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Photographs - Collections - 2013 - #2013-P-032

Title: Robert Boyd

Dates: ca. 1941-1945

Collection Number:  2013-P-032

Quantity: 281 items

Abstract: Consists of photographs taken by Robert Boyd during his service in Europe and North Africa in World War II, as well as photographs confiscated by Boyd which belonged to German citizens, which document life in Germany during wartime.

Provenance: The collection was donated to the State Historical Society of North Dakota by Jim Boyd on August 2, 2013.

Property Rights: The State Historical Society of North Dakota owns the property rights to this collection.
Copyrights: Copyrights to materials in this collection remain with the donor, publisher, author, or author's heirs.  Researcher should consult the 1976 Copyright Act, Public Law 94‑553, Title 17 U.S. Code and an archivist at this repository if clarification of copyright requirements is needed.
Access:  This collection is open under the rules and regulations of the State Historical Society of North Dakota.
Citation: Researchers are requested to cite the collection title, collection number, and the State Historical Society of North Dakota in all footnote and bibliographic references.       

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Museum accession#2013.00063.
MSS 21147 Robert Boyd (Four oversized color illustrated German posters confiscated by Boyd during his World War II service. The posters document Germanys response to the Allied Oil Campaign in which German facilities that supplied the Nazis with petroleum, oil, and lubrication were strategically bombed).


Robert Boyd was a native North Dakotan who was born on November 9, 1912 and grew up in the town of Underwood, ND. He worked in the State Auditor's Office with his future wife, Helen Schultz, from Whiteash Township outside Donnybrook (ND).
He was trained and assigned as a clerk in an Ordinance Regiment Company (301st) which became an Ordinance Depot Company (976th) that first went to North Africa then on to the European theater.  There they provided support to the infantry and armor which moved through France and on into Germany. Boyd penned the manuscript "Red Dust" detailing his travels, thoughts, observations, and experiences during his training and tours of duty in Africa and the European theater during WWII.  This document was printed and distributed to member of Co. "N", 976th Ordinance Regiment, which he served in, during a reunion held in Bismarck (ND) in 1985. 


2013-P-032-001 Military ship yard, Europe
2013-P-032-002 American military convoy, Europe
2013-P-032-003 – 005 American military convoy entering European city
2013-P-032-006 American military vehicle full of soldiers, Europe
2013-P-032-007 American soldier smoking a pipe in camp, Europe
2013-P-032-008 American soldiers in camp, Europe
2013-P-032-009 American soldiers, Corsica
2013-P-032-010 American soldiers, seven miles from Oran
2013-P-032-011 American military camp tents, Co. St-Oran
2013-P-032-012 American military camp tents, soldier, and muddy road, Europe
2013-P-032-013 American military camp tents, Europe
2013-P-032-014 – 015 American soldiers playing baseball in camp, Oran
2013-P-032-016 Gilbertson and unidentified soldier, Europe       
2013-P-032-017 American soldier and homemade scooter, Europe
2013-P-032-018 Muddy roads in American military camp, Europe
2013-P-032-019 American military convoy entering European city
2013-P-032-020 Unidentified European city
2013-P-032-021 Unidentified building, Europe
2013-P-032-022 War propaganda posters on city archways, France or Corsica
2013-P-032-023 Statue, Europe
2013-P-032-024 Soldiers boarding trolley, Europe
2013-P-032-025 European troops marching in formation
2013-P-032-026 European military marching band
2013-P-032-027 Gilbertson and Burk with homemade scooters, Oran
2013-P-032-028 Gilbertson riding homemade scooter, Oran
2013-P-032-029 American soldiers playing baseball in camp, Oran
2013-P-032-030 Four American soldiers, Europe
2013-P-032-031 Soldiers in supply building, Europe
2013-P-032-032 American soldiers sitting at the beach, Oran
2013-P-032-033 Statue in park, Europe
2013-P-032-034 – 035 Ruins of ancient buildings, Europe
2013-P-032-036 Oran
2013-P-032-037 Soldiers driving American military vehicle
2013-P-032-038 Brasserie Victor Hugo, Corsica
2013-P-032-039 North African market
2013-P-032-040 North African women
2013-P-032-041 Man selling yams, North Africa
2013-P-032-042 North African man scrubbing a pan
2013-P-032-043 North African man
2013-P-032-044 Unidentified European street
2013-P-032-045 Palm trees, Corsica
2013-P-032-046 Unidentified European city
2013-P-032-047 Ocean waves on European beach
2013-P-032-048 Buildings and palm tree, North Africa
2013-P-032-049 Camel, North Africa
2013-P-032-050 Unidentified building with fountain, Europe
2013-P-032-051 North African market
2013-P-032-052 North African village
2013-P-032-053 Unidentified European city
2013-P-032-054 Village and beach, North Africa
2013-P-032-055 Ancient Roman ruins, Europe
2013-P-032-056 People and soldiers at the beach, Europe
2013-P-032-057 Soldiers reading letters at the beach, Europe
2013-P-032-058 – 059 Unidentified European city
2013-P-032-060 Man riding a camel, Oran
2013-P-032-061 – 062 Camels and North Africans
2013-P-032-063 Man riding camel along road
2013-P-032-064 North African men and scales
2013-P-032-065 North African street
2013-P-032-066 North African men
2013-P-032-067 American soldier standing next to crashed Nazi airplane
2013-P-032-068 – 070 Ruined European buildings
2013-P-032-071 – 073 American soldiers, Europe
2013-P-032-074 American Army officers meeting with Italian military officers
2013-P-032-075 – 076 American Army convoy
2013-P-032-077 American Army soldiers and convoy vehicles
2013-P-032-078 American soldier and airplane, Europe
2013-P-032-079 Unidentified European city                         
2013-P-032-080 – 081 American soldier and airplane, Europe
2013-P-032-082 Crashed Nazi airplane, Luxeciel Airfield
2013-P-032-083 Unidentified road, Europe
2013-P-032-084 – 085 Factory, Germany
2013-P-032-086 Unloading equipment, factory, Germany
2013-P-032-087 German worker using jackhammer
2013-P-032-088 Aerial view of German factory and surrounding fields
2013-P-032-089 Railway tracks at German factory
2013-P-032-090 View of German factory and surrounding fields
2013-P-032-091 Fields around German factory
2013-P-032-092 – 093 Disturbed ground, Germany
2013-P-032-094 Boats on river and newly-built rail line, Germany
2013-P-032-095 - 101 Factory equipment, Germany
2013-P-032-102 New rail lines, German factory
2013-P-032-103 Nazi flag and flowerbed, Germany
2013-P-032-104 Grounds surrounding factory, Germany
2013-P-032-105 Unidentified German man, some information in German on back of photo, ca. December 7, 1941 (postcard)
2013-P-032-106 Factory equipment, Germany
2013-P-032-107 Men and railcars, German factory
2013-P-032-108 German factory rail lines
2013-P-032-109 Grounds surrounding factory, Germany
2013-P-032-110 Felled tree stumps, Germany
2013-P-032-111 Lumber stacks, Germany
2013-P-032-112 Unidentified building, Germany
2013-P-032-113 Lumber stacks and Nazi tank, Germany
2013-P-032-114 – 115 Factory buildings, Germany
2013-P-032-116 Boat on river, Germany
2013-P-032-117 View of river, Germany
2013-P-032-118 Docking military boat on river, Germany
2013-P-032-119 Nazi military boat in water
2013-P-032-120 Boats in river, Germany
2013-P-032-121 Nazi floating barrels and netting in river, Germany
2013-P-032-122 Boat in river, Germany
2013-P-032-123 Nazi boats and floating barrels and netting in river, Germany
2013-P-032-124 Boats and factory docks on river, Germany
2013-P-032-125 Factory, Germany
2013-P-032-126 Unloading dirt to make high walls at a factory, Germany
2013-P-032-127 – 128 Factory, Germany
2013-P-032-129 – 133 Factory and surrounding lands, Germany
2013-P-032-134 – 135 Factory, Germany
2013-P-032-136 – 137 Factory and surrounding lands, Germany
2013-P-032-138 Factory, Germany
2013-P-032-139 Rail lines at factory, Germany
2013-P-032-140 – 144 Lands around factory, Germany
2013-P-032-145 Factory and surrounding lands, Germany
2013-P-032-146 Nazi floating barrels and netting in river, Germany
2013-P-032-147 – 148 Lands around factory, Germany
2013-P-032-149 River beside factory, Germany
2013-P-032-150 Entrance to underground chamber, Germany
2013-P-032-151 Artillery in ground, Germany
2013-P-032-152 Lands around factory, Germany
2013-P-032-153 Factory and surrounding lands, Germany
2013-P-032-154 Factory and gardens, Germany
2013-P-032-155 Factory and surrounding lands, Germany
2013-P-032-156 – 157 Lands and town near factory, Germany
2013-P-032-158 Factory and surrounding lands, Germany
2013-P-032-159 Factory, Germany
2013-P-032-160 – 161 Factory and surrounding lands, Germany
2013-P-032-162 Rail lines under construction near factory, Germany
2013-P-032-163 Factory and surrounding lands, Germany
2013-P-032-164 Rail lines under construction near factory, Germany
2013-P-032-165 Factory, Germany
2013-P-032-166 Factory yards, Germany
2013-P-032-167 Nazi soldiers pulling in a boat by a rope, Germany
2013-P-032-168 – 175 Factory and surrounding lands, Germany
2013-P-032-176 Factory smokestacks, Germany
2013-P-032-177 Lands surrounding factory, Germany
2013-P-032-178 Trees lining road near factory, Germany
2013-P-032-179 – 180 Dirt wall around factory, Germany
2013-P-032-181 Factory buildings, Germany
2013-P-032-182 Hitler Youth band, Germany
2013-P-032-183 Nazi band, Germany
2013-P-032-184 Hitler Youth band, Germany
2013-P-032-185 Crowd of Hitler Youth, Germany
2013-P-032-186 Nazi soldiers and Hitler Youth in formation, Germany
2013-P-032-187 Nazi soldiers, Germany
2013-P-032-188 Nazi ceremony, Germany
2013-P-032-189 Crowds for Nazi ceremony, Germany
2013-P-032-190 Crowds doing the Nazi salute at a ceremony, Germany
2013-P-032-191 Nazi soldiers
2013-P-032-192 German soldiers eating a meal, some additional information in German on back of photo, ca. May 21, 1928
2013-P-032-193 Military band at Nazi ceremony, Germany
2013-P-032-194 Nazi ceremony and crowds, Germany
2013-P-032-195 – 196 Crowds for Nazi ceremony, Germany
2013-P-032-197 Firefighters running from fire station with firefighting equipment, Germany
2013-P-032-198 Firefighters fighting a fire, Germany
2013-P-032-199 Boys studying in room with swastikas and a portrait of Hitler, Germany
2013-P-032-200 Boys listening to unidentified speaker in room with swastikas and a portrait of Hitler, Germany
2013-P-032-201 Crowds for Nazi ceremony, Germany
2013-P-032-202 Crowds doing the Nazi salute at a ceremony, Germany
2013-P-032-203 – 205 Nazi military for ceremony, Germany
2013-P-032-206 Crowds for Nazi ceremony, Germany
2013-P-032-207 People doing the Nazi salute at ceremony, Germany
2013-P-032-208 Hitler speaking to crowd, Germany
2013-P-032-209 Man giving the Nazi salute with crowds at speech or ceremony, Germany
2013-P-032-210 Man speaking to a group of Nazi diners, Germany
2013-P-032-211 Speaker and crowd saluting, Germany  
2013-P-032-212 Tables with military and Nazi supporters, Germany
2013-P-032-213 Unidentified town, Germany (postcard)
2013-P-032-214 Railroad, unidentified European town
2013-P-032-215 Building, Germany
2013-P-032-216 City street, Germany
2013-P-032-217 Castle atop hill, Germany
2013-P-032-218 – 219 Unidentified Nazi soldier
2013-P-032-220 Weber Friedrich standing under Nazi flag, Germany
2013-P-032-221 Unidentified man standing under Nazi flag, some identification in German on back of photo, Germany
2013-P-032-222 Unidentified man sitting under Nazi flag, some identification in German on back of photo, Germany
2013-P-032-223 Karl, a soldier, sitting at desk
2013-P-032-224 Women peeling potatoes, Germany
2013-P-032-225 Man riding horse, some writing in German on back of photo, Germany (post card)
2013-P-032-226 Swimming pool, Germany
2013-P-032-227 Factory, Germany
2013-P-032-228 Road, Germany
2013-P-032-229 Park, Germany
2013-P-032-230 Nativity scene, Germany
2013-P-032-231 – 235 Factory, Germany
2013-P-032-236 Factory machinery, Germany
2013-P-032-237 Factory interior with machinery, Germany
2013-P-032-238 – 241 Factory machinery
2013-P-032-242 Factory, Germany
2013-P-032-243 Grounds surrounding factory, Germany
2013-P-032-244 Miniature model of building complex, Germany
2013-P-032-245 River, Germany
2013-P-032-246 – 247 Factory, Germany
2013-P-032-248 City and factory buildings, Germany
2013-P-032-249 Factory and surrounding lands, Germany
2013-P-032-250 Dirt wall around factory, Germany
2013-P-032-251 Lands surrounding factory, Germany
2013-P-032-252 New railroad tracks at factory, Germany
2013-P-032-253 Crowds at unidentified building, Germany
2013-P-032-254 Military men at factory, Germany
2013-P-032-255 – 262 Factory workers, Germany                                                                                            
2013-P-032-263 German military men, Germany, 1928
2013-P-032-264 German cavalry, March, 19, 1929
2013-P-032-265 – 266 Factory workers, Germany
2013-P-032-267 Military machinery
2013-P-032-268 Factory workers, Germany
2013-P-032-269 Miniature model of building complex, Germany
2013-P-032-270 Factory workers, Germany
2013-P-032-271 Factory smokestack, Germany
2013-P-032-272 – 273 Factory and train cars, Germany
2013-P-032-274 Railcars dumping dirt on walls near factory, Germany
2013-P-032-275 Factory, Germany
2013-P-032-276 Composite of buildings in Feudenheim, Germany (postcard)
2013-P-032-377 Unidentified military officer portrait
2013-P-032-278 Mannheim, Germany (postcard)
2013-P-032-279 Factory workers, Germany
2013-P-032-280 Unidentified man portrait
2013-P-032-281 Factory, Germany                                                           

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