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Photographs - Collections - 2016 - #2016-P-050

Title: Lange Family (Kulm, N.D.)
Date: ca. 1908

Collection Number: 2016-P-050

Quantity: 56 items

Abstract: Consists of post cards of North Dakota scenes, businesses and people, and several photographs of the St. Paul's Lutheran Church and school, Kulm (N.D.). The collection includes one digital scan of a McCormick Machinery delivery by Gackle and Co., Kulm (N.D.), ca. 1908, which was scanned and returned to the donor.

Provenance: Jeff Malm facilitated the donation of the collection to the State Historical Society of North Dakota in August 2016.

Property Rights: The State Historical Society of North Dakota owns the property rights to this collection.
Copyrights: Copyrights to materials in this collection remain with the donor, publisher, author, or author's heirs.  Researchers should consult the 1976 Copyright Act, Public Law 94-553, Title 17, U.S. Code and an archivist at this repository if clarification of copyright requirements is needed.
Access: This collection is open under the rules and regulations of the State Historical Society of North Dakota.
Citation: Researchers are requested to cite the collection title, collection number, and the State Historical Society of North Dakota in all footnote and bibliographic references.       

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2016-P-050-00001            Kulm Public School, Kulm (N.D.), ca. 1909
2016-P-050-00002            LaMoure County Bank, Kulm (N.D.), ca. 1910
2016-P-050-00003            Kulm churches and schoolhouse, Kulm (N.D.), ca. 1911
2016-P-050-00004            Evangelical Church, Kulm (N.D.), ca. 1911
2016-P-050-00005            Train wreck, ca. 1909
2016-P-050-00006            Store interior, ca. 1910
2016-P-050-00007            German Lutheran Church, Kulm (N.D.), ca. 1908
2016-P-050-00008            First State Bank of Kulm (N.D.), ca. 1909
2016-P-050-00009            N.P. Park and Depot, Fargo (N.D.), ca. 1908
2016-P-050-00010            Goodrich (N.D.), ca. 1909
2016-P-050-00011            Residence district, Goodrich (N.D.), ca. 1910
2016-P-050-00012            Enderlin (N.D.), ca. 1910
2016-P-050-00013            Hankinson High School, Hankinson (N.D.), ca. 1910
2016-P-050-00014            Jamestown City Hall, Jamestown (N.D.), ca. 1909
2016-P-050-00015            Wahpeton Science School, Wahpeton (N.D.), ca. 1909
2016-P-050-00016            Brush Lake, Mercer (N.D.), ca. 1909
2016-P-050-00017            Stewart Street, Fullerton (N.D.), ca. 1910
2016-P-050-00018            Government Indian School, Wahpeton (N.D.), ca. 1912
2016-P-050-00019            German Lutheran Church, New Salem (N.D.), ca. 1909
2016-P-050-00020            Little Missouri River, Marmarth (N.D.), ca. 1908
2016-P-050-00021            St. Luke's Hospital, Fargo (N.D.), ca. 1908
2016-P-050-00022            Baby and wolf, Fargo (N.D.), ca. 1909
2016-P-050-00023            Red River, Fargo (N.D.), ca. 1908
2016-P-050-00024            Dakota Business College, Fargo (N.D.), ca. 1908
2016-P-050-00025            Red River, Fargo (N.D.), ca. 1908
2016-P-050-00026            First Presbyterian Church, Bismarck (N.D.), ca. 1910
2016-P-050-00027            R. W. Webb Farm, Merricourt (N.D.), ca. 1909
2016-P-050-00028            Edgeley High School, Edgeley (N.D.), ca. 1910
2016-P-050-00029            Edgeley High School pennant, Edgeley (N.D.), ca. 1909
2016-P-050-00030            Elevators, Edgeley (N.D.), ca. 1909
2016-P-050-00031            Edgeley landmarks, Edgeley (N.D.), ca. 1910
2016-P-050-00032            Church, ca. 1910
2016-P-050-00033            Presbyterian Church, Edgeley (N.D.), ca. 1910
2016-P-050-00034            Methodist Church, Edgeley (N.D.), ca. 1910
2016-P-050-00035            LaMoure Street, Wishek (N.D.), ca. 1910
2016-P-050-00036            Main Street, Wishek (N.D.), ca. 1910
2016-P-050-00037            West Main Street, Wishek (N.D.), ca. 1910
2016-P-050-00038            Wishek (N.D.), ca. 1910
2016-P-050-00039            Baptist Church, Ellendale (N.D.), ca. 1908
2016-P-050-00040            State Normal Industrial School, Ellendale (N.D.), ca. 1908
2016-P-050-00041            Residential district, Ellendale (N.D.), ca. 1908
2016-P-050-00042            Ellendale High School, Ellendale (N.D.), ca. 1908
2016-P-050-00043            Dakota Hall, Ellendale (N.D.), ca. 1908
2016-P-050-00044            Ellendale (N.D.), ca. 1908
2016-P-050-00045            Gackle (N.D.), ca. 1910
2016-P-050-00046            Woman with calf, Ashley (N.D.), ca. 1910
2016-P-050-00047            Ashley High School, Ashley (N.D.), ca. 1909
2016-P-050-00048            Main Street Bridge, Lisbon (N.D.), ca. 1910
2016-P-050-00049            Armory, Lisbon (N.D.), ca. 1910
2016-P-050-00050            Railroad snow plow, Goodrich (N.D.), ca. 1907
2016-P-050-00051            Drake (N.D.), ca. 1908
2016-P-050-00052            Main Street, Goodrich (N.D.), ca. 1910
2016-P-050-00053            St. Paul's Lutheran Church, Kulm (N.D.), ca. 1913
2016-P-050-00054            St. Paul's Lutheran Church, Kulm (N.D.), ca. 1918
2016-P-050-00055            Kulm School, Kulm (N.D.), ca. 1925
2016-P-050-00056            McCormick Machinery delivery by Gackle and Co., Kulm (N.D.), ca. 1908

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