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Photographs - Collections - 2016 - #2016-P-046

Title: Bismarck-Mandan Memories
Dates: 1873-ca. 1945

Collection Number: 2016-P-046

Quantity: 74 items

Abstract: Consists of digital photographs of Bismarck-Mandan residents, events, businesses, residences and activities collected from North Dakota residents for publication in the book Bismarck-Mandan Memories: The Early Years, which was published by the Bismarck Tribune with the assistance of the State Historical Society of North Dakota.

Provenance: The collection was donated to the State Historical Society of North Dakota by multiple donors. Please see the collection case file for detailed donor information.

Property Rights: The State Historical Society of North Dakota owns the property rights to this collection.
Copyrights: Copyrights to materials in this collection remain with the donor, publisher, author, or author's heirs.  Researchers should consult the 1976 Copyright Act, Public Law 94-553, Title 17, U.S. Code and an archivist at this repository if clarification of copyright requirements is needed.
Access: This collection is open under the rules and regulations of the State Historical Society of North Dakota.
Citation: Researchers are requested to cite the collection title, collection number, and the State Historical Society of North Dakota in all footnote and bibliographic references.       


2016-P-046-00001            Erick Ghylin and family at their home, Ghylin Township (N.D.), 1896
2016-P-046-00002            Automobiles covered in snow on 4th Street looking south, Bismarck (N.D.), April 04, 1937
2016-P-046-00003            Greyhound bus to Jamestown, July 13, 1937
2016-P-046-00004            Oscar Will Seed House and residences on 4th street, Bismarck (N.D.), August 1938
2016-P-046-00005            View of Missouri River flood from Wachter School, Bismarck (N.D.), March 28, 1939
2016-P-046-00006            View of Missouri River flood from Sweet Avenue, Bismarck (N.D.), March 28, 1939
2016-P-046-00007            Miss Bismarck float in North Dakota Golden Jubilee parade, Bismarck (N.D.), August 23, 1939
2016-P-046-00008            North Dakota Golden Jubilee parade, Bismarck (N.D.), August 23, 1939
2016-P-046-00009            Sunne Lutheran (Swedish Lutheran Church), Wilton (N.D.), 1930
2016-P-046-00010            William Fricke Sr. and Henry McCullough with threshing machine pulled by Case steam tractor, ca. 1920
2016-P-046-00011            John Andries Vollan Sr. in uniform, ca. 1917
2016-P-046-00012            Portrait of Emily Desideria Erickson, Ecklund Township (N.D.), ca. 1910
2016-P-046-00013            John Andries Vollan Sr. in automobile, 1922
2016-P-046-00014            Erickson family during confirmation day at Sunne Lutheran Church: back, Emily, Abbie, Alponso, Vera and Louise. Front: Christine, Andres, Helmer and Frederick, Ecklund Township (N.D.), July 1914
2016-P-046-00015            Portrait of the Ole and Gurena Vollan Family: Ellen Johnson Hamre (standing), Ole holding Ellen, Anna, Gurena holding Albert and John seated, Cromwell Township (N.D.), 1891
2016-P-046-00016            Portrait of sisters Louise and Esther Erickson, Wilton (N.D.), 1914
2016-P-046-00017            Gilbert Nelson reading "Victory" article while serving in World War I, France, ca. 1918
2016-P-046-00018            Portrait of Gilbert and Jennie Johnson, Bismarck (N.D.), ca. 1925
2016-P-046-00019            Bismarck baseball team: John David, Joe Wood, Mark Bismo, Bill Miller, Ole Peterson, George Peterson, Clare David, Joe Woods, Ben Casper, Art David, Billy Miller, Oliver Tockelson, Ed Rix, Bismarck (N.D.), 1935
2016-P-046-00020            Portrait of Rudolph Emmanuel Uttke, Grant County (N.D.), 1907
2016-P-046-00021            Rudolph E. Uttke outside Northern Pacific train depot, Bismarck (N.D.), 1926
2016-P-046-00022            Wedding portrait of Rudolph and Emma (Friesz) Uttke, New Leipzig (N.D.), November 20, 1927
2016-P-046-00023            Rudolph E. Uttke standing on ice beside Missouri River Bridge, Bismarck (N.D.), 1925
2016-P-046-00024            Main Street, Bismarck (N.D.), 1873 (copy)
2016-P-046-00025            4th Street looking north from Broadway, Bismarck (N.D.), 1888 (copy)
2016-P-046-00026            Northern Pacific Railroad depot, Bismarck (N.D.), ca. 1925
2016-P-046-00027            Portrait of John Meininger, Glen Ullin (N.D.), ca. 1915
2016-P-046-00028            Wedding portrait of August and Maragret (Hoff) Vogel, Mandan (N.D.), June 12, 1899
2016-P-046-00029            Peter N. Fetter in Haymarsh baseball team uniform, Haymarsh (N.D.), 1908
2016-P-046-00030            Agricultural scene on Peter N. Fetter farm, Haymarsh (N.D.), ca. 1930
2016-P-046-00031            Agricultural scene on Peter N. Fetter farm, Haymarsh (N.D.), ca. 1930
2016-P-046-00032            Portrait of Peter N. Fetter family, Glen Ullin (N.D.), 1917
2016-P-046-00033            Students outside Prairie Church, Morton County (N.D.), 1931
2016-P-046-00034            Portrait of Joseph Fetter, Glen Ullin (N.D.), ca. 1928
2016-P-046-00035            Wedding portrait of Joe and Theresa (Fetter) Gerger, Glen Ullin (N.D.), April 22, 1919
2016-P-046-00036            Christopher Columbus Cleveland with his horse-drawn postal delivery truck, Burleigh County (N.D.), 1913
2016-P-046-00037            Coal mine, Burleigh County (N.D.), ca. 1905
2016-P-046-00038            Swedish midsummer picnic at the Erick Backman farm, Slaughter (N.D.), June 24, 1907
2016-P-046-00039            Bismarck Public Library building on Thayer Avenue, Bismarck (N.D.), May 22, 1939
2016-P-046-00040            Portrait of Hilda Ghylin Neugebauer, Bismarck (N.D.), 1939
2016-P-046-00041            Portrait of Hilda Ghylin Neugebauer, Bismarck (N.D.), 1934
2016-P-046-00042            Matilda and Roy Towne playing, Bismarck (N.D.), 1931
2016-P-046-00043            Roger Berg and Roy Town riding tricycles, Bismarck (N.D.), ca. 1933
2016-P-046-00044            Group outside Williams/Towne home at 722 N 7th Street: back, left to right: Dr. Roy Towne, Evelyn Hoefer, and Elmer Hoefer. Front, left to right: Alice Towne, Roy Towne Jr., Matilda Towne and David Hoefer, Bismarck (N.D.), ca. 1934
2016-P-046-00045            Children playing, left to right: Matilda Towne, Marvel Armstrong, Roy Towne and Jim Smith, ca. 1934
2016-P-046-00046            Group portrait of Will Moore students, Bismarck (N.D.), ca. 1930
2016-P-046-00047            Will Moore students in soldier costumes, Ray S. Towne Jr. is 5th from left, Bismarck (N.D.), ca. 1932
2016-P-046-00048            Bill Byerly and Roy S. Towne Jr. with musical instruments, Bismarck (N.D.), ca. 1932
2016-P-046-00049            Alice Williams and Erastus Williams Jr. outside Williams/Towne home at 722 N 7th Street, Bismarck (N.D.), ca. 1900
2016-P-046-00050            Portrait of the 1905 graduating class of Bismarck High School, Alice Williams is in back row, second from right, Bismarck (N.D.), 1905
2016-P-046-00051            Bismarck-Mandan bus crossing Memorial Bridge, ca. 1925
2016-P-046-00052            Bismarck-Mandan bus crossing Memorial Bridge, ca. 1925
2016-P-046-00053            Roy S. Towne pulling children: Matilda Towne, Roy S. Towne Jr. and Cathern Rindahl in wagon, Bismarck (N.D.), ca. 1934
2016-P-046-00054            Aaron and Eugene Schacht and Roy S. Towne Jr. with pine derby cars, Bismarck (N.D) ca. 1935
2016-P-046-00055            Red Trail ferry (copy) Bismarck (N.D) 1897
2016-P-046-00056            Ross and David Boyd husking corn, Menoken (N.D.) 1921
2016-P-046-00057            President Franklin Delano Roosevelt and A. P. Lenhart in parade               Bismarck (N.D) August 27, 1936
2016-P-046-00058            Wedding portrait of Mary (Andrew) and Amil Peter Lenhart, Washburn (N.D.) 1904
2016-P-046-00059            Kenneth W. Clouston standing on diving board at swimming hole on Heart River 1939
2016-P-046-00060            Frank Lantz in Civilian Conservation Corps uniform, Mandan (N.D.) 1939
2016-P-046-00061            High School graduation portrait of Mary Lantz, Mandan (N.D.) 1937
2016-P-046-00062            July 4th parade, Bismarck (N.D.), ca. 1945
2016-P-046-00063            Mr. Olson in office area of the O. E. Anderson Lumber Company, Main Avenue, Bismarck (N.D.), ca. 1938
2016-P-046-00064            Donald R. Oliger and unidentified employee working O. E. Anderson Lumber Company shop, Main Avenue, Bismarck (N.D.), ca. 1938
2016-P-046-00065            Portrait of Sister Alexia Kerst, Bismarck (N.D.), 1886
2016-P-046-00066            Portrait of Sister Boniface Timmins, Bismarck (N.D.), 1892
2016-P-046-00067            Group of St. Mary's Convent and St. Alexius Hospital sisters: back row, left to right: Sisters Catherine Siefner, Sabina Genelin, unidentified and Boniface Timmins. Middle row: Sisters Cladacinda Feneis, Eustacia Tretel, Elizabeth von Dickle, Creseentia Eich, Magdalen Walker, Anastasia Gerard, and Josephine Carlin. Front row: unidentified, Susan Rich, unidentified and Amadea Goligowski, Bismarck (N.D.), 1898
2016-P-046-00068            Nurse serving lunch in the annex to St. Alexius Hospital, Bismarck (N.D.), 1910
2016-P-046-00069            Benedictine sisters on front entrance stairway to St. Alexius Hospital during construction of 1914 building, Bismarck (N.D.), ca. 1914
2016-P-046-00070            Crowd at dedication ceremony of cornerstone laying of St. Alexius Hospital, Bismarck (N.D.), ca. 1914
2016-P-046-00071            Nursing students from St. Alexius Hospital in automobile for parade, Bismarck (N.D.), ca. 1918
2016-P-046-00072            Portrait of Florence Anderson, Bismarck (N.D.), 1938
2016-P-046-00073            Portrait of Clifford and Grace (McCay) Anderson with daughters Kathleen and Florence, Bismarck (N.D.), 1939
2016-P-046-00074            Portrait of J. H. and Georgina (Hobbs) McCay and children: back row, left to right: Jesse Hartwell, George, Rovert, Paul, and Benjamin. Front row, left to right: J. H. McCay, Grace Anderson, Elizabeth Lund and Georgina. , Bismarck (N.D.), 1939

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