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State Agency Records - Historical Society - #30785

Title: State Historical Society, State Archives.  Biographies and Portraits of Prominent Citizens of the State

Dates: 1917-1929

Record Series: 30785

Quantity: 1.5 feet + 1 microfilm roll (#16218)

Abstract: Consists of biographies and portraits of prominent North Dakotans prior to 1929.  Biographies include information such as residence, birthplace, occupation, education, political records, family information, club memberships, and religious affiliations. Portraits of prominent citizens of the state have been separated from biographies and are located in boxes 2-6. 

Copyright: Public records are not subject to copyright restrictions, although record series may contain copyrighted material. Consideration of such copyrights is the responsibility of the author and publisher.

These records are available for public inspection under provision of the North Dakota Century Code, 55-02.1-08.

Citation: Researchers are requested to cite the record group, series name and number, and the State Historical Society of North Dakota in all footnote and bibliographic references.

Data sheets are on microfilm – Roll #16218

Box 1:
2 Biographies A-C
3 Biographies D-F
4 Biographies G-H
5 Biographies I-K  
6 Biographies L-M
7 Biographies N-R
8 Biographies S-V
9 Biographies W-Z

Box 2: Portraits: 00001-00060
Box 3: Portraits: 00061-00107
Box 4: Portraits: 00108-00167
Box 5: Portraits: 00042
Box 6: Portraits: 000022, 00035, 00051, 00052, 00064, 00082, 00104, 00113, 00159, 00160

BIO.001                Aandahl, S.J. Biography
BIO.002                Allen, Lewis B. Biography
BIO.003                Allen, Paul N. Biography
BIO.004                Allen, Stephen O. Biography
BIO.005                Allensworth, James Harvey Biography
BIO.006                Anderson, Mrs. John D Biography
BIO.007                Anderson, O.C. Biography
BIO.008                Arduser, J.C. Biography
BIO.009                Arnold, Bert D. Biography
BIO.010                Bailey, Lester D. Biography
BIO.011                Baird, La Roy Biography
BIO.012                Baker, Flora E. Biography
BIO.013                Baker, William S. Biography
BIO.014                Barr, John Christie Biography
BIO.015                Beck, John A. Biography
BIO.016                Berg, George E. Biography
BIO.017                Bleick, Charles W. Biography
BIO.018                Bond, Walter R. Biography
BIO.019                Bowman, Eric A. Biography
BIO.020                Brown, G.J. Biography
BIO.021                Brown, James A. Biography
BIO.022                Bruns, August D. Biography
BIO.023                Bryans, Ernest E. Biography
BIO.024                Budlong, Minnie Clarke Biography
BIO.025                Burkhart, John Henry Biography
BIO.026                Burnham, John W. Biography
BIO.027                Burns, John H. Biography
BIO.028                Byrne, Robert Biography
BIO.029                Cahill, J. I. Biography
BIO.030                Campbell, Dugald Biography
BIO.031                Carey, Charles W. Biography
BIO.032                Carignon, John M. Biography
BIO.033                Carr, Burl Biography
BIO.034                Carroll, John Willis Biography
BIO.035                Charles, John Biography
BIO.036                Chase, Mrs. Kate Biography
BIO.037                Chenery, Mrs. Jennie M. Biography
BIO.038                Christenson, C. I. Biography
BIO.039                Church, William James Biography
BIO.040                Cole, L. E. Biography
BIO.041                Cotter, Charles Biography
BIO.042                Craig, Minnie D. Biography
BIO.043                Crawford, Lewis F. Biography
BIO.044                DeNault, A. B. Biography
BIO.045                DeNault, Wilbert B. Biography
BIO.046                Dettler, Otto Biography
BIO.047                Dillon, Charles Hall Biography
BIO.048                Dimpfl, Father Clement Biography
BIO.049                Doyle, P.F. Biography
BIO.050                Drown, Charles Edwin Biography
BIO.051                Dungan, John W. Biography
BIO.052                Dunne, E. W. Biography
BIO.053                Eastgate, J. E. Biography
BIO.054                Eckert, Fred Biography
BIO.055                Eddy, Porter W. Biography
BIO.056                Eibel, C. H. Biography
BIO.057                Ellingson, Charles Biography
BIO.058                Englund, John A. Biography
BIO.059                Erb, Jacob E. Biography
BIO.060                Erickson, Andrew E. Biography
BIO.061                Erickson, Oscar Edwin Biography
BIO.062                Ettestad, Ole Biography
BIO.063                Everson, E. W. Biography
BIO.064                Fedje, Andrew A. Biography
BIO.065                Fedje, Ben Biography
BIO.066                Ferguson, Alexander Biography
BIO.067                Flint, Robert Francis Biography
BIO.068                Foley, H. P.  Biography
BIO.069                Fraser, Robert L. Biography
BIO.070                Frazier, Lynn Biography
BIO.071                Fredrickson, Lars O. Biography
BIO.072                Freeman, John T. Biography
BIO.073                Friskop, Andrew A. Biography
BIO.074                Garberg, P.B. Biography
BIO.075                Gardiner, Robert J. Biography
BIO.076                Geiger, Henry Biography
BIO.077                Geiszler, Christian Biography
BIO.078                George, Melville James Biography
BIO.079                Glomseth, Lars J. Biography
BIO.080                Goen, Richard Biography
BIO.081                Goranson, C.H. Biography
BIO.082                Gronvold, Fingar T. Biography
BIO.083                Gross, O. C. Biography
BIO.084                Gunhus, Henning Biography
BIO.085                Hamerly, Edward Biography
BIO.086                Hanson, Charles A. Biography
BIO.087                Harding, Fay A. Biography
BIO.088                Hardy, J. W. Biography
BIO.089                Harrington, Philo George Biography
BIO.090                Hart, J. L. Biography
BIO.091                Haugland, Lewis J. Biography
BIO.092                Havens, Paul R. Biography
BIO.093                Heaton, L. E. Biography
BIO.094                Heckle, Charles O. Biography
BIO.095                Hemmingsen, Jorgen P. Biography
BIO.096                Hempfel, J. W. Biography
BIO.097                Henne, Michael Biography
BIO.098                Henry, Frank S. Biography
BIO.099                Hoare, Frank A. Biography
BIO.100                Hodge, C. R. Biography
BIO.101                Hoghaug, Martin A. Biography
BIO.102                Huidekoper, Arthur Clarke Biography
BIO.103                Humphreys, Guy F. Biography
BIO.104                Hunt, George F.  Biography
BIO.105                Hyland, F. H. Biography
BIO.106                Ingalls, Francis Biography
BIO.107                Ingalls, Mrs. Francis Biography
BIO.108                Ingerson, Ralph  Biography
BIO.109                Isaak, August Biography
BIO.110                Iverson, E. E. Biography
BIO.111                Jacobsen, H. P. Biography
BIO.112                Jacobson, Niels Biography
BIO.113                Johnson, Hans Biography
BIO.114                Johnson, John B. Biography
BIO.115                Johnson, John O. Biography
BIO.116                Johnson, Paul Biography
BIO.117                Johnson, Robert Henry Biography
BIO.118                Johnson, Roy Biography
BIO.119                Johnston, W. R. Biography
BIO.120                Jorgenson, Carl Oscar Biography
BIO.121                Kaldor, Theodore Biography
BIO.122                Kellogg, Edgar Burtice Biography
BIO.123                Kellogg, William Ross Biography
BIO.124                Kelsh, Timothy J. Biography
BIO.125                Kendall, Ervin Henry Biography
BIO.126                Kenel, Rev. Martin Biography
BIO.127                Kietzman, F. W. Biography
BIO.128                Kirkeide, Andrew J. Biography
BIO.129                Knauf, Judge John S.   Biography
BIO.130                Knox, Charles E. Biography
BIO.131                Koller, Martin Biography
BIO.132                Kositzky, Carl Reinholt Biography
BIO.133                Kraabel, Anton T, Biography
BIO.134                Kretschman, P. T. Biography
BIO.135                Kurtz, Edward E. Biography
BIO.136                Lageson, Omund K. Biography
BIO.137                Laird, George D. Biography
BIO.138                Lakie, George Biography
BIO.139                Larsen, Martin Biography
BIO.140                Larson, Lewis A.  Biography
BIO.141                Larson, Martin Biography
BIO.142                Lathrop, Richard A. Biography
BIO.143                Laughlin, Andrew Hugh Biography
BIO.144                Lazier, Frank E. Biography
BIO.145                Levang, Christ Biography
BIO.146                Lowe, Albert G. Biography
BIO.147                Lutz, George Biography
BIO.148                Lynch, M. H. Biography
BIO.149                Lynch, W. D. Biography
BIO.150                MacDonald, Neil C. Biography
BIO.151                Mackoff, Herbert, A. Biography
BIO.152                Maddock, John R. Biography
BIO.153                Maddock, Walter J. Biography
BIO.154                Malone, George Arthur Biography
BIO.155                Marsh, Joseph A. Biography
BIO.156                Marshall, A. S. Biography
BIO.157                Maxwell, Arthur L. Biography
BIO.158                McBride, Morton Lewis Biography
BIO.159                McCartin, Richard Biography
BIO.160                McCay, Jesse Homer Biography
BIO.161                McCoy, J. H. Biography
BIO.162                McDonnell, Clark W.  Biography
BIO.163                McKechnie, Andrew Biography
BIO.164                McKechnie, Mrs. Hattie Biography
BIO.165                McLachlin, Peter Biography
BIO.166                McLaughlin, James Biography
BIO.167                McLean, Henry Biography
BIO.168                McManus, James Biography
BIO.169                McNiece, John W. Biography
BIO.170                Mees, F. W. Biography
BIO.171                Meyer, Paul Biography
BIO.172                Miller, Joseph C. Biography
BIO.173                Moen, Albert G. Biography
BIO.174                Moen, Henry Biography
BIO.175                Morkrid, C. I. Biography
BIO.176                Morrill, Fred B. Biography
BIO.177                Mostad, Thorwald Biography
BIO.178                Murphy, P. J. Biography
BIO.179                Muus, Einar, Biography
BIO.180                Myhra, H. C. N. Biography
BIO.181                Nathan, John Biography
BIO.182                Newbold, L. B.   Biography
BIO.183                Newell, Daniel Biography
BIO.184                Nims, Fred Biography
BIO.185                O’Conner, J. F. T. Biography
BIO.186                O’ Conner, J. J. Biography
BIO.187                Oksendahl, Andrew H. Biography
BIO.188                Olsness, Sveinung Annudsen Biography
BIO.189                Olson, Binnie H. Biography
BIO.190                Olson, C. J. Biography
BIO.191                Olson, Martin C. Biography
BIO.192                Olson, O. H. Biography
BIO.193                Olson, Obert A. Biography
BIO.194                Olson, Otto C. Biography
BIO.195                Olson, William O. Biography
BIO.196                Opland, O. H. Biography
BIO.197                Orange, Albert L. Biography
BIO.198                Osterboe, O. H. Olson Biography
BIO.199                Patten, R. W. Biography
BIO.200                Pendray, Thomas Biography
BIO.201                Peters, David L. Biography
BIO.202                Peterson, C. P.  Biography
BIO.203                Petterson, Nils Biography
BIO.204                Pingrey, Joseph F. Biography
BIO.205                Pitts, William R. Biography
BIO.206                Pleasance, William Biography
BIO.207                Ployhar, Frank E.  Biography
BIO.208                Polson, Earl W. Biography
BIO.209                Porter, Charles H. Biography
BIO.210                Porter, William H. Biography
BIO.211                Power, J. H. Biography
BIO.212                Power, James Buel Biography
BIO.213                Putnam, Thomas N. Biography
BIO.214                Quade, A. T. Biography
BIO.215                Quain, Dr. Eric P.     Biography
BIO.216                Quam, John E. Biography
BIO.217                Rowe, Hazekiah John Biography
BIO.218                Reid, John H. Biography
BIO.219                Renauld, Joseph Biography
BIO.220                Riba, Frank Biography
BIO.221                Rice, James Biography
BIO.222                Rott, John Jr. Biography
BIO.223                Sagen, Clarence Albert Biography
BIO.224                Sanford, Frank Biography
BIO.225                Sathre, P. O. Biography
BIO.226                Schick, Charles F. Biography
BIO.227                Schrag, J. J. Biography
BIO.228                Seibel, Rev. Ludwig Biography
BIO.229                Seiler, Oscar Joseph Biography
BIO.230                Sethre, John O. Biography
BIO.231                Sherman, John C. Biography
BIO.232                Short, Augustus Biography
BIO.233                Siegele, Ernest Biography
BIO.234                Sikes, Edsell H. Biography
BIO.235                Slominski, Frank D. Biography
BIO.236                Smith, G. M. Biography
BIO.237                Smith, Sidney F. Biography
BIO.238                Steen, Ludwig H. Biography
BIO.239                Stenmo, Albert Biography
BIO.240                Stevens, J. E. Biography
BIO.241                Stinger, Henry J. Biography
BIO.242                Storstad, A. G. Biography
BIO.243                Strassmaier, Fr. Bernard Biography
BIO.244                Strom, Henry Biography
BIO.245                Stromme, Peer Biography
BIO.246                Strong, Melancthon Lewis Biography
BIO.247                Svendson, Gustav Biography
BIO.248                Tatley, Henry Biography
BIO.249                Taylor, Edwin James Biography
BIO.250                Taylor, John C. Sr.   Biography
BIO.251                Tenneson, B. G. Biography
BIO.252                Tofsrud, O. T. Biography
BIO.253                Trubshaw, Percy R. Biography
BIO.254                Van Camp, Fred Biography
BIO.255                Van Osdel, A. L. Biography
BIO.256                Varnum, George M. Biography
BIO.257                Veitch, E. E. Biography
BIO.258                Vogel, F. A. Biography
BIO.259                Wadeson, Robert Biography
BIO.260                Walton, Anthony Biography
BIO.261                Wanner, Ernest G. Biography
BIO.262                Weber, John Biography
BIO.263                Weld, Rollan V. Biography
BIO.264                Weld, Roy B. Biography
BIO.265                Welford, Walter Biography
BIO.266                Wenstrom, James A. Biography
BIO.267                Wheeler, Henry Mason Biography
BIO.268                White, Frank Biography
BIO.269                Wilder, Frank Biography
BIO.270                Wilkinson, Thomas Biography
BIO.271                Wog, Gust Biography
BIO.272                Wolfer, L. L. Biography
BIO.273                Wood, Howard R. Biography
BIO.274                Wright, Dana Monroe Biography
BIO.275                Wright, William Biography
BIO.276                Yeater, Roy A. Biography
BIO.277                Zieman, William John Biography

00001                    Aandahl, S.J.  Portrait
00002                    Allen, Stephen O.  Portrait
00003                    Allensworth, James Harvey  Portrait
00004                    Arnold, Bert D.  Portrait
00005                    Bailey, Lester D.  Portrait
00006                    Barr, John Christie  Portrait
00007                    Beck, John A. Portrait
00008                    Bleick, Charles W.  Portrait
00009                    Bowman, Eric A.  Portrait
00010                    Brown, G.J.  Portrait
00011                    Brown, James A.  Portrait
00012                    Bryans, Ernest E.  Portrait
00013                    Budlong, Minnie Clarke  Portrait
00014                    Burkhart, John Henry  Portrait
00015                    Byrne, Robert  Portrait
00016                    Cahill, J. I.  Portrait
00017                    Carey, Charles W.  Portrait
00018                    Carignon, John M. Portrait
00019                    Carr, Burl  Portrait
00020                    Christenson, C. I.  Portrait
00021                    Church, William James  Portrait
00022                    Craig, Minnie D.  Portrait
00023                    DeNault, Wilbert B.  Portrait
00024                    Dettler, Otto  Portrait
00025                    Drown, Charles Edwin  Portrait
00026                    Dungan, John W.  Portrait
00027                    Eckert, Fred  Portrait
00028                    Ellingson, Charles  Portrait
00029                    Englund, John A.  Portrait
00030                    Erb, Jacob E.  Portrait
00031                    Erickson, Oscar Edwin  Portrait
00032                    Ettestad, Ole  Portrait
00033                    Everson, E. W.  Portrait
00034                    Ferguson, Alexander  Portrait
00035                    Flint, Robert Francis  Portrait
00036                    Foley, H. P.  Portrait
00037                    Fraser, Robert L. Portrait
00038                    Fredrickson, Lars O.  Portrait
00039                    Geiger, Henry  Portrait
00040                    Geiszler, Christian  Portrait
00041                    Glomseth, Lars J.  Portrait
00042                    Goen, Richard  Portrait
00043                    Gronvold, Fingar T.  Portrait
00044                    Gunhus, Henning  Portrait
00045                    Haines, Frank J. Portrait
00046                    Hamerly, Edward  Portrait
00047                    Harding, Fay A.  Portrait
00048                    Havens, Paul R.  Portrait
00049                    Heckle, Charles O.  Portrait
00050                    Hemmingsen, Jorgen P.  Portrait
00051                    Hempfel, J. W.  Portrait
00052                    Henry, Frank S.  Portrait
00053                    Hoare, Frank A.  Portrait
00054                    Hoghaug, Martin A.  Portrait
00055                    Humphreys, Guy F.  Portrait
00056                    Hunt, George F.   Portrait
00057                    Hyland, F. H.  Portrait
00058                    Ingalls, Francis  Portrait
00059                    Ingerson, Ralph  Portrait
00060                    Isaak, August  Portrait
00061                    Jacobsen, H. P.  Portrait
00062                    Johnson, Robert Henry  Portrait
00063                    Johnston, W. R.  Portrait
00064                    Kaldor, Theodore  Portrait
00065                    Kellogg, Edgar Burtice  Portrait
00066                    Kendall, Ervin Henry  Portrait
00067                    Kietzman, F. W.  Portrait
00068                    Kirkeide, Andrew J.  Portrait
00069                    Knox, Charles E.  Portrait
00070                    Koller, Martin  Portrait
00071                    Kositzky, Carl Reinholt  Portrait
00072                    Kraabel, Anton T,  Portrait
00073                    Kretschman, P. T.  Portrait
00074                    Kurtz, Edward E.  Portrait
00075                    Lageson, Omund K.  Portrait
00076                    Laird, George D.  Portrait
00077                    Larsen, Martin  Portrait
00078                    Larson, Lewis A.  Portrait
00079                    Larson, Martin Portrait
00080                    Lathrop, Richard A.  Portrait
00081                    Lazier, Frank E.  Portrait
00082                    Levang, Christ  Portrait
00083                    Lowe, Albert G.  Portrait
00084                    Lutz building, Jamestown (N.D.) Portrait
00085                    Lutz home, Jamestown (N.D.) Portrait
00086                    MacDonald, Neil C.  Portrait
00087                    Mackoff, Herbert, A.  Portrait
00088                    Maddock, John R.  Portrait
00089                    Maddock, Walter J.  Portrait
00090                    Malone, George Arthur  Portrait
00091                    Marshall, A. S.  Portrait
00092                    Maxwell, Arthur L.  Portrait
00093                    McBride, Morton Lewis  Portrait
00094                    McCartin, Richard  Portrait
00095                    McDonnell, Clark W.  Portrait
00096                    McLean, Henry  Portrait
00097                    McManus, James  Portrait
00098                    Mees, F. W.  Portrait
00099                    Meyer, Paul  Portrait
00100                    Miller, Joseph C.  Portrait
00101                    Moen, Albert G.  Portrait
00102                    Moen, Henry  Portrait
00103                    Morkrid, C. I.  Portrait
00104                    Morrill, Fred B.  Portrait
00105                    Mostad, Thorwald  Portrait
00106                    Murphy, P. J.  Portrait
00107                    Muus, Einar,  Portrait
00108                    Nathan, John  Portrait
00109                    Nims, Fred Portrait
00110                    O’Conner, J. F. T.  Portrait
00111                    O'Conner, J. J. Portrait
00112                    Oksendahl, Andrew H.  Portrait
00113                    Olsness, Sveinung Annudsen  Portrait
00114                    Olson, Martin C.  Portrait
00115                    Olson, Obert A.  Portrait
00116                    Olson, Otto C.  Portrait
00117                    Olson, William O.  Portrait
00118                    Opland, O. H.  Portrait
00119                    Osterboe, O. H. Olson  Portrait
00120                    Peterson, C. P.  Portrait
00121                    Petterson, Nils  Portrait
00122                    Pleasance, William  Portrait
00123                    Ployhar, Frank E.  Portrait
00124                    Porter, Charles H.  Portrait
00125                    Putnam, Thomas N.  Portrait
00126                    Quain, Dr. Eric P.  Portrait
00127                    Quam, John E.  Portrait
00128                    Renauld, Joseph  Portrait
00129                    Riba, Frank  Portrait
00130                    Rice, James  Portrait
00131                    Rott, John Jr.  Portrait
00132                    Rowe, Hazekiah John  Portrait
00133                    Schick, Charles F.  Portrait
00134                    Schrag, J. J.  Portrait
00135                    Seibel, Rev. Ludwig and second wife, Christina Benzler Portrait
00136                    Sherman, John C.  Portrait
00137                    Siegele, Ernest farmstead, McClusky (N.D.) Portrait
00138                    Siegele, Ernest family picking berries, McClusky (N.D.) Portrait
00139                    Siegele, Ernest family picking berries, McClusky (N.D.) Portrait
00140                    Sikes, Edsell H.  Portrait
00141                    Smith, Sidney F.  Portrait
00142                    Stenmo, Albert  Portrait
00143                    Stinger, Henry J.  Portrait
00144                    Storstad, A. G.  Portrait
00145                    Strassmaier, Fr. Bernard  Portrait
00146                    Strom, Henry  Portrait
00147                    Stromme, Peer  Portrait
00148                    Taylor, Edwin James  Portrait
00149                    Tenneson, B. G.  Portrait
00150                    Varnum, George M.  Portrait
00151                    Wadeson, Robert  Portrait
00152                    Walton, Anthony  Portrait
00153                    Wanner, Ernest G.  Portrait
00154                    Weber, John  Portrait
00155                    Weld, Rollan V.  Portrait
00156                    Weld, Roy B.  Portrait
00157                    Welford, Walter  Portrait
00158                    Wenstrom, James A.  Portrait
00159                    Wenstrom, James A.  Portrait
00160                    White, Frank  Portrait
00161                    Wilder, Frank  Portrait
00162                    Wog, Gust  Portrait
00163                    Wood, Howard R.  Portrait
00164                    Wright, Dana Monroe in uniform Portrait
00165                    Wright, Dana Monroe  Portrait
00166                    Wright, William and Elva Sanford Wright Portrait
00167                    Zieman, William John  Portrait

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