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Title: McLean County Journal Photographs

Dates: ca. 1940s-1980s

Collection Number:  2013-P-037

Quantity: 4,259 items

Abstract: Photographs in the collection document life in the Turtle Lake, McLean County (ND) region, and some were used in issues of the McLean County Journal. Subjects in the collection include: businesses, people, agriculture, rodeos, homes and buildings, community events, sports, fires and education.

Provenance: The collection was donated to the State Historical Society of North Dakota by Nancy Wilson, daughter of Gerald Anderson and granddaughter of G. T. Anderson, former McLean County Journal publishers, on August 29, 2013.

Property Rights: The State Historical Society of North Dakota owns the property rights to this collection.
Copyrights: Copyrights to materials in this collection remain with the donor, publisher, author, or author's heirs. Researchers should consult the 1976 Copyright Act, Public Law 94-553, Title 17, U.S. Code and an archivist at this repository if clarification of copyright requirements is needed.
Access: This collection is open under the rules and regulations of the State Historical Society of North Dakota.
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McLean County telephone books were added to the library collection.
McLean County Journal issues were transferred to the newspaper collection.
41550 Crooked Lake School District #26, 1906-1912 School District Clerk's Record and Teacher's Register, 6v. and
41551 Lake Williams School District #72, 1913-1931 School District Clerk's Record and Teacher's Register 18v. were transferred to the Local Government records collections.

HISTORICAL SKETCH, the McLean County Journal

Turtle Lake's first newspaper, the Turtle Lake Wave, was started at the site of old Turtle Lake with the first issue appearing on May 2, 1902. The name of Edwin W. Harris appeared as editor. The paper was printed at Washburn with three of the four pages consisting of boiler plate or ready print service. The front page of Volume 1, number 1, contained the local news correspondence notes from neighboring communities and two display ads. One ad advertised Men's Lanpher Hats for sale by Theo J. Haugberg, and the other ad from A. T. Danielson, Washburn, advertising Pure Bred Buff Cochins at $1.00 per setting of 13 eggs. It is not known how long the paper was published at Washburn, but it is believed to have been only a short time until type and a press were brought to Turtle Lake and the paper printed in its infancy and continued to publish it until 1917 . At that time he sold paper to Geo. L. Nelson who published the Wave until the summer of 1919. J. M. Smith took over the Wave in 1919 and except for a short period of time that it was published by B. T. Huber, Mr. Smith continued publishing the Wave until his death on August 10, 1935. The Wave continued to be published by J. Earl Chapman for about a year after Mr. Smith's death and the publication was with the issue of Sept 11, 1936.

In the fall of 1907, the political situation in Turtle Lake appeared to be hot and furious, as in that year another newspaper was started in Turtle Lake. It was called the Turtle Lake Republican and was the continuation of the Underwood Republican. It carried name of W. S. LeCount as the editor. The Wave and the Republic carried on "a good, old-fashioned newspaper war," said an article clipped from the Denhoff Voice and printed the Republican on February 20, 1908. According to the article, ''The Wave is of the opinion that Turtle Lake is too small to support two newspapers, and the Republican claims that it has a perfect right to open a newspaper office there. The Wave calls the editor of the Republican tuff names, and the Republican in turn tells how Bro. Jones was jilted by his girl when he asked to see her from church one Sunday evening.

The Republican carried a good number of ads. Among the ads were those of the Eureka Bazaar; the Cash Store; Blumhagen, Huber and Haas; George A. Wagner and F. D. Ries; Turtle Lake Drug Co.; Turtle Lake Union; Paulson Land Agency; Keim's Livery with V. Russell as Proprietor; Windum Hotel with John Cosgrove as Proprietor; M. Skaley, Blacksmith; Salzer Lumber Co.; John Phimister, Manager; Turtle Lake Feed and Flour Miller, Fred Adam, Proprietor; Knoblick Bros, well drillers. Bestlignite coal was advertised for sale at $2.00 per ton at the mine four miles southwest of Turtle Lake by Long and Arvidson Bros., Proprietors. The Feb 20, 1908 market report quoted No. 1 wheat at 98 cents, Macaroni wheat, 75 cents, Flax $1.04, Oats 40 cents, Barley 75 cents, Potatoes 75 cents, Butter 20 cents and eggs 20 cents.

The Turtle Lake Republican was published only a few years before suspending publication. It was located in the building on the east side of Main Street; the building is presently occupied by Theo Kundert's Turtle Lake Electric.

Turtle Lake's present newspaper, the McLean County Journal, was started in November of 1925 with G. T. Anderson as editor. Turtle Lake thus once again had two newspapers. Both papers continued publication until September 11, 1936, when the Turtle Lake Wave ceased publication. The Wave subscription list and part of the equipment and type was acquired by the McLean County Journal.

The Journal was published for about 20 years in the present Turtle Lake Electric building. When the ownership of the building changed hands the printing establishment had to find other quarters for its equipment. The linotype job press, type and miscellaneous equipment were moved across the street to the present Journal office building, and the cylinder newspaper press, folder and casting equipment was moved to the then Edwin Anderson building just north of the present McLean Dairy Co-op creamery building. For about a year and a half the type for the paper was set and locked in page forms and transported to the building containing the press, where the paper was printed, folded and then returned to the Journal office where it was addressed and prepared for mailing.  On October 29, 1947, the Journal suspended publication for a period of six months due to illness of the editor and lack of sufficient advertising revenue. The Journal resumed publication on April 22, 1948, and that summer and fall a new cement block addition was built to the back of the Journal office building. The newspaper press and other printing equipment was moved into the new addition that winter, thus once more housing all the Journal equipment in one building. G. T. Anderson continued as editor and publisher of the Journal since its founding in 1925.

The Publisher's Auxiliary, the national trade paper, for newspaper publishers, carried the following article in its issue of November 19, 1938:

"Nomination for one of the cleanest weekly plants in the country goes to Turtle Lake, ND, where G. T. Anderson publishes the Turtle Lake Journal. Anderson has all the machinery, even the cylinder press, painted with gray enamel."

The McLean County Journal has continued publication from its present location on Main Street since 1955. Since then, however, several changes have been made in the business.

In 1956 an automatic press for "job" or commercial printing was purchased. Previously all printing of letter heads, envelopes, tickets, cards, etc. was done "by hand" in that each piece of paper to be printed was fed into the printing press by hand. The "new" (actually used) Heidelberg printing press was automatic in that the machine picked up each piece of paper to be printer, printed it, and placed it in a pile after being printed, and printing was accomplished at a much faster speed.

A number of years later the Journal purchased a camera and engraving equipment to use zinc plates for  in-house printing pictures in the newspaper.

In 1967, the Journal entered the age of "offset" printing in its commercial printing department. Previously all printing was done by a direct method where type was set, and in the printing process the machines placed ink on the type, and "pressed" the paper against the type. In the offset method of printing, type is set and then photographed. This photographic image is transferred to a special flat printing plate, ink is applied to the image on the page, and this image is then transferred to a rubber "blanket" and then transferred to the paper. This process offers considerable latitude and speed in the printing of many types of products.

In 1970 several major changes took place at the Journal. During the last week in July of that year, the offset printing process was applied to the newspaper. Previously, all type for the newspaper was set with Linotype machines, and by hand, and placed in large metal printing frames put in the newspaper press in the office at Turtle Lake, and four pages of the newspaper were printed at one time. After these pages were printed the large sheets of paper were turned over, four new pages of type were placed in the press, and then printed. After this the large sheets of paper were placed in a folding machine which folded the sheets into the size for distribution.

With the conversion to offset printing the large printing press and folding machine were no longer needed. Also, some new typesetting machines were installed to replace some, but not all, of the use of the Linotypes for setting type. With the offset process of printing the Linotypes and new typesetting machines (called "Justowriters") were used to set the materials used in the newspaper. One printed copy of all the material was made. Instead of the type and lead being placed in a metal frame for printing, for the former process, the copies of the type which has been set is "pasted" or glued to a sheet of paper in the form which it is to appear on the page of a newspaper. This sheet of material which has been "pasted" in the replica of a large newspaper page is then photographed by a large camera (which takes pictures the full size of a newspaper page). The negatives from this camera are then taken to Garrison, the image from the negatives, transferred to special offset metal printing plates, and the plates placed on a large printing press that prints from large rolls of paper, and can print all pages of the newspaper, and fold them at the same time. This printing process at Garrison involves the newspaper only, however, as all other types of printing are still handled with the printing facilities at Turtle Lake. Later, the Justowriter printing machines were replaced by Compugraphic photo typesetting

In October, of that same year, 1970, ownership of the newspaper was transferred by sale of the business and property from G. T. Anderson to Gerald and Janelle Anderson. The sale ended 45 years of publishing of the Journal for the elder Anderson.

The Journal won several awards in newspaper contests conducted by the state newspaper association, one in reporting and two in use of photographs. In 1979, the McLean County Journal moved from its location across from the Post Office to the former Bank of Turtle Lake building.

The printing and publishing business of the McLean County Journal was sold to BHG, Inc., at Garrison in the fall of 1998, ending 73 years of newspaper ownership in the Anderson family.

Source: “The McLean County Journal” from 100th Anniversary, Turtle Lake, North Dakota: 1905-2005


Gerald W. Anderson was born July 26, 1939 at Minot (ND), a son of Gustav T. and Polly (Badraun) Anderson. He attended school in Turtle Lake and graduated from Turtle Lake high school in 1957. While attending school, he learned the printing and journalism trades from his father. He then attended Concordia College at Moorhead (MN), graduating in 1961. Following his graduation, he worked for the McLean County Independent at Garrison, serving as editor until the farmer’s cooperative was able to find an individual buyer. He was drafted into the U.S. Army in March 1963 and honorably discharged in March 1965 after serving as an information specialist at Fort Benjamin Harrison in Indiana.

He married Janelle Landsiedel of Garrison (ND) on August 7, 1963. Following his discharge from the Army, they moved to Turtle Lake where they later purchased the McLean County Journal from G. T. Anderson. They sold the newspaper to BHG, Inc. of Garrison in September 1998, and since then has been working part-time for BHG. Janelle died January 10, 2003.

Gerald was involved with a variety of community organizations, including the Turtle Lake Park Board, Turtle Lake Lions, was a lifetime member of the Turtle Lake Volunteer Fire Department, Trinity Lutheran Church Council, Masonic Lodge No. 122 of Washburn, and the Turtle Lake American Legion Post 133. Jerry was a 50 year member and past president of the North Dakota Newspaper Association.

Gerald W. Anderson died October 1, 2012 at his home in Turtle Lake. He is survived by his three children, Dean and Judy (Putney) of Sheridan (OR), Nancy (Willie) Wilson of Coleharbor (ND), and Jason of Garrison (ND); eight grandchildren; one sister; and nephews.

Source: “Gerald W. Anderson.” Goetz Funeral Homes, Inc. Obituaries. Accessed at

Photographs Inventory

2013-P-037-0001               Construction
2013-P-037-0002               Turtle Lake Elevators
2013-P-037-0003               Young woman and toddler
2013-P-037-0004               Young lady in dunking tank
2013-P-037-0005               Harvesting sunflowers
2013-P-037-0006               Men standing in group
2013-P-037-0007               Michael Birst and Melody Weaver
2013-P-037-0008               Rockwell Gauge
2013-P-037-0009               Nurse taking elderly man’s blood pressure
2013-P-037-0010               Men constructing wall
2013-P-037-0011               Girl with 4-H exhibit
2013-P-037-0012               Home with Christmas decorations at night
2013-P-037-0013               Sheriff
2013-P-037-0014               Gary Emineth, Layton Freborg, Jude Heringer, and Larry Nudell at table
2013-P-037-0015               McLean County Sheriff’s deputy
2013-P-037-0016               Man sitting at desk
2013-P-037-0017               Valentine decorations on door
2013-P-037-0018               Crane and grain elevator
2013-P-037-0019               Three men at table
2013-P-037-0020               Children playing T-ball
2013-P-037-0021               Group of men at outdoor presentation
2013-P-037-0022               Turtle Lake-Mercer High School, winner of the 1997 VTE Director’s Award for Agriculture Education.  From left:  Mel Olson, Director, North Dakota State Board for Vocational and Technical Education; Keith Bohn, Agriculture Education Instructor. 
2013-P-037-0023               Man with belt sander
2013-P-037-0024               Man running near Mercer
2013-P-037-0025               Group of bearded men
2013-P-037-0026               Baseball game
2013-P-037-0027               Man and woman at table, might be at bowling alley
2013-P-037-0028               Group by Scoria sign at park
2013-P-037-0029               Woman and teenage girl with “Waterfront” project display
2013-P-037-0030               Car Accident
2013-P-037-0031               Turtle Lake American Legion Auxiliary men in jeep during parade
2013-P-037-0032               Men and garbage truck
2013-P-037-0033               Man raking leaves
2013-P-037-0034               Combine with broken windows
2013-P-037-0035               Men at podium
2013-P-037-0036               Car with broken windows
2013-P-037-0037               Water system pipes
2013-P-037-0038               Kids in classroom
2013-P-037-0039               Basement
2013-P-037-0040               Wilton Special Olympics
2013-P-037-0041               Women prepping food
2013-P-037-0042               Group spaying water to fill ice rink
2013-P-037-0043               Three men in front of GOP sign
2013-P-037-0044               Wooden shack
2013-P-037-0045               Two men and a woman at desk
2013-P-037-0046               Two men at presentation
2013-P-037-0047               House being sided
2013-P-037-0048               From Left:  Rick and Char Anderson, Rowena and Weston Johannes and Pat and Valdon Swanson
2013-P-037-0049               Bronc rider at rodeo
2013-P-037-0050               Man in glasses
2013-P-037-0051               Two men talking
2013-P-037-0052               “Snowbunny” in yard
2013-P-037-0053               Women working
2013-P-037-0054               Little girl in pink dress
2013-P-037-0055               Roger Mehrer
2013-P-037-0056               Aerial
2013-P-037-0057               Tschider-Hoffer Wedding photo
2013-P-037-0058               Large snow pile
2013-P-037-0059               Dam
2013-P-037-0060               Junior Class Float in parade
2013-P-037-0061               Cossacks Women’s basketball team
2013-P-037-0062               Unidentified man
2013-P-037-0063               Unidentified man and woman
2013-P-037-0064               Football game
2013-P-037-0065               Mercer Booster Club Float in parade
2013-P-037-0066               Woman
2013-P-037-0067               Damaged car
2013-P-037-0068               Recycling Bins
2013-P-037-0069               Starting line at race
2013-P-037-0070               First Aid
2013-P-037-0071               Boy with Thanksgiving decorations
2013-P-037-0072               Toddler with Santa Claus
2013-P-037-0073               Grain elevator
2013-P-037-0074               Grain elevator
2013-P-037-0075               2nd Place winning float
2013-P-037-0076               Small child with Santa Claus
2013-P-037-0077               Group with Governor Olson
2013-P-037-0078               Little girl and Santa
2013-P-037-0079               Mike Mickle and two young women
2013-P-037-0080               Turtle race
2013-P-037-0081               1st place winning float
2013-P-037-0082               Group of boys with 4-H ribbons
2013-P-037-0083               Unidentified man and woman
2013-P-037-0084               Unidentified man and woman with wedding cake
2013-P-037-0085               Unidentified woman
2013-P-037-0086               Unidentified man looking at 4-H project
2013-P-037-0087               Child on plastic sled
2013-P-037-0088               Robert Peterson
2013-P-037-0089               Turtle Lake Special School buses
2013-P-037-0090               Men working construction
2013-P-037-0091               Men working construction
2013-P-037-0092               Garbage strewn around property
2013-P-037-0093               Group of women and young women
2013-P-037-0094               Nurse filling tub
2013-P-037-0095               Alana Davis hunting Easter eggs
2013-P-037-0096               Dr. James M. Christensen
2013-P-037-0097               Women’s basketball game
2013-P-037-0098               Water coming over spillway
2013-P-037-0099               Bronc rider at rodeo
2013-P-037-0100               Man shoveling snow away from car
2013-P-037-0101               Lisa Vig, Lutheran Social Services
2013-P-037-0102               Tipis at festival
2013-P-037-0103               Honor guard at parade
2013-P-037-0104               Engagement photo
2013-P-037-0105               Gathering of people outside of McLean-Sheridan Rural Water
2013-P-037-0106               Woman speaking with two men
2013-P-037-0107               Utility workers
2013-P-037-0108               Children with Santa Claus
2013-P-037-0109               Man shoveling
2013-P-037-0110               Man installing drop ceiling
2013-P-037-0111               Unidentified man
2013-P-037-0112               “Good Old Days” Float in parade
2013-P-037-0113               House Fire
2013-P-037-0114               Little boy gathering Easter Eggs
2013-P-037-0115               Construction on Turtle Lake Manor Apartments
2013-P-037-0116               Football player
2013-P-037-0117               Boys Basketball
2013-P-037-0118               Unidentified
2013-P-037-0119               Baby in car seat
2013-P-037-0120               Pinewood derby race
2013-P-037-0121               Might be road construction
2013-P-037-0122               Runner passing baton to older man
2013-P-037-0123               Damaged pickup truck
2013-P-037-0124               Easter decoration
2013-P-037-0125               Man on scaffolding
2013-P-037-0126               Women with trophy
2013-P-037-0127               Man in glasses
2013-P-037-0128               “Wheelers” of Washburn in parade
2013-P-037-0129               Women hugging during presentation
2013-P-037-0130               Man looking at exhibits, possibly 4-H
2013-P-037-0131               David Boyer
2013-P-037-0132               Miss Sakakawea receiving trophy
2013-P-037-0133               Man with bicycle and luggage
2013-P-037-0134               Two men
2013-P-037-0135               Men at table, including Byron Dorgan
2013-P-037-0136               Group of men with beards and hats
2013-P-037-0137               Small child and Santa Claus
2013-P-037-0138               Machinery
2013-P-037-0139               State Patrol car and an officer
2013-P-037-0140               Chad Sandevol, Soil Conservation District, Washburn
2013-P-037-0141               Nurse drawing blood from woman’s finger
2013-P-037-0142               House with Christmas decorations
2013-P-037-0143               Children meeting Santa Claus
2013-P-037-0144               Little boy beside gift bag
2013-P-037-0145               Little boy and Santa Claus
2013-P-037-0146               Kids with wagon and large pumpkin
2013-P-037-0147               Aaron Dalke
2013-P-037-0148               El Zagel Shriners float in parade
2013-P-037-0149               Man in suit
2013-P-037-0150               Brick building
2013-P-037-0151               Group of men and women
2013-P-037-0152               Man speaking at podium
2013-P-037-0153               Woman giving presentation
2013-P-037-0154               Man
2013-P-037-0155               Office desk with computer
2013-P-037-0156               Man inspecting floor
2013-P-037-0157               Damaged grain bin
2013-P-037-0158               Girl and boy with Santa Claus
2013-P-037-0159               Julie Honcharenko
2013-P-037-0160               Group releasing balloons at football field
2013-P-037-0161               Basketball game, Josh Gessele and unidentified
2013-P-037-0162               Washburn football game
2013-P-037-0163               Women having tea
2013-P-037-0164               Man and little girl on Ferris wheel
2013-P-037-0165               Three men in suits shaking hands
2013-P-037-0166               Home Economics Class
2013-P-037-0167               7000th patient (woman in hospital bed)
2013-P-037-0168               Two men working on pick up bed
2013-P-037-0169               Al from Standard Oil
2013-P-037-0170               Man in collar (priest) at desk
2013-P-037-0171               Women at table
2013-P-037-0172               Construction
2013-P-037-0173               Damaged car
2013-P-037-0174               Train derailment
2013-P-037-0175               Group taking outdoor tour
2013-P-037-0176               Men carrying wooden plank
2013-P-037-0177               Damaged Ford Bronco
2013-P-037-0178               Woman with 4-H displays
2013-P-037-0179               McLean-Sheridan Rural Water System sign
2013-P-037-0180               Group at head table
2013-P-037-0181               Dry Slough
2013-P-037-0182               Children with Santa Claus
2013-P-037-0183               Teenage boys accepting McLean County Tournament trophy
2013-P-037-0184               Woman
2013-P-037-0185               Grouping painting a building (possibly a church)
2013-P-037-0186               Woman
2013-P-037-0187               Tractor pulling drill
2013-P-037-0188               Teenage boy
2013-P-037-0189               Soil Conservation Service building and sign
2013-P-037-0190               Girls looking at 4-H exhibits
2013-P-037-0191               Woman looking at garage sale items
2013-P-037-0192               Emergency responders at car accident
2013-P-037-0193               House with Christmas decorations
2013-P-037-0194               House with Christmas decorations
2013-P-037-0195               McLean County Fair 4-H float in parade
2013-P-037-0196               House (might be home of Jerry Reiser)
2013-P-037-0197               Children with Santa Claus
2013-P-037-0198               Man
2013-P-037-0199               Horse and buggy driven by young boys
2013-P-037-0200               House with Christmas decorations
2013-P-037-0201               Cub Scout troop
2013-P-037-0202               Tractor in field with power plant in distance
2013-P-037-0203               Marching band and school bus out on highway
2013-P-037-0204               West River Telephone float in parade
2013-P-037-0205               Equity Elevator and Trading Company
2013-P-037-0206               Firemen putting out house fire
2013-P-037-0207               Two women on swings in Candisc shirts
2013-P-037-0208               Group of men and women
2013-P-037-0209               Table full of toothpick bridges
2013-P-037-0210               Man
2013-P-037-0211               El Zagel Wheelers of Washburn in parade
2013-P-037-0212               Crowd of people watching unidentified event
2013-P-037-0213               Woman making dolls
2013-P-037-0214               Plants
2013-P-037-0215               Couple camping at Candisc
2013-P-037-0216               Two men looking at tools
2013-P-037-0217               House
2013-P-037-0218               Child with Santa Claus
2013-P-037-0219               Small Evergreen tree covered in frost
2013-P-037-0220               Pile of debris
2013-P-037-0221               Boys Basketball, John Christensen
2013-P-037-0222               Women with microscope
2013-P-037-0223               People in small airplane
2013-P-037-0224               Women at raffle
2013-P-037-0225               Football game
2013-P-037-0226               Volleyball game
2013-P-037-0227               Couple with infant boy
2013-P-037-0228               8th grade float in parade
2013-P-037-0229               Grain elevator
2013-P-037-0230               3rd grade class Halloween art
2013-P-037-0231               Woman holding 1983 NDNA Better Newspaper Contest Award
2013-P-037-0232               Nurse drawing blood from woman
2013-P-037-0233               Children playing guitars in Christmas program
2013-P-037-0234               Hand written littering sign on tree
2013-P-037-0235               Man fixing electronics
2013-P-037-0236               Young man at parade
2013-P-037-0237               Women at typewriter
2013-P-037-0238               Large snow drift in front of home
2013-P-037-0239               Teacher and girls
2013-P-037-0240               Van parked in front of shop
2013-P-037-0241               Man on phone
2013-P-037-0242               Woman painting boy’s face
2013-P-037-0243               Tennis court
2013-P-037-0244               Crowd at concession stand
2013-P-037-0245               House with Christmas decorations
2013-P-037-0246               Infant being weighed
2013-P-037-0247               Woman playing on floor with child
2013-P-037-0248               McLean REC float in parade
2013-P-037-0249               Tractor mowing ditch
2013-P-037-0250               Children and adults leaving Rath Auditorium
2013-P-037-0251               Display of picture frames and clocks
2013-P-037-0252               High school boys with trophy
2013-P-037-0253               Man in coveralls working with sheet metal
2013-P-037-0254               Man working on tractor tire
2013-P-037-0255               Two men behind desk
2013-P-037-0256               Man signing up for raffle
2013-P-037-0257               Kids planting trees
2013-P-037-0258               4-H club float in parade
2013-P-037-0259               Empty lot
2013-P-037-0260               Auction sale
2013-P-037-0261               Two men
2013-P-037-0262               Boy on bicycle
2013-P-037-0263               Man jogging down highway in winter
2013-P-037-0264               Men
2013-P-037-0265               Man running snow blower
2013-P-037-0266               Egg race
2013-P-037-0267               Girl wiping down fire truck
2013-P-037-0268               Paul C. Schmidt
2013-P-037-0269               Man and woman
2013-P-037-0270               House
2013-P-037-0271               Photo of blueprint
2013-P-037-0272               Group of young men
2013-P-037-0273               Men working with pipe
2013-P-037-0274               Cars parked in front of building
2013-P-037-0275               Float in parade
2013-P-037-0276               Group
2013-P-037-0277               Girl with Santa Claus
2013-P-037-0278               Aerial view of a town
2013-P-037-0279               Two men
2013-P-037-0280               Man
2013-P-037-0281               Kids with awards
2013-P-037-0282               Child gathering Easter eggs
2013-P-037-0283               Men looking at plans for Lake Brekken-Holmes Recreation Area
2013-P-037-0284               Girls track team
2013-P-037-0285               Man presenting map
2013-P-037-0286               Float in parade
2013-P-037-0287               Men
2013-P-037-0288               Man playing French Horn
2013-P-037-0289               Utility workers
2013-P-037-0290               Carnival Ring Toss Game
2013-P-037-0291               Apiculture equipment
2013-P-037-0292               Keith Bjerke ‘87
2013-P-037-0293               Woman
2013-P-037-0294               Plowing snow
2013-P-037-0295               House with Christmas decorations
2013-P-037-0296               Female in play
2013-P-037-0297               Child with Santa Claus
2013-P-037-0298               Child with Santa Claus
2013-P-037-0299               Boys playing basketball at McLean County Fair Shoot the Hoop
2013-P-037-0300               Boy looking at plate full of seeds
2013-P-037-0301               Collapsed barn
2013-P-037-0302               Woman dressed as bag lady in parade
2013-P-037-0303               Street view
2013-P-037-0304               Football game
2013-P-037-0305               Scented brooms display
2013-P-037-0306               Men working in garage
2013-P-037-0307               House with Christmas lights
2013-P-037-0308               Group of men
2013-P-037-0309               Pickup in front of store
2013-P-037-0310               Larry Clark
2013-P-037-0311               Logan Zinke and Santa Claus
2013-P-037-0312               Damaged trailer house
2013-P-037-0313               Little girl and Santa Claus
2013-P-037-0314               Burnt pasture
2013-P-037-0315               House
2013-P-037-0316               Men in front of New Generation Seed Corn Plot
2013-P-037-0317               Doctors and mother with child
2013-P-037-0318               Group in store
2013-P-037-0319               Group watching woman use computer
2013-P-037-0320               Little boy playing basketball
2013-P-037-0321               Garbage bags piled on curb
2013-P-037-0322               Damaged building
2013-P-037-0323               Boy stretching at track practice
2013-P-037-0324               People eating at picnic shelter
2013-P-037-0325               Woman and nativity
2013-P-037-0326               Woman
2013-P-037-0327               Float in parade
2013-P-037-0328               Sylvia Swanson
2013-P-037-0329               Woman addressing group of girls
2013-P-037-0330               Woman addressing group of girls
2013-P-037-0331               Damaged car
2013-P-037-0332               Woman addressing group of girls
2013-P-037-0333               Quartet at piano
2013-P-037-0334               Pay loader hauling snow
2013-P-037-0335               Group photo
2013-P-037-0336               Damaged building and bin, Kenny Lelm
2013-P-037-0337               Two men with ND 4-H Club Foundation Award
2013-P-037-0338               Couple in costumes
2013-P-037-0339               Two women behind counters
2013-P-037-0340               Woman with book
2013-P-037-0341               Woman addressing group of girls
2013-P-037-0342               Man
2013-P-037-0343               Girl grooming rabbit
2013-P-037-0344               Little girl with Santa Claus
2013-P-037-0345               Frieda Schindler (left)
2013-P-037-0346               Peterson-Weber engagement photo
2013-P-037-0347               Group photo
2013-P-037-0348               Damaged grain bins
2013-P-037-0349               Men grilling hamburgers
2013-P-037-0350               Man working on trench
2013-P-037-0351               Girl with trophies
2013-P-037-0352               Damaged FU Oil Truck
2013-P-037-0353               Man and woman with floral basket arrangement
2013-P-037-0354               Joel Lemer of Carrington and Elvin Anderson of Rugby at computer
2013-P-037-0355               Boys basketball game
2013-P-037-0356               “Snow bunny” in yard
2013-P-037-0357               Halloween decorations in window
2013-P-037-0358               Christmas nativity in home
2013-P-037-0359               Derby races
2013-P-037-0360               Woman
2013-P-037-0361               Float in a parade, 1986
2013-P-037-0362               Sheriff
2013-P-037-0363               Kids on float in parade
2013-P-037-0364               Water flowing out of pipe into creek
2013-P-037-0365               Miss Underwood and a “cardinal” on float in parade
2013-P-037-0366               Men laying bricks
2013-P-037-0367               Kids playing in the snow
2013-P-037-0368               Woman looking at Lewis and Clark Expedition Exhibit
2013-P-037-0369               Girl tying her shoe
2013-P-037-0370               American Legion at ceremony at cemetery
2013-P-037-0371               Ditch full of snow
2013-P-037-0372               McLean County Sheriff’s Dept. taking photo of broken door
2013-P-037-0373               Football game
2013-P-037-0374               American Legion at ceremony
2013-P-037-0375               Little girl with Santa Claus
2013-P-037-0376               Pay loader and dump truck
2013-P-037-0377               Men with large Northern Pike
2013-P-037-0378               Two men with book
2013-P-037-0379               Man with glasses (might be Chase)
2013-P-037-0380               Man on stilts
2013-P-037-0381               Boy scouts
2013-P-037-0382               Jayson Walker
2013-P-037-0383               Might be Howard Correll
2013-P-037-0384               Man in hat
2013-P-037-0385               Woman sitting at counter
2013-P-037-0386               Floral arrangements in cooler
2013-P-037-0387               Bridgeman truck
2013-P-037-0388               Man and team with covered wagon/buggy
2013-P-037-0389               Woman
2013-P-037-0390               Damaged vehicle
2013-P-037-0391               Landscape/dock
2013-P-037-0392               Crowd at auction sale
2013-P-037-0393               House and fallen branches
2013-P-037-0394               Carver
2013-P-037-0395               Girls basketball game
2013-P-037-0396               Little league baseball game
2013-P-037-0397               Man and turtle with trophy and ribbons
2013-P-037-0398               Tractor and swather
2013-P-037-0399               Woman
2013-P-037-0400               Turtle races
2013-P-037-0401               Men working in street
2013-P-037-0402               Waterway
2013-P-037-0403               Snow in ditch
2013-P-037-0404               Kids at table
2013-P-037-0405               Damaged house
2013-P-037-0406               Compost pile
2013-P-037-0407               Crowd at banquet
2013-P-037-0408               Farmers Union Oil Company
2013-P-037-0409               Coal mining
2013-P-037-0410               Kids in hay looking for prizes
2013-P-037-0411               View of shoreline
2013-P-037-0412               Sunflower field
2013-P-037-0413               Man landscaping
2013-P-037-0414               Man in American Legion hat
2013-P-037-0415               Group photo
2013-P-037-0416               Women’s choir performing in street, Turtle Lake (ND)
2013-P-037-0417               Woman and girl looking at dolls (Sally, Elizabeth)
2013-P-037-0418               Girl setting during volleyball game
2013-P-037-0419               Little boy and Santa Claus
2013-P-037-0420               Halloween decoration, leaves in pumpkin garbage bag
2013-P-037-0421               Hospital room
2013-P-037-0422               Children in cemetery
2013-P-037-0423               Cody Wegner with Santa Claus
2013-P-037-0424               Four women
2013-P-037-0425               Little boys sitting cross-legged on floor
2013-P-037-0426               Child with Santa Claus
2013-P-037-0427               Man working with Computer Wheel Balancer
2013-P-037-0428               Herman Hastings
2013-P-037-0429               Swathing oats
2013-P-037-0430               Priest at desk
2013-P-037-0431               Cemetery
2013-P-037-0432               Woman hanging children’s art on the wall
2013-P-037-0433               Might be Reverend Dennis Brucks
2013-P-037-0434               Men shooting pool
2013-P-037-0435               Man and woman in car
2013-P-037-0436               Men pouring cement
2013-P-037-0437               Man jogging on highway
2013-P-037-0438               Group photo
2013-P-037-0439               Train derailment
2013-P-037-0440               Group of men
2013-P-037-0441               Men grilling
2013-P-037-0442               Frances Sklenicka
2013-P-037-0443               Three men in suits
2013-P-037-0444               Gerald Neubauer and new ambulance
2013-P-037-0445               Four women
2013-P-037-0446               Farmstead
2013-P-037-0447               Crowd at banquet
2013-P-037-0448               Football themed float in parade
2013-P-037-0449               Swanson-Boots engagement photo
2013-P-037-0450               Emergency responders at car accident
2013-P-037-0451               Little girl with Santa Claus
2013-P-037-0452               Men working
2013-P-037-0453               Seventh Day Adventist Church
2013-P-037-0454               Man at desk
2013-P-037-0455               Blaine Nechiporenko and Scott Wagner
2013-P-037-0456               Man and woman
2013-P-037-0457               Teenagers (king and queen) at 4-H function
2013-P-037-0458               Grain bin and auger
2013-P-037-0459               Two men and a toddler
2013-P-037-0460               Large crowd at outdoor event
2013-P-037-0461               Pay loader moving snow
2013-P-037-0462               Man
2013-P-037-0463               Man and woman looking at displays of wheat
2013-P-037-0464               Trap shooting event
2013-P-037-0465               Scenic view
2013-P-037-0466               Boy with goat
2013-P-037-0467               Dr. Richard Fettig
2013-P-037-0468               Kids on horseback in sale ring
2013-P-037-0469               House
2013-P-037-0470               Les Nagel
2013-P-037-0471               Storm damage, swing set tipped over and fence blown down
2013-P-037-0472               Building under construction
2013-P-037-0473               Jeep in parade
2013-P-037-0474               Girls basketball game, Trojans vs. Aggies
2013-P-037-0475               Children in parade
2013-P-037-0476               Boy looking at rabbits in pens
2013-P-037-0477               Allan Laib, Mercer, 5th District Commander ND American Legion, 1987-1988
2013-P-037-0478               Doll
2013-P-037-0479               Dwayne Lawdermilt, 1989
2013-P-037-0480               Group
2013-P-037-0481               Woman dressed as bag lady in parade
2013-P-037-0482               Governor Sinner and unidentified
2013-P-037-0483               Man and woman filling out paperwork
2013-P-037-0484               Kids climbing tree
2013-P-037-0485               Tractor and swather in field
2013-P-037-0486               Woman at typewriter
2013-P-037-0487               Kids on bikes in parade
2013-P-037-0488               Nativity scene, wheat weaving
2013-P-037-0489               Furniture displays in store
2013-P-037-0490               Two men with lumber
2013-P-037-0491               Building on fire
2013-P-037-0492               Child with Santa Claus
2013-P-037-0493               Three men at table
2013-P-037-0494               Girl taking books out of locker
2013-P-037-0495               Man
2013-P-037-0496               Flooded yard
2013-P-037-0497               Men’s softball game
2013-P-037-0498               1937 Model B John Deere in parade
2013-P-037-0499               Miss Underwood and “cardinal” in parade
2013-P-037-0500               Kids playing on snow pile
2013-P-037-0501               Girl playing guitar
2013-P-037-0502               Man
2013-P-037-0503               Tumbleweeds caught on barbed wire fence
2013-P-037-0504               Man coaching boy at t-ball
2013-P-037-0505               Train derailment
2013-P-037-0506               Kids with 4-H awards and ribbons
2013-P-037-0507               Machinery
2013-P-037-0508               Crowd at banquet
2013-P-037-0509               “Snow bunny” in yard
2013-P-037-0510               Child with Santa Claus
2013-P-037-0511               Community Credit Union float in parade
2013-P-037-0512               Two women
2013-P-037-0513               Boys baseball game
2013-P-037-0514               Girls basketball, Cossacks vs. Trojans, Stacey Edinger, Sarah Larson, Kylie Carlson
2013-P-037-0515               Kids running in gym
2013-P-037-0516               Trombone
2013-P-037-0517               Woman
2013-P-037-0518               Damaged pick up
2013-P-037-0519               Ice covered branches and main street
2013-P-037-0520               Ice shelter
2013-P-037-0521               Children’s choir singing
2013-P-037-0522               Men paving street
2013-P-037-0523               “Prairie Pastor” John Damien
2013-P-037-0524               Float in parade
2013-P-037-0525               House
2013-P-037-0526               Santa handing out tricks
2013-P-037-0527               Halloween party
2013-P-037-0528               Man with children
2013-P-037-0529               School children releasing balloons
2013-P-037-0530               Group photo
2013-P-037-0531               Young man using paint sprayer
2013-P-037-0532               Four men
2013-P-037-0533               Ice houses
2013-P-037-0534               Little girl gathering Easter eggs
2013-P-037-0535               Little girl with Santa Claus
2013-P-037-0536               Woman making dolls
2013-P-037-0537               Men talking
2013-P-037-0538               Man playing football in the yard with kids
2013-P-037-0539               Kids tubing in the water
2013-P-037-0540               Float in parade
2013-P-037-0541               House with Christmas lights
2013-P-037-0542               Bobcat and dump truck
2013-P-037-0543               Garden covered with sheets to prevent frost damage
2013-P-037-0544               E. W. Smith, NDFU President
2013-P-037-0545               Laying cornerstone of the Educational Unit, July 5, 1966
2013-P-037-0546               Man
2013-P-037-0547               Jeremy Love
2013-P-037-0548               Man in store room
2013-P-037-0549               Virginia Stanton, 1966
2013-P-037-0550               Float in parade
2013-P-037-0551               Group of men
2013-P-037-0552               Wedding photo, Brian Frederick
2013-P-037-0553               Children sledding
2013-P-037-0554               Snow in the streets
2013-P-037-0555               Turtle Lake Bank
2013-P-037-0556               Children with lamb and cat
2013-P-037-0557               Christopher Brown and Santa Claus
2013-P-037-0558               Two men
2013-P-037-0559               Kids playing on snow pile
2013-P-037-0560               High school students
2013-P-037-0561               Girl
2013-P-037-0562               Girl with Santa Claus
2013-P-037-0563               Float in parade
2013-P-037-0564               Santa Claus with children
2013-P-037-0565               Group photo
2013-P-037-0566               Beard contest
2013-P-037-0567               Kids playing games
2013-P-037-0568               Keith A. Koch
2013-P-037-0569               Bronc rider at rodeo
2013-P-037-0570               Corrals
2013-P-037-0571               Flowers (might be Creeping Jenny)
2013-P-037-0572               Boy hanging Kool-Aid for sale sign
2013-P-037-0573               Boy having sponge thrown at him
2013-P-037-0574               Boy scouts on float
2013-P-037-0575               Swather
2013-P-037-0576               Fireworks
2013-P-037-0577               Woman working in lab
2013-P-037-0578               Machinery laying cable
2013-P-037-0579               Boy gathering Easter Eggs
2013-P-037-0580               Dance team at parade
2013-P-037-0581               Garrison Troopers Boys Basketball team with trophy
2013-P-037-0582               Field and bales
2013-P-037-0583               Nurses
2013-P-037-0584               Couple (Cindy Repnow and unidentified)
2013-P-037-0585               Road construction
2013-P-037-0586               Girl scouts
2013-P-037-0587               Soldier
2013-P-037-0588               Man with large northern pike
2013-P-037-0589               Crowd at Easter Egg hunt
2013-P-037-0590               Puddle
2013-P-037-0591               Damaged pick up
2013-P-037-0592               Earl Pomeroy shaking hands with woman
2013-P-037-0593               Group at desk
2013-P-037-0594               Muddy trail
2013-P-037-0595               Firework debris in water
2013-P-037-0596               Woman
2013-P-037-0597               People viewing 4-H exhibits
2013-P-037-0598               Gun salute at cemetery
2013-P-037-0599               Elderly couple at table
2013-P-037-0600               Girl scouts
2013-P-037-0601               Group photo
2013-P-037-0602               Marge Fiedler, Mercer
2013-P-037-0603               Woman holding “We Like Lisa” sign
2013-P-037-0604               Girl scout
2013-P-037-0605               Dorgan’s Intern Dennis Presser
2013-P-037-0606               Men filling mail slots
2013-P-037-0607               Man
2013-P-037-0608               Men pouring foundation
2013-P-037-0609               Family photo
2013-P-037-0610               Men laying bricks
2013-P-037-0611               Jerry Wagner (10 years old)
2013-P-037-0612               Woman scraping paint off building
2013-P-037-0613               Woman holding small statue
2013-P-037-0614               Man, woman, and child
2013-P-037-0615               Machine
2013-P-037-0616               Football game
2013-P-037-0617               Girl
2013-P-037-0618               Woman and child on the shore
2013-P-037-0619               Ribbon on tree
2013-P-037-0620               Clown in parade
2013-P-037-0621               Boy holding balloon
2013-P-037-0622               Fence posts
2013-P-037-0623               House with Christmas lights
2013-P-037-0624               Woman taking another woman’s blood pressure
2013-P-037-0625               Men shaking hands in front of Quality Lumber Company
2013-P-037-0626               Bob and Brenda Jordan
2013-P-037-0627               Man inspecting floor
2013-P-037-0628               Donald Nordquist
2013-P-037-0629               Miss Schaefer
2013-P-037-0630               Equipment at work clearing an outlet from Lakes Brekken and Holmes to allow water to flow into Lake Williams.  Drought had required water to be supplied to wetlands for waterfowl.  April 30, 1990
2013-P-037-0631               Wedding photo
2013-P-037-0632               Messy floor in office
2013-P-037-0633               Float in parade
2013-P-037-0634               Women buying Christmas trees
2013-P-037-0635               Earl Pomeroy and men talking in tent
2013-P-037-0636               Men pouring concrete
2013-P-037-0637               Byron Dorgan shaking hands
2013-P-037-0638               Boys basketball team
2013-P-037-0639               Little boy with Santa Claus
2013-P-037-0640               Float in parade
2013-P-037-0641               Group of four men
2013-P-037-0642               Children releasing balloons
2013-P-037-0643               Large coils of black hose
2013-P-037-0644               Men working, possibly in water treatment plant
2013-P-037-0645               Boys basketball game
2013-P-037-0646               Woman
2013-P-037-0647               Garbage pit burning
2013-P-037-0648               David. A Liuska, Wing, Central Vice Commander, ND American Legion, 1987-1988
2013-P-037-0649               Green house
2013-P-037-0650               Robert Cross
2013-P-037-0651               Family photo
2013-P-037-0652               Man with pipe and woman with purse visiting with another man
2013-P-037-0653               Sharon Broneske
2013-P-037-0654               Gordon Matheny, Emmet, ND
2013-P-037-0655               Brick building
2013-P-037-0656               Lockers and hallway in school
2013-P-037-0657               Tractor, auger, and grain pile
2013-P-037-0658               Woman
2013-P-037-0659               4-H Youth Workers
2013-P-037-0660               Doris (last name unknown)
2013-P-037-0661               Float in parade
2013-P-037-0662               Group photo at Mrs. W. Neivilzky (?) taken May 10, 1958
2013-P-037-0663               Snow banks in business district
2013-P-037-0664               Group of children holding hands
2013-P-037-0665               House
2013-P-037-0666               Three men at table
2013-P-037-0667               Two girls clowning around wearing silly hats and pointing guns at camera
2013-P-037-0668               Large group photo in front of house
2013-P-037-0669               Four men in suits
2013-P-037-0670               Aivars I. Kalnins (?) born March 20, 1934 in Latvia.  Entered USA in 1950 and obtained his US citizenship in 1956
2013-P-037-0671               Might be a prairie fire
2013-P-037-0672               Schlichenmayer (?) Livestock Sales Co., March 21, 1966
2013-P-037-0673               Group photo
2013-P-037-0674               Construction
2013-P-037-0675               Four men
2013-P-037-0676               Float in parade
2013-P-037-0677               Adults and children sitting in grass
2013-P-037-0678               Mrs. Dave Ewing in wedding dress
2013-P-037-0679               Matthew Fischer putting bag in locker
2013-P-037-0680               Boating
2013-P-037-0681               Crowd at turtle races
2013-P-037-0682               Group working in yard
2013-P-037-0683               houses with Christmas lights
2013-P-037-0684               Girls basketball game, Troopers vs. Miners
2013-P-037-0685               Reid Kraft and Tonia Lill at prom
2013-P-037-0686               Shoveling snow in driveway
2013-P-037-0687               Little girl and dad with Santa Claus
2013-P-037-0688               Man and little boy looking at old toys
2013-P-037-0689               House
2013-P-037-0690               Crowd outside of brick building
2013-P-037-0691               Group of boys at lake
2013-P-037-0692               Construction of brick building
2013-P-037-0693               Man looking at damaged door
2013-P-037-0694               Man
2013-P-037-0695               Boy with small fish
2013-P-037-0696               Group of judges at table
2013-P-037-0697               Girl serving punch to crowd at event
2013-P-037-0698               Girl looking 4-H exhibits
2013-P-037-0699               Man and woman playing xylophone
2013-P-037-0700               Boy looking at basket of seeds
2013-P-037-0701               Boy fishing from end of dock
2013-P-037-0702               Blake Gweneich (?)
2013-P-037-0703               Group of men
2013-P-037-0704               Snow covered stop sign
2013-P-037-0705               Woman looking at exhibits
2013-P-037-0706               Man and woman working on home
2013-P-037-0707               Police officer and others outside of house
2013-P-037-0708               Judging toothpick bridges
2013-P-037-0709               Float in parade
2013-P-037-0710               No Fishing from Bridge sign
2013-P-037-0711               House with Christmas lights
2013-P-037-0712               Girl looking at turtles
2013-P-037-0713               Utility workers up in bucket working on power lines
2013-P-037-0714               Donna Nalewaid
2013-P-037-0715               Boy with Santa Claus
2013-P-037-0716               Damaged vehicle
2013-P-037-0717               Man riding high wheel bicycle in parade
2013-P-037-0718               The Huna family, 1989 (Dan Huna in center in red sweater)
2013-P-037-0719               House
2013-P-037-0720               Steve Schultz
2013-P-037-0721               Wendy Seidel, Junior
2013-P-037-0722               Boy
2013-P-037-0723               Horses in parade
2013-P-037-0724               Women serving food
2013-P-037-0725               Couple
2013-P-037-0726               Football game
2013-P-037-0727               Football game
2013-P-037-0728               Homecoming King and Queen
2013-P-037-0729               Two men
2013-P-037-0730               Track athlete
2013-P-037-0731               Couple
2013-P-037-0732               Man working on machine
2013-P-037-0733               Man with stethoscope
2013-P-037-0734               People at picnic table
2013-P-037-0735               Man
2013-P-037-0736               group photo
2013-P-037-0737               Boys basketball game (#15 Marc Anderson)
2013-P-037-0738               Young man
2013-P-037-0739               House with Christmas lights
2013-P-037-0740               Man
2013-P-037-0741               Hats, “International Organization of Women Pilots” and “I’d rather be flying.”
2013-P-037-0742               Woman
2013-P-037-0743               House
2013-P-037-0744               Sandy Enget
2013-P-037-0745               Room full of pipes
2013-P-037-0746               Girl in dunking tank
2013-P-037-0747               Building and scaffolding
2013-P-037-0748               Man and woman filling pitchers
2013-P-037-0749               Two men sitting on bridge
2013-P-037-0750               Three men meeting
2013-P-037-0751               Eric J Morlan
2013-P-037-0752               Kayla Helgeson, Eric Evenson, Todd Singer, 1st Grade
2013-P-037-0753               Man
2013-P-037-0754               Easter decorations
2013-P-037-0755               Schumaier-Bean
2013-P-037-0756               Cars in parking lot
2013-P-037-0757               Football game
2013-P-037-0758               House with Christmas lights
2013-P-037-0759               Woman standing under bridge
2013-P-037-0760               Man and woman looking at items on table
2013-P-037-0761               Unidentified
2013-P-037-0762               House
2013-P-037-0763               Man and boy with pumpkin
2013-P-037-0764               Man at podium
2013-P-037-0765               Church pulpit
2013-P-037-0766               Group of women “Heaven Bound”
2013-P-037-0767               Lucinda Heiser
2013-P-037-0768               Woman
2013-P-037-0769               Three men
2013-P-037-0770               Group of girl scouts
2013-P-037-0771               Group of men
2013-P-037-0772               Tree branches in yard
2013-P-037-0773               Field and bales
2013-P-037-0774               First State Bank
2013-P-037-0775               Kids in front of car
2013-P-037-0776               Little girl
2013-P-037-0777               Man
2013-P-037-0778               Group of men at cookout
2013-P-037-0779               Tracy Just and unknown man sawing wood
2013-P-037-0780               Football game
2013-P-037-0781               Football game
2013-P-037-0782               Boys basketball team
2013-P-037-0783               Tina Goven
2013-P-037-0784               Olson’s
2013-P-037-0785               From left:  Lee Reynolds, Jim Leroy, Valdon Swanson, and Rob Auch, McLean County
2013-P-037-0786               Men at picnic table
2013-P-037-0787               Unidentified high school aged children
2013-P-037-0788               Garrison Troopers Boys Basketball team with trophy
2013-P-037-0789               Group photo
2013-P-037-0790               Children looking at display
2013-P-037-0791               Horse and cart in parade
2013-P-037-0792               Wedding photo
2013-P-037-0793               Snow blowing in front of building (might be a school)
2013-P-037-0794               Jack Eakman, St. Alexius
2013-P-037-0795               Man at desk
2013-P-037-0796               House with Christmas lights
2013-P-037-0797               House
2013-P-037-0798               Little boy is stocking cap
2013-P-037-0799               Four men
2013-P-037-0800               Girl in front of Thanksgiving decorations
2013-P-037-0801               Child lying on bench at sales ring
2013-P-037-0802               Line of people outdoors
2013-P-037-0803               Boy looking at seeds in basket
2013-P-037-0804               Man and boy looking at 4-H exhibits
2013-P-037-0805               Pickup on road
2013-P-037-0806               Infant with Santa Claus
2013-P-037-0807               Football game
2013-P-037-0808               Furniture displays
2013-P-037-0809               Man
2013-P-037-0810               Crowd at Christmas program
2013-P-037-0811               Tipis and tents at festival
2013-P-037-0812               Children getting an autograph from a Minnesota Viking player
2013-P-037-0813               Man hanging Christmas decorations
2013-P-037-0814               Children running
2013-P-037-0815               Football game
2013-P-037-0816               Construction
2013-P-037-0817               Marian Verhoef, Exchange Representative from Netherlands
2013-P-037-0818               High school band performance
2013-P-037-0819               Boys with chickens
2013-P-037-0820               Group photo of high school kids
2013-P-037-0821               Girl with trophies and ribbons
2013-P-037-0822               Kids in front of Thanksgiving decorations
2013-P-037-0823               Washing machine in Laundromat
2013-P-037-0824               Boys with trophy
2013-P-037-0825               Man and woman inspecting sheep
2013-P-037-0826               Man at fax machine
2013-P-037-0827               Horse and buggy in parade
2013-P-037-0828               Sandy Kay, 1st Grade
2013-P-037-0829               Man
2013-P-037-0830               Anderson-Vossler engagement photo
2013-P-037-0831               Customers in bank
2013-P-037-0832               Gerald Anderson after March 27th snowfall
2013-P-037-0833               Tractors lined up
2013-P-037-0834               Men in cowboy hats
2013-P-037-0835               1 mile N and 1 mile W of Turtle Lake.  Flock of Sandhill Cranes feeding on small grain and corn stubble.  Probably close to 10,000 cranes still in this area October 30, 1963
2013-P-037-0836               Man
2013-P-037-0837               Girls on carnival ride
2013-P-037-0838               Man and woman
2013-P-037-0839               Family photo at wedding anniversary
2013-P-037-0840               Veterans memorial
2013-P-037-0841               Man and woman
2013-P-037-0842               Nurse, doctor, mom, and baby
2013-P-037-0843               Man and woman
2013-P-037-0844               Group of men at well
2013-P-037-0845               Child at Easter egg hunt
2013-P-037-0846               Women looking at china display
2013-P-037-0847               Woman with ventriloquist doll
2013-P-037-0848               Dried flowers head down on rack
2013-P-037-0849               Women standing by Christmas decoration display
2013-P-037-0850               Young men sitting on flatbed trailer
2013-P-037-0851               Men installing gas tanks at service station
2013-P-037-0852               Lindensmith
2013-P-037-0853               Courtney Hausauer with Santa Claus
2013-P-037-0854               Woman and children standing in earth lodge
2013-P-037-0855               Glen Phielbrick in oat field, Turtle Lake-Mercer High School
2013-P-037-0856               Children looking at decorations on wall
2013-P-037-0857               House  
2013-P-037-0858               Appetizers on table
2013-P-037-0859               Men at meeting
2013-P-037-0860               Combining
2013-P-037-0861               Man chopping ice in driveway
2013-P-037-0862               Men in hole working on pipe
2013-P-037-0863               Man
2013-P-037-0864               Students cheering
2013-P-037-0865               4-H members
2013-P-037-0866               Girl with trophy
2013-P-037-0867               Three Jaycee me
2013-P-037-0868               Man
2013-P-037-0869               Women serving meatballs
2013-P-037-0870               Girl in dunk tank
2013-P-037-0871               Group photo
2013-P-037-0872               Group photo
2013-P-037-0873               Man
2013-P-037-0874               Jack Adkins
2013-P-037-0875               Women at Ice Cream Social
2013-P-037-0876               Teenagers at sales ring
2013-P-037-0877               Four men
2013-P-037-0878               Girl with Santa Claus
2013-P-037-0879               Group photo
2013-P-037-0880               Men paving road
2013-P-037-0881               Woman painting sign in window
2013-P-037-0882               Group of women
2013-P-037-0883               12 pound 6 ounce Channel Catfish caught by Mrs. Merle H. Berger on June 20th, 1964.  Largest recorded for month of June of ‘64
2013-P-037-0884               Equity Elevator and Trading Co.
2013-P-037-0885               Woman
2013-P-037-0886               Four men
2013-P-037-0887               Picnic
2013-P-037-0888               Tumbleweeds caught in barbed wire fence
2013-P-037-0889               Barrel racing at rodeo
2013-P-037-0890               Unidentified
2013-P-037-0891               Lake Williams is shown as it appeared on April 30th, 1990.  The water flowing from lower left and joining the pool shown in the background was released from Lakes Brekken and Holmes to provide wetland habitat during the drought. 
2013-P-037-0892               Easter egg hunt
2013-P-037-0893               Dr. Joe Crawford
2013-P-037-0894               Boys basketball game
2013-P-037-0895               Three men
2013-P-037-0896               Dishes and flatware in store
2013-P-037-0897               Football players stretching out
2013-P-037-0898               Man with stethoscope
2013-P-037-0899               Cars and buildings
2013-P-037-0900               Woman displaying food dehydrator
2013-P-037-0901               Children
2013-P-037-0902               Jesse Rhoads with Santa Claus
2013-P-037-0903               Teenage boys with trophy
2013-P-037-0904               “Sorry we’re closed” sign
2013-P-037-0905               Float in parade
2013-P-037-0906               Emergency responders loading patient into ambulance
2013-P-037-0907               Elevator and grain car
2013-P-037-0908               Men laying sod
2013-P-037-0909               Children on ride
2013-P-037-0910               Girls basketball game
2013-P-037-0911               Boy scout float in parade
2013-P-037-0912               Child with Christmas coloring book
2013-P-037-0913               Men unloading trucks at compost pile
2013-P-037-0914               Whitney Anderson and Less Murray, 2nd Grade
2013-P-037-0915               Muddy road
2013-P-037-0916               Kids judging seeds
2013-P-037-0917               Football game
2013-P-037-0918               Children with rabbit in pen
2013-P-037-0919               Man shoveling huge snow drift
2013-P-037-0920               Man
2013-P-037-0921               Float in parade
2013-P-037-0922               Woman at piano
2013-P-037-0923               4-H members
2013-P-037-0924               Little boys with Santa Claus
2013-P-037-0925               Football game
2013-P-037-0926               Motorcycles parked on street
2013-P-037-0927               Man and woman
2013-P-037-0928               “No Dumping – Grounds Closed” sign
2013-P-037-0929               Motorcycle driving course
2013-P-037-0930               Boys basketball game
2013-P-037-0931               Boys basketball game
2013-P-037-0932               Man at desk
2013-P-037-0933               Christmas decorations on lawn
2013-P-037-0934               Girls at desk
2013-P-037-0935               Choir group
2013-P-037-0936               Boy reading book
2013-P-037-0937               Mallard egg
2013-P-037-0938               Girl holding jar (might be a terrarium)
2013-P-037-0939               Teenage girls with roses
2013-P-037-0940               Tractor, auger, and grain pile
2013-P-037-0941               Men in front of Mobil gas Station
2013-P-037-0942               Mules pulling cart
2013-P-037-0943               Reverend Harry C. Williams
2013-P-037-0944               Mules pulling cart
2013-P-037-0945               School buses
2013-P-037-0946               Boy receiving award
2013-P-037-0947               Group photo
2013-P-037-0948               Woman
2013-P-037-0949               Boy scouts
2013-P-037-0950               Men on tractor
2013-P-037-0951               Tractor and pick up
2013-P-037-0952               Leo Reinbold
2013-P-037-0953               Grain elevator
2013-P-037-0954               Children at Easter egg hunt
2013-P-037-0955               Bicycles in yard
2013-P-037-0956               Para-skiing
2013-P-037-0957               Men by horse trailers
2013-P-037-0958               Cowboy on horse
2013-P-037-0959               Empty Classroom
2013-P-037-0960               Steve Goven digs for some extra yardage (football game)
2013-P-037-0961               Little girl with Santa Claus
2013-P-037-0962               Volleyball game
2013-P-037-0963               Man and woman on treadmills
2013-P-037-0964               Tipped mobile trailer
2013-P-037-0965               Bikes in yard
2013-P-037-0966               Camera crew in camouflage
2013-P-037-0967               Damaged sunflower field
2013-P-037-0968               Scarecrow decoration
2013-P-037-0969               House with Christmas lights
2013-P-037-0970               House with Christmas lights
2013-P-037-0971               Unidentified
2013-P-037-0972               Float in parade
2013-P-037-0973               Girls basketball game
2013-P-037-0974               Woman at recycling bins
2013-P-037-0975               Scott Selseth
2013-P-037-0976               Soapbox car race
2013-P-037-0977               Horses in parade
2013-P-037-0978               Combining
2013-P-037-0979               Teenagers lying in grass
2013-P-037-0980               Two girls
2013-P-037-0981               Honey production
2013-P-037-0982               Clydesdale in parade
2013-P-037-0983               Woman receiving award
2013-P-037-0984               Halloween decorations in window
2013-P-037-0985               Dolls in various stages of assembly
2013-P-037-0986               Dockter and Helm wedding photo
2013-P-037-0987               Bowling
2013-P-037-0988               Float in parade
2013-P-037-0989               House with Christmas lights
2013-P-037-0990               Man
2013-P-037-0991               Group photo
2013-P-037-0992               Community Memorial Hospital
2013-P-037-0993               Nurses
2013-P-037-0994               Girls basketball
2013-P-037-0995               Woman taking man’s blood pressure
2013-P-037-0996               Boys
2013-P-037-0997               Horses pulling buggy in parade
2013-P-037-0998               Priests
2013-P-037-0999               Priest
2013-P-037-1000               District 6:  From left, first row:  Amanda Sadsowksy, Jessica Knudson, Diane Rosenau, and Ricky of Upham.  Second row:  Sara and Bruce Knudson of Bottineau, Richard Rosenau and Dillon of Upham.  Third row:  Laurie Kuehn of Turtle Lake, Ken Richter of Drake.  Fourth row:  Bill Kuehn of Turtle Lake, David and Holly Thompson of Bottineau, and Paul Anderson of Cole Harbor. Bruce and Sara Knudson represent District 6 on the NDFB Young Farmer and Rancher Committee.
2013-P-037-1001               Triplet calves
2013-P-037-1002               Wheat weaving decoration
2013-P-037-1003               Man
2013-P-037-1004               Volleyball game
2013-P-037-1005               Man
2013-P-037-1006               Lillian and John Volochenko
2013-P-037-1007               Digging trench
2013-P-037-1008               School kids at their lockers
2013-P-037-1009               Group photo
2013-P-037-1010               House
2013-P-037-1011               Men working with fiber glass
2013-P-037-1012               Group of men
2013-P-037-1013               Unidentified
2013-P-037-1014               Miss Rodeo on horseback
2013-P-037-1015               School building
2013-P-037-1016               Woman in wedding dress
2013-P-037-1017               Frances Laib
2013-P-037-1018               Group of people at table
2013-P-037-1019               Girl
2013-P-037-1020               Boy
2013-P-037-1021               Lester Hamilton
2013-P-037-1022               Wedding photo
2013-P-037-1023               Group photo
2013-P-037-1024               Young people with ribbons
2013-P-037-1025               Man setting roaster on table
2013-P-037-1026               Group standing in front of room
2013-P-037-1027               Damaged vehicle            
2013-P-037-1028               Crowd watching skier
2013-P-037-1029               Shelves full of supplies (might be a lab)
2013-P-037-1030               Boy with pig
2013-P-037-1031               Men with televisions
2013-P-037-1032               Group of men
2013-P-037-1033               Schlichenmayer Livestock
2013-P-037-1034               Brick building with flag
2013-P-037-1035               Reverend Reesor
2013-P-037-1036               Man in boiler room
2013-P-037-1037               Wedding photo
2013-P-037-1038               Damaged vehicle
2013-P-037-1039               Grade school boys with school supplies
2013-P-037-1040               Might be cracked foundation
2013-P-037-1041               Unidentified
2013-P-037-1042               Turtle races
2013-P-037-1043               Child with Santa Claus
2013-P-037-1044               Woman on telephone
2013-P-037-1045               Herb Thompson’s Christmas decorations
2013-P-037-1046               Man speaking at outdoor podium
2013-P-037-1047               Man speaking at podium
2013-P-037-1048               Roscoe raccoon standing by ND Parks and Recreation Department sign
2013-P-037-1049               Man on horse in sales ring
2013-P-037-1050               Boy grooming cow
2013-P-037-1051               Boys basketball game
2013-P-037-1052               Men working on gas pumps at service station
2013-P-037-1053               Cattle in corral
2013-P-037-1054               Man climbing ladder to install sign
2013-P-037-1055               Football game
2013-P-037-1056               Infant with Santa Claus
2013-P-037-1057               Football game
2013-P-037-1058               Dean Anderson
2013-P-037-1059               Women riding in pick up in parade
2013-P-037-1060               Maintainer blading street
2013-P-037-1061               Man working on trench
2013-P-037-1062               House and snow drifts
2013-P-037-1063               Street work
2013-P-037-1064               Damaged vehicle
2013-P-037-1065               Group photo
2013-P-037-1066               Don Iglehart, Emmet, ND
2013-P-037-1067               Men holding plaque
2013-P-037-1068               Kids sledding on snow pile
2013-P-037-1069               Baling
2013-P-037-1070               Man
2013-P-037-1071               Damaged roof
2013-P-037-1072               Group photo
2013-P-037-1073               Damaged trailers by lake
2013-P-037-1074               Crowd lining street
2013-P-037-1075               Woman
2013-P-037-1076               House
2013-P-037-1077               Senior citizens holding signs in support of Dr. Reiswig
2013-P-037-1078               Group photo
2013-P-037-1079               Turtle Lake Rural Fire Dept. working at grain elevator
2013-P-037-1080               Adeline Schutt
2013-P-037-1081               Woman holding book “North Dakota and Beyond”
2013-P-037-1082               Street work, might be tarring
2013-P-037-1083               Man washing skillet
2013-P-037-1084               Man shoveling sidewalk
2013-P-037-1085               Group of men on bleachers with trophy
2013-P-037-1086               Road
2013-P-037-1087               Man and two boys with northern pike
2013-P-037-1088               Might be a tractor pull
2013-P-037-1089               Bill Blotters using snow blower on driveway
2013-P-037-1090               Man with sausage casing
2013-P-037-1091               Sean and Amy Schell
2013-P-037-1092               Might be a tractor pull
2013-P-037-1093               Mr. and Mrs. Valdon Swanson and NDSU President, L. D. Roftsgard
2013-P-037-1094               Man working on car
2013-P-037-1095               Float in parade
2013-P-037-1096               Engagement photo
2013-P-037-1097               Man at fax machine
2013-P-037-1098               Children picking up candy at parade
2013-P-037-1099               Clyde Nelson with award
2013-P-037-1100               Little girl walking in puddle
2013-P-037-1101               Man wrapping garland on light post
2013-P-037-1102               Men fixing light pole
2013-P-037-1103               Damaged grain bin
2013-P-037-1104               Kids playing in puddle
2013-P-037-1105               Troy Lorenz, Lutheran Brotherhood
2013-P-037-1106               Basketball game, Jim Schan (4), Darrin Tweeten (2), Lonnie Jacobs
2013-P-037-1107               Boy scouts in parade
2013-P-037-1108               Crowd at rummage sale
2013-P-037-1109               Woman in coveralls with can of stain
2013-P-037-1110               Snow filled field
2013-P-037-1111               Child with stuffed bears
2013-P-037-1112               Bridgeman Truck
2013-P-037-1113               “Yard of the Week” sign in front of house
2013-P-037-1114               Boy and girl with awards
2013-P-037-1115               Family photo
2013-P-037-1116               Tim Bruestle, McLean County
2013-P-037-1117               Football game
2013-P-037-1118               Men serving food
2013-P-037-1119               Scout display
2013-P-037-1120               Group of men
2013-P-037-1121               Women studying in library
2013-P-037-1122               Linda Klatt
2013-P-037-1123               Walcker-Trueblood wedding photo
2013-P-037-1124               Hummel (soldier)
2013-P-037-1125               Crowd at outdoor event
2013-P-037-1126               Prize presentation in a store
2013-P-037-1127               Men showing group of boys several guns
2013-P-037-1128               Two men and a boy on a bicycle
2013-P-037-1129               Group of men
2013-P-037-1130               Woman addressing group
2013-P-037-1131               Man laying bricks on building
2013-P-037-1132               Reverend Walth
2013-P-037-1133               Woman
2013-P-037-1134               Women in front of jewelry display
2013-P-037-1135               Damaged building
2013-P-037-1136               High school “King and Queen”
2013-P-037-1137               Group photo
2013-P-037-1138               Little girl hunting Easter eggs
2013-P-037-1139               Crowd of people in gym
2013-P-037-1140               Man with trophy
2013-P-037-1141               Girl with guitar
2013-P-037-1142               Nurses                                                 
2013-P-037-1143               Mowing ditch
2013-P-037-1144               Woman and child dressed as clowns
2013-P-037-1145               Kids painting picnic table
2013-P-037-1146               Men with cow
2013-P-037-1147               Might be a car show
2013-P-037-1148               Man
2013-P-037-1149               Slush on street
2013-P-037-1150               Man
2013-P-037-1151               Christmas decorations on classroom door
2013-P-037-1152               House with Christmas lights
2013-P-037-1153               Woman
2013-P-037-1154               Steve Easton, Republican Candidate for State Treasurer, 1988
2013-P-037-1155               Matthew Reisen with Santa Claus
2013-P-037-1156               Family photo
2013-P-037-1157               Men serving food
2013-P-037-1158               Men grilling chicken
2013-P-037-1159               “Big Bertha” coal pit
2013-P-037-1160               Unidentified
2013-P-037-1161               Turtle race winners with trophies
2013-P-037-1162               Melinda Snuth
2013-P-037-1163               Infant with Santa Claus
2013-P-037-1164               Mom, newborn, and doctors
2013-P-037-1165               House with Christmas lights
2013-P-037-1166               Two men
2013-P-037-1167               Combining
2013-P-037-1168               Case of oil on office floor
2013-P-037-1169               Woman playing Ms. Pac-Man
2013-P-037-1170               Aerial view
2013-P-037-1171               Robert Vogel 1970
2013-P-037-1172               Group of men with plaque
2013-P-037-1173               Seventh Day Adventist Church
2013-P-037-1174               Boy receiving trophy
2013-P-037-1175               People at a dinner
2013-P-037-1176               Darin Miller and Shane Swann
2013-P-037-1177               Capitol Hearing Aid
2013-P-037-1178               Girls carrying flowers
2013-P-037-1179               Man
2013-P-037-1180               Negatives of kids with trophies
2013-P-037-1181               Man and woman in hard hats in a field
2013-P-037-1182               Pickup parked in front of shop
2013-P-037-1183               Man
2013-P-037-1184               Women at craft fair
2013-P-037-1185               Boy Scout display
2013-P-037-1186               Brianne Murray and Santa Claus
2013-P-037-1187               Snow on windshield
2013-P-037-1188               Installing windows
2013-P-037-1189               Women at craft fair
2013-P-037-1190               Boys by fence
2013-P-037-1191               Erin Gessel and Amber Vossler
2013-P-037-1192               Little girl on man’s shoulders
2013-P-037-1193               Clowns on stage at microphone
2013-P-037-1194               Boy with steer
2013-P-037-1195               “Yard of the Week” sign in front of house
2013-P-037-1196               House with Christmas lights
2013-P-037-1197               Child with Santa Claus
2013-P-037-1198               Men with gavel and certificate
2013-P-037-1199               Man with commemorative gun
2013-P-037-1200               Albert Schlafmann home
2013-P-037-1201               Sadie Wanner and Santa Claus
2013-P-037-1202               Two boys (one in scout uniform)
2013-P-037-1203               Woman taking man’s blood pressure
2013-P-037-1204               Damaged grain bin
2013-P-037-1205               Kids at fishery
2013-P-037-1206               Shirley Dykshoorn 1996
2013-P-037-1207               Kids with 4-H ribbons
2013-P-037-1208               Reverend Lloyd Smith
2013-P-037-1209               Mosquito
2013-P-037-1210               Mom, newborn, doctor and nurse
2013-P-037-1211               Empty church pulpit
2013-P-037-1212               Sharon Kay Anderson
2013-P-037-1213               Women displaying vase and tea cup
2013-P-037-1214               Jackie (last name unknown)
2013-P-037-1215               Men carving ham
2013-P-037-1216               Storefront at night
2013-P-037-1217               Group of women
2013-P-037-1218               Men meeting around table
2013-P-037-1219               Barry Dosenko Farm South of Butte ND.  Pine vs. Spruce
2013-P-037-1220               Woman
2013-P-037-1221               Farm house
2013-P-037-1222               Heil-Carroll wedding photo
2013-P-037-1223               Crowd outside of brick building
2013-P-037-1224               People at ice cream social
2013-P-037-1225               Man inspecting something unidentified
2013-P-037-1226               Men visiting in courtroom
2013-P-037-1227               Train derailment
2013-P-037-1228               Teens sitting/laying on gym floor
2013-P-037-1229               Wagenman-Anderson wedding photo
2013-P-037-1230               Snow covered cars
2013-P-037-1231               Trees planted in milk cartons
2013-P-037-1232               Damage in farm yard
2013-P-037-1233               Group photo
2013-P-037-1234               Byron Dorgan shaking hands
2013-P-037-1235               uprooted tree
2013-P-037-1236               Randy and Patty Martin raking yard
2013-P-037-1237               Float in parade
2013-P-037-1238               Man
2013-P-037-1239               House with Christmas lights
2013-P-037-1240               Snow pile on main street
2013-P-037-1241               Crowd lining street
2013-P-037-1242               Potholes on road
2013-P-037-1243               Carnival rides
2013-P-037-1244               Damaged pick up
2013-P-037-1245               Eld. C. Hinckley
2013-P-037-1246               Men working on drop tile ceiling
2013-P-037-1247               Float in parade
2013-P-037-1248               Fence into water
2013-P-037-1249               Three men
2013-P-037-1250               Children climbing snow pile
2013-P-037-1251               Two men with plaque
2013-P-037-1252               Pinewood derby race
2013-P-037-1253               Man
2013-P-037-1254               Model T in parade
2013-P-037-1255               Vernon Useldinger, Fargo, Department Adjutant ND American Legion, 1982
2013-P-037-1256               Man pushing snow blower
2013-P-037-1257               Man
2013-P-037-1258               Ladies in bonnets in parade
2013-P-037-1259               Float in parade
2013-P-037-1260               Trinity Lutheran Church addition under construction
2013-P-037-1261               Men standing near grain augers
2013-P-037-1262               Dossenko (solider)
2013-P-037-1263               Football game
2013-P-037-1264               Little boy with Santa Claus
2013-P-037-1265               Football game
2013-P-037-1266               Man sitting at desk
2013-P-037-1267               Steve Bryant playing on floor
2013-P-037-1268               Woman filling out form
2013-P-037-1269               Group 4-H girls
2013-P-037-1270               House with Christmas lights
2013-P-037-1271               Group photo of teenagers
2013-P-037-1272               Women washing dishes
2013-P-037-1273               Baseball game
2013-P-037-1274               Man behind desk
2013-P-037-1275               Leon Mallberg
2013-P-037-1276               Man at desk
2013-P-037-1277               Man sitting at raffle table
2013-P-037-1278               Girls basketball game
2013-P-037-1279               FFA meeting
2013-P-037-1280               Child with Santa Claus
2013-P-037-1281               Children looking at display
2013-P-037-1282               Football game
2013-P-037-1283               Two girls and a boy sitting on a wall
2013-P-037-1284               Football game
2013-P-037-1285               Baseball game
2013-P-037-1286               Men cooking pancakes outdoors
2013-P-037-1287               Horse trailers
2013-P-037-1288               Ford pickups at dealership
2013-P-037-1289               Boys basketball game
2013-P-037-1290               Threshing machine in parade
2013-P-037-1291               Empty tables and chairs
2013-P-037-1292               Child with Santa Claus
2013-P-037-1293               Damaged car
2013-P-037-1294               Children dressed like clowns
2013-P-037-1295               Large carrot
2013-P-037-1296               Bowling pins being set up
2013-P-037-1297               Men working on charts
2013-P-037-1298               Man bagging leaves
2013-P-037-1299               Man and woman at picnic
2013-P-037-1300               Brick building
2013-P-037-1301               Two men
2013-P-037-1302               Women at typewriter
2013-P-037-1303               St. John’s Lutheran Church         
2013-P-037-1304               Elderly couple at table
2013-P-037-1305               Two women
2013-P-037-1306               Woman and kids at Halloween party
2013-P-037-1307               Main Street with Christmas lights
2013-P-037-1308               Kids picking up candy at parade
2013-P-037-1309               Man in cowboy hat
2013-P-037-1310               Women doing dishes
2013-P-037-1311               Crowd at picnic
2013-P-037-1312               Kids with 4-H ribbons and certificates
2013-P-037-1313               Damaged building
2013-P-037-1314               Gene Hilken, District 8 Senate Candidate, Wilton
2013-P-037-1315               Coal mining
2013-P-037-1316               Damaged vehicle
2013-P-037-1317               Planting tree rows
2013-P-037-1318               Long table in classroom
2013-P-037-1319               Man and boys shingling roof
2013-P-037-1320               House with Christmas lights
2013-P-037-1321               Large snow drift
2013-P-037-1322               Men with violin, guitar, and banjo playing in park
2013-P-037-1323               Mary Baird, Candidate, ND House District 8
2013-P-037-1324               House with Christmas lights
2013-P-037-1325               Woman sitting by Christmas tree
2013-P-037-1326               Boys fishing from bridge
2013-P-037-1327               Men fishing under bridge
2013-P-037-1328               Damaged pick up
2013-P-037-1329               Woman in wedding dress
2013-P-037-1330               Men welding
2013-P-037-1331               Two girls in graduation gowns
2013-P-037-1332               Group around punch table
2013-P-037-1333               Nurse in hallway
2013-P-037-1334               Two men and a woman in front of corrals and metal building
2013-P-037-1335               Wanda Miller in nursing uniform
2013-P-037-1336               Tammy (last name unknown, age 7)
2013-P-037-1337               Nurse using stethoscope on patient
2013-P-037-1338               House with Christmas lights
2013-P-037-1339               Couple in front of wood paneled wall
2013-P-037-1340               Kids with Santa Claus
2013-P-037-1341               Unidentified     
2013-P-037-1342               Children on playground
2013-P-037-1343               Boy Scouts racing homemade boats
2013-P-037-1344               Woman selling jewelry
2013-P-037-1345               Group photo
2013-P-037-1346               Men visiting at table
2013-P-037-1347               Two men
2013-P-037-1348               Women carving meat
2013-P-037-1349               Family eating at banquet
2013-P-037-1350               Man speaking at podium at REC Annual Meeting
2013-P-037-1351               Kids getting off Turtle Lake–Mercer school bus
2013-P-037-1352               Field and grain elevator
2013-P-037-1353               Trash on curb
2013-P-037-1354               Runners at starting line of race
2013-P-037-1355               Boats on water
2013-P-037-1356               Alice Kringen at her desk
2013-P-037-1357               Kids at Easter egg hunt (Alaina Davis)
2013-P-037-1358               Kids on playground
2013-P-037-1359               Unidentified
2013-P-037-1360               Boys basketball game, Wilton vs. Washburn
2013-P-037-1361               Man speaking at podium at REC Annual Meeting
2013-P-037-1362               Woman giving food demonstration
2013-P-037-1363               Kids doing artwork on floor
2013-P-037-1364               Woman with prize winning bull, 1985     
2013-P-037-1365               Barrel racing
2013-P-037-1366               Finches in cage
2013-P-037-1367               House with Christmas lights
2013-P-037-1368               Float in parade
2013-P-037-1369               Boy looking at Easter basket
2013-P-037-1370               House
2013-P-037-1371               House with “Yard of the Week” sign
2013-P-037-1372               Geese come in for a landing between Lake Holmes and Lake Williams.  Lake Williams is shown in the background as mostly dry lowland. Lake Williams is being refilled with water from Lakes Brekken and Holmes to provide wetland habitat during the drought. April 30, 1990
2013-P-037-1373               Group of men seated at long table
2013-P-037-1374               Oil well
2013-P-037-1375               Man
2013-P-037-1376               Train derailment
2013-P-037-1377               Woman
2013-P-037-1378               Man with cemetery plot markers
2013-P-037-1379               Man and child looking at 4-H displays
2013-P-037-1380               Kids playing volleyball
2013-P-037-1381               Men running threshing machine
2013-P-037-1382               Dwan O’Shea
2013-P-037-1383               Ice skating
2013-P-037-1384               Snow drift hanging off roof
2013-P-037-1385               Road construction
2013-P-037-1386               Man
2013-P-037-1387               Men at display table
2013-P-037-1388               Damaged vehicle
2013-P-037-1389               Man, woman, and child
2013-P-037-1390               Girl scouts
2013-P-037-1391               Cars and brick building
2013-P-037-1392               Doctor, nurse, mother, and baby
2013-P-037-1393               Doctor, nurse, mother, and baby
2013-P-037-1394               Man and woman with giant Christmas stocking
2013-P-037-1395               Delores Jorstad
2013-P-037-1396               Man
2013-P-037-1397               Lighting burn barrel
2013-P-037-1398               Doctor, nurse, mother, and baby
2013-P-037-1399               Women with serving trays in hospital hallway
2013-P-037-1400               House
2013-P-037-1401               Man and woman
2013-P-037-1402               Man in Laundromat
2013-P-037-1403               Group of women
2013-P-037-1404               Pile of debris, lake in background
2013-P-037-1405               Man and woman singing
2013-P-037-1406               Karen L. Presser
2013-P-037-1407               Group of men
2013-P-037-1408               Myron Fischer
2013-P-037-1409               Man
2013-P-037-1410               Group of school children
2013-P-037-1411               Sallyann Scheel
2013-P-037-1412               US Coast Guard (Bavhol?)
2013-P-037-1413               Children dancing
2013-P-037-1414               House
2013-P-037-1415               Float in parade
2013-P-037-1416               Man
2013-P-037-1417               Two men holding books
2013-P-037-1418               Family photo
2013-P-037-1419               Man
2013-P-037-1420               Group photo
2013-P-037-1421               Three men
2013-P-037-1422               Kids looking at turtles in tank
2013-P-037-1423               Large metal building
2013-P-037-1424               Kids on carnival ride
2013-P-037-1425               Water running through large concrete culvert
2013-P-037-1426               Large concrete culvert
2013-P-037-1427               Women standing at prize table
2013-P-037-1428               Yvonne Helfenstein
2013-P-037-1429               Woman dressed as bag lady in parade
2013-P-037-1430               Boys Basketball game
2013-P-037-1431               Man at chalkboard speaking
2013-P-037-1432               FFA member judging seed
2013-P-037-1433               Calf roping
2013-P-037-1434               Dianne Herr, President
2013-P-037-1435               Man barbecuing chicken
2013-P-037-1436               Children sitting on floor eating popcorn
2013-P-037-1437               Child looking into glass case with coins
2013-P-037-1438               Jude Heringer
2013-P-037-1439               Kevin Cramer, GOP State Executive Director
2013-P-037-1440               Group of girls
2013-P-037-1441               Kent Kovgel
2013-P-037-1442               House with Christmas lights
2013-P-037-1443               Man using jackhammer in street
2013-P-037-1444               Building and large snow drift
2013-P-037-1445               Girl painting curb
2013-P-037-1446               Shriners in cars in parade
2013-P-037-1447               Man pulling wagon in parade
2013-P-037-1448               Crowd at Underwood Diamond Jubilee
2013-P-037-1449               Girl with wrist brace writing in notebook
2013-P-037-1450               Men doing yard work
2013-P-037-1451               Display on table
2013-P-037-1452               Negatives of basketball games
2013-P-037-1453               Little boy eating ice cream
2013-P-037-1454               Car with many items tied onto the top
2013-P-037-1455               Man and woman
2013-P-037-1456               Woman
2013-P-037-1457               Bob O’Shea and John Rust putting tarp over bales on truck
2013-P-037-1458               Arnold Stockstad, ND American Legion, with group of men
2013-P-037-1459               Kids sledding
2013-P-037-1460               Aerial view
2013-P-037-1461               Nurse with baby
2013-P-037-1462               Vilhauer
2013-P-037-1463               Harry A. Westley
2013-P-037-1464               Group of men at table
2013-P-037-1465               Equity Elevator and Trading Company
2013-P-037-1466               Woman
2013-P-037-1467               Man standing my main distribution frame
2013-P-037-1468               Men taking tour of field
2013-P-037-1469               Man working on ceiling
2013-P-037-1470               Christmas decorations
2013-P-037-1471               Man
2013-P-037-1472               Mowing lawn
2013-P-037-1473               House with Christmas lights
2013-P-037-1474               Field and buildings
2013-P-037-1475               Woman laughing
2013-P-037-1476               Girls basketball game
2013-P-037-1477               Little boys sitting on floor
2013-P-037-1478               Teenagers, King and Queen
2013-P-037-1479               Kids on bikes in parade
2013-P-037-1480               Deanne Howard and Lisa Sundquist
2013-P-037-1481               Boys basketball game
2013-P-037-1482               Woman and little girl with wagon
2013-P-037-1483               Woman with plants
2013-P-037-1484               Children playing game
2013-P-037-1485               Man
2013-P-037-1486               1924 Model Tractor in parade
2013-P-037-1487               Child with Santa Claus
2013-P-037-1488               Man painting water tower
2013-P-037-1489               Little boy at Easter egg hunt
2013-P-037-1490               Outdoor church service
2013-P-037-1491               Little boy and girl
2013-P-037-1492               Boy at Easter egg hunt
2013-P-037-1493               Vedran Pipnic accepts an award from John Waldmeir, assistant Vice President for academic affairs
2013-P-037-1494               Grain pile
2013-P-037-1495               Man and woman working on house
2013-P-037-1496               Woman at till
2013-P-037-1497               Two men with logs
2013-P-037-1498               Unidentified
2013-P-037-1499               Potholes in road
2013-P-037-1500               Members of the North Dakota Farmers Union Leadership Conference Tour are shown in front of the National Farmers Union headquarters in Denver.
2013-P-037-1501               Boy with Santa Claus
2013-P-037-1502               Siding building with false front
2013-P-037-1503               Picnic table with wooden shelter on prairie
2013-P-037-1504               Large group
2013-P-037-1505               Soapbox derby
2013-P-037-1506               El Zagal Plainsmen performing in gym
2013-P-037-1507               Boys basketball game
2013-P-037-1508               Allan Laib, Mercer, 5th District Commander ND American Legion, 1987-1988
2013-P-037-1509               Woman with Christmas decorations
2013-P-037-1510               People at rummage sale
2013-P-037-1511               Water show
2013-P-037-1512               Float in parade
2013-P-037-1513               Sandra Lucille Steger
2013-P-037-1514               Three men
2013-P-037-1515               Man in dark glasses
2013-P-037-1516               Woman being interviewed
2013-P-037-1517               Man at typewriter
2013-P-037-1518               Man laying foundation bricks, August 23, 1963
2013-P-037-1519               James Merrel
2013-P-037-1520               Man pouring coffee
2013-P-037-1521               Man
2013-P-037-1522               Schafer in military uniform
2013-P-037-1523               Man behind desk
2013-P-037-1524               Group of girls
2013-P-037-1525               Walter Hjelle
2013-P-037-1526               Man and woman at microphone
2013-P-037-1527               Faye Seidler
2013-P-037-1528               Upside down airplane
2013-P-037-1529               Lambs
2013-P-037-1530               Large snow drift in front of garage
2013-P-037-1531               Large snow drift and damaged building
2013-P-037-1532               Woman and children looking at display
2013-P-037-1533               Float in parade
2013-P-037-1534               Two men tarring road
2013-P-037-1535               Group of kids with certificates
2013-P-037-1536               Front row (left to right):  Rowena Johannes, Helen Wittrup, and Pat Swanson.  Back row:  Weston Johannes and Valdon Swanson
2013-P-037-1537               Shed
2013-P-037-1538               Man beside Halloween decorations
2013-P-037-1539               House
2013-P-037-1540               Turtle races
2013-P-037-1541               Water over gravel road
2013-P-037-1542               Firework debris in water
2013-P-037-1543               Girls basketball game
2013-P-037-1544               Girls basketball game, Hazen vs. Turtle Lake (Ball handler:  Kara Boyko  and Tammi Weible)
2013-P-037-1545               Kids playing arcade games
2013-P-037-1546               Tammy Nielsen
2013-P-037-1547               Float in parade, Mandan Indian Shriners, El Zagal Temple
2013-P-037-1548               Football game, Darnal (?) Klatt and Casey Anderson
2013-P-037-1549               People painting posts
2013-P-037-1550               Little boy with Santa Claus
2013-P-037-1551               Kids performing skit on stage
2013-P-037-1552               Man and woman
2013-P-037-1553               Woman bandaging patients head, June 1992
2013-P-037-1554               Volleyball game
2013-P-037-1555               Boys basketball game, Dustin Holton
2013-P-037-1556               Men working construction
2013-P-037-1557               Woman in office
2013-P-037-1558               Kids working in fundraising booth
2013-P-037-1559               C. H. Lemhler (?)
2013-P-037-1560               Rep. Rick Clayburgh, District 17, Grand Forks, Candidate for Tax Commissioner, June 10, 1996
2013-P-037-1561               Fallen tree
2013-P-037-1562               Women looking at craft fair items
2013-P-037-1563               Field
2013-P-037-1564               Kids running race
2013-P-037-1565               Girl holding dog
2013-P-037-1566               Man in cowboy hat
2013-P-037-1567               Reverend. Roger Prescott
2013-P-037-1568               House
2013-P-037-1569               Stools done by Ellen Borgen
2013-P-037-1570               Beautifully carved wall lamp
2013-P-037-1571               Man
2013-P-037-1572               House with Christmas lights
2013-P-037-1573               Group of teens
2013-P-037-1574               Man speaking to woman
2013-P-037-1575               Display of toys in store
2013-P-037-1576               Bicycles parked in front of tents at craft fair
2013-P-037-1577               House
2013-P-037-1578               Three men
2013-P-037-1579               Three men with Airport of the Year Award
2013-P-037-1580               Man
2013-P-037-1581               Man behind desk
2013-P-037-1582               Group of horseback riders in street
2013-P-037-1583               Open gate
2013-P-037-1584               Parked pickups and horse trailers
2013-P-037-1585               Man instructing another man on computer
2013-P-037-1586               Woman
2013-P-037-1587               Color guard in parade
2013-P-037-1588               Picnic tables and flag poles in front of building
2013-P-037-1589               Woman and girl serving deserts
2013-P-037-1590               Christmas decorations
2013-P-037-1591               Boys basketball game
2013-P-037-1592               Darla Schaefer (far right) plays with village children, June 1993
2013-P-037-1593               North Dakota State Fair displays and ribbons
2013-P-037-1594               Slough and farmstead
2013-P-037-1595               Man
2013-P-037-1596               Tyler Miller with Santa Claus
2013-P-037-1597               House and metal building
2013-P-037-1598               Group photo
2013-P-037-1599               Man behind podium
2013-P-037-1600               Man and cattle in corral
2013-P-037-1601               Parents sitting in children’s classroom
2013-P-037-1602               Building with false front
2013-P-037-1603               Homemade sprayer
2013-P-037-1604               Sharon Frederick ‘68
2013-P-037-1605               Boy playing ping pong
2013-P-037-1606               United States Post Office in Turtle Lake, ND
2013-P-037-1607               Young man
2013-P-037-1608               Debris near lake
2013-P-037-1609               Man looking at spinning wheel
2013-P-037-1610               Woman in casket
2013-P-037-1611               Millie Vossler
2013-P-037-1612               Group of men
2013-P-037-1613               Man receiving trophy presented by Jim Churchill
2013-P-037-1614               Boy Scout Troop 88 of Turtle Lake food drive 1998
2013-P-037-1615               Young man
2013-P-037-1616               Young woman
2013-P-037-1617               Baby photo
2013-P-037-1618               Bowling pins being re-set
2013-P-037-1619               Police Officer
2013-P-037-1620               Marlan Huinden
2013-P-037-1621               Diane Moss, 1996
2013-P-037-1622               Group of men (American Legion?) with trophies and certificates
2013-P-037-1623               Three men
2013-P-037-1624               Elevator under construction
2013-P-037-1625               Car with hood up in body shop
2013-P-037-1626               Ambulance entrance
2013-P-037-1627               Three men
2013-P-037-1628               Two men
2013-P-037-1629               House
2013-P-037-1630               Man and two women holding check
2013-P-037-1631               Two men sitting at desk
2013-P-037-1632               Log wall at fort
2013-P-037-1633               Boy playing arcade game
2013-P-037-1634               Man and woman
2013-P-037-1635               Fallen branch in snow
2013-P-037-1636               Dump truck, tractor, auger and huge grain pile
2013-P-037-1637               Boy with embroidery project
2013-P-037-1638               Group in front of house
2013-P-037-1639               Tina Torno and Robert Grade married on August 22nd, 1987 at Zion Lutheran in Minot
2013-P-037-1640               Reverend Dan Heringer, Goodrich
2013-P-037-1641               Mallard in water
2013-P-037-1642               Little boy with Santa Claus
2013-P-037-1643               1997 State FFA Officers, bottom row (left to right): William F. White III, Justin Maddock, Erica Knell.  2nd Row:  Amy Dukart, Jessica Lee Larson, Jon S. Solberg.  Back Row:  Lorissa Benson
2013-P-037-1644               Child with Santa Claus
2013-P-037-1645               Men and women with awards
2013-P-037-1646               Football game (Daren Walcke)
2013-P-037-1647               Clowns in parade
2013-P-037-1648               Doctor and nurse
2013-P-037-1649               Jacob Rodgers and Santa Claus
2013-P-037-1650               McLean County, Back Row: Pat McCurry, Washburn; Steve Ziegler, Garrison; Tom Inglehart, Garrison.  Front Row:  Vicki Nett, Max; Dawn Mack, Max; Michelle Lick, Ruso
2013-P-037-1651               Dump truck, auger, and grain pile
2013-P-037-1652               Crowd at gathering in picnic shelter
2013-P-037-1653               Women tying balloons
2013-P-037-1654               Float in parade
2013-P-037-1655               Man and woman with upholstered chair
2013-P-037-1656               Robert Wefald
2013-P-037-1657               Kathy Hanson
2013-P-037-1658               Cody Strothman
2013-P-037-1659               Power lines in field
2013-P-037-1660               Slough with homes in background
2013-P-037-1661               Group in hardhats out in field
2013-P-037-1662               Christmas lights on main street
2013-P-037-1663               Digging trench
2013-P-037-1664               Teenage king and queen
2013-P-037-1665               Combine and dump truck in field
2013-P-037-1666               House with Christmas lights
2013-P-037-1667               Joan Ritola
2013-P-037-1668               Boys basketball game
2013-P-037-1669               Turtle Lake Redi-Mix trucks
2013-P-037-1670               Crowd in line outdoors
2013-P-037-1671               Train derailment
2013-P-037-1672               No Hunting sign on corner post
2013-P-037-1673               Bull rider and rodeo clown
2013-P-037-1674               Rockwell gage
2013-P-037-1675               Woman holding large 1984 Folk fest trophy
2013-P-037-1676               Man, woman and child
2013-P-037-1677               Crown
2013-P-037-1678               Two men behind counter
2013-P-037-1679               Man on tractor working on basketball court in park
2013-P-037-1680               Man holding walleye
2013-P-037-1681               Two men behind desk
2013-P-037-1682               Man
2013-P-037-1683               Girls basketball game
2013-P-037-1684               Man and woman with wheat weaving
2013-P-037-1685               Landscape
2013-P-037-1686               Two men holding books
2013-P-037-1687               Three men working on vehicle
2013-P-037-1688               Collapsed building
2013-P-037-1689               Farmhand
2013-P-037-1690               Two women
2013-P-037-1691               Mr. and Mrs. Don Rittenbach, August 18, 1973 Trinity Lutheran in Bismarck
2013-P-037-1692               Group photo
2013-P-037-1693               Erecting water tower
2013-P-037-1694               Young woman
2013-P-037-1695               Group clearing branches
2013-P-037-1696               Bonnie Jenson
2013-P-037-1697               Men pouring foundation
2013-P-037-1698               Man attending burning pile
2013-P-037-1699               Man working on boiler
2013-P-037-1700               Larry (age 9), October 1963
2013-P-037-1701               Two boys
2013-P-037-1702               Lubette Renee Brown
2013-P-037-1703               Andi Helgeson at desk
2013-P-037-1704               Paving road
2013-P-037-1705               Cement culverts
2013-P-037-1706               Burned ditch beside home
2013-P-037-1707               Parked cars
2013-P-037-1708               Snowmen in yard
2013-P-037-1709               House with Christmas lights
2013-P-037-1710               Man with handful of grain
2013-P-037-1711               Boys basketball practice
2013-P-037-1712               Kids playing outside
2013-P-037-1713               Kids in front of wall display
2013-P-037-1714               High school kids at lecture
2013-P-037-1715               Man in suit
2013-P-037-1716               Sarah Larson and Ruby Hardy face painting
2013-P-037-1717               House with Christmas lights
2013-P-037-1718               Girls basketball game
2013-P-037-1719               Group of men and women
2013-P-037-1720               Reverend Roger Prescott, Lutheran Social Services of North Dakota, 1985
2013-P-037-1721               Building under construction
2013-P-037-1722               Candisc Mechanical support, man working on bike
2013-P-037-1723               Two combines in field
2013-P-037-1724               Wagon in field decorated with Tewksbury Ranch sign
2013-P-037-1725               Amber Holznagel picking up Easter eggs
2013-P-037-1726               Men standing beside lined up grain trucks
2013-P-037-1727               Little boy with Santa Claus
2013-P-037-1728               Man climbing ladder to install sign
2013-P-037-1729               Wheat weaving display
2013-P-037-1730               Man climbing ladder with chain saw to cut down tree limb
2013-P-037-1731               Man and woman looking at photos
2013-P-037-1732               Woman with puppet
2013-P-037-1733               Slough
2013-P-037-1734               Two men at podium
2013-P-037-1735               man
2013-P-037-1736               Infant boy in Santa suit with Santa Claus
2013-P-037-1737               Little boys with Santa Claus
2013-P-037-1738               Boy receiving trophy from man
2013-P-037-1739               Woman in cowboy hat looking through boxes of items
2013-P-037-1740               Cody and Michaella Wegner
2013-P-037-1741               Men with trophy from basketball tournament, Benedict
2013-P-037-1742               Girl with milk cartons on gym floor
2013-P-037-1743               Football game
2013-P-037-1744               Men grilling hamburgers in picnic shelter
2013-P-037-1745               Building under construction
2013-P-037-1746               Man and snow blower
2013-P-037-1747               Football game
2013-P-037-1748               Man behind desk
2013-P-037-1749               Bull rider
2013-P-037-1750               Crowd and performers at play
2013-P-037-1751               Motorcycle pulling wagon in parade
2013-P-037-1752               Large snow drift
2013-P-037-1753               Men at picnic table
2013-P-037-1754               Float in parade
2013-P-037-1755               Pastor Tim Douglas and wife Lila, Mercer Church of God
2013-P-037-1756               Crowd going through line at banquet
2013-P-037-1757               Dried flowers
2013-P-037-1758               Float in parade
2013-P-037-1759               Scraper leveling field
2013-P-037-1760               Machine parts
2013-P-037-1761               Man
2013-P-037-1762               Man welding
2013-P-037-1763               Utility workers up in buckets
2013-P-037-1764               Bank of Turtle Lake
2013-P-037-1765               Damaged grain bin
2013-P-037-1766               Snow melt in field
2013-P-037-1767               Children’s music program
2013-P-037-1768               Group of men
2013-P-037-1769               Pheasants on road
2013-P-037-1770               Vern Thompson, PSC Candidate
2013-P-037-1771               Woman behind desk
2013-P-037-1772               Steer wrestling
2013-P-037-1773               Group photo
2013-P-037-1774               Run off along curb
2013-P-037-1775               Women making crafts
2013-P-037-1776               Murray’s Market
2013-P-037-1777               Actors in play
2013-P-037-1778               Hoten-Klein wedding photo
2013-P-037-1779               Two women
2013-P-037-1780               Men and farm equipment
2013-P-037-1781               Boy and pig
2013-P-037-1782               Man speaking at podium
2013-P-037-1783               Man
2013-P-037-1784               Family photo
2013-P-037-1785               Group of women
2013-P-037-1786               Phyllis Gottschall (?)
2013-P-037-1787               Group of women
2013-P-037-1788               Ernie Pyle
2013-P-037-1789               Woman
2013-P-037-1790               Man receiving basketball in front of large crowd
2013-P-037-1791               Group of men around desk
2013-P-037-1792               Mr. and Mrs. Lee Roy Maertens wedding photo
2013-P-037-1793               House with “Yard of the Week” sign in yard
2013-P-037-1794               Chad Tweeten with 4-H ribbon
2013-P-037-1795               Teenage King and Queen with two smaller children
2013-P-037-1796               Man
2013-P-037-1797               Men in Native American dress and woman at microphone
2013-P-037-1798               Man
2013-P-037-1799               Two men beside grain elevator
2013-P-037-1800               John Gruszie (?) and another little boy with Santa Claus
2013-P-037-1801               Men weighing soap box car
2013-P-037-1802               Regina Schell and Bertha Jans getting treats from Santa Claus
2013-P-037-1803               Zinke-Privratsky wedding photo, June, 27, 1981
2013-P-037-1804               Lynn Schwalk
2013-P-037-1805               English teacher behind her desk
2013-P-037-1806               New cars in lot
2013-P-037-1807               Person mowing lawn on tractor
2013-P-037-1808               Man mowing lawn with push mower
2013-P-037-1809               Float in parade
2013-P-037-1810               “Snow Bunny” in yard
2013-P-037-1811               Auctioneer at sale
2013-P-037-1812               Man grilling at picnic
2013-P-037-1813               Men constructing addition
2013-P-037-1814               Unidentified
2013-P-037-1815               Three men
2013-P-037-1816               Game and Fish warden and woman with shotgun
2013-P-037-1817               Boy throwing axe at target
2013-P-037-1818               Group photo at South McLean County Soil Conservation District event
2013-P-037-1819               Man putting letters on sign
2013-P-037-1820               Train derailment
2013-P-037-1821               Kids with soap box derby trophies
2013-P-037-1822               Woman with Christmas ornament
2013-P-037-1823               Man with pipe and man with papers
2013-P-037-1824               Girls modeling historic clothing
2013-P-037-1825               Debris along roadway
2013-P-037-1826               Train at grain elevator
2013-P-037-1827               Man speaking at podium             
2013-P-037-1828               Kids and mom with Santa Claus
2013-P-037-1829               Turtle Lake Clinic
2013-P-037-1830               Bronc rider
2013-P-037-1831               Aerial photo
2013-P-037-1832               Children in classroom holding cats and dog
2013-P-037-1833               Turtle Lake Post Office
2013-P-037-1834               Group of men in uniform
2013-P-037-1835               Group of men
2013-P-037-1836               Three men
2013-P-037-1837               Bank teller and customer
2013-P-037-1838               Women looking at Christmas decorations at craft table
2013-P-037-1839               Man and woman
2013-P-037-1840               Women painting room
2013-P-037-1841               Men patching roadway
2013-P-037-1842               Train at grain elevator
2013-P-037-1843               Attorney General Robert Wefald 11-19-83
2013-P-037-1844               Men and bulldozer
2013-P-037-1845               Boy gathering Easter eggs
2013-P-037-1846               Float in parade
2013-P-037-1847               Men patching roadway
2013-P-037-1848               Two men by irrigation pipe
2013-P-037-1849               Little boy
2013-P-037-1850               Man pushing snow blower
2013-P-037-1851               Used car lot
2013-P-037-1852               Group of people sitting on toilets in the street
2013-P-037-1853               Girls playing in Hoop Shoot
2013-P-037-1854               Little girl gathering Easter eggs
2013-P-037-1855               Trinity Medical Center mobile clinic
2013-P-037-1856               Man shoveling snow, dog trying to catch it
2013-P-037-1857               Group photo
2013-P-037-1858               Teacher at her desk
2013-P-037-1859               Float in parade
2013-P-037-1860               Group of teens with trophies
2013-P-037-1861               High school dance
2013-P-037-1862               Gottel-Magelloy wedding photo
2013-P-037-1863               Boy and girl
2013-P-037-1864               Trench
2013-P-037-1865               School children and two men
2013-P-037-1866               4-H kids showing rabbits
2013-P-037-1867               Crane digging up field
2013-P-037-1868               Football field with sprinklers on
2013-P-037-1869               Dunk tank
2013-P-037-1870               Group serving food
2013-P-037-1871               Tractor, plough, and anhydrous tank
2013-P-037-1872               Earl Pomeroy and young man
2013-P-037-1873               Crowd at flea market
2013-P-037-1874               Man
2013-P-037-1875               School kids at lockers
2013-P-037-1876               Chris Blotter with Santa Claus
2013-P-037-1877               Woman pouring water at banquet
2013-P-037-1878               Turtle races
2013-P-037-1879               Boy getting ankle taped
2013-P-037-1880               Woman donating blood
2013-P-037-1881               Boat dock at Lake Brekken
2013-P-037-1882               Robert H. Olin, M.D. behind desk
2013-P-037-1883               Group of young men on porch
2013-P-037-1884               Two men working with fabric
2013-P-037-1885               Kids building snowman
2013-P-037-1886               Sheryl Linoteigen, Runner Up
2013-P-037-1887               Men constructing floor
2013-P-037-1888               Men working in kitchen
2013-P-037-1889               Arthur K. Johnson
2013-P-037-1890               Long table full of people eating
2013-P-037-1891               Woman glazing pottery
2013-P-037-1892               Man at podium using overhead projector
2013-P-037-1893               Group of men
2013-P-037-1894               Man mowing lawn
2013-P-037-1895               Boat racing
2013-P-037-1896               Mary Rethke
2013-P-037-1897               Ryan C. Unruh
2013-P-037-1898               Two old shacks
2013-P-037-1899               Damaged barn
2013-P-037-1900               Building
2013-P-037-1901               Two headed calf
2013-P-037-1902               Boys emptying aluminum cans out of pick up beds
2013-P-037-1903               Building
2013-P-037-1904               Hardware store
2013-P-037-1905               Group of men at groundbreaking
2013-P-037-1906               Boys picking up trash in ditch
2013-P-037-1907               Men working on bowling alley
2013-P-037-1908               House with Christmas lights
2013-P-037-1909               Girls bowling
2013-P-037-1910               Kids with tent
2013-P-037-1911               Damaged vehicle
2013-P-037-1912               Damaged vehicle
2013-P-037-1913               Man with very tall sunflower stalk
2013-P-037-1914               Man and woman behind bar
2013-P-037-1915               Kids performing skit
2013-P-037-1916               Frosty power lines and trees at night
2013-P-037-1917               Man trimming branches
2013-P-037-1918               Float in parade
2013-P-037-1919               Boys planting trees
2013-P-037-1920               Men kneeling in grass
2013-P-037-1921               Man speaking at banquet
2013-P-037-1922               Man speaking at podium at Farmers Mutual Insurance Company Annual meeting
2013-P-037-1923               Woman at typewriter holding award
2013-P-037-1924               Women holding quilt
2013-P-037-1925               Marine (Klinger)
2013-P-037-1926               Man standing in office
2013-P-037-1927               Woman sitting on bleachers
2013-P-037-1928               Man in bucket hanging Christmas decoration
2013-P-037-1929               Men pouring concrete
2013-P-307-1930               Boy dunking someone in stock tank
2013-P-037-1931               Boy looking in jar
2013-P-037-1932               Woman on ladder putting up storm window
2013-P-037-1933               Firefighters hosing down rubble
2013-P-037-1934               Turtle Lake Diamond Jubilee sign
2013-P-037-1935               Debra Svenson in nursing uniform
2013-P-037-1936               Arnold Paulson, President of the North Dakota Credit Union League, presenting Waldo Westrum with plaque (Waldo served on the board for 15 years)
2013-P-037-1937               Utility workers fixing power lines
2013-P-037-1938               Four men in suits
2013-P-037-1939               Men at podium
2013-P-037-1940               Young men and women, “Transcendent Love”
2013-P-037-1941               Turtle races
2013-P-037-1942               Working on building
2013-P-037-1943               Boy with turtle
2013-P-037-1944               Float in parade
2013-P-037-1945               Shriners in parade
2013-P-037-1946               Damaged station wagon
2013-P-037-1947               Crowd and players at softball game
2013-P-037-1948               Woman
2013-P-037-1949               Bulldozer and crane
2013-P-037-1950               House with Christmas lights
2013-P-037-1951               Man with plate full of food
2013-P-037-1952               Woman shoveling sidewalk
2013-P-037-1953               Man using table saw
2013-P-037-1954               Shingles
2013-P-037-1955               Damaged pick up
2013-P-037-1956               Little girl with Santa Claus
2013-P-037-1957               Flatbed full of square bales
2013-P-037-1958               Group photo in church
2013-P-037-1959               McClusky Canal Groundbreaking, May 16, 1970
2013-P-037-1960               Appliance store
2013-P-037-1961               Man laying brick
2013-P-037-1962               Airplane
2013-P-037-1963               Building with false front
2013-P-037-1964               Mrs. G. Rust and Mrs. Jerry Ash at table with food
2013-P-037-1965               Unidentified
2013-P-037-1966               Woman
2013-P-037-1967               Woman
2013-P-037-1968               Children holding flowers
2013-P-037-1969               Men in kitchen
2013-P-037-1970               Man sitting at desk
2013-P-037-1971               Congregational Church, Turtle Lake, ND
2013-P-037-1972               Kids playing with parachute in gym
2013-P-037-1973               Pipes and water
2013-P-037-1974               Alexa Hutler
2013-P-037-1975               Debris on shore
2013-P-037-1976               Man, woman, and children sitting in the grass
2013-P-037-1977               Women at flea market
2013-P-037-1978               Mrs. Marli Wicka, Department President, American Legion Auxiliary, Beach
2013-P-037-1979               Clown and children at parade
2013-P-037-1980               Men shaking hands
2013-P-037-1981               Ice houses on creek
2013-P-037-1982               Crowd at auction sale
2013-P-037-1983               Clown
2013-P-037-1984               Shriners in parade
2013-P-037-1985               FFA boys with ribbons and plaque
2013-P-037-1986               Group photo
2013-P-037-1987               Nurse taking blood sample from man
2013-P-037-1988               Man serving woman from roaster
2013-P-037-1989               Men at raffle table
2013-P-037-1990               Float in parade
2013-P-037-1991               Child with Santa Claus
2013-P-037-1992               Nurse
2013-P-037-1993               Man with stethoscope
2013-P-037-1994               Men putting up chain link fence
2013-P-037-1995               Water rushing out of culvert
2013-P-037-1996               Child with Santa Claus
2013-P-037-1997               Displays with ribbons
2013-P-037-1998               Girls basketball game
2013-P-037-1999               Turtle Lake Clinic
2013-P-037-2000               Float in parade
2013-P-037-2001               Women and little girl with Cabbage Patch doll sitting in bleachers
2013-P-037-2002               Float in parade
2013-P-037-2003               Snow drift
2013-P-037-2004               No hunting sign on fence post
2013-P-037-2005               Scarecrow decoration
2013-P-037-2006               Tractor and irrigation pipe
2013-P-037-2007               Man
2013-P-037-2008               Kids looking at displays
2013-P-037-2009               Snow drift and cars
2013-P-037-2010               Dunk tank
2013-P-037-2011               Crane digging trench and large pipes
2013-P-037-2012               Men grilling hot dogs
2013-P-037-2013               Man working on machinery
2013-P-037-2014               Men grilling hamburgers
2013-P-037-2015               Dock at lake
2013-P-037-2016               Man in bucket hanging “Welcome to Washburn 1982” sign over street
2013-P-037-2017               Girl with 4-H ribbons
2013-P-037-2018               Football game
2013-P-037-2019               Terry Enockson, Washburn, and Tyler Shafer, Roseglen
2013-P-037-2020               Men laying brick
2013-P-037-2021               Family photo
2013-P-037-2022               Steamer and threshing machine at harvest
2013-P-037-2023               Tractor and drill
2013-P-037-2024               Boy drinking from hose
2013-P-037-2025               Damaged car
2013-P-037-2026               Arlen Gilbertson
2013-P-037-2027               Boys emptying bags of cans into pick up bed
2013-P-037-2028               Man
2013-P-037-2029               Man speaking at podium
2013-P-037-2030               Man sitting behind desk
2013-P-037-2031               Man with a fan in appliance store
2013-P-037-2032               empty hallway
2013-P-037-2033               Horseback riders and campers
2013-P-037-2034               Military service at cemetery
2013-P-037-2035               Man
2013-P-037-2036               Patrick (last name unknown)
2013-P-307-2037               Football game
2013-P-037-2038               Tall snowdrifts
2013-P-037-2039               Crowd
2013-P-037-2040               Lindensmith
2013-P-037-2041               Men fixing pipe
2013-P-037-2042               Football game
2013-P-037-2043               Flag raising in front of Turtle Lake Post Office
2013-P-037-2044               Woman
2013-P-037-2045               Judie Stadick
2013-P-037-2046               Doris M. Marquez
2013-P-037-2047               Faye Seidler
2013-P-037-2048               Jackie Stengel
2013-P-037-2049               Nanette Mayer
2013-P-037-2050               Man and woman at table
2013-P-037-2051               Woman with flowers in crowd of people
2013-P-037-2052               Rodeo queen on horseback
2013-P-037-2053               Man and woman at ice cream social
2013-P-037-2054               Bicyclists on highway
2013-P-037-2055               House with Christmas lights
2013-P-037-2056               Man standing in trailer house with damaged roof
2013-P-037-2057               Man
2013-P-037-2058               Wedding photo
2013-P-037-2059               Shane McCabe and Kisha Goshe
2013-P-037-2060               Girl
2013-P-037-2061               House with “Yard of the Week” sign
2013-P-037-2062               Jered Jans with Santa Claus
2013-P-037-2063               Damaged safe
2013-P-037-2064               Garnett Townsend
2013-P-037-2065               Richard Tweeten, NDSU Field Representative
2013-P-037-2066               Float in parade
2013-P-037-2067               Men and machinery
2013-P-037-2068               Two men
2013-P-037-2069               Two boys
2013-P-037-2070               Train with snow plough
2013-P-037-2071               Group photo
2013-P-037-2072               Damaged car
2013-P-037-2073               Women working at desk
2013-P-037-2074               Young woman
2013-P-037-2075               People by sign for Turtle Lake Arboretum
2013-P-037-2076               House
2013-P-037-2077               Two boys and a young woman
2013-P-037-2078               Three men at podium
2013-P-037-2079               House
2013-P-037-2080               Francis Simmers and another man
2013-P-037-2081               Boys basketball game, Steve Swenson
2013-P-037-2082               Two young men and two young women
2013-P-037-2083               Mercer rural fire truck
2013-P-037-2084               Boy with Northern Pike
2013-P-037-2085               Man working
2013-P-037-2086               Group of women
2013-P-037-2087               Young man on machinery
2013-P-037-2088               Coyotes in pen
2013-P-037-2089               Reverend and Mrs. Gene Moore
2013-P-037-2090               Halloween decorations
2013-P-037-2091               Man and graduates
2013-P-037-2092               Boy gathering Easter eggs
2013-P-037-2093               Group photo of teenagers
2013-P-037-2094               Football game
2013-P-037-2095               Engagement photo
2013-P-037-2096               Boys at FFA meeting
2013-P-037-2097               Boy and girl with Santa Claus
2013-P-037-2098               Damaged building frame
2013-P-037-2099               Little boy with Santa Claus
2013-P-037-2100               FFA students studying plant samples
2013-P-037-2101               Child gathering Easter eggs
2013-P-037-2102               Boys showing sheep
2013-P-037-2103               Man with award winning produce
2013-P-037-2104               Little boy with Santa Claus
2013-P-037-2105               Auctioneer
2013-P-037-2106               Men with triplet calves
2013-P-037-2107               Man
2013-P-037-2108               Crowd at picnic
2013-P-037-2109               Dolls
2013-P-037-2110               Carol Heidt ’68-‘69
2013-P-037-2111               Group of men
2013-P-037-2112               Swathing oats
2013-P-037-2113               Two men
2013-P-037-2114               Men constructing building
2013-P-037-2115               Woman putting mail in slots
2013-P-037-2116               Maintainer clearing snow from street
2013-P-037-2117               Damaged home
2013-P-037-2118               Damaged car
2013-P-037-2119               Children with Santa Claus
2013-P-037-2120               Turtle Lake water tower
2013-P-037-2121               Man speaking to group
2013-P-037-2122               James M. Weigel
2013-P-037-2123               Karen Ann Krieg, NDSU Rodeo Queen Candidate
2013-P-037-2124               Man
2013-P-037-2125               Turtle Lake Post Office
2013-P-037-2126               Man
2013-P-037-2127               Arlin Thompson
2013-P-037-2128               Men beside well
2013-P-037-2129               Man in uniform beside house
2013-P-037-2130               Two men
2013-P-037-2131               Cowboy interviewing man and woman
2013-P-037-2132               Eby-Haugen engagement photo
2013-P-037-2133               Man
2013-P-037-2134               Two men looking at book
2013-P-037-2135               Women on boat
2013-P-037-2136               Woman
2013-P-037-2137               Water rushing through channel
2013-P-037-2138               Byron Dorgan speaking
2013-P-037-2139               Department of Public Instruction Dr. Wayne G. Sanstead, Superintendent
2013-P-037-2140               Woman with television
2013-P-037-2141               Nancy Buchholz, St. Alexius employee
2013-P-037-2142               Two men beside pegboard wall in hardware store
2013-P-037-2143               Morrison-Williams wedding portrait
2013-P-037-2144               Modern tractor pulling old-fashioned plough in parade
2103-P-037-2145               Christmas decorations
2013-P-037-2146               Marshall Maxwell, Turtle Lake
2013-P-037-2147               Woman receiving award
2013-P-037-2148               Clyde Nelson with ND Auto Body Association Promoter of the Year award
2013-P-037-2149               Man receiving award
2013-P-037-2150               Child with Santa Claus
2013-P-037-2151               Men laying pipe in trench
2013-P-037-2152               Stacy Laib
2013-P-037-2153               Man working with equipment
2013-P-037-2154               Dennis Jacobson
2013-P-037-2155               Children in costume
2013-P-037-2156               Football game
2013-P-037-2157               Football game
2013-P-037-2158               Football game
2013-P-037-2159               Boys sitting in desks in classroom
2013-P-037-2160               Men putting up siding on building
2013-P-037-2161               Man
2013-P-037-2162               Child with Santa Claus
2013-P-037-2163               Negatives of miscellaneous items
2013-P-037-2164               Saddle bronc rider and spotter
2013-P-037-2165               Corn stalk covered in snow
2013-P-037-2166               Wheat weaving at Trinity Lutheran
2013-P-037-2167               Bishop Boulton
2013-P-037-2168               Native Americans in traditional costume
2013-P-037-2169               Woman
2013-P-037-2170               Man in uniform (Grueneich)
2013-P-037-2171               Men shaking hands behind church pulpit
2013-P-037-2172               Gary Thompson
2013-P-037-2173               Terry Kurle
2013-P-037-2174               Large group
2013-P-037-2175               Little girls with Santa Claus
2013-P-037-2176               Krystal Boe
2013-P-037-2177               Family photo: Marlan, Nancy, Brian and Angie (last name unknown)
2013-P-037-2178               Edwin Schmidt
2013-P-037-2179               Cables
2013-P-037-2180               Kristy Wolff
2013-P-037-2181               Men’s team from basketball tournament
2013-P-037-2182               Damaged car
2013-P-037-2183               Soap box car
2013-P-037-2184               Ed Schaefer
2013-P-037-2185               Boy with Santa Claus
2013-P-037-2186               Soil Conservation Service, South McLean County building
2013-P-037-2187               Wedding photo
2013-P-037-2188               Flower arrangements with ribbons
2013-P-037-2189               Men working on curb
2013-P-037-2190               Man with tree talking to students
2013-P-037-2191               Moving a house on a flatbed
2013-P-037-2192               Two men in skit
2013-P-037-2193               Horseback riders in parade
2013-P-037-2194               Man climbing Turtle Lake water tower
2013-P-037-2195               Doctor, nurses, mom and newborn
2013-P-037-2196               Collapsing barn
2013-P-037-2197               Machines working on highway
2013-P-037-2198               Little girl with wagon full of Easter treats
2013-P-037-2199               Girl
2013-P-037-2200               House with Christmas lights
2013-P-037-2201               Little girl with Santa Claus
2013-P-037-2202               Woman behind desk
2013-P-037-2203               Actors on stage
2013-P-037-2204               House at night
2013-P-037-2205               Men in field, combines lined up on the road
2013-P-037-2206               Woodcarving items
2013-P-037-2207               Mrs. Nathan holding tiny doll
2013-P-037-2208               Man
2013-P-037-2209               Float in parade
2013-P-037-2210               Men paving road
2013-P-037-2211               Linda Berg
2013-P-037-2212               Man washing car
2013-P-037-2213               Woman receiving diploma
2013-P-037-2214               Steve Heit, Lt. Lane Woteland, Supt.  Enget, Sgt. Bob Peterson
2013-P-037-2215               Man in uniform receiving certificate
2013-P-037-2216               Fire burning near grain elevator
2013-P-037-2217               Man
2013-P-037-2218               Man receiving award
2013-P-037-2219               Group of men
2013-P-037-2220               Damaged roof on barn
2013-P-037-2221               Two men behind podium
2013-P-037-2222               Home under construction
2013-P-037-2223               Garbage cans on rack
2013-P-037-2224               Hail on the street
2013-P-037-2225               Woman
2013-P-037-2226               Hereford bull
2013-P-037-2227               Float in parade
2013-P-037-2228               Men with check behind desk
2013-P-037-2229               Chester Nelson, Jr., 1996 ND Trap Shooters Hall of Fame Inductee with shotgun in wheelchair
2013-P-037-2230               Railroad Tracks
2013-P-037-2231               Man speaking outdoors behind podium
2013-P-037-2232               Linda Bauer
2013-P-037-2233               Might be water treatment building
2013-P-037-2234               tumbleweed covered in snow
2013-P-037-2235               Men building structure frame
2013-P-037-2236               Betty (last name unknown)
2013-P-037-2237               People at bonfire
2013-P-037-2238               Large group of children around picnic table
2013-P-037-2239               House
2013-P-037-2240               Woman
2013-P-037-2241               Man
2013-P-037-2242               L. Roger Johnson
2013-P-037-2243               Group of men
2013-P-037-2244               Group of men
2013-P-034-2245               Emil Wanner Home
2013-P-037-2246               House with Christmas lights
2013-P-037-2247               Boy and woman burying post
2013-P-037-2248               Jim Harrison working with cables
2031-P-037-2249               Shoreline
2013-P-037-2250               Metal building in farm yard
2013-P-037-2251               Group of kids
2013-P-037-2252               Boy at locker in long hallway
2013-P-037-2253               Janell R. Ulmer
2013-P-037-2254               Family and pastor behind podium
2013-P-037-2255               Christmas nativity decorations lit up at night
2013-P-037-2256               Little girls with Santa Claus
2013-P-037-2257               Man in uniform, Nielsen, receiving award
2013-P-037-2258               Lois Huettl
2013-P-037-2259               Snow blocking sewer pipe on rooftop
2013-P-037-2260               Game Warden holding hawk or falcon
2013-P-037-2261               Float in parade
2013-P-037-2262               Mr. Pog
2013-P-037-2263               Christmas decorations
2013-P-037-2264               Woman tying little boy’s shoe
2013-P-037-2265               Man on ladder and man in bucket painting light pole
2013-P-037-2266               House with Christmas lights
2013-P-037-2267               Kids playing an egg toss game
2013-P-037-2268               Denise Reinhart, Turtle Lake
2013-P-037-2269               Men at raffle drawing
2013-P-037-2270               Turtle Lake Manor behind snow drift
2013-P-037-2271               Men spraying people with fire hose
2013-P-037-2272               Marching band in parade
2013-P-037-2273               Prairie and lake
2013-P-037-2274               Men patching pothole in street
2013-P-037-2275               Damaged vehicle
2013-P-037-2276               Horse and buggy
2013-P-037-2277               Snow on railroad tracks
2013-P-037-2278               Float in parade
2013-P-037-2279               Young girl and little boy filling a pumpkin leaf bag
2013-P-037-2280               Woman in uniform
2013-P-037-2281               Crane, trench and pipe
2013-P-037-2282               Young man with model airplane
2013-P-037-2283               Three men
2013-P-037-2284               Snow drifts hanging off roof of brick building
2013-P-037-2285               Elderly couple
2013-P-037-2286               Man inspecting broken safe
2013-P-037-2287               men with tractor in field
2013-P-037-2288               People standing on rock formation
2013-P-037-2289               Woman
2013-P-037-2290               Men cutting down tree with chainsaw
2013-P-037-2291               Police officer inspecting broken safe door
2013-P-037-2292               Men using machine to dig trench
2013-P-037-2293               House
2103-P-037-2294               Man holding baseball trophy
2013-P-037-2295               Boys basketball game
2013-P-037-2296               Boys playing with garden hose
2013-P-037-2297               Boy from Underwood throwing shot-put
2013-P-037-2298               Man behind desk
2013-P-037-2299               Football game
2013-P-037-2300               Woman sitting in front of wood burning stove
2013-P-037-2301               House
2013-P-037-2302               Girls basketball game
2013-P-037-2303               Firemen fighting house fire
2013-P-037-2304               Men renovating building
2013-P-037-2305               Boys taking tour
2013-P-037-2306               Woman holding dream catcher
2013-P-037-2307               Dried flowers
2013-P-037-2308               Float in parade
2013-P-037-2309               Shawna Lelm answering phones at telethon
2013-P-037-2310               Group playing baseball
2013-P-037-2311               “Honk – Gene is 50” sign taped over street sign
2013-P-037-2312               Kids in play
2013-P-037-2313               Men pouring concrete sidewalk
2013-P-037-2314               Men working on road
2013-P-037-2315               Addition under construction for Trinity Lutheran Church
2013-P-037-2316               Metal building
2013-P-037-2317               House with Christmas lights
2013-P-037-2318               House with Christmas lights
2013-P-037-2319               Man working at scale
2013-P-037-2320               Group talking
2013-P-037-2321               Family photo
2013-P-037-2322               Damaged car
2013-P-037-2323               Crowd sitting in folding chairs
2013-P-037-2324               Man
2013-P-037-2325               Men behind podium
2013-P-037-2326               Picnic shelter
2013-P-037-2327               Man, woman, and doctor
2013-P-037-2328               Man behind desk
2013-P-037-2329               Coach helping boy on balance beam
2013-P-037-2330               Girls basketball game, Max vs. Underwood
2013-P-037-2331               Saddle bronc rider
2013-P-037-2332               Boy from Underwood throwing discus
2013-P-037-2333               Women at vendor booth
2013-P-037-2334               Man emptying grain from dump truck into grain elevator
2013-P-037-2335               James Borlaug
2013-P-037-2336               Man and boy looking at 4-H displays
2013-P-037-2337               Man
2013-P-037-2338               Float in parade
2013-P-037-2339               Man presenting ABC Farm Safety through the Farm Bureau to children in classroom.  Caylee Stute, Heather Hardesty, Le Ann Lindteigen, Bryan Grondahl
2013-P-037-2340               People standing in line outside
2013-P-037-2341               FFA members
2013-P-037-2342               Little boy
2013-P-037-2343               Women talking at decorated table
2013-P-037-2344               Man
2013-P-037-2345               Man and woman planting commemorative tree
2013-P-037-2346               Group with plaque at South McLean County Soil Conservation District event
2013-P-037-2347               Girls basketball game
2013-P-037-2348               House with Christmas lights
2013-P-037-2349               Art Link, a man, and a woman standing on a gigantic quilt
2013-P-037-2350               Woman holding “Sketchbook Arabia”
2013-P-037-2351               Volleyball game
2013-P-037-2352               Posts in ground for metal building
2013-P-037-2353               Damaged shed
2013-P-037-2354               Damaged metal building
2013-P-037-2355               Softball game
2013-P-037-2356               Aerial view
2013-P-037-2357               Damaged pick up
2013-P-037-2358               McLean County Sheriff’s Deputy and squad car
2013-P-037-2359               Cowgirl on horseback
2013-P-037-2360               Girls basketball game
2013-P-037-2361               Verna’s building
2013-P-037-2362               Kids in Halloween costumes
2013-P-037-2363               Little girl with Santa Claus
2013-P-037-2364               Megan Presser with Santa Claus
2013-P-037-2365               Man hanging door
2013-P-037-2366               Train derailment
2013-P-037-2367               Combine in field
2013-P-037-2368               Joshua Pressnall with Easter Bunny
2013-P-037-2369               Young man sleeping in lawn chair
2013-P-037-2370               Float in parade
2013-P-037-2371               Damaged car
2013-P-037-2372               Damaged vehicle
2013-P-037-2373               Clown in parade
2013-P-037-2374               Men with 3rd place trophy
2013-P-037-2375               Woman with bowling certificate
2013-P-037-2376               Man and woman looking at photos
2013-P-037-2377               Girls basketball game, Max vs. Riverdale
2013-P-037-2378               Prairie
2013-P-037-2379               Building addition at grain elevator
2013-P-037-2380               Group of men
2013-P-037-2381               Man
2013-P-037-2382               Person standing beside fence
2013-P-037-2383               Float in parade
2013-P-037-2384               Paving road
2013-P-037-2385               Woman with Northern Pike
2013-P-037-2386               Man looking through microscope
2013-P-037-2387               Woman giving demonstration to two men
2013-P-037-2388               Gerard Goven, November 1975
2013-P-037-2389               Coyotes in pen
2013-P-037-2390               Mobile bridge on sandbar
2013-P-037-2391               Man with group of women
2013-P-037-2392               Group of children
2013-P-037-2393               Teenage boys working on puzzle
2013-P-037-2394               Woman
2013-P-037-2395               Marc Anderson and Darnell Schmidt leaning on corral panel
2013-P-037-2396               Woman receiving certificate
2013-P-037-2397               Metal building
2013-P-037-2398               Man and woman raking leaves
2013-P-037-2399               Rick Anderson with his alfalfa from irrigated acres, Coleharbor
2013-P-037-2400               Man shoveling slush into flooded street
2013-P-037-2401               Crane digging, man in trench
2013-P-037-2402               Man
2013-P-037-2403               Halloween decorations in 2nd grade classroom
2013-P-037-2404               Working on railroad tracks
2013-P-037-2405               Group learning to ride motorcycles
2013-P-037-2406               Man standing beside truck load of pipes
2013-P-037-2407               Man on stilts
2013-P-037-2408               Group photo
2013-P-037-2409               Electric meter
2013-P-037-2410               Group photo
2013-P-037-2411               Boys basketball game
2013-P-037-2412               Football game
2013-P-037-2413               Woman addressing group at table
2013-P-037-2414               Man in bucket working on grain elevator
2013-P-037-2415               House
2013-P-037-2416               Men with raffle items
2013-P-037-2417               Cyclists in park
2013-P-037-2418               Play performance in park
2013-P-037-2419               Unidentified
2013-P-037-2420               Man on scaffolding
2013-P-037-2421               Kids playing baseball game
2013-P-037-2422               Group of high school girls
2013-P-037-2423               E. Dockter, Tony Cullum, Lana Johnson, Joseph Johnson, Matthew Johnson, Travis Rossman, Diane Freborg
2013-P-037-2424               Cyclists and tents in park
2013-P-037-2425               Crop dusting
2013-P-037-2426               Group of men
2013-P-037-2427               Lyle Lutz, Trinity Lutheran Church, Turtle Lake, ND
2013-P-037-2428               Group of men
2013-P-037-2429               Presentation of award
2013-P-037-2430               Man standing next to storage shelves
2013-P-037-2431               Gerald Neubauer and Howard Anderson, Jr. with new ambulance
2013-P-037-2432               Women at piano in classroom
2013-P-037-2433               Crowd in lawn chairs and on blankets
2013-P-037-2434               Men working on roadway
2013-P-037-2435               4-H members with ribbons and certificates
2013-P-037-2436               Little boy with Santa Claus
2013-P-037-2437               Tony Cullum and Santa Claus
2013-P-037-2438               Stucco house
2013-P-037-2439               Kids with Santa Claus
2013-P-037-2440               Crowd at parade and guy in cardinal suit
2013-P-037-2441               House
2013-P-037-2442               Group photo
2013-P-037-2443               Photo of man taking a photo of graduate and two women
2013-P-037-2444               Framework of building
2013-P-037-2445               Man with bicycle
2013-P-037-2446               Girl coloring poster
2013-P-037-2447               Man on top of tower
2013-P-037-2448               Loading rail car at grain elevator
2013-P-037-2449               Man
2013-P-037-2450               Man
2013-P-037-2451               Anderson-Hanson wedding photo
2013-P-037-2452               Digging trench
2013-P-037-2453               Group of men at desk
2013-P-037-2454               Little cowboy with trophy
2013-P-037-2455               Aerial view of construction
2013-P-037-2456               Jean Stoller
2013-P-037-2457               Man
2013-P-037-2458               Carol Kandrud
2013-P-037-2459               Men working at well
2013-P-037-2460               Group of 4-H Leaders
2013-P-037-2461               FFA members with awards, Terry Narum and Neil Effertz
2013-P-037-2462               Woman donating blood
2013-P-037-2463               Crowd at auction sale
2013-P-037-2464               Halloween/Fall decorations
2013-P-037-2465               Boy grooming sheep
2013-P-037-2466               Man sitting on ground
2013-P-037-2467               Man behind desk
2013-P-037-2468               People going through buffet line
2013-P-037-2469               Painting curb
2013-P-037-2470               Marching band
2013-P-037-2471               Women at raffle table
2013-P-037-2472               Man holding trout
2013-P-037-2473               Snowman
2013-P-037-2474               Girls basketball team receiving trophy
2013-P-037-2475               Men working on sidewalk
2013-P-037-2476               Men pulling up floor
2013-P-037-2477               Quality Lumber Company
2013-P-037-2478               Kids playing in snow
2013-P-037-2479               Group with certificates
2103-P-037-2480               Girl from Underwood doing triple jump
2103-P-037-2481               Two young men and a young woman
2013-P-037-2482               Brick building (might be a bar)
2013-P-037-2483               Bucket of grain
2013-P-037-2484               Women looking at jewelry display
2013-P-037-2485               Crane and pipes
2013-P-037-2486               Man in dunk tank
2013-P-037-2487               American Legion plaque
2013-P-037-2488               Boy and girl on carnival ride
2013-P-037-2489               Jamie Huelsman, Melissa Hanson, and Loren Wacken painting signs
2013-P-037-2490               Kids with Santa Claus
2013-P-037-2491               John and Valerie Peterson 1984
2013-P-037-2492               Tractors plowing fields
2013-P-037-2493               Cheering crowd in bleachers
2013-P-037-2494               Man and woman with medical equipment
2013-P-037-2495               Filling ice rink
2013-P-037-2496               Float in parade
2013-P-037-2497               Clearing tree rows
2013-P-037-2498               Man
2013-P-037-2499               Joyce Stumvall
2013-P-037-2500               Man addressing group
2013-P-037-2501               Tractor swather in field
2013-P-037-2502               Kids with soap box derby trophies
2013-P-037-2503               Snow globes on shelf
2013-P-037-2504               Little boy with cat mascot
2013-P-037-2505               Samantha Krueger of Underwood looking at goats
2013-P-037-2506               Woman
2013-P-037-2507               Float in parade
2013-P-037-2508               Boy with 4-H project and ribbons
2013-P-037-2509               Men with tractor
2013-P-037-2510               Group of women
2013-P-037-2511               Man looking at damaged window screen
2013-P-037-2512               Man and woman
2013-P-037-2513               Group photo
2013-P-037-2514               Man using belt sander on school desks, kids in the yard
2013-P-037-2515               Metal buildings
2013-P-037-2516               Kids looking at helicopter
2013-P-037-2517               Kids in play
2013-P-037-2518               Group photo of young men and women
2013-P-037-2519               Group photo
2013-P-037-2520               Group of women
2013-P-037-2521               Football field
2013-P-037-2522               Unidentified
2013-P-037-2523               Man with pamphlet
2013-P-037-2524               Damaged car
2013-P-037-2525               Concrete culvert and road
2013-P-037-2526               Kids in play
2013-P-037-2527               Kim Dockter and Julie Hetzler at prom
2013-P-037-2528               Cow mascot in parade
2013-P-037-2529               Men hanging Christmas decorations on light post
2013-P-037-2530               Woman
2013-P-037-2531               Wedding photo
2013-P-037-2532               Choir on stage
2013-P-037-2533               Man holding election ballot for the city of Turtle Lake, 1994
2013-P-037-2534               Men working in grain elevator
2013-P-037-2535               Men using drill
2013-P-037-2536               Man and kids playing football in the snow
2013-P-037-2537               Kids with 4-H trophies                                   
2013-P-037-2538               Group holding hands in a circle
2013-P-037-2539               Dog
2013-P-037-2540               Snowy road and damaged power lines
2013-P-037-2541               Unidentified
2013-P-037-2542               Men looking at tractor and drill
2013-P-037-2543               Karen Ziegler
2013-P-037-2544               Child with Santa Claus
2013-P-037-2545               Susan E. Wefald, Public Service Commissioner
2013-P-037-2546               Woman at typewriter holding certificate
2013-P-037-2547               Shelter belt and downed trees in snow
2013-P-037-2548               Grain pile beside railroad tracks
2013-P-037-2549               Planting trees
2013-P-037-2550               Car with a lot of cargo strapped to the top
2013-P-037-2551               Man holding trophy
2013-P-037-2552               Man
2013-P-037-2553               O. A. Schulz
2013-P-037-2554               Ice houses on lake
2013-P-037-2555               Damaged car
2013-P-037-2556               Christmas decorations on porch
2013-P-037-2557               Boy with Santa Claus
2013-P-037-2558               Man and woman in Candisc t-shirts sitting on step
2013-P-037-2559               Two little boys with Santa Claus
2013-P-037-2560               Man and woman with ND Centennial Award City sign
2013-P-037-2561               Man burying cable in trench
2013-P-037-2562               Nicole Swanson with Santa Claus
2013-P-037-2563               Teen age king and queen
2013-P-037-2564               Crowd watching Skiing show
2013-P-037-2565               Horses and buggy in parade
2013-P-037-2566               Reverend Marvin Schulz and family, November 1966
2013-P-037-2567               Turtle Lake Mercer Track team running on road
2013-P-037-2568               Kids playing T-ball
2013-P-037-2569               Home Made Christmas ornaments
2013-P-037-2570               Child throwing leaves into cardboard box
2013-P-037-2571               Fireworks
2013-P-037-2572               Kent Jones
2013-P-037-2573               Teenage Girl
2013-P-037-2574               Girl with Cow in barn
2013-P-037-2575               Tim Bruestle and Chad Sundsbak
2013-P-037-2576               Man on ladder putting lights on Christmas Tree
2013-P-037-2577               Hazel M. Horkness (?)
2013-P-037-2578               Little girl with Santa Claus
2013-P-037-2579               Church
2013-P-037-2580               Prairie
2013-P-037-2581               Three men
2013-P-037-2582               Group standing on rock formations
2013-P-037-2583               Woman and group of children
2013-P-037-2584               Group photo, might be the American Legion
2013-P-037-2585               Combines in field
2013-P-037-2586               Underwood Fire Dist. Putting out prairie fire
2013-P-037-2587               Man serving coffee at table
2013-P-037-2588               Badlands
2013-P-037-2589               Men working in kitchen
2013-P-037-2590               Men building floor of new building
2013-P-037-2591               Color guard at ceremony
2013-P-037-2592               Sharon Telenga
2013-P-037-2593               Crowd looking at appliances
2013-P-037-2594               New building being constructed
2013-P-037-2595               Girls at vendor booth
2013-P-037-2596               Kids on carousel
2013-P-037-2597               Men looking at brochures
2013-P-037-2598               Woman
2013-P-037-2599               Pat Dodds, McLean County Clerk of Court
2013-P-037-2600               Unidentified
2013-P-037-2601               Three men
2013-P-037-2602               Horses pulling covered wagon in parade
2013-P-037-2603               Preacher at outdoor podium
2013-P-037-2604               Fall decorations
2013-P-037-2605               Football game
2013-P-037-2606               Crowd at outdoor event
2013-P-037-2607               Color guard in parade
2013-P-037-2608               Damaged car
2013-P-037-2609               Little boy with Santa Claus
2013-P-037-2610               Mark (last name unknown)
2013-P-037-2611               People at Water Cannon booth
2013-P-037-2612               Landscaping
2013-P-037-2613               Man with hand carved clocks
2013-P-037-2614               Children in classroom
2013-P-037-2615               FFA members inspecting plants
2013-P-037-2616               The “Knock-Abouts” Gospel Music Concert
2013-P-037-2617               Three women cyclists
2013-P-037-2618               Grain pile and auger
2013-P-037-2619               Man serving steaks off grill
2013-P-037-2620               Man laying brick
2013-P-037-2621               Four men
2013-P-037-2622               Boiler room
2013-P-037-2623               Men cutting down trees with chainsaw
2013-P-037-2624               Three men
2013-P-037-2625               Dwight Brunsvold, Hatton
2013-P-037-2626               Men serving grilled chicken
2013-P-037-2627               4-H members with ribbons
2013-P-037-2628               Group of men
2013-P-037-2629               Interior of home
2013-P-037-2630               Group of women at meeting
2013-P-037-2631               House
2013-P-037-2632               Linda Wiese
2013-P-037-2633               Man in uniform at podium
2013-P-037-2634               Men looking at blueprints
2013-P-037-2635               Men digging trench
2013-P-037-2636               Men in Pioneer seed corn New Generation Plot
2013-P-037-2637               Man
2013-P-037-2638               Train cars in farm yard
2013-P-037-2639               Trash cans in rack
2013-P-037-2640               Man laying bricks
2013-P-037-2641               Float in parade
2013-P-037-2642               Color guard and marching band in parade
2013-P-037-2643               Float in parade
2013-P-037-2644               Woman serving cake
2013-P-037-2645               Girls hanging poster in gym
2013-P-037-2646               Four men
2013-P-037-2647               Kimberly Kinn
2013-P-037-2648               Group photo
2013-P-037-2649               Little boy with Santa Claus
2013-P-037-2650               Man and woman
2013-P-037-2651               Runners at start of race
2013-P-037-2652               Kids with trophies
2013-P-037-2653               Dump truck and grain auger
2013-P-037-2654               Water coming over gravel road
2013-P-037-2655               People swimming in lake
2013-P-037-2656               Man climbing water tower
2013-P-037-2657               Electrical box
2013-P-037-2658               Dan Agnew, left, awarding the plaque to John.  Dan is Director of Marketing
2013-P-037-2659               People sitting at long banquet table
2013-P-037-2660               Man
2013-P-037-2661               Man and woman
2013-P-037-2662               Glenn Fandrick and wife
2013-P-037-2663               Two men
2013-P-037-2664               Man and woman at “Help build Fort Mandan” booth
2013-P-037-2665               Men in pool hall
2013-P-037-2666               Group photo
2013-P-037-2667               Three men
2013-P-037-2668               House
2013-P-037-2669               Kids with puppets and dolls
2013-P-037-2670               Family photo
2013-P-037-2671               Wedding photo
2013-P-037-2672               Leslie Volochenko, candidate for Public Service Commissioner
2013-P-037-2673               Man
2013-P-037-2674               Man, woman, and girl
2013-P-037-2675               Man, woman, and boy with Star Greenhand plaque
2013-P-037-2676               Brick outhouse
2013-P-037-2677               Kids playing with tractor sprinkler
2013-P-037-2678               Child throwing Frisbee
2013-P-037-2679               Woman holding “UN Decade for Women Conference, July 1985” quilt
2013-P-037-2680               Brick building
2013-P-037-2681               Flooded street
2013-P-037-2682               Girls basketball players receiving trophies
2013-P-037-2683               La Rae Stadick
2013-P-037-2684               Group photo
2013-P-037-2685               Woman shaking hands with man
2103-P-037-2686               Woman with weed trimmer
2013-P-037-2687               Crowd looking at displays in classroom
2013-P-037-2688               Large crowd outdoors in folding chairs
2013-P-037-2689               Women at first aid function
2013-P-037-2690               4-H mascots
2013-P-037-2691               Man at desk
2013-P-037-2692               Women doing skit on stage
2013-P-037-2693               Men digging basement
2013-P-037-2694               Bonnie Mae Krouman
2013-P-037-2695               Saddle bronc rider
2013-P-037-2696               Round bales in slough
2013-P-037-2697               Float in parade
2013-P-037-2698               Football players and coach
2013-P-037-2699               Men working on railroad tracks
2013-P-037-2700               Float in parade
2013-P-037-2701               Group of people on side of road with sheriff dept
2013-P-037-2702               Boys basketball game
2013-P-037-2703               Group holding t-shirts
2103-P-037-2704               Woman dialing telephone
2013-P-037-2705               Three children
2013-P-037-2706               Duck taking off from pond
2013-P-037-2707               Girl showing calf
2013-P-037-2708               Two men
2013-P-037-2709               Vandalized bar
2013-P-037-2710               Football game
2013-P-037-2711               Woman
2013-P-037-2712               American Legion group photo
2013-P-037-2713               Man holding book
2013-P-037-2714               Group photo
2013-P-037-2715               Halloween decorations on wall in school hallway
2013-P-037-2716               Men serving soup
2013-P-037-2717               Man at podium addressing crowd
2013-P-037-2718               Lions Club member receiving award
2013-P-037-2719               Women serving food
2013-P-037-2720               Little girl with Santa Claus
2013-P-037-2721               House with Christmas lights
2013-P-037-2722               Digging trench
2013-P-037-2723               Man on tractor
2013-P-037-2724               Crowd holding balloons
2013-P-037-2725               Men laying pipe in trench
2013-P-037-2726               Pipes
2013-P-037-2727               Parked cars in lot
2013-P-037-2728               Church
2013-P-037-2729               Men
2013-P-037-2730               Train derailment
2013-P-037-2731               Stacks of pipes
2013-P-037-2732               Women sitting at picnic table in tent
2013-P-037-2733               Sp/4 Tim Eckstrom and Sp/4 Paul Callahan, Mechanics
2013-P-037-2734               Man drilling into wall
2013-P-037-2735               Women cooking
2013-P-037-2736               Man
2013-P-037-2737               House
2013-P-037-2738               Christmas nativity at night
2013-P-037-2739               Man and woman
2013-P-037-2740               Woman bagging leaves
2013-P-037-2741               Woman assisting little girl coloring on floor
2013-P-037-2742               Men working on curb
2013-P-037-2743               Cleo Nodquist
2013-P-037-2744               Calves
2013-P-037-2745               Engagement photo
2013-P-037-2746               House
2013-P-037-2747               Man and woman giving demonstration
2013-P-037-2748               John Wilee (?)
2013-P-037-2749               Bank of Turtle Lake
2013-P-037-2750               Man
2013-P-037-2751               Kids looking at display
2013-P-037-2752               Equity Elevator and Trading Company
2013-P-037-2753               Woman
2013-P-037-2754               Tom Price, Boys State, 1970
2013-P-037-2755               Cub Scout display
2013-P-037-2756               Street and house
2013-P-037-2757               Georgia Gardiner
2013-P-037-2758               Brick building
2013-P-037-2759               Unidentified
2013-P-037-2760               Turtle Lake Post Office
2013-P-037-2761               Sunflower heads
2013-P-037-2762               School teacher
2013-P-037-2763               Back row:  Brad Sheldon, Valdon Swanson, Dwight Enockson, Paul Singer, Weston Johannes, Doyle Johannes, Char Anderson.  Front Row:  Lee Reynolds, Pat Swanson, Elaine Enockson, Lynne Singer, Rowena Johannes, Patsy Johannes, and Helen Wittrup.
2013-P-037-2764               Glen Nygard
2013-P-037-2765               Appliances in kitchen
2013-P-037-2766               Mrs. and Mrs. Gregory Hafner wedding photo
2013-P-037-2767               Women at craft fair booth
2013-P-037-2768               Snow bank on sidewalk
2013-P-037-2769               Icicles on power lines
2013-P-037-2770               Char Anderson
2013-P-037-2771               Float in parade
2013-P-037-2772               Child with Santa Claus
2013-P-037-2773               Railroad tracks and grain elevator
2013-P-037-2774               Man
2013-P-037-2775               Lake
2013-P-037-2776               Marching band in parade
2013-P-037-2777               Man
2013-P-037-2778               Bruce Nuemiller, Myron Greniche, Dave Hanson, Whitey, Nick Schlefmann, Jeff Presser, Danny Berg, Durnell Klarn
2013-P-037-2779               Flower arrangements in tea cups
2013-P-037-2780               Pastor
2013-P-037-2781               Fish shaped wind socks
2013-P-037-2782               Painted pumpkins
2013-P-037-2783               Empty field
2013-P-037-2784               Man
2013-P-037-2785               Lt. Lane Wateland and Sgt. Ray Redbow
2013-P-037-2786               Metal building and corral
2013-P-037-2787               Grain pile and auger
2013-P-037-2788               People looking at display
2013-P-037-2789               Women working in office
2013-P-037-2790               Women sorting mail
2013-P-037-2791               Funeral home with Christmas garland
2013-P-037-2792               Church
2013-P-037-2793               Gospel Lighthouse Quartet
2013-P-037-2794               Group photo
2013-P-037-2795               Cheerleaders
2013-P-037-2796               House
2013-P-037-2797               Group standing on rock formations
2013-P-037-2798               Road being paved
2013-P-037-2799               Barrel racing
2013-P-037-2800               House
2013-P-037-2801               Twisted metal
2013-P-037-2802               Flooded road
2013-P-037-2803               House
2013-P-037-2804               Group of men
2013-P-037-2805               Three men
2013-P-037-2806               T.L. Veterinary Clinic
2013-P-037-2807               Man shoveling sidewalk
2013-P-037-2808               Girl on toy horse
2013-P-037-2809               Girl with Santa Claus
2013-P-037-2810               Warren Tewksberry
2013-P-037-2811               Tractors in field
2103-P-037-2812               Group of men
2013-P-037-2813               House
2013-P-037-2814               Three calves
2013-P-037-2815               Slush filled street
2013-P-037-2816               Man
2013-P-037-2817               Man
2013-P-037-2818               Men at soda machine
2013-P-037-2819               Corral and barn
2013-P-037-2820               Man leading discussion and teenage boy
2013-P-037-2821               Pigs in sales ring
2013-P-037-2822               Car in parade
2013-P-037-2823               Group working at computers
2013-P-037-2824               Brian Poleheck (?) speaking to group of children
2013-P-037-2825               Baseball game
2013-P-037-2826               New Day Music Section 1985-1986
2013-P-037-2827               Combine in field
2013-P-037-2828               Woman and little boy coloring on floor
2013-P-037-2829               Float in parade
2013-P-037-2830               Ducks in pond
2013-P-037-2831               Women holding check
2013-P-037-2832               Little girl with Christmas color book
2013-P-037-2833               Icy street
2013-P-037-2834               Group photo
2013-P-037-2835               Men making pancakes
2013-P-037-2836               Two men beside overhead projector
2013-P-037-2837               Recycling bins
2013-P-037-2838               Competitors at trap shoot
2013-P-037-2839               Flag carrying horseback riders
2013-P-037-2840               Jogger on highway
2013-P-037-2841               Men working in trench
2013-P-037-2842               Stacks of pipes
2013-P-037-2843               Hallway under construction
2013-P-037-2844               Unidentified
2013-P-037-2845               Three women
2013-P-037-2846               House
2013-P-037-2847               Men holding certificates
2013-P-037-2848               Woman
2013-P-037-2849               Man presenting teen age boy with plaque
2013-P-037-2850               Men burying tank
2013-P-037-2851               Group photo
2013-P-037-2852               Dennis Egge
2013-P-037-2853               Group of men
2013-P-037-2854               Men building floor
2013-P-037-2855               Aerial view
2013-P-037-2856               Interior of home
2013-P-037-2857               Boy scouts putting up flag on a home
2013-P-037-2858               Girl scouts
2013-P-037-2859               Paving street
2013-P-037-2860               Color guard in street
2013-P-037-2861               House
2013-P-037-2862               Man shoveling snow
2013-P-037-2863               Men pouring cement
2013-P-037-2864               Cars parked along lake shore
2031-P-037-2865               Mom, little girl, and Santa Claus
2013-P-037-2866               Man laying brick
2013-P-037-2867               Jayson Walecker (?) testing grain
2013-P-037-2868               Men lined up outside tent
2013-P-037-2869               People going through buffet line
2013-P-037-2870               Fall decorations outside of bank
2013-P-037-2871               Man and three women with certificates
2013-P-037-2872               Group of men
2013-P-037-2873               Brent Peterson
2013-P-037-2874               Four men
2013-P-037-2875               Group eating at banquet table
2013-P-037-2876               Judy (last name unknown)
2013-P-037-2877               Men digging basement
2013-P-037-2878               Man
2013-P-037-2879               Two men holding portrait
2013-P-037-2880               Young men serving diners at banquet table
2013-P-037-2881               Men building foundation
2013-P-037-2882               Two men beside airplane
2013-P-037-2883               Three men with plaque and pin
2013-P-037-2884               Allen Olson
2013-P-037-2885               Woman receiving check
2013-P-037-2886               Aerial view of farmstead
2013-P-037-2887               Man pushing snow blower
2013-P-037-2888               Man in damaged building
2013-P-037-2889               Man laying hard wood floor
2013-P-037-2890               Man speaking to graduate
2013-P-037-2891               Boys playing basketball
2013-P-037-2892               Trees planted in milk cartons
2013-P-037-2893               Man and little girl
2013-P-037-2894               Man
2013-P-037-2895               Girls basketball game, Nicole Wilson
2013-P-037-2896               Cars parked in used car lot
2013-P-037-2897               Women with table full of various items
2013-P-037-2898               Float in parade
2013-P-037-2899               Boys with basketball trophy
2013-P-037-2900               Men on scaffolding siding a house
2013-P-037-2901               Man
2013-P-037-2902               Little cowboys walking in parade
2013-P-037-2903               House with Christmas lights
2013-P-037-2904               Chain link fence around baseball diamond
2013-P-037-2905               Two women and a man
2013-P-037-2906               Child riding train
2013-P-037-2907               Grain truck dumping grain at elevator
2013-P-037-2908               Dennis and Sharon Hanson wedding photo
2013-P-037-2909               Wedding photo
2013-P-037-2910               Icy lake and shore
2013-P-037-2911               House with Christmas lights
2013-P-037-2912               Digging well
2013-P-037-2913               Four men
2013-P-037-2914               Community Memorial Hospital
2013-P-037-2915               Brick foundation
2013-P-037-2916               Bowling alley
2013-P-037-2917               Two men
2013-P-037-2918               Woman
2013-P-037-2919               Ice houses and vehicles on creek
2013-P-037-2920               Man with Prairie Rose State Games medals
2013-P-037-2921               4-H Jr. Fashion review
2013-P-037-2922               Float in parade
2013-P-037-2923               Girls holding trophies
2013-P-037-2924               Large snow drift in front of house
2013-P-037-2925               Train derailment
2013-P-037-2926               Woman in turtle costume
2013-P-037-2927               Men inspecting broken window
2013-P-037-2928               Row of tractors
2013-P-037-2929               Women working
2013-P-037-2930               Woman standing by wheelchair and crutches
2013-P-037-2931               Boaters
2013-P-037-2932               Girls with American Legion posters
2013-P-037-2933               Men in camouflage and dump truck
2013-P-037-2934               Man on ladder and man in bucket painting light pole
2013-P-037-2935               Child with Kemps bucket gathering Easter eggs
2013-P-037-2936               House
2013-P-037-2937               Men with cattle
2013-P-037-2938               Little girl playing in water
2013-P-037-2939               Robert E. Hennessy, Minot, Department Commander ND American Legion, 1981-1982
2013-P-037-2940               Little girl hugging Santa Claus
2013-P-037-2941               John Carlson
2103-P-037-2942               Little girl holding bucket in the snow
2013-P-037-2943               Jack Dalrymple
2013-P-037-2944               Girl in dunk tank
2103-P-037-2945               Group photo
2013-P-037-2946               Blake Schlafmann and Santa Claus
2013-P-037-2947               Breaking up pavement
2013-P-037-2948               Group of boys
2013-P-037-2949               Brenda and Katie Schelkey and Kate Anderson
2013-P-037-2950               Calf roping
2013-P-037-2951               Women at craft table
2013-P-037-2952               Boys basketball game
2103-P-037-2953               men and women looking at displays
2013-P-037-2954               Halloween decorations on home
2013-P-037-2955               Float in parade
2013-P-037-2956               Unidentified
2013-P-037-2957               Tree damage in yard
2013-P-037-2958               American Legion plaque
2013-P-037-2959               Three men
2013-P-037-2960               Little boy with Santa Claus
2013-P-037-2961               Two men behind desk
2013-P-037-2962               Man, woman, and girl
2013-P-037-2963               Cody Wardner, Sherri Aafedt, Kim Dockter
2013-P-037-2964               Man being sworn in
2013-P-037-2965               Prairie fire
2013-P-037-2966               Interior of hardware store
2013-P-037-2967               Man
2013-P-037-2968               Construction
2013-P-037-2969               Doctor, nurse, mom and baby
2013-P-037-2970               Grain elevator under construction
2013-P-037-2971               Marilyn Laib
2013-P-037-2972               Two headed calf
2013-P-037-2973               Girl scouts at ceremony
2013-P-037-2974               Homecoming queen at football game
2013-P-037-2975               Girl bowling
2013-P-037-2976               Group photo
2013-P-037-2977               Men watching boaters
2013-P-037-2978               Spillway
2013-P-037-2979               Otter Tail Power Company employee in gear
2013-P-037-2980               Girls with trophies
2013-P-037-2981               Woman at computer
2013-P-037-2982               Prairie
2013-P-037-2983               Men working in field
2013-P-037-2984               Rosemarie Nielsen, Mercer
2013-P-037-2985               Flooded road
2013-P-037-2986               Group photo
2013-P-037-2987               Men at construction site, Dean Caley
2013-P-037-2988               Men in bar
2013-P-034-2989               Three men (two might be Ed Paulson and Ray Worklander)
2013-P-037-2990               Jennifer Binstock in desk
2013-P-037-2991               Group photo
2013-P-037-2992               Building under construction
2013-P-037-2993               Stacks of bricks and lumber
2013-P-037-2994               Robert E. Hennessy, Minot, American Legion Department Commander, 1981-1982
2013-P-037-2995               Child in clown costume pulling wagon in parade
2013-P-037-2996               Preacher behind podium
2013-P-037-2997               Man pushing snow blower
2013-P-307-2998               Three men
2013-P-037-2999               Judy Brewster
2013-P-037-3000               Damaged safe
2013-P-037-3001               Little boy on carousel horse
2013-P-037-3002               Kids with certificates at Soil Conservation event
2013-P-037-3003               Uprooted trees in yard
2013-P-037-3004               Bill Heigaard, 1992
2013-P-037-3005               Kenneth Fetzer in uniform
2013-P-037-3006               Priest
2013-P-037-3007               House with Christmas lights
2013-P-037-3008               Coach and players at football practice
2013-P-037-3009               Man and woman
2013-P-037-3010               Boys basketball game
2013-P-037-3011               Float in parade
2013-P-037-3012               Float in parade
2013-P-037-3013               Men pushing car out of snow
2013-P-037-3014               Young man cleaning cow stall
2013-P-037-3015               Man working
2013-P-037-3016               Tank or container in front of building
2013-P-037-3017               Man
2013-P-037-3018               Women working in office
2013-P-037-3019               Collapsed barn
2013-P-037-3020               Damaged vehicles
2013-P-037-3021               Lee Reynolds, McLean County President, accepts the Gold Star Award from Howard Schmid, NDFB President
2013-P-037-3022               House  
2013-P-037-3023               Miss Schwinden
2013-P-037-3024               Weisz & Sons construction equipment
2013-P-037-3025               Painted pumpkin
2013-P-037-3026               Little girl and Santa Claus
2013-P-037-3027               Man and woman visiting with woman behind counter
2013-P-037-3028               Woman in garden holding flowers
2013-P-037-3029               Crowd sitting on lawn
2013-P-037-3030               Man
2013-P-037-3031               Elaine Rutter
2013-P-037-3032               Men shaking hands in front of television
2013-P-037-3033               Wedding photo
2013-P-037-3034               Group of men
2013-P-037-3035               Farm hand and men working
2013-P-037-3036               Man
2013-P-037-3037               Jack Bernabucci
2013-P-037-3038               Larry L Gartner in uniform
2013-P-037-3039               Woman kneeling on ground with sacks
2013-P-037-3040               Becky, LaBeth, Kami, and Julie Robinson
2013-P-037-3041               Team of boys
2013-P-037-3042               Joseph Holkrup, Jr., Wilton
2013-P-037-3043               Man in uniform
2013-P-037-3044               Two men
2013-P-037-3045               Man
2013-P-037-3046               Becki (last name unknown) beside craft projects
2013-P-037-3047               Crowd outdoors at night
2013-P-037-3048               Daffe
2013-P-037-3049               Terry D. Striha in uniform
2013-P-037-3050               Young man and young women with trophies
2013-P-037-3051               Young man and young women with trophies
2013-P-037-3052               Empty waiting room
2013-P-037-3053               Group of women
2013-P-037-3054               Man behind desk
2013-P-037-3055               Four men
2013-P-037-3056               Kids in parade
2013-P-037-3057               Group at banquet table
2013-P-037-3058               Four men
2013-P-037-3059               Man beside stack of fence posts
2013-P-037-3060               Hanson Stanford
2013-P-037-3061               Men on horseback in the street
2013-P-037-3062               Man
2013-P-037-3063               Anita Gondvingen
2013-P-037-3064               Men sorting mail
2013-P-037-3065               Boys basketball team
2013-P-037-3066               Ida Mae Hauf of Max, and Char Anderson of Coleharbor at 4-H Leaders convention
2013-P-037-3067               Man standing behind table
2013-P-037-3068               Walcken-Essen engagement photo
2013-P-037-3069               Schnabel-Kinn wedding photo
2013-P-037-3070               Gordon Wiese and bride
2013-P-037-3071               Teenage boy on bicycle
2013-P-037-3072               A.M. Barney Palmer
2013-P-037-3073               Group of men receiving plaque
2013-P-037-3074               Grain elevator under construction
2013-P-037-3075               Group of men working in garage
2013-P-037-3076               Three men looking at poster
2013-P-037-3077               Man
2013-P-037-3078               Man
2013-P-037-3079               People on horseback out in pasture
2013-P-037-3080               Denise Dean, Roseglen
2013-P-037-3081               Woman taking clothes out of wash at Laundromat
2013-P-037-3082               Bob O’Shea, Turtle Lake, District 8
2013-P-037-3083               Boy with pie on face and reel to reel tape recorder
2013-P-037-3084               Loading branches into truck
2013-P-037-3085               Man getting haircut at barber shop
2013-P-037-3086               Julie Hill
2013-P-037-3087               Damage to barn roof and other debris
2013-P-037-3088               Maintainer clearing snow off of street
2013-P-037-3089               Woman
2013-P-037-3090               Furniture displays in store
2013-P-037-3091               Leslie Forland in uniform, Turtle Lake
2013-P-037-3092               Man
2013-P-037-3093               Mom, child, and Santa Claus
2013-P-037-3094               Men pouring concrete
2013-P-037-3095               Crowd
2013-P-037-3096               Tree covered in frost
2013-P-037-3097               Family photo
2013-P-037-3098               Tractor in snow
2013-P-037-3099               Girl putting Halloween makeup on boy
2013-P-037-3100               Building under construction
2013-P-037-3101               Decorations on grade school wall
2013-P-037-3102               Boys basketball game
2013-P-037-3103               Girl grooming cow
2013-P-037-3104               Deputy in uniform
2013-P-037-3105               People working with table saw
2013-P-037-3106               Girl throwing shot put
2013-P-037-3107               Baler
2013-P-037-3108               Two boys and a girl in bleachers
2013-P-037-3109               Turtle Lake Redi-Mix cement trucks
2013-P-037-3110               Jesse Rhoads putting his shoes in rack
2013-P-037-3111               Boy and Santa Claus
2013-P-037-3112               Men playing with fire hoses
2013-P-037-3113               Road construction
2013-P-037-3114               Two coaches
2013-P-037-3115               Man and group of children
2013-P-037-3116               Football game
2013-P-037-3117               Flooded street
2013-P-037-3118               Graffiti on car
2013-P-037-3119               Man with calves
2013-P-037-3120               Boys basketball game
2013-P-037-3121               Girl with goat
2013-P-037-3122               Women looking at wooden shelf
2013-P-037-3123               Man in pay loader hanging up Turtle Race sign
2013-P-037-3124               Dolls
2013-P-037-3125               Little girl with Santa Claus
2013-P-037-3126               Building under construction
2013-P-037-3127               Girls basketball game
2013-P-037-3128               Girl with Santa Claus
2013-P-037-3129               Snow covered roads
2013-P-037-3130               Men extinguishing fire under hood of truck
2013-P-037-3131               RV parked beside home, 1990
2013-P-037-3132               Woman with cart in grocery store
2013-P-037-3133               Men in trench replacing pipe
2013-P-037-3134               Large crowd outside of building in the winter
2013-P-037-3135               Control room
2013-P-037-3136               Kids on carnival ride
2013-P-037-3137               Caleb Harris with Santa Claus
2013-P-037-3138               Collapsed garage
2013-P-037-3139               Men framing wall
2013-P-037-3140               Santa Claus surrounded by children
2013-P-037-3141               Two travelling bicyclists
2013-P-037-3142               Myron Just, 1992
2013-P-037-3143               Boys basketball game
2013-P-037-3144               District 6, First row (left to right): Jackie and Brad Podruchny, Minot; Karmell and Joel Newman, Sawyer; Sara and Bruce Knudson, Bottineau.  Second row:  Denise and Paul Anderson, Coleharbor; Joyce and Armann Anderson, Velva; Kenneth Richter, Jr., Drake; and Brian Duschsherer, Velva
2013-P-037-3145               Two men
2013-P-037-3146               Men tarring parking lot
2013-P-037-3147               FFA students
2013-P-037-3148               Man with voting ballot
2013-P-037-3149               Young man looking at eggs on ground
2013-P-037-3150               People bowling
2013-P-037-3151               Men holding softball trophy
2013-P-037-3152               Two men shaking hands
2013-P-037-3153               Woman and two boys holding small gavels
2013-P-037-3154               Santa Claus and two girls
2013-P-037-3155               Gymnasts tumbling in parade
2013-P-037-3156               Drainage ditch
2013-P-037-3157               Firemen playing games in street
2013-P-037-3158               Fire truck out in field
2013-P-037-3159               Girls making buttons
2013-P-037-3160               Finches in cage
2013-P-037-3161               Flooded street
2013-P-037-3162               Garden covered with sheet against frost
2013-P-037-3163               Pharmacy counter and pharmacist
2013-P-037-3164               Man
2013-P-037-3165               Little girl
2013-P-037-3166               Float in parade
2013-P-037-3167               Man (American Legion)
2013-P-037-3168               People riding in buggy
2013-P-037-3169               Two men
2013-P-037-3170               Group of men
2013-P-037-3171               Children and turtle at races
2013-P-037-3172               Wayne B. Goehring, Capitol Hearing Aid Service
2013-P-037-3173               Donald Giffey, Chairman, GTA Board of Directors
2013-P-037-3174               Boy with Santa Claus
2013-P-037-3175               Man looking at damaged dead bolt
2013-P-037-3176               Woman in kitchen
2013-P-037-3177               Woman helping little boy stir
2013-P-037-3178               Cattle in sales ring
2013-P-037-3179               Color guard at ceremony
2013-P-037-3180               Firemen putting out machinery fire
2013-P-037-3181               Train derailment
2013-P-037-3182               Woman behind desk
2013-P-037-3183               Man behind desk
2013-P-037-3184               Woman scooping ice cream
2013-P-037-3185               Nurse   
2013-P-037-3186               Man with plaque
2013-P-037-3187               Man adjusting sprinkler on football field
2013-P-037-3188               Spider leaf bag decoration in yard
2013-P-037-3189               Shriners in parade
2013-P-037-3190               Two boys with penguin mascot
2013-P-037-3191               Bar and false front building
2013-P-037-3192               Man and woman
2013-P-037-3193               Kids looking at 4-H projects
2013-P-037-3194               Woman and little girl gathering Easter eggs in the snow
2013-P-037-3195               Man
2013-P-037-3196               Auger and grain pile
2013-P-037-3197               Woman looking at sale items
2013-P-037-3198               Snow drift in front of house
2013-P-037-3199               Woman woodworking
2013-P-037-3200               Women in play
2013-P-037-3201               Man, boy, and Santa Claus
2013-P-037-3202               Flooded road
2013-P-037-3203               Little girl and Santa Claus
2013-P-037-3204               Wes Weible, Julie and Gordon Hill met with members of Congress about the Farm Bill      
2013-P-037-3205               Grass
2013-P-037-3206               Family photo
2013-P-037-3207               Men pouring coffee
2013-P-037-3208               Child petting bunny in cage
2013-P-037-3209               Two women and a man holding flags
2013-P-037-3210               Community Memorial Hospital
2013-P-037-3211               House with “Yard of the Week” sign
2013-P-037-3212               Crane and building under construction
2013-P-037-3213               Man and woman in front of Turtle Lake Redi-Mix
2013-P-037-3214               Group of men
2013-P-037-3215               Clothes hanging on clothesline in early spring
2013-P-037-3216               Young men at prom
2013-P-037-3217               Little girl with large Turtle Race trophy
2013-P-037-3218               Field
2013-P-037-3219               Group of adults sitting in elementary school classroom
2013-P-037-3220               Tourists standing in wheat field
2013-P-037-3221               Snow covered car
2013-P-037-3222               Paving road
2013-P-037-3223               Children racing on bicycles
2013-P-037-3224               Man and woman shoveling ice away from curb
2013-P-037-3225               Reverend Marvin L. Holder, Underwood
2013-P-037-3226               Crowd outdoors
2013-P-037-3227               Man
2013-P-037-3228               Woman giving demonstration
2013-P-037-3229               Kids painting picnic table in shelter
2013-P-037-3230               Snowy canal
2013-P-037-3231               Men pouring concrete
2013-P-037-3232               People playing games with fire hoses
2013-P-037-3233               Group of men (Lions Members)
2013-P-037-3234               Arnette Rust, Val Kinn, Cheryn Klatt
2013-P-037-3235               House with Halloween decorations
2013-P-037-3236               Woman
2013-P-037-3237               Woman
2013-P-037-3238               Men on machinery
2013-P-037-3239               Five men
2013-P-037-3240               House with Christmas lights
2013-P-037-3241               Crowd in metal shop
2013-P-037-3242               Appliances on display
2013-P-037-3243               Aerial view of farm
2013-P-037-3244               Man
2013-P-037-3245               Truck and flatbed with pipes
2013-P-037-3246               Woman bowling
2013-P-037-3247               JoAnn Hummel presented Youth Tour Winner Award by Kenneth Hopkins
2013-P-037-3248               Empty waiting room
2013-P-037-3249               Three boys
2013-P-037-3250               Roger Altenburg
2013-P-037-3251               Women looking at craft display
2013-P-037-3252               House at night
2013-P-037-3253               People sitting at banquet tables
2013-P-037-3254               Woman with Northern Pike
2013-P-037-3255               Man beside mail slots
2013-P-037-3256               Men beside tire displays
2013-P-037-3257               Jerry Bauer
2013-P-037-3258               Man and little girl
2013-P-037-3259               Man standing beside recliners on display
2013-P-037-3260               Man with hearing aid
2013-P-037-3261               Two men and a woman
2013-P-037-3262               Men serving food outdoors
2013-P-037-3263               Man speaking at podium
2013-P-037-3264               Five men with certificate
2013-P-037-3265               Three men at table
2013-P-037-3266               Bowling alley
2013-P-037-3267               Covered wagons and parked vehicles
2013-P-037-3268               House with Christmas lights
2013-P-037-3269               Men beside bonfire
2013-P-037-3270               Four men
2013-P-037-3271               Two men with certificate
2013-P-037-3272               Supplies in auto garage
2013-P-037-3273               Unidentified
2013-P-037-3274               Men and young boys
2013-P-037-3275               Men and young boys
2013-P-037-3276               Maintainer clearing street
2013-P-037-3277               Crowd at outdoor ceremony
2013-P-037-3278               Damaged vehicle
2013-P-037-3279               Man speaking at microphone
2013-P-037-3280               Boys painting curb
2013-P-037-3281               Hardware store displays
2013-P-037-3282               Two men
2013-P-037-3283               Man behind podium
2013-P-037-3284               Man and woman
2013-P-037-3285               Bowling
2013-P-037-3286               Young people picking up trash in ditch
2013-P-037-3287               Man shoveling sidewalk
2013-P-037-3288               Damaged car
2013-P-037-3289               Man
2013-P-037-3290               Books on shelves
2013-P-037-3291               Boys basketball game
2013-P-037-3292               Woman in coffin
2013-P-037-3293               Two men standing beside woman in hospital bed
2013-P-037-3294               Living room
2013-P-037-3295               Five men in front of Pioneer Seed Corn Plot
2013-P-037-3296               Collapsed building
2013-P-037-3297               Young man showing steer
2013-P-037-3298               Liquid Chlorine tanks
2013-P-037-3299               Two headed calf
2013-P-037-3300               Broken safe
2013-P-037-3301               Children having pie eating contest
2013-P-037-3302               Two men shaking hands
2013-P-037-3303               Group photo
2013-P-037-3304               Group photo
2013-P-037-3305               Brick building
2013-P-037-3306               Woman
2013-P-037-3307               Brick building
2013-P-037-3308               Saddle Bronc rider
2013-P-037-3309               Three men with awards
2013-P-037-3310               House with Christmas lights
2013-P-037-3311               Man with gun
2013-P-037-3312               Man on tower
2013-P-037-3313               EV Café Motel
2013-P-037-3314               Two nurses
2013-P-037-3315               People sitting in park
2013-P-037-3316               Men working on street
2013-P-037-3317               Halloween decorations in window
2013-P-037-3318               Volleyball game
2013-P-037-3319               Float in parade
2013-P-037-3320               Man
2013-P-037-3321               Men shoveling snow
2013-P-037-3322               Three men
2013-P-037-3323               Damaged car
2013-P-037-3324               Justin Rodgers, Ruso
2013-P-037-3325               Woman at raffle table
2013-P-037-3326               Medics at car accident
2013-P-037-3327               Kids with Santa Claus
2013-P-037-3328               Baseball cap with “Clyde’s Body & Glass – Turtle Lake, ND”
2013-P-037-3329               Group holding plaque
2013-P-037-3330               Two boys selling candy
2013-P-037-3331               Trevor Bossert
2013-P-037-3332               Girl in front of porch
2013-P-037-3333               Man pushing snow blower
2013-P-037-3334               Julie Holznagel
2013-P-037-3335               Float in parade
2013-P-037-3336               Dairy princess handing out cheese samples
2013-P-037-3337               Young boy
2013-P-037-3338               Halloween decorations in window
2013-P-037-3339               Man
2013-P-037-3340               Women at desert table
2013-P-037-3341               Float in parade
2013-P-037-3342               Betty Bride dressed as a rabbit
2013-P-037-3343               Pouring liquid from keg into canisters
2013-P-037-3344               Cardboard boxes on street corner
2013-P-037-3345               Group sitting on lawn
2013-P-037-3346               Wedding photo
2013-P-037-3347               Men in pickup
2013-P-037-3348               Spillway
2013-P-037-3349               Men sitting on lawn
2013-P-037-3350               Convertible in parade
2013-P-037-3351               Group of men
2013-P-037-3352               People looking at 4-H exhibits
2013-P-037-3353               Bismarck St. Alexius Hospital helicopter
2013-P-037-3354               Little boys at Easter egg hunt
2013-P-037-3355               Boy
2013-P-037-3356               No Dumping sign
2013-P-037-3357               Man and woman
2013-P-037-3358               People at banquet tables            
2013-P-037-3359               Man and woman with puppets
2013-P-037-3360               Wedding themed merchandise on shelves
2013-P-037-3361               Woman and girl at punch bowl
2013-P-037-3362               Junk piled on curb
2013-P-037-3363               Three women by dart board
2013-P-037-3364               Float in parade
2013-P-037-3365               Man
2013-P-037-3366               Woman
2013-P-037-3367               Cars and crowd in field
2013-P-037-3368               Little boy with Santa Claus
2013-P-037-3369               Boys basketball game
2013-P-037-3370               Women at bake sale
2013-P-037-3371               Combining
2013-P-037-3372               Group of kids in costume
2013-P-037-3373               Group of teenagers
2013-P-037-3374               Teenage king and queen
2013-P-037-3375               Men watching threshing exhibit
2013-P-037-3376               4-H members with ribbons and trophies
2013-P-037-3377               Man at desk
2013-P-037-3378               Basement flood dug up
2013-P-037-3379               Float in parade
2013-P-037-3380               Girls basketball game
2013-P-037-3381               Large group at picnic tables
2013-P-037-3382               Miss Slattery
2013-P-037-3383               Mom and child at Easter egg hunt
2013-P-037-3384               Two men
2013-P-037-3385               Unidentified
2013-P-037-3386               Regina on horseback
2013-P-037-3387               Man
2013-P-037-3388               Man
2013-P-037-3389               Boy with paper decoration
2013-P-037-3390               Two men
2013-P-037-3391               Might be a slough
2013-P-037-3392               Four girls
2013-P-037-3393               Man putting up chain link fence
2013-P-037-3394               Little cowboy pulling wagon in parade
2013-P-037-3395               Men talking at table
2013-P-037-3396               Boy picking up parade candy
2013-P-037-3397               Teenage king and queen
2013-P-037-3398               Man trap shooting
2013-P-037-3399               Children at desks
2013-P-037-3400               Real Estate sign in snow
2013-P-037-3401               Metal building
2013-P-037-3402               Float in parade
2013-P-037-3403               Wheat drying in field
2013-P-037-3404               Pigs in barn
2013-P-037-3405               4-H exhibits
2013-P-037-3406               Woman reading to children
2013-P-037-3407               Women at table of ceramic decorations
2013-P-037-3408               Man and boy sanding desktops
2013-P-037-3409               Boys basketball game
2013-P-037-3410               Midnight Drifters playing on flatbed
2013-P-037-3411               Finches in cage
2013-P-037-3412               Man beside machine
2013-P-037-3413               Snow drift in front of building
2013-P-037-3414               Machinery
2013-P-037-3415               Man and children looking at elephant
2013-P-037-3416               Combining
2013-P-037-3417               Man and woman working in yard
2013-P-037-3418               Children walking in parade
2013-P-037-3419               Crowd sitting in lawn chairs
2013-P-037-3420               Calf roping
2013-P-037-3421               Myron bottle feeding a lamb
2013-P-037-3422               Man speaking at podium at REC annual meeting
2013-P-037-3423               Man
2013-P-037-3424               Boys racing homemade boats on floor
2013-P-037-3425               McLean County Sheriff
2013-P-037-3426               Jerry Kveum
2013-P-037-3427               House with Christmas lights
2013-P-037-3428               Sheriff talking to small boy on bike
2013-P-037-3429               Snow on rooftop
2013-P-037-3430               House with Christmas lights
2013-P-037-3431               Man
2013-P-037-3432               Man in Glacier National Park
2013-P-037-3433               McLean County Farmers Union delegates at State Convention in Dickinson
2013-P-037-3434               Wind socks
2013-P-037-3435               Man trap shooting
2013-P-037-3436               Three women and man with gift
2013-P-037-3437               Man and boys in fishing boat
2013-P-037-3438               Group standing in building
2013-P-037-3439               Crowd at picnic shelter
2013-P-037-3440               Clown on scooter in parade
2013-P-037-3441               House
2013-P-037-3442               Man speaking at podium
2013-P-037-3443               Frost on trees
2013-P-037-3444               Color guard at ceremony
2013-P-037-3445               Kids looking at turtles in kiddy pool
2013-P-037-3446               Combining
2013-P-037-3447               Deer running through stubble field
2013-P-037-3448               Damaged car
2013-P-037-3449               Girl with Santa Claus
2013-P-037-3450               McLean County Sheriff
2013-P-037-3451               House
2013-P-037-3452               Group of men from Riverdale with 3rd place trophy
2013-P-037-3453               Group photo
2013-P-037-3454               Man pushing snow blower
2013-P-037-3455               Doctor and nurse
2013-P-037-3456               Girl on carousel horse
2013-P-037-3457               Nurse taking blood from man
2013-P-037-3458               Young man
2013-P-037-3459               Woman
2013-P-037-3460               Child with Santa Claus
2013-P-037-3461               FFA members inspecting seeds
2013-P-037-3462               House with Christmas lights
2013-P-037-3463               Man trimming branches
2013-P-037-3464               Christmas decorations on light poles
2013-P-037-3465               Landscape
2013-P-037-3466               Digging trench
2013-P-037-3467               Group on lake shore
2013-P-037-3468               Maintainer
2013-P-037-3469               Three girls with award
2013-P-037-3470               Two children with Santa Claus
2013-P-037-3471               Vandalism
2013-P-037-3472               Halloween decorations
2013-P-037-3473               House
2013-P-037-3474               Float in parade
2013-P-037-3475               Men’s basketball team with trophy
2013-P-037-3476               Stacie Didier
2013-P-037-3477               Stacy Laib and Lynn Lelm
2013-P-037-3478               Women at booth
2013-P-037-3479               Men’s basketball team with trophy
2013-P-037-3480               Family sitting on curb
2013-P-037-3481               Football game
2013-P-037-3482               Men looking at cattle in sales ring
2013-P-037-3483               Mom helping little boy on slip ‘n slide
2013-P-037-3484               Antique vehicle in parade
2013-P-037-3485               Snow covered railroad tracks
2013-P-037-3486               Man and little girl
2013-P-037-3487               Group of men
2013-P-037-3488               Textbook on desk
2013-P-037-3489               Bull rider
2013-P-037-3490               People in lunch line
2013-P-037-3491               Man standing beside maintainer
2013-P-037-3492               House with “Yard of the Week” sign on lawn
2013-P-037-3493               Volleyball game
2013-P-037-3494               Group photo of teen agers
2013-P-037-3495               Girls basketball team and coach sitting on bench
2013-P-037-3496               Two men with award
2013-P-037-3497               Christmas decorations in yard
2013-P-037-3498               Football game
2013-P-037-3499               Governor Sinner and two women at desk
2013-P-037-3500               Dr. Joe Crawford
2013-P-037-3501               Man
2013-P-037-3502               Little girl and Santa Claus
2013-P-037-3503               People sitting any lying on bleachers
2013-P-037-3504               Man speaking
2013-P-037-3505               Man
2013-P-037-3506               Two men speaking
2013-P-037-3507               Ice fishing
2013-P-037-3508               Two boys with Santa Claus
2013-P-037-3509               Dolls
2013-P-037-3510               Girl with Santa Claus
2013-P-037-3511               Boy with face painted
2013-P-037-3512               Aaron Singer with Santa Claus
2013-P-037-3513               (first name unknown) Berg, Kelsey Hochhalter, and Ann Gessele
2013-P-037-3514               Man sawing pipe
2013-P-037-3515               Jerod Jans with Santa Claus
2013-P-037-3516               “Gym cannot be used until further notice” sign on door
2013-P-037-3517               Bryce Murray with Santa Claus
2013-P-037-3518               Boy with Santa Claus
2013-P-037-3519               Woman
2013-P-037-3520               Horse drawn cart in parade
2013-P-037-3521               House on fire
2013-P-037-3522               Women with bowling trophies
2013-P-037-3523               Nurse and man and woman
2013-P-037-3524               Boys with bows
2013-P-037-3525               Jay Wardue with Santa Claus
2013-P-037-3526               Man installing hardwood floor
2013-P-037-3527               Soap box races
2013-P-037-3528               Floral arrangements on display
2013-P-037-3529               Two women and a man
2013-P-037-3530               Horses in pasture
2013-P-037-3531               Women tarring road
2013-P-037-3532               City Hall/Fire Hall
2013-P-037-3533               Boys racing
2013-P-037-3534               Two men and a woman talking
2013-P-037-3535               House with Christmas lights
2013-P-037-3536               Man standing beside solar panel
2013-P-037-3537               Two men
2013-P-037-3538               Man jogging on highway
2013-P-037-3539               Damaged car
2013-P-037-3540               Girls basketball game: Heather Berard, Farrah Lick, Sally Hillingstad
2013-P-037-3541               Little boy kissing Santa Claus
2013-P-037-3542               Teenage fans at basketball game
2013-P-037-3543               Man standing in home with damaged roof
2013-P-037-3544               Two little boys and a little girl drinking from outdoor faucet
2013-P-037-3545               Cranes and heavy equipment
2013-P-037-3546               Girl pinning race number onto another girl’s shirt
2013-P-037-3547               Kids gathered around Santa Claus
2013-P-037-3548               Pickup and street covered in snow
2013-P-037-3549               People walking on sidewalk
2013-P-037-3550               Basketball court in park
2013-P-037-3551               Men looking at cow in chute
2013-P-037-3552               Girl
2013-P-037-3553               Kimberly and Kory Hofer
2013-P-037-3554               Susie Walcker
2013-P-037-3555               Lisa Schlafman
2013-P-037-3556               Karna, Corinna, and Chuck Hanson
2013-P-037-3557               Tom, Ken, Wayne, Dollie, and Russ Simmons
2013-P-037-3558               Steven and Chad Schon
2013-P-037-3559               Annie White
2013-P-037-3560               Tonia and Theron Weinberger
2013-P-037-3561               Melissa and Justin Parks
2013-P-037-3562               Julie Slagg
2013-P-037-3563               Charity, Orrie, and Shannon Marlo
2013-P-037-3564               Sandra and Ben Nelson
2013-P-037-3565               Lea and Robyn Nelson
2013-P-037-3566               Krystal Boe
2013-P-037-3567               Shelly Weible
2013-P-037-3568               Sara and Kara Boyko
2013-P-037-3569               Troy Gleave
2013-P-037-3570               Shelby, Tonya, Shane, Karakay, and Trisha Sellon
2013-P-037-3571               Tracy Jensen
2013-P-037-3572               Sarah Westrum
2013-P-037-3573               Lori Ann, David, Christi, and John Wirschkorn
2013-P-037-3574               Derrick and Darrin Rittenbach
2013-P-037-3575               Men working with computer and machinery
2013-P-037-3576               Boys basketball game
2013-P-037-3577               Child with Santa Claus
2013-P-037-3578               Little girl with Santa Claus
2013-P-037-3579               Seventh Day Adventist Church
2013-P-037-3580               Family Photo
2013-P-037-3581               Alan Klain
2013-P-037-3582               Group photo
2013-P-037-3583               Float in parade
2013-P-037-3584               Four men
2013-P-037-3585               Aerial view of plant
2013-P-037-3586               Men working in kitchen
2013-P-037-3587               Clock/Radio
2013-P-037-3588               Boy with 4-H trophy
2013-P-037-3589               Woman on float
2013-P-037-3590               Children building snowman
2013-P-037-3591               Michelle (last name unknown)
2013-P-037-3592               Little girl
2013-P-037-3593               Woman working in kitchen or lab
2013-P-037-3594               Children with Santa Claus
2013-P-037-3595               House
2013-P-037-3596               Girls ready for Camp Sakakawea
2013-P-037-3597               Cheerleaders
2013-P-037-3598               Women playing ping pong
2013-P-037-3599               Mr. and Mrs. Darrell Holte wedding photo
2013-P-037-3600               Wagenman-Anderson engagement photo
2013-P-037-3601               Men playing basketball
2013-P-037-3602               Fred M. Sheldon
2013-P-037-3603               School building and playground
2013-P-037-3604               School building and playground
2013-P-037-3605               School building
2013-P-037-3606               Women using hammers
2013-P-037-3607               Family photo
2013-P-037-3608               Men in aprons in front of store
2013-P-037-3609               Eileen Kay Long
2013-P-037-3610               Badlands
2013-P-037-3611               Men digging trench
2013-P-037-3612               Mavis Ann Zinke and Delton Dean Hochhalter engagement photo
2013-P-037-3613               Float in parade
2013-P-037-3614               Annette White
2013-P-037-3615               Float in parade
2013-P-037-3616               Dwane Rasch
2013-P-037-3617               Child with Santa Claus
2013-P-037-3618               Leigh Wagner, Boys State, 1970
2013-P-037-3619               Group photo
2013-P-037-3620               Micklyn Kay Wall
2013-P-037-3621               House with Christmas lights
2013-P-037-3622               Grill in park
2013-P-037-3623               Woman and group of men
2013-P-037-3624               Man beside broken safe
2013-P-037-3625               Airplanes
2013-P-037-3626               Group looking at scoria sign
2013-P-037-3627               Group looking at scoria sign
2013-P-037-3628               Lindsey and Taylor with Santa Claus
2013-P-037-3629               Men working on turtle statue
2013-P-037-3630               Men building foundation
2013-P-037-3631               Man on stilts
2013-P-037-3632               Two headed calf
2013-P-037-3633               Group photo
2013-P-037-3634               Unidentified
2013-P-037-3635               One of the barns common in the valley, still in use, although smaller than many of the old hip roof types
2013-P-037-3636               Michelle J. Wall
2013-P-037-3637               House with Christmas lights
2013-P-037-3638               Man
2013-P-037-3639               Orval Janzer
2013-P-037-3640               Men and cars at service station
2013-P-037-3641               Ethan Fylling and Santa Claus
2013-P-037-3642               McClusky Baptist Church
2013-P-037-3643               Men working on shoreline
2013-P-037-3644               People getting tour of control room
2013-P-037-3645               Henry Westman and other men
2013-P-037-3646               Boy feeding goats
2013-P-037-3647               Crowd gathered around Christmas tree in street in summer
2013-P-037-3648               Boy holding goat
2013-P-037-3649               Two men and a woman behind desk
2013-P-037-3650               Man speaking at podium
2013-P-037-3651               FFA members inspecting seeds
2013-P-037-3652               Group of boys in gym with trophy
2013-P-037-3653               Man at overhead projector
2013-P-037-3654               Men raking yard
2013-P-037-3655               Girl gathering Easter eggs
2013-P-037-3656               Miss Central Exchange and man on bicycle built for two
2013-P-037-3657               Girl at prom
2013-P-037-3658               NFU Fly-In Participants (left to right):  Dwight Byron, Albert Klain, Mark Bobbe, Wes Weible, Neal Schlosser, Connie Hanson, Lu Deutscher, John Frelich, Dale Enerson, Linda and Mark Bitz
2013-P-037-3659               Boat on lake
2013-P-037-3660               Water damaged ceiling
2013-P-037-3661               Group in hardhats in field
2013-P-037-3662               People at banquet table
2013-P-037-3663               Dumpster
2013-P-037-3664               Fans in outdoor bleachers
2013-P-037-3665               Group photo
2013-P-037-3666               Girls with large trophy
2013-P-037-3667               Little boy with Santa Claus
2013-P-037-3668               Nurses
2013-P-037-3669               Four women
2013-P-037-3670               House
2013-P-037-3671               Woman
2013-P-037-3672               Two men behind counter
2013-P-037-3673               Equity Lumber Yard
2013-P-037-3674               Girl with cage full of kittens
2013-P-037-3675               Crowd outdoors
2013-P-037-3676               New Turtle Lake Ambulance
2013-P-037-3677               Crowd at music performance
2013-P-037-3678               Men digging trench
2013-P-037-3679               Calf roping
2013-P-037-3680               Brook Paulson with 4-H tote
2013-P-037-3681               Piles of burning debris
2013-P-037-3682               Woman
2013-P-037-3683               Woman
2013-P-037-3684               Lois Schoch, R.N., Hospital Administrator Wayne Deickman, Reinhold Zurcher (?), President Commercial Club, Mrs. Gary Presser
2013-P-037-3685               Woman looking at table of artwork
2013-P-037-3686               Men working on playground equipment
2013-P-037-3687               Collapsed building
2013-P-037-3688               Four men in front of Veterans Memorial
2013-P-037-3689               Four generations of men
2013-P-037-3690               Sharon Jean Rippe
2013-P-037-3691               Michelle Fiedler with Santa Claus
2013-P-037-3692               Group of men (might be American Legion)
2013-P-037-3693               Judges at banquet table
2013-P-037-3694               Scarecrow decoration
2013-P-037-3695               Woman
2013-P-037-3696               Man working with lab equipment
2013-P-037-3697               Two men
2013-P-037-3698               Woman on stage in play
2013-P-037-3699               Man and woman on stage in play
2013-P-037-3700               Teacher behind desk
2013-P-037-3701               Women at computer
2013-P-037-3702               Children watching puppet show
2013-P-037-3703               Kids with hula hoops performing in street
2013-P-037-3704               Girl in hat
2013-P-037-3705               Men sorting mail
2013-P-037-3706               Boys basketball game
2013-P-037-3707               Group of men
2013-P-037-3708               Might be Jeanne Schleukey
2013-P-037-3709               Man and woman
2013-P-037-3710               Crowd outside auditorium
2013-P-037-3711               Tree limbs on ground
2013-P-037-3712               Men working in trench
2013-P-037-3713               Appliance store
2013-P-037-3714               Kitchen
2013-P-037-3715               Man and woman at “Guess the weight of the turtle”
2013-P-037-3716               Man
2013-P-037-3717               Girl with piglet in baby carriage
2013-P-037-3718               Group photo
2013-P-037-3719               Torn up floor
2013-P-037-3720               Child with Santa Claus
2013-P-037-3721               Child with Santa Claus
2013-P-037-3722               Float in parade
2013-P-037-3723               Four men
2013-P-037-3724               Woman
2013-P-037-3725               Woman in dunking booth
2013-P-037-3726               Crowd at ground breaking
2013-P-037-3727               Farmhand stacking square bales on flatbed
2013-P-037-3728               Shriner in parade
2013-P-037-3729               Drugstore
2013-P-037-3730               Men cutting pies
2013-P-037-3731               Man
2013-P-037-3732               Julie Slagg
2013-P-037-3733               Tree planter
2013-P-037-3734               FFA member with ribbon
2013-P-037-3735               FFA members with ribbons
2013-P-037-3736               Isaak Sondral and Nicholas Jesz gathering Easter eggs
2013-P-037-3737               Infant girl
2013-P-037-3738               Equity Elevator and Trading Company
2013-P-037-3739               People eating at banquet table
2013-P-037-3740               Woman counting money
2013-P-037-3741               Two men and woman
2013-P-037-3742               Young women holding roses
2013-P-037-3743               Men in buffet line
2013-P-037-3744               Wilton boys basketball team with trophy
2013-P-037-3745               Kitchen
2013-P-037-3746               Kids in bleachers
2013-P-037-3747               Man sitting behind desk
2013-P-037-3748               Dead trees in trailer court
2013-P-037-3749               Man
2013-P-037-3750               Two women and man
2013-P-037-3751               Scott Donelenko
2013-P-037-3752               Three men
2013-P-037-3753               men pouring concrete
2013-P-037-3754               Teacher holding turtle in classroom
2013-P-037-3755               Man and woman
2013-P-037-3756               Boys basketball game
2013-P-037-3757               American Legion Hall
2013-P-037-3758               Man working on machinery
2013-P-037-3759               Woman
2013-P-037-3760               Woman
2013-P-037-3761               Egg and tape measure
2013-P-037-3762               Four men
2013-P-037-3763               Kids picking up garbage in park
2013-P-037-3764               Men serving food at banquet table
2013-P-037-3765               Group of men in field
2013-P-037-3766               Men at auction sale
2013-P-037-3767               Woman
2013-P-037-3768               Person with head in box
2013-P-037-3769               Three men
2013-P-037-3770               Trash cans in rack
2013-P-037-3771               Two women
2013-P-037-3772               Child pushing buggy in parade
2013-P-037-3773               Two men
2013-P-037-3774               Oil well
2013-P-037-3775               House
2013-P-037-3776               Man and woman
2013-P-037-3777               Boy planting tree
2013-P-037-3778               Snow drifts on road
2013-P-037-3779               Float in parade
2013-P-037-3780               Four men
2013-P-037-3781               Men serving food in buffet line
2013-P-037-3782               Damaged pick up
2013-P-037-3783               Boat on trailer
2013-P-037-3784               Jordan Sundquist, Louise Grondahl, and Bryan Gondahl
2013-P-037-3785               Little boy holding rabbit
2013-P-037-3786               Damaged semi and tanker trailer
2013-P-037-3787               Turtle Lake Midget baseball team
2013-P-037-3788               Combining
2213-P-037-3789               Concrete culvert
2013-P-037-3790               Troy Bauer
2013-P-037-3791               Three girls
2013-P-037-3792               Group in front of school bus “Turtle Lake 69-ers”
2013-P-037-3793               Man holding saddle
2013-P-037-3794               Machinery
2013-P-037-3795               Four men
2013-P-037-3796               House with “Yard of the Week” sign on lawn
2013-P-037-3797               Child
2013-P-037-3798               People in ditch
2013-P-037-3799               Surveyors
2013-P-037-3800               Two men beside airplane
2013-P-037-3801               Unidentified
2013-P-037-3802               Crowd in picnic shelter
2013-P-037-3803               Crowd in auditorium
2013-P-037-3804               Three men and tractor
2013-P-037-3805               Boy with Santa Claus
2013-P-037-3806               Float in parade
2013-P-037-3807               Man giving autograph to boy
2013-P-037-3808               Family photo
2013-P-037-3809               1905 Case 45HP steamer in parade
2013-P-037-3810               Girl with Santa Claus
2013-P-037-3811               Float in parade
2013-P-037-3812               Man
2013-P-037-3813               New ambulance
2013-P-037-3814               Woman painting a cat on a tree stump
2013-P-037-3815               Man and woman cutting/serving cake
2013-P-037-3816               Damaged cars
2013-P-037-3817               House
2013-P-037-3818               Teacher helping student
2013-P-037-3819               Child with Santa Claus
2013-P-037-3820               Outdoor church service
2013-P-037-3821               Boy and girl with Santa Claus
2013-P-037-3822               Man speaking at podium
2013-P-037-3823               Harry Moore, Fargo, American Legion Assistant Department Adj.
2013-P-037-3824               Woman putting on puppet show
2013-P-037-3825               Man and woman
2013-P-037-3826               Laura Johnson with 4-H project
2013-P-037-3827               Group of girls and one boy
2013-P-037-3828               Girls with basketball trophy
2013-P-037-3829               Miss Sakakawea with flowers, crown, and trophy
2013-P-037-3830               Man writing in ledger
2013-P-037-3831               Coach and young baseball players
2013-P-037-3832               Woman holding hedgehog
2013-P-037-3833               Group holding turtles and trophies
2013-P-037-3834               Garbage and debris
2013-P-037-3835               4-H members with ribbons         
2013-P-037-3836               Man doing demonstration for group with round bale
2013-P-037-3837               Damaged car
2013-P-037-3838               Football game, two Trojan linemen look for a hole to get to Maddock-Esmond quarterback Brent Gustafson
2013-P-037-3839               People fishing from dock
2013-P-037-3840               Crowd looking at 4-H exhibits
2013-P-037-3841               Man and woman
2013-P-037-3842               Cars parked in front of appliance store
2013-P-037-3843               Tractors and drivers lined up in field
2013-P-037-3844               Boys basketball game
2013-P-037-3845               Halloween decorations in window
2013-P-037-3846               Mrs. Melvin Larson and unidentified man painting house
2013-P-037-3847               Man instructing welders
2013-P-037-3848               Unidentified
2013-P-037-3849               Trophies
2013-P-037-3850               Group of men
2013-P-037-3851               Man with softball trophy
2013-P-037-3852               Fallen branches covered in ice
2013-P-037-3853               Two girls
2013-P-037-3854               Trap shooting competition
2013-P-037-3855               Fishing from shore
2013-P-037-3856               Pee Wee baseball game
2013-P-037-3857               Boy with banjo
2013-P-037-3858               Man receiving award at podium
2013-P-037-3859               Television crew sitting on floor
2013-P-037-3860               Team roping
2013-P-037-3861               Roger Fink, Jennifer Presser, Julie Hetzler, and Danielle Johnson with miniature horses in parade
2013-P-037-3862               Kids playing in snow
2013-P-037-3863               Kelly Zinke with Santa Claus
2013-P-037-3864               Semi-truck and trailer
2013-P-037-3865               FFA members inspecting seeds
2013-P-037-3866               Girls playing on slide
2013-P-037-3867               Deputy inspecting damaged door
2013-P-037-3868               Teens playing arcade games
2013-P-037-3869               Young actors in play
2013-P-037-3870               Boys basketball game
2013-P-037-3871               Woman at craft table
2013-P-037-3872               Man receiving award
2013-P-037-3873               Woman looking at newspaper
2013-P-037-3874               Man and woman
2013-P-037-3875               Man with video camera and assistant
2013-P-037-3876               Machinery
2013-P-037-3877               Inside empty metal building
2013-P-037-3878               Girl with guitar
2013-P-037-3879               Damaged ice-covered trees
2013-P-037-3880               Men pushing snow blowers
2013-P-037-3881               Man and girl moving “City of Turtle Lake” barricade
2013-P-037-3882               Woman looking at 4-H exhibits
2013-P-037-3883               Small child with Santa Claus
2013-P-037-3884               Man at trap shoot
2013-P-037-3885               Laying the cornerstone of Educational Unit, July 5, 1964
2013-P-037-3886               Group photo
2013-P-037-3887               House with Christmas lights
2013-P-037-3888               Marc Grosz jumping rope
2013-P-037-3889               Crowd and auctioneer at auction sale
2013-P-037-3890               House
2013-P-037-3891               Man speaking at podium
2013-P-037-3892               People in buffet line
2013-P-037-3893               Man bagging leaves
2013-P-037-3894               Empty lot
2013-P-037-3895               Heavy machinery, might be road construction
2013-P-037-3896               Group of Girl Scouts
2013-P-037-3897               Construction of elevator
2013-P-037-3898               Construction of elevator
2013-P-037-3899               Hat decorated with flowers
2013-P-037-3900               Carpet and furniture displays
2013-P-037-3901               Man
2013-P-037-3902               Men cleaning plates
2013-P-037-3903               Girls basketball game
2013-P-037-3904               House
2013-P-037-3905               Man and woman hanging sheet of plastic
2013-P-037-3906               Bicyclists taking a break on lawn
2013-P-037-3907               Fireworks
2013-P-037-3908               Aerial view of town
2013-P-037-3909               Aleeta Rime
2013-P-037-3910               Pvt. John G. Johnson
2013-P-037-3911               Gloria Ann Heim
2013-P-037-3912               Female patient with Santa Claus
2013-P-037-3913               Utility meter and line
2013-P-037-3914               Girl with Santa Claus
2013-P-037-3915               Child with Santa Claus
2013-P-037-3916               Boy with Santa Claus
2013-P-037-3917               FFA Member inspecting seed
2013-P-037-3918               Antique John Deere pulling plow in parade
2013-P-037-3919               Baseball game
2013-P-037-3920               Stacks of pipes
2013-P-037-3921               Deputy collecting evidence
2013-P-037-3922               Crew putting train back on rails
2013-P-037-3923               Fall decorations
2013-P-037-3924               Lake Brekken-Holmes sign
2013-P-037-3925               Boy grooming cow
2013-P-037-3926               Water over gravel road
2013-P-037-3927               Four men
2013-P-037-3928               Patient on backboard being loaded into ambulance
2013-P-037-3929               Crowd lining street
2013-P-037-3930               Train derailment
2013-P-037-3931               Float in parade
2013-P-037-3932               Man looking at 4-H exhibit
2013-P-037-3933               House with “Yard of the Week” sign in lawn
2013-P-037-3934               Snow covered rooftop
2013-P-037-3935               Machinery on roadside
2013-P-037-3936               4-H members with ribbons
2013-P-037-3937               Group of young people
2013-P-037-3938               FFA members at banquet tables
2013-P-037-3939               Deputy
2013-P-037-3940               Boy with Santa Claus
2013-P-037-3941               Little girl at pencil sharpener
2013-P-037-3942               Dean Zochert and wife wedding portrait
2013-P-037-3943               Man and woman receiving award
2013-P-037-3944               Children in classroom
2013-P-037-3945               Ice covered branches
2013-P-037-3946               Unidentified
2013-P-037-3947               Wilton girls’ basketball team with trophy
2013-P-037-3948               Children looking at displays
2013-P-037-3949               Football field
2013-P-037-3950               Boys basketball game
2013-P-037-3951               Christmas decoration
2013-P-037-3952               Woman giving self-defense demonstration
2013-P-037-3953               Man at desk
2013-P-037-3954               “Rain Jackets $9.00” sign
2013-P-037-3955               Digging for coal
2013-P-037-3956               Negatives from banquet
2013-P-037-3957               Valerie (Seltveit) and Carl Wiley wedding portrait
2013-P-037-3958               Damaged stop sign and electric post
2013-P-037-3959               Two men in field looking at paperwork
2013-P-037-3960               Boys picking up cans in ditch
2013-P-037-3961               Two men reviewing blueprints
2013-P-037-3962               Digging for coal
2013-P-037-3963               Ambulance
2013-P-037-3964               Jerry Neubauer and H.C. Anderson, Jr. in front of ambulance
2013-P-037-3965               Forklift moving railroad ties
2013-P-037-3966               Auger pouring grain into grain truck
2013-P-037-3967               Man behind desk
2013-P-037-3968               Teens picking up trash along road
2013-P-037-3969               Construction site
2013-P-037-3970               Crowd in park
2013-P-037-3971               Crowd in park
2013-P-037-3972               Digging for coal
2013-P-037-3973               Construction site
2013-P-037-3974               Julie Hill
2013-P-037-3975               Construction site
2013-P-037-3976               Erecting power lines
2013-P-037-3977               Man and woman with 50th Anniversary cake
2013-P-037-3978               Man behind desk
2013-P-037-3979               Erecting power lines
2013-P-037-3980               Planting (or removing) tree in park
2013-P-037-3981               Group photo (staff photo?)
2013-P-037-3982               Men looking at machinery parts
2013-P-037-3983               Two men at construction site
2013-P-037-3984               Body of water
2013-P-037-3985               Flooded field
2013-P-037-3986               Erecting power lines
2013-P-037-3987               Construction site
2013-P-037-3988               Men serving food in picnic shelter
2013-P-037-3989               Doctor looking at x-ray
2013-P-037-3990               Erecting water tower
2013-P-037-3991               Damaged car
2013-P-037-3992               Woman playing piano and woman sitting on piano singing
2013-P-037-3993               Scooters in parade
2013-P-037-3994               Machinery working at dump site
2013-P-037-3995               Two men looking at paperwork at construction site
2013-P-037-3996               Machinery
2013-P-037-3997               Construction site
2013-P-037-3998               Group photo of young adults
2013-P-037-3999               Downed stop sign and utility pole
2013-P-037-4000               Man in front of Minneapolis-Moline tractor
2013-P-037-4001               Group photo (staff photo?)
2013-P-037-4002               Cub scouts
2013-P-037-4003               Men putting in posts
2013-P-037-4004               Crowd of women at outdoor event
2013-P-037-4005               4-H members in costume with ribbons
2013-P-037-4006               Lighting trash in can
2013-P-037-4007               Construction site
2013-P-037-4008               Construction of building
2013-P-037-4009               Woman with infant
2013-P-037-4010               Woman with infant
2013-P-037-4011               Wedding photo
2013-P-037-4012               School children in line to get on busses
2013-P-037-4013               Butte:  Sue Howard and Kammy Frantsen
2013-P-037-4014               Combining
2013-P-037-4015               Erecting power lines
2013-P-037-4016               Crowd in park
2013-P-037-4017               Construction site
2013-P-037-4018               Ambulance
2013-P-037-4019               Negatives of outdoor celebration
2013-P-037-4020               Young man in US Navy uniform
2013-P-037-4021               Man standing by corral filled with cattle
2013-P-037-4022               Shriners in parade
2013-P-037-4023               Grain truck, auger, and grain pile
2013-P-037-4024               Two men and a woman
2013-P-037-4025               Man standing by corral filled with cattle
2013-P-037-4026               Soap box derby
2013-P-037-4027               Parked cars, horse trailers, and a snow mobile
2013-P-037-4028               Former Bennie Miller (Haas) store
2013-P-037-4029               Former Bennie Miller (Haas) store
2013-P-037-4030               Former Bennie Miller (Haas) store
2013-P-037-4031               Fire next to FU Quonset
2013-P-037-4032               Walter Singer grass fire
2013-P-037-4033               Grass fire
2013-P-037-4034               CRP fire northeast of town
2013-P-037-4035               Sylvia Presser house fire
2013-P-037-4036               Accident at prairie fire southwest of Mercer
2013-P-037-4037               Sylvia Presser house fire
2013-P-037-4038               Sylvia Presser house fire
2013-P-037-4039               Leonard K. Hanson house fire
2013-P-037-4040               Durnell Okerson rural house fire
2013-P-037-4041               Durnell Okerson rural house fire
2013-P-037-4042               Arlin Kemmit house fire
2013-P-037-4043               Arlin Kemmit house fire
2013-P-037-4044               Robert Evans tractor fire
2013-P-037-4045               Cabin fire at Crooked Lake
2013-P-037-4046               CRP fire northeast east of Turtle Lake (Ernie Schock land)
2013-P-037-4047               Bobby Landsiedel accident, icy road just northwest of Turtle Lake on canal bridge
2013-P-037-4048               Kemmit Salvage yard pit fire
2013-P-037-4049               Cement truck roll over southwest of Turtle Lake near Walter farm on Hwy. 200
2013-P-037-4050               Randy Anderson pit fire               
2013-P-037-4051               Elevator dryer fire
2013-P-037-4052               Gergen rural farmyard grass fire
2013-P-037-4053               Evenson shop fire near Coleharbor
2013-P-037-4054               David Hill house fire       
2013-P-037-4055               Evenson shop fire near Coleharbor
2013-P-037-4056               Car fire south of Turtle Lake near Philbricks and Evans
2013-P-037-4057               Runaway car accident at Mercer Hwy intersection, car ended up hitting Donna Wagner’s house
2013-P-037-4058               Kelly Wagner shop fire
2013-P-037-4059               Leland Lindteigen pole barn fire
2013-P-037-4060               Practice burn, old Harold Nordwall shop east of livestock yard
2013-P-037-4061               Leland Lindteigen pole barn fire
2013-P-037-4062               Lester Tweeten pig barn fire
2013-P-037-4063               Leland Lindteigen Quonset fire, aftermath
2013-P-037-4064               Arlin Kemmit rural house fire
2013-P-037-4065               Lester Tweeten hay barn fire
2013-P-037-4066               Prairie fire west of Charlie Renfrows
2013-P-037-4067               Lightning strike at Dan Sisk house, where Roger Lawson lives
2013-P-037-4068               Carvell Lindteigen trailer house fire, west side trailer court
2013-P-037-4069               Lightning strike at Dan Sisk house, where Roger Lawson lives
2013-P-037-4070               Ernie Grueneich (right) presents 10-year service awards to Harry Kittler, chief, and Doug Hanson, secretary-treasurer
2013-P-037-4071               Service Awards:  Clarence Edinger 37 years, G. T. Anderson 61 years, Edwin Simonson 20 years, presented by Leo Reiser, Jr.
2013-P-037-4072               Checking out a new fire truck:  (?), Ole Gunderson and Harley Holtan
2013-P-037-4073               Checking out a new fire truck:  Harry Kittler, Ole Gunderson, and Doug Hanson
2013-P-037-4074               Service awards presented to Clarence Edinger, Emil Kittler, and Silas Bailiff
2013-P-037-4075               Jerry Wagner from the TL Jaycees (left) presents an air pack to Ernie Grueneich and Harry Kittler
2013-P-037-4076               G. T. Anderson receives a lifetime membership certificate from Mickey Logan of the State Fire Association
2013-P-037-4077               Fire department street water fight using barrel on a wire for target
2013-P-037-4078               Fire department street water fight in the early days
2013-P-037-4079               Fire department street water fight in the early days
2013-P-037-4080               Fire department street water fight using barrel on a wire for target
2013-P-037-4081               Reuben Mehrer (center) of West River Phone presents Harley Holtan (left) and Emil Kittler paperwork for air masks donated by the phone company
2013-P-037-4082               Training practice on old house
2013-P-037-4083               Fire department street water fight in early days
2013-P-037-4084               Darryl Dockter, chief
2013-P-037-4085               Drowning at Crooked Lake
2013-P-037-4086               Jans fire north of Mercer
2013-P-037-4087               Drowning at Crooked Lake
2013-P-037-4088               Wally Slagg house fire, southwest of town
2013-P-037-4089               Drowning at Crooked Lake
2013-P-037-4090               Wally Slagg house fire, southwest of town
2013-P-037-4091               Jim Schell pump house fire
2013-P-037-4092               Crooked Lake cabin fire, southeast side of lake
2013-P-037-4093               Todd Goven shop fire
2013-P-037-4094               Wally Swanson hay bale stack fire south of town
2013-P-037-4095               Wally Swanson bale stack fire
2013-P-037-4096               Lyle Schon shop fire, north of Mercer
2013-P-037-4097               PV elevator fire
2013-P-037-4098               PV elevator fire
2013-P-037-4099               PV elevator fire
2013-P-037-4100               PV elevator fire
2013-P-037-4101               PV elevator fire aftermath
2013-P-037-4102               PV elevator fire aftermath
2013-P-037-4103               Service Pins:  Harry Kittler presents pins to Otto Schumacher, G. T. Anderson, and Alfred Severson
2013-P-037-4104               Elmer Zwicker presents a restored siren to chief Harry Kittler
2013-P-037-4105               Group on front of fire truck
2013-P-037-4106               New truck
2013-P-037-4107               Darryl Dockter receives gaming fund check from Don Pickett
2013-P-037-4108               PV elevator fire               
2013-P-037-4109               PV elevator fire
2013-P-037-4110               PV elevator fire
2013-P-037-4111               PV elevator fire
2013-P-037-4112               PV elevator fire
2013-P-037-4113               PV elevator fire
2013-P-037-4114               PV elevator fire
2013-P-037-4115               PV elevator fire
2013-P-037-4116               PV elevator fire
2013-P-037-4117               PV elevator fire
2013-P-037-4118               Filling the portable water tank:  Leon Guenthner, Darryl Dockter and Dave Hendrickson
2013-P-037-4119               Training fire using the old John Moore house for practice (Kelly Wagner’s former house)
2013-P-037-4120               Training Class:  Doug Hanson, Ernie Grueneich and instructor
2013-P-037-4121               Getting ready to clean rain gutters on the fire hall: Tom Redmond
2013-P-037-4122               House cleaning:  Kevin Helgeson
2013-P-037-4123               Hose roll-up time:  Darring Miller, Clark Schafer, Leon Guenthner, and Myron Jenson
2013-P-037-4124               Special nozzle training:  Jeff Reiser, Dennis Edinger, Raymond Edinger, Darryl Dockter, Doyle Becker, Edwin Simonson, Stan Tomlinson, elevator rep., Mike Erdmann
2013-P-037-4125               Equipment training:  Russ Stadler, Doug Hanson and elevator insurance representative
2013-P-037-4126               Embarrassing moment:  water line break during elevator training with elevator representative present
2013-P-037-4127               Equipment training with elevator representative
2013-P-037-4128               Extrication class training
2013-P-037-4129               Checking out the new truck:  Kevin Sondrol and Doug Hanson
2013-P-037-4130               Trying out the new truck’s aerial nozzle, Gordy Nelson
2013-P-037-4131               Extrication class:  Dave Freborg and Marshall Maxwell
2013-P-037-4132               Learning to handle the nozzle
2013-P-037-4133               Ernie Grueneich at the controls of the new fire truck
2013-P-037-4134               Jerome Huelsman and Dave Freborg check the fill of the portable water tank
2013-P-037-4135               Ernie Grueneich at the controls of the new fire truck
2013-P-037-4136               Checking the range of the new truck’s aerial nozzle, Gordy Nelson
2013-P-037-4137               Training Drill at TL-M School Old Brick Building, Gordy Nelson with evacuee
2013-P-037-4138               Extrication class:  Clark Schafer, Jerome Huelsman, Tom Redmond
2013-P-037-4139               Training Drill at TL-M School Old Brick Building
2013-P-037-4140               Hooking up the hose to elevator sprinkler system for test:  Gordy Nelson and Jayson Walcker
2013-P-037-4141               Fire truck pump training:  Leon Guenthner, Rick Schwalk, Tom Redmond
2013-P-037-4142               Leon Guenthner and Russ Stadler watch the truck pump during a training exercise
2013-P-037-4143               Brush fighter practice:  Russ Stadler, Larry Schafer, Doug Hanson, Emil Kuntz, Randy Tschetter, Willie Schneider, Ken Erickson, Leo Reiser, Ernie Grueneich, G. T. Anderson, Otto Schumacher, Silas Bailiff, Bill Weinberger
2013-P-037-4144               Trying out the portable water tank: Ernie Grueneich, Jerome Huelsman, Dave Freborg
2013-P-037-4145               Area Fire School at Turtle Lake
2013-P-037-4146               Wilbert Fueller farm building fire
2013-P-037-4147               Loren Loose fire southwest of town
2013-P-037-4148               Wilbert Fueller farm building fire
2013-P-037-4149               Probably Loren Loose fire southwest of town
2013-P-037-4150               Fire School:  Learning to capture a charged nozzle
2013-P-037-4151               Probably Loren Loose fire southwest of town
2013-P-037-4152               Burnette Schlafmann house fire
2013-P-037-4153               Mavis Lindteigen trailer house fire
2013-P-037-4154               Burnette Schlafmann house fire
2013-P-037-4155               Mavis Lindteigen trailer house fire
2013-P-037-4156               Night time training exercise
2013-P-037-4157               Aftermath, Mavis Lindteigen trailer house fire
2013-P-037-4158               Boger Laundromat dryer fire
2013-P-037-4159               Boger Laundromat dryer fire
2013-P-037-4160               Checking upstairs at Cullum/Gruszie house fire
2013-P-037-4161               Resting at Cullum/Gruszie house fire:  Mike Erdmann, Clark Schafer and Dave Freborg
2013-P-037-4162               Resting at Cullum/Gruszie house fire
2013-P-037-4163               Pump training:  Marshall Maxwell, Darin Miller and Ernie Grueneich
2013-P-037-4164               Checking out the brush fighter pumps:  Marshall Maxwell, Shawn Schafer, Jerome Huelsman
2013-P-037-4165               Bryan Lang checking the brush fighter
2013-P-037-4166               Field extrication practice
2013-P-037-4167               Stan Tomlinson presents electrical safety course to firemen:  Jerry Kraft, Jerry Reiser, Ken Erickson, Emil Kuntz, Doug Hanson, Darryl Dockter, Bill Weinberger, Rodger Lynne, Russ Stadler
2013-P-037-4168               Electrical safety course: Rodger Lynne, Edwin Simonson, G. T. Anderson, Russ Stadler, Clarence Edinger, Ernie Grueneich, Mike Erdmann, Gordon Nelson
2013-P-037-4169               Car fire
2013-P-037-4170               Night training exercise north of town:  Clark Schafer, Jayson Walcker, Gordon Nelson, and Leon Guenthner
2013-P-037-4171               Maintenance:  Cleaning rain gutters in the front of the building
2013-P-037-4172               Inspecting damaged wall
2013-P-037-4173               Fireman inspecting damaged wall
2013-P-037-4174               Nick Goven rural house fire
2013-P-037-4175               Training:  Burning down old Emanuel Waltz house, next to Schwalks
2013-P-037-4176               Training:  Burning down old Emanuel Waltz house, next to Schwalks
2013-P-037-4177               Training:  Burning down old Emanuel Waltz house, next to Schwalks
2013-P-037-4178               Training:  Burning down old Emanuel Waltz house, next to Schwalks
2013-P-037-4179               Joblinski/Pla-Mor Lanes fire
2013-P-037-4180               Joblinski/Pla-Mor Lanes fire, Joe Bergquist in center
2013-P-037-4181               Joblinski/Pla-Mor Lanes fire
2013-P-037-4182               Joblinski/Pla-Mor Lanes fire, Leo Reiser
2013-P-037-4183               Joblinski/Pla-Mor Lanes fire, Stan Tomlinson on roof
2013-P-037-4184               building on fire
2013-P-037-4185               Prairie fire from distance
2013-P-037-4186               Firefighter with hose
2013-P-037-4187               Building on fire
2013-P-037-4188               Damage after house fire
2013-P-037-4189               Nick Goven rural house fire
2013-P-037-4190               Nick Goven rural house fire
2013-P-037-4191               Nick Goven rural house fire
2013-P-037-4192               Nick Goven rural house fire
2013-P-037-4193               Nick Goven rural house fire
2013-P-037-4194               Nick Goven rural house fire
2013-P-037-4195               Rick Schwalk house fire
2013-P-037-4196               Rick Schwalk house fire
2013-P-037-4197               Rick Schwalk house fire
2013-P-037-4198               Rick Schwalk house fire
2013-P-037-4199               Rick Schwalk house fire
2013-P-037-4200               Rick Schwalk house fire
2013-P-037-4201               Tom Joblinski/Pla-Mor Lanes fire
2013-P-037-4202               Joblinski/Pla-Mor Lanes fire
2013-P-037-4203               Joblinski/Pla-Mor Lanes fire
2013-P-037-4204               Joblinski/Pla-Mor Lanes fire
2013-P-037-4205               Firefighters extricating from damaged vehicle
2013-P-037-4206               Men in front of fire truck
2013-P-037-4207               Men in front of fire truck
2013-P-037-4208               Jesz Recycling fire
2013-P-037-4209               Jesz Recycling fire
2013-P-037-4210               Jesz Recycling fire:  Marv Fueller, Russ Stadler, and unidentified
2013-P-037-4211               Jesz Recycling fire
2013-P-037-4212               Land preparation for construction of new fire hall
2013-P-037-4213               Construction of new fire hall
2013-P-037-4214               Construction of new fire hall
2013-P-037-4215               Construction of new fire hall
2013-P-037-4216               Mrs. Jerry (Peg) Kraft and Harold Kittler with lettering for the new fire hall
2013-P-037-4217               Teardown of G. T. Anderson house in preparation for new fire hall
2013-P-037-4218               Teardown of G. T. Anderson house in preparation for fire hall addition
2013-P-037-4219               Burning of G. T. Anderson house in preparation for fire hall addition
2013-P-037-4220               Burning of G. T. Anderson house in preparation for fire hall addition
2013-P-037-4221               Burning of G. T. Anderson house in preparation for fire hall addition
2013-P-037-4222               Burning of G. T. Anderson house in preparation for fire hall addition
2013-P-037-4223               PV elevator fire, 1980
2013-P-037-4224               PV elevator fire, early stage
2013-P-037-4225               PV elevator fire
2013-P-037-4226               PV elevator fire
2013-P-037-4227               PV elevator fire:  Harry Kittler, Howard Anderson, Russ Stadler, Ron Sager
2013-P-037-4228               PV elevator fire, early stage
2013-P-037-4229               firefighters using hoses
2013-P-037-4230               Getting equipment:  Ernie Grueneich and Raymond Edinger
2013-P-037-4231               Lennie Kaibel, Al Hetzler, Clarence Hanson, probably bowling alley fire
2013-P-037-4232               Fire trucks at night
2013-P-037-4233               Prairie fire from distance
2013-P-037-4234               Car fire
2013-P-037-4235               Vehicle fire
2013-P-037-4236               Prairie fire in distance
2013-P-037-4237               Fire fighters on brush truck
2013-P-037-4238               Grass fire
2013-P-037-4239               Fire damaged pick up
2013-P-037-4240               Fire at night
2013-P-037-4241               Sunday afternoon tornado, July 28, 1996 north and east of Turtle Lake
2013-P-037-4242               Sunday afternoon tornado, July 28, 1996 north and east of Turtle Lake
2013-P-037-4243               Memorial Day tribute
2013-P-037-4244               An election of officers:  Paul Hirschkorn, LeRoy Laib, Walter Franke, Al Sondrol, Roger Boe, Emil Neuharth, Bob Hochsprung, Ernie Schock, and Edwin Wagner
2013-P-037-4245               Legion members pictured in 1976: Back row, from left:  Bob Hochsprung, Larry Gartner, Emil Kittler, Bob O’Shea, Warren Lee, Ray Gartner, Allan Sondrol, Edwin Arndt, Eugene Jacobs, Roger Boe, and Larry Schafer.  Middle row, from left:  Gerald Anderson, Walter Flemmer, Art Gartner, Fred Rath, Alvin Hirschkork, Ted Neumiller, Jerald Baker, Ervin Okerson, John Ravnaas, Walter Franke, John Rath, Adolph Herring, Leland Lindteigen, Ted Gottschall, Glen Weible, Norbert Borth, Roger Anderson, Doyle Becker, Kelly Wagner, Don Nelson, Meinhard Fueller, Richard Nathan, Allan Hetzler, Willie Schneider, Lowell Rutter, Leo Reiser Jr., Ted Bauer, and Walter Braun.  Front row, from left:  Arvid Johnson, LeRoy Sundby, Mel Kantrud, Edwin Wagner, Dan Wagner, Clarence Edinger, Milbert Levi, Ted Haas and Oscar Belsheim
2013-P-037-4246               Memorial Day:  from left, Edwin Wagner, Richard Heinle, Roger Boe, Emil Neuharth, Clarence Edinger, and Walter Franke
2013-P-037-4247               New sign installed on Legion building. Pictured are: Al Sondrol and Edwin Wagner
2013-P-037-4248               Memorial Day Tribute
2013-P-037-4249               Joe Bosch, ND State Commander, presents John Ravnaas with 50 year membership
2013-P-037-4250               Memorial Day service at Mercer Cemetery
2013-P-037-4251               Legion Election, from left:  Edwin Wagner, Ernie Schock, Roger Boe, Craig Lakoduk, Don Sondrol, Emil Neuharth, Bob Hochsprung, Al Sondrol, Paul Hirschkorn and Walger Flemmer
2013-P-037-4252               Edwin Wagner received his medals 50 years later after the end of World War II
2013-P-037-4253               Memorial Day service at Mercer Cemetery
2013-P-037-4254               Raising flags on the Boulevard of Flags during a Memorial Day service
2013-P-037-4255               Legion conducts Memorial Day service at Mercer Cemetery
2013-P-037-4256               Memorial Day Tribute
2013-P-037-4257               Gordon Gaskill received award for flying flag regularly
2013-P-037-4258               Earlier Turtle Day Turtle Races
2013-P-037-4259               Earlier Turtle Day Turtle Races

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