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Manuscripts by Subject - Military - #21297

Title: They Served With Honor: Vietnam

Dates: 2015-2017

Collection Number: 21297

Quantity: .05 feet

Abstract: Consists of feature articles on individual Vietnam Veterans from North Dakota published in the Bismarck Tribune from September to November 2015 and on Veterans of all wars published in April and May 2016 and April-June 2017.

Copyrights: Copyrights to materials in this collection remain with the donor, publisher, author, or author's heirs.  Researcher should consult the 1976 Copyright Act, Public Law 94‑553, Title 17 U.S. Code and an archivist at this repository if clarification of copyright requirements is needed.

Access: This collection is open under the rules and regulations of the State Historical Society of North Dakota.

Citation: Researchers are requested to cite the collection title, collection name, and the State Historical Society of North Dakota in all footnote and bibliographic references.


Lance Corporal Roger Zink, Bismarck
Staff Sergeant Dick Johnsen, Bismarck
Sergeant Larry Koester, Mandan
Sergeant Larry Morris, Lincoln
Boatswain’s Mate Jim Fetter, Bismarck
Specialist Daryl D. Fischer, Bismarck
Sergeant Pat Mischel, Bismarck
Specialist Jim Vollmar, Bismarck
Specialist Ron Harmon, Bismarck
Sergeant Ray Geffre, Bismarck
Specialist Dave Erbstoesser, Bismarck
Sergeant Dave Pedersen, Valley City
Captain Ernie Reinert, Bismarck
Specialist Sylvester Duane Foote, Mandan
Sergeant Ken Bullinger, Mandan
Specialist Gary Messmer, Mandan
Petty Officer Harley Henry, Bismarck
Sergeant Myron “Mike” Silvernagel, Bismarck
Specialist Jerry Hinricksen, Bismarck
Specialist Larry Schell, Mandan
Sergeant Tony Beckler, Mandan
Captain Gary Andres, Bismarck
Specialist Rick Kaufman, Bismarck
Captain Robert Wefald, Bismarck
Photographer’s Mate Lucy Calautti
Sergeant Mike Thompson, San Angelo TX
Specialist Butch Olson, Bismarck
Petty Officer James Nelson, Bismarck
Private Dave Peterson, Wilton
Sergeant Gary Gabriel, Bismarck
Sergeant Dennis Grueneich, Bismarck
Staff Sergeant Fred Rios, Mandan
Corporal Walter Donald Wilkie, Bismarck
Gunner’s Mate Nick Ihli, Beulah
Sergeant Gary Larson, Mandan
Lieutenant Dominic Volesky, Bismarck
Radioman Dennis Vernon, Bismarck
Captain Wes Vettel, Bismarck
Specialist Tom Turck, Bismarck
Sergeant Bob Albrecht, Bismarck
Captain Dick Espeland, Bismarck
Ensign Patrick Mangan, Mandan
Specialist Lawrence Klemin, Bismarck
Sergeant Mike Anderson, Bismarck
Lieutenant Bob Gregoire, Bismarck
Sergeant Bob Krause, Bismarck
Specialist Harvey Miller, Mandan
Specialist Bob Bird, Bismarck
Corporal Clyde Kukert, Bismarck
Specialist Jim Vetch, Bismarck
Specialist Richard Bergquist, Bismarck
Private First Class Mark A. Dockter, Streeter
Specialist Duane Barden, Mandan
Corporal Gary Kienzle, Washburn
Sergeant Pat Federer, Bismarck
Sergeant Tony Rothacker, Bismarck
Remembrance: On Veterans Day, looking back on those who died in Vietnam

Following published in the Bismarck Tribune in April-May 2016:
Sergeant Russ Gietzen, Haymarsh
Sergeant Robert ‘Bruz’ Luger, Fort Yates
Staff Sergeant Gerald Zittleman, Mandan
Acting Sergeant Bill Tveit, Hazen
Sergeant Herbert Wilson, Bismarck
Corporal George Kuchynski, Bismarck
Lieutenant Colonel Herman Hoff, Corporal Edwin Hoff, Sergeant Richard Hoff, Major Cornell Hoff, Sergeant Joseph Hoff , Donald Hoff, Richardton
Petty Officer Ervin Jose, Bismarck
Corporal Ramy Wangler, Bismarck
Sergeant Earl Aune, Wilton
Captain William ‘Chuck’ Nogowski, Bismarck
Specialist Charlie Miller, Raleigh
Captain Gary Klein, Bismarck
Gary Dietz, Bismarck
Corporal Bob Bain, Bismarck
Nurse Dorothy Van Sickle, Bismarck
Captain Mark Thompson, Bismarck
Corporal Duane Olson, Bismarck
Sergeant Sid McMahen, Williston
Private Frederick J. Navratil, Stanton
Sergeant Louis J. Hanson, Bismarck
Staff Sergeant Milton Omlid, Williston
Corporal Leroy Vander Linden, Bismarck
Private Paul Brink, Bismarck
Specialist John Barnes, Bismarck
Specialist Don Bosch, Bismarck
Corporal Vernon Rieger, Bismarck
Captain Harold Bruschwein, Bismarck
Sergeant Ronald Wahl, Wing
Staff Sergeant Stan Dolbinski, Bismarck
Staff Sergeant Wendell Albert, Bismarck
Specialist Philip Kurtz, Steele
Master Sergeant Garland Crook, Bismarck
Specialist Milt Wagner, Bismarck
Captain Carlan Kraft, Bismarck
Specialist Al Fisher, Mandan
Petty Officer William Teply, Bismarck
Specialist Art Dohrmann, Bismarck
Private Ralph Haztenbihler, Mandan
Technical Sergeant Julius Gaab, Mandan

Following published in the Bismarck Tribune in April-June 2017:
Petty Officer Edward Hanover, Bismarck
Petty Officer Gerald Nordquist, Washburn
Sergeant Bruce Sailer, Washburn
Technical Sergeant Ed Simek, Bismarck
Lieutenant Bill Butcher, Bismarck
Petty Officer Jerry LaFave, Mandan
Roger, Tim, and Ray Morrell, Mandan
Lieutenant Commander Ray Wicklander, Washburn
Specialist Larry Werner, Bismarck
First Lieutenant Harry Vadnie, Bismarck
Allen, Whelan, Ronald, Gary, Arlin, Bill, David, Curtis, Clarence Mertz, Bismarck-Mandan

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