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Photographs - Collections - 2013 - #2013-P-009

Title: Jack Carignan Post Card Collection

Dates: 1898-1947

Collection Number:  2013-P-009

Quantity: 49 items

Abstract: Consists of post cards, primarily of scenes in Fort Yates and Bismarck (ND) taken by Frank Bennett Fiske. Several images are of Montana and South Dakota. Collection documents daily life at Fort Yates, as well as landmarks, sports teams, buildings, rodeos, agriculture and people. Several post cards have notes or correspondence by John M. (Jack) Carignan.

Provenance: The collection was donated to the State Historical Society of North Dakota by Suzy Voss, Carignan’s granddaughter, on January 30, 2013.  

Property Rights: The State Historical Society of North Dakota owns the property rights to this collection.
Copyrights: Copyrights to this collection remain with the donor, publisher, author, or author's heirs.  Researchers should consult the 1976 Copyright Act, Public Law 94-553, Title 17, U.S. Code or an archivist at this repository if clarification of copyright requirements is needed.         
Access: This collection is open under the rules and regulations of the State Historical Society of North Dakota.
Citation: Researchers are requested to cite the collection title, collection number, and the State Historical Society of North Dakota in all footnote and bibliographic references.       

Transfer: No materials were transferred from this collection.

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From Carignan’s obituary by Frank B. Fiske in the Sioux County Pioneer-Arrow,
July 17, 1931 p. 8

“J. M. Carignan, Sr. Dies in Missouri Home July 9.

John Magloire Carignan was born September 18, 1865, at Lachine, near Montreal, Canada. His father, William Carignan, was also a native of Montreal, and a descendant for French ancestors, and spent his life at Montreal where he was a skillful pilot on the St. Lawrence River, being the first man to pilot a large boat down the Lachine Rapids. William Carignan married Mary Jane Gaynor, of Montreal. Both have passed away.

After completing his education, John M. Carignan came to the United States, arriving at Fort Yates, DT, in April 1883. He accepted a position as clerk in the post sutler’s store owned by H. F. Douglas. In 1886 he was appointed teacher in the Indian service and took charge of a day school on the Grand River, in SD, near the camp of Sitting Bull…

Resigning as teacher, Mr. Carignan returned to Fort Yates where he again worked in the store. In 1892 he took over the management of the store at the Cannon Ball sub-agency. After three years there he came back to Fort Yates and acted as assistant manager with Mr. Meade, who as partner of H. F. Douglas, ran the store. In the meantime post sutler’s stores had been discontinued and the firm was now doing business at the Agency.

In 1900 the business was bought by Col. C. W. Robinson of Mayville, ND, and Mr. Carignan continued as assistant manager with M. L. Parker. When Geo. H. Bigenheimer resigned as Indian agent President Theodore Roosevelt appointed Mr. Carignan to this important position which he filled with success until Mr. Parker left the store when [Carignan] resigned as agent and assumed complete management of the Robinson store. 

1911 saw many changes on the reservation and one of the most noteworthy was the organization of a new firm of Carignan & Stiles in which John A. Stiles and J. M. Carignan engaged in a general store and stockraising business. This continued successfully until 1915, Mr. Carignan bought out the interest of Mr. Stiles and assumed complete ownership of the store, leaving the cattle business to his former partner. Mr. Carignan also served as postmaster at Fort Yates until he was elected to the state legislature, being the first chosen representative from the 49th legislative district from the new county of Sioux. He served one term and continued his store business until 1922. Then he served as postmaster until 1927, when his family, having moved to Kansas City, Mr. Carignan retired from all business and official connections at Fort Yates and moved there.

His health had been failing for some time and it was thought that a change of climate would be beneficial. But slight relief was enjoyed and in February, 1929, Mr. Carignan suffered a partial stroke of paralysis which rendered him physically helpless. About two weeks [before his death] while walking across a waxed floor, Mr. Carignan slipped, fell, and fractured his hip. Taken to a hospital in Kansas City, he failed rapidly and after intense suffering passed away Wednesday morning, July 8th [1931].

John M. Carignan, Sr. married Emma Schubert November 12, 1893, at Cannon Ball, ND. They were blessed with eight children, who have grown to adulthood. They are: John M., County Judge at Fort Yates; Henry, who died when a year old; Marguerite (Mrs. Louis Primeau of Kansas City); Charles Bernard of Cairo, IL; Theodore of Beulah, ND; Patrick, Walter and Martin of Kansas City. He is also survived by his widow and one sister, Mrs. Madge Megan of Montreal.


2013-P-009-001 View of Fort Yates (ND), F. B. Fiske photograph
2013-P-009-002 Sitting Bull’s grave, F. B. Fiske photograph, Fort Yates (ND)
2013-P-009-003 Commemorating airmail week, May 15-21, 1938 (images of Sitting Bull’s grave, Standing Rock, Sitting Bull and the memorial to Indian Police Killed)
2013-P-009-004 Moonlight on the Missouri, Fort Yates (ND), F. B. Fiske photograph
2013-P-009-005 A busy day at the Sioux County Court House, Fort Yates (ND), F. B. Fiske photograph
2013-P-009-006 Large group of women and children, probably Fort Yates (ND)
2013-P-009-007 Group of men on horseback
2013-P-009-008 A bunch of Bar J cattle, “wild ones,” Standing Rock Reservation, F. B. Fiske photograph
2013-P-009-009 Catholic Church, Standing Rock Agency, Fort Yates (ND), F. B. Fiske photograph
2013-P-009-010 Indians shooting gun and bow and arrow
2013-P-009-011 Portion of Standing Rock Agency, Agent’s house, Government Office, etc., F. B. Fiske photograph
2013-P-009-012 Old Fort Yates, military post on Missouri River, 1897, F. B. Fiske photograph
2013-P-009-013 First auto at Standing Rock, at wheel: M. DeBoer, at left: Governor Sarles, rear seat, left: Supt. Derrick, Soo Railway, next: Rep. Wahert, May 1905, F. B. Fiske photograph, Fort Yates (ND)
2013-P-009-014 World War Memorial Building, Bismarck (ND)
2013-P-009-015 A refreshing drink, Stiles Cattle Co., Western No. Dak. Scene 10, F. B. Fiske photograph
2013-P-009-016 Dredges used in making earth fill at Fort Peck Dam, Poles photograph
2013-P-009-017 Sakakawea statue on ND capitol grounds, Bismarck (ND), after 1910
2013-P-009-018 Superintendent’s residence, Standing Rock Agency, 1947, F. B. Fiske photograph
2013-P-009-019 Liberty Memorial Bridge, Bismarck (ND), Hoskins-Meyer photograph
2013-P-009-020 Liberty Memorial Building, Bismarck (ND)
2013-P-009-021 Gate entrance to Roosevelt Cabin, Bismarck (ND)
2013-P-009-022 Jake Jordan at bat, F. B. Fiske photograph
2013-P-009-023 Friends and relatives bidding soldier boys goodbye, Fort Yates (ND), March 29, 1918, F. B. Fiske photograph
2013-P-009-024 Bar J cattle on the range, F. B. Fiske photograph
2013-P-009-025 Oil barge four miles from water, Fort Yates (ND)
2013-P-009-026 Waffies, McLaughlin, pitcher, F. B. Fiske photograph
2013-P-009-027 Group on bluff overlooking Missouri River
2013-P-009-028 Joe Goodelk on J. O. Van Nice, McLaughlin, SD fair, 1927, F. B. Fiske photograph
2013-P-009-029 Man on horseback
2013-P-009-030 (duplicate of 031)
2013-P-009-031 S. Hatch, McLaughlin, “Chuck” Carignan, Fort Yates (ND), F. B. Fiske photograph
2013-P-009-032 John Gates at bat, Jim Gayton pitching, F. B. Fiske photograph
2013-P-009-033 Portion of Old Yates, Studio, Officers’ Quarters, F. B. Fiske photograph
2013-P-009-034 The Missouri River, Winona in the distance, F. B. Fiske photograph
2013-P-009-035 Picnic bunch, July 16, 1911 F. B. Fiske photograph
2013-P-009-036 West dorm, Agency School, F. B. Fiske photograph
2013-P-009-037 Group at celebration, possibly military or old settler’s celebration
2013-P-009-038 The crossing, Cannon Ball River, Fort Yates (ND), F. B. Fiske photograph
2013-P-009-039 Moonlight on the Missouri, a down river view, Fort Yates (ND), F. B. Fiske photograph
2013-P-009-040 Ladies at the ballgame, where McLaughlin saw defeat, August 10, 1919, F. B. Fiske photograph
2013-P-009-041 “Cuttin ‘em out”
2013-P-009-042 Indian school, Standing Rock Agency (ND), F. B. Fiske photograph
2013-P-009-043 Superintendent’s residence, Standing Rock Agency, 1947, F. B. Fiske photograph
2013-P-009-044 U. S. Indian Police parade, July 4, 1911, Standing Rock Agency, F. B. Fiske photograph
2013-P-009-045 Assembly Hall, Standing Rock (ND), F. B. Fiske photograph
2013-P-009-046 Catholic Cemetery, Fort Yates (ND), F. B. Fiske photograph
2013-P-009-047 Hospital, Standing Rock Agency, F. B. Fiske photograph
2013-P-009-048 Ted Morgan and a Wild Beast, Central SD Round up, 1928, F. B. Fiske photograph
2013-P-009-049 Catholic Cemetery, Fort Yates, F. B. Fiske photograph

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