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Manuscripts by Subject - Agriculture - #31558

Title: Lake Region Community College. Photographic Slides

Dates: 1950s-1970s

Series Number: 31558

Quantity: 12,407 slides

Abstract: Consists of slides of agricultural crops, livestock, equipment, irrigation, and damage.

Provenance: Transferred to the Photo Archives by the Devils Lake Junior College in March 2000.

Property Rights:
 The State Historical Society of North Dakota owns the property rights to this collection.

 Public Records are not subject to copyright restrictions, although record series may contain copyrighted material. Consideration of such copyrights is the responsibility of the researcher.

The collection is open under the rules and regulations of the State Historical Society of North Dakota.

 Researchers are requested to cite the collection title, collection number, and the State Historical Society of North Dakota in all footnote and bibliographic references.


Box              Description

0001             Animal husbandry, hay making, silage and storage, and drainage
0002             Home construction and beautification, cultivators, light duty chemical tillage and hoofed animals
0003             Soil classification, water infiltration, burning stubble
0004             Soil classification, water infiltration, burning stubble, wind erosion, fertilizer, rodents
0005             Fertilizer, Soil Moisture, Water Intake
0006             Unidentified agriculture
0007             Construction
0008             Construction, cultivators, light duty chemical tillage, hoofed animals
0009             Chemical till, disc-harrow heavy duty, flesh-eaters
0010             Concrete and grain storage
0011             Concrete and grain storage
0012             Grain storage (round, quick bin)
0013             Grain storage (round, quick bin), livestock (pole barn and Quonset)
0014             Grain storage (round, quick bin), livestock (pole barn and Quonset)
0015             Shops
0016             Shops and Quonset
0017             Rigid shops, shop projects, storage (Quonset and grain)
0018             Storage (Quonset) augers, wrecking and remodeling
0019             Grain augers, tractor cabs, combines
0020             Tractor cabs, combines
0021             Cattle feeding, combines
0022             Grain drills, grain driers, combines, dozers, back hoes, tractors
0023             Grain-hoe drills, Monster drills, hoe-rod drills
0024             Tractor loaders and swathers
0025             Shops-projects, tractors
0026             Pure-bred beef, bull testing, artificial insemination, trucks and trailers
0027             Dairy, feeding charts, beef, cattle, artificial insemination, calves, dairy
0028             Feeding equipment, dairy equipment
0029             Slaughtering, shelter and equipment, fencing and corrals
0030             Barley and flax, wild oats, sheep, veterinary, branding
0031             Cover
0032             Soybeans, durum wheat, Chris-roots-bin sample
0033             Chaff and straw, bales and baling
0034             stacker frames and loaders, bunker-self feeding, homes and houses, home beautification, gardens, fruit, shrubs, flowers, water sewer, roots, moldboard Roto
0035             Shelterbelts
0036             Shelterbelts (snow, evergreens, roots), apiary
0037             Wild oats, weed sprayers, weeds
0038             Wild oats, weed sprayers, chickens for eggs
0039             Turkeys, drainage, water, beef
0040             Drainage, soils, pump, blasting
0041             Irrigation and pumping, divided potholes, land leveling, water holes, alcohol, water drainage-Lake Irwin fish ponds, pumping and irrigation, water intake, soil roots
0042             Crop damage, hail, disease, erosion, water, fire-burn, fertilizer, drainage
0043             Fish, forage equipment, wildlife of the prairie, flesh-eaters-Simmental
0044             Hoofed animals
0045             Flesh-eaters and weeds

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