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Photographs - Collections - 2014 - #2014-P-001

Title: Charles W. Cory

Dates: ca. 1880s-1954

Collection Number: 2014-P-001

Quantity: 388 items

Abstract: Consists of two photograph albums and loose photographs. One album belonged to John Martin and documents Martin’s service in the Philippines and Japan in the 1890s with Company B 1st ND Infantry. The creator of the second album is not known. The album primarily dates from the mid 1910s to the early 1920s and contains images of dog trainer James Monroe Avent and show dogs at field trials in Denbigh (ND), children, vacations, domestic life and work, agriculture, interior and exterior views of homes, sports and recreational activities (roller skating, skiing, bicycling, tennis, snowshoeing, hunting, golf) and images of business districts. Some of the images are from dog trials in Denbigh (ND), vacations across the country, and the rest appear to be in or around Marshall, TX. 

Provenance: The collection was donated to the State Historical Society of North Dakota by Charles W. Cory in January 2014. The collection was processed and described by Ella Heaton.

Property Rights: The State Historical Society of North Dakota owns the property rights to this collection.
Copyrights: Copyrights to materials in this collection remain with the donor, publisher, author, or author's heirs. Researchers should consult the 1976 Copyright Act, Public Law 94-553, Title 17, U.S. Code and an archivist at this repository if clarification of copyright requirements is needed.
Access: This collection is open under the rules and regulations of the State Historical Society of North Dakota.
Citation: Researchers are requested to cite the collection title, collection number, and the State Historical Society of North Dakota in all footnote and bibliographic references.       


John Martin Photograph Album
2014-P-001-001 Theatre Street, Tokio [Tokyo], Japan, ca. 1890s
2014-P-001-002 Japanese temple, ca. 1890s
2014-P-001-003 Wounded Filipino, ca. 1890s
2014-P-001-004 Philippine outpost, ca. 1890s
2014-P-001-005 Quarters de Malate used as barracks by 14th U.S. Infantry, Manila, Philippines, ca. 1898-1899
2014-P-001-006 View of water from bridge, near Fort San Antonio De Abad, Manila, Philippines, ca. 1898-1899
2014-P-001-007 Filipino family and their residence, ca. 1890s
2014-P-001-008 Quarters of Company B, 1st ND Infantry, Malate district, Manila, Philippines, ca. 1898-1899
2014-P-001-009 Mouth of the Pasig River, Manila, Philippines, ca. 1890s
2014-P-001-010 Japanese umbrella painter, ca. 1890s
2014-P-001-011 Cooks and kitchen, ca. 1890s
2014-P-001-012 Johnny Gearey and Bill Allen, ca. 1890s
2014-P-001-013 Cooks and kitchen, San Francisco (CA), September, 1899
2014-P-001-014 Carl Wood, Lew Crooker, Joe Jehlauser, Ralph Bradley, Ernie Palouse, and Chino the native Filipino dog, San Francisco (CA), September 1899
2014-P-001-015 Lean-tos and headquarter buildings, San Pedro de Macati (Makati), Manila, Philippines, ca. 1890s
2014-P-001-016 Santa Lucia Gate, entrance to the "walled city" Intramuros, Manila, Philippines, ca. 1890s
2014-P-001-017 Temple, Nagasaki, Japan, ca. 1890s
2014-P-001-018 Unidentified military men in camp, ca. 1890s
2014-P-001-019 Cable office, Manila, Philippines, ca. 1898-1899
2014-P-001-020 Filipino soldiers, ca. 1898-1899
2014-P-001-021 Japanese porcelain shop, ca. 1890s
2014-P-001-022 Crowd of people at train depot, Livingston (MT), 1899
2014-P-001-023 Destruction to entrance of Fort San Antonio De Abad, Malate, Manila, Philippines, 1898
2014-P-001-024 Girls bathing and doing their hair, ca. 1890s
2014-P-001-025 Unidentified ruins, ca. 1890s
2014-P-001-026 Wall around Intramuros and view of Pasig River, Manila, Philippines, ca. 1890s
2014-P-001-027 Portrait of Japanese woman being pulled on a jinrikisha (rickshaw), ca. 1890s
2014-P-001-028 Workers gathering tea leaves, ca. 1890s
2014-P-001-029 U.S. Transport Grant (ship), ND Regiment of board, Nagasaki, Japan, May 1899
2014-P-001-030 Company B 1st ND Infantry portrait, San Francisco (CA), June 1898
2014-P-001-031 Block house and Chapel of St. Pancratius (La Loma Catholic Cemetery) in background, Manila, Philippines, ca. 1890s
2014-P-001-032 Men leaning out train window, ca. 1890s
2014-P-001-033 Nore, Frank Regan, Matt Thompson, Palin, and Al Sherman in military uniform, San Francisco (CA), June 1898
2014-P-001-034 Japanese building, ca. 1890s
2014-P-001-035 Japanese fruit stand, ca. 1890s
2014-P-001-036 Company B 1st ND Infantry in position in trenches, Manila, Philippines, ca. 1898-1899
2014-P-001-037 Japanese bucket makers, ca. 1890s
2014-P-001-038 Wall around Manila, Philippines, ca. 1890s
2014-P-001-039 Japanese girls in formal dress (kimonos), ca. 1890s
2014-P-001-040 St. Peter and Paul Church, San Pedro de Macati (Makati), Manila, Philippines, ca. 1890s
2014-P-001-041 Filipinos in mule-drawn cart, ca. 1890s
2014-P-001-042 Road in the Rosario, near Manila, Philippines, ca. 1890s
2014-P-001-043 Cruiser ship Olympia, Flagship of Admiral Dewey, Manila, Philippines, 1898
2014-P-001-044 Tree-lined path, ca. 1890s
2014-P-001-045 USS Monadnock, monitor ship, Manila, Philippines, ca. 1898-1899
2014-P-001-046 Ships in harbor, Manila, Philippines, ca. 1890s
2014-P-001-047 Soldiers in camp, ca. 1890s
2014-P-001-048 Crowd at train depot, Livingston (MT), ca. 1890s
2014-P-001-049 Group portrait of Filipino family, ca. 1890s
2014-P-001-050 Al Sherman, Jerry Cleary, Ed Andrews, Martin Hummel (?), and unidentified man, San Francisco (CA), ca. 1890s
2014-P-001-051 Mule-drawn streetcar, Manila, Philippines, ca. 1898-1899
2014-P-001-052 Martin Ryan, Pert Wood, George Ryan, and Edwards, ca. 1899
2014-P-001-053 Filipino family, ca. 1890s
2014-P-001-054 Mansion and grounds, San Francisco (CA), ca. 1890s
2014-P-001-055 Company B 1st ND Infantry outpost, San Antonio De Abad, Manila, Philippines, ca. 1898-1899
2014-P-001-056 US soldiers in uniform, ca. 1890s
2014-P-001-057 US soldiers in uniform, about to be mustered, San Francisco (CA), September 1899
2014-P-001-058 Interior of Japanese shrine, ca. 1890s
2014-P-001-059 Buddy Doyle, Frank Hughes, Ed Andrews, Peerson, E. H. Elison-Simonson, and other unidentified soldiers, ca. 1890s
2014-P-001-060 Street in Manila, Philippines, 1898
2014-P-001-061 Filipino lepers portrait, ca. 1890s
2014-P-001-062 Road to Manila, bullet holes in trees, Philippines, August 14, 1898  
2014-P-001-063 Al Sherman and lady, Frank Regan, Harry, and others, San Francisco (CA), ca. 1890s
2014-P-001-064 Filipino man carrying large bag on his head, ca. 1890s
2014-P-001-065 Lean-tos and headquarter buildings, San Pedro de Macati (Makati), Manila, Philippines, ca. 1890s
2014-P-001-066 Boy and pack horse, Nagasaki, Japan, August 1899
2014-P-001-067 Wounded Filipinos in medical tent, ca. 1890s
2014-P-001-068 Japanese women kneeling and bowing, ca. 1890s
2014-P-001-069 Unidentified man in front of building, ca. 1890s
2014-P-001-070 Street and buildings, Philippines, ca. 1890s
2014-P-001-071 Road near Manila, Philippines, ca. 1898-1899
2014-P-001-072 Soldiers in arms, near Manila, Philippines, ca. 1890s
2014-P-001-073 Incoming troops camping on Luneta Park, Manila, Philippines, 1899
2014-P-001-074 Wounded Filipino men, ca. 1890s
2014-P-001-075 Men sitting at table in front of tent, ca. 1890s
2014-P-001-076 Men in front of unidentified building, ca. 1890s
2014-P-001-077 Japanese buildings, ca. 1890s
2014-P-001-078 Tattooed Japanese man, ca. 1890s
2014-P-001-079 Unidentified building, Philippines, ca. 1890s
2014-P-001-080 G. G. west of Company K ND Infantry, Philippines, ca. 1890s
2014-P-001-081 Binondo, Manila, Philippines, ca. 1890s
2014-P-001-082 Rickshaws in Uyeno (Ueno) Park, Tokio (Tokyo), Japan, ca. 1890s
2014-P-001-083 Canal, Manila, Philippines, ca. 1890s
2014-P-001-084 US Transport Grant ship, Nagasaki, Japan, 1899
2014-P-001-085 Troops embarking for Manila, Presidio of San Francisco (CA), September 1899
2014-P-001-086 Cock fight, Manila, Philippines, 1898
2014-P-001-087 Emilio Aguinaldo's troops, Malolos, Philippines, ca. 1899 

Photograph Album
2014-P-001-088 Family sitting on steps
2014-P-001-089 Unidentified child snowshoeing
2014-P-001-090 Unidentified man and dog "Oconee Rap," possibly in Denbigh (ND), ca. 1916
2014-P-001-091 "Oconee Rap" at dog show, possibly in Denbigh (ND), ca. 1916
2014-P-001-092 James Monroe Avent and dogs "Momoney" and "Mobile," possibly in Denbigh (ND), ca. 1916
2014-P-001-093 Dogs and handlers at dog show, possibly in Denbigh (ND), ca. 1916
2014-P-001-094 Mauier of Derby Dogs (man and dog), possibly in Denbigh (ND), ca. 1916
2014-P-001-095 Trainer and dog trying to flush prairie chickens, possibly in Denbigh (ND), ca. 1916
2014-P-001-096 Field trail gallery, people and horse carts, possibly in Denbigh (ND), ca. 1916
2014-P-001-097 Elliot and Eugene M. (or one of his sons) (handler and dog), possibly in Denbigh (ND), ca. 1916
2014-P-001-098-1 Horses and wagons going to field trials near Denbigh (ND), ca. 1916
2014-P-001-098-2 Son of "Eugene M." (dog), possibly in Denbigh (ND), ca. 1916
2014-P-001-098-3 Babcock and "John Proctor," possibly in Denbigh (ND), ca. 1916
2014-P-001-099 - 101 Horses and wagons going to field trials near Denbigh (ND), ca. 1916
2014-P-001-102 James Monroe Avent, voted best dog trainer in 1916, possibly in Denbigh (ND), ca. 1916
2014-P-001-103 "La Besita", quail hunting dog champion, and handler, possibly in Denbigh (ND), ca. 1915
2014-P-001-104 Hunting dogs and handlers, including Bob Armstrong (trainer of Becky Broomhill), "Okonee Rap" (son of "Manitoba Rap"), Chester Harris, and "La Besita," possibly in Denbigh (ND), ca. 1916
2014-P-001-105 "John Proctor" and handler Babcock and unidentified man, possibly in Denbigh (ND), ca. 1916
2014-P-001-106 "La Besita" and wife of Mauier, Beagel, possibly in Denbigh (ND), ca. 1916
2014-P-001-107 Wagons and horses lined up to start field trial, probably in Denbigh (ND), ca. 1916
2014-P-001-108 Dog and handler possibly in Denbigh (ND), ca. 1916
2014-P-001-109 Dogs and handlers, Beagel, possibly in Denbigh (ND), ca. 1916
2014-P-001-110 Sporting dog in action, possibly in Denbigh (ND), ca. 1916
2014-P-001-111 Mr. and Mrs. Beagel (of Winnipeg, MB) with dog kennel wagon of setters, possibly in Denbigh (ND), ca. 1916
2014-P-001-112 Charley Murray, African American assistant to J. M. Avent, and dog, probably in Denbigh (ND), ca. 1916
2014-P-001-113 Unidentified girl riding a bicycle, ca. 1920
2014-P-001-114 Unidentified girl
2014-P-001-115 Unidentified boy and sheep or goat
2014-P-001-116 Family skipping rocks at the beach
2014-P-001-117 Family next to automobile
2014-P-001-118 "John Proctor", trial winner; Ed Garr; Babcock; "Security"; J. M. Avent after field trial finals, probably in Denbigh (ND), ca. 1916
2014-P-001-119 "Commissioner's Harry," a Grand Forks (ND) dog, beaten by "Security" in field trial semi-finals of prairie chicken competition, probably in Denbigh (ND), ca. 1916
2014-P-001-120 A. F. Hochwalt, author of The Pointer and Setter in America, probably in Denbigh (ND), after 1911
2014-P-001-121 Unidentified man and dog, possibly in Denbigh (ND), ca. 1910s
2014-P-001-122 Unidentified town street
2014-P-001-123 Group of unidentified white and African American men
2014-P-001-124 Farmstead with all-wood buildings, probably in the southern U.S., ca. 1910s
2014-P-001-125 African American woman washing clothes in bucket
2014-P-001-126 Unidentified boy riding a tricycle, ca. 1910s
2014-P-001-127 Unidentified houses
2014-P-001-128 Unidentified girl and man
2014-P-001-129 Unidentified girl and boy
2014-P-001-130 Unidentified African American women and baby
2014-P-001-131 Roosters
2014-P-001-132 Family playing in a creek
2014-P-001-133 Two unidentified African American women
2014-P-001-134 Bald cypress trees in water or swamp
2014-P-001-135 African American children
2014-P-001-136 Unidentified steaming or smoldering pile
2014-P-001-137 Tree-lined dirt road
2014-P-001-138 Street corner
2014-P-001-139 African American men hauling trunks, one man has a peg-leg
2014-P-001-140 African American family and house
2014-P-001-141 African American children
2014-P-001-142 Unidentified child riding tricycle
2014-P-001-143 Unidentified child
2014-P-001-144 Unidentified boy
2014-P-001-145 Children chasing pigs
2014-P-001-146 Children in costumes
2014-P-001-147 Unidentified man and baby
2014-P-001-148 Unidentified man, woman, and child
2014-P-001-149 - 151 Children in all white clothing
2014-P-001-152 Children in all white clothing playing
2014-P-001-153 Unidentified children on bench
2014-P-001-154 Backyard peony garden
2014-P-001-155 Badlands (ND)
2014-P-001-156 Petrified Cabin, near Chateau de Mores, Medora (ND), P. W. Lebo photograph
2014-P-001-157 Waterfall, "the Dells", Black Hills (SD), W. B. Perkins photograph, 1910
2014-P-001-158 Three tennis players
2014-P-001-159 African American woman and child and two white children
2014-P-001-160 Badlands (ND)
2014-P-001-161 Medora (ND)
2014-P-001-162 Badlands (ND)
2014-P-001-163 Two unidentified children and stone marker
2014-P-001-164 People on hill in Badlands (ND)
2014-P-001-165 Rock formation on Needles Road, Black Hills (SD)
2014-P-001-166 Switchback on Needles Road, Black Hills (SD), Lease photograph
2014-P-001-167 Harney Peak, Black Hills (SD), Lease photograph
2014-P-001-168 Forest
2014-P-001-169 African American men on mules at a water trough
2014-P-001-170 Traffic on street
2014-P-001-171 Bald cypress trees in water or swamp
2014-P-001-172 Unidentified man hoeing corn
2014-P-001-173 Unidentified girl sitting on grass
2014-P-001-174 Unidentified children
2014-P-001-175 Sylvan Lake (SD) and lodge, Lease photograph
2014-P-001-176 "Chimney Rock" formation, Lease photograph
2014-P-001-177 Trees and Badlands in back ground (SD or ND)
2014-P-001-178 - 180 Badlands (SD or ND)
2014-P-001-181 Unidentified man and skinned animal
2014-P-001-182 Unidentified man holding opossum by the tail
2014-P-001-183 Woods
2014-P-001-184 Unidentified African Americans
2014-P-001-185 Log cabin
2014-P-001-186 Unidentified city and official building
2014-P-001-187 Group riding in automobile with dog on running board
2014-P-001-188 Unidentified boy
2014-P-001-189 Unidentified child in the woods
2014-P-001-190 Log cabins
2014-P-001-191 Group picnicking in forest
2014-P-001-192 Forest
2014-P-001-193 Road tunneled through rock
2014-P-001-194 - 195 People on Badlands rock outcroppings (ND or SD)
2014-P-001-196 Sylvan Lake (SD) Lodge, Lease photograph
2014-P-001-197 "The Gorge", Sylvan Lake (SD)
2014-P-001-198 Unidentified buildings and water tower
2014-P-001-199 Boats on shore of unidentified lake
2014-P-001-200 Row of houses
2014-P-001-201 Four unidentified men, including one African American
2014-P-001-202 Children feeding chickens
2014-P-001-203 Group of African Americans sitting in yard
2014-P-001-204 Unidentified children playing in woods
2014-P-001-205 Two unidentified girls with tricycles
2014-P-001-206 Unidentified women and children
2014-P-001-207 Unidentified girl
2014-P-001-208 Group of children, girls wearing some sort of headdress
2014-P-001-209 Child trying to ski
2014-P-001-210 Unidentified child and dog
2014-P-001-211 Child trying to ski
2014-P-001-212 Unidentified boy and girl
2014-P-001-213 - 214 Unidentified boy swinging a golf club
2014-P-001-215 Butte, Badlands (ND or SD)
2014-P-001-216 Badlands (ND or SD), Brotten photograph
2014-P-001-217 Two unidentified children next to peony garden
2014-P-001-218 Unidentified boy by bushes
2014-P-001-219 Cattle grazing
2014-P-001-220 Unidentified houses
2014-P-001-221 Unidentified African American
2014-P-001-222 Traffic in street
2014-P-001-223 Group riding in automobile with dog on running board
2014-P-001-224 African American woman washing clothes in basin, chicken coop yard in background
2014-P-001-225 African American woman and baby
2014-P-001-226 Group sitting in forest
2014-P-001-227 African Americans driving mule-drawn cart
2014-P-001-228 Unidentified people standing in road tunneled through rock     
2014-P-001-229 Unidentified woman sitting in grass
2014-P-001-230 Unidentified group
2014-P-001-231 Unidentified woman
2014-P-001-232 Unidentified man in the snow
2014-P-001-233 Unidentified girl
2014-P-001-234 Badlands (ND or SD)
2014-P-001-235 Three unidentified children sitting in toy wagon
2014-P-001-236 Needles Road, near Sylvan Lake (SD), Lease photograph
2014-P-001-237 Woman on porch with many plants
2014-P-001-238 Flower garden
2014-P-001-239 Woman next to flower garden
2014-P-001-240 Bald cypress tree in water or swamp
2014-P-001-241 Unidentified African American man holding skinned rabbit
2014-P-001-242 Group picnicking
2014-P-001-243 Group watching load of logs being transported by rail
2014-P-001-244 Child playing in a marsh
2014-P-001-245 Unidentified woman and two children outside house
2014-P-001-246 Unidentified boy
2014-P-001-247 Unidentified boy holding a doll or puppet
2014-P-001-248 Unidentified boy sitting on ladder, probably in an orchard
2014-P-001-249 Unidentified boy holding an umbrella
2014-P-001-250 Unidentified boy holding an umbrella and an unidentified girl
2014-P-001-251 Unidentified girl using roller skates
2014-P-001-252 Hillside in forest
2014-P-001-253 Two unidentified girls in patch of hollyhocks
2014-P-001-254 Rock formation
2014-P-001-255 Family in botanical garden, children sitting on an alligator
2014-P-001-256 Farmstead
2014-P-001-257 African Americans and wagons
2014-P-001-258 Unidentified wooden building
2014-P-001-259 Unidentified child standing in woods beside road
2014-P-001-260 Unidentified girl
2014-P-001-261 - 263 Unidentified child snowshoeing
2014-P-001-264 Unidentified family beside automobile
2014-P-001-265 Broadleaf arrowhead plants in swamp
2014-P-001-266 Three unidentified Hawaiian? woman wearing leis
2014-P-001-267 Pair of oxen working
2014-P-001-268 Pathway in garden
2014-P-001-269 Garden
2014-P-001-270 Plants in yard
2014-P-001-271 Children by automobile parked in yard
2014-P-001-272 Begonia patch in yard
2014-P-001-273 Unidentified group on steps
2014-P-001-274 Two women and two children sitting on lawn
2014-P-001-275 Three unidentified children and dog
2014-P-001-276 Woman and children ready to sit on the lawn
2014-P-001-277 Unidentified child with chickens
2014-P-001-278 Two unidentified children and dog
2014-P-001-279 Bird on lawn
2014-P-001-280 Rock formation
2014-P-001-281 Automobile driving through narrow road cut through rock
2014-P-001-282 Threshing in town
2014-P-001-283 Threshing in field
2014-P-001-284 Unidentified women and children on log steps
2014-P-001-285 Bridge in forest
2014-P-001-286 Plants in garden
2014-P-001-287 Garden with young plants
2014-P-001-288 Unidentified child sitting in chair
2014-P-001-289 Children playing on a hitching post
2014-P-001-290 Children sitting outside, holding small gifts
2014-P-001-291 Two children and dog
2014-P-001-292 Child dressed as a clown
2014-P-001-293 Woman holding baby
2014-P-001-294 Woman and child sitting on porch
2014-P-001-295 Tropical plants
2014-P-001-296 Girl under trellis arch
2014-P-001-297 Boy and girl holding lilac blossoms in front of lilac bush
2014-P-001-298 Boy and girl dressed as Native Americans
2014-P-001-299 Boy dressed as Native American, riding a tricycle
2014-P-001-300 - 302 Boy and girl dressed as Native Americans
2014-P-001-303 Girl and boy sitting with dog
2014-P-001-304 Unidentified boy snowshoeing
2014-P-001-305 Family of four
2014-P-001-306 Children sitting on log cabin's porch
2014-P-001-307 Two unidentified boys
2014-P-001-308 Woman and two boys
2014-P-001-309 James Monroe Avent and family, little town?
2014-P-001-310 Unidentified woman
2014-P-001-311 Unidentified group of children
2014-P-001-312 Harvesting rice
2014-P-001-313 Palm tree-lined road
2014-P-001-314 Unidentified building
2014-P-001-315 Men in pasture with a wagon
2014-P-001-316 - 317 Three people snowshoeing with dogs
2014-P-001-318 Group putting on snowshoes
2014-P-001-319 Unidentified man and woman
2014-P-001-320 Unidentified woman, mountain in background
2014-P-001-321 Two unidentified men outside lodge?
2014-P-001-322 Houses
2014-P-001-323 Back of houses
2014-P-001-324 - 329 House
2014-P-001-330 Vase of flowers on table
2014-P-001-331 Grand piano
2014-P-001-332 Children smelling roses
2014-P-001-333 Unidentified girl and boy
2014-P-001-334 Unidentified girl and boy wearing skies

Loose photographs
2014-P-001-335 Two women picnicking with a child in a pram
2014-P-001-336 Two unidentified children trying to ski
2014-P-001-337 Unidentified boy and girl
2014-P-001-338 Christmas card of Gladys and Pappy, message on back addressed to John and Edna, from Bro
2014-P-001-339 Group of four men and one woman
2014-P-001-340 Company B, 1st ND Infantry portrait, San Francisco (CA), June 19-28, 1898
2014-P-001-341 Company B, 1st ND Infantry, breaking camp, Camp Briggs, Fargo (ND), May 25, 1898
2014-P-001-342 Company B, 1st ND Infantry marching north on Broadway, at the corner of NP Avenue, Fargo (ND), May 25, 1898
2014-P-001-343 Members of 1st ND Infantry doing flips, identified: Sergeant of "H", Lieutenant Foley of "C", and Larry McLain, Fort Briggs, Fargo (ND), May 1898           
2014-P-001-344 Bugle Corps, 1st ND Infantry, Camp Merritt, San Francisco (CA), June 1 - 28, 1898, additional information on back of photo
2014-P-001-345 Christmas card showing the steamship Valencia, 1898
2014-P-001-346 Members of Company B, 1st ND Infantry relaxing, identified: Palmer, Lulher, Solancer, Bradley, Edwards, and Crooker, Camp Merritt (CA), 1898 or Presidio of San Francisco (CA), 1899
2014-P-001-347 Flagpole on grounds
2014-P-001-348 Grigsby's (Roosevelt's) Rough Riders relaxing, including an African American man, Georgia Camp, 1898
2014-P-001-349 Perhaps the "Astor Battery" eating a meal
2014-P-001-350 Part of the regiment staff portrait, identified: Osborn, Gearey, Fraine, Keye, Gelchel, color guard: Fraber and Allen, Camp Merritt (CA), 1898
2014-P-001-351 1st ND Infantry at dock, about to set sail for Manila, Philippines, Proctor on horse, June 28, 1898
2014-P-001-352 Company B, 1st ND Infantry group portrait, Camp Merritt, San Francisco (CA), June 1-12, 1898
2014-P-001-353 Soldiers at sea, on board the Valencia, June 28 - July 31, 1898
2014-P-001-354 Steamship "City of Para" at sea, 13th MN Volunteer Infantry on board, en route to the Philippines, June 1898
2014-P-001-355 Company B, 1st ND Infantry lined up, identified: Russeter, Bradley, Nord, Johnson, Lewis, Graflon, McBain, Hanche, Anderson, and Lieutenant Hildrelh, Camp Briggs, Fargo (ND), May 1898
2014-P-001-356 Grigsby's (Roosevelt's) Rough Riders group portrait, Chickamauga (GA), May 1898
2014-P-001-357 Company H, 1st ND Infantry lined up, Captain Eddy identified, Camp Briggs, Fargo (ND), May 1898
2014-P-001-358 Soldiers covered with flowers, coming home from the Philippines, Livingston (MT), September 30, 1899
2014-P-001-359 Company B, 1st ND Infantry, breaking camp, Camp Briggs, Fargo (ND), May 25, 1898
2014-P-001-360 Page of Harper's Weekly, from ca. 1890s showing pictures of the 13th MN Infantry, Philippines, 1954
2014-P-001-361 Page 120 of Harper's Weekly, from ca. 1890s showing pictures of American military in the Philippines, 1954
2014-P-001-362 Grigsby's (Roosevelt's) Rough Riders lined up, Officer George A. Nugent of Fargo (ND), Chickamauga (GA), May 1898                  
2014-P-001-363 1st ND Infantry, breaking camp, Camp Merritt, San Francisco (CA), June 28, 1898
2014-P-001-364 View of Camp Merrit, Richmond District, San Francisco (CA), June 1 - 28, 1898
2014-P-001-365 1st ND Infantry parade on 8th Street south of 13th Avenue, identified: Captain Gearey Adjutant on horse and Regiment Sergeant Major Fed E. Smith, Fargo (ND),  May 1898, additional information on back of photo
2014-P-001-366 Two unidentified children
2014-P-001-367 Unidentified man portrait, J. A. Hubertz photograph, Fargo (ND)     
2014-P-001-368 Unidentified woman portrait, Swem photograph, Fargo (ND)
2014-P-001-369 Unidentified woman portrait
2014-P-001-370 Seth Gruger? and dog
2014-P-001-371 Unidentified man, March 1950
2014-P-001-372 Boy and girl dressed up as Native Americans, running
2014-P-001-373 John and Aunt Clara, Tucson (AZ), May 1947
2014-P-001-374 Unidentified man and woman
2014-P-001-375 Group of children dressed all in white
2014-P-001-376 Unidentified group of four
2014-P-001-377 Two unidentified men golfing
2014-P-001-378 Flower garden, September 1954
2014-P-001-379 Unidentified baby portrait
2014-P-001-380 Unidentified man and woman
2014-P-001-381 Unidentified group of women
2014-P-001-382 Unidentified group walking in the snowy forest
2014-P-001-383 Woman standing behind snow pile
2014-P-001-384 Unidentified group riding in boat
2014-P-001-385 House with carport
2014-P-001-386 Frank, Anna, and John Martin (of Fargo, ND) photograph, Flaten photograph, Moorhead (MN)
2014-P-001-387 Unidentified man portrait
2014-P-001-388 Child in sleigh pulled by dog, another dog behind “no wonder Bob looks downcast”


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