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Title: Dr. Louis F. Pine

Dates: ca. 1940s

Collection Number:  2013-P-055

Quantity: 142 items

Abstract: Photographs taken by Dr. Louis F. Pine while serving in World War II in Korea and the Philippines.

Provenance: The collection was donated to the State Historical Society of North Dakota by Steven Pine on October 31, 2013.

Property Rights: The State Historical Society of North Dakota owns the property rights to this collection.
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From the Bismarck Tribune, June 23, 1997

Dr. Louis F. Pine was born August 15, 1918, at Burlington, VT, the son of Frederick and Rose Elizabeth (Roberge) Pine. He was raised and educated in Burlington. He obtained his Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Vermont in 1941 and his medical degree from College of Medicine, the University of Vermont in 1943. He completed his internship at St. Francis Hospital in Hartford, CT, in 1944. Louis was united in marriage to Anita E. DuGuay, June 24, 1944, in Worcester, MA.

He joined the U. S. Army Medical Service Corps in 1945 and served in Manila, Philippines, with the 312th General Hospital. He then worked in public health service with the U.S. Army in Korea in 1946. From 1947 to 1948 he completed his urology residency at the Worcester City Hospital, Worcester, MA. In January 1949, he and Mrs. Pine moved to Devils Lake, ND. He then worked at the Lake Region Clinic for 40 years and also provided surgical services to the communities of Harvey and Bottineau.

Dr. Pine was the secretary-treasurer of North Dakota-Manitoba Urological Society, vice president of the Jaycees and Man of the Year for the Jaycees in 1954. He was also vice president of the park board, and also taught tennis for the park board. He was president of 2nd District Medical Society and Rotary Club and served on the Blue Shield board of directors from 1954 to 1978. Dr. Pine was the district health officer for the Lake Region District Health Unit from 1956 to 1996 and a board member of the Pioneer Players and Chautauqua. He served as the Ramsey County coroner for 20 years. He was a life member of Veterans of Foreign Wars, Elks and Knights of Columbus, all of Devils Lake. He also was vice president of the Lake Region Community College Foundation, served as medical director of Lake Region Lutheran Home, and was a member of the U. S. Postal Service advisory council. Dr. Pine was also an active supporter of Devils Lake community arts.

Dr. Louis F. Pine died June 23, 1997, in a Fargo hospital. He was preceded in death by his wife, Anita, and his parents. He is survived by three sons and daughters-in-law, Louis II and LaVerne, Arlington, TX, Lawrence Pine and Candace Middleton, Jamestown, and Stephen and Carla, Mandan; three daughters and sons-in-law, Elizabeth and David Garaas, Fargo, Claudia and Mark Floan, Lexington, KY, and Carolyn and Galen Erb, Amenia; 13 grandchildren; and one sister and brother-in-law, Carmen and John Tessier, Peru, NY.


2013-P-055-01                   Native woman weaving grass, Tarawa
2013-P-055-02                  Soldiers and two native girls, Tarawa
2013-P-055-03                   Native girl, Tarawa
2013-P-055-04                   Native woman and small boy using wash tub, Macau
2013-P-055-05                   Group of native women, Fiji Islands
2013-P-055-06                   Soldiers and women in jeep
2013-P-055-07                   Damaged sugar mill
2013-P-055-08                   Damaged sugar beet factory
2013-P-055-09                   Doctor with open corpse
2013-P-055-10                   Native girl, Tarawa
2013-P-055-11                   Two soldiers and three native kids, Tarawa
2013-p-055-12                   Water buffalo pulling cart, Saipan
2013-P-055-13                   Damaged buildings, Saipan
2013-P-055-14                   Damaged buildings, Saipan
2013-P-055-15                   Statue of President of the sugar mills, Saipan
2013-P-055-16                   819th Bombardment Squadron, Saipan
2013-P-055-17                   Don Webster on “Saipan Road Hog Special” train
2013-P-055-18                   Rubble and damaged buildings
2013-P-055-19                   A day in Marshalls, view of ocean
2013-P-055-20                   Soldier on horseback and float in parade
2013-P-055-21                   Train float in parade
2013-P-055-22                   Float in parade
2013-P-055-23                   Groups marching in parade
2013-P-055-24                   Float in parade
2013-P-055-25                   Float in parade
2013-P-055-26                   Car in parade
2013-P-055-27                   Groups marching in parade
2013-P-055-28                   Groups marching in parade
2013-P-055-29                   Groups marching in parade
2013-P-055-30                   Vehicles in parade
2013-P-055-31                   Group marching in parade
2013-P-055-32                   Groups marching in parade
2013-P-055-33                   Float in parade
2013-P-055-34                   Float in parade
2013-P-055-35                   Korean National Police float in parade
2013-P-055-36                   Boat shaped float in parade
2013-P-055-37                   “Develop and Promote the Mining Resources” float in parade
2013-P-055-38                   Groups marching in parade
2013-P-055-39                   Tanks in parade
2013-P-055-40                   Horses in parade
2013-P-055-41                   Vehicles on street
2013-P-055-42                   Archway over street
2013-P-055-43                   Archway over street
2013-P-055-44                   Archway over street
2013-P-055-45                   Crowd on steps of building
2013-P-055-46                   Groups marching in parade
2013-P-055-47                   Officials sitting at tables on steps of building
2013-P-055-48                   Building with flags
2013-P-055-49                   View of street and buildings
2013-P-055-50                   Flags strung over street
2013-P-055-51                   Flags strung over street
2013-P-055-52                   Groups marching in parade
2013-P-055-53                   “1st Anniversary of Liberation of Korea V-J Day” float in parade
2013-P-055-54                   Jeeps in parade
2013-P-055-55                   Tanks in parade
2013-P-055-56                   Tanks in parade
2013-P-055-57                   Crowd of people
2013-P-055-58                   Crowd in front of building
2013-P-055-59                   Planes flying in formation
2013-P-055-60                   Group of men sitting at head table
2013-P-055-61                   Group of men sitting at head table
2013-P-055-62                   Group of men sitting at head table and crowd
2013-P-055-63                   Soldiers with bags on ship
2013-P-055-64                   View of water from ship
2013-P-055-65                   Ship
2013-P-055-66                   Marine Jumper Mast
2013-P-055-67                   Group of soldiers sitting on dock
2013-P-055-68                   Train tracks
2013-P-055-69                   Group of men sitting at head table
2013-P-055-70                   Native woman and boys
2013-P-055-71                   Native girls, Tarawa
2013-P-055-72                   Soldier and group of native men in truck
2013-P-055-73                   Soldiers
2013-P-055-74                   General Lurch and Hodge reviewing stand, August 1946
2013-P-055-75                   Dock
2013-P-055-76                   Boat in harbor
2013-P-055-77                   View of water from boat
2013-P-055-78                   View of water and shoreline from boat
2013-P-055-79                   View of water from boat
2013-P-055-80                   Ship on water
2013-P-055-81                   Boats on water
2013-P-055-82                   View from boat
2013-P-055-83                   Boats on water
2013-P-055-84                   Crane and pipes on dock
2013-P-055-85                   Soldiers with bags
2013-P-055-86                   View of water and shoreline from boat
2013-P-055-87                   Soldiers and beds
2013-P-055-88                   Soldiers with bags departing boat
2013-P-055-89                   View of water and shoreline from boat
2013-P-055-90                   Men and women sitting on pillows at table
2013-P-055-91                   View of water and shoreline from boat
2013-P-055-92                   Soldiers, two men and a woman
2013-P-055-93                   Tanks and vehicles in parade
2013-P-055-94                   Tanks and vehicles in parade
2013-P-055-95                   Building with column “World Peace Korean Liberation”
2013-P-055-96                   Building with flags
2013-P-055-97                   Building with column and flags
2013-P-055-98                   Building with column and flags
2013-P-055-99                   Crowd in front of building with columns and flags
2013-P-055-100                 Native men marching
2013-P-055-101                 Native men marching
2013-P-055-102                 Native men marching
2013-P-055-103                 Native men marching
2013-P-055-104                 Crowd in front of building with columns and flags
2013-P-055-105                 Crowd in front of building with columns and flags
2013-P-055-106                 Landscape
2013-P-055-107                 View of water and shoreline from boat
2013-P-055-108                 View of buildings from train
2013-P-055-109                 Landscape
2013-P-055-110                 Landing barge, “Big Bambino,” Saipan
2013-P-055-111                 Little boy
2013-P-055-112                 Native woman
2013-P-055-113                 Three native boys
2013-P-055-114                 Bay?
2013-P-055-115                 Opening of Burma Road, China, 1945
2013-P-055-116                 Docked ship
2013-P-055-117                 Landscape
2013-P-055-118                 Landscape
2013-P-055-119                 Four soldiers
2013-P-055-120                 View of water and shoreline from boat
2013-P-055-121                 Ships on water
2013-P-055-122                 View of water and shoreline from boat
2013-P-055-123                 View of water from boat
2013-P-055-124                 View of water and shoreline from boat
2013-P-055-125                 View of water from boat
2013-P-055-126                 Small boat on water
2013-P-055-127                 Four soldiers
2013-P-055-128                 Native man on dock or boat
2013-P-055-129                 Military vehicles in parade
2013-P-055-130                 Landscape
2013-P-055-131                 Bridge
2012-P-055-132                 View of water
2013-P-055-133                 Bridge
2013-P-055-134                 Four soldiers
2013-P-055-135                 Children lying on mattresses on floor
2013-P-055-136                 Woman lying on mattress on floor
2013-P-055-137                 Two women and a baby, Guam
2013-P-055-138                 Native woman, Tarawa
2013-P-055-139                 Damaged Sugar Mill, Saipan
2013-P-055-140                 Two young women holding dogs, Guam
2013-P-055-141                 Native girl, Tarawa
2013-P-055-142                 Native girl, Tarawa

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