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Photographs - Collections - 2012 - #2012-P-012

Title: Peter and Thomas Johnson

Dates: ca. 1905-1915

Collection Number: 2012-P-012

Quantity: 88 digital scans

Abstract: Includes post cards and photographs of people and towns in Divide County, ND, especially the Kermit and Noonan area. Most of the post cards are addressed to Carolyn or Tina Jensen. The files are all digital.

Provenance:  The State Historical Society acquired this collection from Peter Johnson in April 2012.

Property rights: The State Historical Society of North Dakota owns the property rights to the collection.

Copyrights: Copyrights to materials in this collection remain with the donor, publisher, author, or author's heirs.  Researchers should consult the 1976 Copyright Act, Public Law 94-553, Title 17, U.S. Code and an archivist at this repository if clarification of copyright requirements is needed.  Permission to use any radio or television broadcast portions of the collection must be sought from the creator.

Access: This collection is open under the rules and regulations of the State Historical Society of North Dakota.

Citation: Researchers are requested to cite the collection title, collection number, and the State Historical Society of North Dakota in all footnote and bibliographic references.


2012-P-012-01   Tioga (ND) before the fire December 9, 1907
2012-P-012-02   Kermit (ND) ca. 1905-1915
2012-P-012-03   Baseball team Kermit (ND) ca. 1905-1915
2012-P-012-04   Ruins of Kermit (ND) January 26, 1909
2012-P-012-05   Ambrose (ND) ca. 1905-1915
2012-P-012-06   Two unidentified women portrait, one named Daidie 1908?
2012-P-012-07   Might be Tyler (MN) business street ca. 1909
2012-P-012-08   West Side of Harrisville (PA) ca. 1908
2012-P-012-09   Williams County Courthouse, Williston (ND) ca. 1909
2012-P-012-10   Boy shooting gun, (MN)                ca. 1909
2012-P-012-11   Norwegian Lutheran Church, Dooley (MT) ca. 1909
2012-P-012-12   "Birthday Greetings" post card  ca. 1909
2012-P-012-13   "A Christmas Greeting" post card ca. 1909
2012-P-012-14   Unidentified home, Fergus Falls (MN) ca. 1910
2012-P-012-15   Birthday post card ca. 1911
2012-P-012-16   Unidentified young girl ca. 1911
2012-P-012-17   Main Street looking North, Souris (ND) ca. 1906
2012-P-012-18   Protest to make Noonan the County Seat of Divide County (ND) ca. 1911
2012-P-012-19   Camels, perhaps from a circus, Noonan (ND) ca. 1911
2012-P-012-20   Two women on horseback, cyclone damage in background, Noonan (ND) ca. 1911
2012-P-012-21   Main Street, Dodson (MT) ca. 1911
2012-P-012-22   Crowsnest Mountain, Alberta, Canada ca. 1912
2012-P-012-23   Festival downtown Noonan (ND), including Gits & Co. ca. 1909
2012-P-012-24   Men on Soo Line railroad engine and car surrounded by snow ca. 1910
2012-P-012-25   Home interior ca. 1910
2012-P-012-26   Pete and Rachel? Ranch ca. 1910
2012-P-012-27   Unidentified man on horse ca. 1910
2012-P-012-28   Plowing scene   ca. 1910
2012-P-012-29   Unidentified family in front of sod house ca. 1910
2012-P-012-30   Emil, Mary and Buster (dog) in front of shack and Rachel and Pete in buggy ca. 1910
2012-P-012-31   Unidentified group in front of house ca. 1910
2012-P-012-32   Unidentified man plowing ca. 1910
2012-P-012-33   Reeves steam tractor ca. 1910
2012-P-012-34   A North Dakota farmer hauling wheat to market, Kermit (ND) ca. 1910
2012-P-012-35   Three unidentified men and unidentified woman ca. 1910
2012-P-012-36   One of the great snowdrifts on Soo Line, Kermit (ND) December 1906
2012-P-012-37   Man with horses ca. 1910
2012-P-012-38   Snow bound in Kermit (ND) from December 11th until December 2? 1906
2012-P-012-39   An excursion on Lake Deslac, Kenmare (ND) 1908
2012-P-012-40   At the Truax Mine, Kermit (ND) February 20, 1909
2012-P-012-41   Flaxton Branch Soo Line, awful winter ca. 1910-1911
2012-P-012-42   Miners in the Truax Mine, Kermit (ND) ca. 1910
2012-P-012-43   Unidentified woman outside house ca. 1910
2012-P-012-44   Great Northern Depot, Minot (ND) ca. 1910
2012-P-012-45   Great Northern High Bridge, Minot (ND) ca. 1910
2012-P-012-46   Unidentified man on horse ca. 1910
2012-P-012-47   Pool hall and tobacco shop interior ca. 1910
2012-P-012-48   Unidentified woman by water   ca. 1910
2012-P-012-49 – 50 Agricultural crew  ca. 1910
2012-P-012-51 – 52 Group outside Truax mine, Kermit (ND) ca. 1910
2012-P-012-53   Miner in Truax Mine, Kermit (ND) ca. 1910
2012-P-012-54 – 55 Street Fair, Noonan (ND) September 18, 1911
2012-P-012-56   Truax barn after the cyclone, Noonan (ND) August 15, 1911
2012-P-012-57 – 58 Group outside house ca. 1910
2012-P-012-59   Family outside   ca. 1910/00/00   Unknown
2012-P-012-60   Downtown Kermit (ND) including the Kermit Republican building  1910
2012-P-012-61   Baby in stroller  ca. 1910
2012-P-012-62   Unidentified group outside house ca. 1910
2012-P-012-63   Emil, Mary and Buster (dog) in front of shack and Rachel and Pete in buggy (same as 030) ca. 1910
2012-P-012-64   Family threshing wheat ca. 1910
2012-P-012-65   Loan and land sale office, probably Divide County (ND) ca. 1910

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