CCC fence project at Fort Abraham Lincoln ca. 1935 
C1848-00005 CCC project at Fort Abraham Lincoln ca. 1935 
C1849-00001 Senate in session, State Capitol, Bismarck (N.D.) 1895
C1850-00001 Little Big Horn Battle map XX/XXXX
C1851-00001 George H. Walsh, Speaker of the House 1893
C1852-00001 Arne P. Haugen 1893
C1853-00001 St. Alexius Hospital in the Lamborn Building, Bismarck (N.D.) ca. 1910 
C1854-00001 General store, Ackworth (N.D.)  ca. 1930 
C1855-00001 Roosevelt Cabin on the Capitol Grounds, Bismarck (N.D.) ca. 1930 
C1856-00001 Former Governor's Mansion 1916
C1857-00001 Former Governor's Mansion, Bismarck (N.D.)  1904
C1858-00001 Governor and Mrs. Fred G. Aandahl in the Former Governor's Mansion, Bismarck (N.D.)  ca. 1945 
C1858-00002 Governor Fred G. Aandahl and his baby grandson in the Former Governor's Mansion, Bismarck (N.D.)  ca. 1945 
C1858-00003 Governor and Mrs. Fred G. Aandahl in the Former Governors Mansion, Bismarck (N.D.) ca. 1945 
C1858-00004 Mrs. Fred Aandahl and two daughters in the Former Governor's Mansion, Bismarck (N.D.) ca. 1945 
C1859-00001 Writing Rock State Historic Site04/30/1978
C1859-00002 Writing Rock  04/30/1978
C1860-00001 Bloody Knife with Custer - SEE C1635  ca. 1873 
C1861-00001 Blockhouse burning at Fort Rice (N.D.) 06/17/1979
C1862-00001 Senators Francis Barth and  S. F. (Buckshot) Hoffner 1977
C1863-00001 U.S.S. North Dakota XX/XXXX
C1864-00001 U.S.S. North Dakota XX/XXXX
C1865-00001 U.S.S. North Dakota XX/XXXX
C1866-00001 – C1869-00001 Embarkation of U.S.S. North Dakota Midshipmen on deck 1923
C1870-00001 U.S.S. North Dakota turrets aft 1923
C1871-00001 Embarkation of U.S.S. North Dakota Midshipmen on deck1923
C1872-00001 U.S.S. North Dakota crew mustered aft 1923
C1873-00001 U.S.S. North Dakota firing 12 inch salvos at target  1923
C1874-00001 U.S.S. North Dakota torpedo hoisted on deck 1923
C1875-00001 U.S.S. North Dakota taking on coal 1923
C1876-00001 Aerial view of USS North Dakota XX/XXXX
C1877-00001 Model of U.S.S. North Dakota on display in Liberty Memorial Building, Bismarck (N.D.) XX/XXXX
C1878-00001 Einar Olstad forging letters for east entrance sign, Theodore Roosevelt National Park, Medora (N.D.) 10/1953
C1879-00001 Einar Olstad standing by iron horse sign he made for the east entrance of Roosevelt National Park South Unit  10/1953
C1880-00001 Minnie Craig  ca. 1930 
C1881-00001 Main Street, Portland (N.D.) ca. 1940 
C1882-00001 Traffic on S. 7th St. at the underpass, Bismarck (N.D.) 05/13/1959
C2100-00001 Original Capitol Building, Bismarck (N.D.)  05/07/1905
C2101-00001 Aerial view of Regan (N.D.)  1973
C2102-00001 President Theodore Roosevelt, Medora (N.D.) 04/07/1903
C2103-00001 Satchel Page cartoon in Bismarck Tribune 08/24/1935
C2103-00002 Satchel Paige, Pittsburgh Crawfords team 1932-1935
C2103-00003 Bismarck's Undefeated Baseball Team 1935 08/28/1935
C2104-00001 Maxwell Anderson 1942
C2105-00001 A Fargo Street Scene from "Glimpses of North Dakota" XX/XXXX
C2106-00001 Sioux Commission of 1889 sitting in front of Custer's house at Fort Abraham Lincoln (D.T.)  1889
C2107-00001 Fort Abraham Lincoln (D.T.)  1870-1889
C2108-00001 Fannie Mahood Heath ca. 1920 
C2109-00001 Plat Map, Antler (N.D.)XX/XXXX
C2110-00001 7th Cavalry Officers and wives, Fort Abraham Lincoln (D.T.)1889
C2111-00001 7th Cavalry Officers and wives, Fort Abraham Lincoln (D.T.)1889
C2112-00001 Parade grounds, Fort Abraham Lincoln (D.T.) ca. 1889 
C2113-00001 Eureka (D.T.) ca. 1880 
C2114-00001 Group in front of Custer's house, Fort Abraham Lincoln (D.T.) 1889
C2507-00001 Dedication at Fort Buford State Park  07/31/1929
C3054-00001 Graduating Class Valley City State Normal School, Valley City (N.D.)1915
C3055-00001.db Bennett School, east of Dazey (N.D.) - missing XX/XXXX
C3056-00001 Taylor brothers, Dazey (N.D.) blizzard vicitms 1941
C3057-00001 Dazey Sports Team Barnes County – missing XX/XXXX
C3057-00002 Dazey Basketball Team, Dazey (N.D.) 1924
C3058-00001 Skyline Ski Jump, Devils Lake (N.D.)  10/00/1975
C3059-00001 Everett Delos Allee drives horse drawn wagon in front of the Fire Department, Devils Lake (N.D.)  ca. 1920 
C3060-00001 Drags Wolf, Head Chief Hidatsa  2/1934
C3061-00001 Steamer Minnie H. on Devils Lake (N.D.)  ca. 1890 
C3062-00001 Steamers Rock Island (left) and Minnie H (right)  1883-1908
C3063-00001 Pilot wheel from Steamer Minnie H on exhibit, North Dakota Heritage Center02/10/1983
C3063-00002 Anchor from Steamer Minnie H on exhibit, North Dakota Heritage Center  02/10/1983
C3064-00001 Edward Edson Heerman portrait 02/10/1983
C3065-00001 Girls cross country skiing ca. 1910 
C3066-00001 Memorial Hall, Capitol Building, Bismarck (N.D.)  1937
C3067-00001 Underwood basketball team 1918-1919
C3068-00001 Backman farm, Ward County (N.D.)1936
C3069-00001 Nugent farm, Renville County (N.D.)1936
C3070-00001 Nelson farm, Ward County (N.D.) 1936
C3071-00001 Brigner farm, Renville County (N.D.)  1936
C3072-00001 Arnold farm, Renville County (N.D.)1936
C3073-00001 Jacoby farm, Ward County (N.D.) 1936
C3074-00001 Joel B. Wnay farm, Ward County (N.D.) 1936
C3075-00001 Mary Blowen farm, Ward County (N.D.)  1936
C3076-00001 Pingree High School basketball team, Pingree (N.D.)  1927-1928
C3077-00001 Pingree High School basketball team, Pingree (N.D.)  1930
C3078-00001 John Oudeerkirk RyanXX/XXXX
C3079-00001 Tracy E. McDonaldXX/XXXX
C3080-00001 Sadie Lillian McDonald ca. 1930 
C3081-00001 Sadie Lillian McDonald ca. 1899 
C3082-00001 Tracy and Jessie P. McDonald, State Lake (Kans.) 1936
C3083-00001 Birds eye view of Glen Ullin (N.D.) ca. 1900 
C3084-00001 Gustafson Ranch on Knife River 25 miles N of Richardton (N.D.) ca. 1900 
C3085-00001 Man in an ankle length fur coat ca. 1900 
C3086-00001 Threshing, Nome (N.D.) ca. 1910 
C3086-00002 The New Highway at Lanesboro Minn. ca. 1920 
C3086-00003 Norwegian postcard  11/04/1915
C3086-00004 – 00007 Norwegian postcard  ca. 1915 
C3099-00001 Sixth Grade class, Bismarck (N.D.  1906
C3100-00001 Threshing crew, Mooreton (D.T.) ca. 1885 
C3102-00001 Grant Marsh ca. 1900 
C3103-00001 CCC Bridge at Turtle River State Park, Arvilla (N.D.) ca. 1937 
C3104-00001 Restrooms, Turtle River State Park, Arvilla (N.D.) ca. 1937 
C3105-00001 CCC Construction at Turtle River State Park, Arvilla (N.D.) ca. 1937 
C3106-00001 - 3108-00001 Building interior, Turtle River State Park, Arvilla (N.D.) ca. 1937 
C3109-00001 Blacksmith at a forge, Turtle River State Park, Arvilla (N.D.) ca. 1937 
C3110-00001 CCC workers shooting pool at Turtle River State Park, Arvilla (N.D.) ca. 1937 
C3111-00001 Dam, Turtle River State Park, Arvilla (N.D.)ca. 1937 
C3112-00001 Iced over pond, Turtle River State Park, Arvilla (N.D.) ca. 1937 
C3113-00001 Picnic shelter, Turtle River State Park, Arvilla (N.D.) ca. 1937 
C3114-00001 Dirt road constructed through Turtle River State Park, Arvilla (N.D.) ca. 1937 
C3115-00001 Log bridge, Turtle River State Park, Arvilla (N.D.)  ca. 1937 
C3116-00001 CCC workshop, Turtle River State Park, Arvilla (N.D.) ca. 1937 
C3117-00001 Blacksmith shop, Turtle River State Park, Arvilla (N.D.) ca. 1937 
C3118-00001 Hospital, Turtle River State Park, Arvilla (N.D.) ca. 1937 
C3119-00001 Barracks, Turtle River State Park, Arvilla (N.D.) ca. 1937 
C3120-00001 Dam, Turtle River State Park, Arvilla (N.D.) ca. 1937 
C3121-00001 Garage, Turtle River State Park, Arvilla (N.D.) ca. 1937 
C3122-00001 Road construction, Turtle River State Park, Arvilla (N.D.) ca. 1937 
C3123-00001 Original Minnesota Point Bridge, Duluth (Minn.)  1905-1920
C3124-00001 Building road from Verona to LaMoure (N.D.) 1911
C3125-00001 Charles Maier stands beside his 1916 Model T, Barnes County (N.D.)  1916
C3126-00001 Charles Maier breaking ground for flax NW of LaMoure (N.D.) 1909
C3127-00001 Charles and John Maier machine outfit, Gackle (N.D.) 1906
C3128-00001 Home of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Pooch, 6 miles E of Verona (N.D.)  1906
C3129-00001 General Merchandise Store, Richardton (N.D.) 1908
C3130-00001 Max Marcovitz Store, Richardton (N.D.) 1908
C3131-00001 Attic Annex of Max Marcovitz Store, Richardton (N.D.) 1908
C3132-00001 Max Marcovitz Store, Richardton (N.D.) 1908
C3133-00001 General Merchandise Store, Halliday (N.D.)  ca. 1923 
C3134-00001 Max Marcovitz Store, Halliday (N.D.)  1935
C3135-00001 Prelates and priests at Indian Congress, Fort Yates (N.D.) 1910
C3136-00001 The procession, Catholic Congress, Fort Yates (N.D.) 06/26/1910
C3137-00001 The Papal Delegate giving the Pontifical blessing, Catholic Congress 06/26/1910
C3138-00001 Indian Camp, Catholic Congress, Fort Yates (N.D.) 06/26/1910
C3139-00001 Rev. Martin Kenel delivering sermon in Sioux, Catholic Indian Congress, Fort Yates (N.D.)06/26/1910
C3140-00001 – C3143-00001 Cutting ice on the Missouri River, Bismarck (N.D.) ca. 1945 
C3144-00001 Wachter Storage building, Bismarck (N.D.)ca. 1940 
C3145-00001 G. G. Wachter Dray and Transfer, Bismarck (N.D.)  ca. 1900 
C3146-00001 G. G. Wachter Dray and Transfer office, Bismarck (N.D.) ca. 1915 
C3147-00001 Wachter Storage, Bismarck (N.D.) 10/00/1932
C3148-00001 Milkmaids' Convention, Casselton (N.D.)  02/22/1895
C3149-00001 Aerial view of the State Mill and Elevator, Grand Forks (N.D.) ca. 1938 
C3150-00001 Air locks, State Mill and Elevator, Grand Forks (N.D.)  XX/XXXX
C3151-00001 Flour purifier, State Mill and Elevator, Grand Forks (N.D.) XX/XXXX
C3152-00001 Elevator heads and flour filters, State Mill and Elevator, Grand Forks (N.D.) XX/XXXX
C3153-00001 Spouting floor, State Mill and Elevator, Grand Forks (N.D.) XX/XXXX
C3154-00001 Flour sifters, State Mill and Elevator, Grand Forks (N.D.) XX/XXXX
C3155-00001 Mill roll stands (grinders), State Mill and Elevator, Grand Forks (N.D.) XX/XXXX
C3156-00001 Automatic flour packer, State Mill and Elevator, Grand Forks (N.D.) XX/XXXX
C3157-00001 Laboratory, State Mill and Elevator, Grand Forks (N.D.) XX/XXXX
C3158-00001 Boxcar loading, State Mill and Elevator, Grand Forks (N.D.) XX/XXXX
C3159-00001 Woman modeling a dress in front of a display of cloth Dakota Maid flour bags, State Mill and Elevator, Grand Forks (N.D.) XX/XXXX
C3160-00001 Charles Flint and crew threshing in west North Dakota ca. 1870 
C3161-00001 Cavalry unit, Fort Seward, Jamestown (N.D.) 1872-1877
C3162-00001 Aerial view of Capitol building under construction, Bismarck (N.D.) 1932-1933
C3163-00001 Congregational Church, Dawson (N.D.) ca. 1888 
C3164-00001 Farm, Dawson (N.D.) XX/XXXX
C3165-00001 Elevator, Dawson (N.D.) XX/XXXX
C3166-00001 Two horse drawn wagons by the shore of Lake Isabel, Dawson (N.D.) XX/XXXX
C3167-00001 Horse by Lake Isabel, Dawson (N.D.) XX/XXXX
C3168-00001 Lake Isabel, Dawson (N.D.) XX/XXXX
C3169-00001 Lake Etta near Dawson (N.D.) XX/XXXX
C3170-00001 Group standing by horse drawn wagon, Dawson (N.D.)XX/XXXX
C3171-00001 Marsh next to Lake Etta near Dawson (N.D.) XX/XXXX
C3172-00001 Turning over ground, Dawson (N.D.) XX/XXXX
C3173-00001 Man and dog, Dawson (N.D.) XX/XXXX
C3174-00001 H. W. Richards with two dogs, Dawson (N.D.) XX/XXXX
C3175-00001 Four horse team pulling a man on a small plow, Dawson (N.D.)  XX/XXXX
C3176-00001 Sibley House, Dawson (N.D.)  XX/XXXX
C3177-00001 Four men and a horse drawn wagon, Dawson (N.D.) XX/XXXX
C3178-00001 Prairie fire at Swan Lake, Dawson (ND) XX/XXXX
C3179-00001 Depot, Dawson (N.D.) XX/XXXX
C3180-00001 Log cabin, Yukon Territory, Canada XX/XXXX
C3181-00001 North end Main St., Tagus (N.D.) 1907
C3182-00001 Main Street, Tagus (N.D.) 1904-1905
C3183-00001 Big 6 threshing rig, Tagus (N.D.)  ca. 1905 
C3184-00001 Tagus (N.D.) looking north 1942-1943
C3185-00001 Tagus (N.D.) looking north ca. 1905 
C3186-00001 Tagus (N.D.) on the Glimmer Glass  ca. 1907 
C3187-00001 August P. Nelson Real Estate and Machinery, Tagus (N.D.) ca. 1915 
C3188-00001 Great Northern Depot, Tagus (N.D.) ca. 1905 
C3189-00001 Tagus (N.D.) Tourist Camp ca. 1925 
C3190-00001 Fire engine, Tagus (N.D.) XX/XXXX
C3191-00001 Great Northern Depot, Tagus (N.D.) XX/XXXX
C3192-00001 Tagus School  10/00/1968
C3193-00001 Elevators, Tagus (N.D.)XX/XXXX
C3194-00001 The new North Dakota Capitol, Bismarck (N.D.)  1934
C3194-00001  The new North Dakota Capitol, Bismarck (N.D.) 1934         
C3195-C3202 Transferred to 00264 George Fairchild      
C3203-C3263 Transferred to 2018-P-011 Citizens Military Training Camp, Fort Lincoln (N.D.)
C3264-00001  Good Roads Campaign ca. 1920
C3265-00001  Medicine Man taken at Battle of Wounded Knee (S.D.) 12/29/1890  
C3266-00001  Arthur C. Townley speaking at rally, Louis Johannes farm, Steele (N.D.) ca. 1915
C3266-00002 – 00004 Nonpartisan League rally, Louis Johannes farm, Steele (N.D.) ca. 1915
C3266-00005  Frazier for Governor Biplane at Nonpartisan League rally, Louis Johannes farm, Steele (N.D.) ca. 1915
C3267-00001 – 00004 Equity and Capitol Removal Parade, New Rockford (N.D.) 08/04/1915
C3268-00001 North Dakota Legislature 1893    
C3269-00001  North Dakota House of Representatives 1907    
C3270-00001  Senate Judiciary Committee 1917  
C3271-00001  Senate Defenders of the Constitution 01/30/1917
C3272-00001  The House Minority 15th Legislative Assembly of North Dakota 1917
C3273-00001  North Dakota House of Representatives 1921    
C3274-00001  North Dakota House of Representatives 1923    
C3275-00001  North Dakota House of Representatives 1925    
C3276-00001  North Dakota Senate 1931
C3277-00001  North Dakota Senate 1939
C3278-00001  The Third House, 26th North Dakota Legislative Assembly 02/25/1939  
C3279-00001  North Dakota Senate 1941
C3280-00001  North Dakota Senate 1943
C3281-00001  North Dakota Senate 1945
C3282-00001  North Dakota Senate 1947
C3283-00001  North Dakota House 1947
C3284-00001  North Dakota Senate 1949
C3285-00001  North Dakota Senate 1951
C3286-00001  North Dakota Senate 1953
C3287-00001  North Dakota Senate 1955
C3288-00001  North Dakota Senate 1963
C3289-00001  North Dakota Constitutional Convention1975
C3290-00001  North Dakota Senate 1975
C3291-00001  North Dakota House 1979
C3292-00001  Depot, elevators and residential area, Engelvale (N.D.) ca. 1920
C3293-00001  Steve O'Neil in buggy at Depot, Englevale (N.D.) ca. 1915  
C3294-00001  Transferred to 00012 North Dakota State Capitol Construction
C3297-00001  Transferred to 00012 North Dakota State Capitol Construction
C3303-00001  Transferred to 00012 North Dakota State Capitol Construction 
C3340-00001 Transferred to 00012 North Dakota State Capitol Construction 
C3352-C3354 Transferred to 00012 North Dakota State Capitol Construction
C3370-00001  St. Alexius Hospital, Bismarck (N.D.) ca. 1930
C3373-00001  St. Alexius Hospital, Bismarck (N.D.) ca. 1930
C3377-00001  World War II Service Honor Roll Bismarck High School, Bismarck (N.D.) 1943
C3378-00001  Dirt road with trees on both sides XX/XXXX    
C3380-00001  Duck Inn ca. 1940 
C3381-00001  Hunting group on Missouri River bottoms S of Wachter's barn, Bismarck (N.D.) ca. 1940
C3382-C3383  Bismarck Indian School basketball team 1935   
C3384-00001  Highway patrolman checks driver ca. 1937      
C3385-C3386 North Dakota National Guard 188th Field Artillery Regiment ca. 1937 
C3387-00001  World War Memorial Building, Bismarck (N.D.) ca. 1937      
C3388-C3389 Burleigh County Courthouse, Bismarck (N.D.) ca. 1930       
C3390-00001  Liberty Memorial Bridge, Bismarck (N.D.) ca. 1930          
C3391-00001  Dirt road leading through trees ca. 1930      
C3392-00001  Duck Inn ca. 1940 
C3393-00001  Scott Stores Five and Dime, 4th St., Bismarck (N.D.) ca. 1940   
C3394-00001  Ed Patterson Hotel, Bismarck (N.D.) ca. 1940  
C3396-00001  Patterson Hotel Bar & Grill, Bismarck (N.D.) ca. 1935      
C3397-00001  Duck Inn ca. 1940 
C3398-00001  Hallway to Peacock Alley, Patterson Hotel, Bismarck (N.D.) ca. 1935 
C3401-00001  Patterson Hotel Bar & Grill, Bismarck (N.D.) ca. 1935      
C3404-00001  Capital Theatre, Bismarck (N.D.) ca. 1935     
C3405-00001  Capitol Theatre, Bismarck (N.D.) ca. 1930     
C3406-C3407 Patterson Hotel, Bismarck (N.D.) ca. 1935     
C3408-00001  Looking west on Main Ave. at 5th St., Bismarck (N.D.) ca. 1940  
C3409-00001  Soo Hotel, 5th St., Bismarck (N.D.) ca. 1940  
C3410-C3411 Federal Building, 3rd St. and Broadway, Bismarck (N.D.) ca. 1920
C3412-C3413 Indian Powwow ca. 1895 
C3414-00001  Country Club, Bismarck (N.D.) ca. 1925        
C3418-00001  Soo Hotel, 5th St., Bismarck (N.D.) ca. 1940  
C3419-00001  The Ring Sporting Headq'rs, 5th St., Bismarck (N.D.) ca. 1940   
C3421-00001  Kitchen, Patterson Hotel, Bismarck (N.D.) ca. 1935         
C3422-00001  Fawn in museum display case, Liberty Memorial Building, Bismarck (N.D.) 1938
C3424-00001  Cornerstone laying for new Capitol Building, Bismarck (N.D.) 10/08/1932   
C3425-00001  Texaco 12 passenger plane, Bismarck (N.D.) 08/22/1928      
C3427-00001  Workmen's Compensation Bureau 11/1919         
C3428-00001  Workers Compensation Bureau office 1919       
C3429-00001  Preliminary Conference on coal strike, Bismarck (N.D.) 1919
C3430-00001  Railroad Labor Board ca. 1919    
C3430-00001  Manager Davis of ICU ca. 1919    
C3430-00001  Possibly power house, State Capitol Grounds, Bismarck (N.D.) 1919
C3430-00001  Man standing on the front steps of a house 1919
C3430-00001  Two men standing by railroad tracks and depot ca. 1919     
C3430-00001  Nonpartisan League gathering in Minnesota 1918
C3430-00001  Nonpartisan League gathering ca. 1919         
C3430-00001  Check made out to Ole Furnseth 10/29/1919     
C3430-00001  Same house as C3430-00004 ca. 1919
C3430-00001  Nonpartisan League meetings ca. 1919           
C3430-00001  Mr. Frazier our Farmer Governor ca. 1919      
C3430-00001  E. J. Young and J. C. Janke in a car ca. 1919 
C3431-00001  Charles F. Amidon 1905 
C3432-00001  Clarence Belden Little ca. 1940  
C3433-00001  Gudmunder Grimson ca. 1955 
C3434-00001  Paul Ewald ca. 1965
C3435-00001  Edward A. Milligan ca. 1965
C3436-00001  Robert Cory 1966  
C3437-00001  LaVern C. Neff ca. 1980
C3438-00001  Louise Aandahl Stockman 05/1984  
C3439-00001  Art Todd ca. 1980 
C3440-00001  Al Spielman ca. 1985   
C3441-00001  North Dakota House of Representatives 1897    
C3442-00001  North Dakota Senate 1909
C3443-00001  North Dakota Senate 1907
C3444-00001  North Dakota Senate 1895
C3445-00001  Dale V. Sandstrom 1984 
C3446-00001  Buffalo bone pile at Detroit Carbon Works, Detroit (Mich.) XX/XXXX  
C3447-00001  Leonard Stroud jumping "Chief" over auto ca. 1925          
C3448-00001  Three men in a canoe, Buxton (N.D.) ca. 1910  
C3449-00001  Sitting Bull one feather 1888    
C3450-00001  Gatling Gun Battery, Fort Totten (D.T.) 1881  
C3451-00001   Immigrants at Stanley (N.D.) XX/XXXX          
C3452-C3453 Dickinson Public Library (N.D.) ca. 1910      
C3454-C3465 Transferred to 00409 Sig Peterson 
C3466-C3470 Telle Rudser's Hobby Lab, McKenzie (N.D.) 1945
C3471-00001  Glenn J. Talbot XX/XXXX
C3472-00001  Charles Talbot XX/XXXX 
C3473-00001  Martha Gray Wales and Charles Talbot, Haines Point, Washington (D.C.) 05/1936
C3474-00001  Martha Gray Wales holding Willard Ryan Pope 1942
C3475-00001  Bank of North Dakota employees, Bismarck (N.D.) ca. 1935   
C3476-00001  Ann and Joe Miller homestead near Wing (N.D.) ca. 1900     
C3477-00001  O'Brian family ca. 1880
C3478-00001  Beck's Museum, Mandan (N.D.) XX/XXXX          
C3479-00001  Magdalene Clausen with marionettes ca. 1960   
C3480-00001  Lovely Lady and Tillie marionettes in Heritage exhibit 1973
C3481-00001  Hansel and Gretel marionettes 1933
C3482-00001  Marguerita Chilson, Magdalen Clausen, Lucille Finch, and Mary Faith Olson working on marionettes 1933
C3483-00001  Marionettes on stage in the Little Country Theater, NDSU, Fargo (N.D.) 1936
C3484-00001  Marionettes on stage at Little Country Theater, NDSU, Fargo (N.D.) 1936   
C3485-00001  Adeline Rosendahl, Lorraine Doctor, Marguerite Chilson, Marion Wright, Mary Gossett, Mary Faith Olson, Miss Heiberg operating marionettes 1936
C3486-00001  Little Red Riding Hood, the wolf, and the wolf in grandmother's clothes marionettes 1936
C3487-00001  Family group eating homemade ice cream, Morton County (N.D.) 1910
C3488-00001  Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Iverson homestead, Morton County (N.D.) ca. 1910
C3489-00001  Charlie and Addie Iverson sod house, Morton County (N.D.) ca. 1910  
C3490-00001  Charlie Iverson's sod house, Morton County (N.D.) 1906     
C3491-00001  Sioux Indians in front of Bert Finch's sod house, Morton County (N.D.) ca. 1910
C3492-00001  George E. Iverson home, Portland (Ore.) 1975  
C3493-00001  Soldiers march through New Salem (N.D.) ca. 1918           
C3494-00001  Sons of Herman parade, New Salem (N.D.) ca. 1900           
C3495-00001  Neil and Katherine McDonald XX/XXXX           
C3496-00001  N. C. MacDonald with a dog, Valley City (N.D.) ca. 1920    
C3497-00001  Governor Frazier and famous Monday luncheon club of state officials and assistants 1919
C3498-00001  Valley City Public Library XX/XXXX
C3499-C3503 Valley City Public Library interior XX/XXXX   
C3504-C3516  Transferred to 00089 Marion Connolly
C3517-00001   Bank of North Dakota, corner of Main Ave. and 7th St., Bismarck (N.D.) ca. 1963
C3518-00001  Bank of North Dakota interior, Bismarck (N.D.) ca. 1920    
C3519-00001  Group photo of fifteen women from Dickinson (N.D.) 1900    
C3520-00001  Main Street, Mandan (D.T.) ca. 1880           
C3521-00001  Katie McGinley ca. 1910
C3522-00001  Firemen's Parade, Dickinson (N.D.) ca. 1895   
C3523-00001  Hubert Humphrey speaking at Plowville near Buffalo (N.D.) 1964  
C3523-00001  Plowville near Buffalo (N.D.) 09/17-19/1964   
C3523-00001  Winter Show tent, Plowville near Buffalo (N.D.) 09/17-19/1964   
C3523-00001  TV cameras at Plowville near Buffalo (N.D.) 09/17-19/1964  
C3523-00001  TV cameras, Plowville near Buffalo (N.D.) 09/17-19/1964    
C3523-00001  Helicopter flying over Plowville near Buffalo (N.D.) 09/17-19/1964  
C3523-00001  Uniformed group walking near the entrance to Plowville near Buffalo (N.D.) 09/17-19/1964
C3523-00001  Band and crowd at Plowville near Buffalo (N.D.) 09/17-19/1964   
C3523-00001  Governor Guy and Hubert Humphrey at Plowville near Buffalo (N.D.) 09/17-19/1964
C3523-00001  Band and crowd, Plowvill near Buffalo (N.D.) 09/17-19/1964 
C3523-00001  Band playing at Plowville near Buffalo (N.D.) 09/17-19/1964
C3523-00001  Humphrey talks to two men at Plowville near Buffalo (N.D.) 09/17-19/1964  
C3523-00001  Band plays at Plowville near Buffalo (N.D.) 09/17-19/1964  
C3523-00001  Band plays at Plowville near Buffalo (N.D.) 09/17-19/1964  
C3523-00001  Hubert Humphrey speaks at Plowville near Buffalo (N.D.) 09/17-19/1964
C3523-00001  Office in tent at Plowville near Buffalo (N.D.) 09/17-19/1964   
C3523-00001  Humphrey with a young man holding a trophy at Plowville near Buffalo (N.D.) 09/17-19/1964           
C3523-00001  Barry Goldwater at Plowville near Buffalo (N.D.) 09/17-19/1964  
C3523-00001  Band playing at Plowville near Buffalo (N.D.) 09/17-19/1964
C3523-00001  Barry Goldwater at Plowville near Buffalo (N.D.) 09/17-19/1964  
C3523-00001  Band playing at Plowville near Buffalo (N.D.) 09/17-19/1964
C3523-00001  Barry Goldwater at Plowville near Buffalo (N.D.) 09/17-19/1964  
C3523-00001  Crowd at Plowville near Buffalo (N.D.) 09/17-19/1964       
C3523-00001  Goldwater speaking at Plowville near Buffalo (N.D.) 09/17-19/1964
C3524-00001  Officers' Quarters, Fort Buford, (D.T.) ca. 1880            
C3525-00001  Fort Buford (D.T.) painting by Regis de Trobriand 1867-1869
C3525-00001  Missouri River painting by Regis de Trobriand 1867-1869    
C3525-00001  Winter Quarters, Fort Stevenson (D.T.) painting by Regis de Trobriand 1867-1869
C3525-00001  Fort Stevenson (D.T.) painting by Regis de Trobriand 1867-1869  
C3525-00001  Douglas Creek painting by Regis de Trobriand 1867-1869     
C3525-00001  Steamboat on the Missouri painting by Regis de Trobriand 1867-1869  
C3525-00001  Fort Stevenson painting by Regis de Trobriand 1867-1869    
C3526-00001  First general store in LaMoure (N.D.) ca. 1885
C3527-00001  John Powers ca. 1900   
C3528-00001  George Foran family, LaMoure (N.D.) ca. 1890   
C3529-00001  Powers Family ca. 1894 
C3530-00001  Steam tender U.S. Ogama, Red River of the North ca. 1894   
C3531-C3544 Transferred to 00409 Sig Peterson
C3545-00001  Comanche, Captain Myles Walter Keogh's horse, at Fort Meade ca. 1887
C3546-00001  Parsonage, Congregational Church, Glen Ullin (N.D.) 1905
C3547-00001  Rev. E. Ellsworth and Elizabeth Smith on the prairie (N.D.) ca. 1900
C3548-00001  Post office and Drug Store, Glen Ullin (N.D.) 1910
C3549-00001  E. Y. Sarles and group ca. 1915  
C3550-00001  Mary Ellen "Nellie" Summerton and the Marmarth City Commission 07/03/1940
C3551-00001  Original Capitol Building, Bismarck (N.D.) 1905
C3552-00001  Will Moore School, Bismarck (N.D.) ca. 1910   
C3553-00001  Richard H. Hankinson residence, Hankinson (N.D.) 1885
C3554-00001  Mr. and Mrs. William Baumer on their silver wedding anniversary 1889
C3555-00001  Mrs. George W. (Hattie S.) Nuckolls ca. 1900   
C3556-00001  Custer Trail Ranch ca. 1880
C3557-00001  Threshing on Ernest Steinwehr farm, Hankinson (N.D.) 1909  
C3558-00001  Herman Teigs family ca. 1888
C3559-00001  John K. Jones Lumber business, Hankinson (N.D.) ca. 1895   
C3560-00001  Miss Florence Bruss' class in school on Wild Rice River ca. 1907
C3561-00001  Teigs' home on Wild Rice River north of Hankinson (N.D.) ca. 1914
C3562-00001  Teacher and students in front of German School on Wild Rice River north of Hankinson (ND..) ca. 1910
C3563-00001  Medicine Butte, 7 miles S of Heil (N.D.) XX/XXXX           
C3564-00001  Indian writing on Medicine Butte 7 miles S of Heil (N.D.) XX/XXXX
C3565-00001  German Russian Wedding Celebration Pierce County (N.D.) 1915
C3566-00001  Gun Club, Forman (N.D.) 09/02/1908
C3567-00001  George A. Custer's 1st residence, Fort Abraham Lincoln (D.T.) ca. 1875    
C3568-00001  Roofing crew, Fort Buford (D.T.) ca. 1889     
C3569-00001  Elevators, Berwick (N.D.) 1910   
C3570-00001  McLean County Courthouse and Jail, Washburn (N.D.) XX/XXXX 
C3571-00001  McLean County Courthouse, Washburn (N.D.) ca. 1917         
C3572-00001  McLean County Courthouse, Washburn (N.D.) ca. 1900         
C3573-00001  St. Mary's Catholic Church, Hague (N.D.) ca. 1920           
C3573-00001  Threshing outfit, Hague (N.D.) ca. 1920       
C3574-00001  Norma Hill 1935   
C3575-00001  Glenneys Berg age 2 and his Speedster wagon 1924           
C3578-C3589 Transferred to 10147 John C. Eaton
C3590-00001  Gunnar Olgeirson ca. 1920  
C3591-00001  Warren Henke ca. 1975  
C3592-00001  Tom Isern ca. 1975
C3593-00001  Tim Kloberdanz ca. 1975
C3594-00001  Mary Wallum ca. 1975   
C3595-00001  Tom Regan ca. 1975
C3596-00001  Father William Sherman ca. 1975  
C3597-00001  Senator Quentin Burdick ca. 1975 
C3598-00001  Axel Waterberg and Fritz Waterberg in a 1904 Cadillac ca. 1904  
C3599-00001  Powless William Lanier, Sr. 1935 
C3600-00001  Lawrence Welk with accordion ca. 1920         
C3601-00001  Lawrence Welk Novelty Orchestra 1927          
C3602-00001  Lawrence Welk and his Hotsy Totsy Orchestra ca. 1920       
C3603-00001  Lawrence Welk Orchestra at Eddie Ott's Broadmoor Country Club, Estes Park (Colo.) 1930
C3604-00001  Lawrence Welk Orchestra at William Penn Hotel, Pittsburgh (Penn.) 1938    
C3605-00001  Lawrence Welk Orchestra at Trianon Ballroom, Chicago (Ill.) ca. 1940
C3606-00001  Lawrence Welk Orchestra 1960
C3607-00001  Rough Riders Hall of Fame, State Capitol, Bismarck (N.D.) ca. 1960  
C3608-00001  Bobby Burgess, Lawrence Welk and Dick Dale 70th birthday celebration 1973 
C3609-00001  Lawrence Welk dancing with Norma Zimmer, Champagne Lady ca. 1975
C3610-00001  Lawrence Welk Orchestra ca. 1975 
C3611-00001  Lawrence Welk standing outside his Theater Museum, Escondido (Calif.) ca. 1975
C3612-00001  Welk Family homestead, Strasburg (N.D.) XX/XXXX
C3613-00001  Farmhouse, Welk Family homestead, Strasburg (N.D.) XX/XXXX 
C3614-00001  Birds eye view of Monango (N.D.) ca. 1905     
C3615-00001  Depot, Monango (N.D.) ca. 1905   
C3616-00001  Transferred to 10147 John C. Eaton   
C3617-00001  H. R. Porter and group ca. 1880  
C3618-00001  Charles Matthiesen holding two thoroughbred stallions near Judson (N.D.) 1908
C3619-00001  Greetings from Wolford (N.D.) 1912
C3620-00001  James Connolly, Highway Hall of Honor member ca. 1975      
C3621-00001  Larry Sprunk ca. 1975  
C3622-00001  Farmer protesting foreclosure of his property in Williams County (N.D.) XX/XXXX
C3623-00001  Follow the Road 1923   
C3624-C3525 House built with brick from Willow City (N.D.) XX/XXXX     
C3626-00001  Elwyn B. Robinson ca. 1960 
C3627-00001  Math Dahl in cab of tractor breaking sod near Pollock (N.D.) 1907
C3628-00001  Era Bell Thompson Roughriders portrait by Vern Skaug 1976  
C3629-00001  Senator Erwin Fremont Ladd ca. 1920            
C3630-00001  Ralph 'Doc' Hubbard, Medora (N.D.) ca. 1975   
C3631-00001  James Sperry ca. 1965  
C3632-00001  Sitting Bull and Major James McLaughlin at dedication of Standing Rock ca. 1880
C3633-00001  Sitting Bull and Sioux in Barracks Square, Fort Walsh (Sask.) 1878  
C3634-00001  Sitting Bull in Sioux delegation to Washington (D.C.) 10/14/1888
C3635-00001  U.S. Representative William Lemke 1936        
C3636-00001  Main Street, Rolla (N.D.) ca. 1910
C3637-00001  Lorenz Jessen family, Jamestown (N.D.) 1922   
C3638-00001  Lowell F. Johnson ca. 1985 
C3639-00001  Patrick Moses Gourneau XX/XXXX   
C3640-00001  Aerial north of Fort Totten (N.D.) 05/1969    
C3640-00001  Aerial of area north of Fort Totten (N.D.) 05/1969         
C3641-C3644 Aerial of Camp Clark at Fort Abraham Lincoln, south of Mandan (N.D.) 05/1964 
C3645-00001  Aerial of the Shermer site, south of Glencoe (N.D.) 07/1965
C3646-C3647 Aerial of the Shermer site, south of Glencoe (N.D.) 08/1965
C3648-C3649 Aerial of the Menoken Site 10/1967
C3650-C3651 Aerial of Nightwalker's Butte 1952
C3652-00001  Aerial of Nightwalker's Butte 08/17/1952      
C3653-00001  Aerial of Nightwalker's Butte 08/1952         
C3654-00001  Aerial of Nightwalker's Butte 08/1952         
C3655-C3656 Excavation of Amahami site behind Courthouse, Stanton (N.D.) 08/1971
C3657-00001  Loading equipment used at Amahami site excavation, Stanton (N.D.) 08/1971 
C3658-C3662 Excavation at Amahami Site behind Courthouse, Stanton (N.D.) 08/1971
C3663-00001  Minnie H landing at Fort Totten (N.D.) 1894   
C3664-00001  Kirkwood House, Carrington (N.D.) ca. 1900    
C3665-00001  Group sitting around fountain on the square at Fort Totten (N.D.) 1890    
C3666-00001  Camp at Truax Mine, Columbus (N.D.) ca. 1940  
C3667-00001  Alyce I. Stough (Krause) ca. 1916
C3668-C3669 Ditching fields in Red River Valley XX/XXXX   
C3670-00001  Jewish farmers in North Dakota 1904           
C3671-00001  John H. Wishek XX/XXXX 
C3672-00001  Thomas Sadler Roberts ca. 1900   
C3673-00001  Seven O'Hara siblings had tonsils removed ca. 1960         
C3674-00001  William Clark ca. 1800 
C3675-00001  Meriwether Lewis ca. 1800  
C3676-00001  Confirmation class, United Church of Christ, Hebron (N.D.) 1937 
C3677-00001  Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Peterson 1935           
C3678-00001  Camp Frazier, Bismarck (N.D.) 1917
C3679-00001  National Guard Troops, Camp Frazier, Bismarck (N.D.) 1917  
C3680-00001  Ben Meier, Secretary of State 01/29/1958      
C3680-00001  Ben Meier ca. 1955
C3681-00001  St. Mary's Catholic Church, Hague (N.D.) XX/XXXX            
C3682-00001  Johanna Knudsen 06/1903
C3683-00001  Christina Netz Hillius ca. 1924  
C3684-00001  Governor Arthur A. Link ca. 1975 
C3685-00001  Joseph Has No Two Horn, age 91 SEE 00804-00002 09/06/1939  
C3686-00001  Ford Torpedo Roadster 06/15/1912 
C3687-00001  Red Thunder, Turtle Mountain Chippewa XX/XXXX 
C3688-00001  Joseph Has No Two Horn - SEE 00804-00001 1939 
C3689-00001  Missouri Defence Bond Three Dollars ca. 1860  
C3689-00001  Newspaper Ad Buffalo bones 1870-1890          
C3690-00001  Mark Kellogg artifacts 1876
C3691-00001  O. C. Sarles residence, Hillsboro (N.D.) ca. 1900          
C3692-00001  Oak Lawn Church, 12 miles S of Walhalla (N.D.) XX/XXXX     
C3693-00001  Chief White Buffalo, grandson of Sitting Bull, inducting Hazel Webster Byrnes (Wahpey Luta Wim) into Sioux Tribe 1964           
C3694-C3695 Renovation of Hope Arcade, Hope (N.D.) ca. 1970
C3696-00001  Hunting scenes near Oakes (N.D.) XX/XXXX      
C3697-00001  Gethsemane Church, Fargo (N.D.) ca. 1910      
C3698-C3699 Hotel Berry, Velva (N.D.) ca. 1925
C3700-C3701 Ole Torgeson, sailor on the USS North Dakota ca. 1920      
C3702-00001  Pen Sketch of Sherbrooke (N.D.) looking S on Adams St. 09/1899  
C3703-00001  The Messiah orchestra and choir, Auditorium, Bismarck (N.D.) 1930
C3704-00001  Edgar Syverud 1964
C3705-00001  Edgar I. and Henry B. Syverud 1958
C3706-00001  Edgar and Henry Syverud 1958
C3707-00001  Food store with banner for Christmas and New Years 1900    
C3708-00001  Theodore Roosevelt newspaper clipping ca. 1898
C3709-00001  7th Cavalry officers and ladies, Fort Abraham Lincoln (D.T.) ca. 1875
C3710-00001  Lieut. Frederick K. Kislingbury 07/26/1884    
C3711-00001  Henry S. Gurke, Congressional Medal of Honor recipient ca. 1940 
C3712-00001  Officers and employees of the Sentinel Butte Saddlery Co., Sentinel Butte (N.D.) 1916
C3713-00001  First train to Shields (N.D.) 07/26/1910      
C3714-00001  U.S.S. North Dakota 1911
C3715-00001  Dakota immigration poster ca. 1880
C3715-00001  Free Homes in Dakota immigration poster ca. 1880           
C3716-00001  Ted Anderson the One Armed Cowboy Violinist XX/XXXX        
C3717-00001  Thad C. Hecker 1938
C3718-00001  Mary Hensler Connolly ca. 1900   
C3719-00001  DeWitt Dorman newspaper clipping 1911         
C3719-00001  DeWitt Dorman the Minot Aviator and his great 50 Horse Power Bleriot Monoplane 1911    
C3720-00001  Thomas McGoey newspaper clipping 1911         
C3720-00001  Thomas McGoey in his Curtis bi-plane 1911     
C3721-00001  Employees in the Bank of North Dakota, Bismarck (N.D.) ca. 1927 
C3722-00001  Charles Bannon lynching ca. 1927 
C3723-00001  Ruth Meiers ca. 1985   
C3724-00001  Candy Wood 1995   
C3726-00001  Woman's Day at Chautauqua 07/09-10/1897       
C3727-00001  New Walton Building on historic corner, Dickinson (N.D.) 01/25/1913  
C3727-00001  Dickinson Press page 1 01/25/1913
C3727-00001  Piles of Buffalo hides, Dickinson (D.T.) 1883 1913         
C3728-00001  Antelope and deer diorama in Liberty Memorial Building museum, Bismarck (N.D.) ca. 1935
C3729-00001  Frank Zahn posing for sculptor Ida Prokop Lee 1943         
C3730-00001  Governor Olson family Christmas card ca. 1980 
C3731-00001  Mark H. Kellogg ca. 1863
C3732-C3743 Transferred to 10051 George K. Dike
C3744-C3745 Horatio Holbrook Larned ca. 1930 
C3746-00001  Aerial of Garrison Dam and Riverdale (N.D.) 07/07/1954     
C3747-00001  Private Andrew Nahum Canfield 1862
C3748-00001  Sarah E. Canfield, Army wife 1869
C3749-00001 – 00004 Japanese internee art, Fort Lincoln, Bismarck (N.D.) ca. 1944   
C3750-00001  Mark Kellogg tombstone at the Little Bighorn National Battlefield (Mont.) XX/XXXX
C3751-00001  Building construction, Dickinson (N.D.) ca. 1900           
C3752-00001  Studio portrait of 7 men 1895    
C3753-00001  William George Langton and Annie Joan Millwood Langton, Pembina County (D.T.) ca. 1882 
C3754-00001  General Regis de Trobriand portrait painting ca. 1865       
C3755-00001  Map of Fort Clark Historic Site XX/XXXX       
C3756-00001  Berthe Martinson Mickelson ca. 1900           
C3757-00001  Martin N. Mickelson, Wolcott (N.D.) ca. 1900  

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