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Photographs - Collections - 2009 #2009-P-010

Title: Mandan Morning Pioneer Photo Collection
Dates: 1950-1980

Collection Number: 2009-P-010

Quantity: 8,754 items

Abstract: Black and white, Polaroids, wire service photos, negatives, and news photographs from the Mandan Pioneer newspaper. Includes local images as well as those from national wire services primarily in the late 1960s to mid 1970s.

Provenance: The collection was donated to the State Historical Society of North Dakota by Mylo S. Candee of Candee, Saveressing Marketing & Advertising on January 16, 1984. The collection was originally accessioned as 84AV004

Property Rights: The State Historical Society of North Dakota owns the property rights to this collection.
Copyrights: Copyrights to materials in this collection remain with the donor, publisher, author, or author's heirs.  Researchers should consult the 1976 Copyright Act, Public Law 94-553, Title 17, U.S. Code and an archivist at this repository if clarification of copyright requirements is needed.
Access: This collection is open under the rules and regulations of the State Historical Society of North Dakota. The non-North Dakota photographs in this collection belong to the Associated Press and cannot be copied.
Citation: Researchers are requested to cite the collection title, collection number, and the State Historical Society of North Dakota in all footnote and bibliographic references.       


The Mandan Pioneer weekly newspaper was started on October 1, 1881, the same year the city of Mandan was incorporated. Initially owned by F. H. Ertel (previously from Jamestown) and former publisher of the St. Paul Daily Hotel Reporter; and part-owner of the St. Louis (MO) Daily Dispatch; and Herbert H. Gove (originally from Rochester, Minnesota).  Gove would quickly sell out his interest and move to the West Coast. Ertel sold the paper to R. M. Tuttle and Charles Wilson in 1883.

In August 1883, the partners incorporated the paper's operation and took on several prominent local businessmen as stockholders. Shareholders included the Marquis de Mores, Michael Lang, Joseph Miller, A. C. Macrorie, George Bingenheimer and F. H. Ertel as well as Tuttle and Wilson.  In 1884, R. M. Tuttle purchased Ertel's share and under his leadership, the paper's circulation grew.

However in December 1897, as reported in his own paper, Tuttle was reportedly overworked sold part of the Pioneer to W. C. Gilbreath.  Gilbreath bought out Tuttle when the latter left town to join Dr. Coe in Oregon to become his hospital administrator.  W. C. Gilbreath would publish the paper until the group sold their interest in the paper in about 1896 to W. Harry Spears. In 1909, Edwin (E. A.) Tostevin bought the paper.

The print shop was originally located at 110 2nd Ave NW but relocated to West Main Street to the east space in the Cary Building in Block 9 (and would later become to be known as the Pioneer Block) where it remained until 1910. By 1909, its circulation was larger than all the other papers in Morton County, combined. Tostevin would move it into larger quarters in the basement of the Hotel Mandan on the northeast corner of Collins Avenue and Main Street. 

The paper continued as a weekly until April of 1914 when it became a daily paper and redubbed the Mandan Daily Pioneer. Lively, local political campaigns for state and county offices and the outbreak of WWI ensured the necessity for a daily paper and the circulation almost doubled in a short time. The Mandan Daily Pioneer was an influential paper serving the Western Slope area.

A second generation of the Tostevin family continued operations and ended its 54-year ownership of the paper until sold to Pioneer, Inc. in April 1963.  The new corporation formed by the Conrad brothers, Currie, John G., Charles O. and E. J., all of Bismarck, and William F. McClelland, Mandan. The paper would subsequently be published from a brand new facility on east Memorial Highway southeast of current DaWise-Perry funeral home/former Gourmet House. The publication was renamed the Morning Pioneer. Eventually the Conrad brothers bought out their business partners, and published it under the Conrad Publishing moniker.

As society moved to getting its news from television rather than the print media, readership fell dramatically and the consolitation in the newspaper industry was in full swing by the 1980s. Lee Enterprises eventually purchased the Pioneer and merged it into the Bismarck Tribune's circulation. Until that time, it had achieved the notarity of being North Dakota's fourth oldest newspaper.

Source: Mandan Historical Society (, 2015

Item Number/Description/Date

2009-P-010-00001            Morrison, Robert, January 1970
2009-P-010-00002            City of Bismarck, southside view, Bismarck (ND), 1969
2009-P-010-00003            Lowry, Wanda Lou, 1969
2009-P-010-00004            United Power Association Plant, 1969
2009-P-010-00005            Aerial views of Mandan (ND), 1967
2009-P-010-00006            Unidentified
2009-P-010-00007            Missouri Valley YMCA (site of)  Air Shot --Missouri Valley YMCA  architect sketch, Bismarck (ND), 1969
2009-P-010-00008            Center Power Plant #1 see also Minnkota Power Cooperative and Milton R. Young Station --Milton R. Young Station see also Center Power Plant #1 and Minnkota Power Cooperative --Minnkota Power Cooperative Artist's Conception see also Center Power Plant #1 a, 1969
2009-P-010-00009            Fraine Barracks, Bismarck (ND), 1969
2009-P-010-00010            Aerial from Southwest, Bismarck (ND), 1969
2009-P-010-00011            Bismarck Junior College, Bismarck (ND), 1969
2009-P-010-00012            Bismarck High School, Bismarck (ND), 1969
2009-P-010-00013            Mandan High School, Mandan (ND), 1969
2009-P-010-00014            St. Mary's High School, Bismarck (ND), 1969
2009-P-010-00015            Missouri Valley Boy Scout Camp, 1969
2009-P-010-00016            North Dakota Rural Electric Association State-wide Headquarters, 1970
2009-P-010-00017            Bismarck Civic Center, Bismarck (ND), 1969
2009-P-010-00018            Waring, Fred 1969
2009-P-010-00019            St. Alexius Hospital, Bismarck (ND), 1969
2009-P-010-00020            Higgens, Roger 1969
2009-P-010-00021            Stennis, John 1969
2009-P-010-00022            Becker, Senator Edwin 1969
2009-P-010-00023            Nixon, Richard M. See also obituary tapes in desk in large envelope, 1970/02/00
2009-P-010-00024            Yablonski, Joseph A. "Jock" murdered, 1969
2009-P-010-00025            Boyle, W.A. Tony, 1969
2009-P-010-00026            Severson, Harlan mug shot, 1970/01/00
2009-P-010-00027            Heartview Alcoholic Treatment Center, Mandan (ND), 1969
2009-P-010-00028            Bismarck High School Band-Orchestra-Chorus, Bismarck (ND), 1970/01/00
2009-P-010-00029            Medora Historical Pictures, Medora (ND), 1970
2009-P-010-00030            Precinct Map-Bismarck (ND), n.d.
2009-P-010-00031            Essig, J. P., 1970/06/19
2009-P-010-00032            Dressler, John R., 1970/02/13
2009-P-010-00033            Rogers, Will Jr., 1970/02/00
2009-P-010-00034            Hale, Charles, 1970/02/13
2009-P-010-00035            Blackstead, David, 1969
2009-P-010-00036            Gaukler, George Valley City North Dakota Democratic NPL officer-1970 --Ista, Richard --North Dakota Democrat Chairman  see also Ista, Richard --Olson, Mrs. Florence  Enderlin (back left) North Dakota Democratic Non-Partisan League officer 1970 --Rhode, De, Enderlin (ND) --New Town (ND), 1970-1971
2009-P-010-00037            Wallace, George, 1970/02/00
2009-P-010-00038            Clifford, Bob --I-94 Highway --Roger Hardy --Walter Hjelle, Bismarck (ND), 1969
2009-P-010-00039            Johnson, Warren (Reverend), 1970/02/00
2009-P-010-00040            Shultz, George Secretary of Labor 1969, 1970
2009-P-010-00041            Nordquist, Timothy Morton County Assistant Agent, Mandan (ND), 1973/06/06
2009-P-010-00042            Christensen, Walter North Dakota Treasurer 1964-1968 Administrative assistant to Governor Guy 1968, Bismarck (ND), 1969
2009-P-010-00043            Glen Ullin (ND), 1970/02/00
2009-P-010-00044            Lindsay, Mayor John n.d.
2009-P-010-00045            Flasher (ND), 1970/02/15
2009-P-010-00047            Carlson, Eddo --Dressler, Ralph --Hetherington, Malcolm E., 1970/02/13
2009-P-010-00048            Maddock, Marguerite, 1969
2009-P-010-00049            Andrews, US Representative Mark 1969
2009-P-010-00050            Stockstad, Arnold J.  Washburn State Commander American Legion, Washburn (ND), 1970
2009-P-010-00051            Geiss, Mrs. Francis (middle) --Mork, Andrew --Wilkens, Eric (right), 1969-1971
2009-P-010-00052            Hill, John B., 1969
2009-P-010-00053            Van Horn, Clark, 1969
2009-P-010-00054            Medina, Captain Ernest, 1969
2009-P-010-00055            Brown, Malcolm, 1970
2009-P-010-00056            Missouri River and Bridge, Bismarck (ND) --Mandan (ND), 1969/02/00
2009-P-010-00057            Schwichtenberg, Vicki Bismarck Junior College Frost Festival Queen, Bismarck (ND), 1970/02/13
2009-P-010-00058            Virgilai, Sister, 1969
2009-P-010-00059            New bus Liberty Heights, Mandan (ND), 1969
2009-P-010-00061            Hartmann, Mrs. Lorraine --Hetherington, Mrs. Hilda, 1970/02/00
2009-P-010-00062            Myers, Mrs. Carl, 1969
2009-P-010-00063            Marthaller, J.A., 1970
2009-P-010-00064            Stewart, John (Jack) Morton County Agent, Mandan (ND), 1970
2009-P-010-00065            Smith, Ed North Dakota Farmers Union, 1969
2009-P-010-00067            Gandhi, Indira, 1969
2009-P-010-00068            Means, Marion Mandan, Mandan (ND), 1970
2009-P-010-00069            Weiler, Robert  American Oil, 1970/02/00
2009-P-010-00070            Ulmer, Mrs. Leland, 1970/01/00
2009-P-010-00072            Sande, C.W. Grand Forks Agsco, Grand Forks (ND), 1970/02/00
2009-P-010-00073            Young, Milton R. with Usher Burdick and Thomas S. Kleppe, 1969
2009-P-010-00074            Bismarck Airport Feature pictures, Bismarck (ND), 1969/04/26
2009-P-010-00075            Guy, Governor Bill with Ben Meier-Secretary of State at the Civic Basketball game --Governor Guy with Ronnie Joersz --Joersz, Ronnie with Governor Guy see Governor Guy, Bismarck (ND), 1970/02/23
2009-P-010-00076            Dockter, Wallace  President of AFL-CIO 1964, 1969
2009-P-010-00077            Fay, Teri Bismarck High School Arion (Music Award-1969), Bismarck (ND), 1969
2009-P-010-00078            Precinct Map, Mandan (ND), n.d.
2009-P-010-00079            Gilbreath, Ray, 1970/02/00
2009-P-010-00080            Mills, William C., 1970/02/00
2009-P-010-00081            Childs, Marquis, 1968
2009-P-010-00082            Bayh, Birch Senator of Indiana, 1969
2009-P-010-00083            Russel, William R., 1969
2009-P-010-00084            Nielseu, Paul, 1969
2009-P-010-00085            Scarff, Mark T., 1968
2009-P-010-00086            Burdick, Sen. Quentin N.  See also Metcalf, Senator Lee, 1965
2009-P-010-00087            Brandt, Willy    German Chancellor, 1969
2009-P-010-00088            Jacobson, A. T. President-Amerada Hess, 1970
2009-P-010-00089            McGovern, Senator George see also Burdick, Senator Quentin, 1969
2009-P-010-00090            Dunn, A. R. also see Iverson, Irving, 413, 1969
2009-P-010-00091            McCarthy, Senator Eugene, 1969
2009-P-010-00092            Meir, Golda --Ryan, Pat   see also Mrs. Dean Conrad, 1970/09/24
2009-P-010-00093            Hunt, H. L. deceased 1974, 1970
2009-P-010-00095            Darling, Roy, Assistant police chief of Mandan --Kitchen, Clayton  Police chief of  Mandan (ND), 1969
2009-P-010-00096            Ashley, Thomas L. Rep. D Ohio --Stark, Walter (Salvation Army), (OH), 1969-1973
2009-P-010-00097            Staley, Orin Lee National President of National Farmers Organization (NFO), 1969
2009-P-010-00098            Sundahl, Bruce, 1969
2009-P-010-00099            Longmire, George State Senator-Grand Forks, Grand Forks (ND), 1969
2009-P-010-00100            Hagen, Bruce, Bismarck (ND), 1969
2009-P-010-00101            Rusk, Dean   Johnson's Secretary of State, 1969
2009-P-010-00102            Wilhite, Irvin Photo used 2/24/70, 1970
2009-P-010-00103            Mitchell, John Attorney General, 1969
2009-P-010-00104            Grussing, Reverend Roger, 1969
2009-P-010-00105            Postovit, John 1970/10/00
2009-P-010-00106            MacMullen, Reverend John L. Mandan, Mandan (ND), 1969
2009-P-010-00107            Oppegard, Howard  N.D.I.S., 1969
2009-P-010-00108            Johnson, President Lyndon B., 1969
2009-P-010-00110            Aiken, Sen. George Vermont, 1969
2009-P-010-00111            Morgan, Mrs. H.R. (Betty) Bismarck, Bismarck (ND), 1969
2009-P-010-00112            Mondale, Senator Walter  Minnesota, St. Paul (MN), 1969
2009-P-010-00113            Nelson, Gaylord Senator Wisconsin, (WI), 1969
2009-P-010-00114            Jungroth, James  Jamestown, Jamestown (ND), 1969
2009-P-010-00115            Vogel, Seb  NDSUFarm-Key, 1970
2009-P-010-00116            Priebe, Dr. Donald   NDSU Agriculture Education Department Head, 1969
2009-P-010-00117-01      Dorgan, Byron L.  Tax Commissioner, Bismarck (ND), 1972
2009-P-010-00117-02      Dorgan, Byron L.  speaking on telephone, Bismarck (ND), 1972
2009-P-010-00117-03      Dorgan, Byron L.  in profile speaking, Bismarck (ND), 1972
2009-P-010-00117-04      Dorgan, Byron L.  seated at desk, Bismarck (ND),
2009-P-010-00117-05      Dorgan, Byron L.  in profile in front of flag, Bismarck (ND), 1972/09/00
2009-P-010-00117-06      Dorgan, Byron L.  Tax Commissioner seated at desk in office being interviewed, Bismarck (ND), 1972
2009-P-010-00117-07      Dorgan, Byron L.  Tax Commissioner seated at desk in office being interviewed, Bismarck (ND), 1972
2009-P-010-00117-08      Dorgan, Byron L.  Tax Commissioner seated at desk in office being interviewed, Bismarck (ND), 1972
2009-P-010-00117-09      Dorgan, Byron L.  Tax Commissioner seated at desk in office being interviewed, Bismarck (ND), 1972
2009-P-010-00117-10      Dorgan, Byron L.  Tax Commissioner profile silhouetted against window, Bismarck (ND), 1972
2009-P-010-00117-11      Dorgan, Byron L.  Tax Commissioner profile from chest up being interviewed, Bismarck (ND), 1972
2009-P-010-00117-12      Dorgan, Byron L.  Tax Commissioner seated at desk in office being interviewed, Bismarck (ND), 1972
2009-P-010-00117-13      Dorgan, Byron L.  Tax Commissioner being interviewed, Bismarck (ND), 1972
2009-P-010-00117-14      Dorgan, Byron L.  Tax Commissioner head and shoulders in office being interviewed, Bismarck (ND), 1972
2009-P-010-00118            Humann, Ted, 1969
2009-P-010-00119            Huss, Jack, 1970
2009-P-010-00120            Dietz, Marvin, 1969
2009-P-010-00121            Dockrey, Beeman, 1969
2009-P-010-00122            Bill Hoger, car salesman,
2009-P-010-00123            Backstrand, Fred G., 1969
2009-P-010-00124            Roller, Rick, 1970/02/20
2009-P-010-00125            Lewis, Anthony New York Times, New York (NY), 1970
2009-P-010-00126            Speaks, Mike, 1969
2009-P-010-00127            Nguyen, Van Thieu, President South Vietnam also Madame Thieu,
2009-P-010-00128            Fulton, Mrs. Virginia, 1970
2009-P-010-00129            Blatchford, Mrs. Calvin, 1970
2009-P-010-00130            Dunahey, Robert F., 1969
2009-P-010-00131            Garritty, Robert Owaha n.d.
2009-P-010-00132            Rooney, Herbert L., 1969
2009-P-010-00133            Ferderer, Ralph Elks, Mandan (ND), 1969
2009-P-010-00134            Hershey, General Lewis B., 1969
2009-P-010-00135            Kramer, Izzy Manager Boulevard Grocery, 1970/02/00
2009-P-010-00136            Proxmire, William (Senator) Michigan, Michigan (MI),
2009-P-010-00137            Schumacher, Sebastian employee of Dakota National Bank, Bismarck (ND), 1970
2009-P-010-00138            Fulbright, William (Senator) Arkansas, (AR), 1969
2009-P-010-00139            Vandenburg, Mrs. James, 1970
2009-P-010-00140            Fleck, John R., 1970
2009-P-010-00141            McCarney, Robert, 1969
2009-P-010-00142            Guntch, Ray, 1960/04/00
2009-P-010-00143            Klingensmith, Mrs. Thelma --Smith, Robert (left) Little Heart School District --Wolf, Hermann (right) Sweet Briar School District, 1969-1971
2009-P-010-00144            Gray, Gordon Valley City, Valley City (ND), 1969
2009-P-010-00145            Garrett, Dr. W. G., 1960
2009-P-010-00146            Meier, Ben Secretary of State --Meier, Mrs. Ben Bismarck, Bismarck (ND), 1973/03/28
2009-P-010-00147            Wisdom, William Basin Electric, Bismarck (ND),
2009-P-010-00148            Glaser, Gerald G., 1950
2009-P-010-00149            Townsend, R. O., 1969
2009-P-010-00150            Gehring, Mrs. Shari, 1970/02/22
2009-P-010-00151            Hoghaug, Fred, 1969
2009-P-010-00152            Schuman, Charles President National Farm Bureau, 1969
2009-P-010-00153            Dockter, Emil, 1969
2009-P-010-00154            Melhouse, LaClair Adjutant General --Trusty, Duane P. (left), 1969-1971
2009-P-010-00155            Abrahamson, Paul, 1969
2009-P-010-00156            Hughes, Mark, 1970
2009-P-010-00157            Elkin, Richard Public Service Commission with Burlington Northern officials-100 --Hendricks, Gary, 1969-1970
2009-P-010-00158            Roberts, Harry n.d.
2009-P-010-00159            Heck, Mrs. Peter, 1970
2009-P-010-00160            Schluchter, Del, 1970
2009-P-010-00161            Krien, Howard, 1969
2009-P-010-00162            Brigl, Mr. and Mrs. Steve, 1969
2009-P-010-00163            Hamil, David REA Administrator, 1969
2009-P-010-00164            Erickson, Larry, 1969
2009-P-010-00165            Hendrickson, Robert P. Bismarck, Bismarck (ND), 1969
2009-P-010-00166            Crandell, Mrs. Cecil (Gladys), 1969
2009-P-010-00167            Historic cars
2009-P-010-00168            Dickinson State College Koda Liths, Dickinson (ND),
2009-P-010-00169            Tait, William R., 1969
2009-P-010-00170            Hagstrom, Oscar, 1960
2009-P-010-00171            Garvin, Reverend William, 1955
2009-P-010-00172            Conway, Peter G.  President Century 21 Corp., 1969
2009-P-010-00173            Giles, Dr. Roy, 1960
2009-P-010-00174            Gardebring, Mrs. Olov (Brita)
2009-P-010-00175            Ovre, Les  see Williams, Cliff North Dakota Public Welfare, 1970/03/01
2009-P-010-00176            Lodge, Henry Cabot, 1969
2009-P-010-00177            Anderson, Gov. Forrest  Montana, (MT), 1969
2009-P-010-00178            Bunker, Ellsworth, 1969
2009-P-010-00179            Porter, Mrs. Lyle (Doris), 1969
2009-P-010-00180            De Vallombrosa, Monsieur Antoine --Schafer, Harold  president Gold Seal Company, Medora (ND), 1969-1970
2009-P-010-00181            Anderson, J. A., 1969
2009-P-010-00182            Towne, Roy S. n.d.
2009-P-010-00183            Deck, Stan, 1970/02/24
2009-P-010-00184            Hegeland, Tor A., 1970/02/22
2009-P-010-00185            Hutchins, Robert M., 1969
2009-P-010-00186            Semenov, Vladimir S. --Smith, Gerald C., 1969-1972
2009-P-010-00187            Kemmet, Alvin  Chase Chevrolet, 1970
2009-P-010-00188            Ehlers, Fred G., 1970
2009-P-010-00189            Vogel, Robert  Attorney, Mandan (ND), 1970/02/00
2009-P-010-00190            Hopfauf, Jerry, 1969
2009-P-010-00191            Volpe, John A.  Secretary of Transportation, Nixon Administration, 1969
2009-P-010-00192            Starcher, Dr. George W. UND, 1969
2009-P-010-00193            Anderson, Allen J. Bridge engineer ND Highway Dept, 1974
2009-P-010-00194            Ressler, Mrs. Al (Clarice), 1970/02/24
2009-P-010-00195            Hickel, Walter Secretary of the Interior, 1970
2009-P-010-00196            McGee, Gale  Senator, Wyoming
2009-P-010-00197            Wegmet, Winston  Mandan (ND), 1969
2009-P-010-00198            Wilson, Robert  US Rep. California, 1970
2009-P-010-00199            Garaas, John O., 1967
2009-P-010-00200            Governor's Residence, Bismarck (ND)
2009-P-010-00201            Geiger, Dominic, 1954
2009-P-010-00202            Buckingham, Dr. and Mrs. Tracey, Bismarck (ND), 1969
2009-P-010-00203            Rauh, Joseph L. J.  Attorney, Joseph Yablonski, 1970
2009-P-010-00204            Meany, George  AFL-CIO, 1970
2009-P-010-00205            Larson, Abner  see also Lundene, Henry, State representative  -- Orvedal, Leonard, 1969
2009-P-010-00206            Saxvik, Dr. Russell, 1969
2009-P-010-00207            Bitz, Erwin, 1969
2009-P-010-00208            Teigen, Obert C.  ND Supreme Court, 1969
2009-P-010-00209            Reimnitz, Rev. Alwin, 1969
2009-P-010-00210            Feland, Ernie, 1969
2009-P-010-00211            Ryan, Floyd  Fort Yates, (ND)
2009-P-010-00212            Secrest, T. L., 1969
2009-P-010-00213            Daley, Mayor Richard J., Chicago (IL)
2009-P-010-00214            Jaeger, Arnold W. Employment Security, 1969
2009-P-010-00215            Joersz, Wally, 1969
2009-P-010-00216            Johnson, Terry Manager Carpet World, 1969
2009-P-010-00217            Koch, Raymond, 1969
2009-P-010-00218            Johnson, Mrs. Eldo (Marilyn), 1970
2009-P-010-00219            Hall, Roger, 1969
2009-P-010-00220            Reifenberger, Dr. John, 1969
2009-P-010-00221            Simons, Mrs. John, 1970
2009-P-010-00222            Eichele, Mrs. Lanerd, 1970
2009-P-010-00223            Meier, Rev. Cyprian Thomas, 1969
2009-P-010-00224            Mansfield, Senator Mike Montana, 1969
2009-P-010-00225            Salk, Dr. Jonas, 1964
2009-P-010-00226            Flynn, Lester, 1969
2009-P-010-00227            Miller, Donna  Mandan (ND)
2009-P-010-00228            Rovig, June, Mandan (ND), 1970
2009-P-010-00229            Peterson, Mary Ann n.d.
2009-P-010-00230            Sylvester, Mrs. Walter Pen Women, Bismarck (ND)
2009-P-010-00231            Gaugler, Carol Jean IFYE student
2009-P-010-00232            Grand Pacific Hotel Bismarck (ND)
2009-P-010-00233            Hanson, Harold New England, New England (ND)
2009-P-010-00234            Hedden, Frank, 1948/04/00
2009-P-010-00235-01      Camp Hancock, Bismarck (ND), 1963-1970
2009-P-010-00235-02      Camp Hancock as seen from Main Avenue, Bismarck (ND), 1963-1970
2009-P-010-00235-03      Camp Hancock Historic Site Museum entrance, Bismarck (ND), 1963-1970
2009-P-010-00236            Dodds, Duane NDSU, Fargo (ND)
2009-P-010-00237            Halloran, John Basin Electric Bismarck (ND)
2009-P-010-00238            Van Horn, Clark  State Senator, 1969
2009-P-010-00239            Heskin, Robert, 1970
2009-P-010-00240            Haugen, Weldon Ryder (ND),
2009-P-010-00241            Hagen, Conrad n.d.
2009-P-010-00242            Riuz, Robert, 1970/02/22
2009-P-010-00243            Mullen, Dr. Thomas, 1969
2009-P-010-00244            Gurke, Sam, 1960
2009-P-010-00245            Reff, T.  Farm-Key
2009-P-010-00246            Golden Age Club, see Nels Poresberg Mandan (ND)
2009-P-010-00247            Larson, Francis  J C Penney Bismarck see Marilyn Stack, Bismarck (ND)
2009-P-010-00248            Lorenz, Russell, 1970/02/26
2009-P-010-00249            Rogler, George, 1970/02/26
2009-P-010-00250            Gruenther, General Alfred --Mr. and Mrs. Brunsdale
2009-P-010-00251            Jensen, Lars
2009-P-010-00252            Rice, Billy
2009-P-010-00253            Warren, Duncan
2009-P-010-00254            Johnson, LaDon n.d.
2009-P-010-00255            Gonser, Quentin, 1940
2009-P-010-00256            O'Brien, Dave, 1968
2009-P-010-00257            Joyce, Dennis, 1970/03/10
2009-P-010-00258            Chase, Monroe --Dr. and Mrs. C. H. Oldenburg, 1970/03/10
2009-P-010-00259            Sihanouk, Prince Norodom, 1969-1970
2009-P-010-00260            Peterson, M. F. February 28, 1970-announces study, 1968
2009-P-010-00261            Hilleboe, Rep. Peter, 1969
2009-P-010-00262            Bard, Dean --Emerson Murray --Townsend, Richard D. (left), 1971/02/05
2009-P-010-00263            Luci Johnson Nugent
2009-P-010-00264            Johnson, Mrs. Lyndon (Lady Bird)
2009-P-010-00265            Robb, Lynda Bird Johnson
2009-P-010-00266            Philip, Prince  sketch, 1968
2009-P-010-00267            Sato, Premier Japan sketch, 1968
2009-P-010-00268            Rockefeller, Nelson
2009-P-010-00269            Rockefeller, Mrs. Nelson (Happy) n.d.
2009-P-010-00270            Knudson, Christine, 1970/02/27
2009-P-010-00271            Kremer, Kevin, 1970/02/27
2009-P-010-00272            Grahl, James n.d.
2009-P-010-00273            Vollbrecht, Richard, 1969
2009-P-010-00274            Guy, Governor Bill with Senators Hubert Humphrey and Quentin Burdick, Bismarck (ND), 1968-1970
2009-P-010-00275            Humphrey, Mrs. Hubert n.d.
2009-P-010-00276            Kirkwood Plaza Drawing 1, Bismarck (ND), 1969
2009-P-010-00277            Northwest Bell Telephone Company, Bismarck (ND), 1969
2009-P-010-00278            Gleuck, Fred, 1950
2009-P-010-00279            Gronvold, A. F., 1950
2009-P-010-00280            Gruenfelder, Francis former coach, Mandan (ND), 1950
2009-P-010-00281            Mott, (ND), 1970/04/05
2009-P-010-00282            Guthrie, Robert  Bismarck (ND),
2009-P-010-00283            Brucker, Paul, 1970/09/18
2009-P-010-00284            Peterson, John, Vernon, Mrs. John L. Owners, Grand Pacific Hotel, Bismarck (ND), 1955/05/00
2009-P-010-00285            Berg, Mr. and Mrs. Dick, Hebron (ND), 1970/02/22
2009-P-010-00286            Reinhold, Joe   see Reinhold, Sam --Reinhold, Sam  see Reinhold, Joe, 1970/02/22
2009-P-010-00287            Nixon, Mrs. Richard (Pat) n.d.
2009-P-010-00288            Richard Nixon Family
2009-P-010-00290            Laird, Melvin Secretary of Defense, Nixon Administration
2009-P-010-00291            Newman, Paul and Joanne, 1969
2009-P-010-00292            Fortas, Abe, 1969
2009-P-010-00293            Elks Club negatives, Mandan (ND)
2009-P-010-00294            Memorial Bridge photo from east sketch of interchange, Bismarck (ND) --Mandan (ND)
2009-P-010-00295            Parking Ramp, Bismarck (ND)
2009-P-010-00296            National Farm Stores
2009-P-010-00297            Century 21 sketch of proposed plan, Bismarck (ND)
2009-P-010-00298            Aerial views, Bismarck (ND)
2009-P-010-00299            Sullivan, Ed, 1969
2009-P-010-00300            Kennedy, Senator Edward n.d.
2009-P-010-00301            Berger, Warren Earl, 1969
2009-P-010-00302            West, Clarence  Production Credit Association, Mandan (ND)
2009-P-010-00303            Kelley, Milton G. Devils Lake (ND), 1965
2009-P-010-00304            Mushik, John father and grandfather in 1917 John in 1969 in store
2009-P-010-00305            Schwartz, Raymond, 1970/03/04
2009-P-010-00306            Assumption College, Richardton (ND),
2009-P-010-00307            Phouma, Souvanna Premier, Laos, 1972
2009-P-010-00308            Sinatra, Frank n.d.
2009-P-010-00309            Sinatra, Jr., Frank n.d.
2009-P-010-00310            Fraser, Duncan
2009-P-010-00311            Walker, C. H. n.d.
2009-P-010-00312            Landsberger, Rosemary M. n.d.
2009-P-010-00313            Novak, Ray, 1968
2009-P-010-00314            Dennis, Sandy n.d.
2009-P-010-00315            Dechant, Tony President, National Farmers Union
2009-P-010-00316            Foster, Charles L. n.d.
2009-P-010-00317            Fleck Garage, Bismarck (ND),
2009-P-010-00318            Gromyko, Andrei n.d.
2009-P-010-00319            Hughes, Howard with Jean Peters, 1970/01/17
2009-P-010-00320            Backes, Richard n.d.
2009-P-010-00321            Schnell, Mr. and Mrs.Willard, Dickinson (ND)
2009-P-010-00323            Thompson, Hayden n.d.
2009-P-010-00324            Ali, Muhammad -- see Cassius Clay, 1973
2009-P-010-00325            Mantz, Gary, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-00326            Baptist Church  Divide Ave., Bismarck (ND)
2009-P-010-00327            Fitzsmonds, Frank E. see also file #1782
2009-P-010-00328            Flohr, Henry n.d.
2009-P-010-00329            Froeschle, Roland n.d.
2009-P-010-00330            First National Bank, Bismarck (ND)
2009-P-010-00331            Bismarck Grocery Company, Bismarck (ND)
2009-P-010-00332            Van Sickle, Mr. and Mrs. Leslie, 1969
2009-P-010-00333            Johnk, Charles, 1970/03/00
2009-P-010-00334            Pressler, Vance, 1970/03/05
2009-P-010-00335            Hanson, Wayne, 1970/03/05
2009-P-010-00336            Schmidt, George, Hensler (ND), 1970/03/05
2009-P-010-00337            Barth, Francis, 1970/03/05
2009-P-010-00338            Wald, Ron  also June 17,1970, 1970/03/05
2009-P-010-00339            McCormack, John, 1970/03/00
2009-P-010-00340            Thompson, Anthony, 1969
2009-P-010-00341            Bartsch, Mrs. Rena, 1970
2009-P-010-00342            Budd, John  --Crandell, Cecil --Menk, Louis --Budd, John, 1970/03/05
2009-P-010-00343            Manning, Alvin --Mike Burgad, (front), 1970/03/06
2009-P-010-00344            Arntson, E. M. "Arne", 1970/03/00
2009-P-010-00346            Richards, Loren, 1970/03/06
2009-P-010-00347            Fleck, Ernest R., 1970/03/07
2009-P-010-00348            Swanson, Mrs. John, 1970
2009-P-010-00349            Allen, John W., 1970
2009-P-010-00350            Tighe, Mrs. Charles (Dorothy), 1970
2009-P-010-00351            Schmitt, Sister Miriam, 1970/03/03
2009-P-010-00352            Hauf, Otto, 1958
2009-P-010-00353            Mrs. Kip (Pat) Phillips, n.d.
2009-P-010-00354            Schelske, Reuben ND Farm Bureau, 1969
2009-P-010-00355            Sailer, James, 1969
2009-P-010-00356            Blaich, Mr. and Mrs. Leonard, 1969
2009-P-010-00357            Ohlhauser, Jerry, 1969
2009-P-010-00358            Boehm, Lloyd, 1969
2009-P-010-00359            Stanley, Ray, 1969
2009-P-010-00360            Bloom, Marvin A., 1969
2009-P-010-00361            Buck, Pearl, 1969
2009-P-010-00362            Hillyer, Bernard n.d.
2009-P-010-00363            Hedlund, Robert, 1969
2009-P-010-00364            Gronowski, Mr. and Mrs. Ray, 1969
2009-P-010-00365            Hulett, Mr. and Mrs. L.C., 1970
2009-P-010-00366            Kilen, Mr. and Mrs. Andrew, 1969
2009-P-010-00367            Wes Haugen, n.d.
2009-P-010-00368            Hirsch, A. L., 1962
2009-P-010-00369            Hacker, Bishop Hilary B. n.d.
2009-P-010-00370            Historical Society of North Dakota
2009-P-010-00371            Haas, Ronald n.d.
2009-P-010-00372            Hulsether, Ed, 1958
2009-P-010-00373            Mrs. Della Boutrous, Cook of the week with Ted and Floyd Boutrous, Bismarck (ND), 1970
2009-P-010-00374            Weekender Feature, Wilton (ND)
2009-P-010-00375            International Music Camp, International Peace Garden (ND)
2009-P-010-00376            Wiklund, Arvid, 1972
2009-P-010-00377            Hughes, Mr. and Mrs. Ed n.d.
2009-P-010-00378            Tracy, Ray  photographer, Mandan (ND), 1970
2009-P-010-00379            Trenbeath, Grant  Neche (ND) --Unruh, George (left) Grand Forks (ND) 1971/04/07
2009-P-010-00380            Borr, Ernest n.d.
2009-P-010-00381            Kyser, Mrs. James, 1970
2009-P-010-00382            McKenzie, Henry L. County Agent Mercer, Mercer County (ND), 1969
2009-P-010-00383            Bye, Alfred Burleigh County Agent, 1969
2009-P-010-00384            Karlgaard, Richard, 1970
2009-P-010-00385            Herberger, G. R., 1970
2009-P-010-00386            Perot, H. Ross, 1970
2009-P-010-00387            Schneider, James G., 1969
2009-P-010-00388            Biwer, Leonard  Oliver County Agent, 1969
2009-P-010-00389            Sullivan, R. J.  President Herberger's Inc., 1970
2009-P-010-00390            Leintz, Galen Manager Red Owl
2009-P-010-00391            Enze, Mike, 1970
2009-P-010-00392            Ingram, Mrs. Jared, 1969
2009-P-010-00393            Williams Jr., Senator Harris A., 1969
2009-P-010-00394            Leingang, Mrs. Jack, 1969
2009-P-010-00395            Mattison, Mr. and Mrs. Ray  Superintendent of Historical Society, 1969
2009-P-010-00396            Brown, H. Rap n.d.
2009-P-010-00397            Humann, Vernon, 1969
2009-P-010-00398            Beglau, Dennis, 1970
2009-P-010-00399            Malm, Alex, 1969
2009-P-010-00400            Stevenson III, Adlai
2009-P-010-00401            Smith, Ian, 1969
2009-P-010-00402            Laub, E.G., 1969
2009-P-010-00403            Paine, Dr. Thomas A., 1969
2009-P-010-00404            Nader, Ralph, 1969
2009-P-010-00405            Hilfer, Dennis, 1970
2009-P-010-00406            Moum, Mrs. Donald, 1969
2009-P-010-00407            Joe, Dr. Young Choon, 1969
2009-P-010-00408            Eckes, William Beach --Engelter, William, 1972/10/06
2009-P-010-00409            Gross, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph, 1969
2009-P-010-00410            Murphy, Wallace, 1969
2009-P-010-00411            Hoffman, Darrell, 1969
2009-P-010-00412            Wolfert, Richard, 1969
2009-P-010-00413            Sugihara, Dr. James, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-00414            Frankl, Lyle, 1970/03/11
2009-P-010-00415            Gustin, Reverend Arno, 1969
2009-P-010-00416            Mushik, Mrs. William (Corliss), 1969
2009-P-010-00417            Stuart, Russell, 1970/03/12
2009-P-010-00418            Jamerson, Theodore --Jones, Bob J., 1973/06/03
2009-P-010-00419            Leier, Joe, 1970/03/12
2009-P-010-00420            Hirsch, Fred, 1970/02/22
2009-P-010-00421            DeLong O. A., 1969
2009-P-010-00422            Utgaard, Dr. Merton, 1970/02/22
2009-P-010-00423            Hertz, Donald  --Roberts, Mrs. Phyllis  Heartview chairman-UN Day, 1969
2009-P-010-00424            Hollingsworth, Lee, 1970/02/21
2009-P-010-00425            Holum, Ken, 1969
2009-P-010-00426            Guy, Mrs. William (Jean) also June 1973, 1970/02/22
2009-P-010-00427            McCreery, Mrs. Roberta, 1970/03/26
2009-P-010-00428            James Hauer, Dakota National Bank
2009-P-010-00429            Onassis, Mrs. Jacqueline  see also Jacqueline Kennedy #3133, 1970
2009-P-010-00430            Blair, Paul, Fort Yates (ND), 1969
2009-P-010-00431            Moore, Jack, 1960
2009-P-010-00432            Fonda, Jane, 1970/03/09
2009-P-010-00433            Smith, Senator Margaret Chase
2009-P-010-00434            U Thant, Secretary-General of the United Nations
2009-P-010-00435            Housing Authority, Mandan (ND)
2009-P-010-00436            Corcoran, Richard  Rehab. Counselor ND Office Vocational Rehab. --William Schott, Director of Public Housing Authority Morton County, Liberty Heights addition, Mandan (ND), 1970/08/20
2009-P-010-00437            State of North Dakota Outdoor Series
2009-P-010-00438            Skelly Station, Mandan (ND),
2009-P-010-00439            New Salem (ND), 1970/02/00
2009-P-010-00440            Kleppe, Thomas  with Burdick & Young, 1969
2009-P-010-00441            Hughes, Mrs. Mark, 1970/04/08
2009-P-010-00442            Monroe, Jordan F., 1970/04/08
2009-P-010-00443            Christensen, Lee, 1970/04/09
2009-P-010-00444            Burchett, Paul, 1970/04/10
2009-P-010-00445            Andrist, John M., 1970/04/14
2009-P-010-00446            Zimmerman, Tom, 1970/04/07
2009-P-010-00447            Froehlich, Edward R. Mandan City commissioner, Mandan (ND),
2009-P-010-00448            Becker, Leonard, 1970/04/09
2009-P-010-00449            Moore, Stanley n.d.
2009-P-010-00450            White, Charles G., 1970/04/10
2009-P-010-00451            Choukalas, Dick, 1970/04/13
2009-P-010-00452            Gaab, M. P., 1970/04/12
2009-P-010-00453            Tokach, Mrs. Matt, 1970/04/04
2009-P-010-00454            Leingang, Mrs. Leo, 1970/04/08
2009-P-010-00455            Brigl, Julius J., 1970/04/05
2009-P-010-00456            Dunkelberger, Donald E., 1970/04/12
2009-P-010-00457            Mrs. Pershing Carlson, Food Feature, 1970/04/12
2009-P-010-00458            Anderson, C. D., 1970/04/05
2009-P-010-00460            North Dakota State Penitentiary fire, Bismarck (ND), 1970/03/00
2009-P-010-00461            Van Heuvelen, Harold n.d.
2009-P-010-00462            Peterson, Rudy n.d.
2009-P-010-00463            Iverson, Iver S., 1970/04/05
2009-P-010-00464            Hoff, George T.
2009-P-010-00465            Morrison, Robert, 1970/04/05
2009-P-010-00466            Silva, Mrs. Margaret, 1970/06/21
2009-P-010-00467            Beckler, Mel, 1970/04/05
2009-P-010-00468            Schaaf, Joe P., 1970/04/05
2009-P-010-00469            Grantier, Charles n.d.
2009-P-010-00470            Brooks, James, 1970/06/00
2009-P-010-00471            Hunt, Arthur G., 1970/04/05
2009-P-010-00472            Yanker, John, 1970/04/05
2009-P-010-00473            Ost, Leroy State Industrial School, Mandan (ND), 1972/04/05
2009-P-010-00474            Apollo 11, 1970/06/20
2009-P-010-00475            Schnell, Jr., Raymond
2009-P-010-00476            Greenslit, John White Drug, Bismarck (ND), 1970/04/05
2009-P-010-00477            Galowitsch, Monsignor A. J., 1970/06/21
2009-P-010-00479            PTA and Sears negatives, Bismarck (ND)
2009-P-010-00480            White Drug, Bismarck (ND)
2009-P-010-00481            Herman, F. S. 1970/03/22
2009-P-010-00482            Earth and Environmental Sciences greenhouse, 1970/03/15
2009-P-010-00483            Gilbert Williams wrote railroad story in Weekender, 1970/03/00
2009-P-010-00484            Sloven, Mrs. Sidney Bismarck (ND)
2009-P-010-00485            Legion Club Rooms, Mandan (ND)
2009-P-010-00486            Jahnke, Mrs. Evelyn 1970/03/22
2009-P-010-00487            Mushik, Miss Josephine Food Feature, 1970/03/00
2009-P-010-00488            Leingang, Sister Rita n.d.
2009-P-010-00489            Murray, William S., 1958
2009-P-010-00491            Kunz, William, 1970/04/05
2009-P-010-00492            Doherty, Ed., 1970/04/16
2009-P-010-00493            Krause, Fred Jr. (left) --Schafer, Phil, 1971/03/03
2009-P-010-00494            Burkhart, Lynn W., 1970/04/02
2009-P-010-00495            Seerup, Virgil, 1970/04/05
2009-P-010-00496            Carlson, Anton G., 1970/04/14
2009-P-010-00497            Holand, Donald, 1970/03/04
2009-P-010-00498            Rogers, Robert, 1970/04/05
2009-P-010-00499            Kresl, Ron, 1970/04/13
2009-P-010-00500            Leingang, Preston, 1970/04/13
2009-P-010-00501            Boettcher, Norman J., 1970/04/11
2009-P-010-00502            Haakenson, Herman, 1970/04/05
2009-P-010-00503            Mills, Larry, 1967
2009-P-010-00504            Halmrast, Gerald, 1970/04/05
2009-P-010-00505            Pfeiffer, J. C., 1970/03/27
2009-P-010-00506            Dornacker, Eldred, 1970/03/25
2009-P-010-00507            Ovre, Mrs. Leslie, 1970/04/10
2009-P-010-00508            Williams, John H., 1970/04/02
2009-P-010-00509            Fossum, Charles, 1970/04/03
2009-P-010-00510            Abel, G. W., 1970/06/21
2009-P-010-00511            Olson, James A., 1970/04/02
2009-P-010-00512            Historical also NDSU historical photos Fargo (ND), 1970/03/00
2009-P-010-00514            Apple Creek Country Club, Bismarck (ND), 1970/04/14
2009-P-010-00515            Thompson, Daryl E. n.d.
2009-P-010-00516            Burdick, Leslie  --John E. Davis #520, 1970/11/30
2009-P-010-00517            Lahr, Ed  Mayor of Bismarck (ND)
2009-P-010-00518            Mrs. Charles Ellis, n.d.
2009-P-010-00519            Morton, Rogers C.B., 1970/04/12
2009-P-010-00520            Davis, John E.  With Leslie Burdick, 1970/04/14
2009-P-010-00521            Redlin, Earl n.d.
2009-P-010-00522            Hetzler, Art n.d.
2009-P-010-00523            Standing Rock Sunday, 1970
2009-P-010-00524            Metcalf, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph, Mandan (ND), 1970/03/19
2009-P-010-00525            Geiszler, Laurel I. n.d.
2009-P-010-00527            New Town (ND), 1970/06/00
2009-P-010-00528            Heskett, David, 1962
2009-P-010-00529            Rosenberg, Max D. --William S. Murray, 1962
2009-P-010-00530            Fort Yates Weekender feature negatives, Fort Yates (ND),
2009-P-010-00531            Link, Art, 1970/03/21
2009-P-010-00532            Kepler, Harold, 1970/05/20
2009-P-010-00533            Walter Ulbricht, n.d.
2009-P-010-00534            Mills, Mrs. Betty, 1971/03/01
2009-P-010-00535            Juelke, Connie, 1970/03/19
2009-P-010-00536            Saxvik, Mrs. Ira M., 1970/03/02
2009-P-010-00537            Bingenheimer fire, Mandan (ND), 1970/06/20
2009-P-010-00538            Frank C. Freezon, n.d.
2009-P-010-00539            Boggs, Rep. Hale D. La. and Hebert, Rep. F. Edward D. La., 1971/02/00
2009-P-010-00540            Symington, Stuart n.d.
2009-P-010-00541            Engelter, George n.d.
2009-P-010-00542            Schumann, Maurice n.d.
2009-P-010-00543            Selmer, Vern, 1970/04/01
2009-P-010-00544            Towne & Country Liquor Store, Bismarck (ND), 1970
2009-P-010-00545            Satrom, Kathy (left), 1971/02/16
2009-P-010-00546            Stevens, Jr., Edwin E., 1970/03/17
2009-P-010-00547            Iverson, Richard E. n.d.
2009-P-010-00548            Armstrong, Louis
2009-P-010-00549            Gillen, Margaret E., 1970/04/17
2009-P-010-00550            Eckroth, Philip n.d.
2009-P-010-00551            Dolbec, Paul, 1970/04/14
2009-P-010-00552            Axtman, Larry, 1970/05/14
2009-P-010-00553            Owen, Mary Gwen, 1970/04/11
2009-P-010-00554            Ewald, Paul, 1965
2009-P-010-00555            Acheson, Dean, n.d.
2009-P-010-00556            Moses, Dorothy, 1957
2009-P-010-00557            Lundberg, Edward A., 1970/03/15
2009-P-010-00558            Mandan Weekender, photos used in, 1970/03/29
2009-P-010-00559            Muskie, Senator Edmund  (see also #89),
2009-P-010-00560            Engelhardt, Tony, 1971/06/30
2009-P-010-00561            North Dakota State Penitentiary, Bismarck (ND), 1970/04/05
2009-P-010-00562            Sobering, Dr. Fred n.d.
2009-P-010-00563            Blackmun, Harry A., 1970/04/18
2009-P-010-00564            Features, ads, society negatives, 1970/02/00
2009-P-010-00565            Eastman, Doris Women's Editor, Fargo Forum --negatives-sports, 1973/04/10
2009-P-010-00566            Aas, Lynn --Dobson, Dick (left) --Schmitt, Nicholas (right) Wyndmere (ND), 1971/04/06
2009-P-010-00567            Agard, A. J., 1967-1969
2009-P-010-00568            Aamoth, Gordon, Fargo (ND), 1967-1969
2009-P-010-00569            Aafedt, Ardean, Williston (ND), 1969/04/00
2009-P-010-00570            Agre, E. O., 1969
2009-P-010-00571            Abrahams, Ronald P., 1969
2009-P-010-00572            Feigert, Ludwig, 1970/04/19
2009-P-010-00573            Dollar, Glover H., 1970/04/21
2009-P-010-00574            Lovell, James A., 1970/04/16
2009-P-010-00575            Haise, Fred W., 1970/04/16
2009-P-010-00576            Langemo, M. B., 1970/04/16
2009-P-010-00577            Pearson, Lester, 1969
2009-P-010-00578            Apollo 13, 1970/04/17
2009-P-010-00579            Sevareid, Eric, 1970
2009-P-010-00580            Benson, Mary Jane n.d.
2009-P-010-00581            Russell, Don, 1970/04/17
2009-P-010-00582            Bullinger, Ralph, 1970/04/17
2009-P-010-00583            Bender, Herb, 1970/04/17
2009-P-010-00584            Wetsch, Mike, 1970/04/17
2009-P-010-00586            Von Rueden, John, 1970/04/19
2009-P-010-00587            Wasinger, Gordon B., 1970/04/21
2009-P-010-00588            Kidder, Merle, 1970/04/21
2009-P-010-00589            Anderson, Rep. John and Gerald Ford, Minority Leader, House of Representatives (see Kleppe, Thomas), 1971/01/30
2009-P-010-00590            Douglas, Cathy wife of William O. Douglas, 1973/04/19
2009-P-010-00591            Hunting, 1974/10/23
2009-P-010-00592            Unrath, Gene, 1970/04/19
2009-P-010-00593            Masseth, George G., 1970/04/19
2009-P-010-00594            Trudeau, Pierre Elliott, 1970/04/19
2009-P-010-00595            Klath, Miss Edna, 1970/04/19
2009-P-010-00596            Mathys, Clarence G., 1970/04/19
2009-P-010-00597            Bond, Julian, 1970/04/19
2009-P-010-00598            Schuette, Alton, 1970/04/19
2009-P-010-00599            Larson, Guy --Schiermeister, Leo (Hazelton) (left) --Sette, James (right) Bismarck (ND) --Hazelton (ND), 1971/04/01
2009-P-010-00600            Toman, Mrs. Harriet, 1970/04/21
2009-P-010-00601            Malik, Yakov A.  Soviet Ambassador, 1973/06/07
2009-P-010-00603            Amundson, Byron D. n.d.
2009-P-010-00604            Anderson, Alvin Epping (ND)
2009-P-010-00605            Anderson, A.L. (Andy), 1964
2009-P-010-00606            Anderson, Andrew L. n.d.
2009-P-010-00607            Anderson, Arnold n.d.
2009-P-010-00609            Anderson, Byron n.d.
2009-P-010-00610            Anderson, Donald n.d.
2009-P-010-00611            Anderson, Earl, 1964
2009-P-010-00612            Anderson, Edgar, Wilton, 1966
2009-P-010-00613            Anderson, Emil former employee of Conrad Publishing, Bismarck (ND), 1960
2009-P-010-00614            Anderson, Emil, Upham, 1968
2009-P-010-00615            Anderson, Mrs. George B. n.d.
2009-P-010-00616            Anderson, Eugenie, 1960
2009-P-010-00617            Anderson, Harold n.d.
2009-P-010-00618            Stee, Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Bismarck (ND), 1974/11/00
2009-P-010-00619            Aho, Donald, n.d.
2009-P-010-00620            Treinen, Bishop Sylvester W., Boise (ID), 1971/05/00
2009-P-010-00621            Albright, Paul, 1968
2009-P-010-00622            Alfrich, Harold, Regional Director, Region 6, Bureau
2009-P-010-00623            Alfson, Bruce P., 1966
2009-P-010-00624            Albers, C. W. Albers
2009-P-010-00625            Allen, Dr. Warren G., n.d.
2009-P-010-00626            Altenburg, Roger H., n.d.
2009-P-010-00627            Amos, Dr. James R., 1960
2009-P-010-00628            Amsden, Lynn n.d.
2009-P-010-00629            Amstutz, Daniel G. n.d.
2009-P-010-00631            Music Department, Bismarck Public Schools, Bismarck (ND), 1970/04/20
2009-P-010-00632            President, Burlington Northern Railroad, 1970/02/00
2009-P-010-00633            Oil Art Show and judges
2009-P-010-00634            Basketball, 1970
2009-P-010-00635            Fires Penitentary negatives see also Penitentary Fire --Penitentiary Fire, Bismarck (ND), 1970/03/00
2009-P-010-00636            Kramer, Mrs. Patricia, 1970/04/00
2009-P-010-00637            Hazen Weekender-negatives-photos, Hazen (ND), 1970/04/26
2009-P-010-00638            Tello, Mrs. Francisco, Food Feature, Bismarck (ND), 1970/03/29
2009-P-010-00639            Weekender, Beulah (ND), 1970/04/19
2009-P-010-00640            Weekender, Linton (ND) 1970/05/03
2009-P-010-00641            Richardton, (ND), 1970
2009-P-010-00642            Vadnie, Harry, 1970/05/14
2009-P-010-00643            Bartch, Bruce State Business & Industrial Development Department,
2009-P-010-00644            Holsing, Harlan  Manager of Jamestown Chamber of Commerce, Jamestown (ND),
2009-P-010-00645            Hellweg, Douglas R., 1970/05/04
2009-P-010-00646            Lenin, Vladimir 1917
2009-P-010-00647            Streibel, Bryce, 1966
2009-P-010-00648            Booth, Judd M.  Mgr. Sporting goods, paints & farm supplies departments of Sears, Bismarck (ND), 1970/04/27
2009-P-010-00649            Gietzen, Walter J., 1970/05/13
2009-P-010-00650            Robinson, Mrs. Harris and Mrs. Hayne Western, 1970/05/03
2009-P-010-00651            Dewing, Ralph Director, Department of Accounts & Purchases, State Capitol, 1970/05/00
2009-P-010-00652            Hoag, Ben K.  Superintendent Minot Experiment Station, Minot (ND)
2009-P-010-00653            Willson, Meredith, n.d.
2009-P-010-00654            Armstrong, Ellis L., n.d.
2009-P-010-00655            Nguyen, Mrs. Thi Binh, Head of Viet Cong delegation to Paris
2009-P-010-00656            Anderud, Mrs. Richard (Mardell) President of Mandan Legion
2009-P-010-00657            Bortke, Al, n.d.
2009-P-010-00658            Nguyen, Thanh Lee --Pham Dang Lam, 1970/05/00
2009-P-010-00659            Symmes, Harrison  Ambassador to Jordan
2009-P-010-00660            ND Association of Rural Electric Cooperatives, headquarters, 1970/05/10
2009-P-010-00661            Ulmer, Leland   Manager of ND Rural Electric Cooperatives, 1970/05/10
2009-P-010-00662            Fitzgerald, Frank E., 1970/05/05
2009-P-010-00663            Kosir, Mrs. Al F., 1970/05/03
2009-P-010-00664            Leakey, Kenneth E., 1970/05/01
2009-P-010-00665            Weigel, Tom, 1970/11/25
2009-P-010-00666            Spock, Mr. Benjamin, 1970/05/07
2009-P-010-00667            Brusven, Mrs. Walter and Conrad, Mrs. Joyce, 1970/05/07
2009-P-010-00669            Reich, Erwin, 1970/05/03
2009-P-010-00670            Husfloen, Richard L., 1970/05/00
2009-P-010-00671            Peters, Kurt, 1970/05/07
2009-P-010-00672            Anderson, Gordon, n.d. Crosby (ND),
2009-P-010-00673            Geiszler, Gus, n.d.
2009-P-010-00674            Adams, Dennis, n.d.
2009-P-010-00675            Hill, Vancel, Director Law Enforcement Council
2009-P-010-00676            Beckler, Leonard --Schmaltz, C. S., 1970/05/07
2009-P-010-00677            Adams, Don, Mandan barber, Mandan (ND)
2009-P-010-00678            Bureau of Reclamation ground breaking ceremony for McClusky Canal, 1970/05/17
2009-P-010-00679            Easter Seal Building, 1970/10/23
2009-P-010-00680            Oppegard, Mrs. Howard, Mandan (ND), 1970/05/17
2009-P-010-00681            Bismarck-Mandan Post Offices, Bismarck (ND) --Mandan (ND), 1970/05/17
2009-P-010-00682            Weekender, Center (ND) 1970/05/10
2009-P-010-00683            Fuchs, Norman Mayor, Zap (ND),
2009-P-010-00684            Bitterman, Marvin  Zap Councilman, 1970/05/12
2009-P-010-00685            Dunn, Mrs. Adrian (Luella) Clerk of North Dakota Supreme Court, 1970/04/30
2009-P-010-00686            Lucas, Mrs. William (Liz), 1970/04/00
2009-P-010-00687            Shaw, Mayor A. R. --Voight, Mrs. F. C., 1970/05/08
2009-P-010-00688            Robert Benton, Chief Ranger Theodore Roosevelt National Park
2009-P-010-00689            Davis, Bill, Pres. Davis Chevrolet, Bismarck (ND), 1970/05/10
2009-P-010-00690            Gratz, Adam  Killdeer (ND)
2009-P-010-00691            Ahlgren, Fred Parshall (ND)
2009-P-010-00692            Markham, Lorin, 1970/12/09
2009-P-010-00694            Angel, Bruce, 1967
2009-P-010-00695            Ansley, Ben, n.d.
2009-P-010-00696            Ansley, Brad, n.d.
2009-P-010-00697            Archibald, Frank, n.d.
2009-P-010-00698            Anderson, Bert--Reverend Gilbert Armstrong, n.d.
2009-P-010-00699            Armstrong, Bishop James United Methodist church, 1968
2009-P-010-00700            Armstrong, Nancy n.d.
2009-P-010-00702            Arnason, Dr. A. F. n.d.
2009-P-010-00703            Arnason, Dr. C. A. n.d.
2009-P-010-00704            Orthmeyer, Frank  Grand Forks (ND), 1968
2009-P-010-00705            Asbridge, Bernice, n.d.
2009-P-010-00706            Askew, Charles, 1965
2009-P-010-00707            Askew, Jack, 1968
2009-P-010-00708            Atkinson, Myron, n.d.
2009-P-010-00709            Aufustadt, Herbert W., n.d.
2009-P-010-00710            Austin, Alvine E., n.d.
2009-P-010-00711            Austin, Mrs. Alvin (Ellen), Grand Forks (ND), 1968
2009-P-010-00712            Dioguardi, John organized crime figure, 1973
2009-P-010-00713            Anderson, Newell, n.d.
2009-P-010-00714            Anderson, Scott G., Fargo (ND),
2009-P-010-00715            Anderson, Perry B., n.d.
2009-P-010-00716            Old pictures
2009-P-010-00717            Axtmann, Ed, n.d.
2009-P-010-00718            Bachmeir, Mrs. Robert M., n.d.
2009-P-010-00719            Bachmeier, Len, n.d.
2009-P-010-00720            Backer, Don, n.d.
2009-P-010-00721            Backsen, Michael, n.d.
2009-P-010-00722            Bang, Otto, n.d.
2009-P-010-00723            Bailey, Paul, n.d.
2009-P-010-00724            Baillie, Stanton J., n.d.
2009-P-010-00725            Bain, Robert, n.d.
2009-P-010-00726            Bair, Bruce, n.d.
2009-P-010-00727            Baker, John A., n.d.
2009-P-010-00728            Baker, Tom, n.d.
2009-P-010-00729            Bale, Stanley A., n.d.
2009-P-010-00730            Bailey, A. M., n.d.
2009-P-010-00731            Bakke, Arnold, n.d.
2009-P-010-00732            Baldwin, Murray, n.d.
2009-P-010-00733            Stanley, Bale, n.d.
2009-P-010-00734            Baltzer, Vernon, n.d.
2009-P-010-00735            Banning, Virgil W., n.d.
2009-P-010-00736            Barbere, David, n.d.
2009-P-010-00737            Barth, David, n.d.
2009-P-010-00739            Bartels, Bill, n.d.
2009-P-010-00740            Barnes, Dr. Ronald, n.d.
2009-P-010-00741            Barnhardt, Dennis, n.d.
2009-P-010-00742            Barnhardt, Mr. and Mrs. John, n.d.
2009-P-010-00743            Bakken, Dr. C. L. M.D.
2009-P-010-00744            Barnett, Ray, n.d.
2009-P-010-00745            Barker, Mrs. Milton n.d.
2009-P-010-00746            Barden, Joel n.d.
2009-P-010-00747            Barbo, Gil n.d.
2009-P-010-00748            Barnes, Jack, 1960
2009-P-010-00749            Barth, Phillip E. n.d.
2009-P-010-00750            Barth, John n.d.
2009-P-010-00751            Barthel, Jack n.d.
2009-P-010-00752            Barr, David n.d.
2009-P-010-00753            Barr, Thomas n.d.
2009-P-010-00754            Barrett, George n.d.
2009-P-010-00755            Bartolina, Sr., Ernest E.
2009-P-010-00756            Bartholomay, Tom n.d.
2009-P-010-00757            Bartholome, Walter n.d.
2009-P-010-00758            Baseflug, Math n.d.
2009-P-010-00759            Bates, Irvine n.d.
2009-P-010-00760            Batrarn, Louis n.d.
2009-P-010-00761            Bauman, Albert n.d.
2009-P-010-00762            Baumann, Ed n.d.
2009-P-010-00763            Baumgartner, Bob n.d.
2009-P-010-00764            Baumgartner, Dr. Carl n.d.
2009-P-010-00765            Bazata, A. T. n.d.
2009-P-010-00766            Beaton, Adele n.d.
2009-P-010-00767            Beaton, Francis J. n.d.
2009-P-010-00768            Becher, Mrs. Henry n.d.
2009-P-010-00769            Becker, Delmar n.d.
2009-P-010-00770            Becker, Gene n.d.
2009-P-010-00771            Becker, Gus n.d.
2009-P-010-00772            Becker, Roland n.d.
2009-P-010-00773            Beckler, Henry n.d.
2009-P-010-00774            Becwar, E. J. n.d.
2009-P-010-00775            Beekler, Frank n.d.
2009-P-010-00776            Beggs, Arlo n.d.
2009-P-010-00777            Behrens, Al n.d.
2009-P-010-00778            Belgarde, Sr., Peter J.
2009-P-010-00779            Blazer, Kenneth, 1970
2009-P-010-00780            Blank, P.W., 1970
2009-P-010-00781            Bland, Thurman Mrs., 1970
2009-P-010-00782            Blagen, Chester, 1970
2009-P-010-00783            Black, Arlen, 1970
2009-P-010-00784            Bjornson, Roger, 1970
2009-P-010-00785            Bjorklund, Elmer H., 1970
2009-P-010-00786            Bjerke, Luther, 1970
2009-P-010-00787            Bjerke, Carl, 1970
2009-P-010-00788            Bizata, Art, 1970
2009-P-010-00789            Biwer, Leonard, 1970
2009-P-010-00790            Birkmaier, James Reverend, 1970
2009-P-010-00791            Birdsall, Leon, 1970
2009-P-010-00792            Bilden, Arthur G., 1970
2009-P-010-00793            Bibelheimer, Paul, 1970
2009-P-010-00794            Beyers, Marvin, 1970
2009-P-010-00795            Bier, Kitti Miss Bismarck, Bismarck (ND), 1970
2009-P-010-00796            Beyers, Edgar, 1970
2009-P-010-00797            Bertsch, Marion, 1970
2009-P-010-00798            Berstler, Royal, 1970
2009-P-010-00799            Bernhardt, Marcella, 1970
2009-P-010-00800            Bernard, Ben H., 1970
2009-P-010-00801            Bernabucci, Jack, 1970
2009-P-010-00802            Bergo, Ken, 1970
2009-P-010-00803            Bergman, Carl, 1970
2009-P-010-00804            Berger, Merl, 1970
2009-P-010-00805            Berger, Gene, 1970
2009-P-010-00806            Berg, Allen, 1970
2009-P-010-00807            Berdahl, Dave, 1970
2009-P-010-00808            Berger, Richard, 1970
2009-P-010-00809            Berger, Ralph, 1970
2009-P-010-00810            Berger, Dick, 1970
2009-P-010-00811            Berger, Cliff, 1970
2009-P-010-00812            Berg, Jim Mrs. (Donna), 1970
2009-P-010-00813            Berg, Evan, 1970
2009-P-010-00814            Benson, Mrs. Mabel, 1970
2009-P-010-00815            Benser, Earl W., 1970
2009-P-010-00816            Benson, A. S., 1970
2009-P-010-00817            Bentson, B. Charles, 1970
2009-P-010-00818            Benesh, Earl E., 1970
2009-P-010-00819            Beneteau, Jim, 1970
2009-P-010-00820            Beneleau, Charles, 1970
2009-P-010-00821            Bender, Alfred Mrs., 1970
2009-P-010-00822            Belquist, Russell, 1970
2009-P-010-00823            Bellis, Harold A., 1970
2009-P-010-00824            Bell, Bobby, 1970
2009-P-010-00825            Bell, Al, 1970
2009-P-010-00826            Bong, Eugene, 1970
2009-P-010-00827            Bondeson, Frank, 1970
2009-P-010-00828            Bond, Wayne E., 1970
2009-P-010-00829            Bond, Jack, 1970
2009-P-010-00830            Williams, Governor Jack  Arizona, (AZ), 1973/12/06
2009-P-010-00831            Boller, Mrs. Robert, 1970
2009-P-010-00832            Boldt, Wilbur, 1970
2009-P-010-00833            Boint, Harold, 1970
2009-P-010-00834            Boehm, Mike J., 1970
2009-P-010-00835            Boehm, Matt, 1970
2009-P-010-00836            Boehm, Frank, 1970
2009-P-010-00837            Boe, Thomas, 1970
2009-P-010-00838            Boe, John M., 1970
2009-P-010-00839            Bodine, Elizabeth Grossman Mrs., 1968
2009-P-010-00840            Blotsky, Bill, 1970
2009-P-010-00841            Buchholz, Leslie, 1972/06/30
2009-P-010-00842            Bloedau, R.J., 1970
2009-P-010-00843            Block, Wm. C., 1970
2009-P-010-00844            Blikre, Dr. Claire, 1970
2009-P-010-00845            Riverdale (ND),
2009-P-010-00846            Schaefer, Roy and Gert, 1970/05/23
2009-P-010-00847            Bartkowski, Alfred J., 1970
2009-P-010-00848            Renner, Joyce Summer Program for students with disabilities, Mandan (ND), 1970/05/18
2009-P-010-00849            Harriman, W. Averall n.d.
2009-P-010-00850            Wenburg, Stanley J. n.d.
2009-P-010-00851            Tse-Tung, Mao, 1970/05/21
2009-P-010-00852            Youth Center, Mandan (ND),
2009-P-010-00853            Olien, Ben  President of ND Jaycees, Mott (ND)
2009-P-010-00854            Vander Vorst, H. G., 1968
2009-P-010-00855            Washburn (ND)
2009-P-010-00856            North Dakota travel shots,
2009-P-010-00857            Cannon, Craig (seated) --Monson, Herbert  (standing), 1971/04/24
2009-P-010-00858            Heller, Robert, 1970/05/28
2009-P-010-00859            Olson, Jan B., 1970/10/28
2009-P-010-00860            Van Swearingen, Hugh, 1971/05/31
2009-P-010-00861            North Dakota, Miss (file) --Siefert, Charlene, Miss North Dakota --Tangen, Nancy  Miss North Dakota, 1970, (ND), 1970/06/14
2009-P-010-00862            Basin
2009-P-010-00863            Metcalf, Senator Lee --Senator Quentin N. Burdick)
2009-P-010-00864            Fox, M. E. n.d.
2009-P-010-00865            Hinsz, Eugene n.d.
2009-P-010-00866            Solberg, I. E. (Esky) n.d.
2009-P-010-00867            Acker, Duane, Dean of Agriculture Biological Science, 1970
2009-P-010-00868            Jennings, Dr. Robert n.d.
2009-P-010-00869            Schlosser, James D. attorney Bismarck (ND), 1970/06/03
2009-P-010-00870            Dykshoorn, Jan n.d.
2009-P-010-00871            Niles, John, 1970/06/03
2009-P-010-00872            Wirtz, Dr. Richard, 1970/06/03
2009-P-010-00873            Keifel, Mrs. Rose --Murray, Gary  Beulah (ND), 1970/06/05
2009-P-010-00874            Burdick, Eugene, 1969
2009-P-010-00875            Emil, James, 1970
2009-P-010-00876            Feichert, Mrs. Otto --Rhone, Jerry I., Flasher (ND), 1970/06/05
2009-P-010-00877            Thompson, Alfred, 1970/06/03
2009-P-010-00878            McIntire, Carl, 1969
2009-P-010-00879            Athenagoras, I., 1970
2009-P-010-00880            Purdy, Mark, 1969
2009-P-010-00881            Redlin, Rolland, 1969
2009-P-010-00882            Meschke, Herbert, 1969
2009-P-010-00883            Williamson, Gary, 1969
2009-P-010-00884            Berg, Homer n.d.
2009-P-010-00885            Aubol, Clare, 1970
2009-P-010-00886            Monson, Orville  Elgin (ND), 1970/06/05
2009-P-010-00887            Nieuwenhuis, Lyle Garrison (ND), 1970/06/05
2009-P-010-00888            Peterson, Norris E., Bowman (ND), 1970
2009-P-010-00889            Schwartings, Ray W.  New Salem (ND), 1970/06/05
2009-P-010-00890            Aasen, Magnus  Mott (ND), 1970/06/05
2009-P-010-00891            Vetter, Joseph  Linton (ND), 1970/06/05
2009-P-010-00892            Wood, Richard F. Mandan (ND), 1970/06/05
2009-P-010-00894            Reynolds, Hardin F. New Town (ND), 1970/06/05
2009-P-010-00895            Tibor, Bernard A.  Bismarck (ND), 1970/06/05
2009-P-010-00897            Beggs, Alden R., Bismarck (ND)
2009-P-010-00898            Spitzer, H. H., 1970
2009-P-010-00899            Lake Tschida, 1970/06/05
2009-P-010-00900            Watford City (ND), 1970
2009-P-010-00901            Area Band Directors: George Anderson, Thelma Armstrong, Ernest Borr, Robert E. Campbell Garrison Band; Harold Foley, Steele Band Director; Wayne Friesz, Beach Band Director; Laurence Hoffman, Wishek Band Director; Gordon Knaak, Bismarck Band Director; L. J. Lennie, Hazen Band Director; John Peffer, Mandan Junior High Band Director; Mrs. Darla Sheldon, Wing Band Director; David Tiedman, St. Mary's Band Director; Leonard Wicklund, Center Band Director 1970/05/13
2009-P-010-00902            Stark, Erv, 1970/06/06
2009-P-010-00903            Emineth, Alvin T., 1970/06/07
2009-P-010-00904            Finch, Robert, 1970/06/07
2009-P-010-00905            Wrangler, Edward, 1970/06/07
2009-P-010-00906            Burdick, Mrs. Quentin (Jocelyn), 1970/06/07
2009-P-010-00907            Peterson, James, 1970/03/30
2009-P-010-00908            Townsend, Bill (Kodalite photo), 1970
2009-P-010-00909            Reis, Larry  (Kodalite photo), 1970
2009-P-010-00910            Eberly, Vernon, 1970/06/10
2009-P-010-00911            Municipal Plant Dedication, McLaughlin (SD), 1970/04/00
2009-P-010-00912            Van Orman, Dr. William F., 1970/06/12
2009-P-010-00913            Nygren, Helge, 1970/06/11
2009-P-010-00914            Bank of North Dakota, 1970
2009-P-010-00915            Schafer, John A., 1970
2009-P-010-00916            Wilson, Harold, 1970/06/11
2009-P-010-00917            Crusch, Fay, 1970/06/11
2009-P-010-00918            Farrar, Frank South Dakota Governor, South Dakota (SD), 1970/06/12
2009-P-010-00919            Swenson, Mrs. Alvin, 1970/06/13
2009-P-010-00920            Germain, David, 1970/06/13
2009-P-010-00921            Neal, Harriman, 1970/06/13
2009-P-010-00922            King, Gorman, 1970/06/13
2009-P-010-00923            Askew, Mrs. Mary (Charles W.) right --McCarty, P.E., 1971/03/03
2009-P-010-00924            Thiel, Mrs. Sam, 1970/06/14
2009-P-010-00925            Leppart, Gary, 1970/06/13
2009-P-010-00926            Engel, Austin Jr. Bismarck (ND), 1970/06/00
2009-P-010-00927            Allen, Jr., James E. --Comm. of Education, 1970
2009-P-010-00928            Larsen, Richard F., 1970/06/16
2009-P-010-00929            Sinner, George, 1970/06/17
2009-P-010-00930            Wetsch, Mr. and Mrs. Anton A., 1970/06/17
2009-P-010-00931            Vander Vorst, Darwin, 1970/06/17
2009-P-010-00932            Palmer, Mr. and Mrs.Archie, 1970/06/18
2009-P-010-00933            Johnson, Dr. Thomas P. (Tom) vice-president of Mary College, Bismarck (ND), 1970/06/23
2009-P-010-00934            Dudman, Richard, 1970/06/23
2009-P-010-00935            Fenton, Francis, 1970/06/24
2009-P-010-00936            Hedberg, Rev. Roger, 1970/06/25
2009-P-010-00937            Heath, Edward Prime Minister, Great Britain, 1970/06/24
2009-P-010-00938            Schulte, A. R., 1970/06/24
2009-P-010-00940            Mor-Gran-Sou  A-Meet and booklet on officers and directors, 1970
2009-P-010-00941            Demo Convention, 1970
2009-P-010-00942            Belfield (ND), 1970
2009-P-010-00943            Elgin (ND), 1970
2009-P-010-00944            Jack, Thomas, 1970/06/27
2009-P-010-00945            Apollo 11, Bismarck (ND), 1970/06/00
2009-P-010-00946            Burchinal, Carrol, 1970/06/27
2009-P-010-00947            Square Dancers, 1970
2009-P-010-00948            Camp Girls, 1970
2009-P-010-00949            Brocopp, Col. (Ret.) Herman A. & negatives --McGowan, Lieut. Col. (Ret.) John, 1970/06/28
2009-P-010-00950            Kids at Work, 1970
2009-P-010-00951            Dubcek, Alexander, 1970/06/27
2009-P-010-00952            Fire on Sixth Street, Bismarck (ND), 1970
2009-P-010-00953            Koneck, Robert (Bob), 1973/04/04
2009-P-010-00954            Mandan Hospital Auxiliary and Hospital Staff, Mandan (ND), 1970
2009-P-010-00955            Basin Electric, 1970
2009-P-010-00956            Maixner, Ed, 1970
2009-P-010-00957            Killdeer, Killdeer (ND), 1970
2009-P-010-00958            State Future Farmers of America Officers (FFA), 1970
2009-P-010-00959            Martinson, Diane Kay, 1970/06/26
2009-P-010-00960            Myhr, R. T., 1970/06/24
2009-P-010-00961            Mandan Rodeo, Mandan (ND), 1970
2009-P-010-00962            Lorenz, Richard D.  Band Director Hebron High School Band, Hebron (ND), 1970
2009-P-010-00963            Killdeer Band, Killdeer (ND), 1970
2009-P-010-00964            Garrison Band, Garrison (ND), 1970
2009-P-010-00965            Hebron High School Band, Hebron (ND), 1970
2009-P-010-00966            Werner, Mrs. Ida, 1970/07/03
2009-P-010-00967            Dertien, Jim, 1970/07/02
2009-P-010-00968            Connole, Jane, 1970/06/30
2009-P-010-00969            Kautzman, A., 1970/07/01
2009-P-010-00970            Hoffman,Paul, 1970/07/01
2009-P-010-00971            Miller, Bonnie, 1970/07/08
2009-P-010-00972            Lovering, Majore, 1970/04/00
2009-P-010-00973            Gillund, Dr. R. C., 1969
2009-P-010-00974            Driscoll (ND) 1970/07/08
2009-P-010-00975            Marquis de Mores, 1970/07/05
2009-P-010-00976            Gregory, Dick, 1969
2009-P-010-00977            Chavez, Caesar, 1969
2009-P-010-00978            Marshall, Thurgood, 1969
2009-P-010-00979            Alliuyeva, Svetlana, 1967
2009-P-010-00982            Saefke, Jr., Fred, 1970/07/10
2009-P-010-00983            Olson, Richard D., 1970/07/11
2009-P-010-00984            Beckler, Henry, 1970/07/12
2009-P-010-00985            Bruce, David, 1970/07/11
2009-P-010-00986            Ramstad, James, 1970/07/00
2009-P-010-00987            State Library, Vocational Rehabilitation, Selective Service, Bismarck (ND), 1970/07/11
2009-P-010-00988            Jorgenson, Rev. Lloyd C., 1971/05/20
2009-P-010-00989            Connolly, John B., 1970
2009-P-010-00990            Montz, Mrs. C. R., 1970/07/14
2009-P-010-00991            Kuehn, Duane, 1970/07/16
2009-P-010-00992            Kelsch, William, 1970/07/16
2009-P-010-00993            Burleigh County Commissioners, 1970/07/17
2009-P-010-00994            ND Game and Fish Department, Bismarck (ND), 1970/07/17
2009-P-010-00995            Heinrich, Larry H., 1970/07/19
2009-P-010-00996            Price, David, 1969
2009-P-010-00997            Walker, LeRoy C., 1970/07/18
2009-P-010-00998            McDonald, Jack, 1970/07/21
2009-P-010-00999            Lesquivit, Rev. Columban, 1970/07/21
2009-P-010-01000            Olson, Bertram J., 1970/07/21
2009-P-010-01001            Vogel, Joseph A., 1970/07/00
2009-P-010-01002            Bear, Richard, 1970/07/22
2009-P-010-01003            Kelsch, Thomas, 1970/07/22
2009-P-010-01004            Whittey, Charles, 1970/07/23
2009-P-010-01005            Sims (ND), 1970/08/02
2009-P-010-01006            Armstrong, Neil A., 1970
2009-P-010-01007            Kennedy, Robert (visit), 1966
2009-P-010-01008            Fort Lincoln State Park, 1970
2009-P-010-01009            Mandan Hospital, Mandan (ND), 1968
2009-P-010-01010            Roosevelt National Park, 1970
2009-P-010-01011            Almont (ND), 1970
2009-P-010-01012            Reimer, Bernice, 1970/07/30
2009-P-010-01013            First Baptist Church, 1966/12/03
2009-P-010-01014            First Nazarene Church, 1966/12/03
2009-P-010-01015            Civic Center (drawing), Bismarck (ND), 1970
2009-P-010-01016            Mary College Drawing of campus and buildings, 1970
2009-P-010-01017            Missouri Slope Lutheran Nursing Home, Bismarck (ND), 1970
2009-P-010-01018            Holiday Inn, 1970
2009-P-010-01019            Contractors, Associated General building, (Architect's drawing), 1970
2009-P-010-01020            Town House, 1970
2009-P-010-01021            Highway Department (building under construction and completed building), 1970
2009-P-010-01022            Backus, Father Charles H., 1969
2009-P-010-01023            Kennedy, David  Secretary of Treasury --McCracken, Paul Chairman, President Council of Economic Advisors, 1971/01/00
2009-P-010-01024            Presbyterian Church under construction, Bismarck (ND), 1970/12/03
2009-P-010-01025            United Tribes, Bismarck (ND), 1970/07/23
2009-P-010-01026            Gerl, James, 1970/07/24
2009-P-010-01027            Scott, Robert, 1970/07/24
2009-P-010-01028            Addonizio, Hugh former Newark Mayor --Hugh Addonizio, 1970/07/28
2009-P-010-01029            Roosevelt, Theodore, 1970
2009-P-010-01030            Nagel, Johanna, 1970/07/31
2009-P-010-01031            Harrison, Jane, 1970/07/30
2009-P-010-01032            Goyne, P. A. (Tex), 1970/07/30
2009-P-010-01033            Bosch, Patricia, 1970/07/30
2009-P-010-01034            Carvell, Kevin, 1970/07/29
2009-P-010-01035            First American Bank & Trust Company, 1970/08/02
2009-P-010-01036            Northwest Finance Co., 1970/08/02
2009-P-010-01037            Gaugler, Ralph (right), 1970/08/01
2009-P-010-01038            Higgins, Kent, 1970/08/01
2009-P-010-01039            Behrendt, Edward C., 1970/08/02
2009-P-010-01040            Turner, F. C., 1970/08/06
2009-P-010-01041            Wickham, Hadley (Wickham Jewelry), 1970/08/00
2009-P-010-01042            Collins, Jim (Collins Dept. Store), 1970/08/00
2009-P-010-01043            Fox, Ron Superior Lumber, 1970/08/00
2009-P-010-01044            Huddleson, Bob John Iverson Company, 1970/08/00
2009-P-010-01045            Zeffirelli, Franco, 1964
2009-P-010-01046            Dollinger, Dennis --Thomas, Phil (Thomas TV) (also with wife) --Schafer, Herman 1973/01/05
2009-P-010-01047            Dahlen (Mandan Security Bank), Mandan (ND), 1970/08/00
2009-P-010-01048            Stiefel, Marvin (Remund Tire), 1970/08/00
2009-P-010-01049            McFarland, Jim (1st National Bank), 1970/08/00
2009-P-010-01050            Tanner, Cal (Ben Franklin), 1970/08/00
2009-P-010-01051            Makelke, Ed  (Chase Chevrolet), Bismarck (ND), 1970/08/00
2009-P-010-01052            Frye, Harry (Standard Office Supply) --Harry Frye, Standard Office Supply, 1970/08/00
2009-P-010-01053            Falkovic, Marilyn J. C. Penney, Mandan (ND), 1970/08/00
2009-P-010-01054            Jablonski, Carl Mandan Real Estate, Mandan (ND), 1970/08/00
2009-P-010-01055            Hendrickson, Howard (Hendrickson's Jewelry), 1970/08/00
2009-P-010-01056            Wetsch, Leo  also see #1864 (in group) August 1970, 08/00 --1972
2009-P-010-01057            Hanna, Dan (Lewis & Clark Hotel)  see also #1864 (in group), 1970/08/00
2009-P-010-01058            Peterson, George (George's Jack & Jill), 1970/08/00
2009-P-010-01059            Graner, Barney (Barney's Standard), 1970/08/00
2009-P-010-01060            Joersz, Marv (Marv's Hardware), 1970/08/00
2009-P-010-01061            Hanson, Jim (Mandan Drug), Mandan (ND), 1970/08/00
2009-P-010-01062            Ohlsen, Dorotha (Dorotha's Ceramics), 1970/08/00
2009-P-010-01063            Grant, Cornelius P. ND Economic Development Administration Representative --Metzger, Charles director, grant project, 1974/03/27
2009-P-010-01064            Castro, Fidel, 1970/08/07
2009-P-010-01065            Bender, Roger James, 1970/08/07
2009-P-010-01066            Pladson, Ann, 1970/08/09
2009-P-010-01067            Noakes, Forrest, 1970/08/09
2009-P-010-01068            Keller, Ron, 1970/08/07
2009-P-010-01069            Leslie-Melville, Jock and Betty Bruce, 1970/08/12
2009-P-010-01070            Pierpoint, Robert, 1970/08/12
2009-P-010-01071            Bracken, Peg, 1970/08/12
2009-P-010-01072            Roller, Max E., 1970/08/13
2009-P-010-01073            Ogilvie, Richard B., 1970/08/13
2009-P-010-01074            Daner, Marjorie (Mrs. Bill), 1970/08/16
2009-P-010-01075            Bertsch, Mrs. Amalia, 1970/08/18
2009-P-010-01076            Letteer, Richard, 1970/08/18
2009-P-010-01077            Burger, Warren, 1970/08/00
2009-P-010-01078            Dolan, Glenn R., 1970/08/16
2009-P-010-01079            Ehrmantraut, John --John Ehrmantraut, n.d.
2009-P-010-01080            Taylor, E.J., 1970/08/21
2009-P-010-01081            Schwede, Bob   Mandan, Mandan (ND), 1970/08/21
2009-P-010-01082            Christensen, Mrs. Jack (Carma), 1970/08/23
2009-P-010-01083            Refsal, Harley Intern-First Lutheran Church, Mandan (ND), 1970/08/23
2009-P-010-01084            Refsal, Mrs. Harley (Marcia), 1970/08/23
2009-P-010-01085            Berntsen, Don  Department of Public Instruction, 1970/08/23
2009-P-010-01087            Highway Safety Officials, 1970/07/31
2009-P-010-01088            Polasky, Al  White Drug, 1970/08/20
2009-P-010-01089            Graff, James, 1970/09/01
2009-P-010-01090            Davison, Philip M. Jr., P.R.-N.D. Railway, 1970/08/21
2009-P-010-01091            Law Enforcement Academy, 1970/08/27
2009-P-010-01092            Blackmun, Mrs. Harry (Dorothy), 1970/08/27
2009-P-010-01093            Shaw, Louie --Van Wyk, David R., 1970/08/26
2009-P-010-01094            Calley, Lt. William, 1970/08/28
2009-P-010-01095            Weekender, Steele (ND), 1970/08/00
2009-P-010-01096            Engelter, Jr., William J., 1970/09/03
2009-P-010-01097            Skager, Marion, 1970/09/03
2009-P-010-01098            Mittelstadt, Diane, 1970/09/03
2009-P-010-01099            Uhler, Grace, 1970/09/03
2009-P-010-01100            Thuy, Xuan, 1970/09/09
2009-P-010-01101            Eckroth, Phyllis, 1970/09/03
2009-P-010-01102            Kuhn, Bea, 1970/09/03
2009-P-010-01103            Budeau, Eunice, 1970/09/03
2009-P-010-01104            Mushik, William, 1969
2009-P-010-01105            Engelter, Veronica, 1970/09/03
2009-P-010-01106            Eckroth, Priscilla, 1970/09/03
2009-P-010-01107            Stastny, Evelyn, 1970/09/03
2009-P-010-01108            Rodeo, Miss (Winners)
2009-P-010-01109            Turtle Lake (ND), 1970
2009-P-010-01110            Byerly, R. W.
2009-P-010-01111            Brynes, Mrs. Hazel Webster, n.d.
2009-P-010-01112            Byrum, Mr. and Mrs., n.d.
2009-P-010-01113            Bye, Kermit E., n.d.
2009-P-010-01114            Butler, Rev. James, n.d.
2009-P-010-01115            Butler, Frances, n.d.
2009-P-010-01116            Burwell, Robert W., n.d.
2009-P-010-01117            Burrows, Richard, n.d.
2009-P-010-01118            Burnett, Boyce
2009-P-010-01119            Burke, Monte, n.d.
2009-P-010-01120            Burke, John, n.d.
2009-P-010-01121            Burke, Walter, n.d.
2009-P-010-01122            Burgess, A. D.
2009-P-010-01123            Burgum, Thomas, n.d.
2009-P-010-01124            Burgum, Leslie R., n.d.
2009-P-010-01125            Burgum, Katherine, n.d.
2009-P-010-01126            Burgess, Samuel E., n.d.
2009-P-010-01127            Burger, Dr. Myron W., n.d.
2009-P-010-01128            Burkart, Reinie, n.d.
2009-P-010-01129            Burch, Mel, n.d.
2009-P-010-01130            Burbridge, Arden
2009-P-010-01131            Bunk, Agnes
2009-P-010-01132            Bumpas, Kay L., n.d.
2009-P-010-01133            Buesch, Gene, n.d.
2009-P-010-01134            Buehler, Warren A., n.d.
2009-P-010-01135            Buckingham, Dr. William D., n.d.
2009-P-010-01136            Buck, Vincent, n.d.
2009-P-010-01137            Buck, Gerald, n.d.
2009-P-010-01138            Buck, B.A.
2009-P-010-01139            Buck, A.L.
2009-P-010-01141            Bryan, Glendon
2009-P-010-01142            Bry, Ed, n.d.
2009-P-010-01143            Brush, Willis, n.d.
2009-P-010-01144            Brunsvold, Rudolph K., n.d.
2009-P-010-01145            Brunsvold, Maurice, n.d.
2009-P-010-01146            Bruner, R., n.d.
2009-P-010-01147            Bruner, Anton
2009-P-010-01148            Brunelle, Pat, n.d.
2009-P-010-01149            Bruhn, Mr. and Mrs. Walter, n.d.
2009-P-010-01150            Bruggeman, Mrs. Henry, n.d.
2009-P-010-01151            Brown, Walt, n.d.
2009-P-010-01152            Brown, Sylvia, n.d.
2009-P-010-01153            Brown, George A., n.d.
2009-P-010-01154            Brown, Glenda, n.d.
2009-P-010-01155            Broste, John, n.d.
2009-P-010-01156            Broste, Groes, n.d.
2009-P-010-01157            Brose, William D., n.d.
2009-P-010-01158            Brooks, Robert, n.d.
2009-P-010-01159            Broton, James A., n.d.
2009-P-010-01160            Broberg, Roger, n.d.
2009-P-010-01161            Brissee, Lee, n.d.
2009-P-010-01162            Brilz, Leonard, n.d.
2009-P-010-01163            Brien, Carston F., n.d.
2009-P-010-01164            Bride, Joe, n.d.
2009-P-010-01165            Breznay, Ernest, n.d.
2009-P-010-01166            Breul, Paul, n.d.
2009-P-010-01167            Brennan, Frank, n.d.
2009-P-010-01168            Brady, Arthur
2009-P-010-01169            Breitling, Howard, n.d.
2009-P-010-01170            Braun, Donald R., n.d.
2009-P-010-01171            Braxmeier, Dr. A. C., n.d.
2009-P-010-01172            Brannan, Dan, n.d.
2009-P-010-01173            Brandt, Fred, n.d.
2009-P-010-01174            Brandt, Donald, n.d.
2009-P-010-01175            Brakke, Thomas, n.d.
2009-P-010-01176            Bragg, William, n.d.
2009-P-010-01177            Bradley, R. E., n.d.
2009-P-010-01178            Bradley, Arthur
2009-P-010-01179            Brackin, George, n.d.
2009-P-010-01180            Boyd, James C., n.d.
2009-P-010-01181            Berlin, Boyd
2009-P-010-01182            Bowen, Mr. and Mrs. E. T., n.d.
2009-P-010-01183            Bowman, Lawrence, n.d.
2009-P-010-01184            Bowman, Albert
2009-P-010-01186            Boutrous, Jim, n.d.
2009-P-010-01187            Bousted, Carl, n.d.
2009-P-010-01188            Bourgois, Ervin, n.d.
2009-P-010-01189            Anderson, William R., 1971/06/00
2009-P-010-01190            Bosch, Charles, n.d.
2009-P-010-01191            Borstad, Milo, n.d.
2009-P-010-01192            Borlaug, Oliver, n.d.
2009-P-010-01193            Borge, Carl, n.d.
2009-P-010-01194            Booth, Ed, n.d.
2009-P-010-01195            Magill, Frank, 1970/09/10
2009-P-010-01196            Mutch, Duane, 1969
2009-P-010-01197            Hertz, Don Postmaster, Mandan (ND), 1970/09/10
2009-P-010-01198            Peck, Robert E., 1969
2009-P-010-01199            George, Ernest, 1970/09/13
2009-P-010-01201            Hodgson, James D. Secretary of Labor, 1970/09/14
2009-P-010-01202            Kosygin, Alexei, 1970/09/13
2009-P-010-01203            Hussein, King, 1970
2009-P-010-01204            Dayan, Moshe, 1970/07/29
2009-P-010-01205            Jarring, Gunnar V., 1970/08/25
2009-P-010-01206            Rippon, Geoffrey, 1970/07/29
2009-P-010-01207            Halloran, Maribeth, 1970/06/23
2009-P-010-01208            Giedt, Douglas --Swenson, Leo, 1970-1971
2009-P-010-01209            ND Tuberculosis Association, 1970/09/17
2009-P-010-01210            Bingham, Jonathan B. Rep., 1970/08/07
2009-P-010-01211            O'Brien, Lawrence, 1970/08/31
2009-P-010-01212            Bye, Garry, 1970/09/12
2009-P-010-01213            Selland, Lee, 1970/09/15
2009-P-010-01214            Bina, Clarence, 1970/09/10
2009-P-010-01215            Zerr, Bill (Super Valu-produce), 1970/09/13
2009-P-010-01216            Schroeder, Marlin (Super Valu-merchandiser), 1970/09/15
2009-P-010-01217            Klein, Carl (Super Valu-meat), 1970/09/15
2009-P-010-01218            Leben, Lenny (Super Valu-manager), 1970/09/15
2009-P-010-01219            Miller, Eldor  Hazen (ND), 1970/09/15
2009-P-010-01220            Jensen, Dr. Lowell L., 1970/07/00
2009-P-010-01221            Super Valu, 1970/09/15
2009-P-010-01222            Nelson, C. N., 1970/09/18
2009-P-010-01223            Key, Gilbert, 1970/09/20
2009-P-010-01224            Castro, Juanita, 1970/09/18
2009-P-010-01225            Ernst, LeRoy, 1970/09/19
2009-P-010-01226            McSpadden,
2009-P-010-01227            Horn, Mrs. R. W. (Joy), 1970/09/23
2009-P-010-01228            Swenson, Mr. and Mrs. Hjalmer, Bismarck (ND), 1970/09/23
2009-P-010-01229            Steinhouse, Mr. and Mrs. Gustave, Pettibone (ND), 1970/09/23
2009-P-010-01230            Thi Binh, Mme. Nguyen, 1970/09/22
2009-P-010-01231            Dang Lam, Pham, 1970/09/22
2009-P-010-01232            YMCA, 1970/09/23
2009-P-010-01233            Davis, Benjamin D.  Head of Administration's program to deter airline agency, 1970/09/25
2009-P-010-01234            Miller, Mrs. Robert L., 1970/09/25
2009-P-010-01235            Daley, Arthur, 1970/09/26
2009-P-010-01236            Lipsyte, Robert, 1970/09/26
2009-P-010-01237            Kennedy, Mrs. Rose, n.d.
2009-P-010-01238            Paulson, Peter C., 1970
2009-P-010-01240            Davis, Rev. Christopher, 1970/09/29
2009-P-010-01241            Blum, Ted, 1970/09/27
2009-P-010-01242            Steier, Joseph, Reeder (ND), 1970/09/27
2009-P-010-01243            Peterson, Dr. Alice, 1970/09/27
2009-P-010-01244            Burns, Sister Anne, 1970/09/29
2009-P-010-01245            Schulte, Q. R.  ND Department Commander American Legion, Stanley (ND), 1970/09/27
2009-P-010-01246            Gajeske, Eric, 1970/09/29
2009-P-010-01247            Nasser, President Gamal Abdel, 1970/09/29
2009-P-010-01248            Wheeler, Mrs. R. W., 1970/09/30
2009-P-010-01249            Reston, James, 1970/09/27
2009-P-010-01250            Knoll, C. J. (Durty), 1969
2009-P-010-01251            Moltzen, Mrs. Alvin, 1970/10/03
2009-P-010-01252            Reeck, Mrs. Harold (Penwoman), 1970/10/04
2009-P-010-01253            Hall, Robert (Mary College), 1970/10/04
2009-P-010-01254            Running, Cyrus (Art-Concordia College Show), 1970/10/04
2009-P-010-01255            Snortland, Howard, 1970/10/04
2009-P-010-01256            Nelson, Robert A. UND Art Show Citation Award, 1970/10/04
2009-P-010-01257            Conlin, Jr., E. J.
2009-P-010-01258            Wenger, Mrs. George American Legion Auxiliary, Flasher (ND), 1970/10/01
2009-P-010-01259            Burrell, Steve (Manager Zales) --Miller, Pius  (Assistant Manager Zales), 1970/10/01
2009-P-010-01260            Haaland, Mrs. Sigurd American Legion Auxiliary, Velva (ND), 1970/10/01
2009-P-010-01261            Horn, R. W. (State Industrial School Chaplain) --McCarthy, Paul Sister, Mandan (ND), 1970-1972
2009-P-010-01262            Burns, John (credit manager Wards), 1970/09/00
2009-P-010-01263            Chapman, Dan, 1970/10/00
2009-P-010-01264            Cook, Rev. Blaine, 1970/10/06
2009-P-010-01265            Geener, William Montgomery Wards Merchandising, 1970/09/00
2009-P-010-01266            Sadat, Anwar   Egypt, 1970/10/02
2009-P-010-01267            Montgomery Ward, Bismarck (ND), 1970/10/00
2009-P-010-01268            Hughes, Harold, 1970/10/07
2009-P-010-01269            Shriver, Sargent and family, 1970/10/07
2009-P-010-01270            Mitchell, Mrs. Martha (Mrs. John), 1970/10/07
2009-P-010-01271            Hall, Leonard, 1970/10/07
2009-P-010-01272            Renner, Ted, Dickinson (ND),
2009-P-010-01273            Mellon, Paul n.d.
2009-P-010-01274            Sheen, Cardinal Fulton J. n.d.
2009-P-010-01275            Gronvold, Martin, 1970/10/08
2009-P-010-01276            Morrell, Mrs. Stephen, 1970/10/09
2009-P-010-01277            Fristad, Mrs. C.G., 1970/10/09
2009-P-010-01278            Stair, Gerald Representative
2009-P-010-01279            Beasley, Chet n.d.
2009-P-010-01280            Rath, Elmer Remund Ford
2009-P-010-01281            Thompson, Rikki n.d.
2009-P-010-01282            Jesse, Bob Town House
2009-P-010-01283            Messner, Jack n.d.
2009-P-010-01284            Hunkele, John Holiday Inn
2009-P-010-01285            Bring, Dale White Drug
2009-P-010-01286            Reimers, Don Carpenter Lumber
2009-P-010-01287            Rausch, Bob   Rausch Furniture Company, Bismarck (ND)
2009-P-010-01288            Huseby, Bob Dakota Flooring, Bismarck (ND)
2009-P-010-01289            Wiest, Bob Bill's Magnavox
2009-P-010-01290            Anderson, Joe Wyllie Piano
2009-P-010-01291            Kopp, John Kopp Standard
2009-P-010-01292            Schmaltz, Frank Boulevard Liquor
2009-P-010-01293            Shark, Evan Evan's Men's Store
2009-P-010-01294            Klemerson, Bill Bonanza Sirloin Pit --Vern Leverson
2009-P-010-01295            Buchholz, Rodger Rodger's Maytag
2009-P-010-01296            Semler, Larry Montana Dakota Utilities
2009-P-010-01297            Scheer, Terry Red Owl
2009-P-010-01298            Johnson, Mrs George M. n.d.
2009-P-010-01299            Conrath, Caroline, 1970/10/11
2009-P-010-01300            Larson, Mrs. Gerald --Raftshol, Miss Alma, 1970/10/11
2009-P-010-01301            Hanson, Robert H. n.d.
2009-P-010-01302            Skantz, A.R. Racine, Wisconsin, Racine (WI), 1970
2009-P-010-01303            Torres, Juan Jose, President of Bolivia, 1970/10/10
2009-P-010-01304            Choquette, Jerome (Justice Minister, Quebec), 1970/10/11
2009-P-010-01305            Silbernagel, Pete, Pioneer Sports Editor, 1970/10/14
2009-P-010-01306            Pederson, Mrs. Robert (Mary), 1970/10/14
2009-P-010-01307            Register, Judge George  (see also #4957), 1970/10/14
2009-P-010-01308            Moreland, Jack Bismarck (ND), 1970
2009-P-010-01309            K-Mart, Bismarck (ND),
2009-P-010-01310            Munson, Ardys, 1970/10/16
2009-P-010-01311            Fleischer, Leland Mandan (ND), 1970/10/16
2009-P-010-01312            nipe, Walter Kn.d.
2009-P-010-01313            Kramer, Edwin  Ashley (ND),
2009-P-010-01314            Cornell, Clarence n.d.
2009-P-010-01315            Ditmer, Wayne n.d.
2009-P-010-01316            Hughes, Edmond n.d.
2009-P-010-01317            New Leipzig (ND), 1970
2009-P-010-01318            International Peace Gardens, 1970
2009-P-010-01319            Regent (ND), 1970
2009-P-010-01321            Wing (ND), 1970
2009-P-010-01322            Wishek (ND), 1970
2009-P-010-01323            Captain Anderson, Bismarck Police Department, Bismarck (ND), 1970/10/18
2009-P-010-01324            Hoerauf, Wilbert (Morton Soil Conservation), 1970/10/13
2009-P-010-01325            Feragen, Robert (Basin Electric), 1970/10/18
2009-P-010-01326            Osborne, Dr. Elbert Franklin, 1970/10/21
2009-P-010-01327            Nayes, LeRoy M. (FHA), 1970/10/17
2009-P-010-01328            Eastgate, Jim (Office Manager, Zales Jewelry), 1970
2009-P-010-01329            Presidents, College and University, 1970
2009-P-010-01330            Hilger, Sister Ione, 1970/10/17
2009-P-010-01331            Supreme Court, 1970/10/18
2009-P-010-01332            Schoregge, Mrs. Iris, 1970/10/22
2009-P-010-01333            Jorgenson, John, 1970/10/22
2009-P-010-01334            Burns, W.B. (Refinery), 1970/10/22
2009-P-010-01335            New England (ND), 1970
2009-P-010-01336            Reagan, Governor Ronald, and wife Nancy, California), 1971/01/24
2009-P-010-01337            Rogers, William Secretary of State, 1970/10/23
2009-P-010-01338            Evans, Charles A., 1970/10/24
2009-P-010-01339            Eck, Donavan, 1970/10/24
2009-P-010-01340            Cook, G. Bradford  former Securities & Exchange Comm. Chr. --Strutz, Alvin C., 1973/05/20
2009-P-010-01341            Smith, James V. (FHA Administrator), 1970/10/27
2009-P-010-01342            Chase, Mr. and Mrs. Bob, 1970/10/27
2009-P-010-01343            Bowles Cruse, Heloise (see also Phyllis Diller #2901)
2009-P-010-01344            Benson, Reed n.d.
2009-P-010-01345            Van Buren, Abigail, 1974/09/00
2009-P-010-01346            Young, Robert n.d.
2009-P-010-01347            Stuckey, Dr. Roy Joe, 1970/10/28
2009-P-010-01348            Burkett, Walter Bimarck Junior College-Debate, 1970/10/20
2009-P-010-01349            Gagnon, Lieut. Col. George Woodrow, 1970/10/29
2009-P-010-01350            Drapeay, Mayor Jean, Montreal (Canada), 1970/10/29
2009-P-010-01351            Turman, Ralph, 1970/10/30
2009-P-010-01352            Garrett, Dr. Gene, 1970/10/30
2009-P-010-01353            Whitney, John Hay, 1970
2009-P-010-01354            Olivier, Laurence, 1970
2009-P-010-01355            Aldrin, Edwin E. Jr., Moon explorer --Edwin E Aldrin Jr, 1970
2009-P-010-01356            Rolfson, Norman, 1966
2009-P-010-01357            Kyllo, Bernie, 1970/11/01
2009-P-010-01358            Lang, Mrs. Ted (Helen) (FHA), 1970/11/01
2009-P-010-01359            Bye, Connie, 1970/11/01
2009-P-010-01360            Marti, Leonard UND-Athletics Division, 1970/10/31
2009-P-010-01361            Klein, Marvin A., 1970/10/31
2009-P-010-01362            Hettinger (ND), 1970
2009-P-010-01363            Wingenbach, Ed, 1970/11/03
2009-P-010-01364            Hagen, Orville W., 1970/11/11
2009-P-010-01365            Keuther, William C., 1970/11/11
2009-P-010-01366            Giese, Clifford, 1970/11/11
2009-P-010-01367            Shaw, Mrs. A.R., 1970/11/11
2009-P-010-01368            Yost, Charles W. U.N. Ambassador, 1970/11/04
2009-P-010-01369            Rodeo, Bismarck (ND), 1970/11/04
2009-P-010-01370            Swenson, Jacob (Jake) n.d.
2009-P-010-01371            Owens, Rev. Everrett C. H., Linton (ND)
2009-P-010-01372            Schirado, L. J., n.d.
2009-P-010-01373            Conrath, Mrs. Fred (Ann), 1970/11/06
2009-P-010-01374            Helgeson, Adin (Weights and Measures Department Director), 1970/11/11
2009-P-010-01375            Volk, Pete (P.F.) n.d.
2009-P-010-01376            Snider, Leo n.d.
2009-P-010-01377            Kleppe, Russell n.d.
2009-P-010-01378            Gajeske, Marilyn n.d.
2009-P-010-01379            Klipstein, Elmer n.d.
2009-P-010-01380            Engelter, Charles n.d.
2009-P-010-01381            Leier, John L., Linton (ND),
2009-P-010-01382            Rivinius, Albert L. Elgin --Ruemmele, Frank J. Carson --Utter, Miles W., n.d.
2009-P-010-01383            Weekender, Strasburg (ND) 1970/11/08
2009-P-010-01384            Welk, Lawrence (Homeplace) Strasburg (ND),
2009-P-010-01385            Fires, Mandan (ND), 1970/11/00
2009-P-010-01387            Lundberg, Mrs. Robert (right) with daughter --Lundberg, Susan  (Children's librarian - Veteran's Memorial), 1970/12/30
2009-P-010-01388            Rhodes, Harold (Director of Civil Defense & Adult Education Department of Public Instruction), 1970
2009-P-010-01389            Madison, Thomas F. General manager Northwestern Bell, Fargo (ND),
2009-P-010-01390            Johnston, C. J. retired chief engineer for Northwestern Bell in North Dakota,
2009-P-010-01391            Lindblom, J. R. Chief Engineer for Northwestern Bell in North Dakota
2009-P-010-01392            Huelskamp, Michael J. (see also #5223),
2009-P-010-01393            Staley, Mrs. Charles T. 100 years old, Bismarck (ND), 1970/11/17
2009-P-010-01394            Kneip, Richard (Governor-elect-South Dakota), 1970/11/11
2009-P-010-01395            Smith, Mrs. Walter J., 1970/11/14
2009-P-010-01396            Cary, Colin n.d.
2009-P-010-01397            McMillan, Eben n.d.
2009-P-010-01398            Mann, Theodore ESBR- project Mgr., 1970/11/17
2009-P-010-01399            Conrad, John, 1970
2009-P-010-01400            Conrad, Charles, 1970
2009-P-010-01401            Connell, Bill, 1970
2009-P-010-01402            Presbyterian Church choir-1955 and children's choir-1959, Mandan (ND)
2009-P-010-01403            Conmy, Patrick, 1970
2009-P-010-01404            Claymore, Duane, 1970
2009-P-010-01405            Clemens, Boyd, 1970
2009-P-010-01406            Clemens, Mrs. Cameron (Marlene)  also #545, 1970
2009-P-010-01407            Clemens, Cameron L., 1970
2009-P-010-01408            Clement, Don F. --Robinson, Mrs. Dave  1971/03/12
2009-P-010-01409            Heinz, Ronald M., 1970/11/19
2009-P-010-01410            Clement, John, 1970
2009-P-010-01411            Clifford, Tom J., 1970
2009-P-010-01412            Coddington, Don, 1970
2009-P-010-01413            Coker, C. C., 1970
2009-P-010-01414            Colberg, Wayne, 1970
2009-P-010-01415            Cole, William, 1970
2009-P-010-01416            Coles, John, 1970
2009-P-010-01417            Collins, Bernard, 1970
2009-P-010-01418            Clayburgh, Ben Dr., 1970
2009-P-010-01419            Clarke, N. W., 1970
2009-P-010-01420            Clark, William H., 1970
2009-P-010-01421            Clark, Frank, 1970
2009-P-010-01422            Clardon, Julia Mrs., 1970
2009-P-010-01423            Ciaverella, Joe, 1970
2009-P-010-01425            Cooper, John Sherman, 1970/11/00
2009-P-010-01426            Ciaverella, Herman, 1970
2009-P-010-01427            Christopher, A. J., 1970
2009-P-010-01428            Chyles, Bill, 1970
2009-P-010-01430            Christgau, Victor, 1970
2009-P-010-01431            Christensen, Norman, 1970
2009-P-010-01432            Cheshire, John, 1970
2009-P-010-01433            Charbonneau, H. J., 1970
2009-P-010-01434            Chapman, William R., 1970
2009-P-010-01435            Chapman, Allan, 1970
2009-P-010-01436            Chapman, Casey, 1970
2009-P-010-01437            Cermak, Vernon, 1970
2009-P-010-01438            Castro, Vern, 1970
2009-P-010-01439            Cassidy, John L., 1970
2009-P-010-01440            Cassedy, Father Elwood, 1970
2009-P-010-01441            Cary, Mrs. Colin R., 1960-1970
2009-P-010-01442            Calkins, Darlene, 1970
2009-P-010-01443            Calkins, Burdette, 1970
2009-P-010-01444            Carlsen, Dr. D. A., 1970
2009-P-010-01445            Carlsen, Dr. Anne, 1970
2009-P-010-01446            Carlson, Oscar, 1970
2009-P-010-01447            Carlson, Reuben, 1970
2009-P-010-01448            Carlson, Karen J., 1970
2009-P-010-01449            Carlson, Yvonne, 1970
2009-P-010-01450            Carson, Dr. John P., 1970
2009-P-010-01451            Carter, Jack F., 1970
2009-P-010-01452            Cartwright, Dr. John T., 1970
2009-P-010-01453            O'Neil, Mr. and Mrs. Harold (center), 1971/02/17
2009-P-010-01456            Curtis, P.J., 1970
2009-P-010-01459            Cudmore, W. J., 1970
2009-P-010-01462            Craven, John --Graves, Mrs. Betty (third left) --Lewis, Captain Thomas C. (right) --Miller, Joe (left) --Moeller, William S. (second from left), 1971/04/16
2009-P-010-01463            Cratty, Richard, 1970
2009-P-010-01464            Crane, C. E., 1970
2009-P-010-01465            Corwin, William, 1970
2009-P-010-01466            Cornett, James D., 1970
2009-P-010-01467            Cooper, Vernon S., 1970
2009-P-010-01468            Cooley, Charles D., 1970
2009-P-010-01469            Cooper, Jess, 1970
2009-P-010-01470            Cook, Ken, 1970
2009-P-010-01471            Conrath, Sr., Fred, 1970
2009-P-010-01472            Fell, Fritz Mary College Coach, 1970/11/25
2009-P-010-01473            Schmeling, Wally Assistant principal Mandan High School, Mandan (ND), 1970/11/25
2009-P-010-01474            Dillon, Jerald President-MEA, 1970/11/25
2009-P-010-01475            Hanson, Robert, 1970/11/26
2009-P-010-01477            Paul, Jack, 1970/11/00
2009-P-010-01478            Cann, Kay, 1970/11/29
2009-P-010-01482            Eckroth, Mr. and Mrs. Gabriel, 1970/12/01
2009-P-010-01483            Driscoll, Connie (Center), 1970/12/01
2009-P-010-01484            Larson, Mrs. Enga, 1970/12/01
2009-P-010-01485            Ky, Nguyen Cao  Vice-President, South Vietnam, 1970/12/01
2009-P-010-01486            Dawson, Mr. and Mrs. Lyle Sr., Flasher (ND), 1970/12/02
2009-P-010-01487            ND Board of Higher Education, Bismarck (ND), 1970/12/02
2009-P-010-01488            Kadlec, Ken Farmers Union, Bismarck (ND), 1970/12/03
2009-P-010-01489            Dukrop, A. J. Farmers Union, 1970/12/03
2009-P-010-01490            Daniel, F. B.  Farmers Union, 1970/12/03
2009-P-010-01491            Tomasek, Dr. Henry J. UND, 1970/12/05
2009-P-010-01492            Towne, Mrs. Roy S. (Alice) Sr., 1970/12/06
2009-P-010-01493            Palmer, Dick  ND Teacher of the Year, 1970/11/00
2009-P-010-01494            Morris, Brig. Gen. John W., 1970/12/09
2009-P-010-01495            ND House Leaders, 1970/12/09
2009-P-010-01496            ND Senate Leaders, 1970/12/09
2009-P-010-01497            Stamm, Gilbert G., 1970/12/09
2009-P-010-01498            Falconer, Bill, 1970/12/13
2009-P-010-01499            Stickney, Dorothy, 1970/12/13
2009-P-010-01500            Miller, George, 1970/12/12
2009-P-010-01501            Miller, Dr. Harold  President, Mary College, 1970/12/13
2009-P-010-01502            Malsam, John, 1970/12/12
2009-P-010-01503            Hughes, Mrs. Charles, 1970/12/09
2009-P-010-01504            Erickson, Mrs. Oscar, 1970/12/09
2009-P-010-01505            Stranik, Robert A. Dickinson Water Users President, Dickinson (ND), 1970/12/11
2009-P-010-01506            Wheelihan, Mrs. Clara  Democratic Women President, 1970/12/13
2009-P-010-01507            Edick, Mrs. Robert, 1970/12/13
2009-P-010-01508            Hofman, Mrs. Ervin, 1970/12/13
2009-P-010-01509            Hoffner, S. F. "Buckshot" (Minority leader-ND House), 1970/12/13
2009-P-010-01510            Bjorlie, Liv, 1970/12/13
2009-P-010-01511            Rolfson, Calvin  Special assistant to ND Attorney General  see Engelter, William, 1970/12/18
2009-P-010-01512            Aneth, Leroy States Attorney, Ward County (ND), 1970/12/18
2009-P-010-01513            Hays, Mrs. Leonard, 1970/12/12
2009-P-010-01514            Dafoe, Art, 1970
2009-P-010-01515            Dahl, Alfred, 1970
2009-P-010-01516            Dahl, Chris, 1970
2009-P-010-01517            Dahl, Einar, 1970
2009-P-010-01518            Dahlen, E. M., 1970
2009-P-010-01520            Daner, Wm., 1970
2009-P-010-01521            Danz, Jack, 1970
2009-P-010-01522            Darnell, Moyne, 1970
2009-P-010-01523            Rodgers, Richard, 1970
2009-P-010-01524            Leonard Davis Obituary, 1970
2009-P-010-01525            Dawson, C. L., 1970
2009-P-010-01526            Dawson, Lyle L., 1970
2009-P-010-01527            Day, J. R., 1970
2009-P-010-01528            DeBolt, Donald, 1970
2009-P-010-01529            Eaton, Cyrus S., 1970
2009-P-010-01530            Deckert, Orville, 1970
2009-P-010-01531            DeGroot, Warren, 1970
2009-P-010-01532            DeLaBarre, Otto, 1970
2009-P-010-01533            DeLaBarre, Mrs. Otto, 1970
2009-P-010-01534            Demianu, John, 1970
2009-P-010-01535            Delzer, Mrs. John, 1970
2009-P-010-01536            Deske, Lowell, 1970
2009-P-010-01537            Dettmann, Art, 1970
2009-P-010-01538            Dewald, Elmer, 1970
2009-P-010-01539            Annenberg, Walter H., 1970
2009-P-010-01540            Dickey, Cale, 1970
2009-P-010-01541            Diehl, Ted, 1970
2009-P-010-01542            Dietrich, Gordon, 1970
2009-P-010-01543            Dinusson, William E. Dr., 1970
2009-P-010-01544            Disney, Mitchell D., 1970
2009-P-010-01545            Morton, Thurston B., 1970
2009-P-010-01546            Dmitri, Ivan, 1970
2009-P-010-01547            Dobson, Ray, 1970
2009-P-010-01548            Dockter, Allen, 1970
2009-P-010-01549            Dockter, Reinhold --Hunter, Ray  (middle) --Leingang, George C.  (right), 1971/03/24
2009-P-010-01550            Franke, Nick  archaeologist, State Historical Society (3rd left) --Paulson, Norman  Museum Curator (2nd left) --Sperry, James Superintendent State Historical Society (right) --Vyzralek, Frank E., Archivist, State Historical Society (1st left), 1970
2009-P-010-01551            Doering, E. J., 1970
2009-P-010-01552            Hanson, Russ, 1970/12/19
2009-P-010-01553            Doerr, Albert, 1970
2009-P-010-01554            Strinden, Alf  Litchville (ND),
2009-P-010-01555            Dohn, Bob, 1970
2009-P-010-01556            Dohrmann, Richard, 1970
2009-P-010-01557            Randall, Mrs. Robert, 1971/01/06
2009-P-010-01558            Dolan, Rev. Thomas J., 1970
2009-P-010-01559            Donegan, James, 1970
2009-P-010-01560            Dombeck, Ray, 1970
2009-P-010-01561            Dorow, Dr. Norbert A., 1970
2009-P-010-01562            Dotseth, Warren, 1970
2009-P-010-01563            Dougan, John R., 1970
2009-P-010-01564            Dougherty, Mrs. Lyle, 1970
2009-P-010-01565            Douglas, Ray, 1970
2009-P-010-01566            Dove, Ben, 1970
2009-P-010-01567            Dove, Ralph, 1970
2009-P-010-01568            Dow, Roy, 1970
2009-P-010-01569            Drashil, Edward, 1970
2009-P-010-01570            Johnson, Mrs. Kenneth, 1971/01/06
2009-P-010-01571            Duemeland, Lorin, 1970
2009-P-010-01572            Duemeland, Olga, 1970
2009-P-010-01573            Dunahey, H.D., 1970
2009-P-010-01574            Duncan, Russell, 1970
2009-P-010-01575            Dunius, Ronald, 1970
2009-P-010-01576            Dunn, Ruth (Mrs. Robert), 1970
2009-P-010-01577            Dvorak, Charles, 1970
2009-P-010-01578            Dybdal, James E., 1970
2009-P-010-01579            Dykema, Marvin A., 1970
2009-P-010-01580            Easton, Howard, 1970
2009-P-010-01581            Eagles, Aloha (Mrs. Donald), 1970
2009-P-010-01582            Easton, Mr. and Mrs. J. L., 1970
2009-P-010-01583            Eckberg, William, 1970
2009-P-010-01584            Eckroth, Louis, 1970
2009-P-010-01585            Eckroth, Marvin, 1970
2009-P-010-01586            Eddy, Paul W., 1970
2009-P-010-01587            Edick, R. W., 1970
2009-P-010-01588            Eggers, Norman, 1970
2009-P-010-01589            Eckroth, George, 1970
2009-P-010-01590            Michael G. Ehreth, n.d.
2009-P-010-01591            Eisenmeu, Wesley, 1970
2009-P-010-01592            Ellingson, Rev. Walter Pastor Bismarck Episcopal Church, Bismarck (ND), 1970
2009-P-010-01593            Ellison, Jack, 1970
2009-P-010-01594            Elliott, Carl, 1970
2009-P-010-01595            Elliott, Francis, 1970
2009-P-010-01596            Ellis, Dr. Elmer, 1970
2009-P-010-01597            Ellwein, F. H., 1970
2009-P-010-01598            Enge, Linda, 1970
2009-P-010-01599            Enders, Charles, 1970
2009-P-010-01600            Enge, Vern, 1970
2009-P-010-01601            Engler, Lois, 1970
2009-P-010-01602            Emerson, M. C., 1970
2009-P-010-01603            Emil, Jerry, 1970
2009-P-010-01604            Enyeart, George, 1970
2009-P-010-01605            Huber, Mr. and Mrs. Albert (50th anniversary), 1971/01/08
2009-P-010-01606            Erhardt, Ron, 1970
2009-P-010-01607            Ereth, Anton, 1970
2009-P-010-01608            Ereth, Frank, 1970
2009-P-010-01609            Erickson, Morrison, 1970
2009-P-010-01610            Eriksen, Dr. Johan, 1970
2009-P-010-01611            Swanick, Mrs. Jim, 1971/01/06
2009-P-010-01612            Erickson, Vernon W., 1970
2009-P-010-01613            Erickson, William Representative, 1970
2009-P-010-01614            Erickstad, Judge Ralph, 1970
2009-P-010-01615            Erlandson, Ken, 1970
2009-P-010-01616            Ernst, Lloyd, 1970
2009-P-010-01617            Mushik, Vonny, 1970
2009-P-010-01618            Eslinger, Paul W., 1970
2009-P-010-01619            Eugene, Chester, 1970
2009-P-010-01620            Evans, David L., 1970
2009-P-010-01621            Everson, Lloyd, 1970
2009-P-010-01622            Ewert, Dr. A. O., 1970
2009-P-010-01623            Cox, Edward --Nixon, Tricia  1970/12/27, 1971/03/18
2009-P-010-01624            Brosseau, Terrance, 1970/12/24
2009-P-010-01625            Woodcock, Leonard n.d.
2009-P-010-01626            Pope Paul VI
2009-P-010-01627            Stark, Mary (deceased), 1971/01/07
2009-P-010-01628            Dickinson-Police and Fire Department, 1971/01/07
2009-P-010-01629            Strinden, Theron Senator, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-01630            Gutensohn, Mrs. Georgia, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-01631            Guy, William III, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-01632            Guyer, Donald, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-01633            Guymer, Mrs. William B., 1960-1970
2009-P-010-01634            Fahnlander, Rev. William J., 1960-1970
2009-P-010-01635            Fairaizl, Joseph H., 1960-1970
2009-P-010-01636            Yule, Mrs. Willard, 1971/01/09
2009-P-010-01637            Johnson, Dexter NDSU, 1971/01/10
2009-P-010-01638            Arndt Lloyd, 1971/01/09
2009-P-010-01639            Borlaug, Dr. Norman E. Nobel Prize Winner
2009-P-010-01640            Fairbanks, William, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-01641            Falkenstein, Clarence, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-01642            Faris, Loran  (Lefty), 1960-1970
2009-P-010-01643            Farrow, Norman, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-01644            Fay, John W., 1960-1970
2009-P-010-01645            Feehan, Monsignor Robert, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-01646            Feickert, Bob, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-01647            Feist, Julie, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-01648            Feist, Les, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-01649            Feller, Matthew, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-01650            Nelson, Jim I., 1971/01/21
2009-P-010-01651            Ferderer, George, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-01652            Olson, Mrs. Cheryl L., 1971/01/21
2009-P-010-01653            Ferguson, Wally, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-01654            Fett, Leland E., 1960-1970
2009-P-010-01655            Femrite, A. M., 1960-1970
2009-P-010-01656            Fevold, J. S., 1960-1970
2009-P-010-01657            Stark Martin, Mrs. Elsie (center) --Stark, James --Stark, Walter (left), 1971/01/12
2009-P-010-01658            Bailey, Mrs. Phyllis (left) School of Hope --Miller, Mrs. Richard (center) (School of Hope), 1971/01/12
2009-P-010-01659            Feyerheisen, Paul, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-01660            Fiechtner, Fred, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-01661            Fiedler, Walter, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-01662            Fields, John, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-01663            Fine, James, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-01664            Fisher, David, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-01665            Fisher, Jack, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-01666            Fisher, Lyle, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-01667            Fitch, Bill, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-01668            Fitch, Harold, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-01669            Fischer, V. A., 1960-1970
2009-P-010-01670            Fitzgerald, Robert C., 1960-1970
2009-P-010-01671            Fix, Joseph, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-01672            Fix, John J., 1970
2009-P-010-01673            Thorne, Ed (Summit Editor), 1971/01/13
2009-P-010-01674            Flagg, Dean, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-01675            Flanagan, Ed, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-01676            Giese, Archie & Mrs. Hildegard New Salem (ND), 1960-1970
2009-P-010-01677            Fleck, Joseph, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-01678            Gietzen, Mrs. William husband deceased 1975, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-01679            Fliehman, James, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-01680            Flick, Duane K., 1960-1970
2009-P-010-01681            Gifford, Jennie, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-01682            Florence, Sister, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-01683            Flurer, Paul, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-01684            Bare, Bobby, 1972/11/00
2009-P-010-01686            Follis W. J., 1960-1970
2009-P-010-01687            Gifford, M. H., 1960-1970
2009-P-010-01688            Forkner, Richard E., 1960-1970
2009-P-010-01689            Fors, George, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-01690            Fortman, Albert H. Dr., 1960-1970
2009-P-010-01691            Frank, Sydney, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-01692            Fossum, Chester, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-01693            Fraase, Lee, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-01694            Franck, Elizabeth, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-01695            Franck, Gene, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-01696            Memorial Mental Health Center Mandan (ND), 1971/01/14
2009-P-010-01697            Schaefer, Dr. James president of National Wildlife Federation, 1971/01/13
2009-P-010-01698            Mount, Dana  State Health Department  1972/02/16-see file #3748, 1971/01/15
2009-P-010-01699            Schlosser, Peter, 1971/01/15
2009-P-010-01700            Hegland, Mrs. Tor, 1971/01/13
2009-P-010-01701            Dockter, Marlin, 1971/01/14
2009-P-010-01702            Albert, Rep. Carl, Speaker of the House 197l/01/14
2009-P-010-01703            Freejor, Frank, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-01704            Freeman, Andrew, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-01705            Frey, Roland E., 1960-1970
2009-P-010-01706            Friederich, Gene, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-01707            Fricke, Pat, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-01708            Fried, Wallace, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-01709            Friesz, Captain Raymond, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-01710            Schwartz, Bruce (NDEA) president, Watford City (ND), 1974/11/00
2009-P-010-01711            Fritz, Chester, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-01712            Fritz, William, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-01713            Froelich, Dick, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-01714            Froelich, William, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-01715            Froeschle, Mrs. F. J. (Fran), 1960-1970
2009-P-010-01716            Frohlich, Gerald, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-01717            Bauer, Glen, 1971/01/16
2009-P-010-01719            Country Kitchen, Bismarck (ND), 1971/01/00
2009-P-010-01720            Hornbacher, Gary  Assistant Manager Country Kitchen, Bismarck (ND), 1971/01/18
2009-P-010-01721            U. Thant Deceased, 1971/01/19
2009-P-010-01722            Larsen, Levi, 1970
2009-P-010-01723            Schmaltz, Don owner, manager of Country Kitchen, 1971/01/17
2009-P-010-01724            Frydenlund, Ronald J., 1960-1970
2009-P-010-01725            Fuller, A. R., 1960-1970
2009-P-010-01726            Gackle, Representive, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-01727            Hersrud, Russell, 1971/01/18
2009-P-010-01729            Giffey, Donald, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-01730            Gannon, Craig A., 1960-1970
2009-P-010-01731            Ganser, Henry, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-01732            Garrison, Edwin R. Bishop, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-01733            Ernest Gartner, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-01734            Strum, George, 1971/01/24
2009-P-010-01735            Wells, Esther --Kathleen Reedy, Kathleen, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-01736            Geelan, Mrs. Agnes (Mrs. E. O.), 1960-1970
2009-P-010-01737            Herbert Buffalo Boy Family, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-01738            Virgil D. Gehring, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-01739            Gehrki, Barbara Ann (Sister), 1960-1970
2009-P-010-01740            Geiger, Dr. Louis, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-01741            Geiger, Tony, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-01742            Geise, Archie, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-01743            Gelman, D. E., 1960-1970
2009-P-010-01744            Gengler, James, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-01745            Kostelecky, George (center), 1971
2009-P-010-01746            George, Mack, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-01747            George, Mike, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-01748            Gerhart, L. F., 1960-1970
2009-P-010-01749            Gerhardt, Tony, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-01750            Gerl, Alvin, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-01751            Gilke, Theo, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-01752            Geron, James K., 1960-1970
2009-P-010-01753            Gerving, Mike, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-01754            Gerving, Val, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-01755            Gess, Lowell, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-01756            Getten, Merle R., 1960-1970
2009-P-010-01757            Noonan, James, 1971
2009-P-010-01758            Lane, David, 1971
2009-P-010-01759            Sperle, Ann (left), 1971/01/27
2009-P-010-01760            Jones, Armun, 1971/01/27
2009-P-010-01761            Truman, Harry S., 1971/01/00
2009-P-010-01762            Byrnes, Rep. John W. (left)   R-Wisconsin --Mills, Representative Wilbur (center) Democrat-Arkansas, 1971/01/29
2009-P-010-01763            DeGaulle, Charles, 1970
2009-P-010-01764            Gustin, George, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-01765            Gustin, Leonard, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-01766            McDonald, Hugh, 1971
2009-P-010-01768            Schreiner, William J. (center), 1971/02/02
2009-P-010-01769            Eisenhauer, Joe (left), 1971/02/02
2009-P-010-01770            Gilles, Ken, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-01771            Glasner, Mrs. William, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-01772            Glaesemann, Vernon, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-01773            Gimbel, Herman, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-01774            Apollo 14, 1971/01/31
2009-P-010-01775            Kelly, James H., 1971/02/00
2009-P-010-01776            Voss, Robert --Watson, Dr. Gerald, 1971/01/26
2009-P-010-01777            Bova, Father Eugene --Sypireski, Marian (left), 1971
2009-P-010-01778            Mitich, Larry, 1971
2009-P-010-01779            Schulz, J. T. Chairman of Department of Entomology at NDSU, Fargo (ND), 1974
2009-P-010-01780            Mandan Bands, Mandan (ND), 1971/01/25
2009-P-010-01781            Connally, John (Secretary of the Treasury), 1971/05/00
2009-P-010-01782            Hoffa, James, 1969
2009-P-010-01783            Andrew, Lyle Tempo Manager, 1971/02/07
2009-P-010-01784            Nesvig, Leslie O., 1971
2009-P-010-01785            Hamann, Maurice (left) --Harsh, Ronald (right) Mandan teachers, Mandan (ND)
2009-P-010-01786            Leonard, Paul, 1971/02/00
2009-P-010-01787            Mitchell, Edgar (right) --Roosa, Stuart (left)  Apollo 14 --Shephard, Alan (center), 1971/02/12
2009-P-010-01788            Jestrab, Mrs. Frank (Elvira), 1971/02/00
2009-P-010-01789            ND Senate Appropriations Committee, 1971/02/16
2009-P-010-01790            Sorlie, Oscar Senator, 1971/02/00
2009-P-010-01791            Culbertson, John --Faiman, Bill (left) --Wood, Mrs. Ralph (center), 1971/02/16
2009-P-010-01792            Schoch, George, 1971/02/00
2009-P-010-01793            Fisher, Vernon, 1971/02/16
2009-P-010-01794            Sisowath, General Sirik Matak Deputy Premier, Cambodia, 1971/02/00
2009-P-010-01795            Thomas, Mr. and Mrs. Nick (40th anniversary) Dickinson (ND), 1971/02/14
2009-P-010-01796            Glatt, Ben, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-01797            Glaspey, M. E., 1960-1970
2009-P-010-01798            Goehring, Arlette Mrs., 1960-1970
2009-P-010-01799            Goetz, Tony, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-01800            Golde, Clarence, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-01801            Gonzales, Gilberto, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-01802            Golmann, Florian C., 1960-1970
2009-P-010-01803            Goodman, Glenn Representative, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-01804            Goodhouse, Lewis, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-01805            Gould, J. C., 1960-1970
2009-P-010-01806            Goodrie, George A., 1960-1970
2009-P-010-01807            Grady, Wilton, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-01808            Grady, Shirlee, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-01809            Radliff, Ken, 1971/02/19
2009-P-010-01810            Schulte, Dave, 1971/02/19
2009-P-010-01811            Stone, Grace (left) Representative, 1971/02/19
2009-P-010-01812            Weinhandl, Mr. and Mrs.George, 1971/02/21
2009-P-010-01813            Olson, Jim, 1971/02/00
2009-P-010-01814            Klein, Herbert, 1971/02/21
2009-P-010-01815            Souza, Maria (left) Brazilian at Mandan High School, Mandan (ND), 1971/02/21
2009-P-010-01816            Lloyd, Selwyn, 1974
2009-P-010-01817            Blatnik, Rep. John A.  (D-Minn.), 1971/02/21
2009-P-010-01818            Apollo 15, 1971/02/21
2009-P-010-01819            Luce, Clare Boothe --Graff, Benny, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-01820            Graffis, Lester F., 1960-1970
2009-P-010-01821            Grand Pre, Donn R., 1960-1970
2009-P-010-01822            Granrud, Dale, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-01823            Graves, William, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-01824            Gray, Bob, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-01825            Gray, Gordon Mrs., 1960-1970
2009-P-010-01826            Gray, Mrs. Mary, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-01827            Galbraith, John Kenneth, 1971/02/00
2009-P-010-01828            ND Senate Finance and Taxation Committee, 1971/02/23
2009-P-010-01829            Lahren, Arnold, 1971/02/24
2009-P-010-01830            Berger, Clifford, 1971/02/24
2009-P-010-01831            Ceausescu, Nicolae, 1971
2009-P-010-01832            McCarthy, Abigail, 1971/02/24
2009-P-010-01833            Miss North Dakota
2009-P-010-01834            Gray, Leona Mrs., 1960-1970
2009-P-010-01835            Greff, Tony, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-01836            Green, Troy, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-01837            Green, J. W., 1960-1970
2009-P-010-01838            Green, J. L., 1960-1970
2009-P-010-01839            Greene, Norman, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-01840            Greybear, Mrs. Alvina, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-01841            Gress, Barbara Mrs., 1960-1970
2009-P-010-01842            Grismer, Ray, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-01843            Grindberg, Alan, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-01844            Grimstad, James, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-01845            Grondahl, C. R., 1960-1970
2009-P-010-01846            Gross, George, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-01847            Gross, John, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-01848            Grosz, Roland, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-01849            Grove, Orland, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-01850            Grunseth, Hans, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-01851            Gudajtes, Ed, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-01852            Gunkleman, R.F. Mrs. Jr., 1960-1970
2009-P-010-01853            Gunkleman, R.F., 1960-1970
2009-P-010-01854            Gullickson, Orville L., 1960-1970
2009-P-010-01855            Gwyther, Bert, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-01856            Gussner, Paul, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-01857            Gustafson, Elmer, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-01858            Gustin, Tom, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-01859            Hanson, Donald, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-01860            Hansen, Christian, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-01861            Hansen, Robert, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-01862            Hansen, William Mrs., 1960-1970
2009-P-010-01863            Hanrahan, Steve, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-01864            Gerhart, Bert --Hanna, Ben, 1970-1972
2009-P-010-01865            Haney, Nancy, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-01866            Haney, Dave, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-01867            Haney, Elmer, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-01868            Haner, Harold, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-01869            Hammond, Robert, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-01870            Hammond, Merrill, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-01871            Hammond, Floyd, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-01872            Hammel, Ben, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-01873            Hammond, C. R., 1960-1970
2009-P-010-01874            Hamlyn, Raymond, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-01875            Hamkens, Jack, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-01876            Halvorson, Chris, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-01877            Halm, Joe, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-01878            Hall, Col. Robert, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-01879            Hall, Mrs. Ida, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-01880            Halcrow, Donald, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-01881            Haider, Raymond, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-01882            Haggerty, Patrick, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-01883            Hagerott, Theodore, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-01884            Hagerott, Rev. Donald, 1970
2009-P-010-01885            Hagen, Urban, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-01886            Haas, Robert, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-01887            Haas, Howard, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-01888            Haas, Paul, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-01889            Haas, Albert, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-01890            Hartke, Senator Vance, 1971/03/00
2009-P-010-01891            Stans, Maurice Commerce Secretary, 1971/03/00
2009-P-010-01892            Douglas, Melvyn (Bottom Right) Academy Award Nominee-Best Actor --Jones, James Earl (Top Center) Academy Award Nominee-Best Actor --Nicholson, Jack (Top left) Academy Award Nominee-Best Actor --O'Neal, Ryan  (bottom left) Academy Award Nominee-Best Actor, 1971/03/02
2009-P-010-01893            Alexander, Jane (Bottom Left) Academy Award Nominee --Jackson, Glenda (Bottom right) Academy Award Nominee Best Actress --Jane Alexander --McGraw, Ali  (Top Right)  Academy Award Nominee-Best Actress --Miles, Sarah (Top left) Academy Award Nominee-Best Actress, 1971/03/02
2009-P-010-01894            Schafer, E. Maine, 1971/03/03
2009-P-010-01895            Hertz, Phil, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-01896            Hertel, Dr. Leo, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-01897            Hernett, Senator Gail, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-01898            Herner, M., 1960-1970
2009-P-010-01899            Hermanson, John, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-01900            Hermanson, Ken, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-01901            Dickinson, Herman R. 1960-1970
2009-P-010-01902            Henke, Henry, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-01903            Hendrickson, Lucille, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-01904            Hendrickson, Nancy and Carl, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-01905            Hendrickson, Hensel E. Reverend, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-01906            Hendrickson, Henry A., 1960-1970
2009-P-010-01907            Henegar, Dale, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-01908            Henderson, Ora, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-01909            Henderscheid, Shirley, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-01910            Helmer, Kenneth, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-01911            Hellwig, Mike, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-01912            Helvig, George, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-01913            Siebert, Dale, 1971/03/00
2009-P-010-01914            Hellman, James, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-01915            Hellmuth, Paul, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-01916            Helgeson, Grant M., 1960-1970
2009-P-010-01917            Helferich, Harold, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-01919            Helbling, Bob, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-01920            Helbling, Jack, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-01921            Martin, Mrs. Robert, 1971/03/04
2009-P-010-01922            Doll, George L. Police Chief, Mandan (ND), 1971/03/04
2009-P-010-01923            Helbling, Mrs. Ann, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-01924            Helbert, V. A., 1960-1970
2009-P-010-01925            Heinle, Jacob Superintendent, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-01926            Herman, Charles, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-01927            Herald, Sidney, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-01928            Henschke, Clayton, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-01929            Henry, Howard, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-01930            Henry, Brian Reverend, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-01931            Henke, Roswell, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-01932            Hegge, Ingvald, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-01933            Heininger Bishop H. R., 1960-1970
2009-P-010-01934            Heidt, George, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-01935            Hegebush, W. T., 1960-1970
2009-P-010-01936            Hedlund, Merle, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-01937            Hedahl, Bruce, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-01938            Kissinger, Henry A., 1971/03/08
2009-P-010-01940            Michener, James, 1971/03/00
2009-P-010-01941            Hedahl, N. M., 1960-1970
2009-P-010-01942            Heck, Art, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-01943            Hays, Leonard, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-01944            Hayes, W. L., 1960-1970
2009-P-010-01946            Haver, Joe, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-01947            Hauser, Rick, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-01948            Hauser, Ernie W., 1960-1970
2009-P-010-01949            Hausauer, Albert R., 1960-1970
2009-P-010-01950            Duncan, Dick, 1971/08/20
2009-P-010-01951            Bush, George  U.S. Ambassador to U.N., 1971/03/01
2009-P-010-01952            Haupt, Frank, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-01953            Haukedahl, John, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-01954            Haugland Brynhild, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-01955            Haugen, Ernie, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-01956            Haugen, Treadwell, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-01957            Haugen, Donnell, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-01958            Haugeer, Lloyd, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-01959            Hauge, S. K., 1960-1970
2009-P-010-01960            Hatten, Mrs. Freda W., 1960-1970
2009-P-010-01961            Hatzenroeder, Gerard, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-01962            Haas, Mrs. Ronald, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-01963            Harwood, Jay, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-01964            Harvey, Ernest, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-01965            Hartman, Robert W., 1960-1970
2009-P-010-01966            Hodny, Judge William, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-01967            Abel, I. W.  Pres. United Steelworkers of America, 1970
2009-P-010-01968            Howe, Don (left) --Kramer, Pete (right), 1971/03/11
2009-P-010-01969            Hartleib, Fred, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-01970            Harter, Jim, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-01971            Hart, Robert, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-01972            Harrison, Reuel, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-01973            Harris, Steve, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-01974            Harrington, Maurice W., 1960-1970
2009-P-010-01975            Harms, V. E., 1960-1970
2009-P-010-01976            Finlayson, Christine (left), 1971/03/11
2009-P-010-01977            Harms, Gus, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-01978            Harkness, John, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-01979            Hardmeyer, Theodore, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-01980            Haan, Thomas R., 1960-1970
2009-P-010-01981            Haakenson, Marlon, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-01982            Haag, LaVern, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-01983            Hocking, S.B. Dr., 1960-1970
2009-P-010-01984            Hogan, Bill, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-01985            Hjelmstad, Harry, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-01986            Hjelle, John, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-01987            Hitterdal, D.N., 1960-1970
2009-P-010-01988            Hillyer, James, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-01990            Wilhelm, Roger, 1971
2009-P-010-01991            Bingenheimer, W. G. (left) --Payne, Morris (far right), 1971/03/17
2009-P-010-01992            Jahnke, Emery, Fargo (left) Owner of Vanity 4 --Stomberg, Roger Bismarck (right) Manager of Vanity 4, Bismarck (ND), 1971/03/14
2009-P-010-01993            Joann, Sister (left) St. Alexius Administrator --Kubas, Rita (Mrs. Williams) 2nd from left --Morgan, Dr. Riffat (right)  also #4776 --Ritter, Gary (third from left), 1971/03/13
2009-P-010-01994            Tokach, Richard St. Anthony, St. Anthony (ND), 1971/03/16
2009-P-010-01995            Brezhnev, Leonid I., 1971
2009-P-010-01996            Podgorny, Nikolai, 1971
2009-P-010-01997            Sunay, President Cevdet  Turkey, 1971
2009-P-010-01998            Goldberg, Senator Richard W., Fargo (ND), 1971/03/18
2009-P-010-01999            Ford, Col. Clifford H., 1971/03/23
2009-P-010-02000            Kipp, George N. (Herberger’s), 1971/03/00
2009-P-010-02001            White, Clifford (Herberger's), 1971/03/00
2009-P-010-02008            Geier, Ed and Estelle (Bresler's 33 Flavors), 1971/03/23
2009-P-010-02009            Hoisveen, Milo W., 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02010            Hoffman, Ray, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02011            Hoffman, Peter, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02012            Hofmann, Ben, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02013            Hoff, Walter R., 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02014            Hoff, Leola Ann, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02015            Boyd, Douglas, 1971/03/00
2009-P-010-02016            Stene, Larry, 1971/03/00
2009-P-010-02017            Larsen, Tim, 1971
2009-P-010-02018            Loftsgaard, Dr. Laurel D., 1971/03/00
2009-P-010-02019            Bayh, Sen. Birch, 1971
2009-P-010-02020            Berge, Trindy --Bianco, Bill, 1971/03/28
2009-P-010-02021            Yates, Rep. Sidney D-Il, 1971/03/28
2009-P-010-02022            Strasser, Dr. Otto, 1971/03/00
2009-P-010-02023            Dahl, Mrs. Phillip (second left) --Fortman, Mrs. A.H. (right) --Lindelow, Mrs. O.V.  (left) --Pfeifle, Mrs. Del (third left), 1971/03/27
2009-P-010-02024            Girard, Mrs. Scott (left) --Laskowski, Mrs. Edward J. (right), 1971/03/27
2009-P-010-02025            Schulte, Bob, 1971/03/00
2009-P-010-02026            Davis, Angela, 1971
2009-P-010-02027            Chichester-Clark, James (left) --Faulkner, Brian (right) Prime Minister of Ireland, Ireland, 1971/03/25
2009-P-010-02028            Nelson, Joann (Mrs. T. Christian) musician, Mandan (ND), 1973/10/23
2009-P-010-02029            Nelson, Howard, 1971/03/25
2009-P-010-02030            Kilber, Judy  Bismarck (ND), 1971/03/00
2009-P-010-02031            Scoby, Dr. Donald, 1971/03/00
2009-P-010-02032            Erim, Nihat, 1971/03/00
2009-P-010-02033            Rounds, Don Director S.D. Highway Patrol, 1971/03/25
2009-P-010-02034            Agrimson, Dr. J. E., 1971/03/25
2009-P-010-02035            Alioto, Mayor Joseph and Mrs. Angelina, San Francisco (CA), 1971/03/26
2009-P-010-02036            Rockwell, Norman, 1971/03/00
2009-P-010-02037            Lemnitzer, Lyman L., 1971/03/00
2009-P-010-02038            Ressler, Alton, 1971/04/01
2009-P-010-02039            Jackson, Senator Henry D.-Wash., 1971/04/01
2009-P-010-02040            Robertson, Mr. and Mrs.Lloyd and daughter, 1971/03/31
2009-P-010-02041            Simons, Everett  Wilton (ND), 1971/03/31
2009-P-010-02042            Fleming, Representative Charles, 1971
2009-P-010-02043            Bourgois, Mrs.Lorraine, 1971/03/00
2009-P-010-02044            Enge, Mr. and Mrs. R. S. 60th anniversary, 1971/03/30
2009-P-010-02045            Rogstad, Mrs. Harold   Treasurer Burleigh School Board Association, Bismarck (ND), 1971/03/30
2009-P-010-02046            Bergquist, Emil   Pres. Burleigh School Board Assoc., Wilton (ND), 1971/03/30
2009-P-010-02047            Davis, Jay (middle) --Rott, Al (right) --Spaedy, Jerry (left), 1971/03/30
2009-P-010-02048            Trottier, LeRoy, 1971/03/30
2009-P-010-02049            Eggebraten, Dean, 1971/03/30
2009-P-010-02050            Wood, Ralph Superintendent Highway Patrol, 1971
2009-P-010-02051            McQuade, Sam W., 1971/03/00
2009-P-010-02052            Henderson, Col. Oran K., 1971/04/06
2009-P-010-02053            Wondolowski, Col. Peter S., 1971/04/06
2009-P-010-02054            Badlands Whitetail Deer, 1971/04/00
2009-P-010-02055            Baker, C. W. (left) --Kessell, Theodore (right) LaMoure --Pearce, William R. (third left) Bismarck (ND) 1971/04/06
2009-P-010-02056            Seidel, Mrs. Ray, 1971/04/06
2009-P-010-02057            Simonson, Mrs. Ailsa (left)  Crosby (ND), 1971/04/06
2009-P-010-02058            Ullman, Liv   actress, 1973
2009-P-010-02059            Patrick, Paul (left) --Voegele, William (right), 1971/04/03
2009-P-010-02060            Nye, Senator Gerald, 1971/04/00
2009-P-010-02061            Herbst, Mrs. Irmgard, 1971/04/04
2009-P-010-02062            Bryant, Mrs. Jay, 1971/04/04
2009-P-010-02063            Swanick, Mrs. Orma, 1971/04/04
2009-P-010-02064            Porsborg, Mr. and Mrs.Nels, 1971/04/04
2009-P-010-02066            Heskett, R. M., 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02067            Huber, Ervin, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02068            Huber, Frank, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02069            Huber, Marie, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02070            Huber, Mrs. Rose, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02071            Huether, Rueben Mr. and Mrs., n.d.
2009-P-010-02072            Huffman, Robert, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02073            Hughes, Joe W., 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02074            Huisman, Maynard, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02075            Hulteen, John, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02076            Hunke, Harry M., 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02077            Hutcheson, John, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02078            Hudson, James L., 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02079            Huber, William, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02080            Howard, J. Dan, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02081            Hobson, Warren J., 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02082            Hove, John, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02083            Hobson, Rodney, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02084            Hottman, Henry Dr. McCabe Methodist (former pastor), Bismarck (ND), 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02085            Hotchkiss, Warren D., 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02086            Hosfield, Clark, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02087            Horton, Gilbert R., 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02088            Horstman, Norman, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02089            Higginbotham, A. Leon Jr. --Horst, Roy, 1970
2009-P-010-02090            Horejse, Glenn, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02091            Hopton, Harold, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02092            Schleicher, Pat (left) --Thompson, Maury (right), 1971/04/00
2009-P-010-02093            Schadler, Mrs. Joanne, 1971/04/07
2009-P-010-02094            Stromme, Everett E.  (Mandan Head Start Grant), Mandan (ND), 1971/04/00
2009-P-010-02095            Wenstrom, Frank, 1971/04/00
2009-P-010-02096            Schaumberg, George H., 1971/04/00
2009-P-010-02097            Thurmond, Senator Strom, 1971/04/00
2009-P-010-02098            Schaff, Al, 1971/04/00
2009-P-010-02099            Constitutional Convention delegates, 1971/04/00
2009-P-010-02100            Dukart, Rev. Norman, 1971/04/09
2009-P-010-02101            Sandwick, Eugene, 1971/04/00
2009-P-010-02102            McClosky, Jr., Paul N., 1971/04/00
2009-P-010-02103            Hill, Alton W., 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02104            Hildebrand, Rudolph, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02105            Hildebrand, Alvin, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02106            Hilborn, R. L., 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02107            Higgins, Milton, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02108            Hickel, Ralph, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02109            Hewson, Mrs. Dale, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02110            Hettick, Fred, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02111            Hettick, Harley, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02112            Hopkins, Royal, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02113            Hoovestal, Burton, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02114            Hooper, Robert, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02115            Hogge, Marvin, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02116            Holter, Warren, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02117            Holton, John, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02118            Holtan, Milton, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02119            Holt, Ben, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02120            Holman, Irwin C., 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02121            Hollenbeck, Ralph, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02122            Holle, Walter, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02123            Holden, Einar, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02124            Hoff, Jerry, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02125            Hoeven, John H., 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02126            Hoerauf, Lyle, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02127            Hoenig, Hector, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02128            Hoehner, P. J., 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02129            Hill, Mary, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02130            Hill, Kenneth, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02131            Hill, Gene, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02132            Hill, James, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02133            Hill, Charles Reverend, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02134            Hill, Archie, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02135            Hoover, J. Edgar, 1971/04/11
2009-P-010-02136            Allende, Pres. Salvador Chile, 1971/04/10
2009-P-010-02137            Gardebring, Dr. Olov, 1971/03/27
2009-P-010-02138            Conrad, Roan, 1971/04/00
2009-P-010-02139            Snyder, Mrs. S. E. (left) --Walters, Lieut. Rebecca (right), 1971/04/16
2009-P-010-02140            Lee, Peggy n.d.
2009-P-010-02141            Reifel, Ben, 1971/04/00
2009-P-010-02142            Hendrickson, Mrs. Hensel and family, 1971/04/00
2009-P-010-02143            Welsh, Dr. Donald H., 1971/04/00
2009-P-010-02144            Drache, Dr. Hiram, 1971/04/00
2009-P-010-02145            Belgum, J. A. 1971/04/00
2009-P-010-02146            Olson, Glenn  Edgeley (ND), 1971/04/21
2009-P-010-02147            Standing Crow, Bernard, 1971/04/16
2009-P-010-02148            Williamson, W. M., 1971/04/14
2009-P-010-02149            Byrne, Joseph, 1971/04/00
2009-P-010-02150            Kasper, Lorraine (right) --Miezwa, Mrs. Betty (left) --Thompson, Mrs. Eva J. Secretary of the year. Sakakawea Chapter NSA, 1971/04/15
2009-P-010-02151            Aleson, Rev. A. R., 1971/04/14
2009-P-010-02152            Capital Credit Union, 1971/04/17
2009-P-010-02153            Worthington, Elmer, 1971/04/14
2009-P-010-02154            Hoff, Harold S. (right) Center --Olson, Arthur W. (left) Mandan (ND), 1971/04/18
2009-P-010-02155            Ziegler, Ron (Presidential Press Secretary), 1971/04/18
2009-P-010-02156            Fritchey, Clayton, 1971/04/18
2009-P-010-02157            Baker, Russell, 1971/04/18
2009-P-010-02158            Buchwald, Art, 1971/04/18
2009-P-010-02159            Sulzberger, C. L., 1971/04/18
2009-P-010-02160            Davidson, Thomas, 1971/04/00
2009-P-010-02161            Shannon, William V., 1971/04/18
2009-P-010-02162            Bartlett, Charles, 1971/04/18
2009-P-010-02163            Chou En-Lai, 1970
2009-P-010-02164            Ankle, Theodore, Fort Yates (ND), 1971/04/16
2009-P-010-02165            Ehrmantraut, Mrs. Mary (center) --Gehring, Mrs. E. (left) --Mack, Mrs. Arlene (right), 1971/04/21
2009-P-010-02166            Lomheim, Louis G. (Lieut. Commander), 1971/04/22
2009-P-010-02167            Ives, Mr. and Mrs.Burl, 1971/04/22
2009-P-010-02168            Duvalier, Jean Claude, 1971/04/22
2009-P-010-02169            Bunche, Ralph J., 1971
2009-P-010-02170            Chaban-Delmas, Jacques (Premier), 1971
2009-P-010-02171            Eban, Abba, 1971
2009-P-010-02172            Javits, Senator Jacob, 1971
2009-P-010-02173            Raschke, Kenneth E. (Top), 1971/04/00
2009-P-010-02174            First United Methodist, Mandan (ND), 1971/04/00
2009-P-010-02175            Hoerner, Mr. and Mrs. Florian, 1971/04/24
2009-P-010-02176            Romney, Lenore, 1971
2009-P-010-02177            Devlin, Bernadette, 1971
2009-P-010-02178            Power, Katherine Ann, 1971
2009-P-010-02180            Hardin, Dr. Clifford (left) Agriculture Secretary --Smith, Governor Preston (right) Texas, (TX), 1971/04/27
2009-P-010-02181            Rittenbach, August, 1971/04/00
2009-P-010-02182            Stout, Jim, 1971/04/00
2009-P-010-02183            Green, Mrs. Mabel, 1971/04/00
2009-P-010-02184            Skogley, Gerald M., 1971
2009-P-010-02185            Swanson, Loren UND, 1971
2009-P-010-02186            Thakor, Mrs. S. J., 1971/04/00
2009-P-010-02187            Schwab, H. C., 1971/04/00
2009-P-010-02188            Wilson, Richard L.  Bismarck (ND), 1971/04/00
2009-P-010-02189            Kenton, Stan, 1971/04/00
2009-P-010-02190            Halladay, J. R., 1971/04/28
2009-P-010-02191            Keyes, James L., 1971/04/28
2009-P-010-02192            Downs, Hugh, 1971/04/00
2009-P-010-02193            Kaye, Robert A., 1971/04/00
2009-P-010-02194            Nilles, J. Gerald (right) --Schultz, Alfred C. (left), 1971/04/28
2009-P-010-02195            Peterson, Charles  Jobbers Warehouse, 1971
2009-P-010-02196            Pepple, Vernon, 1971
2009-P-010-02197            Rockstad, Roy, 1971
2009-P-010-02198            Bentz, Duane R., 1971
2009-P-010-02199            Johnson, Mr. and Mrs. Karl 50th anniversary, Bismarck (ND), 1971/04/29
2009-P-010-02200            Rolfson, Mrs. Norman, 1971/04/30
2009-P-010-02201            Glasser, Frank R., 1971/04/00
2009-P-010-02202            Wickert, Leonard (family), 1971/04/30
2009-P-010-02203            Durante, Jimmy, 1971
2009-P-010-02204            Kotouc, Eugene (Army Captain), 1971/05/01
2009-P-010-02205            First Presbyterian Church, Mandan (ND), 1971/05/00
2009-P-010-02206            Weshnevski, Mr. and Mrs.Kenneth, 1971/04/00
2009-P-010-02207            Kannowski, Dr. Paul, 1971/04/00
2009-P-010-02208            Harmon, Dr. Keith, 1971/04/00
2009-P-010-02209            De Cesare, Dr. F. A., 1971/05/03
2009-P-010-02210            Nagel, Ed (left)  manager of Corwin Churchill Appliance store, Bismarck (ND), 1971/05/01
2009-P-010-02211            Dahl, Dr. Phillip O., 1971/05/00
2009-P-010-02212            Wetsch, David (Assistant Manager-Town House), 1971/05/00
2009-P-010-02213            Savageau, Bob  (Manager - Town House), 1971/05/00
2009-P-010-02214            Hatcher, Richard G., 1971/05/00
2009-P-010-02215            Pohlig, Mrs. Ernst (left) --Thompson, Mrs. Michael (center), 1971/05/06
2009-P-010-02216            Stenvig, Charles (Minneapolis Mayor), Minneapolis (MN), 1971
2009-P-010-02217            Sears, Barnabas, 1971
2009-P-010-02218            Lon Nol, Marshal, 1971/05/00
2009-P-010-02219            Harlan, John Marshall (Associate Justice), 1971
2009-P-010-02220            Karls, Ken (Mandan Junior High), Mandan (ND), 1971/05/00
2009-P-010-02221            Fricke, Kathy, 1971/05/00
2009-P-010-02222            Bailey, F. Lee, 1971/05/00
2009-P-010-02224            McNamara, Robert S., 1971
2009-P-010-02225            Cassidy, Jack, 1971/05/12
2009-P-010-02226            Laird, Wilson M., 1971/05/00
2009-P-010-02227            Line, Mrs. Mark  (second left) --Schlosser, Mrs. James D. (right) --Zarr, Mrs Gary (left), 1971/05/12
2009-P-010-02228            Anderson, Dr. Oscar, 1971/05/00
2009-P-010-02229            Knutson, Dr. Kent S., 1971/05/00
2009-P-010-02230            Egge, Dr. Mandus, 1971/05/00
2009-P-010-02231            Schaible, Al, 1971/05/00
2009-P-010-02232            Kirkwood, Robert (left), 1971/05/14
2009-P-010-02233            Wetsch, Mrs. Edward (School Board Candidate-1971), 1971/05/00
2009-P-010-02234            O'Toole, Dr. James K. (seated) --Stuart, William (standing), 1971/05/00
2009-P-010-02235            Dahl, Merlin P. (left) --Renner, Jim (right), 1971/05/00
2009-P-010-02236            Amazing Kreskin, TV psychic 1971/05/00
2009-P-010-02237            Schipper, T. A., 1971/05/00
2009-P-010-02238            Yegen, Chris (Kirkwood), 1971/05/00
2009-P-010-02239            Schlesinger, Jr. Arthur n.d.
2009-P-010-02240            North Dakota State Capitol, Bismarck (ND), 1971/05/00
2009-P-010-02241            Ebeltoft, Paul, 1971/05/00
2009-P-010-02242            North Dakota scenes, 1971/05/00
2009-P-010-02243            Bauknecht, Bill, 1971/05/20
2009-P-010-02244            Griffin, Senator Robert P., 1971/05/00
2009-P-010-02246            McCabe United Methodist Bismarck (ND), 1971/05/22
2009-P-010-02247            Black, Justice Hugo L., 1971
2009-P-010-02248            Elizabeth II, Queen of England, 1970
2009-P-010-02249            Sebens, Bill (center), 1971/05/28
2009-P-010-02250            Van Swearingen, Mrs. Hugh, 1971/05/27
2009-P-010-02251            Stanfill, Dennis C. (left) --Zanuck, Darryl F. (right), 1971/05/26
2009-P-010-02252            Otepka, Otto F., 1971/05/26
2009-P-010-02253            Koster, General, 1971/05/23
2009-P-010-02254            McDonald, Michele (Miss USA), 1971/05/26
2009-P-010-02255            Severin, Kathleen, 1971/05/26
2009-P-010-02256            Mattson, Matilda, 1971/05/26
2009-P-010-02257            Prince Hotel, Bismarck (ND), 1971/05/00
2009-P-010-02258            Crotty, Mrs. Pat (Nickie), 1971/05/26
2009-P-010-02259            Bristol, W. T., 1971/05/26
2009-P-010-02260            Butterfield, Alexander P., 1971
2009-P-010-02261            Burns, Arthur F. See also 3564, 1971
2009-P-010-02262            Ehrlichman, John, 1971
2009-P-010-02263            Safire, Raymond, 1971
2009-P-010-02264            Romney, George W., 1971
2009-P-010-02265            Brown, Garry E., 1971
2009-P-010-02266            Blount, Winton, 1971
2009-P-010-02267            Knauer, Mrs. Virginia, 1971
2009-P-010-02268            Chapin, Dwight, 1971
2009-P-010-02270            Garment, Leonard, 1971
2009-P-010-02271            Haldeman, H. R., 1971
2009-P-010-02272            Taft, Jr., Senator Robert, 1971
2009-P-010-02273            Killebrew, Harmon, 1970
2009-P-010-02274            Scott, Senator Hugh, 1971
2009-P-010-02275            Lindblom, Marlow, 1971/05/00
2009-P-010-02276            Bavendick, Frank J., 1971/05/30
2009-P-010-02277            Moug, Dale, 1971/05/30
2009-P-010-02278            Tello, Francisco, 1971/05/30
2009-P-010-02279            Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church, Bismarck (ND), 1971/05/29
2009-P-010-02280            Spencer, E. F., 1971/06/02
2009-P-010-02281            Wigen, Phyllis G., 1971/06/02
2009-P-010-02282            Underdahl, Patricia (Morton County Dairy Princess), 1971/06/02
2009-P-010-02283            Johnson, Edgar V., 1971/06/02
2009-P-010-02284            Larson, John, 1971/06/00
2009-P-010-02285            Anderson, Telford, 1971
2009-P-010-02286            Eisenhower, Milton S., 1971
2009-P-010-02287            St. Joseph's Catholic Church Mandan 1973/03/02, Mandan (ND), 1971/05/04
2009-P-010-02288            Murphy, Rep. Morgan (left) --Steele, Robert (right), 1971/05/06
2009-P-010-02289            Dellums, Rep. Ronald, V., 1971/06/00
2009-P-010-02290            Fox, Roy, 1971/06/06
2009-P-010-02291            DeMars, William E., 1971/06/00
2009-P-010-02292            Linssen, Phyliss, 1968
2009-P-010-02293            Hanson, Bob E., 1971/06/09
2009-P-010-02294            Napper, Jack A., 1971/06/09
2009-P-010-02295            Johnson, Eldo, 1970
2009-P-010-02296            Johnson, Representative Ernest also #1115, 1970
2009-P-010-02297            Johnson, Francis O., 1970
2009-P-010-02298            Johnson, George, 1970
2009-P-010-02299            Johnson, George (Wilton), Wilton (ND), 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02300            Johnson, Gilbert, 1970
2009-P-010-02301            Johnstone, Mini Jane, 1970
2009-P-010-02302            Johnstone, W. T., 1970
2009-P-010-02303            Jones, David H., 1970
2009-P-010-02304            Jones, Henry A., 1970
2009-P-010-02305            Jones, Clyde, 1970
2009-P-010-02306            Jordan, Charles, 1970
2009-P-010-02307            Jordan, J. C., 1970
2009-P-010-02308            Johnson, Jack, 1970
2009-P-010-02309            Johnson, Janice B. (George), 1970
2009-P-010-02310            Johnson, Joel, 1970
2009-P-010-02311            Monger, Vernon, 1971/06/05
2009-P-010-02312            Mosset, Wilfred, 1971/06/05
2009-P-010-02314            Kerner, Otto, 1971/06/10
2009-P-010-02315            Johnson, John N., 1970
2009-P-010-02316            Johnson, Leif, 1970
2009-P-010-02317            Johnson, Dr. Marlin, 1970
2009-P-010-02318            Oudenhoven, James, 1972
2009-P-010-02319            Junius, Ronald J., 1970
2009-P-010-02321            Junker, Harland, 1970
2009-P-010-02322            Juntunen, Oscar, 1970
2009-P-010-02323            Jochim, Tim, 1970
2009-P-010-02324            Jochim, Clifford, 1970
2009-P-010-02325            Jackson, George, Steele (ND), 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02326            Jacobs, John F., 1970
2009-P-010-02327            Jaeger, Clarence, 1970
2009-P-010-02328            Jamiesen, John R., 1970
2009-P-010-02329            James, Kenneth D., 1970
2009-P-010-02330            Janssen, Arthur, 1970
2009-P-010-02331            Jarrett, Lyle, 1970
2009-P-010-02332            Jaskarviale, Boyd, 1970
2009-P-010-02333            Jeffrey, Mildred, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02334            Jennings, Loretta, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02335            Learned, Michael  actress "The Waltons", 1974
2009-P-010-02336            Kamrath, Dwight, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02337            Karabensh, Charles, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02338            Kempf, Theodore, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02339            Kendem, Gordon, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02340            Kennelly, John, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02341            Keogh, Brooks, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02342            Kern, Mrs. Gordon, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02343            Kern, Gordon, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02344            Kernkamp, A. R., 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02345            Kessler, Garrie, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02346            Ketterling, Arnold L., 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02347            Kevin, Sister, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02348            Kieley, James, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02349            Killcrow, Rev. Lester, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02350            King, Ed, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02351            King, Phillip R., 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02352            King, Robert E., 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02353            Kingsley, A. L., 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02354            Kinzler, Milton, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02355            Kirkeide, Mel, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02356            Kirsch, Donald, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02357            Kisse, Senator Dan, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02358            Kjonaas, Bob, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02359            Kjorlie, Clair B., 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02360            Klaver, Phil, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02361            Klein, Joe I., 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02362            Kadlec, S., 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02363            Kaelberer, Arnold, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02364            Kaelberer, Fritz, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02365            Kapfer, E. L., 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02366            Kathryn, Mother, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02367            Karlsrud, Gary, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02368            Karna, Larry, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02369            Kary, George Jr., 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02370            Kary, Ralph, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02371            Kautzman, Mrs. Eugene, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02372            Kautzmann, Emil, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02373            Kautzmann, H. A., 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02374            Kautzman, Jacob, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02375            Kautzman, Nick, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02376            Kautzman, Tony, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02377            Keidel, Carl, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02378            Keller, Rev. A. L. C., 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02379            Keller, Pius, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02380            Keller, Wynn, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02381            Nyerere, (President) Julius, Tanzania Africa, 1971
2009-P-010-02382            Williams, Mrs. Howard, 1971/06/13
2009-P-010-02383            Toffler, Alvin, 1971/06/13
2009-P-010-02384            Cox, Mr. and Mrs. Edward Finch (Tricia & Eddie), 1971/06/00
2009-P-010-02385            Hodgens, Dennis  Manager of Singer Store, 1971/06/00
2009-P-010-02386            Herreid, Lana Jean (Miss North Dakota-1971), 1971/06/13
2009-P-010-02387            Lange, Ralph Director-Employment Services of Employment Security Bureau, 1971/06/15
2009-P-010-02388            Schmalz, Alex P. Manpower Specialist-Employment Security Bureau, 1971/06/15
2009-P-010-02390            Bismarck Hospital, Bismarck (ND), 1971/06/15
2009-P-010-02391            Mandan Baptist Church, Mandan (ND), 1971/06/19
2009-P-010-02392            Konrad, M. E., 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02393            Koehler, Norman E., 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02394            Kopseng, Karen, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02395            Koch, Mrs. Anton
2009-P-010-02396            Kolling, Rev. Paul, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02397            Kolsrud, Gary, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02398            Kopseng, T. S., 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02399            McHugh, Michael L., 1971/06/17
2009-P-010-02400            Kleingartner, Bert O., 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02401            Kelsch, Mr. and Mrs. C. F., 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02402            Kelsch, Charles, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02403            Kelsch, Karen (Mrs. Thomas), 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02404            Kugler, K. G., 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02405            Kuhn, Del, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02406            Kuhn, Ed, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02407            Kuhn, Mrs. Gottfried, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02408            Kroh, Wilbert, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02409            Klimpfel, Dennis, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02410            Kline, Darrell, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02411            Klingensmith, Don J., 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02412            Klouster, Per, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02413            Knipling, Edward F., 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02414            Kniskern, Fred, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02415            Knoeppfle, Ervin, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02416            Knoll, Matt J., 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02417            Knoll, Mike, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02418            Knorr, Gene A., 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02419            Dorothy, Robert E. Assistant Project manager, Missouri-Souris Projects Office Bureau of Reclamation, Bismarck (ND), 1974
2009-P-010-02420            Knudson, Carl, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02421            Frazier, Joe, 1971/03/09
2009-P-010-02422            Knudson, Myles, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02423            Knudson, Rev. Stephen, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02424            Knutson, Ransom, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02425            Koch, Anton, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02426            Koenig, Fred, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02427            Ellsberg, Daniel, 1971/06/00
2009-P-010-02428            Kuhn, Joe, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02429            Ladbury, Leo G., 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02430            Lehlum, Howard, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02431            La Grave, Larry, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02432            Kuntz, Stanley, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02433            Joersz, Eileen, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02434            Joersz, William, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02435            Joersz, Bob, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02436            Rowe, Clair D. (New Dean of College at UND), Grand Forks (ND), 1971/06/00
2009-P-010-02437            Kriedemann, W. J., 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02438            Hoffman, Mr. and Mrs. George 50th anniversary, New Salem (ND), 1973/05/06
2009-P-010-02439            Corona, Juan (Center), 1971/06/00
2009-P-010-02440            Joersz, Arnold, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02441            Johanneson, Helgi, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02442            Johansen, Mr. and Mrs. Agner, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02443            Johs, Leo, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02444            Johnson, D. E., 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02445            Johnson, C. LeRoy, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02446            Johnson, Del, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02447            Johnson, Donald, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02448            Luther, Henry, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02449            Lutness, Rev. Magnus, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02450            Lennick, Al, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02451            Lennick, Milt, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02453            Leonard, Mr. and Mrs. James, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02455            Westwood, Jean  National Chairman, Democrat, 1972/09/22
2009-P-010-02456            Levine, David, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02457            Letvin, George, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02458            Lewis, Robert, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02459            Lichty, George, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02460            Lien, Tilmer, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02461            Light, Oliver, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02462            Limond, Lyle, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02463            Linnertz, Leo, 1970
2009-P-010-02464            Lindberg, Dennis, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02465            Linssen, Les, 1970
2009-P-010-02466            Linderman, Rev. Dale, 1970
2009-P-010-02467            Link, Capt. Walter, 1970
2009-P-010-02468            Lips, Evan, 1970
2009-P-010-02469            Litten, C. Warner  (Legislator), 1970
2009-P-010-02470            Little, Harold L., 1970
2009-P-010-02471            Little Soldier, Nathan, 1970
2009-P-010-02472            Livdahl, A.T., 1970
2009-P-010-02473            Livdahl, Percy, 1970
2009-P-010-02474            Lloyd, L. G., 1970
2009-P-010-02475            Larson, Harvey C., 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02476            Larson, Mrs. Henry, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02477            Larson, Dr. L. W., 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02478            Marchus, Larry, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02479            Margaret, Sister Helen, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02480            Markegard, Gary, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02481            Markel, Clem, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02482            Markel, Connie, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02483            Marritz, Robert Owen, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02484            Martens, Mrs. Audrey, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02485            Marthaller, Len, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02486            Martin, Bernard, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02487            Martin, Dorothy, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02489            Martin, Norman, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02490            McCartney, J. E., 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02491            McClelland, Mrs. William (Harriet), 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02492            McCarty, Thomas, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02493            First United Methodist Church, Bismarck (ND), 1971/06/26
2009-P-010-02494            Train, Russell E., 1971/06/00
2009-P-010-02495            Parker, B. Stuart, 1971/06/15
2009-P-010-02496            Berman, Shelley, 1971/06/29
2009-P-010-02497            Stanton, Frank President of CBS, 1971/06/27
2009-P-010-02498            Zwarych, Jeff, 1971/06/30
2009-P-010-02499            Reissen, Marty, 1971/06/27
2009-P-010-02500            Wise, Rick, 1971/06/27
2009-P-010-02502            Fitzsimmons, Frank (left) Teamsters Head, 1971/06/27
2009-P-010-02503            Zion, Sidney  former New York Times Reporter, 1971/06/27
2009-P-010-02504            Stock, Leonard, 1971/06/30
2009-P-010-02505            Symington, Rep. James, 1971/06/25
2009-P-010-02506            Gronowski, Jim, 1971/06/29
2009-P-010-02507            Casals, Rosemary, 1971/06/25
2009-P-010-02508            Graham, Katharine  Publisher of Washington Post, 1971/06024
2009-P-010-02509            Kuntz, Mrs. Connie (Lee), 1971/07/01
2009-P-010-02510            Ball, George, 1971/07/01
2009-P-010-02511            Cathedral of Holy Spirit, Bismarck (ND), 1971/07/19
2009-P-010-02512            Torre, Joe, 1971/07/11
2009-P-010-02513            Hairelson, Bud, 1971/07/11
2009-P-010-02514            Bench, Johnny, 1971/07/11
2009-P-010-02515            Aaron, Hank, 1971/07/11
2009-P-010-02516            Mays, Willie, 1971/07/11
2009-P-010-02517            Stargell, Willie, 1971/07/11
2009-P-010-02518            Carew, Rod, 1971/07/11
2009-P-010-02519            Fosse, Ray, 1971/07/11
2009-P-010-02520            Poinell, Boog, 1971/07/11
2009-P-010-02521            McCovey, Willie, 1971/07/11
2009-P-010-02522            Beckert, Glenn, 1971/07/11
2009-P-010-02523            Robinson, Frank, 1971/07/11
2009-P-010-02524            Robinson, Brooks, 1971/07/10
2009-P-010-02525            Aparcio, Luis, 1971/07/10
2009-P-010-02526            Oliva, Tony, 1971/07/10
2009-P-010-02527            Yastrozemski, Carl, 1971/07/10
2009-P-010-02528            Neuharth, Alvin, 1971/07/10
2009-P-010-02529            Heath, Larry (left), 1971/07/09
2009-P-010-02530            Kline, David, 1971/06/11
2009-P-010-02531            Christ Episcopal Church, Mandan (ND), 1971/07/19
2009-P-010-02532            Froehlke, Robert F., 1971/07/10
2009-P-010-02533            Eidson, Dale A., 1971/07/09
2009-P-010-02534            Newsom, David, 1971/07/07
2009-P-010-02535            Cook, Rep. Marlow (KY)  (also see Vance Hartke), 1971/07/00
2009-P-010-02536            Glaesemann, Kevin (with Arthur Link), 1971/07/00
2009-P-010-02537            St. Mary's Church, 1971/07/10
2009-P-010-02538            Weisser, Carl, 1971/06/13
2009-P-010-02539            Jackson, Robert Lee, 1971/07/10
2009-P-010-02540            Lockhart, Nancy, 1971/07/00
2009-P-010-02541            Kennedy, John F., 1971/07/00
2009-P-010-02543            Stumpp, Dr. Karl, 1971/07/18
2009-P-010-02544            Harris, Senator Fred R., 1971/07/00
2009-P-010-02545            Porter, William J., 1971/07/00
2009-P-010-02546            Staggers, Rep. Harley O., 1971/07/00
2009-P-010-02547            Blue, Vida  (left) --Ellis, Doc (right), 1971/07/00
2009-P-010-02548            Johnson, Reggie, 1971/07/16
2009-P-010-02549            Trevino, Lee, 1971/07/00
2009-P-010-02550            Mosbrucker, JoAnn Little Britches Winner-Highest Number of Points 1971, 1971/07/18
2009-P-010-02551            Kardong, Rev. Terrence Mary College Instructor, 1971/07/16
2009-P-010-02552            Nyquist, Brother Paul D. Mary College Instructor, Bismarck (ND), 1971/07/16
2009-P-010-02553            Wolf, Rev. David J.  Mary College Instructor, Bismarck (ND), 1971/07/16
2009-P-010-02554            Moore, Rev. Patrick Mary College Instructor, Bismarck (ND), 1971/07/16
2009-P-010-02555            Hewitt, Scott, 1971/07/17
2009-P-010-02556            Eisenhower brothers, 1971/07/15
2009-P-010-02557            Bismarck Mounted Police, Bismarck (ND), 1971/07/15
2009-P-010-02558            Savageau, Doric, 1971/07/15
2009-P-010-02559            Crampton, Bruce  Golfer, 1971/07/22
2009-P-010-02560            Huncovsky, Dora, 1971/07/15
2009-P-010-02561            Hassan II (King of Morocco), 1971/07/00
2009-P-010-02562            Assel, Christ, 1971/07/14
2009-P-010-02563            Le Duc Tho North Vietnamese leader, 1971
2009-P-010-02564            Moss, Senator Frank, 1971
2009-P-010-02565            Johnson, Gen. Harold, 1971
2009-P-010-02566            Kai-Shek, Chiang, 1971
2009-P-010-02567            Bundy, McGeorge, 1971
2009-P-010-02568            Cabinet The, 1971
2009-P-010-02569            Ervin, Kenneth, 1971
2009-P-010-02570            Svingen, Dale, 1971
2009-P-010-02571            Ternes, Butch  Lineman, 1971
2009-P-010-02572            Betz, Darryl Lineman, 1971
2009-P-010-02573            Miller, Leslie  Line Foreman, 1971
2009-P-010-02574            Hendrickson, George, 1971
2009-P-010-02575            Wagner, Theophil  Lineman, 1971
2009-P-010-02576            Whitman, Ward, 1971
2009-P-010-02577            Dornbush, Ike, 1971
2009-P-010-02578            Weiser, Robert, 1971
2009-P-010-02579            Solheim, Clarence, 1971
2009-P-010-02580            Trygg, John, 1971
2009-P-010-02581            Weber, John Jr., 1971
2009-P-010-02582            Williams, Harold, 1971
2009-P-010-02583            Bailey, Erwin, 1971
2009-P-010-02584            Gartner, P. J. (Pete) Fire Chief, Mandan (ND), 1971/07/21
2009-P-010-02587            Mutzenberger, Jim  Billing Clerk, 1971
2009-P-010-02588            Wohlfeil, Leonard H., 1971
2009-P-010-02589            Rickertt, Vivian J.  Office manager, 1971
2009-P-010-02590            Goetz, Gordon Line Superintendent, 1971
2009-P-010-02591            Sailer, Eldora cashier-receptionist, 1971
2009-P-010-02592            Schulte, Harold  Center (ND), 1971
2009-P-010-02594            Rockenbach, Warren   Fort Clark, 1971
2009-P-010-02595            Becker, Herbert, New Salem (ND), 1971
2009-P-010-02596            Heth, William Beulah (ND), 1971
2009-P-010-02597            Rasch, Eldor   Hazen (ND), 1971
2009-P-010-02598            Unruh, Ed   Zap (ND), 1971
2009-P-010-02599            Isaak, Ernest Dodge, 1971
2009-P-010-02600            Taylor, General Maxwell D., 1971
2009-P-010-02601            Leimbach, Elmer C., 1971/07/07
2009-P-010-02602            Kuntz, Bonnie  Miss Rodeo North Dakota, 1971/07/07
2009-P-010-02603            Balaguer, President, Dominican Republic, 1971
2009-P-010-02604            Malik, Adam  Indonesia Foreign Minister, 1971
2009-P-010-02605            Raymond, Art n.d.
2009-P-010-02606            Wise, Worl A.  
2009-P-010-02607            Court, Margaret (left) --Goolagon, Evonne (right), 1971/07/04
2009-P-010-02608            Ferris, Larry W., 1971/07/03
2009-P-010-02609            Schrenk, Arthur A.  Future Farmers of America (FFA) Supervisor, Morton County (ND), 1971/07/02
2009-P-010-02610            Gravel, Sen. Mike, 1971/07/02
2009-P-010-02611            Van Heuvelan, Gary, 1971/07/22
2009-P-010-02612            Adenauer, Konrad (deceased) German President 1954
2009-P-010-02613            Khruschev, Nikita S., 1969
2009-P-010-02614            Trapp, Maria Von  Trapp Family Singers, 1971
2009-P-010-02615            Bierne, Joseph, 1971/07/00
2009-P-010-02616            Sund, Oliver, 1971
2009-P-010-02617            Malm, Archie  Flasher (ND), 1971
2009-P-010-02618            Loerch, R., 1971
2009-P-010-02619            Shjeflo, A. L. Dickinson (ND), 1971
2009-P-010-02620            Chapman, Gen. Leonard F.  cmdt. - Marine Corps (right) --McConnell, John P. General Air Force Chief of Staff  (second from left) --Moorer, Thomas H. (Admiral) Chief of Naval Operations (fourth from left) --Westmoreland, Gen. William (Army chief of), 1971
2009-P-010-02621            Byrne, Hugh E., 1970
2009-P-010-02622            Buttons, Red, 1970
2009-P-010-02623            Busby, Jr. Horace, 1970
2009-P-010-02624            Burton, Richard and Elizabeth Taylor, 1970
2009-P-010-02625            Burr, Raymond, 1970
2009-P-010-02626            Burr, Robert, 1970
2009-P-010-02627            Burns, John A., 1970
2009-P-010-02628            Burns, David, 1970
2009-P-010-02629            Burns, Haydon, 1970
2009-P-010-02630            Burnette, Smiley, 1970
2009-P-010-02631            Burnett, Carol, 1970
2009-P-010-02632            Burleson, Omar, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02633            Bumbry, Grace, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02634            Bujold, Genevieve, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02635            Buckley, William, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02636            Buchholz, Horst, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02637            Buchanan, Edgar, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02638            Brynner, Yul, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02639            Bryant, Farris, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02640            Bryant, Anita, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02641            Bruce, Betty, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02642            Brown, Virginia Mae, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02643            Brown, Jim, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02644            Brown, George, 1970
2009-P-010-02645            Brown, Robert J., 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02646            Brorein, William G., 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02647            Brooke, Edward W., 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02648            Brinkley, David, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02649            Bridges, Lloyd, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02650            Brickell, Beth, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02651            Brennan, Walter, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02652            Breathitt, Edward T., 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02653            Bream, Julian, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02654            Brazzi, Rossano, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02655            Bray, Robert, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02656            Brannan, Charles F., 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02657            Brando, Marlon, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02658            Branco, Humberto Castello, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02659            Baddeley, Hermione, 1970
2009-P-010-02660            Art Show, Mandan (ND), 1974/03/00
2009-P-010-02661            Boyer, Charles, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02662            Boyd, Stephen, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02663            Boyd, Alan, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02664            Bowles, Chester, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02665            Bosse, William, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02666            Bosch, Juan, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02667            Bormann, Martin, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02668            Borman, Frank, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02669            Borgnine, Ernest, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02670            Borge, Victor, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02671            Boone, Pat, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02672            Bonelli, Olivia, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02673            Boman, Paul G., 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02674            Jackson, Jermaine singer-Jackson Five, 1973
2009-P-010-02675            Bohland, Richard, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02676            Bogard, George T., 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02677            Boe, Nils, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02678            Bo, Mai Van, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02679            Blyden, Larry, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02680            Blue, Ben, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02681            Bluhdorn, Charles G., 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02682            Blough, Roger, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02683            Block, Peter F. Cmdr., 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02684            Block, Herbert L., 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02685            Bliss, Ray, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02686            Blessing, Karl, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02687            Blaisdell, Neal S., 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02688            Blackman, Honor, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02689            Bishop, Joey, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02690            Binh, Viet Presidential Candidate, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02691            Binger, C. R., 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02692            Biaggi, Mario Rep., New York (NY), 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02693            Bhutto, Zulfikar Ali, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02694            Betz, Carl, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02695            Berry, Tom, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02696            Barry, Gene, 1970
2009-P-010-02697            Berle, Milton, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02698            Berger, Senta, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02699            Bergan, Polly, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02700            Berard, Armend, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02701            Benny, Jack, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02702            Bennett, Hywel, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02703            Bennett, Bruce, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02704            Bennett, Boyd, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02705            Bennett, Robert, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02706            Bennett, Linda, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02707            Belmondo, Jean-Paul, 1970
2009-P-010-02708            Bellamy, Ralph, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02709            Bell, Jack, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02710            Belafonte, Harry, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02711            Becker, Stephen, 1970
2009-P-010-02712            Becker, E.H., 1970
2009-P-010-02713            Bechtel, Stephen D. Sr., 1970
2009-P-010-02714            Beatty, Warren, 1970
2009-P-010-02715            Beatles, 1970
2009-P-010-02716            Beale, William L. Jr., 1970
2009-P-010-02717            Bay, Susan, 1970
2009-P-010-02718            Baxter, Anne, 1970
2009-P-010-02719            Bastedo, Alexandra, 1970
2009-P-010-02720            Basehart, Richart, 1970
2009-P-010-02721            Bartlett, Dewey F., 1970
2009-P-010-02722            Barry, Patricia, 1970
2009-P-010-02723            Barrientos, Rene, 1970
2009-P-010-02724            Barnes, Joanna, 1970
2009-P-010-02725            Barnes, Clive, 1970
2009-P-010-02726            Barnard, Dr. Christian, 1970
2009-P-010-02727            Barlow, Frank, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02728            Bardot, Brigitte, 1970
2009-P-010-02729            Banda, H. Kamuzu, 1970
2009-P-010-02730            Balsam, Martin, 1970
2009-P-010-02731            Ball, Lucille, 1970
2009-P-010-02732            Ballard, Kay, 1970
2009-P-010-02733            Baldwin, Hanson W. Columnist, 1970
2009-P-010-02734            Baker, Joby, 1970
2009-P-010-02735            Baker, Carroll, 1970
2009-P-010-02736            Baker, Bobby, 1970
2009-P-010-02737            Bain, Barbra, 1970
2009-P-010-02738            Bailey, John, 1970
2009-P-010-02739            Baez, Joan, 1970
2009-P-010-02740            Baer, Jr., Max
2009-P-010-02741            Backus, Jim, 1970
2009-P-010-02742            Bachman, John, 1970
2009-P-010-02743            Aycock, Darwin, 1970
2009-P-010-02744            Autry, Gene, 1970
2009-P-010-02745            Auchincloss, Louis, 1970
2009-P-010-02746            Atwood, J. Leland, 1970
2009-P-010-02747            Atkinson, Roy, 1970
2009-P-010-02748            Atherton, Warren, 1970
2009-P-010-02749            Atkins, Eileen, 1970
2009-P-010-02750            Asturias, Miguel Angel, 1970
2009-P-010-02751            Astaire, Fred, 1970
2009-P-010-02752            Ash, Roy, 1970
2009-P-010-02753            Arrowsmith, Marvin, 1970
2009-P-010-02754            Arnold, Eddy, 1970
2009-P-010-02755            Arnaz, Desi, 1970
2009-P-010-02756            Arkin, Alan, 1970
2009-P-010-02757            Arias, Roberto (Tito), 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02758            Arends, Rep. Leslie C. (IL), 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02759            Arden, Eve, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02760            Apollo 7, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02761            Apollo 8, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02762            Apple, Raymond W., 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02763            Andrus, Cecil, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02764            Andrews sisters, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02765            Andrews, Julie, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02766            Andrews, Edwards, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02767            Andress, Ursula, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02768            Anderson, Paul F. Bishop, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02769            Anderson, George W. Jr. Adm, n.d. 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02770            Anderson, Elmer L. (of Minn.), 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02771            Anderson, Dame Judith, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02772            Anders, William A., 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02773            Ames, Nancy, 1970
2009-P-010-02775            Alvarez, Dr. Walter C., 1970
2009-P-010-02776            Alsop, Joseph columnist  1970
2009-P-010-02777            Allen, Woody 1970
2009-P-010-02778            Allen, Steve 1970
2009-P-010-02779            Allen, Peter W. with Lisa Minnelli 1970
2009-P-010-02780            Allen, James B. 1970
2009-P-010-02781            Ray, Aldo, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02782            Albright, Lola, 1970
2009-P-010-02783            Albert, Eddie, 1970
2009-P-010-02784            Adzhubei, Aleksei, 1970
2009-P-010-02785            Adulyadej, Bhumibii and Queen Sirikit of Thailand, 1970
2009-P-010-02786            Adler, Renata columnist, 1970
2009-P-010-02787            Addams, Dawn, 1970
2009-P-010-02788            Adams, Don, 1970
2009-P-010-02789            Ackley, Gardner, 1970
2009-P-010-02790            Abernathy, Rev. Ralph, 1970
2009-P-010-02791            Abrams, Gen. Creighton W., 1970
2009-P-010-02792            Cabot, Sabastian, 1970
2009-P-010-02793            Caesar, Sid, 1970
2009-P-010-02794            Caffery, Pat, 1970
2009-P-010-02795            Caine, Michael, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02796            Caldwell, Zoe, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02797            Callaghan, James, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02798            Callas, Maria, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02799            Callaway, Howard (Bo), 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02800            Callaway, L,L, Jr., 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02801            Canaday, John columnist, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02802            Canary, David, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02803            Cantwell, John, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02804            Capote, Truman, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02805            Capp, Al, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02806            Cardinale, Claudia, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02807            Carlson, Frank, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02808            Carmichael, Stokeley, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02809            Caron, Leslie, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02810            Carroll, Diahann, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02811            Carson, Johnny, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02812            Celler, Emanuel see also 3230, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02813            Cernan, Eugene --Harrison H (Jack) Schmitt, Apollo 17 --Ronald E. Evans, n.d.
2009-P-010-02814            Cerusico, Enzo, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02815            Chafee, John, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02816            Chakiris, George, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02817            Chancellor, John 1970
2009-P-010-02818            Chaplin, Charlie, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02819            Charisse, Cyd, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02820            McWilliams, Lieut. Col. Victor J.  National Guard, 1973
2009-P-010-02821            Chen, Peng, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02822            Cher, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02823            Chavalier, Maurice, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02824            Chi Liu Shao, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02825            Chichester, Sir Francis --Lloyd, Ed, 1970 --1972
2009-P-010-02826            Chieu, Pham Xuan, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02827            Chisholm, Rep. Shirley (NY), 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02828            Christenson, Gerald W., 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02830            Christopher, Jordan, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02831            Chu, Tao, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02832            Cilento, Diane, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02833            Clapp, Norman, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02834            Clark, Dick, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02835            Clark, Petula, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02836            Clark, Ramsey, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02837            Clark, Tom, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02838            Clausen, Don H., 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02839            Cliburn, Van, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02840            Clifford, Clark, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02841            Coburn, James, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02842            Cody, John Patrick, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02843            Cohen, Manuel F., 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02844            Cohen, Sheldon S., 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02845            Colbert, Claudette, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02846            Collins, Michael, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02847            Commager, Dr. Henry, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02848            Como, Perry, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02849            Connery, Sean, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02850            Constantine, King (Greece), 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02851            Conte, Richard, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02852            Coogan, Jackie, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02853            Cook, Donald C., 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02854            Cooke, Terence J.  Archbishop, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02855            Cosby, Bill, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02856            Couch, Bill, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02857            Coward, Noel, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02858            Cowles, John, Jr., 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02859            Cox, Robert, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02860            Crain, Jeanne, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02866            Crowther, Bosley  columnist, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02867            Culp, Robert, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02871            Dale, Edwin L. Jr., 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02872            Dalton, Abby, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02873            Daly, John, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02874            Goeser, Peter J. chaplain, Dickinson (ND), 1973/12/20
2009-P-010-02875            Darren, James, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02876            Darvall, Denise, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02877            Davis, Harry, 1970
2009-P-010-02878            Davis, Meyer, 1970
2009-P-010-02879            Davis, Jr., Sammy  before 1970, also 1973, 1970
2009-P-010-02880            Day, Dennis, 1970
2009-P-010-02881            Day, Doris, 1970
2009-P-010-02882            Deans, Mickey, 1970
2009-P-010-02883            Dearden, John F., 1970
2009-P-010-02884            Debray, Regis, 1970
2009-P-010-02885            Debre, Michel, 1970
2009-P-010-02886            DeCarlo, Yvonne, 1970
2009-P-010-02887            Dee, Sandra, 1970
2009-P-010-02888            de Haviland, Olivia, 1970
2009-P-010-02889            Delom, Alain, 1970
2009-P-010-02890            Deming, Frederick, 1970
2009-P-010-02891            de Murville, Maurice Couve, 1970
2009-P-010-02892            Demick, Irina, 1970
2009-P-010-02893            Dempsey, John, 1970
2009-P-010-02894            Denholm, Frank, 1970
2009-P-010-02895            Dennis, Nigel, 1970
2009-P-010-02896            Dewey, Thomas, 1970
2009-P-010-02897            Farah Diba, Empress, 1970
2009-P-010-02898            Dickinson, Angie, 1970
2009-P-010-02899            Dickinson, Emily, 1970
2009-P-010-02900            Dietrich, Marlene, 1970
2009-P-010-02901            Diller, Phyllis, 1970
2009-P-010-02902            Docking, Robert, 1970
2009-P-010-02903            Dominy, Floyd, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02904            Don, Gen. Tran Van, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02905            Donald, James, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02907            Dorati, Antal, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02908            Douglas, Donna, 1970
2009-P-010-02909            Douglas, James, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02910            Douglas, Kirk, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02911            Drury, James, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02912            Dugan, George columnist, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02913            Duke, Patty see Parkins, Barbara #5506, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02914            Dulles, Allen, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02915            Dunne, Dennis W., 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02916            Dunnock, Mildred, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02917            Durante, Jimmy, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02918            Dymond, Lewis W., 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02919            Dymshits, Veniamin, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02920            Eaton, Shirley, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02921            Eden, Barbara, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02922            Edwards, Rep. Donald (CA), 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02923            Eggers, Paul, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02924            Eggery, Paul, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02925            Eisenhower, Barbara Anne, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02926            Eisenhower, Dwight D., 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02927            Eisenhower, John, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02928            Eisenhower, Mamie, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02929            Ekland, Britt, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02930            El-Farra, Muhammad H., 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02931            Eliot, T. S., 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02932            Ellsworth, Robert, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02933            Ellen, Vera, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02935            Ely, Ron, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02936            Emerson, Ralph Waldo, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02937            Engle, Paul, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02938            Epstein, Edward, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02939            Erhard, Ludwig, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02940            Erlander, Tage, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02941            Estes, Billie Sol, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02942            Evans, Daniel, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02943            Evans, Dame Edith, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02944            Evans, Douglas, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02945            Evans, Robert B., 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02946            Everett, Bob, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02947            Everett, Chad, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02948            Fabray, Nanette, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02949            Fairbanks, Douglas Jr., 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02950            Faisal, King Saudi Arabia, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02951            Farrell, Suzanne, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02952            Farrow, Mia, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02953            Faye, Alice, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02954            Fedorenko, Nikolai T., 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02955            Feldon, Barbara, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02956            Fellini, Federico, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02957            Ferrer, Mel, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02958            Fields, Tom, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02959            Findley, Paul, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02960            Fisher, Maj. Bernard F. Air Force, medal of honor winner, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02961            Fisher, Eddie actor, entertainer, 1973/12/27
2009-P-010-02962            Fischer Quints --Fisher, Most Reverend Geoffrey, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02963            Fiske, Edward columnist, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02964            Fitzgerald, Ella, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02965            Fitzhugh, Gilbert W., 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02966            Flemming, Arthur, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02967            Flynn, Thomas E., 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02968            Fock, Jenoe, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02969            Fonda, Henry, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02970            Ford, Glenn, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02971            Ford, Henry II, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02972            Ford, Paul, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02973            Ford's Theatre, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02974            Forsythe, John, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02975            Foster, Phil, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02976            Fowler, Henry, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02977            Franciosa, Tony, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02978            Franciscus, James, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02979            Frankel, Max  White House columnist, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02980            Frankfurter, Felix, 1970
2009-P-010-02981            Freedman, Max, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02982            Freeman, Orville, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02983            Fremont-Smith, Eliot columnist, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02984            Freud, Sigmund, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02985            Friedman, Milton, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02986            Friendly, Fred W., 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02987            Frobe, Gert, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02988            Fuchs, Joseph, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02989            Fuller, Keith, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02990            Gabor, Eva, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02991            Gabor, Zsa Zsa, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02992            Gagarin, Yuri, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02993            Galloway, Don, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02994            Galusha, Hugh, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02995            Ganev, Dimitur, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02996            Garcia-Godoy, Hector, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02997            Gardner, Ava, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02998            Gardner, John, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-02999            Garfunkel, Art, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03000            Garland, Judy, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03001            Garner, James, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03002            Garner, John Nance (Cactus Jack), 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03003            Garrison, Jim, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03004            Gassman, Vittorio, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03005            Gaydos, Joseph M., 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03006            Gaynor, Janet, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03007            Gazzara, Ben, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03008            Genn, Leo, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03009            George, Christopher, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03010            Gershwin, George, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03011            Gerstenmaier, Eugene, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03012            Getty, J. Paul, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03013            Gheorghe, Ion, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03014            Gilruth, Dr. Robert R., 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03015            Glassen, Harold, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03016            Gleason, Jackie, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03017            Glenn, Colonel John, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03018            Gobel, George, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03019            Goddard, Dr. James L., 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03020            Godfrey, Horace D. ASCS head, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03021            Goldberg, Arthur J., 1972
2009-P-010-03022            Golden, Harry, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03023            Goldwater, Barry M., 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03024            Gomulka, Wladyslaw, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03025            Goodman, Julian, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03026            Goodpaster, Andrew J., 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03027            Gordon, Gale, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03028            Gore, Rep. Albert (TN), 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03029            Gose, Lowell E., 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03030            Gould, Jack columnist, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03031            Goulet, Robert, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03032            Graham, Rev. Billy  evangelist, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03033            Grant, Cary, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03034            Grant, Micki, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03035            Graves, Peter, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03036            Graham, Virginia, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03037            Greathouse, Pat, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03038            Grechko, Andrei  see Husak, Guatav #5480, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03039            Greeley, Horace presidential candidate in 1872 defeated by U.S. Grant, 1872
2009-P-010-03040            Green, Rep. William (PA), 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03041            Greene, Lorne, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03042            Greene, Jr., Gen. Wallace M., 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03043            Gregson, John, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03044            Griffith, Andy, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03045            Grissom, Virgil I.  Astronaut see also #3350, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03046            Gross, Sydney, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03048            Gunness, Robert C., 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03049            Gwynn, T. A., 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03050            Haack, Robert A. President New York Stock Exchange, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03051            Hackett, Buddy, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03052            Haggard, Merle, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03053            Hagman, Larry, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03054            Hall, Gus, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03055            Hamilton, George, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03056            Hamilton, J. M., 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03057            Harald, Crown Prince of Norway, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03058            Harris, Barbara, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03059            Harris, Julie see also #3113-1973 Awards, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03060            Harris, Patricia R., 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03061            Harrison, George (Beatle), 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03062            Harrison, Noel, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03063            Harrison, Rex, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03064            Hart, Senator Philip, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03065            Hartl, Albert V., 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03066            Hartman, David, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03067            Bagge, Rep. Mario (NY) --Beame, Abraham Mayor-elect --Blumenthal, Albert H.  defeated mayoral candidate of NYC --Marchi, John J. defeated mayoral candidate of NYC, 1973
2009-P-010-03068            Hatfield, Sen. Mark O., (OR) 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03069            Hathaway, Stanley R., 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03070            Hawekotte, R. S., 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03071            Hawks, Dee, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03072            Haydn, Richard, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03073            Hazman, Lou, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03074            Hechinger, Fred columnist, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03075            Heckler, Margaret, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03076            Heller, Walter, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03077            Hemingway, Ernest, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03078            Henderson, Florence, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03079            Henry, Edward, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03080            Hepburn, Audrey, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03081            Hepburn, Katharine, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03082            Herseth, Ralph, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03083            Hesburgh, Theodore Reverend, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03084            Heston, Charlton, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03085            Heyns, Roger, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03086            Hickenlooper, Sen. Bourke, (IA) 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03087            Hicks, Rep. Louise Day (MA), 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03088            Hiep, Nguyen Hoa, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03090            Hines, John E., 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03091            Hirt, Al, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03092            Hoffer, Eric, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03093            Hoffman, Abbie, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03094            Holden, William, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03095            Holm, Celeste, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03096            Hope, Bob, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03097            Horne, Lena, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03098            Horner, Penelope, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03100            Hudson, Rock, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03101            Hughes, Charles E., 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03102            Helbling, Terry Park Board, Mandan (ND), 1974/04/00
2009-P-010-03103            Hunter, Kim, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03104            Huong, Vietnam Presidential Candidate, Vietnam, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03105            Hurwitch, Robert A., 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03106            Hutton, Jim, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03107            Imbert, General Antonio, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03109            Janssen, David, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03110            Javits, Marion (Mrs. Jacob), 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03111            Jefferson, President Thomas, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03112            Jenner, Jr. Albert E., 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03113            Johns, Glynis --Vereen, Ben  actor, 1970 --1973
2009-P-010-03114            Johnson, Arte, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03115            Johnson, Sen. LeRoy, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03116            Jones, Art, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03117            Jones, Carolyn, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03118            Jones, Dean, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03119            Jones, LeRoi, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03120            Jones, Shirley, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03121            Kahn, Herman, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03122            Kaminska, Ida, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03123            Kantrowitz, Dr. Adrian, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03124            Kaplan, Justin, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03125            Kaplow, Herb, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03126            Kappel, Frederick R., 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03127            Katzenbach, Nicholas, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03128            Kaye, Danny, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03129            Keith, A. M., 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03130            Kennedy, Mrs. Edward, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03131            Kennedy, Ethel (Mrs. Robert), 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03132            Kennedy, George, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03133            Kennedy, Jacqueline (and kids) see also Jacqueline Onassis #429, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03134            Kennedy, Jr., John  also see Kennedy, Jacqueline, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03135            Kennedy, Jr., Joseph P. deceased, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03136            Kennedy, Joseph son of Sen. Robert Kennedy, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03137            Kent, Duke and Duchess of, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03138            Kerr, Deborah, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03139            Kerr, Walter, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03140            Keyserling, Leon, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03141            Khan, Ayub, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03142            Khanh, Vu Hong, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03143            Kiesinger, Kurt Georg (and wife), 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03144            Kiker, Douglas, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03145            King, Martin Luther, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03146            King, Alan, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03147            Kingman, William S., 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03148            Kirchner, Leon, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03149            Kirk, Claude, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03150            Kitt, Eartha, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03151            Kitzer, Phillip Jr., 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03152            Kitzer, Phillip Sr., 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03153            Knowles, Warren, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03154            Komarov, Vladimir, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03155            Koster, Richard, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03156            Krag, Otto, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03157            Kroeger, Lee, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03158            Krol, John Hoseph, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03159            Kroman, David R., 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03160            Krupp, Felix Alwyn, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03161            Ky, Nguyen Cao, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03162            Lachicotte, Frank, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03163            Laire, Judson, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03164            Lam, Dang Pham, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03165            Landau, Martin, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03166            Landers, Ann, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03167            Landon, Michael, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03168            Lane, Mark, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03169            Lange, Hope, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03170            Lao, Van Ha Col., 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03171            Lask, Thomas  columnist, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03172            Lavelle, Paul, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03173            Lawford, Peter, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03174            Lawrence, Steve, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03175            Leigh, Janet, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03176            Lemay, General Curtis, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03177            Lemmon, Jack also 1973, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03178            Levander, Harold  (Governor of Minnesota), St. Paul (MN), 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03179            Levy, Howard B., 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03180            Lewis, Jerry, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03181            Lien, Thich Quang, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03182            Lin, Sun, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03183            Lindbergh, Charles A., 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03184            Huffman, Dr. M.B., 1974/12/00
2009-P-010-03185            Liu, Chien M.D., 1970
2009-P-010-03186            Livermore, Glenn, 1970
2009-P-010-03187            Locke, Eugene, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03188            Lollobrigida, Gina, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03189            Lombardo, Guy, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03190            Lord, Marjorie, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03191            Loren, Sophia, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03192            Love, John, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03193            Lowe, Dr. George, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03194            Luebke, Heinrich, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03195            Lung Ho, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03196            Ly,  Vietnam Presidential Candidate, 1970
2009-P-010-03197            Lynde, Paul, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03198            MacFarlane, Robert S., 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03199            MacLaine, Shirley, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03200            MacMurray, Fred, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03201            Maddox, Lester G., 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03202            Magnusson, Cyrus, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03203            Maidenberg, H. J., 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03204            Maier, Henry W., 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03205            Mailer, Norman, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03206            Malamud, Bernard, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03207            Malcolm X, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03208            Malden, Karl, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03209            Malone, Nancy, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03210            Malusky, Barney St. Paul manager GTA, St. Paul (MN), 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03211            Mamas and the Papas  singing group, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03212            Manchester, William, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03213            Mao, Ngo, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03214            Margaret, Princess, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03215            Marshall, E. G., 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03216            Martin, Dean, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03217            Martin, Dick with Dan Rowan #3502, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03218            Martin, Joseph W. Jr., 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03219            Martin, Ross, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03220            Martin, William McChesney, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03221            Marvin, Lee  see Lancaster, Burt, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03222            Marx, Groucho also 1973, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03223            Massini, Mia, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03224            Mayo, Charles W., 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03225            Mayo, Robert, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03226            McCambridge, Mercedes, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03227            McCloy, John J., 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03228            McClure, Doug, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03229            McCormack, Patty, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03230            McCulloch, William M., 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03231            McDivitt, James, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03232            McDowall, Roddy, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03233            McGavin, Darren, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03234            McLean, David, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03235            McQueen, Steve, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03236            Mehta, Mehli, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03237            Mehta, Zubin, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03238            Mencken, H.L., 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03239            Menk, Louis W. President Burlington Northern, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03240            Menuhin, Yehudi, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03241            Mercouri, Melina, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03242            Meridith, James, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03243            Merman, Ethel, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03244            Merrill, Dina, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03245            Middleton, Drew  Columnist, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03246            Mikoyan, Anastas, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03247            Miles, Vera, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03248            Miller, Henry (and wife)  author, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03249            Mills, Hayley, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03250            Mitterand, Francois, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03251            Moheiddin, Zakaria, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03252            Ritterbush, Robert A. (and late wife), 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03253            Amberson, Dr. J. M. Mandan area native, 1971/08/01
2009-P-010-03254            Pastorini, Dan  College All-Star Quarterback, 1971/08/01
2009-P-010-03255            Rigby, Sgt. Ray Bismarck Police Department (and marijuana plants), Bismarck (ND), 1971/07/31
2009-P-010-03256            Zion Lutheran Church, 1971/07/31
2009-P-010-03257            Palmer, Arnold, 1971/07/31
2009-P-010-03258            Morton County Office Deputy Sheriff, 1971/07/31
2009-P-010-03259 – 03260 Berrigan, Philip  pacifist priest serving sentence, 1971/07/31
2009-P-010-03261            Teresa, Vincent Witness at Senate Investigations subcommittee hearings on organized crime., 1971/08/01
2009-P-010-03262            Molony, Joseph P.  United Steel Workers Vice-President, 1971/08/03
2009-P-010-03263            Wheeler, Dr. and Mrs. H. A., 1971/07/28
2009-P-010-03264            Haider, Leonard Jaycee of month of June, 1971, 1971/07/29
2009-P-010-03265            Urdahl, Kenneth former ND senator, Jamestown (ND), 1969
2009-P-010-03266            American Oil Refinery, Mandan (ND), 1969
2009-P-010-03267            School of Hope, Bismarck, School for developmentally disabled, Bismarck (ND), 1967
2009-P-010-03268            Van Der Hoeven, Eugene  (perennial right-wing candidate), Hague (ND), 1967
2009-P-010-03269            Jacobson, Joel representative United Arts Workers, 1971/07/23
2009-P-010-03270            Sande, Dave winner of gold medal at regional AAU track meet, Bismarck (ND), 1971/07/27
2009-P-010-03271            Lovell, Jr., Malcolm R. Assistant Secretary of Labor for Manpower, 1971/07/27
2009-P-010-03272            Berreth, Milton  businessman, Mandan (ND), 1971/08/06
2009-P-010-03273            Arndt, Lola Mandan businesswomen, 1971/08/06
2009-P-010-03274            Steckler, Terry  businessman, Mandan (ND), 1971/08/06
2009-P-010-03275            Kuhn, Clem  businessman, Mandan (ND), 1971/08/06
2009-P-010-03276            Fiechtner, Vic businessman, Mandan (ND), 1971/08/06
2009-P-010-03277            McClelland, Bill Mandan (ND), 1971/08/06
2009-P-010-03278            Wood, Kent  businessman, Mandan (ND), 1971/08/06
2009-P-010-03279            Norby, Jack  businessman, Mandan (ND), 1971/08/00
2009-P-010-03280            Huddleson, Gordon  businessman, Mandan (ND), 1971/08/06
2009-P-010-03281            Caya, Gerri Legion coach, Mandan (ND) 1971/08/06
2009-P-010-03282            Zander, Terry  Legion Coach, Mandan (ND), 1971/08/06
2009-P-010-03283            Morgan, Ernest R. VP/Office manager Bismarck based travel club, Bismarck (ND), 1971/08/06
2009-P-010-03284            Froelich, Terry Mandan (ND), 1971/08/00
2009-P-010-03285            Hummel, Dave  Elks team, 1971/08/04
2009-P-010-03286            Lamphere, Jeff Wrestling club, (MN), 1971/08/05
2009-P-010-03287            Demaray, Bill North Dakota Wrestling Club, 1971/08/03
2009-P-010-03288            Reed, Kenneth L.  Bismarck air club secretary, Bismarck (ND), 1971/08/00
2009-P-010-03289            Remling, Phyllis J.  Air club stewardess, 1971/08/00
2009-P-010-03290            Fitzgerald, Carroll B. 1st officer-Air Club, 1971/08/00
2009-P-010-03291            Smith, Floyd  International President of Machinists Union, 1971/07/23
2009-P-010-03292            All American Collegiate Golf Team, 1971/07/23
2009-P-010-03293            Haakenson, Earl charged with shooting death, Bismarck (ND), 1971/07/00
2009-P-010-03294            Palmer, Arnold, 1971/08/05
2009-P-010-03295            Rathjen, Myron, 1971/08/00
2009-P-010-03296            Church, Sen. Frank (ID), 1971/07/00
2009-P-010-03297            Spotts, William  registered representative at Bismarck-Piper, Jaffrey & Hopwood, Bismarck (ND), 1971/07/27
2009-P-010-03298            Worden, Alfred, 1971/08/00
2009-P-010-03299            Usery, Jr., W. J. Assistant Labor Secretary, 1971/07/28
2009-P-010-03300            Kuhn, Bowie (left) Baseball Commissioner, 1971/08/07
2009-P-010-03301            Bismarck-Mandan Unitarian Fellowship, Bismarck (ND), 1971/08/07
2009-P-010-03302            Halub, E. J. Football player, 1971/08/08
2009-P-010-03303            Duke, Wayne Big Ten Commissioner, 1971/08/08
2009-P-010-03304            Fischer, Jerry Mary College Instructor, Bismarck (ND), 1971/08/00
2009-P-010-03305            Pittman, Karen  Mary College Instructor, Bismarck (ND), 1971/08/00
2009-P-010-03306            Hintgen, Jack ND Golf Hall of Fame member, Bismarck (ND), 1971/08/05
2009-P-010-03307            ND Law Enforcement Training Center, (ND), 1971/07/08
2009-P-010-03308            Johnson, T. R. Kiwanis International President, Denver (CO), 1971/08/04
2009-P-010-03309            Ellis, Jimmy, 1971/07/29
2009-P-010-03310            Berger, Freddie --Berger, Jolien To Enter National First Little Britches Rodeo, Mandan (ND), 1971/07/29
2009-P-010-03311            Kautzmann, Dwight C. H., 1971/07/22
2009-P-010-03312            Mayer, Brian, 1971/08/04
2009-P-010-03314            Cannonball River Bridge 2 miles south of New Leipzig, One of nation's 23 most beautiful bridges, 1971/07/29
2009-P-010-03315            Alfred Worden --Apollo 15 David Scott --James Irwin, 1971/07/28
2009-P-010-03316            Merrill, James K.  Executive Director of Lutheran Social Services of ND, 1971/07/28
2009-P-010-03317            Brunmeier, Mrs Ruben (Bismarck) (Right) State Pres. Of VFW  auxiliary --Harmon, Mrs. Paul (left) Omaha,Nebraska.,National President of Auxiliary of VFW, Omaha (NE), 1971/07/28
2009-P-010-03318            Swindler, Yvonne  District 6 Angus Princess, 1971/07/28
2009-P-010-03319            Palmer, Arnold  Pro Golfer, 1971/07/28
2009-P-010-03320            Bryant, Bobby  Minnesota Vikings, 1971/07/27
2009-P-010-03321            Burleigh County Extension Home Economist, 1971/07/25
2009-P-010-03322            Schlesinger, James Head of Atomic Energy Commission, 1971/07/24
2009-P-010-03323            Scarpa, Gregory refused to testify before subcommittee investigating mob activities, 1971/07/25
2009-P-010-03324            Jay Cofel of Bismarck Swim Team --No PIcture 03/06/2012, Bismarck (ND), 1971/07/25
2009-P-010-03325            Church of Christ, Bismarck (ND), 1971/07/24
2009-P-010-03326            Caldera, Rafael  President of Venezuela, 1971/07/00
2009-P-010-03327            Betancourt, Romulo Politician, Venezuela, 1971/07/00
2009-P-010-03328            Dennis Schneider, Assistant Burleigh County State's Attorney, Bismarck (ND), 1971/07/00
2009-P-010-03329            Olson, Morgan Concordia College Board of Regents, 1971/07/30
2009-P-010-03330            Badlands, (ND), 1971
2009-P-010-03331            Richardson, John  attorney, Hazen (ND), 1970
2009-P-010-03332            Blaisdell, Joe attorney, Hazen (ND), 1970
2009-P-010-03333            Rask, Arnold   Mandan (ND)
2009-P-010-03334            Steffenson, Albert  Hensler (ND)
2009-P-010-03335            Ullman, William E.   McLaughlin (SD)
2009-P-010-03336            Weinhandl, A. C.  Shields (ND)
2009-P-010-03337            Ost, Fred  Beulah (ND)
2009-P-010-03338            Becker, Joe, Selfridge (ND)
2009-P-010-03339            Henry E. Eichhorst, n.d.
2009-P-010-03340            Schumacher, Frank J.  Halliday (ND)
2009-P-010-03341            Radokowski, Frank  Belfield (ND)
2009-P-010-03342            Tessier, Henry L. Belfield (ND)
2009-P-010-03343            Luhman, Vernon G.  Dickinson (ND)
2009-P-010-03344            Martin, Clarence Lefor (ND)
2009-P-010-03345            Ray R. Jilek, n.d.
2009-P-010-03346            Sadowsky, William R. Dickinson (ND)
2009-P-010-03347            Schmidt, Nick    Breien (ND),
2009-P-010-03348            Port, Don  Shields (ND),
2009-P-010-03349            Riehl, Emil J.  Raleigh (ND),
2009-P-010-03350            Chaffee, Roger astronaut --White, Edward H.  Astronaut, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03351            Thompson, M. L.  Assistant passenger traffic manager Northern Pacific Railway Company, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03352            Williams, John  actor, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03353            Minnkota Power Plant,
2009-P-010-03354            Smith, R. G. C., Canada consul general, Canada, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03355            Zimbalist, Jr., Efrem, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03356            Missouri and Heart River floods 1947,1951,1947.1948,1956,1952, 1947-1952
2009-P-010-03357            Bismarck aerial views, n.d.
2009-P-010-03358            Pandolfo, Sam Parker (Dec) insurance promoter, 1955
2009-P-010-03359            Street scenes, Bismarck (ND), 1939
2009-P-010-03360            Conrad Publishing Company,
2009-P-010-03361            Aerial drawing, Bismarck (DT), 1880
2009-P-010-03362            Bismarck High School Addition, Bismarck (ND),
2009-P-010-03363            Mandan High School under construction, Mandan (ND),
2009-P-010-03364            Aerial view north, Mandan (ND),
2009-P-010-03365            Zinn, Robert  Peavey Company, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03366            Zwick, Charles J., 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03367            Young, John  (astronaut), 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03368            Yorty, Sam, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03369            Venogradov, Sergei, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03370            Wirtz, Willard W., 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03371            Winters, Jonathan   (comedian-actor), 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03372            Windsor, Duke and Duchess of, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03373            Wimmer, Ed, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03374            Wilson, Woodrow  (history), 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03375            Wilson, Dwyte, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03376            Williams, Donald, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03377            Williams, Andy, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03378            William, Egan, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03379            Widmark, Richard, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03380            Whitton, Rex M., 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03381            Whitten, Rep. Jamie L., 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03382            Whitney, Eli  history, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03383            Whitman, Charles Joseph  Texas sniper, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03384            Whitman, Stuart   actor, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03385            Whiteman, Paul, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03386            White, Lee C., 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03387            White, General Thomas D., 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03388            Weltner, Charles, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03389            Welles, Orson, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03390            Welensky, Sir Roy, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03391            Weld, Tuesday, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03392            Weeks, Edward, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03393            Morrison, Vi --Welch, Raquel, 1970 --1970
2009-P-010-03394            Welch, Louie, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03395            Webster, Daniel (history), 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03396            Wayne, John, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03397            Watson, W. Marvin, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03398            Washington, George (history), 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03399            Washburn, H. L., 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03400            Warwick, Dionne, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03401            Weaver, Robert C., 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03402            Warren, Mrs. Earl (and wife), 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03403            Walters, Barbara, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03404            Walt, Lieut. Gen. Lewis, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03405            Walsh, William, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03406            Volpe, John, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03407            Vaughn, Robert, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03408            Vatthana, Savang, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03409            VanOcur, Sander, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03410            VanDyke, Jerry  (comedian-actor), 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03411            VanDoren, Mark, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03412            VanDoren, Mamie, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03413            Vanderbilt, Amy, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03414            Vance, Cyrus, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03415            Van, Bobby, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03416            Valery, Dana, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03417            Vallarino, General Bolivar, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03418            Vadim, Roger, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03419            Udall, Stewart (and wife), 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03420            Twiggy, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03421            Turner, Lana, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03422            Tsaraphin, Semyon, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03423            Tracy, Spencer, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03424            Townsend, Lynn  Chrysler Corporate Executive, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03425            Todd, Richard, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03426            Tibbs, Casey, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03427            Thompson, Frank Jr. United States Representative-New Jersey, 1972
2009-P-010-03428            Thomas, Danny  Singer-Actor-Comedian, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03429            Steiger, William (Representative Republican-Wisconsin), (WI), 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03430            Stevens, Connie   Singer, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03431            Stevenson, Adlai, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03432            Stewart, Dr. Lilliam H., 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03433            Stokes, Carl B. Cleveland Mayor, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03434            Streisand, Barbra, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03435            Suharto, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03436            Sullivan, Barry, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03437            Sullivan, Representative Leonor, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03438            Sullivan, Walter   columnist, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03439            Suu, Phan Khac, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03440            Sweatt, Jr., Charles B. Minneapolis (MN), 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03441            Szabo, Sandor, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03442            Tabor, Hans R., 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03443            Teague, Olin, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03444            Taylor, Rod, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03445            Talbot, Nita  actress, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03446            Teh, Chu, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03447            Thatcher, M.W., 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03448            Tho, Le Duc, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03449            Tho, Nguyen Huu, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03450            Thomas, Marlo, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03451            Sommer, Elke, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03452            Sonny, of Sonny and Cher, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03453            Speck, Richard, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03454            Spellman, Francis Cardinal, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03455            Spivak, Lawrence, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03456            Stafford, Thomas, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03457            Stack, Robert, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03458            St. James, Susan, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03459            Steichen, Tom  Manager F.N. Central Exchange St. Paul (MN), 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03460            Steiger, Rod, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03461            Shaw, Victoria, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03462            Shih, Jao Shu, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03463            Sheppard, Sam, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03464            Shelepin, Alexander N., 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03465            Shoup, Gen. David N., 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03466            Short, Robert E., 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03467            Shore, Dinah, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03468            Sinatra, Nancy, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03469            Silva, Arthur Da Costa E., 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03470            Shulsky, Sam, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03471            Sirhan, Sharif B. brother of Sirhan Sirhan-slayer of Robert Kennedy, 1970 --1973
2009-P-010-03472            Slade, Mark, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03473            Smith, Kate, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03474            Reem, Ben  --Smith, Roger, Mandan (ND), 1970 --1973/05/27
2009-P-010-03475            Smythe, Reg, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03476            Shatner, William, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03477            Shafer, Raymond P., 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03478            Severinsen, "Doc"  Photo used 1973/03/25, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03479            Serkin, Peter, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03480            Selassie, Haile, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03481            Seaborg, Glenn T., 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03482            William Scranton, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03483            Scott, David, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03484            Scofield, Paul, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03485            Schultze, Charles L., 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03486            Schulz, Charles creator of Peanuts also 1972, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03487            Schwartz, Harry   Columnist, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03488            Schafly, Mrs. Phyllis, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03489            Schirra, Walter, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03490            Schaffer, Kenneth, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03491            Sanders, Carl E., 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03492            Salinger, Pierre, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03493            Safire, William, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03494            Ryan, Irene, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03495            Russell, Jane, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03496            Russell, Bertrand, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03497            Rumsfeld, Rep. Donald (IL), 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03498            Ruder, Mel, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03499            Rosenthal, Rep. Benjamin (NY), 1971/12/56
2009-P-010-03500            Ross, Diana, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03501            Rowan, Carl T., 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03502            Rowan, Dan, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03503            Rolvaag, Karl, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03504            Romnes, H. I., 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03505            Robertson, Cliff, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03506            Robertson, Dale, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03507            Robertson, Donn. J., 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03508            Rockefeller, David, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03509            Rockefeller, John D. IV, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03510            Rockefeller, Winthrop, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03511            Rikhye, I. J., 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03512            Riod, Abdel Monen, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03513            Ritchie, Clint, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03514            Robards, Jason, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03515            Reynolds. Debbie, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03516            Rhodes, James A., 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03517            Rhyne, Charles S., 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03518            Riad, Mahmoud, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03519            Rickles, Don, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03520            Reuther, Walter P., 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03521            Redgrave, Vanessa, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03522            Remick, Lee, 1970
2009-P-010-03523            Redgrave, Lynn, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03524            Redfield, William, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03525            Reasoner, Harrry, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03526            Raye, Martha, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03527            Rawls, Lou   Singer, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03528            Ray, James Earl, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03529            Randall, William B., 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03530            Randall, Tony, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03531            Rainier, Prince of Monaco, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03532            Rafael, Gideon, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03533            Radziwill, Princess Lee, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03534            Quinn, William J., 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03535            Quat, Phan Huy, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03536            Pifer, Alan, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03537            Putman, Stanley J., 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03538            Prine, Andrew, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03539            Prima, Louis, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03540            Priest, Ivy Baker, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03541            Price, Vincent, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03542            Price, Melvin, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03543            Presley, Elvis, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03544            Prentiss, Paula  actress, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03545            Powell, Rep. Adam Clayton (NY), 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03546            Powell, Jane, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03547            Powell, Ace., 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03548            Poston, Tom, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03549            Polyansky, Dmitry, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03550            Poitier, Sidney, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03551            Poage, Rep. W. Robert (TX), 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03552            Pleshette, Suzanne, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03553            Pillsbury, John, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03554            Pike, Bishop James A., 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03555            Phat, Huyn Tan, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03556            Petticord, Paul P., 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03557            Petrov, Boris  Administrator, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03558            Perkins, Jack, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03559            Percy, Charles, 1970-1973
2009-P-010-03560            Peck, Gregory, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03561            Pearson, Sen. James B., 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03562            Ormsby-Gore, William, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03563            Patterson, Eugene, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03564            Burns, Arthur F. See also 2261 --Patman, Rep. Wright, chairman, House Banking Committee, (TX), 1971-1972
2009-P-010-03565            Parsons, Estelle, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03566            Parks, Michael, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03567            Parker, Joan, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03568            Parker, Fess, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03569            Park, Chung Hee, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03570            Papadopoulas, Colonel George, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03571            Ping, Teng Hsiao, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03572            Onassis, Aristotle, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03573            O'Malley, Martin P., 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03574            Oliphant, Patrick, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03575            Olds, Col. Robin (Air Force Academy Commandant and daughter Susan), 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03576            Olds, Dr. Glenn A., 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03577            Olav, King of Norway, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03578            Okun, Arthur, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03579            O'Donnell, Mrs. Gladys, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03580            O'Brien, Sir Leslie, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03581            O'Brien, Edmond, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03582            O'Boyle, Patrick Cardinal, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03583            Oberhansli, Walter, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03584            Nureyev, Rudolph, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03585            Norton, Henry W. Jr., 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03586            Nizer, Louis, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03587            Nimoy, Leonard (Spock from Star Trek), 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03588            Niven, David, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03589            Newmar, Julie, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03590            Newell, Patrick, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03591            Newman, Edwin  NBC news reporter, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03592            Newhart, Bob, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03593            Newcomb, Pat, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03594            Nettleton, Lois  actress, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03595            Nenni, Pietro, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03596            Naustion, Abdul Harris, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03597            Naftalin, Arthur, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03598            Murville, Maurice Couve de, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03599            Murray, Leonard H., 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03600            Murphy, Robert D., 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03601            Munsinger, Gerda, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03602            Mullaney, Thomas E.  columnist, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03603            Mulhare, Edward, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03604            Moynihan, Sen. Daniel P. (NY), 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03605            Moyers, Bill, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03606            Mossman, Keith, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03607            Moseson, Darrell, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03608            Morgan, Jane, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03609            Morgan, Harry, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03610            Morgan, Edward P., 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03611            Mohr, Colonel Jack, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03612            Moos, Malcolm, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03613            Moore, Roger, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03614            Montalban, Ricardo, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03615            Monroe, James W., 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03616            Monroe, James  (history), 1960-1970
2009-P-010-03617            Hall, Governor David (OK), 1971/08/22
2009-P-010-03618            Thordarson, T. W., director of ND Supervised Study, Fargo (ND), 1955
2009-P-010-03619            O'Toole, Peter  actor, 1973
2009-P-010-03620            Legion Baseball team, Bismarck (ND), 1971/08/00
2009-P-010-03621            Legion baseball team, Mandan (ND), 1971/08/00
2009-P-010-03622            Conklin, Roger MC Ancilla Institute speaker, 1971/08/22
2009-P-010-03623            Wosser, Merid Azmotch Asfa Crown Prince of Ethiopia, 1971/08/22
2009-P-010-03624            Cost of Living Council, 1971/08/21
2009-P-010-03625            Jenkins, Fergy  Chicago Cubs, Chicago (IL), 1971/08/21
2009-P-010-03626            Kienast quintuplets, 1971/08/19
2009-P-010-03627            Iacocca, Lee A.  President of Ford Motor Company, 1971/08/19
2009-P-010-03628            Evangel Temple Assembly of God, 1971/08/21
2009-P-010-03629            De Mores, Marquis, 1971/08/15
2009-P-010-03630            Church of God, Bismarck (ND), 1971/08/12
2009-P-010-03631            Walters, Johnnie M. IRS chief (and wife), 1971/08/12
2009-P-010-03632            Pryor, Rep. David (AR), 1971/08/11
2009-P-010-03633            Maynard, Mark pirated luxury yacht, 1971/08/00
2009-P-010-03634            Bryant, Kerry  pirated luxury yacht, 1971/08/00
2009-P-010-03635            Minh, Gen. Duong Van "Big", 1971/08/00
2009-P-010-03636            Paige, Satchel, 1971/08/12
2009-P-010-03637            Banzer, Col. Hugo Bolivia's new president, 1971/08/00
2009-P-010-03638            Joint Chiefs of Staff, 1971/08/00
2009-P-010-03639            Henegar, Russ, 1971/08/00
2009-P-010-03640            Indian
2009-P-010-03641            Will, Randy, 1971/08/00
2009-P-010-03642            Kunick, Al, 1971/08/00
2009-P-010-03643            Kaelberer, Neal (Coach), 1971/08/00
2009-P-010-03644            Annette, Frank Chippewa Director Indian programs NDSU, Fargo (ND), 1971/08/00
2009-P-010-03646            Namath, Joe, 1971/08/19
2009-P-010-03647            Tannehill, Reverend and Mrs. F.V., 1957
2009-P-010-03648            Henderson, Dr. R. W., 1955
2009-P-010-03649            Hinkel, R. J., 1955
2009-P-010-03650            Northern Pacific Railroad train engine, Camp Hancock, Bismarck (ND), 1955
2009-P-010-03651            Thompson, Richard J., 1955
2009-P-010-03652            Tescher, Rep. M. C. "Matt"  
2009-P-010-03653            Teskey, Mrs. George, 1955
2009-P-010-03654            Heart Butte Dam, 1955
2009-P-010-03655            White, Associate Justice Byron R.
2009-P-010-03656            Stewart, Associate Justice Potter
2009-P-010-03657            Brennan, Jr., Associate Justice William J.
2009-P-010-03658            Townley, A. C., 1945-1950
2009-P-010-03659            World War II  Hitler effigy 1939
2009-P-010-03660            Taylor, Adrian, 1955
2009-P-010-03661            Thom, Jr., George and Mrs., Patterson Hotel, 1955
2009-P-010-03662            Talbott, Glenn, 1955
2009-P-010-03663            Thompson, L. G. former superintendent of Industrial Training School-1941, 1941
2009-P-010-03664            Rose, Margaret  former North Dakota Historical Librarian, 1955
2009-P-010-03665            Veterans Public Library, Bismarck (ND),
2009-P-010-03666            Tavis Company, store front, 4 trucks and employees, 1955
2009-P-010-03667            Rose, Ed, 1960
2009-P-010-03668            Robinson, Donald W., former employee of American Oil refinery, Bismarck (ND), 1955
2009-P-010-03669            Roberts, Oral, 1955
2009-P-010-03670            Weinreich, Bernard
2009-P-010-03671            Wilson, Stanley, 1960
2009-P-010-03673            Teichmann, Miss Esther Teichmann Days (with Tolchinsky, Lipps), 1954
2009-P-010-03674            Eleanor Roosevelt in Bismarck (ND), 1955
2009-P-010-03675            Bismarck Ballpark, Bismarck (ND),
2009-P-010-03676            Torrence, Ell   Manager A.W. Lucas Company, Bismarck (ND), 1955
2009-P-010-03677            Welk, Pete
2009-P-010-03678            Young, C. L. and Mrs. (Young with John Conrad) attorney
2009-P-010-03679            Yegen Dairy Farm
2009-P-010-03680            N. P. Railroad Bridge
2009-P-010-03681            Rosen, Herbert --Rosen, Mrs. Charles, 1955
2009-P-010-03682            Anderson, Anson former public service commissioner, 1960
2009-P-010-03683            Brink, Dr. N. O.,
2009-P-010-03684            Wachter, Charles, 1950
2009-P-010-03685            Beach, Miss Henricka Provident,
2009-P-010-03686            Wezelmann, Sol  Provident Life,
2009-P-010-03687            Robinson, Edward G.,
2009-P-010-03688            Nelson, Porter, 1950
2009-P-010-03689            Warren Lee,
2009-P-010-03690            Bismarck Auditorium, Bismarck (ND),
2009-P-010-03691            American Lutheran Church, Mandan (ND),
2009-P-010-03692            Arman, Walter
2009-P-010-03693            Armory, Bismarck (ND), 1965
2009-P-010-03694            Yonker, Mrs. John 1956
2009-P-010-03695            Rodeo, 1955
2009-P-010-03696            Richholt School, Bismarck (ND), 1950
2009-P-010-03697            Veal, Mrs. Richard Worthy Matron, Order of Eastern Star, Bismarck chapter, Bismarck (ND), 1974
2009-P-010-03698            Ziniel, Mrs. Elfreda 1973 Teacher of Year, 1973/05/16
2009-P-010-03699            Weck, Herman former employee of American Oil Refinery, 1960
2009-P-010-03700            Walsh, Mark 1955
2009-P-010-03701            Reed, Darby 1955
2009-P-010-03702            Renden, Marian 1955
2009-P-010-03703            Byrd, Sen. Robert C. (WV), 1974/11/00
2009-P-010-03704            L. L. Twitchell bust in United States Capitol Hall, Washington (DC),
2009-P-010-03705            Thompson, Harry 1955
2009-P-010-03706            Sloan Jr., Hugh W. treasurer of committee to re-elect President Nixon, 1973
2009-P-010-03707            Tweten, Omer former Bismarck school board member, Bismarck (ND), 1955
2009-P-010-03708            Womansee, Mrs. Joe D. (Winnie)
2009-P-010-03709            Walcher, Dick
2009-P-010-03710            Wahl, Lorrain
2009-P-010-03711            Westrum, Robert
2009-P-010-03712            Woodcox, E. R. Bismarck (ND),
2009-P-010-03713            Wing Congregational Church and Wing Bethlehem Lutheran Church, Wing (ND),
2009-P-010-03714            Wheeler, Ronald W.
2009-P-010-03715            Josephson, Arvo 1955
2009-P-010-03716            Quale, Warner Executive director ND School Boards Association, former member Bismarck School Board, Bismarck (ND), 1955
2009-P-010-03717            Bue, I. G. 1955
2009-P-010-03718            Watts, Mrs. Robert Bismarck (ND),
2009-P-010-03719            Johnson, Penny
2009-P-010-03720            Barth, Harold V. 1955
2009-P-010-03721            Vavra, Harold 1955
2009-P-010-03722            American Legion Club, Bismarck (ND),
2009-P-010-03723            Larson, Mrs. Abner B. Fargo (ND), former resident of Mandan (ND), 1955
2009-P-010-03724            Bismarck Veteran's Memorial Library under construction, Bismarck (ND),
2009-P-010-03725            Bosch, Romona 1960
2009-P-010-03726            Northern Pacific Railroad Depot at Christmas, Bismarck (ND), 1955
2009-P-010-03727            McLean Monument, Capitol Grounds,
2009-P-010-03728            Isaak, Ray former KFYR, former Salesman, Pioneer, Bismarck (ND), 1955
2009-P-010-03729            Iverson, Lorna Boutrous pianist and native of Bismarck (ND), 1955
2009-P-010-03730            Kindle, Larry 1955
2009-P-010-03731            Jehovah's Witnesses, Bismarck (ND),
2009-P-010-03732            Kwako, Stanley Banker member of Constitutional  Convention,
2009-P-010-03734            Winbauer, Ken Bismarck Florist, Bismarck (ND), 1955
2009-P-010-03735            Klick, Al 1955
2009-P-010-03736            Kaufman, Annette and Louis pianist and violinist (she grew up in Bismarck (ND)
2009-P-010-03737            MacLeod, Bob KFYR announcer, Bismarck (ND), 1955
2009-P-010-03738            Post Office, Mandan (ND), 1955
2009-P-010-03739            Classroom Northridge School, Bismarck (ND), 1954
2009-P-010-03740            McCann, Paul 1955
2009-P-010-03741            McDowell, Harley 1955
2009-P-010-03742            Culver, Cal KFYR announcer, Bismarck (ND), 1955
2009-P-010-03743            Aerial view, Menoken (ND)
2009-P-010-03744            Kemp, Jr., John congenital paraplegic, United States Easter Seal child, 1955
2009-P-010-03745            Byrnes, Hazel Webster former State Librarian at Theodore Roosevelt cabin and at library Medora (ND), 1955
2009-P-010-03746            West, John C. former president, UND, Grand Forks (ND), 1955
2009-P-010-03747            Lanier, Jr., P. W. U.S. Senate Candidate, Fargo (ND), 1962
2009-P-010-03748            Joe Kirby, 1955
2009-P-010-03749            Bethlehem Lutheran Church, Wilton (ND),
2009-P-010-03750            Church of Latter Day Saints, Bismarck (ND) (formerly St. George's Episcopal Church)
2009-P-010-03751            Levin, Palmer  former speaker of ND House of Representatives
2009-P-010-03752            Church of the Redeemer (Lutheran), Mandan (ND), 1955
2009-P-010-03753            Salvation Army, Bismarck (ND), 1955
2009-P-010-03754            Lee, Sidney J. deceased, 1950
2009-P-010-03755            Salvation Army, Mandan (ND)
2009-P-010-03756            First Lutheran Church, Mandan (ND),
2009-P-010-03757            Leifur, Mrs. C. W.
2009-P-010-03758            Larsen, Bernard  Director, ND Alcoholism Division
2009-P-010-03759            Layton, Grace  artist who draws with her mouth, Valley City (ND), 1955
2009-P-010-03760            Roosevelt School before addition, Bismarck (ND), 1955
2009-P-010-03761            Will-Moore School, Bismarck (ND),
2009-P-010-03762            St. Anne's Catholic Church, Bismarck (ND), 1955
2009-P-010-03763            St. George's Episcopal Church, Bismarck (ND), 1950
2009-P-010-03764            Rutherford, Margaret
2009-P-010-03765            Segni, Antonio Italy
2009-P-010-03766            Wilkins, Roy  African American leader
2009-P-010-03767            Liberty Memorial Building under construction, Bismarck (ND),
2009-P-010-03768            Lions Club Christmas party, Bismarck (ND), 1927
2009-P-010-03769            Boelter, Edward G., 1950
2009-P-010-03770            Carrick, Mrs. W. F. REA magazine, 1955
2009-P-010-03771            Carrol, Emmet  Burleigh County Commissioner, 1955
2009-P-010-03772            Church of God building, 1955
2009-P-010-03773            Susskind, David
2009-P-010-03774            Eggar, Samantha film actress
2009-P-010-03775            Teller, Edward
2009-P-010-03776            Dali, Salvador
2009-P-010-03777            Collingwood, Charles
2009-P-010-03778            Chamberlain, Dick actor
2009-P-010-03779            Burdick, Usher L.  former U.S. Congressman
2009-P-010-03780            Good Shepherd Lutheran Church, Bismarck (ND), 1955
2009-P-010-03781            Burr, Judge A. G. former ND Supreme Court Justice,
2009-P-010-03782            Cohen, Meyer S., 1955
2009-P-010-03783            Connolly, James rancher-legislator, 1955
2009-P-010-03784            Case, Rev. and Mrs. H. W., 1955
2009-P-010-03785            Cleary, Dr. Joseph, 1955
2009-P-010-03786            Chaffee, Gertrude (Mrs. H. L.), 1955
2009-P-010-03787            Bismarck Directors of Capital Electric Cooperative, Bismarck (ND), 1955
2009-P-010-03788            Cathedral School, Bismarck (ND), 1955
2009-P-010-03789            Cash, Rev. R. E. Seventh Day Adventist Church, Bismarck (ND), 1952
2009-P-010-03790            Christianson, Elmo former attorney general, 1955
2009-P-010-03791            Porter, Lyle  Bismarck realtor, Bismarck (ND), 1955
2009-P-010-03792            American Lutheran Church, Bismarck (ND),
2009-P-010-03793            Pioneer School, Bismarck front view-1955, Bismarck (ND), 1955
2009-P-010-03794            Somoza, Gen. Anastasio dictator of Nicaragua, 1973/06/09
2009-P-010-03795            Presbyterian Church, Wilton (ND), 1955
2009-P-010-03796            Public Service Commission members, 1955
2009-P-010-03797            Wolf, Ben, 1970
2009-P-010-03798            Lowe, Mrs. Gladys (O'Brien)  Grand Forks (ND),
2009-P-010-03799            Merritt, Sam  retired, long-time mail carrier, Bismarck (ND),
2009-P-010-03800            Moses, John   Governor and U.S. Senator
2009-P-010-03801            Oseth, Lieut. Col. Frederic U.S. Army
2009-P-010-03802            Synagogue, Bismarck (ND)
2009-P-010-03803            O'Leary, Paul  professional golfer,
2009-P-010-03804            Oseth, I. M.  Retired, was judge of Juvenile Court  resides in Washington (DC)
2009-P-010-03805            Neuen, Mr. and Mrs. Walt, 1960
2009-P-010-03806            Nelson, Steve, Finley (ND),
2009-P-010-03807            Nelson, LeRoy, 1950
2009-P-010-03808            Myhre, Jeannette retired Principal of Wachter School, Bismarck (ND),
2009-P-010-03809            Murphy, Charles, 1953
2009-P-010-03810            Olson, Gilbert  Q & R Business Manager, Bismarck (ND), 1951
2009-P-010-03811            Nuessle, Judge W. L. ND Supreme Court Bismarck (ND), 1950
2009-P-010-03812            Miller, R.  Stockmen's Association
2009-P-010-03813            Nordhaugen, Norris, 1950
2009-P-010-03814            Moreland, John
2009-P-010-03815            McPhee, Helen
2009-P-010-03816            Moffit Church, Moffit (ND)
2009-P-010-03817            Mehus, Miss Hilda, 1955
2009-P-010-03818            Neal, William, 1952
2009-P-010-03819            Moore, James druggist
2009-P-010-03820            Johnston, Forrest, 1970
2009-P-010-03821            Hystad, Isak, 1970
2009-P-010-03822            Hyttinen, Thelma, 1970
2009-P-010-03823            Innis, Ben, 1970
2009-P-010-03824            Isaak, Richard A., 1970
2009-P-010-03825            Iseminger, A. J., 1970
2009-P-010-03826            Ivesdal,Thelmer, 1970
2009-P-010-03827            Jesperson, Normon, 1970
2009-P-010-03828            Jeusen, Mrs. Earl, 1970
2009-P-010-03829            Kopp, Pete, 1970
2009-P-010-03830            Kordonowy, Peter, 1970
2009-P-010-03831            Kosanda, Frank J., 1970
2009-P-010-03832            Kosir, Al F., 1970
2009-P-010-03833            Kottsick, Mrs. Robert, 1970
2009-P-010-03834            Kraft, George, 1970
2009-P-010-03835            Kraft, John, 1970
2009-P-010-03836            Kraft, Larry, 1970
2009-P-010-03837            Kramer, Ken, 1970
2009-P-010-03838            Krause, Darrell, 1970
2009-P-010-03839            Krause, Richard Dr., 1970
2009-P-010-03840            Krein, Howard, 1970
2009-P-010-03841            Kreuz, R. J., 1970
2009-P-010-03842            Kruger, Bill, 1970
2009-P-010-03843            Kruger, Erv, 1970
2009-P-010-03844            Kubis, Donald, 1970
2009-P-010-03845            Kuether, William C., 1970
2009-P-010-03846            Kuffenkam, Alex, 1970
2009-P-010-03847            Kugler, Bernie, 1970
2009-P-010-03848            Laidlaw, Orville P., 1970
2009-P-010-03849            Landgren, Marvin, 1970
2009-P-010-03850            Landsberger, Leo B., 1970
2009-P-010-03851            Lane, William Mrs., 1970
2009-P-010-03852            Lang, Al, 1970
2009-P-010-03853            Lang, Paul  Devils Lake (ND), 1970
2009-P-010-03854            Lang, Ted, 1970
2009-P-010-03855            Lanterman, Horace W., 1970
2009-P-010-03856            Larsen, Leonard, 1970
2009-P-010-03857            Larson, Dr. A. L., 1970
2009-P-010-03858            Larson, Arnold, 1970
2009-P-010-03859            Larson, A. W., 1970
2009-P-010-03860            Larson, Representative Lester, 1970
2009-P-010-03861            Larson, Melvin, 1970
2009-P-010-03862            Larson, Pat, 1970
2009-P-010-03863            LaRue, Larry, 1970
2009-P-010-03864            Lashkowitz, Herschel, 1970
2009-P-010-03865            Laske, Eugene, 1970
2009-P-010-03866            Lean, Mrs. Allan, 1970
2009-P-010-03867            Leary, Eugene (Bus), 1970
2009-P-010-03868            Lech, Joseph, 1970
2009-P-010-03869            Lee, Rep. Fern, 1970
2009-P-010-03870            Lee, Richard D. (Dean), 1970
2009-P-010-03871            Leibfried, Art, 1970
2009-P-010-03872            Leier, Julius, 1970
2009-P-010-03873            Leifur, C. W., 1970
2009-P-010-03874            Lein, Lindy, 1970
2009-P-010-03875            Lein, Ray, 1970
2009-P-010-03876            Leingang, Jack, 1970
2009-P-010-03877            Leingang, Mrs. Joe, 1970
2009-P-010-03878            Lien, Richard R., 1970
2009-P-010-03879            Lloyd, R. J., 1970
2009-P-010-03880            Lofdahl, Pastor Cedric J., 1970
2009-P-010-03881            Lohlum, Howard, 1970
2009-P-010-03882            Lohstreter, Lloyd, 1970
2009-P-010-03883            Lommen, Mrs. M.A.K., 1970
2009-P-010-03884            Lord, Michael, 1970
2009-P-010-03885            Lowery, Perrin, 1970
2009-P-010-03886            Lund, Glen L., 1970
2009-P-010-03888            Lynne, Rev. Robert, 1970
2009-P-010-03889            Lyons, Jim  ND Planning Director, 1968
2009-P-010-03890            Lysher, Eugene, 1970
2009-P-010-03891            MacQueen, S. A., 1970
2009-P-010-03892            Madsen, J. R., 1970
2009-P-010-03893            Magill, Roland D., 1970
2009-P-010-03894            Mahimann, Fred, 1970
2009-P-010-03895            Mahrer, Paul, 1970
2009-P-010-03896            Malkowski, Mike, 1970
2009-P-010-03897            Mallen, Thomas (Reverend), 1970
2009-P-010-03898            Malone, Abe, 1970
2009-P-010-03899            Maloney, Rev. Daniel, 1970
2009-P-010-03900            Malott, Deane W., 1970
2009-P-010-03901            Mann, Jim, 1970
2009-P-010-03902            Marback, George, 1970
2009-P-010-03903            Martin, Raymond J., 1970
2009-P-010-03904            Martinson, Eugene, 1970
2009-P-010-03905            Mason, John, 1963
2009-P-010-03906            Mastel, Willie, 1970
2009-P-010-03907            Materi, Al, 1970
2009-P-010-03908            Mathews, James, 1970
2009-P-010-03909            Mattson, Everett, 1970
2009-P-010-03910            Mattson, Walter, 1970
2009-P-010-03911            May, Art, 1970
2009-P-010-03912            Mayer, A. A., 1970
2009-P-010-03913            Mayer, A. Ned, 1970
2009-P-010-03914            Mayer, Clarence R., 1970
2009-P-010-03915            McAdoo, Bob, 1970
2009-P-010-03916            McCann, Herbert J., 1970
2009-P-010-03917            McCarthy, Mrs. Robert, 1970
2009-P-010-03918            McClung, Charles R., 1970
2009-P-010-03919            McClure, Neal A., 1970
2009-P-010-03920            McCormick, Mrs. Jack (Virginia) Kelly and John, 1970
2009-P-010-03921            McCord, Kent --McDonald, Stuart J., 1970
2009-P-010-03922            McCoy, Capt. G. W., 1970
2009-P-010-03923            McDaniel, Bob, 1970
2009-P-010-03924            McDaniel, Gary R., 1970
2009-P-010-03925            McDaniel, Harold, 1970
2009-P-010-03926            McDaniel, Richard, 1970
2009-P-010-03927            McDonald, Col. David R., 1970
2009-P-010-03928            McDonald, Rev. Edward, 1970
2009-P-010-03929            McDonald, James M., 1970
2009-P-010-03930            McDonald, John, 1970
2009-P-010-03932            McDowall, Gary, 1970
2009-P-010-03933            McFerran, David, 1970
2009-P-010-03934            McKee, Thomas, 1970
2009-P-010-03935            McKenzie, Kelly, 1970
2009-P-010-03936            McKinney, Art, 1970
2009-P-010-03937            McKinney, Jan Mrs., 1970
2009-P-010-03938            McLarnon, Harold, 1970
2009-P-010-03939            McLellan, Daniel J., 1970
2009-P-010-03940            McNeal, Douglas, 1970
2009-P-010-03941            McWilliams, Herschel H., 1970
2009-P-010-03942            Meagher, Earl, 1970
2009-P-010-03943            Esades, Lynda  Women's Editor Minot News, 1973/04/16
2009-P-010-03944            Whiteside, Connie Oseth (Mrs. Alan)
2009-P-010-03945            Meidinger, Mrs. Bill, 1970
2009-P-010-03946            Meidinger, Roland, 1970
2009-P-010-03947            Meier, Kenneth, 1970
2009-P-010-03948            Meiers, Duane L., 1970
2009-P-010-03950            Meissel, Delmer D., 1970
2009-P-010-03951            Mertz, Rev. Gerald, 1970
2009-P-010-03952            Metlock, Doyle, 1963
2009-P-010-03953            Metzger, Ed, 1970
2009-P-010-03954            Meyers, Ben, 1963
2009-P-010-03956            Michels, Clair, 1970
2009-P-010-03957            Mihalik, Mr. and Mrs. Istvan, 1970
2009-P-010-03958            Milhollan, David, 1970
2009-P-010-03959            Miller, Bert, 1963
2009-P-010-03960            Miller, Clarence, 1970
2009-P-010-03961            Miller, David, 1970
2009-P-010-03962            Miller, Donald, 1970
2009-P-010-03963            Miller, Frank L., 1970
2009-P-010-03964            Miller, Georgia, 1970
2009-P-010-03965            Miller, Harvey, 1970
2009-P-010-03966            Miller, I. E., 1970
2009-P-010-03967            Miller, James N., 1970
2009-P-010-03968            Miller, Joy, 1970
2009-P-010-03969            Miller, Marvin, 1970
2009-P-010-03970            Miller, Merle, 1963
2009-P-010-03971            Longworth, Alice, 1974
2009-P-010-03972            Miller, Norbert, 1970
2009-P-010-03973            Miller, Patrick, 1970
2009-P-010-03974            Miller, Richard, 1970
2009-P-010-03975            Miller, Ray Mrs., Fargo (ND), 1970
2009-P-010-03976            Miller, Robert, 1970
2009-P-010-03977            Miller, Walt, 1970
2009-P-010-03978            Milner, Martin, 1970
2009-P-010-03979            Mintor, Ron, 1970
2009-P-010-03980            Mischel, Dolores, 1970
2009-P-010-03981            Mjolsness, Freeman, 1970
2009-P-010-03982            Moelter, Rev. William, 1970
2009-P-010-03983            Mohr, Lee, 1970
2009-P-010-03984            Monson, Luthern T., 1970
2009-P-010-03985            Montgomery, Joseph, 1970
2009-P-010-03986            Moos, Mr. and Mrs. Emil, 1963
2009-P-010-03987            Moos, Harold, 1963
2009-P-010-03988            Morgan, Col. Bernie F., 1970
2009-P-010-03989            Morgan, Betty, 1970
2009-P-010-03990            Morgan, Kenneth, 1970
2009-P-010-03991            Morris, arves, 1970
2009-P-010-03992            Morrison, J. W., 1970
2009-P-010-03994            Mosbrucker, Ray, 1970
2009-P-010-03995            Moses, Dr. James, 1970
2009-P-010-03996            Moses, Mrs. James, 1970
2009-P-010-03997            Backlin, James, 1960
2009-P-010-03998            Moum, Dr. D. L., 1970
2009-P-010-03999            Mueller, Rep. L. C., 1970
2009-P-010-04000            Muller, Ralph, 1963
2009-P-010-04001            Muller, Robert, 1970
2009-P-010-04002            Mullner, Mike, 1970
2009-P-010-04003            Mulske, Ray, 1970
2009-P-010-04004            Murdock, James, 1970
2009-P-010-04005            Murray, J. J., 1970
2009-P-010-04006            Murray, Wilbert L., 1970
2009-P-010-04007            Muscatell, Tom, 1970
2009-P-010-04008            Myers, Larry, 1970
2009-P-010-04009            Myers, Rev. Lester, 1970
2009-P-010-04010            Myers, Paul D., 1970
2009-P-010-04011            Naegle, L. W., 1970
2009-P-010-04012            Nasset, Erling A., 1970
2009-P-010-04013            Nassif, Mrs. Gabriel, 1970
2009-P-010-04014            Naylor, Bob, 1970
2009-P-010-04015            Neff, Mrs. W. L., 1970
2009-P-010-04016            Neill, T. G., 1970
2009-P-010-04017            Nelson, Al, 1970
2009-P-010-04018            Nelson, Casper I., 1970
2009-P-010-04019            Nelson, Corliss F., 1970
2009-P-010-04020            Nelson, David, 1970
2009-P-010-04021            Nelson, Dean, 1963
2009-P-010-04022            Nelson, Emil T., 1970
2009-P-010-04023            Nelson, Harry A., 1970
2009-P-010-04024            Nelson, Harvey K., 1970
2009-P-010-04025            Nelsen, Orville, 1970
2009-P-010-04026            Nelson, Pat, 1970
2009-P-010-04027            Nelson, Rev. Paul, 1970
2009-P-010-04028            Nelson, Rollis, 1970
2009-P-010-04029            Nelson, Rev. T. C., 1970
2009-P-010-04030            Nelson, Wayne, 1970
2009-P-010-04031            Nestoss, A. R., 1970
2009-P-010-04032            Nething, David, 1970
2009-P-010-04033            Newgard, Dr. L. A., 1970
2009-P-010-04034            Newmaier, J. J. former president Moorhead State College, Moorhead (MN), 1970
2009-P-010-04035            Newton, Dean, 1970
2009-P-010-04036            Newton, Henry, 1970
2009-P-010-04037            Nicola, Glenn and Mrs., 1970
2009-P-010-04038            Nord, Oscar, 1970
2009-P-010-04039            Nordrum, Garfield B., 1970
2009-P-010-04040            Novak, Joe, 1970
2009-P-010-04041            Nuessle, Francis E., 1970
2009-P-010-04042            Nugent, Dr. Milton, 1970
2009-P-010-04043            Nybo, Henry O., 1970
2009-P-010-04044            Nygaard, K. O., 1970
2009-P-010-04045            Nygard, Clifford, 1970
2009-P-010-04046            O'Brien, Wallace, 1970
2009-P-010-04047            O'Callaghan, Mike, 1970
2009-P-010-04048            Ode, Al --Schulze, William, 1970 --1970
2009-P-010-04049            Oderman, Gil, 1970
2009-P-010-04050            Ohlsen, F. A., 1970
2009-P-010-04051            Ohnstad, Lieut. Col. John V., 1970
2009-P-010-04052            O'Kelly, Dr. Bernard P., 1970
2009-P-010-04053            Olander, Eric C., 1970
2009-P-010-04054            Olheiser, Dave, 1970
2009-P-010-04055            Olienyh, Mike, 1970
2009-P-010-04056            Olsen, Richard R., 1970
2009-P-010-04057            Olslund, Ging, 1970
2009-P-010-04058            Olson, Dagny, 1970
2009-P-010-04059            Olson, Duane, 1970
2009-P-010-04060            Olson, Evelyn, 1970
2009-P-010-04061            Olson, Ken, 1970
2009-P-010-04062            Olson, R. L., 1970
2009-P-010-04063            Omdahl, Lloyd, 1970
2009-P-010-04064            Opp, Elmer, 1970
2009-P-010-04065            Orgaard, Lynn, 1970
2009-P-010-04066            Orlon, Dean, 1970
2009-P-010-04067            Osborn, Irma, 1970
2009-P-010-04068            Osnolan, Louise, 1970
2009-P-010-04069            Ostafin, Randy, 1970
2009-P-010-04070            Owen, Shubel D., 1970
2009-P-010-04071            Owens, Harris R., 1970
2009-P-010-04072            Palmer, Carl, 1970
2009-P-010-04073            Palmer, Dwight, 1970
2009-P-010-04074            Paraskeva, George C., 1970
2009-P-010-04075            Paris, Earl L., 1970
2009-P-010-04076            Paris, Robert, 1970
2009-P-010-04077            Parrot, Curt, 1970
2009-P-010-04078            Pasenko, Tony, 1963
2009-P-010-04079            Patience, Delbert, 1970
2009-P-010-04080            Patton, James, 1970
2009-P-010-04081            Paul, George S., 1970
2009-P-010-04082            Paulson, David, 1970
2009-P-010-04083            Paxton, L. A., 1970
2009-P-010-04084            Paysino, Lee, 1970
2009-P-010-04085            Pederson, Willis, 1970
2009-P-010-04086            Peightal, Duane E., 1970
2009-P-010-04087            Peist, Vincent, 1970
2009-P-010-04088            Perdue, Art, 1970
2009-P-010-04089            Perez, Angel, 1970
2009-P-010-04090            Perrone, Dr. Vito, 1970
2009-P-010-04091            Perry, Mrs. Gladys, 1970
2009-P-010-04092            Perry, Philip, 1970
2009-P-010-04093            Peterson, Bea, 1970
2009-P-010-04094            Peterson, Dennis, 1970
2009-P-010-04095            Peterson, Elmer, 1970
2009-P-010-04096            Peterson, Erhard, 1970
2009-P-010-04097            Peterson, Ida, 1970
2009-P-010-04098            Peterson, Jan, 1970
2009-P-010-04099            Peterson, Vernon, 1970
2009-P-010-04100            Petrasek, Allen J., 1970
2009-P-010-04102            Pfiefer, Julius C., 1970
2009-P-010-04103            Pfou, Tony, 1963
2009-P-010-04104            Phelps, Roger, 1970
2009-P-010-04105            Phillips, Ralph, 1970
2009-P-010-04106            Pierce, Dolores, 1970
2009-P-010-04107            Pilfer, Robert, 1970
2009-P-010-04108            Piper, Marion, 1970
2009-P-010-04109            Pitcher, Mrs. Wayne, 1970
2009-P-010-04110            Plenty, Chief, 1963
2009-P-010-04111            Pluimer, Harold, 1970
2009-P-010-04112            Poling, Clarence, 1970
2009-P-010-04113            Polkadnik, Leonard, 1970
2009-P-010-04114            Pollard, Frederick Jr. (Fritz), 1970
2009-P-010-04115            Pope, Henry, 1963
2009-P-010-04116            Poppe, Gordon, 1970
2009-P-010-04117            Porsborg, Kenneth, 1970
2009-P-010-04118            Powell, A. L., 1970
2009-P-010-04119            Powers, Anna  former Rep. Cass County, 1970
2009-P-010-04120            Prange, Marlo, 1970
2009-P-010-04121            Pratschner, Joe, 1970
2009-P-010-04122            Prokop, Ida, 1970
2009-P-010-04123            Puklich, Mike, 1970
2009-P-010-04124            Putschler, A. F., 1970
2009-P-010-04125            Quale, George, 1970
2009-P-010-04126            Rasmusson, Paul, 1970
2009-P-010-04127            Raymond, Richard, 1970
2009-P-010-04128            Redlin, Mrs. Rolland, 1970
2009-P-010-04129            Redmann, Erwin, 1970
2009-P-010-04130            Reed, James, 1970
2009-P-010-04131            Reich, Jack, 1970
2009-P-010-04132            Reichert, William R., 1970
2009-P-010-04133            Reid, Russell, 1970
2009-P-010-04134            Reif, R. O., 1970
2009-P-010-04135            Reifschneider, Milton, 1970
2009-P-010-04136            Reimers, Robert, 1970
2009-P-010-04137            Reisenauer, John, 1970
2009-P-010-04138            Remund, Harvey, 1970
2009-P-010-04139            Renden, Walter D., 1970
2009-P-010-04140            Renke, Reinhold, 1970
2009-P-010-04141            Renken, Loren, 1970
2009-P-010-04142            Renner, Edgar, 1963
2009-P-010-04143            Ressler, Allen, 1970
2009-P-010-04144            Ressler, Christ, 1970
2009-P-010-04145            Ressler, Eddid, 1970
2009-P-010-04146            Ressler, Jack, 1970
2009-P-010-04147            Ressler, Leo, 1970
2009-P-010-04148            Ressler, Richard, 1970
2009-P-010-04149            Retterath, Quentin, 1970
2009-P-010-04150            Rian, Dr. Edwin H.  former President of Jamestown College, Jamestown (ND), 1970
2009-P-010-04151            Rich, Eugene, 1970
2009-P-010-04152            Richau, Emil, 1970
2009-P-010-04153            Riedman, Irv, 1970
2009-P-010-04154            Rieger, Rep. Vincent, 1970
2009-P-010-04155            Ripple, Eleanor, 1970
2009-P-010-04156            Rivinius, Harold J., 1970
2009-P-010-04157            Roberts, Rose, 1963
2009-P-010-04158            Roberts, William, 1970
2009-P-010-04159            Robinson, Clark, 1970
2009-P-010-04160            Robinson, Ernest, 1970
2009-P-010-04161            Robinson, Harold, 1970
2009-P-010-04162            Robinson, Ray, 1970
2009-P-010-04163            Rodgers, Bill, 1970
2009-P-010-04164            Roe, Norman, 1970
2009-P-010-04165            Roesch, Willard, 1970
2009-P-010-04166            Rohrich, F. C.  attorney, Linton (ND), 1970
2009-P-010-04167            Rolands, Jim, 1970
2009-P-010-04168            Rolfe, Clair E., 1970
2009-P-010-04169            Rolfsrud, Halvor, 1970
2009-P-010-04170            Rolshoven, Ray, 1970
2009-P-010-04171            Rosendahl, Rep. Lawrence, 1970
2009-P-010-04172            Rosi, Henry C., 1970
2009-P-010-04173            Roswick, Elmer, 1970
2009-P-010-04174            Rothe, Rev. George, 1970
2009-P-010-04175            Rovig, Mrs. John T., 1970
2009-P-010-04176            Rowe, Orris Kennedy, 1970
2009-P-010-04177            Rudrud, Mr. and Mrs. Bower, 1970
2009-P-010-04178            Rudrud, Merlin, 1970
2009-P-010-04179            Rue, Sr., Milton, 1970
2009-P-010-04180            Rundle, Earl, 1970
2009-P-010-04181            Runyan, Dr. Warren, 1970
2009-P-010-04182            Rupp, Richard, 1970
2009-P-010-04183            Russell, Irv, 1970
2009-P-010-04184            Russell, Dr. Seth, 1970
2009-P-010-04185            Russell, Walton S., 1970
2009-P-010-04186            Rustan, Palmer  former Rep., 1970
2009-P-010-04187            Saba, Duane, 1970
2009-P-010-04188            Saba, Marna, 1970
2009-P-010-04189            Saba, Michael, 1969
2009-P-010-04191            Sailer, R. J., 1970
2009-P-010-04192            Sakshaug, A. N., 1970
2009-P-010-04193            Salman, Lieut. Col. Richard A., 1970
2009-P-010-04194            Saltzman, E. D., 1970
2009-P-010-04195            Samuelson, Dr. Albert F. Bismarck psychiatrist, Bismarck (ND), 1970
2009-P-010-04196            Samuelson, Jean Mrs., 1970
2009-P-010-04197            Sand, Paul, 1970
2009-P-010-04198            Sandstrom, E. V., 1970
2009-P-010-04199            Sandve, Adolph, 1970
2009-P-010-04200            Saugstad, Stanley, 1970
2009-P-010-04201            Gamble, F. R. Montana Dakota Utilities Co.,
2009-P-010-04202            Church of the Cross (Lutheran) Highland Acres, Bismarck (ND), 1955
2009-P-010-04203            Maragos, Ted
2009-P-010-04204            Leach, Mr. and Mrs. Tom, 1955
2009-P-010-04205            Harvesting with binders and combines, 1950
2009-P-010-04206            Moreland, Mrs. Jack, 1971
2009-P-010-04207            Nygaard, Hjalmer ND Congressman, 1955-1960
2009-P-010-04208            Ferry, Washburn (ND), 1940
2009-P-010-04209            Chase, Irene, 1969
2009-P-010-04210            Moses, Robert
2009-P-010-04211            Morton, George (Toby),
2009-P-010-04212            Mehus, Belle  Mehus Conservatory (at piano),
2009-P-010-04213            Nuessle, Mrs. Robert  (Peggy Bergeson), 1950
2009-P-010-04214            Rindahl, Opie S.,
2009-P-010-04215            Northridge School, Bismarck (ND),
2009-P-010-04216            Episcopal Church of Christ, former church building Reverend Eldred Murdock former minister, Mandan (ND),
2009-P-010-04217            Evangelical Free Church, Mandan (ND),
2009-P-010-04218            Assembly of God Evangel Temple, Bismarck (ND),
2009-P-010-04219            Episcopal Church groundbreaking, Bismarck (ND), 1948/05/00
2009-P-010-04220            Calvary United Methodist Church (formerly Evangelical United Brethren), Bismarck (ND)
2009-P-010-04221            Olson, Curtis state auditor
2009-P-010-04222            Peace Evangelical Lutheran, Mandan (ND)
2009-P-010-04224            Messiah Lutheran Church, Mandan (ND)
2009-P-010-04225            Evangelical United Brethren, Mandan (ND)
2009-P-010-04226            Dosch, Mike, 1955
2009-P-010-04227            Dockrey, Betty (Mrs. Beeman), 1955
2009-P-010-04228            Johnson, Arthur F. Captain Commander of United States Navy, brother of Dr. Paul Johnson, Bismarck (ND),
2009-P-010-04229            DeBilzen, Lawrence, 1957
2009-P-010-04230            Dirk, Joseph D., 1960
2009-P-010-04231            Dillavou, Mrs. U. J., 1960
2009-P-010-04232            Dale, Alfred  former state treasurer
2009-P-010-04233            Dutt, Burl, 1965
2009-P-010-04234            Johnson, Morton,
2009-P-010-04235            Durey, Mrs. E. A. (Marie), 1955
2009-P-010-04236            Johns, Rev. Adolph former First Lutheran pastor, Bismarck (ND),
2009-P-010-04237            Duffy, Clyde, 1955
2009-P-010-04238            Boll, M. C., 1960
2009-P-010-04239            Vaaler, Martin, 1960
2009-P-010-04240            Myster, Mrs. Howard
2009-P-010-04241            VanVleet, W. Alan, 1948
2009-P-010-04242            Vantine, Jack, 1955
2009-P-010-04243            Vinje, Dr. Ralph, 1955
2009-P-010-04244            Jensen, A. J.
2009-P-010-04246            Day, Carroll 1955
2009-P-010-04247            Jenson, Norman
2009-P-010-04248            Great Seal of North Dakota
2009-P-010-04249            Spitzer, Harold, 1972
2009-P-010-04250            Jenson, Harvey N.
2009-P-010-04301            Rehnquist, William, 1971/09/00
2009-P-010-04302            Walsh, Fred Dr.  NDSU, 1971/10/00
2009-P-010-04303            Mizell, Rep. Wilmer, 1971/10/00
2009-P-010-04304            O'Brien, Joe  harness racer, 1971/10/00
2009-P-010-04305            Schlosser, Doug, 1971/10/00
2009-P-010-04307            Marcos, Ferdinand E., 1971/08/28
2009-P-010-04308            Poff, Rep. Richard H. (VA), 1971/10/30
2009-P-010-04309            Howe, Gordie, 1971/09/12
2009-P-010-04310            Laschkewitsch, Larry  --Schmidt, Randy  Editor, Fire Prevention Newsletter, 1973/04/27
2009-P-010-04311            Patton, Martha  Money In Your Pocket  Columnist
2009-P-010-04312            Bleth, Jim, 1971/09/09
2009-P-010-04313            Kane, Mrs. Nora, 1971/09/10
2009-P-010-04314            Robert F Allan, 1971/09/10
2009-P-010-04315            Koch, Jame, 1971/09/10
2009-P-010-04316            Pintz, Cecelia M., 1971/09/10
2009-P-010-04317            Hellman, Terry, 1971/09/10
2009-P-010-04318            Pfau, Lyvon, 1971/09/10
2009-P-010-04319            Nielson, Mrs. Beverly, 1971/09/10
2009-P-010-04320            Malm, Laura, 1971/09/10
2009-P-010-04321            MacLaury, Bruce K.  President Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis, (MN), 1971
2009-P-010-04322            Ross, Faye R. 1971/09/10
2009-P-010-04323            Lange, Norbert H. ND Tax Department special assistant to Byron L. Dorgan, 1971
2009-P-010-04324            Grove, Pam Homecoming Queen 1971, Mandan (ND), 1971
2009-P-010-04325            Lin Piao  fall 1971, 1970
2009-P-010-04326            Bethel Lutheran Church, 1971/10/09
2009-P-010-04327            Weber, Frances E.  22nd District, North Dakota House, 1971
2009-P-010-04328            Johnson, Hazel, 1971/10/03
2009-P-010-04329            Kodes, Jan of Czechoslovakia, 1971/09/17
2009-P-010-04330            Seaver, Tom  New York Mets pitcher, 1971/10/05
2009-P-010-04331            Cole, Merle E. general manager of K Mart, Bismarck (ND), 1971/09/09
2009-P-010-04332            Gartner, Herb Vice Commander, Minot, Minot (ND),
2009-P-010-04333            Howe, Berdette September-October 1971, 1973/03/28
2009-P-010-04334            Buvkman, Diane, 1971/09/00
2009-P-010-04335            Ackerman, Bettye --Jaffe, Sam, 1971/09/28
2009-P-010-04336            McKenzie, Peter K., 1971/09/29
2009-P-010-04337            Amiott, Dr. William 1971/10/00
2009-P-010-04338            Van Patten, Mrs. Marilyn, 1970
2009-P-010-04339            Church of the Good Shepherd
2009-P-010-04340            Baltimore Orioles Baseball Pitchers L-R Jim Palmer, Dave McNally, Pat Dobson, Mike Cueler, 1971/09/28
2009-P-010-04342            Schwartz, Ron, 1971/10/01
2009-P-010-04343            Boutrous, Ted 1971/10/08
2009-P-010-04344            Boutrous, Floyd 1971/10/08
2009-P-010-04345            Devaney, Bob head football coach Nebraska University, 1971/09/30
2009-P-010-04346            Everson, Mrs. Lloyd, 1971
2009-P-010-04347            Maddy, John W., 1971/08/29
2009-P-010-04348            Elliot, Cecil D. NDSU, 1974/12/00
2009-P-010-04349            Welk, George F., 1971/09/17
2009-P-010-04350            Schonberger, Geri, 1971/10/03
2009-P-010-04351            McLachlan, Sandi, 1971
2009-P-010-04352            Smith, Stan  U.S. Open Champion, 1971/09/17
2009-P-010-04353            Devine, Don Green Bay Packer head coach, 1971/09/23
2009-P-010-04354            Mann, Mary Kaye Park Recreation Coordinator, Mandan (ND), 1971
2009-P-010-04355            Steffes, Sharon, 1970
2009-P-010-04356            William Shockly, 1971/09/12
2009-P-010-04357            Taylor, Gerald A., 1971/09/19
2009-P-010-04358            Wilson, Flip, 1971/09/19
2009-P-010-04359            Landsberger, Rita, 1971/09/10
2009-P-010-04360            Ngo Dzu Major General South Vietnam officer, South Vietnam, 1971/09/12
2009-P-010-04361            Silliman, Minott, 1971/10/14
2009-P-010-04362            Douglas, Sir Alex-Home, 1971/10/06
2009-P-010-04363            Miller Robert  MDU, 1971/09/12
2009-P-010-04364            Rogers, Phil, 1971
2009-P-010-04365            Mindszenty, Cardinal, 1971/10/01
2009-P-010-04366            Franklin, Louise 1971/09/10
2009-P-010-04367            Weaver, Dewitt, 1971
2009-P-010-04368            Fowler, Herman E., 1971/10/08
2009-P-010-04369            Habib, Philip, 1971/09/01
2009-P-010-04370            King, Jo  President of local La Seratoma District, 1971/10/11
2009-P-010-04371            Cahill, Joe (rt) Leader of Irish Republican Army, 1971/09/04
2009-P-010-04372            United Nations Building, New York (NY), 1971/09/22
2009-P-010-04373            Banuelos, Romana, 1971/09/25
2009-P-010-04374            King, Billie Jean, 1971/10/08
2009-P-010-04375            Kuenn, Harvey, 1971/09/05
2009-P-010-04376            Pasch, Dr. Joseph L., 1971/10/13
2009-P-010-04377            Morphis, Dr. Oscar L., 1971/10/13
2009-P-010-04378            Barker, Dr. Walter R., 1971/10/13
2009-P-010-04379            Klein, Karen, 1971
2009-P-010-04380            Emineth, Paulette, 1971/09/00
2009-P-010-04381            Finley, Charles (rt), 1971/09/19
2009-P-010-04382            Russo, Anthony J., 1972/01/06
2009-P-010-04383            Rambo, Reverend Harold M., 1971/08/28
2009-P-010-04384            Riley, Wayne I., 1971/09/09
2009-P-010-04385            Luna, Charles, 1971/09/00
2009-P-010-04386            Welander, Clarence  Rural Electric Cooperatives (REC) president, 1971/10/08
2009-P-010-04387            Waldheim, Kurt U.N. Secretary General
2009-P-010-04388            Zumwalt, Admiral Elmo, 1971/08/28
2009-P-010-04389            Grenz, Richard, 1971/10/08
2009-P-010-04390            Solheim, Ted, 1971/10/08
2009-P-010-04391            Brown, Bob  Green Bay Packers --Horn, Don  Denver Broncos, Denver (CO), 1971/09/27
2009-P-010-04392            Smith, Mrs. Clyde, 1971/09/27
2009-P-010-04393            Floyd, Ray, 1971/08/28
2009-P-010-04394            Saye, Mrs. Irene, 1971/09/30
2009-P-010-04395            Orv Alveshere, 1971/09/15
2009-P-010-04396            Towner, James  Montana Dakota Utilities, 1971/09/12
2009-P-010-04397            Weber, Arnold, 1971/09/08
2009-P-010-04398            Lincoln, George  1973-Director, Office of Emergency Preparedness, 1971/09/08
2009-P-010-04399            Kirdsvogel, Mrs. Phyllis, 1971/09/19
2009-P-010-04400            Hughes, Chuck, 1971/10/28
2009-P-010-04401            Pulkrabek, Jack, 1972/01/06
2009-P-010-04402            Beelmann, Arlend O., 1971/10/29
2009-P-010-04403            Potter, Donald G., 1971/10/29
2009-P-010-04404            Harris, Dr. Larry A., 1971/10/31
2009-P-010-04405            First Church of the Nazarene, 1971/10/30
2009-P-010-04406            Schield, Terrie, 1971/11/04
2009-P-010-04407            Lockbeam, Roger KBOM, 1970
2009-P-010-04408            Pile, Robert E., 1971/11/04
2009-P-010-04409            Wells, Robert P.  Representative ND House, 1969
2009-P-010-04410            Olson, Mrs. Gloria, 1971/11/04
2009-P-010-04411            Olsen, Warren, 1971/11/02
2009-P-010-04412            Jensen, Robert A., 1971/11/04
2009-P-010-04413            Bauer, Doug, 1970
2009-P-010-04414            Ahlgren, Henry, 1971
2009-P-010-04415            Ehlis, Donald employee Sears, Bismarck (ND), 1971
2009-P-010-04416            Dobson, Raymond C., 1971/10/28
2009-P-010-04417            Chow Shu-kai  foreign minister for Nationalist China, 1971/10/00
2009-P-010-04418            Froehling, Frank, 1971/10/00
2009-P-010-04419            Sisco, Joseph J., 1971/10/00
2009-P-010-04420            Paul, Robert, 1971/12/05
2009-P-010-04421            Kuznets, Simon  Nobel prize economist, 1971/10/00
2009-P-010-04422            Bible Baptist Church, 1971
2009-P-010-04423            Kroll, Mrs. C. J., 1971/10/00
2009-P-010-04424            Schirod, Lester J., 1971/10/00
2009-P-010-04425            Lillie, Mildred, 1971/10/00
2009-P-010-04426            Sutherland, Dr. Earl and wife, 1971/10/00
2009-P-010-04427            Nodland, Irvin, 1969
2009-P-010-04428            Lon Nol  Cambodian Prime Minister, Cambodia, 1971/10/00
2009-P-010-04429            Olmstead, Ronald D., 1971/10/00
2009-P-010-04430            Smith, Red, 1971/10/00
2009-P-010-04431            Anderson, Dave 1971/10/00
2009-P-010-04432            Chi Shao Liu (Liu Shao-chi), 1971/10/00
2009-P-010-04433            McNally, Dan  Baltimore Orioles Pitcher, 1971/10/00
2009-P-010-04434            Bevill, Tom  Rep., 1971/10/00
2009-P-010-04435            Wallace, Reverend Mannon  Baptist Temple, 1971/10/00
2009-P-010-04436            Jones, Don, 1971
2009-P-010-04437            Lutheran Church of the Redeemer, 1971/11/13
2009-P-010-04438            Johannsen, Mrs. Ethel, 1971/12/14
2009-P-010-04439            Hoffman, Mrs. Florence, 1971/12/14
2009-P-010-04440            Hersch, Steve, 1971/12/12
2009-P-010-04442            Tuhy, Val, 1971/12/12
2009-P-010-04443            Frankhauser, Kathy, 1971/12/12
2009-P-010-04444            Ashbrook, John M., 1971/12/12
2009-P-010-04445            Reisenauer, Mr. and Mrs. Fred, 1971/11/21
2009-P-010-04446            Khan, Yahya,
2009-P-010-04447            Sandve, Bill, 1971/11/25
2009-P-010-04448            Eberly, Bruce M., 1971/11/05
2009-P-010-04449            Emerson, Gordon, 1971
2009-P-010-04450            Kennelly, Breen, 1971/11/13
2009-P-010-04451            Hille, Roger D., 1971/11/28
2009-P-010-04452            Hoffman, Mr. and Mrs.Joe F., 1971/11/30
2009-P-010-04453            Johnson, Dr. Robert E., 1971/12/05
2009-P-010-04454            Apollo 16
2009-P-010-04455            Volk, James, 1971/12/05
2009-P-010-04456            Butz, Earl L., 1971/12/08
2009-P-010-04457            First Evangelical Free Church, 1971/12/11
2009-P-010-04458            Watts, Bob, 1971
2009-P-010-04459            Bordaberry, Juan Maria,
2009-P-010-04460            Manolovitch, Joyce Halvorson,
2009-P-010-04461            Promersberger, William J., 1971/12/23
2009-P-010-04462            Anderson, DuWayne, 1971/12/05
2009-P-010-04463            First Baptist Church
2009-P-010-04464            Mathis, Johnny
2009-P-010-04465            Boldt, George H.
2009-P-010-04466            Tito, Josip Broz President of Yugoslavia
2009-P-010-04467            Simonton, Fred, 1971/11/11
2009-P-010-04468            Scharnowske, Sgt. Ray, 1971/11/11
2009-P-010-04469            Hagen, Lewis, 1971/11/11
2009-P-010-04470            Weimer, Edward R., 1971/10/28
2009-P-010-04471            Weigum, Delton, 1971/10/11
2009-P-010-04472            Heidt, Dallas, 1971/10/24
2009-P-010-04474            Moser, Pius, 1971/10/19
2009-P-010-04475            Greff, James, 1971/10/19
2009-P-010-04476            First Federal Savings and Loan, 1971
2009-P-010-04477            Zidon, Mrs. Frank, 1971/10/26
2009-P-010-04478            Byrd, Robert F., 1971/10/10
2009-P-010-04479            Kilzer, Sister Helen, 1971
2009-P-010-04480            Reese, Della
2009-P-010-04481            Moldenhauer, Howard E., 1972/01/06
2009-P-010-04482            Bank, Mort, 1971/11/12
2009-P-010-04483            Lussenden, Randy, 1971/11/19
2009-P-010-04484            Herk, Jim, 1971/12/05
2009-P-010-04485            Duchscher, Phil, 1971/12/05
2009-P-010-04486            Foster, John, 1971/12/11
2009-P-010-04487            Farrell, William B., 1971/11/25
2009-P-010-04488            Green, John A., 1971
2009-P-010-04489            Nagel, Herman, 1971/11/27
2009-P-010-04490            Haddad, Nasri, 1971/10/11
2009-P-010-04491            Cornog, George, 1971
2009-P-010-04492            Kittikachorn, Thanom, 1966
2009-P-010-04493            Brandt, Dr. James, 1971/11/20
2009-P-010-04494            McDonald's, 1971/11/12
2009-P-010-04495            Nix, Kent, 1971/10/01
2009-P-010-04496            Chiao Kuan-hua, 1971
2009-P-010-04497            Toepke, Max Mr. and Mrs., New Salem (ND), 1973/07/20
2009-P-010-04498            Schlosser, Henry P., 1971/12/28
2009-P-010-04499            Hintz, Mrs. Brigitte, New Leipzig (ND), 1971/10/07
2009-P-010-04500            Dietrich, Jerome, 1971/10/01
2009-P-010-04501            Morgenthau, Hans J., 1971/11/07
2009-P-010-04502            Zanuck, Richard D. 11/7/71, 1968
2009-P-010-04503            Haag, Joe, 1971/10/06
2009-P-010-04504            Hirohito Emperor of Japan, 1971/09/29
2009-P-010-04505            Kongslie, Truman, 1971/11/10
2009-P-010-04506            Powell, Lewis Jr., 1971/11/09
2009-P-010-04507            Smith, Billie Jean, 1971/09/14
2009-P-010-04508            Evert, Chris, 1971/09/14
2009-P-010-04509            Rozelle, Pete, 1971/12/19
2009-P-010-04510            Cushman, Lt. Gen. Robert E., 1971/12/19
2009-P-010-04511            Paulson, A. M., 1971/12/19
2009-P-010-04512            Thiel, Ron, 1971/12/19
2009-P-010-04513            Schafer, Larry, 1971/12/19
2009-P-010-04515            Reiners, Laurie, 1971/12/14
2009-P-010-04516            O'Brien, Conor Cruise, 1971/12/12
2009-P-010-04517            Packard, David,
2009-P-010-04518            Braun, Sister Mary Mark, 1971/12/16
2009-P-010-04519            Fecteau, Richard,
2009-P-010-04520            Larson, Clarion, 1971/12/12
2009-P-010-04521            Sheraton Motor Inn, Bismarck (ND), 1971/12/16
2009-P-010-04522            Rahman, Mujibur
2009-P-010-04523            Islam, Nazrul
2009-P-010-04524            Angelis, Anthony
2009-P-010-04526            Leone, Giovanni
2009-P-010-04528            Takeo, Fukuda
2009-P-010-04529            Murtaugh, Danny, 1971/09/28
2009-P-010-04530            Briles, Nelson, 1971/09/28
2009-P-010-04531            Linnell, Laverne  Dunn County Agent, Killdeer (ND)
2009-P-010-04532            Duke, Charles M.
2009-P-010-04533            Anderson, Ron
2009-P-010-04534            Miller, Dr. Harold J., 1971/12/30
2009-P-010-04535            Metz, Ervin J., Carson (ND),
2009-P-010-04536            Johnson, Glenn, Bismarck (ND),
2009-P-010-04537            Maxwell, Ralph, 1971/12/31
2009-P-010-04538            Abzug, Bella S . --Bella S Abzug, 1972/01/02
2009-P-010-04539            Sanders, Hugh, 1972/01/04
2009-P-010-04540            Krebsback, Patrick J., 1972/01/02
2009-P-010-04541            Syvrud, Dr. Robert, 1972/01/05
2009-P-010-04542            Dowdy, John --Kovens, Calvin, 1972/01/05
2009-P-010-04543            Constitutional Convention, 1971
2009-P-010-04544            Wallin, Myron J., 1972/01/09
2009-P-010-04545            Cart, Elmer, 1972/01/09
2009-P-010-04546            Butler, Francis, 1972/01/09
2009-P-010-04547            Bjornson, Paul, 1972/01/08
2009-P-010-04548            Lewis, Mike
2009-P-010-04549            Wehr, Dennis
2009-P-010-04550            Bakken, Roger
2009-P-010-04551            Church of the Nazarene, 1972/01/15
2009-P-010-04552            McQuay, Darrel, 1972/01/21
2009-P-010-04553            Mitchel, C. E., 1972/01/21
2009-P-010-04554            Todd, Reginald S. Garfield and daughter, 1972/01/23
2009-P-010-04555            Scheuer, Rep. James H., 1972/01/15
2009-P-010-04556            Margrethe II  Queen of Denmark, 1972/01/15
2009-P-010-04557            King Fredrick IX of Denmark, 1972/01/15
2009-P-010-04558            England, Dr. Anthony W., 1972/01/18
2009-P-010-04559            Nixon, M. Donald
2009-P-010-04560            Tucker, Forrest
2009-P-010-04561            Arafat, Yasser, 1972/01/20
2009-P-010-04562            Salam, Saeb, 1972/01/20
2009-P-010-04563            Ruele, Doretta (Mrs. Roger), 1972/01/20
2009-P-010-04564            Larson, Jr. John W. 1972/01/21
2009-P-010-04565            Peterson, Sig, 1972/01/21
2009-P-010-04566            Opp, Allan, 1972/01/21
2009-P-010-04567            Freise, Hubert, 1972/01/21
2009-P-010-04568            Corpus Christi Church, 1972/01/22
2009-P-010-04569            Walby, Charles
2009-P-010-04570            Ralston, John, 1972/01/09
2009-P-010-04571            Jacobs, Jerome, 1972/01/23
2009-P-010-04572            Gustin, Henry T., 1972/01/26
2009-P-010-04573            Helbling, William, 1972/01/25
2009-P-010-04574            Wilson, Nancy
2009-P-010-04575            Nixon, Hannah M.
2009-P-010-04576            Kaufman, Ronald
2009-P-010-04577            Groppi, Father James
2009-P-010-04578            Hoffman, Paul G. former director of U.N. special fund
2009-P-010-04579            Gallagher, Richard, 1972/01/11
2009-P-010-04580            Ocampo, Jr., Dr. P.M., 1972/01/27
2009-P-010-04581            Warner, Wallace (see also William R. Pearce) Wahpeton, Wahpeton (ND),
2009-P-010-04582            Hagstrom, Jerry, 1971
2009-P-010-04583            Yevtushenko, Yevgeni, 1972/01/23
2009-P-010-04584            Farrell, Joseph, 1972
2009-P-010-04585            Toyota Dealership, 1971
2009-P-010-04586            Seven Seas fire, Mandan (ND), 1971
2009-P-010-04587            Feigert, Louie, 1972
2009-P-010-04588            McDonald’s, 1971
2009-P-010-04589            Thames, C. B., 1971
2009-P-010-04590            Janquala, Mrs. Louis, 1972/02/03
2009-P-010-04591            Ruele, Roger, 1972/01/00
2009-P-010-04592            Budget Furniture, 1971
2009-P-010-04593            Wicks Jr., Dr. Zens W., 1972
2009-P-010-04594            Conlin’s Furniture, 1971
2009-P-010-04595            Village Inn Pizza, Bismarck (ND), 1971
2009-P-010-04596            Klein, Ben, 1971
2009-P-010-04597            Larson, Frank, 1971
2009-P-010-04598            Remund Ford, 1972
2009-P-010-04599            Broshard, Joe, 1971
2009-P-010-04600            Bolt, George H., 1971
2009-P-010-04601            Grayson, Jackson, 1972/01/29
2009-P-010-04602            Sheehan, John E., 1972/01/29
2009-P-010-04603            Tarr, Dr. Curtis W., 1971
2009-P-010-04604            Schuller, Robert, 1971
2009-P-010-04605            Kensal, Kenneth S., 1971
2009-P-010-04606            Wachter Middle School, Bismarck (ND), 1971/09/03
2009-P-010-04607            Hanrahan, Edward V., 1972
2009-P-010-04608            Scott, Mr. and Mrs. George C., 1972
2009-P-010-04609            Custer, General George
2009-P-010-04610            Klein, Mrs. Richard, 1971
2009-P-010-04611            Duncan, Sandy, 1972
2009-P-010-04612            Krueger, Robert minister, Lutheran churches in Mandan, Flasher --Sonia, O.S., 1972-1973
2009-P-010-04613            First Lutheran Church, 1972/02/05
2009-P-010-04614            White, Dr. Paul Dudley  heart specialist, 1972/01/31
2009-P-010-04615            Messiah Lutheran Church, 1972
2009-P-010-04616            Pearce, William, 1972
2009-P-010-04617            Kranzler, Wayne H. ND Wheat Commission, 1974/10/23
2009-P-010-04618            Richardson, Elliot, 1972
2009-P-010-04619            Stewart, John (Montana Dakota Utilities Official), 1960-1970
2009-P-010-04620            Stevens, Ed, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-04621            Stern, Albert J. (Bill), 1960-1970
2009-P-010-04622            Stephenson, Robert W., 1960-1970
2009-P-010-04623            Stephens, Wayne, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-04624            Stephens, Forest, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-04625            Stenehjem, Lee M., 1960-1970
2009-P-010-04626            Steckler, Luke, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-04627            Speirs, Willis M., 1960-1970
2009-P-010-04628            Spiss, August, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-04629            Prange, Marlo, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-04630            Phillips, Lieut. Mark and Princess Anne, 1973
2009-P-010-04631            Staigrer, Ronald, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-04632            Burke, Monte, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-04633            Walterson, Jean, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-04634            Walter, Tony, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-04635            Walsh, Mark, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-04636            Walpole, R. E., 1960-1970
2009-P-010-04637            Shaw, A. R., 1960-1970
2009-P-010-04638            Shaffer, J. Ken, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-04639            Spain, Rev. Arnold, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-04640            Steinbrueck, Edward, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-04641            Steigman, Elmer, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-04642            Stenhjem, Paul, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-04643            Steffenson, Albert, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-04644            Burckhard, Mr. and Mrs. Anton, Red Bluff, Calif., 1973/07/20
2009-P-010-04645            Fleming, Peggy figure skater, 1973
2009-P-010-04646            Stine, James, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-04647            Stock, Leonard, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-04648            Stockdale, Thomas, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-04649            Stockert, Mr. and Mrs. Lee C., 1960-1970
2009-P-010-04650            Stockman, Jacque, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-04651            Stoltz, Emil, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-04652            Stommel, Herman, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-04653            Stone, Mrs. J. Lloyd, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-04654            Stone, Mrs. Mary, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-04655            Two Bears, Mrs. Basil, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-04656            Ueckert, James, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-04657            Uhlman, Walter, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-04658            Ullman, William, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-04659            Ulmer, James, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-04660            Ulmer, Leland, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-04661            Underdahl, Alfred, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-04662            Unkenholz, James, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-04663            Unruh, George, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-04664            Unzelman, Phyllis, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-04665            Unterseher, Roland, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-04666            Upham, Floyd, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-04667            Tucker, Earle, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-04668            Walth, R.H. Dr., 1960-1970
2009-P-010-04669            Walz, Paul, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-04670            Strabu, Ruben V., 1960-1970
2009-P-010-04671            Strand, Dr. Donald J., 1960-1970
2009-P-010-04672            Strand, Theo, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-04673            Streyle, Kenneth, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-04674            Striegel, Curtis, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-04675            Stuart, Reverend Robert, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-04676            Stuart, Dave, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-04677            Stuart, Lyle G., 1960-1970
2009-P-010-04678            Stuart, William D., 1960-1970
2009-P-010-04679            Stuckey, Dr. Ray Joe, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-04680            Sturlaugsen, Vern, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-04681            Suchy, Larry, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-04682            Sullivan, Arthur, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-04683            Sullivan, Rev. Thomas, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-04684            Haakenson, Philip N. Dean of Pharmacy, NDSU, Fargo, 1973
2009-P-010-04685            Sund, Fred, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-04686            McCartney, Paul, 1973
2009-P-010-04687            Super, Leonard, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-04688            Svihover, Miss Betty, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-04689            Swanberg, Grenvell, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-04690            Swanson, Earl, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-04691            Swanson, Emory, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-04692            Swanson, John, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-04693            O'Neil, Patrick --Swanson, Mrs. John, 1970 --1972/03/00
2009-P-010-04694            Swenson, David, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-04695            Swenson, Glenn, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-04696            Swenson, Jack, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-04697            Swenson, Jacob, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-04698            Synder, Mrs. Roger W., 1960-1970
2009-P-010-04699            Syvrud, Ole, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-04700            Swanson, R.A., 1960-1970
2009-P-010-04701            Swedlund, Roy, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-04702            Swenson, Charles (Chuck), 1960-1970
2009-P-010-04703            Swenson, James, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-04704            Syvrud, M.G., 1960-1970
2009-P-010-04705            Meyer, Dennis, 1970
2009-P-010-04706            Wray, Mary Jane, 1972
2009-P-010-04707            Carlson, Julie, 1972
2009-P-010-04708            Bridges, Harry, 1972
2009-P-010-04709            Syvrud, Sig, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-04710            Tamte, Roy T., 1960-1970
2009-P-010-04711            Tangedahl, T.N., 1960-1970
2009-P-010-04712            Tanner, Cal, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-04713            Tavis, Tony, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-04714            Taylor, Edwin J., 1960-1970
2009-P-010-04715            Tebelius, Lawrence, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-04716            Tekippe, George  1973/03/25, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-04717            Tennefos, Jens, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-04718            Thysell, John C., 1960-1970
2009-P-010-04719            Theissen, C.R., 1960-1970
2009-P-010-04720            Thiel, Marvin, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-04721            Fricke, Ralph --Theisen, Irene, 1970 --1974/12/00
2009-P-010-04722            Thilmony, James, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-04723            Thilmony, Mrs. James, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-04724            Irving, Clifford, 1972
2009-P-010-04725            Van Pallandt, Nina (Baroness), 1972
2009-P-010-04726            Thi, Lieutenant General Nguyen Chanh --Thompson, Clarence, 1970 --1972
2009-P-010-04727            Arenz, Mrs. Clyde (Olive L.) --Stein, Bernard (Deputy Mandan Auditor), 1972/02/29
2009-P-010-04728            Wood, Mrs. Jean (State Industrial School Teacher), Mandan (ND), 1972
2009-P-010-04729            Volcker, Paul, 1972
2009-P-010-04730            Werth, Willard (Director of Education, State Industrial School (SIS), Mandan (ND), 1972
2009-P-010-04732            John,Yonker, 1972
2009-P-010-04734            Dole, Sen. Robert, GOP National Committee Chairman, 1971
2009-P-010-04735            Thompson, Bronald C., 1960-1970
2009-P-010-04737            Thompson, Edward K., 1960-1970
2009-P-010-04738            Thompson, H.A., 1960-1970
2009-P-010-04739            Thompson, Lorvell H., 1960-1970
2009-P-010-04740            Thomason, Dewey D., 1960-1970
2009-P-010-04741            Thorndahl, H. L., 1975/01/00
2009-P-010-04742            Thorson, J. O., 1960-1970
2009-P-010-04743            Thorson, Jr., John, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-04744            Tidemann, Rev. A. P., 1960-1970
2009-P-010-04745            Tighe, Mr. and Mrs.Charles, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-04746            Timm, Robert J., 1960-1970
2009-P-010-04747            Scherr, Daniel, 1972
2009-P-010-04748            Timpe, Emma, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-04749            Timpe, Wallace, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-04750            Tjaden, K. O., 1960-1970
2009-P-010-04751            Tjon, Lowell O., 1960-1970
2009-P-010-04752            Tod, H. H., 1960-1970
2009-P-010-04753            Todd, Robert G., 1960-1970
2009-P-010-04754            Tokach, Arthur R., 1960-1970
2009-P-010-04755            Tokach, David, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-04756            Tokach, Louie, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-04757            Shirley, William O., 1960-1970
2009-P-010-04758            Tolstedt, Dr. G. E., 1960-1970
2009-P-010-04759            Toman, Albert, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-04760            Toman, Bernard V., 1960-1970
2009-P-010-04761            Toman, George, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-04762            Toman, Jr., John, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-04763            Tomanek, Roy, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-04764            Toms, Douglas, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-04765            Tooley, Mrs. W.E., 1960-1970
2009-P-010-04767            Wanzer, John, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-04768            Wann, Vern, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-04769            Townsend, Emerson, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-04770            Toussaint, William, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-04771            Tossett, Otis, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-04772            Wangler, Sam, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-04773            Assel, Tom, 1972
2009-P-010-04774            Trieber, Fred, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-04775            Trom, Ordner S., 1960-1970
2009-P-010-04776            Tschider, Dick, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-04777            Grable, Betty, 1973
2009-P-010-04778            Tudor, Dr. Robert B., 1960-1970
2009-P-010-04779            Tufts, Floyd, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-04780            Turcotte, Tom, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-04781            Turli, Irene, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-04782            Haugrud, Kenneth J., 1972
2009-P-010-04783            Tweit, Einar, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-04784            Twist, David, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-04785            Valeu, Robert, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-04787            Kinsella, Linda Siegel, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-04788            Siedal, Ed, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-04789            Vande Walle, Virgil, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-04790            Simons, Bill, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-04791            Van Heuvelen, Willis, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-04792            Sillers, Dan Dr., 1960-1970
2009-P-010-04793            Van Lith, Pete, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-04794            Van Tassel, Warren, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-04795            Shoff, Ray, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-04796            Vantine, Glenn, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-04797            Veigel, L. W., 1960-1970
2009-P-010-04798            Vetter, Leo, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-04799            Vinje, Edmund G., 1960-1970
2009-P-010-04800            Voegele, Ben, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-04801            Voegele, Henry D., 1960-1970
2009-P-010-04802            Voegele, Larry, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-04803            Voldrich, Joseph, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-04804            Volk, Ronald G., 1960-1970
2009-P-010-04805            Von Bockern, Rev. George L., 1960-1970
2009-P-010-04806            Simon, Dale, 1963
2009-P-010-04807            Voorhis, Alan Van, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-04808            Vorland, David, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-04809            Vredenburg, Earl, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-04810            Vredenburg, Mrs. Ron, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-04811            Wagner, Al, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-04812            Wagner, Joseph, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-04813            Wagner, Vernon, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-04814            Wagner, J. P., 1960-1970
2009-P-010-04815            Shipman, D. C, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-04816            Walery, Doug, 1963
2009-P-010-04817            Shirly, G. A., 1960-1970
2009-P-010-04818            Walker, Charles, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-04819            Sherman, Gordon K., 1960-1970
2009-P-010-04820            Sellinger, George, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-04821            Sellon, Guy E., 1960-1970
2009-P-010-04822            Semerad, Henry, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-04823            Senger, Mrs. Arthur, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-04824            Severud, Dr. David N., 1960-1970
2009-P-010-04825            Sharp, Ken, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-04826            Shaw, Robert, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-04827            Shelstad, Cora, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-04828            Shefstad, Alice, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-04829            Sorenson, Ray, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-04830            Sonneger, Edwin, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-04831            Salveson, Jenny, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-04832            Solberg, Iver, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-04833            Wieland, Edwin C., 1960-1970
2009-P-010-04834            Solberg, Darwin, 1963
2009-P-010-04835            Weisenburger, Ted, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-04836            Soberg, Rev. Lester, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-04837            Wieland, Rev. Erwin, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-04838            Snortland, Arnold, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-04839            Smith, Bob, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-04840            Smith, Cecil, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-04841            Wickham, H. T., 1960-1970
2009-P-010-04842            Smith, E. W., 1960-1970
2009-P-010-04843            Smith, Gerald H., 1960-1970
2009-P-010-04844            Smith, Glenn, 1963
2009-P-010-04845            Smith, F. John, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-04846            Smith, Warren, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-04847            Smyithe, Rev. Frederick K., 1960-1970
2009-P-010-04848            Smeenk, Dr. Peter H., 1960-1970
2009-P-010-04849            Slezak, George, 1963
2009-P-010-04850            Sletten, Vern, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-04851            Skoropat, Paul, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-04852            Skjod, Delbert, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-04853            Skarr, Harold, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-04854            Sjaastad, Edwin, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-04855            Sivedahl, Percy, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-04856            Sizemore, Keith, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-04857            Pick, Maj. General Lewis A., 1955
2009-P-010-04858            Simpson, Mary, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-04859            Weigel, Mike, 1963
2009-P-010-04860            Steckler, Ernie, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-04861            Starks, E.O., 1960-1970
2009-P-010-04862            Stark, Irv, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-04863            Welle, Chris, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-04864            Stark, Elsie, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-04865            Welch, Charles, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-04866            Stanton, R. E., 1960-1970
2009-P-010-04867            Stanton, Francis, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-04868            Stallman, Thomas R., 1960-1970
2009-P-010-04869            Whittaker, James, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-04870            Person, Carl, 1955
2009-P-010-04871            Historic, Bismarck (ND),
2009-P-010-04872            Wells, Luther, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-04873            Wendt, Donald, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-04874            Wentz, A. W., 1960-1970
2009-P-010-04875            Wentz, Leroy B., 1960-1970
2009-P-010-04876            Werner, Mrs. Andrew, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-04877            Werner, Ralph, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-04878            Lewis and Clark Trail, 1955
2009-P-010-04879            Western, Wayne, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-04880            Wetch, Joe, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-04881            Wetsch, Bernetta, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-04882            Wold, Tom, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-04883            Wetsch, Jim, 1963
2009-P-010-04884            Wetsch, Mr. and Mrs. Tony, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-04885            Weykuch, Vern, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-04886            Wheeler, Arthur, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-04887            Langer, William former U.S. Senator and Governor (History), 1960-1970
2009-P-010-04888            Wheelihan, Mrs. John P., 1960-1970
2009-P-010-04889            Wheeling, Joseph, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-04890            Whitcomb, Dr. F. L.  Also March 28, 1973, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-04891            White, Reverend Woodie, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-04892            Whiting, E. L., 1960-1970
2009-P-010-04893            Hanson, Andy former Bismarck librarian, Bismarck (ND), 1955
2009-P-010-04894            Apple Creek Country Club groundbreaking, Bismarck (ND), 1950
2009-P-010-04895            Wedwick, C. B., 1960-1970
2009-P-010-04896            Weber, Herbert, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-04897            Weber, Ed, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-04898            Waters, Robert N., 1960-1970
2009-P-010-04899            Weber, Dick, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-04900            Warren, Rev. William, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-04901            Washnieski, Bob, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-04902            Warren, John, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-04903            Burr, Dr. Alex, 1970
2009-P-010-04904            Wilson, Meredith O., 1960-1970
2009-P-010-04905            Painted Woods, (ND) 1955
2009-P-010-04905-01      Deteriorated rock foundation for building, Painted Woods (ND), 1955
2009-P-010-04905-02      Close-up of deteriorated rock foundation for building, Painted Woods (ND), 1955
2009-P-010-04905-03      Dove-tailed log building with sod roof in Painted Woods (ND), 1955
2009-P-010-04906            Nonpartisan League History (Executive committee 1946), 1946
2009-P-010-04907            Benser, Myron, 1960
2009-P-010-04908            Nelson, Evander, 1955
2009-P-010-04909            McCoy, Harold, 1955
2009-P-010-04910            KFYR, Bismarck (ND), 1960-1970
2009-P-010-04911            Foster, Bruce, 1966
2009-P-010-04912            Otteson, Gordon, 1955
2009-P-010-04913            Jensen, V. B., 1955
2009-P-010-04914            Mustad, Oscar, 1955
2009-P-010-04915            Olson, Allen I., 1972
2009-P-010-04916            Dysart, Leslie, 1955
2009-P-010-04917            Aller, Joe, 1955
2009-P-010-04918            Erickson, Oscar, 1936
2009-P-010-04919            Jennings, Wayne, 1955
2009-P-010-04920            Dineson, Leo, 1955
2009-P-010-04921            Maixner, Stanley, 1960
2009-P-010-04922            Sorenson, Clay, 1972
2009-P-010-04923            Minnie H, Devils Lake (ND), 1910
2009-P-010-04924            Schneider, Frank, 1965
2009-P-010-04925            Bismarck Centennial, Bismarck (ND), 1972
2009-P-010-04926            Schmit, Ernest N., 1972
2009-P-010-04927            Chambers, Russell, 1972
2009-P-010-04928            Melstad, Harvey, 1972
2009-P-010-04929            Vredenburg, Ron, 1972
2009-P-010-04930            Baker, Sen. Howard (TN) --Breck, Sen. William. E., 1972
2009-P-010-04931            Wegner, M. L., 1960-1970
2009-P-010-04932            Wehner, M. J., 1963
2009-P-010-04933            Presnell, Harve, 1972
2009-P-010-04934            Wehri, Harvey, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-04935            Weiland, Bernard, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-04936            Zander, Frank, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-04937            Weinand, Tom, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-04938            Wolf, Albert A., 1960-1970
2009-P-010-04939            Welander, Clarence, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-04940            Wold, Peter, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-04941            Wold, Harvey, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-04942            Wilke, Rep. and Mrs. Gerhardt, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-04943            Wilhelm, Jack B., 1960-1970
2009-P-010-04944            Wilhite, I. J., 1960-1970
2009-P-010-04945            Wilk, John, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-04946            Wiley, Robert L., 1960-1970
2009-P-010-04947            Williams, James, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-04948            Williams, Richard, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-04949            Wilkerson, James W., 1960-1970
2009-P-010-04950            Williams, Doug, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-04951            Williams, Jack, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-04952            Williams, Kenneth, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-04953            Travis, Charles, 1972
2009-P-010-04954            Willis, Dr. W. O. (Wayne), 1960-1970
2009-P-010-04955            Willoughby, Tom, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-04956            Winkler, Dr. Carol, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-04957            Van Sickel, Judge Bruce (left), 1972/02/19
2009-P-010-04958            Wirtz, Wayne, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-04959            Wisness, Henry, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-04960            Wog, Gust, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-04961            Schmidt, Mrs. Donald, 1972/01/22
2009-P-010-04962            Wold, Ronald, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-04963            Wolf, Darwin L., 1960-1970
2009-P-010-04964            Wolff, Armon, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-04965            Wolff, Rev. Orville, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-04966            Wolski, William F., 1960-1970
2009-P-010-04967            Wolter, Ed, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-04968            Wood, Carmen, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-04969            Zako, Leonard, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-04970            Zainhofsky, Michael, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-04971            Bradsher, Henry S., 1972
2009-P-010-04972            Woodham, Warren W., 1960-1970
2009-P-010-04973            Woodley, J. D. (Dwight), 1960-1970
2009-P-010-04974            Worden, Dr. David, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-04975            Wright, George, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-04976            Wright, Bill, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-04977            Wyman, J. C., 1960-1970
2009-P-010-04978            Yantzer, Ray, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-04979            Young, Roy, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-04980            Youngren, Duane L., 1960-1970
2009-P-010-04981            Zacher, Ruben, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-04982            Zachmeier, Mrs. William, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-04983            Zannow, Cecil, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-04984            Zander, Jack Mrs., 1960-1970
2009-P-010-04985            Zander, Jerry, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-04986            Zastoupil, Rev. Stephen, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-04987            Zeitz, James, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-04988            Ziegler, Earl, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-04989            Zimmer, Mother Kathryn, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-04990            Zeller, Kenneth, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-04991            Zeller, Lee, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-04992            Ziniel, Bill, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-04993            Zimmer, G. E., 1960-1970
2009-P-010-04994            Zimmerman, Dr. Carle C., 1960-1970
2009-P-010-04995            McCormick, Michael, 1972/02/25
2009-P-010-04996            Zimmerman, M. B., 1960-1970
2009-P-010-04997            Zink, Laverne, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-04998            Zarr, James, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-04999            Zueger, Nick, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-05000            Zweifil, Ben Mr./Mrs., 1960-1970
2009-P-010-05001            Satrom, Joseph A., 1960-1970
2009-P-010-05002            Saueressig Bob, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-05003            Sautner, James E., 1960-1970
2009-P-010-05004            Saxerud, Gerald, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-05005            Sayles, Creighton, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-05006            Schmeling, Wallace, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-05007            Schaff, Rosemary, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-05008            Schaff, Tom, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-05009            Schaff, Adam, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-05010            Schantz, George, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-05011            Schaumberg, Mrs. George, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-05012            Schauss, Clarence, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-05013            Schleicher, George, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-05014            Schiermeister, Al, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-05015            Schmalenberger, Albert, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-05016            Schirado, Nick, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-05017            Schlafmann, Jake, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-05018            Schlichenmayer, Dale, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-05019            Schlittenhardt, Roy, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-05020            Schlosser, Jacob J., 1963
2009-P-010-05021            Throndset, Richard, 1972
2009-P-010-05022            Schlosser, Ray, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-05023            Kleindienst, Richard G., 1972/02/15
2009-P-010-05024            Schmidt, Anton J. (Tony), 1960-1970
2009-P-010-05025            Schmidt, Cletus, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-05026            Schmidt, Delores, 1963
2009-P-010-05027            Schmidt, Dick, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-05028            Schmidt, Harlan, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-05029            Schnaidt, Lloyd, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-05030            Schneider, A. J., 1960-1970
2009-P-010-05031            McKenzie, Alex, 1880-1900
2009-P-010-05032            Schneider, Marc, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-05033            Schoenert, Joanne, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-05034            Schoregge, Charles, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-05035            Schuch, George J., 1960-1970
2009-P-010-05036            Stenerud, Jan, 1972
2009-P-010-05037            Schrader, Harold, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-05038            Schroeder, Charles H., 1960-1970
2009-P-010-05039            Schuchard, Florende, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-05040            Makarios III  (Bishop of Cyprus), 1972
2009-P-010-05041            Schuler, R.P., 1960-1970
2009-P-010-05042            Grunett, Edward (Refinery Employee) Photo Used 1972/02/22, 1971
2009-P-010-05043            Kurtz, Joe, 1972/02/25
2009-P-010-05044            Schulz, A. H., 1960-1970
2009-P-010-05045            Schultz, Mrs. Enoch, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-05046            Schulz, Lyle, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-05047            Schumacker, Rev. E. C., 1960-1970
2009-P-010-05049            Schumacker, Martin, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-05050            Schumacher, Mike, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-05051            Schuster, Michael, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-05052            Schuster, Reinhold, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-05053            Schwagler, Bob, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-05054            Schwat, William, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-05055            Schwandt, Gilbert, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-05056            Shawchuck, Rev. and Mrs. Norman, 1972
2009-P-010-05057            Schweitzer, Wayne, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-05058            Schwinkendorf, Ed, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-05059            Schwinkendorf, Howard, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-05060            Scott, Dean, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-05061            Urban renewal, Bismarck (ND), 1972/01/27
2009-P-010-05062            Scott, G. M., 1960-1970
2009-P-010-05063            Sease, Cleaice, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-05064            Seaworth, George H., 1960-1970
2009-P-010-05065            Seay, Arthur V., 1960-1970
2009-P-010-05066            Assembly of God, Mandan (ND), 1972
2009-P-010-05067            Lemke, William, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-05068            Seitz, Marvin Glenn, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-05069            Simonson, Simon, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-05070            Simons, Herb, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-05071            Hruska, Roman L., 1960-1970
2009-P-010-05072            Wilson, H. F. (Woody), 1960-1970
2009-P-010-05073            Hubbard, Dr. Ralph, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-05074            Fleck, Harriet --McGarvey, Wanda, 1973/06/03
2009-P-010-05076            PRS Tarp Company, 1972/02/25
2009-P-010-05078            Christenson, Norman, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-05079            Torsey, John, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-05080            Means, Warren, 1972/03/05
2009-P-010-05081            Kelemen, Dr. Ronald G., 1972
2009-P-010-05082            Shoemaker, William jockey, 1972/03/03
2009-P-010-05083            Foyt, A. J. race car driver, 1972/03/06
2009-P-010-05084            Colmer, William, 1960-1970
2009-P-010-05085            McElroy, Neil, 1972/03/06
2009-P-010-05086            Davis, William, 1972/03/08
2009-P-010-05087            Mantzke, Robert, 1972
2009-P-010-05088            Braus, Sister Jude, 1972
2009-P-010-05089            Griswold, Erwin, 1972/03/08
2009-P-010-05090            Anderson, Jack, 1972/03/09
2009-P-010-05091            Reiten, Chester M., 1972/03/14
2009-P-010-05092            Kroh, Jack, 1972/03/14
2009-P-010-05093            Schultz, Mr. and Mrs. Bernard (Phyllis), 1972/03/14
2009-P-010-05094            Nordquist, Mr. and Mrs. Donald, 1972/03/14
2009-P-010-05095            Vetter, Gail  also #5223, 1972/03/15
2009-P-010-05096            Arndt, Carl C., 1972/03/16
2009-P-010-05097            Gillbertson, LeRoy, 1972/03/16
2009-P-010-05098            Christy, I. Jeannine, 1972/03/16
2009-P-010-05099            Innis, Roy (NDCRE), 1972/03/13
2009-P-010-05100            Gilbertson, LeRoy, 1972/03/00
2009-P-010-05101            Walker, Cliff, 1972/03/00
2009-P-010-05102            Zundel, Donald L., 1972/03/00
2009-P-010-05103            Landeis, Mrs. Hildegard, 1972/03/00
2009-P-010-05104            Tunney, Sen. John (CA), 1972/03/00
2009-P-010-05105            Mathias, Jr., Charles, 1972/03/00
2009-P-010-05106            Gurney, Edward, 1972/03/00
2009-P-010-05107            Van Tien, Nguyen, 1972/03/00
2009-P-010-05108            Minh Vy, Nguyen, 1972/03/00
2009-P-010-05109            Anderson, Dr. Dale O., 1972/03/21
2009-P-010-05110            Starcher, Mrs. George, 1971/03/00
2009-P-010-05112            Alessio, John, 1972/03/19
2009-P-010-05113            Eakman, Jack, 1972/03/00
2009-P-010-05114            Thi, Din Ba, 1972/03/23
2009-P-010-05115            Haney, Dennis, 1972/03/00
2009-P-010-05116            Barth, Benno M., 1972/03/00
2009-P-010-05117            Beard, Mrs. Dita (ITT Lobbyist), 1972/03/27
2009-P-010-05118            Jaskoviak, Boyd, 1972/03/00
2009-P-010-05119            Dehne, Douglas, 1972/03/28
2009-P-010-05120            Bowman High School Band, 1972/02/00
2009-P-010-05121            Pearce, Harry J., 1972/03/29
2009-P-010-05122            Potter, Tracy, 1972/04/00
2009-P-010-05123            Boelter, John, 1972/04/00
2009-P-010-05124            Haar, O. L. (Hoot), 1972/04/00
2009-P-010-05125            Rath, Curtis, 1972/04/00
2009-P-010-05126            La Grave, Royce W., 1972/04/00
2009-P-010-05127            Patzer, R. R. (Pastor of Seventh-Day Adventist), 1972/04/00
2009-P-010-05128            Brunsoman, Willard, 1972/04/00
2009-P-010-05129            Albrecht, Raymond A., 1972/04/00
2009-P-010-05130            Smith, Thomas O., 1972/04/00
2009-P-010-05131            U.S. Capitol, 1972/04/09
2009-P-010-05132            Mische, Gertrude artist, Hebron (ND), 1972/04/00
2009-P-010-05134            Russell, Harold, 1969/10/01
2009-P-010-05135            McAlister, Sister, 1972/04/05
2009-P-010-05136            Jones, Kent, 1972/04/06
2009-P-010-05137            Brammell, Robert B., 1972/04/00
2009-P-010-05138            Hackman, Gene, 1972/04/00
2009-P-010-05139            Gullagher, Cornelius, 1972/04/00
2009-P-010-05140            Marks, Mrs. Georgia, 1972/04/00
2009-P-010-05141            McCaughey, Robert L., 1972/04/00
2009-P-010-05142            White Eagle, Melvin, 1972/04/00
2009-P-010-05143            Marak, Charles, 1972/04/00
2009-P-010-05144            Roeder, Wyman, 1972/04/00
2009-P-010-05145            Buehler, Mrs. Bette, 1972/04/00
2009-P-010-05146            Esterby, Kip, 1972/04/00
2009-P-010-05147            Hample, Carl, 1972/04/00
2009-P-010-05148            Perkins, Rev. Floyd, 1972/04/00
2009-P-010-05149            Brecht, Leo, 1972/04/00
2009-P-010-05150            Worthington, Buck, 1972/04/00
2009-P-010-05151            Fogderud, Sharon, 1972/04/00
2009-P-010-05152            Krasofski, Alan P., 1972/04/00
2009-P-010-05153            Flanigan, Peter M., 1972/04/00
2009-P-010-05154            Fairaizl, Robert, 1972/04/00
2009-P-010-05155            Fairaizl, Stanley R., 1972/04/00
2009-P-010-05156            Lijnschooten, Henk Van, 1972/04/00
2009-P-010-05157            Aspin, Rep. Les, 1972/04/24
2009-P-010-05158            Nelson, Orville, 1972/04/00
2009-P-010-05159            Tibelius, Lawrence, 1972/04/00
2009-P-010-05161            Sprynczynatyk, Paul, 1972/04/00
2009-P-010-05162            Gorman, Cliff --Silvers, Phil --Smith, Alexis --Thompson, Sada, 1972/04/24
2009-P-010-05163            Ryan, Robert  see Lancaster, Burt, 1972/04/00
2009-P-010-05165            Fukuda, Takeo, 1972/05/17
2009-P-010-05166            Brock, Sen. William E. (TN), 1972/05/17
2009-P-010-05167            Dellinger, David (Chicago 8), 1972/05/17
2009-P-010-05168            Froines, John (Chicago 8), Chicago (IL), 1972/05/17
2009-P-010-05169            Weiner, Leo  (Chicago 8), 1972/05/17
2009-P-010-05170            Weinglass, Leonard  attorney for Chicago 8, 1972/05/17
2009-P-010-05171            Seale, Bobby (Chicago 8), 1972/05/17
2009-P-010-05172            Hayden, Thomas (Chicago 8), 1972/05/17
2009-P-010-05173            Schultz, George B., 1972/05/18
2009-P-010-05174            Davis, Rennie  (Chicago 8), 1972/05/17
2009-P-010-05175            Rubin, Jerry  (Chicago 8), 1972/05/17
2009-P-010-05176            Kunstler, William  attorney for Chicago Eight, 1972/05/17
2009-P-010-05177            Kroebar, Wally, 1972/05/19
2009-P-010-05178            Nickerson, Mrs. B.S., 1972/05/22
2009-P-010-05179            Bismarck Waterworks, Bismarck (ND), 1972
2009-P-010-05180            Northwest Finance, 1972
2009-P-010-05181            J. C. Penny Company, Bismarck (ND), 1972
2009-P-010-05182            Provident Life Company, Bismarck (ND), 1972
2009-P-010-05183            KBMB-TV, Bismarck (ND), 1972
2009-P-010-05184            State Bank of Burleigh County, 1972
2009-P-010-05185            Midway Furniture, Mandan (ND), 1972
2009-P-010-05186            Will-Moore School, Bismarck (ND), 1972
2009-P-010-05187            Cowan Building, Bismarck (ND), 1972
2009-P-010-05188            Tiffaney’s, Bismarck (ND), 1972
2009-P-010-05189            Gannon, Ruth --Holt, Mrs. Bertha, 1972/05/23
2009-P-010-05190            Schempp, Mrs. Lois, 1972/05/23
2009-P-010-05191            La Duke, Joe, 1972/05/23
2009-P-010-05192            Klug, Ralph C., 1972/05/24
2009-P-010-05193            Walker, Mrs. C. H., 1972/05/23
2009-P-010-05194            Holm, Mrs. Logan, 1972/05/23
2009-P-010-05195            Paul, Mrs. Jack (Mitzie), 1972/05/23
2009-P-010-05196            Harens, Mrs. Ray (Alta), 1972/05/23
2009-P-010-05197            Rosenau, Esther, 1972/05/23
2009-P-010-05198            Gould, Margaret, 1972/05/23
2009-P-010-05199            Laub, Mrs. E. G., 1972/05/23
2009-P-010-05200            Feichert, Mrs. Robert, 1972/05/23
2009-P-010-05201            Tjaden, Mrs. K. O., 1972/05/23
2009-P-010-05202            Tyler, Mrs. J. W., 1972/05/23
2009-P-010-05203            Kirkpatrick, James, 1972/05/23
2009-P-010-05204            Dailey, Patrick, 1972/05/26
2009-P-010-05205            Dawson, Mr. and Mrs. John, 1972/05/23
2009-P-010-05206            Brunsoman, Dr. W.C., 1972/05/23
2009-P-010-05207            Boise, Spencer, 1972/05/23
2009-P-010-05208            Quain and Ramstad Clinic Quain House, Bismarck (ND),
2009-P-010-05209            del Busto, Modesto, 1972/05/23
2009-P-010-05210            Evanson, Mrs. Jerome (Lulu), 1972/05/23
2009-P-010-05211            Mandan Library, Mandan (ND), 1972/05/23
2009-P-010-05212            Evangelical Free Church, Bismarck (ND), 1972/05/23
2009-P-010-05213            Greek Orthodox Church Wilton (ND), 1972/05/23
2009-P-010-05214            Baptist Church, Bismarck (ND), 1972/05/23
2009-P-010-05215            Highways in North Dakota, (ND), 1972/05/23
2009-P-010-05216            Weiss, Gordon, 1972/05/30
2009-P-010-05217            Miller, Michael M., 1972/05/30
2009-P-010-05218            Scott, Frank, 1972/05/30
2009-P-010-05219            Loeppke, Ed, 1972/05/30
2009-P-010-05220            Rowell, Terry R., 1972/05/30
2009-P-010-05221            Zainhofsky, Mrs. Mike (Diane), 1972/06/01
2009-P-010-05222            Metz, Sister Ruth --Rohrenback, Sister Andriette, 1972/05/30
2009-P-010-05223            Arndt, Carl C. --Blum, C. C. (Kelly) --Early, Jack J. --Enje, Jack P. --Johnson, Rozelle, 1972/05/30
2009-P-010-05224            Huber, Elmer --Rumer, Frank A. --Schlosser, J. P. --Willis, Mrs. Wayne Drive for funds for Mandan auditorium-swimming pool complex, Mandan (ND), 1972/06/05
2009-P-010-05225            Jennings, Tom, 1972/06/05
2009-P-010-05226            Beattie, Arlo, 1973/06/05
2009-P-010-05227            Engen, Mrs. Charlotte, 1972/06/05
2009-P-010-05228            Schaner, Vern, 1972/06/05
2009-P-010-05229            Nixon, A. E., 1972/06/05
2009-P-010-05230            Thompson, Eugene, 1972/06/05
2009-P-010-05231            Soraya, Princess of Iran
2009-P-010-05232            Whitman, Walt
2009-P-010-05233            Vaughn, Jack Hood
2009-P-010-05234            Vitti, Monica
2009-P-010-05235            Chagla, M. C.
2009-P-010-05236            Cardin, Lucien
2009-P-010-05237            Andropov, Yuri V.
2009-P-010-05238            Alberts, Heinrich
2009-P-010-05239            Thanom, Premier of Thailand
2009-P-010-05240            Werner, Oscar
2009-P-010-05241            Schneuder, Romy
2009-P-010-05242            Warner, David
2009-P-010-05243            Zhivkov, Premier Todor of Bulgaria
2009-P-010-05244            Bull, Lieut. Gen. Odd
2009-P-010-05245            Chaplin, Geraldine
2009-P-010-05246            Bates, Allen
2009-P-010-05248            Schoeder, Gerhard
2009-P-010-05249            Boumedienne, Houari,
2009-P-010-05250            Tushingham, Rita
2009-P-010-05251            Sutherland, Joan
2009-P-010-05252            Strauss, Franz Josef
2009-P-010-05253            Bogarde, Dirk
2009-P-010-05254            Schell, Maximilian
2009-P-010-05255            Saint, Eva Maria
2009-P-010-05256            Vorster, Balthazar,
2009-P-010-05257            Evanstad, Jean, 1972/05/00
2009-P-010-05258            Johnson, Ruth, 1972/05/00
2009-P-010-05259            Nelson, Lila, 1972/05/00
2009-P-010-05260            Burke, Florine, 1972/05/00
2009-P-010-05261            Divens, Rodger, 1972/05/00
2009-P-010-05262            Guon, Linda --Peterson, Vida Mae --Rausch, Karen --Volk, Kathy, 1972/05/00
2009-P-010-05263            Belling, Chuck Mrs. --Flick, Mrs. Duane --Kramer, David, 1972/05/00
2009-P-010-05264            Krosofski, Alan P., 1972/05/00
2009-P-010-05265            Johannesen, Kent, 1972/05/00
2009-P-010-05266            Johanneson, Helgi, 1972/05/09
2009-P-010-05267            Albrecht, Dr. H. R., 1972/05/09
2009-P-010-05268            Stiel, Clifford, 1972/05/09
2009-P-010-05269            Viking Travel Service, Bismarck (ND), 1972/05/09
2009-P-010-05270            Lynch, W. C., 1970
2009-P-010-05271            Yabloncki, Kenneth --Yablonski, Joseph A. (Chip), 1972/05/10
2009-P-010-05272            Scriba, Robert S., 1972/05/11
2009-P-010-05273            Stedje, Mrs. Alice artist, Hebron (ND), 1972/05/11
2009-P-010-05275            Verwood, Dr. Hendrik F.,
2009-P-010-05276            Novak, Kim
2009-P-010-05277            Nilsson, Birgit
2009-P-010-05278            Ne Win, General
2009-P-010-05279            Spaak, Paul Henri
2009-P-010-05280            Stoph, Willi
2009-P-010-05281            Ellingson, F. Thomas, 1972/06/04
2009-P-010-05282            Geiger, William,
2009-P-010-05283            Hoover, Isack H.,
2009-P-010-05286            Hagen, Sylvia, 1972/06/12
2009-P-010-05287            Campbell, Roy, 1972/06/12
2009-P-010-05288            Woodland, DeVon, 1972/06/12
2009-P-010-05289            Anderson, Mrs. Myrtle, 1972/06/13
2009-P-010-05290            Benesh, Dovie, 1972/06/13
2009-P-010-05291            Graner, Leland, 1972/06/13
2009-P-010-05295            Schneider, Annette, 1972/06/16
2009-P-010-05296            Atkins, Robert --Numedahl, Mrs. D. O., 1972/06/16
2009-P-010-05298            Preble, Kent, 1972/06/16
2009-P-010-05299            Boehler, Mrs. Adam --Dahl, Mrs. Maynard --Mowder, Mrs. Ralph --Nieland, Mrs. Roger, 1972/06/16
2009-P-010-05300            Echeverria, 1972/06/20
2009-P-010-05301            Stadig, Mrs. Doris, 1972/06/20
2009-P-010-05302            Schmidt, Debbie, 1972/06/20
2009-P-010-05303            McClellan, Sen. John L. (AR), 1972/06/21
2009-P-010-05304            Reiners, Mrs. Laurie J., 1972/06/21
2009-P-010-05305            Gray, L. Patrick, 1972/06/22
2009-P-010-05306            Holt, Hjalmer L., 1972/06/22
2009-P-010-05307            Johnston, Donald W., 1972/06/23
2009-P-010-05308            O'Connor, Carroll
2009-P-010-05309            Fonda, Peter
2009-P-010-05310            Anderson, Sen. Clinton P. (NM)
2009-P-010-05311            Whitman, Dr. Marina, 1972/06/23
2009-P-010-05312            Bothun, Myron, 1972/06/26
2009-P-010-05313            Spiss, August, 1972/06/26
2009-P-010-05314            Peterson, Peter G., 1972/06/26
2009-P-010-05315            Woodward, Dr. James F., 1972
2009-P-010-05316            Fischer, Bobby, 1972/06/00
2009-P-010-05317            Ford, Wendell, 1972/06/00
2009-P-010-05318            Bahm, Mrs. Kitz --Jangula, Mrs. Louis, 1972/06/29
2009-P-010-05319            Weinberger, Casper, 1972/06/30
2009-P-010-05320            Gould, Elliot, 1972/07/04
2009-P-010-05321            Peabody, Endicott, 1972/07/04
2009-P-010-05322            Snyder, James, 1972/07/04
2009-P-010-05323            Slater, James, 1972/07/06
2009-P-010-05324            Myrdal, Gunnar, 1972/07/06
2009-P-010-05325            Newman, Harold, 1972/07/06
2009-P-010-05326            Smith, Joseph Fielding, 1972/07/06
2009-P-010-05327            Gillespie, Dizzy, 1972/07/07
2009-P-010-05328            Byrnes, Edd, 1972/07/07
2009-P-010-05329            Tanaka, Kakuei  Prime Minister of Japan, 1972/07/07
2009-P-010-05330            Chug-hee, Park  President of South Korea --Sung-chul, Park  Vice-President North Korea, 1972/07/07
2009-P-010-05335            Tardiff, Ken, 1972/07/10
2009-P-010-05336            Gustafson, Mike --Harlow, J. Kenneth Bismarck Burleigh County Auditor, Bismarck (ND), 07/10 --1974
2009-P-010-05337            Dahl, Arne --Wheeler, Gerridee  candidate for Woman of the Year Award, 1974, 1972-1973
2009-P-010-05338            Larsen, Richard F., 1972/07/10
2009-P-010-05342            Thompson, Era Bell, 1972/07/12
2009-P-010-05343            Allen, Jerry 1972/07/12
2009-P-010-05344            Winfield, Paul  actor, 1973
2009-P-010-05345            Tennyson, Warren J., 1972/07/13
2009-P-010-05348            Ribicoff, Sen. Abraham (CT), 1972/07/13
2009-P-010-05349            Askew, Reubin, 1972/07/13
2009-P-010-05350            Bernstein, Leonard, 1972/07/13
2009-P-010-05351            Eagleton, Sen. Thomas F. (MO), 1972/07/14
2009-P-010-05352            Jayapathy, Dr. B., 1972/07/14
2009-P-010-05353            Royse, Al, 1972/07/18
2009-P-010-05354            Voldal, Henrik, 1972/07/18
2009-P-010-05355            Grassel, Tim --Gregware, Joan, 1972/07/00
2009-P-010-05356            McGregor, Clark, 1972/07/18
2009-P-010-05357            Giles, Mark, 1972/07/14
2009-P-010-05358            Trudeau, Margaret, 1972/07/21
2009-P-010-05359            Heller, Bill, 1972/07/21
2009-P-010-05373            Rogers, Roy, 1972/07/26
2009-P-010-05374            Wigen, J. O.  "Bud", 1972/07/00
2009-P-010-05375            Benz, Darold, 1972/07/00
2009-P-010-05376            Froelick, Don, 1972/07/00
2009-P-010-05377            Davies, Loren, 1972/07/00
2009-P-010-05378            Zacher, Harry, 1972/07/00
2009-P-010-05379            Rodgers, Ben T., 1972/07/00
2009-P-010-05380            Sanford, Arne (Bob), 1972/07/00
2009-P-010-05381            Bieber, Raymond, 1972/07/00
2009-P-010-05382            Iszler, Harry, 1972/07/00
2009-P-010-05383            Torgerson, Carrol, 1972/07/00
2009-P-010-05384            Metz, Reuben, 1972/07/00
2009-P-010-05385            Magnusson, K. B., 1972/07/00
2009-P-010-05386            Schmid, Howard J., 1972/07/00
2009-P-010-05387            Tollefson, Orlan, 1972/07/00
2009-P-010-05388            Young, Allan C., 1972/07/00
2009-P-010-05389            Hornbacher, Alan, 1972/07/00
2009-P-010-05390            Frederickson, Lyle, 1972/07/00
2009-P-010-05391            Greenagel, Bill, 1972/07/00
2009-P-010-05392            McLean, Dr. R. W., 1972/07/00
2009-P-010-05393            Bjorke, Bruce, 1972/07/00
2009-P-010-05394            Matheny, Gordon, 1972/07/00
2009-P-010-05395            Hanzal, DuWayne, 1972/07/00
2009-P-010-05396            Mund, Marvin, 1972/07/00
2009-P-010-05397            Belter, Wesley, 1972/07/00
2009-P-010-05398            Legrid, Mrs. Donald (Gloria), 1972/07/00
2009-P-010-05399            Dawson, James, 1972/07/00
2009-P-010-05400            Davis, Miles, 1972/07/00
2009-P-010-05407            Bombeck, Erma, 1972
2009-P-010-05408            Schock, Art T., 1972/07/00
2009-P-010-05409            Rizzo, Frank, 1972
2009-P-010-05410            Alpert, Herb --Herb Alpert, 1972
2009-P-010-05411            Arman, Warren, 1972
2009-P-010-05412            Grando, Michel  mime artist, 1972
2009-P-010-05413            Majors, Bernard, 1972
2009-P-010-05414            Zuger, William Jr., 1972
2009-P-010-05415            Gilligan, John, 1972
2009-P-010-05416            Tolstoy, Anna, 1972
2009-P-010-05417            Mitchell, Keith, 1972
2009-P-010-05418            Clancy, Lynn, 1972
2009-P-010-05419            Geisel, Theodore Suess, 1972
2009-P-010-05420            Lucey, Governor Patrick (WI), 1972
2009-P-010-05421            Lommen, Richard E., 1972
2009-P-010-05422            Butler, James W., 1972
2009-P-010-05423            Leary, Timothy, 1972
2009-P-010-05424            Eckhardt, Rep. Bob (TX), 1972
2009-P-010-05425            Stokes, Louis, 1972
2009-P-010-05426            Spassky, Boris, 1972
2009-P-010-05427            Piper, Mrs. Virginia, 1972
2009-P-010-05428            La Grave, Mrs. Vi, 1972/07/00
2009-P-010-05429            Eastland, Sen.  James O. (MS), 1972
2009-P-010-05430            Pokorny, Peg, 1972
2009-P-010-05431            Hessinger, Paul, 1972
2009-P-010-05432            Becker, Georgia Ann (Miss North Dakota), 1972
2009-P-010-05433            Cleaver, Kathleen, 1972
2009-P-010-05434            Rickover, Hyman, 1972
2009-P-010-05435            Koehl, Matt, 1972
2009-P-010-05436            Edwards, Vince, 1972
2009-P-010-05437            Vallee, Rudy, 1972
2009-P-010-05438            Bell, Alphonzo, 1972
2009-P-010-05439            Lyman, Richard, 1972
2009-P-010-05440            Eisenhower, David, 1972
2009-P-010-05441            McGovern, Eleanor (Mrs. George), 1972
2009-P-010-05442            Arthur, Beatrice, 1972/07/21
2009-P-010-05443            Armory sketch, Mandan (ND), 1972
2009-P-010-05444            Adair, Joe, 1972
2009-P-010-05445            Dvorak, Donald D. --Kyllo, Bernie E. see Dvorak, Donald D. --Schnabel, Janice J.  See Dvorak, Donald D., 1972/08/22
2009-P-010-05447            Backlin, Lu Gale, 1972
2009-P-010-05448            Badillo, Herman, 1972/09/13
2009-P-010-05449            Doebber, Shorty, 1972/09/23
2009-P-010-05450            Diefenbaker, John, 1972/09/18
2009-P-010-05451            Carpenter, Karen and Richard, 1972/09/24
2009-P-010-05452            Cermak, Mrs. Vernon, 1972/09/24
2009-P-010-05453            Cargo, David, 1972/09/13
2009-P-010-05455            Cahill, Wm. T, 1972/09/06
2009-P-010-05457            Connors, Mike --Egan, Eddie 1972/09/01
2009-P-010-05458            Berger, Dr. John E., 1972
2009-P-010-05459            Buckley, James, 1972/09/05
2009-P-010-05460            Boone, Richard, 1972/09/01
2009-P-010-05461            Baxter, Meredith, 1972/07/21
2009-P-010-05462            Burghoff, Gary, 1972/07/21
2009-P-010-05463            Evans, Mike --Sommerfield, Diane, 1972/08/25
2009-P-010-05464            Employment Security Building, 1972
2009-P-010-05465            Eisenhower, Julie, 1972/09/00
2009-P-010-05466            Bo, Derek, 1972/09/01
2009-P-010-05467            Farley, James A., 1972/09/01
2009-P-010-05468            Forster, Robert, 1972
2009-P-010-05469            Foxx, Redd --Wilson, Demond, 1972
2009-P-010-05470            Furness, Betty, 1972
2009-P-010-05471            Franco, Gen. Francisco, 1972/09/21
2009-P-010-05472            Grabar, Ray, 1972/09/19
2009-P-010-05473            Greene, Lorne, 1972
2009-P-010-05474            Godfrey, Arthur, 1972/09/01
2009-P-010-05475            Halvorson, Daniel, 1972/09/20
2009-P-010-05476            Headland, Andrew, 1972
2009-P-010-05477            Hilken, Gene, 1972/08/29
2009-P-010-05478            Hunt, E. Howard, 1972/09/22
2009-P-010-05479            Hausauer, Alvin Burleigh County Legislator-1971-73, 1972
2009-P-010-05480            Husak, Gustav  Communist Party chief --Yakubovski, Ivan I. Soviet Marshall Soviet Marshall Commander-In-Chief of Warsaw Treaty, 1972/09/15
2009-P-010-05481            Sanstead, Lieut. Governor Wayne, Bismarck (ND), 1973
2009-P-010-05482            Irving, Edith, 1972/08/17
2009-P-010-05483            Jones Jr., Charles Director, Radio Information National Arm of Broadcasters, 1972/09/24
2009-P-010-05484            Jenness, Linda, 1972/09/12
2009-P-010-05485            Kveum, Jerry, 1972
2009-P-010-05486            Keith, Brian, 1972
2009-P-010-05487            Killette, James, 1972
2009-P-010-05488            Kennedy, Caroline, 1972
2009-P-010-05489            Leier, John L., 1972/08/00
2009-P-010-05490            Lee, Ruta, 1972
2009-P-010-05491            Long, Sen. Russell (LA), 1972/09/12
2009-P-010-05492            Lancaster, Burt --Strode, Woody, 1972/09/01
2009-P-010-05493            McCord, Kent  see Milner, Martin, 1972
2009-P-010-05494            Kaelberer, Ray --Mische, Henry  New Salem (ND), 1972/09/20
2009-P-010-05495            Mattingly, Thomas, 1972/09/21
2009-P-010-05496            Ann-Margret actress, 1972-1973
2009-P-010-05497            Asplund, Gerald Region Coordinator N.D. Young Republicans --Martinson, Robert, 1972-1974
2009-P-010-05498            McCain, Adm. John S., 1972/09/01
2009-P-010-05499            Merkel, Karen, 1972/08/09
2009-P-010-05500            Vy, Nyguyen Min, 1972/08/31
2009-P-010-05501            Navrat, Dennis, 1972
2009-P-010-05502            Neruda, Pablo, 1972/09/21
2009-P-010-05503            Oestreich, Mr. and Mrs.Robert, 1972/09/01
2009-P-010-05504            Pettit, John W.  General Counsel FCC, 1972/09/24
2009-P-010-05505            Parks, Bert, 1972/09/06
2009-P-010-05506            Tate, Sharon  see Parkins, Barbara #5506, 1972/09/01
2009-P-010-05507            Rooney, Mickey, 1972
2009-P-010-05508            Roosevelt, James, 1972
2009-P-010-05509            Ricord, Auguste, 1972/09/06
2009-P-010-05510            Renee, Sister  Mary College, 1972/09/17
2009-P-010-05511            Link, Mrs. Art, 1972
2009-P-010-05512            Lennon, John and Yoko Ono
2009-P-010-05513            Almeyda, Clodimoro Chile foreign minister --Letelier, Orlando Chile's Ambassador to U.S., 1973/04/13
2009-P-010-05514            Baptist Home, 1972
2009-P-010-05515            Schatz, Ben, 1972
2009-P-010-05516            Hatfield, David, 1972
2009-P-010-05517            Slick, Grace, 1972/10/03
2009-P-010-05518            Krol, Cardinal John, 1972
2009-P-010-05519            Grant, Kathryn, 1972
2009-P-010-05520            McGurren, Charles  see Wefald, Susan, 1972/09/24
2009-P-010-05521            Weyrauch, Mrs. Harold H., 1972
2009-P-010-05522            Fiske, Frank, 1950
2009-P-010-05523            Wagner, Charles N., 1972/09/24
2009-P-010-05524            U.S. Capitol, Washington (DC), 1972
2009-P-010-05525            Shipley, Art, 1972
2009-P-010-05526            Schott, Mrs. Catherine, 1972/09/15
2009-P-010-05527            Schatz, Elaine secretary-Urban Renewal Burleigh Housing Authority see Schott, Mrs. Catherine, 1972/09/15
2009-P-010-05528            Schriver, Eunice, 1972/09/17
2009-P-010-05529            Sweeney, William C., 1972
2009-P-010-05530            Schultz, Jay, 1972
2009-P-010-05531            Shepherd, Norma and Carl, 1972
2009-P-010-05532            Opstad, Carl O.  --Seebart, Archie C., 1972/08/22
2009-P-010-05533            Weber, George  --Opstad, Carl O., 1972/08/22
2009-P-010-05534            Scheel, Walter, 1972
2009-P-010-05535            Spitzer, Edmund, 1972/08/29
2009-P-010-05536            Lahaug, Henry  --Schroder, Charles --Swit, Loretta, 1972/09/23
2009-P-010-05537            Ebert, Mrs. Louise --Sabin, Albert B., 1972/10/03
2009-P-010-05538            Stone, Harold J., 1972/07/21
2009-P-010-05539            Sweeney, William C. State Commander American Legion, Fargo (ND), 1972
2009-P-010-05540            Schmitz, Rep. John G. (CA) presidential candidate --Scott, John Gilby (ND), 1972/09/16
2009-P-010-05541            Bosch, Mrs. Roberta, 1972/10/08
2009-P-010-05542            Miller, Conrad B. Coleharbor (ND), 1972/10/08
2009-P-010-05543            Erickson, Darrel McKenzie racer, 1972/10/06
2009-P-010-05544            Wright, Dr. Paul H. UND, Grand Forks (ND), 1972/10/10
2009-P-010-05545            Sakariassen, John R., 1972/10/00
2009-P-010-05546            Haas, Mrs. Fran, 1972/10/00
2009-P-010-05547            Jacobsen, R. L., 1972/10/00
2009-P-010-05548            Nicol, Dr. Davidson, 1972/10/04
2009-P-010-05549            Schlittenhardt, Dennis N., 1972
2009-P-010-05550            Fogle, J. G., 1972
2009-P-010-05551            Fischer, Bonnie, 1972/10/00
2009-P-010-05552            Ottmar, DeLane, 1972/10/00
2009-P-010-05553            Annunciation Priory, Bismarck (ND), 1972/10/00
2009-P-010-05554            Shriver, Eunice (Mrs. Sargent), 1972/10/09
2009-P-010-05555            Perk, Ralph, 1972/10/00
2009-P-010-05556            Washington, Walter, 1972/10/16
2009-P-010-05557            Maier, Melvin G.  Administrator ND Wheat Commission, 1972
2009-P-010-05558            Andreotti, Giulio, 1972
2009-P-010-05559            Wallace, Dewitt, 1972/11/02
2009-P-010-05560            Wethor, Gerald V., 1972/11/04
2009-P-010-05561            Warner, Jack, 1972
2009-P-010-05562            Whitman, Carl Jr., 1972/10/28
2009-P-010-05563            Watson, Arthur, 1972/10/30
2009-P-010-05564            VanderLinden, LeRoy, 1972/11/05
2009-P-010-05565            Truman, Mrs. Bess, 1972/11/07
2009-P-010-05566            Skaar, Marv, 1972
2009-P-010-05567            Schmidt, Randal, 1972/11/05
2009-P-010-05568            Spillane, Mickey, 1972/11/01
2009-P-010-05569            Sanford, Governor Terry (NC), 1972
2009-P-010-05570            Wilson, Henry Hall candidate for Senate, (NC), 1973/06/08
2009-P-010-05571            Pearl, Minnie, 1972/10/23
2009-P-010-05572            Palme, Olof, 1972
2009-P-010-05573            Powers, Francis Gary, 1972/10/19
2009-P-010-05574            Paley, William S., 1972/09/28
2009-P-010-05575            Nol, Lon, 1972/11/05
2009-P-010-05576            Needham, James  Chairman, New York Stock Exchange,
2009-P-010-05577            Nastrom-Peterson Garage Bismarck (ND), 1972
2009-P-010-05578            Miller, Arthur, 1972
2009-P-010-05579            Mankiewicz, Frank, 1972
2009-P-010-05580            Mathias, Bob, 1972
2009-P-010-05581            Maher, John, 1972/11/05
2009-P-010-05582            Lamarr, Hedy, 1972
2009-P-010-05583            Leach, Mrs. Frances, 1972
2009-P-010-05584            Le, Nguyen Thanh, 1972/10/18
2009-P-010-05585            Karl, Harry, 1972/10/31
2009-P-010-05586            Koshnick, Dr. Robert, 1972
2009-P-010-05587            Heisler, William, 1972
2009-P-010-05588            Giese, Emil, 1972
2009-P-010-05589            Gambino, Carlo, 1972
2009-P-010-05590            District 34 Demo-NPL, 1972
2009-P-010-05591            Downtown Office Building, 1972/10/28
2009-P-010-05592            Charnholm, Bradley F., 1972/10/00
2009-P-010-05593            Cocker, Joe, 1972
2009-P-010-05594            Black, Shirley Temple, 1972/11/06
2009-P-010-05595            Brausch, John, 1972
2009-P-010-05596            Ben-Gurion, David, 1972/10/16
2009-P-010-05597            Bischof, Herman J., 1972
2009-P-010-05598            Brimmer, Andrew, 1972
2009-P-010-05599            Tiomkin, Dimitri, 1972/11/13
2009-P-010-05600            Churchill, Lady Spencer, 1972/11/13
2009-P-010-05601            Pastore, Sen. John (RI), 1972
2009-P-010-05602            Russell, Bill, 1972
2009-P-010-05603            Lasky, Meyer, 1972/11/07
2009-P-010-05604            Ingersoll, John E., 1972/10/30
2009-P-010-05605            Stanfield, Robert Canadian Conservative Party Leader, 1972/10/31
2009-P-010-05606            Lynn, James T., 1972/12/05
2009-P-010-05607            Landon, Alfred M., 1972
2009-P-010-05608            Hedahl, Neil, 1972
2009-P-010-05609            Wolfson, Louis, 1972
2009-P-010-05610            Green, Julien, 1972/11/15
2009-P-010-05611            Hazen, Dean A., 1972
2009-P-010-05612            Fettig, Richard H., 1972
2009-P-010-05613            Dietrich, Mr. and Mrs. Clem, 1972/11/22
2009-P-010-05614            Diggs, Charles C. Jr., 1972
2009-P-010-05615            Chiao, Kuan-Hua, 1972/12/15
2009-P-010-05616            Chennault, Lt. Gen. C. L., 1972/11/14
2009-P-010-05617            Chicago Seven, 1972
2009-P-010-05618            Conlin, Tom
2009-P-010-05619            Bergley, Leonard, 1972
2009-P-010-05620            Buckingham, S.S.G. Roger,
2009-P-010-05621            Ketterling, Elmer S.S.G., 1972
2009-P-010-05622            Wilson, Ronald S.S.G. Staff Sergeant, 1972
2009-P-010-05623            Bagley, David H., 1972/11/14
2009-P-010-05624            Cash, Tommy, 1972
2009-P-010-05625            Ball, Robert  Social Security Commission, 1972/11/30
2009-P-010-05626            Veneman, John G. Under Secretary of (HEW), 1972/10/20
2009-P-010-05627            Reinbold, Joe, 1972
2009-P-010-05628            Pflug, Jo Ann, 1972
2009-P-010-05629            Nicklaus, Jack, 1972/12/04
2009-P-010-05630            Navrat, Dennis, 1972
2009-P-010-05631            Samples, Junior, 1972
2009-P-010-05632            Wilkins, Howard, 1972
2009-P-010-05633            Speidel, Sally, 1972/12/03
2009-P-010-05634            O'Donnell, Kenneth, 1972
2009-P-010-05635            Hoffman, Mrs. Mary --Muggli, Mrs. Clara --Schaner, Mrs. Betty, 1972
2009-P-010-05636            Nguyen Xuen Phong --Porter, William J.  United States negotiator, 1972/11/09
2009-P-010-05637            Peterson, John  Northern National Life Insurance, 1972
2009-P-010-05638            Plummer, Christopher, 1972
2009-P-010-05639            Williams, Jr. Hank (also pictures and biography of Hank Williams Sr,), 1972
2009-P-010-05640            Smith, Maggie  actress, 1973
2009-P-010-05660            Isham, Heywood Paris Peace Talks, 1972
2009-P-010-05661            Shapp, Governor Milton(PA), 1973
2009-P-010-05662            Onstad, Dr. H. G. chiropracter, 1973/04/06
2009-P-010-05663            Hochhalter, Mr. and Mrs. J. P. New Leipzig (ND), 1973/04/06
2009-P-010-05664            Newley, Anthony  singer, 1973/04/01
2009-P-010-05665            Knievel, Evel  daredevil motorcyclist, 1973/04/01
2009-P-010-05666            Marx, Zeppo  Marx Brothers, 1973
2009-P-010-05667            Gipp, Judge William L., member ND Parole Board, Fort Yates (ND) 1973
2009-P-010-05668            Linderman, Lawrence  member ND Parole Board, Carrington (ND), 1973
2009-P-010-05669            Raybell, Sister Glenna Mary College, member ND Parole Board, Bismarck (ND), 1973
2009-P-010-05670            Melarvie, Joel  director North Dakota Motor Carriers Association, 1973/04/01
2009-P-010-05671            Gibson, Kenneth A. mayor Newark (NJ), 1972
2009-P-010-05672            Frei, Eduardo former president of Chile, 1972
2009-P-010-05673            Page, George  employee, ND Highway Department, Bismarck (ND), 1972/12/12
2009-P-010-05674            Strauss, Robert  Chairman of the Democratic National Committee-elected December 1972, 1972
2009-P-010-05675            Brennan, Peter J.  Secretary of Labor, 1972/12/03
2009-P-010-05676            Talmadge, Sen. Herman (GA), 1972
2009-P-010-05677            Heinemann, Gustav, 1972
2009-P-010-05678            Carter, Governor Jimmy (GA), 1972
2009-P-010-05679            Hayworth, Rita, 1972/12/17
2009-P-010-05680            Sette, Theodore, 1972/12/13
2009-P-010-05681            Rush, Kenneth Deputy Defense Secretary, 1972/12/13
2009-P-010-05682            Gerding, John, 1972/12/10
2009-P-010-05684            Maynard, Ken  cowboy movie star, 1972
2009-P-010-05685            Frohlich, Peter (and Mrs.) 1519 13th St, 1972/12/10
2009-P-010-05686            Vetter, John, 1972
2009-P-010-05687            Cash, Johnny entertainer, 1972
2009-P-010-05688            Armstrong, Anne national Republican co-chairman, 1972/12/17
2009-P-010-05689            Beaudoin, Rick, 1972/12/17
2009-P-010-05690            Haase, Dwight E., 1972/12/14
2009-P-010-05691            Branconnier, Father Robert   Fargo Diocese  organizer, Citizen`s Lobby, 1973, 1973/01/10
2009-P-010-05692            Perkins, Carl  entertainer, 1972
2009-P-010-05693            U.S. past presidents
2009-P-010-05694            Rambough, Mrs. Clell S., Braddock (ND)
2009-P-010-05695            Gustin, Al  KFYR, 1973
2009-P-010-05696            Farr, William, 1973
2009-P-010-05697            Johnson, U. Alexis chief negotiator U.S. SALT talks, April, 1973
2009-P-010-05698            Biden, Sen. Joseph R. (DE), 1972
2009-P-010-05699            Rogers, William Haley Commander, U.S. Naval forces in Japan, 1972
2009-P-010-05700            Spitz, Mark  Olympic gold medalist, swimming, 1972, 1973
2009-P-010-05701            Arness, James actor, 1972
2009-P-010-05702            Kostelecky, Gary R.  Manager, Northwestern Bell, Mandan (ND), 1973/01/25
2009-P-010-05703            Hofheinz, Roy Judge Astroworld mastermind, 1972
2009-P-010-05704            Coca, Imogene actress, 1972
2009-P-010-05705            Popkin, Samuel L. Harvard professor Pentagon Papers case, 1972
2009-P-010-05706            Jackson, Rev. Jesse, 1973
2009-P-010-05707            Sherman, Bobby   entertainer, 1972
2009-P-010-05708            Irwin, James Apollo15, 1972
2009-P-010-05709            Kahane, Meir Leader, Jewish Defense League, 1973
2009-P-010-05710            Boehm, Ralph, 1972/12/31
2009-P-010-05711            Newton, Huey, 1973/04/04
2009-P-010-05712            Landom, Robert M. Warden ND Penitentiary, Bismarck (ND), 1972/12/31
2009-P-010-05713            Link, John   father of Governor Arthur Link, 1973/01/02
2009-P-010-05714            Christensen, Dale, 1972
2009-P-010-05715            Peale, Dr. Norman Vincent  minister, writer, 1973
2009-P-010-05716            Barger, Ralph "Sonny" Hell's Angel leader, San Francisco (CA), 1972
2009-P-010-05717            Lamour, Dorothy actress, 1973
2009-P-010-05718            Linkletter, Art  radio, TV entertainer, 1973
2009-P-010-05719            Homuth, Shirley employee Bank of North Dakota, 1972/12/00
2009-P-010-05720            Nasbusch, Allen employee, Bank of North Dakota, Bismarck (ND), 1972/12/00
2009-P-010-05721            Sailer, Ruben E. employee of Bank of North Dakota, Bismarck (ND), 1972/12/00
2009-P-010-05723            Kary, Marv  Exchange music group, 1973/03/25
2009-P-010-05724            Landgrebe, Rep. Earl F., (IN), 1973/04/15
2009-P-010-05725            Pike, Mrs, H. A.  1973,
2009-P-010-05726            NDSUPeople, 1973
2009-P-010-05727            Dewald, John A. employee, Bank of North Dakota, 1972/12/00
2009-P-010-05728            Agnew, Susan daughter of Vice President, 1973
2009-P-010-05729            Lein, Voldemar P. Russian minister of food, Russia, 1973
2009-P-010-05730            Ruckelshaus, Jill (Mrs. William) --Ruckelshaus, William director, EPA, 1973
2009-P-010-05731            Fitzgerald, A. Ernest dismissed as Air Force civil servant by President Nixon, 1973/02/01
2009-P-010-05732            Rostow, Walt W. Political scientist aid to former President Johnson, 1973
2009-P-010-05733            Stevenson, John Fell  businessman son of Adlai Stevenson, twice candidate for President, 1973
2009-P-010-05734            Light, Merle NDSU, Fargo (ND), 1973/01/19
2009-P-010-05735            Johnsrud, Dr. Myron, 1972
2009-P-010-05736            Boell, Heinrich  German novelist  Nobel prize winner, 1972
2009-P-010-05737            Baumgartner, Art, Linton (ND), 1973/01/00
2009-P-010-05738            Rodenburg, Dorothy  Linton (ND), 1973/01/00
2009-P-010-05739            North Dakota Heritage Center (proposed architect's drawings), Bismarck (ND), 1972
2009-P-010-05740            Engle, Joe H. astronaut, 1973
2009-P-010-05741            Hockey rink proposed for Bismarck (ND), 1973/02/18
2009-P-010-05742            Denver, John entertainer, 1973
2009-P-010-05743            Child, Julia British chef, 1972
2009-P-010-05744            Smothers Brothers, Tom and Dick  entertainers, 1972
2009-P-010-05745            Frazier, Carl Minister Church of Christ, Bismarck (ND), 1973
2009-P-010-05746            Cousteau, Jacques  underwater explorer, 1973
2009-P-010-05747            Farenthold, Frances chairman, National Women's Political Caucus, 1973
2009-P-010-05748            Brucker, Renee West (Mrs. Gary)  art show judge, 1973/03/28
2009-P-010-05749            Neckels, Jack, 1973/03/28
2009-P-010-05750            McCord, Jr., James W. convicted in Watergate conspiracy   also #5804, 1972-1973
2009-P-010-05751            Dean, John W.  White House counsel implicated in Watergate case, 1973/03/28
2009-P-010-05752            Connolly, Phyllis Red Cross Territorial Fund chairman --Gennett, Gerald F. Red Cross State Relations Representative --Kramer, Al  Red Cross committee member, 1973
2009-P-010-05753            Ormandy, Eugene  conductor, 1973
2009-P-010-05754            Huang, Chen ambassador from China to U.S., 1973/06/08
2009-P-010-05755            Promyslov, Vladimir F. Mayor of Moscow Russia, 1973
2009-P-010-05756            Brinegar, Claude S.  Secretary of Transportation c. 1973,
2009-P-010-05757            Means, Russell, 1973/04/06
2009-P-010-05758            Dillman, Mrs. Florence --Wilkinsin, Gary  Mandan (ND), 1973/03/02
2009-P-010-05759            Stritch, Elaine  stage, screen actress, 1973
2009-P-010-05760            Alme, Pam director, Awareness House, 1973/03/04
2009-P-010-05761            Otterson, Larry appointed principal of new Bismarck High School, Bismarck (ND), 1973/03/14
2009-P-010-05762            Pema Tsedeun Yapshi Pheunkang, Princess of Sikkim 1973/04/12
2009-P-010-05763            Ressler, Vi  (Mrs. Edward Ressler), 1973/03/22
2009-P-010-05764            Wonder, Stevie  musician, 1973
2009-P-010-05765            Bing, Rudolf  retired director of NY Metropolitan Opera, 1973/03/18
2009-P-010-05766            Michel, Rep. Robert (IL), GOP Congressional Campaign Committee 1973
2009-P-010-05767            Higgins, Roger KFYR sports, 1973/03/02
2009-P-010-05768            Solzhenitsyn, Alexander  Russian author, 1972
2009-P-010-05769            Wagner, Robert  former mayor of NYC, 1972
2009-P-010-05770            Murphy, Patrick V.  Police Commissioner, NYC, 1973
2009-P-010-05771            Bucher, Lloyd skipper of Pueblo retiring from Navy, 1973/06/02
2009-P-010-05772            Watson, James, 1973/03/25
2009-P-010-05773            Daub, Mrs. Roger, 1973/03/25
2009-P-010-05774            King, Mrs. Robert, 1973/03/25
2009-P-010-05775            Bethke, Mrs. Albert, 1973/03/25
2009-P-010-05776            Schroedl, Martin, 1973/03/24
2009-P-010-05777            Patton, Ray, 1973/03/24
2009-P-010-05778            Casey, William J. Under Secretary of State for Economic Affairs, 1973
2009-P-010-05779            Morten, Kevin, 1973/03/25
2009-P-010-05780            Miller, Dr. Douglas MidDakota Clinic, Bismarck (ND), 1973/03/25
2009-P-010-05781            Werre, Robin  Bismarck's Outstanding Handicapped Citizen, 1973, Bismarck (ND), 1973/03/23
2009-P-010-05782            Merriam, William R.  Former head of ITT, Washington (DC), 1973/03/25
2009-P-010-05783            Baron, Wayne Director ND Tuberculosis and Respiratory Disease Assn., 1973/01/21
2009-P-010-05784            Zent, John  fireman, Mandan (ND), 1973/03/16
2009-P-010-05785            Heidt, Francis --Kostelecky, Albert  Mandan Handicapped Person of Year -1973, Mandan (ND), 1973/03/18
2009-P-010-05786            Stegner, Steve  assistant manager Sears, Bismarck (ND), 1973/03/03
2009-P-010-05787            Hanson, Tom employee Sears, Bismarck (ND), 1973/03/03
2009-P-010-05788            Eastman, Richard (Dick), 1973/02/18
2009-P-010-05789            Colis, Don, 1973/02/18
2009-P-010-05790            Dirk, Walter P. Minot architectural firm, 1973/03/04
2009-P-010-05791            Hokenstad, Mrs. H. S. (at piano), 1973/03/04
2009-P-010-05792            Ford, Charlotte daughter of Henry Ford III to marry Anthony Forstman, 1973/03/11
2009-P-010-05793            Scali, John A.  U.S. ambassador to the U.N., 1972
2009-P-010-05794            Common Market, 1973
2009-P-010-05795            Wickenheiser, James J.  President, First Federal Savings and Loan Association, 1973
2009-P-010-05796            Nagako, Empress, 1973
2009-P-010-05797            Jordan, David A. scoutmaster winner of Silver Beaver award, Bismarck (ND), 1973/02/00
2009-P-010-05798            Gorman, Alice Mae winner, Boy Scout award, 1973/02/00
2009-P-010-05799            Fuglie, Dr. O. J. Boy Scout Silver Beaver Winner-1973, Hettinger (ND), 1973/02/00
2009-P-010-05800            Turner, Glenn  indicted in pyramid sales case, 1973
2009-P-010-05801            Hopfauf, Jack  Mandan Developers Inc., Mandan (ND), 1973/03/00
2009-P-010-05802            Grahl, Eleanor (Mrs. James) appointed to Board of Higher Education 1973/02/00
2009-P-010-05803            Stanfill, Robert R. Mandan (missing person), 1973/01/11
2009-P-010-05804            "Watergate Seven" break-in at Democratic National Headquarters-1972 --Liddy, G. Gordon  convicted in Watergate Affair, 1973/01/11
2009-P-010-05805            Miss America, 1972
2009-P-010-05806            Fields, W. C., 1946
2009-P-010-05807            Bradley, Gen. Omar N., 1957/09/14
2009-P-010-05808            Wilson, Jerry  police chief Washington, DC possible Ferderal Bureau Investigation (FBI), Washington (DC), 1973/04/12
2009-P-010-05809            Lefor, Robert F., 1973/05/13
2009-P-010-05811            Segretti, Donald H., 1973/04/12
2009-P-010-05812            Eckstine, Billy recording star, actor, 1972/04/15
2009-P-010-05813            Russell, Johnny  humorist, ventriloquist, 1973/04/15
2009-P-010-05814            Skylab Space Program, 1973/04/12
2009-P-010-05815            Picasso, Pablo  Deceased April 8, 1973, 1973/04/13
2009-P-010-05816            Farrell, Mrs. Paul Senior Counselor, UCT Bismarck (ND), 1973/04/13
2009-P-010-05817            Mistal, Fred C.  Operations Supervisor Basin Electric Plant, 1973/04/12
2009-P-010-05818            Grass Roots  music group, 1973/04/12
2009-P-010-05819            Retzloff, Wayne President, Jaycees, Bismarck (ND), 1973/04/11
2009-P-010-05820            McMahon, Ed, 1973/04/08
2009-P-010-05821            Altmann, Klaus, 1973/04/11
2009-P-010-05822            Lee, Kuan Yew, 1973
2009-P-010-05823            Evers, Charles, 1973/04/11
2009-P-010-05824            Campora, Hecto J., 1973/04/09
2009-P-010-05825            Dennis, Terry, 1973/04/17
2009-P-010-05826            Griffin, Gerald, 1973/04/17
2009-P-010-05827            Nguyen Van Thieu, 1973
2009-P-010-05828            Hargis, Billy James, 1973/04/19
2009-P-010-05829            White House Counsel, 1973/04/20
2009-P-010-05830            Ambrose, Myles J. Special Asst. Attorney Gen. --Wilson, Jerry, 1973/04/12
2009-P-010-05831            Pathet, Lao, 1973/02/21
2009-P-010-05832            Torkelson, Mrs. Leland 1973 Mother of Year North Dakota, Mother of POW  (with Governor Link), 1973/04/29
2009-P-010-05833            Heen, Douglas B. Second Judicial District Judge, 1973
2009-P-010-05834            Friederich, Ray R. Second Judicial District Judge, 1973
2009-P-010-05835            Judge Harold M. Hager, First Judicial District Judge, 1973
2009-P-010-05836            Jansonius, Clifford Fourth Judicial District Judge, 1973
2009-P-010-05837            Muggli, Norbert J.  Sixth Judicial District, 1973
2009-P-010-05838            Ilvedson, Roy A.  Fifth Judicial District Judge, 1973
2009-P-010-05839            Beede, William M. Fifth Judicial Dist. Judge, 1973
2009-P-010-05840            Englert, Hamilton E. 1st Judicial District Judge, 1973
2009-P-010-05841            Kelsch, Clemens F.  6th Judicial District Judge, 1973
2009-P-010-05842            Bakken, Albert C. 1st Judicial Dist. Judge, 1973
2009-P-010-05843            Fredricks, Marting C. 4th Judicial District Court Judge, 1973
2009-P-010-05844            Redetzke, Roy K.  First Judicial District Judge, 1973
2009-P-010-05845            Erickstad, Ralph Associate Justice North Dakota Supreme Court, 1973
2009-P-010-05846            Hatch, Larry M. 3rd Judicial District Judge, 1973
2009-P-010-05848            Paulson, William  Supreme Court Associate Justice, 1973
2009-P-010-05849            Knudson, Harvey  Supreme Court Associate Justice, 1973
2009-P-010-05850            Erickson, Mrs. Clara, 1973/05/00
2009-P-010-05851            Garrison Diversion, 1973/05/05
2009-P-010-05852            Miss Universe, 1973
2009-P-010-05853            Princess Anne, 1973
2009-P-010-05854            Ionesco, Eugene, 1973
2009-P-010-05855            Roosevelt, Elliott, 1973
2009-P-010-05856            Hilliard, David  Black Panther leader, 1973
2009-P-010-05857            Han Hsu, 1973/04/16
2009-P-010-05858            Stein, Herbert, 1973/04/29
2009-P-010-05859            Atkins, Chet guitarist, 1973/04/29
2009-P-010-05860            Mercouri, Melina actress, 1973/04/29
2009-P-010-05861            McNair, Barbara  singer, 1973/04/29
2009-P-010-05862            Walker, Louise (Mrs. LeRoy), 1973/04/29
2009-P-010-05863            Godley, G. McMurtrie US Ambassodor to Pakistan, 1973
2009-P-010-05864            Huss, Irv  teacher, Bismarck (ND), 1973/04/27
2009-P-010-05865            MacGregor, Clark, 1972
2009-P-010-05866            Frison, Andrew NW Savings & Loan Officer, 1973/04/28
2009-P-010-05867            Anderson, E. J. Coach-formerly at KFYR, 1972/04/22
2009-P-010-05868            Steinem, Gloria, 1973/04/27
2009-P-010-05869            Solberg, Rev. Lester L., 1973/04/29
2009-P-010-05870            Sleeper, Claude  Chief food inspector ND Laboratories, Bismarck (ND), 1973/04/28
2009-P-010-05871            Braaten, Mr. and Mrs. Alfred former Mandan resident 26 yrs. now San Diego, CA, 1974/04/24
2009-P-010-05872            Mosbrucker, Mr. and Mrs. Alex F., New Salem (ND), 1973/06/27
2009-P-010-05873            Starck, Mr. and Mrs.Herman, New Salem (ND), 1973/07/13
2009-P-010-05874            Ray, Governor Robert (IA), 1973/07/11
2009-P-010-05875            Dunn, Edward NDSU, 1973
2009-P-010-05876            Beehler, Sister Mary Benedict, native of Crookston (MN), 1973/07/10
2009-P-010-05877            Blanc, Gerard (Gerry), Bismarck (ND), 1973/07/20
2009-P-010-05878            Whitlam, Gough  Prime Minister Australia 1973
2009-P-010-05879            Khadafy, Moammar Libyan Leader, 1973
2009-P-010-05880            Kautzman, Mr. and Mrs. Frank, Mandan (ND), 1973/07/08
2009-P-010-05881            Williams, Edy   actress, 1973
2009-P-010-05882            Adams, Judi home economist, ND Wheat Commission, 1973/07/21
2009-P-010-05883            MacGraw, Ali  actress, 1973
2009-P-010-05884            Kelley, Clarence M. director Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), 1973
2009-P-010-05885            Hansen, Dr. D. J. theater director Moorhead State College, 1973
2009-P-010-05886            Schneider, Maria  actress, 1973
2009-P-010-05887            Barker, Zan  widow of  Lex "Tarzan" Barker, 1973
2009-P-010-05888            Childers, President Erskine, Irish Republic, 1973
2009-P-010-05889            Banks, Dennis leader of American Indian Movement, 1973
2009-P-010-05890            Schmidt Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J., Breien (ND), 1973/07/10
2009-P-010-05891            Wilhelm, Mrs. Arlene, member Business & Industrial Development Committee, Dickinson (ND), 1973
2009-P-010-05892            Amin, Idi President Uganda 1973
2009-P-010-05893            Everson, Robert member ND Business & Industrial Development Committee, 1973
2009-P-010-05894            Zacharias, Keith member ND Business & Industrial Development Committee 1973
2009-P-010-05895            Oksol, Carl  member ND Business & Industrial Development Committee, 1973
2009-P-010-05896            Conrad, Charles (Pete) astronaut, 1973
2009-P-010-05897            Inge, William  author, 1973
2009-P-010-05898            Melarvie, Joel  ND Highway Users Association Director, 1973
2009-P-010-05899            Casey, Meredith widow of T. Clem Casey active in animal welfare work, 1973
2009-P-010-05900            Sorel, Jean  actor, 1973
2009-P-010-05901            Ellsberg Dr. and Mrs. Daniel, 1972
2009-P-010-05902            Glass, Gustave retired, assistant programming engineer at ND Highway Department, 1973/07/28
2009-P-010-05903            Lansky, Meyer, 1973
2009-P-010-05904            Maheu, Robert   Howard Hughes lieutenant, 1973
2009-P-010-05905            Cornfeld, Bernard  financier, 1973
2009-P-010-05906            Connors, Chuck actor, 1973
2009-P-010-05907            Owens, Jesse  1926 Olympic gold medal winner, 1973
2009-P-010-05908            Kinsolving, Lester  religious columnist, 1973
2009-P-010-05909            Watts, Andre  pianist, 1973
2009-P-010-05910            Mahto, Ted  Director, Indian Studies, NDSU, Fargo (ND), 1973/08/26
2009-P-010-05911            Dunlop, John T. Director of Cost of Living Council-1973, 1973
2009-P-010-05912            Sales, Soupy  comedian, 1973
2009-P-010-05913            Fannin, Sen. Paul (AZ), 1973
2009-P-010-05914            Senger, Mr. and Mrs. Anton J., Bismarck (ND), 1973
2009-P-010-05915            Agnew, Spiro T.
2009-P-010-05916            Boyle, W. A. "Tony"  former United Mine Workers President found guilty of Jablonski murder 1973
2009-P-010-05917            Jacobs, Mike, 1973/08/04
2009-P-010-05918            Kuntz, Sister M. Kathleen Sacred Heart Priory, Richardton (ND), 1973/08/05
2009-P-010-05919            Schmautz, Jacob Mr. and Mrs., Bismarck (ND), 1973/08/02
2009-P-010-05920            Rausch, Mr. and Mrs. A. P. (Tony), 1973/06/29
2009-P-010-05922            Bernhardt, Leopold  Mr. and Mrs., Bismarck (ND), 1973/08/02
2009-P-010-05923            Shakespeare, William  Historic,
2009-P-010-05924            Drinan, Rep. Robert  (MA), 1973
2009-P-010-05925            Buchanan, Patrick aide to President Nixon,
2009-P-010-05926            Petersen, Henry assistant Attorney General-1973, 1973
2009-P-010-05927            Porter, Herbert L.  Nixon campaign aide, 1973
2009-P-010-05928            Helms, Richard M. former director, Central Intelligence Agency, 1973
2009-P-010-05929            Colson, Charles W. Watergate, 1973
2009-P-010-05930            Odle Jr., Robert C.  Watergate, 1973
2009-P-010-05931            Shostakovich, Dmitri Russian composer, 1973
2009-P-010-05932            Weicker, Sen. Lowell P. (MA) member of  Watergate Committee, 1973
2009-P-010-05933            Dickey, James author-"Deliverance", 1973
2009-P-010-05934            Chambers, Marilyn actress, 1973
2009-P-010-05935            Askew, Kay Home service advisor MDU, 1973/08/16
2009-P-010-05936            Hamilton, James Assistant chief counsel, Senate Watergate Committee, 1973/08/14
2009-P-010-05937            Saxbe, Rep. William (OH) nominee for attorney general, 1973
2009-P-010-05938            Bunker, Art  Fargo, member of Legislature since 1967, 1973
2009-P-010-05939            Geiger, Bertha  native of Mandan  instructor at Dickinson State College, 1973/11/00
2009-P-010-05940            Fetter, Mr. and Mrs. Joe, Bismarck (ND), 1973/08/12
2009-P-010-05941            Eli, Lee, 1973/11/18
2009-P-010-05942            Woods, Rosemary  secretary to President Nixon, 1973
2009-P-010-05943            Hiss, Alger, 1973
2009-P-010-05944            Berlin, Irving  Composer, 1973
2009-P-010-05945            Menninger, Karl A.  Psychiatrist, 1973
2009-P-010-05946            Keating, Kenneth B.  U.S. ambassador to Israel, 1973
2009-P-010-05947            Hager, Alex 4-H assistant, Burleigh County, 1973/08/12
2009-P-010-05948            Charles, Prince of England
2009-P-010-05949            Starck, Jack  test center foreman Northwestern Bell Telephone Company, 1973
2009-P-010-05950            Owens, Bob, 1973
2009-P-010-05951            Brick, Top  singer, formerly in Paris now in NYC, 1973
2009-P-010-05952            Rodgers, Jimmy  singer, 1973
2009-P-010-05953            Valentino, Rudolph history,
2009-P-010-05954            Garrison, Candace Mossler millionairess, 1973
2009-P-010-05955            Riskedahl, Burt  Social services department, 1973
2009-P-010-05956            Goodhouse, Innocent president, Standing Rock Housing Corporation, 1973
2009-P-010-05957            Rodino Jr., Rep. Peter W. (NJ) Chairman of House Judiciary Committee, 1973
2009-P-010-05958            Rebozo, Charles (Bebe) friend of President Nixon, financier, 1973
2009-P-010-05959            Jahner, Sister Elaine Mary College, 1973/11/04
2009-P-010-05960            Inouye, Sen. Daniel K. (HA)  member, Senate Watergate Committee, 1973
2009-P-010-05961            Backman, Marilyn NDSU, Fargo (ND), 1973
2009-P-010-05962            Samuelson, Paul  Nobel prize winning economist, 1973
2009-P-010-05963            Fahmi, Ismail Egyptian envoy, 1973
2009-P-010-05964            Osmond, Merrill  entertainer, 1973
2009-P-010-05965            Sarnoff, Robert W. President IBM, 1973
2009-P-010-05966            Allende, Hortense widow of socialist president of Chile, 1973
2009-P-010-05967            Bourgasse, Robert premier, Quebec Canada, 1973
2009-P-010-05968            Bendrike, Ake Colonel, head of United Nations (UN) Truce team in Mideast, Sweden, 1973/10/27
2009-P-010-05969            Mead, Margaret  anthropologist, writer, 1973
2009-P-010-05970            Jaworski, Leon  appointed special prosecutor in Watergate investigation by Nixon, 1973/11/03
2009-P-010-05971            Hua, Huang Chinese ambassador to United Nations see also Huang Hua --Maitland, Donald  British Ambassador to United Nations, 1973
2009-P-010-05972            Berg, Oscar Chairman ND Heritage Center Drive, Minot (ND), 1973
2009-P-010-05973            Berlowitz, Wendy  Famous for baring her bosom, 1973
2009-P-010-05974            Keating, Rep. William J. Cincinnati-Enquirer, Cincinnati (OH), 1973
2009-P-010-05975            Greene, Graham  novelist, 1973
2009-P-010-05976            Bergman, Ingrid, 1973
2009-P-010-05977            Sturn, Don  assistant fire chief, Mandan (ND), 1973
2009-P-010-05978            Wright, Charles Allen Texas attorney for Nixon-Watergate, 1973
2009-P-010-05979            Wonder, Stevie  musician, 1973
2009-P-010-05980            Juliana, Queen of the Netherlands, 1973
2009-P-010-05981            Johnson, Einar  Director ND Parks, 1973/08/23
2009-P-010-05982            Schaaf, Mr. and Mrs. Jack J. Mandan (ND),
2009-P-010-05983            Warcup, Alan B. president ND Bar Association, Grand Forks (ND), 1973/07/22
2009-P-010-05984            Dash, Samuel  chief counsel to the Senate Watergate Comm, 1973
2009-P-010-05985            Renner, Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Mandan (ND), 1973/08/16
2009-P-010-05986            Klein, Sandy  4-H assistant, Morton, 1973/08/12
2009-P-010-05988            Kennedy, Steve Jaycees, Bismarck (ND), 1973/10/09
2009-P-010-05989            Guzman, Gustave Leigh member of ruling junta-1973 --Ugarte, Augusto Pinochet   General-President of Chile, 1973
2009-P-010-05990            Sprunk, Larry  brief employee of Pioneer-1973 --Zimmerman, LeAnn   writer, Pioneer, Mandan (ND), 197
2009-P-010-05991            Krogh, Jr., Egil  White House "plumbers" part of Watergate Affair --Young Jr., David K. White House "plumbers" part of Watergate Affair, 1973
2009-P-010-05992            Taylor, Elizabeth, 1973
2009-P-010-05993            Bellmon, Sen. Henry (OK), 1973
2009-P-010-05994            Haig, Jr., Alexander M. aide to Nixon, 1973
2009-P-010-05995            Akihito, Crown Prince of Japan, 1973
2009-P-010-05996            Bremer, Arthur  attempted assassination of George Wallace in 1972, 1973
2009-P-010-05997            Munro, John  Labor Minister, Canada, 1973
2009-P-010-05998            Agustason, Einar foreign minister, Iceland, 1973
2009-P-010-05999            Stadig, Loren staff member, Business & Industrial Development Committee North Dakota, 1973
2009-P-010-06000            Grass, Guenter German writer, 1973
2009-P-010-06001            Gustaf, Carl  King of Sweden, 1973
2009-P-010-06002            Yocum, JoAnn psychiatric social worker, 1973
2009-P-010-06003            Ervin, Sen. Sam chairman, Senate Watergate Committee, (NC), 1973
2009-P-010-06004            Erickson, Barbara piano teacher, Bismarck (ND), 1973/10/23
2009-P-010-06005            Helbling, Anna Marie 99 years old, 1973/10/21
2009-P-010-06006            Dixon, Jean, 1973/10/21
2009-P-010-06007            Seder, Arthur  President American Natural Gas Company, 1973/10/23
2009-P-010-06008            Mitford, Jessica  author, 1973
2009-P-010-06009            West, Mae  actress, 1973
2009-P-010-06010            Magruder, Jeb Stuart  Director of President Nixon's re-election committee, 1973
2009-P-010-06011            Lovelace, Linda  actress, 1973/10/21
2009-P-010-06012            Dobrynin, Anatoly, 1973
2009-P-010-06013            Cox, Archibald  special prosecutor of Watergate Affair until fired by Nixon, 1973
2009-P-010-06014            Hollander, Xaviera author "The Happy Hooker", 1973/10/21
2009-P-010-06015            Falk, Peter television Emmy "Columbo" series, TV, 1973/10/21
2009-P-010-06016            Turgeon, William editor North Dakota Union Farmer, 1973/10/27
2009-P-010-06017            Brazier, Don  deputy assistant secretary of defense, 1973/10/19
2009-P-010-06018            Erwin, William  assistant secretary of agriculture, 1973/10/19
2009-P-010-06019            Ohm, Steve  Mandan (ND), 1973/10/18
2009-P-010-06020            Sullivan, Rev. Ralph, Church of the Nazarene, Mandan (ND), 1973/10/17
2009-P-010-06021            Marbeck, Patti nurse, Q & R clinic, 1973/10/18
2009-P-010-06022            Holton, Governor Linwood (VA), 1973
2009-P-010-06023            Mandel, Barbara wife of Gov. who is suing for divorce, (MD), 1973
2009-P-010-06024            Stacy, James  actor, 1973
2009-P-010-06025            Mittelstedt, Herbert  Mandan (ND), 1973/10/13
2009-P-010-06026            Sirica, Judge John J., U.S. Federal District Court Watergate cases, Washington (DC), 1973/10/30
2009-P-010-06027            Krasin, Viktor --Yakier, Pyotr I. Russian dissidents, 1973
2009-P-010-06029            LaRue, Frederick C.  Pleaded guilty to conspiracy in Watergate Affair, 1973
2009-P-010-06030            Pulitzer, Jr., Joseph editor-publisher, St. Louis Post-Dispatch, St. Louis (MO), 1973
2009-P-010-06031            Koehler, L. A.  State Chemist-retired, 1973/12/18
2009-P-010-06032            Bradley, Tom  Mayor, Los Angeles, 1973
2009-P-010-06033            Magnuson, Sen. Warren G.  (WA), 1973
2009-P-010-06034            Judge, Governor Thomas and wife Carol, (MT), 1973/11/25
2009-P-010-06035            Jagger, Mick singer, Rolling Stones, 1973
2009-P-010-06036            Hayes, Helen, 1973
2009-P-010-06037            Black, Shirley Temple, 1973/07/15
2009-P-010-06038            Jameson, Arlene Eider decorator, 1973/07/20
2009-P-010-06039            Selzler, Sister Edith, 1973
2009-P-010-06040            Cafferty, Mike  financial counselor, St. Alexius Hospital, 1973/07/29
2009-P-010-06042            Patton III, Brig. Gen. George 2 star general, 1973
2009-P-010-06043            Mandan Theater, Mandan (ND), 1973
2009-P-010-06044            Sagan, Francoise French novelist, 1973
2009-P-010-06045            Dent, Frederick B. commerce secretary, 1973
2009-P-010-06046            Vidal, Gore writer, 1973
2009-P-010-06047            Morris, Jr., George B. General Motors vice-president Industrial Relations, 1973
2009-P-010-06048            Bork, Robert H.  Acting U.S. Attorney General, 1973
2009-P-010-06049            Ghorbal, Dr. Ashraf Egyptian ambassador to U.S., 1973
2009-P-010-06050            Tolbert Jr., Dr. William R. President Liberia, 1973
2009-P-010-06052            Eilts, Herman U.S. ambassador to United Nations, 1973
2009-P-010-06053            King, Coretta Scott widow, Martin Luther King, Jr., 1973
2009-P-010-06054            Sagsveen, Murray administrative assistant to Governor Link, 1973
2009-P-010-06055            Perry, Charles, 1973
2009-P-010-06056            Swindler, Ron  President United Plainsmen Association, 1973/11/21
2009-P-010-06057            Stoudt, Jr., R. M. Richard chairman ND district SBA advisory council, 1973/11/17
2009-P-010-06058            Burke, Rep. Yvonne Braithwaite (CA) Gave birth to daughter, 1973
2009-P-010-06059            Ford, Mrs. Gerald, 1973/11/15
2009-P-010-06060            Wallman, George H.  NDSU, 1973/07/21
2009-P-010-06061            Walters, Al executive director, ND South Central Health Planning Council, 1973/12/02
2009-P-010-06062            Eastwood, Clint actor, 1973/06/24
2009-P-010-06063            Brooks, Mary  director, U.S. Mint, 1973/05/27
2009-P-010-06064            Keily, Sister Margaret Mary, Mary College, Bismarck (ND), 1973/05/24
2009-P-010-06065            Larsen, Karen President, Lewis & Clark Nurses Association, 1973/05/23
2009-P-010-06066            Smith, Georgia  home management specialist NDSU Extension Service, 1973/05/23
2009-P-010-06067            Riggs, Bobby  tennis player, 1973
2009-P-010-06068            Bennett, W. A. C.  former  Premier, British Columbia Canada, 1973
2009-P-010-06069            Chagall, Marc painter, 1973
2009-P-010-06070            Channing, Carol actress, 1973
2009-P-010-06071            Preszler, Mr. and Mrs. Emil, Bismarck (ND), 1973/06/17
2009-P-010-06072            Benham, Mr. and Mrs. Ernest R., Mandan (ND), 1973/06/17
2009-P-010-06073            Stomp, Rev. Clarence, Bismarck (ND), 1973/06/03
2009-P-010-06074            Nash, Johnny, 1973/06/03
2009-P-010-06075            Baskerville, Barbara, 1973/06/03
2009-P-010-06076            Beradino, John --Courtney, Jacqueline --Fulton, Eileen --May, Donald --Stuart, Mary  TV actors, 1973/07/22
2009-P-010-06077            Buzzi, Ruth TV actress, 1973/07/22
2009-P-010-06078            Ulasewicz, Anthony detective participated in Watergate Affair, 1973
2009-P-010-06079            Gouveia, David Minnkota plant, Center (ND), 1973/05/05
2009-P-010-06080            Valenti, Jack movie rater, 1973
2009-P-010-06081            McPhail, Robert  Regional Director at Bureau of  Reclamation, Billings (MT), 1973
2009-P-010-06082            Ferderer, Mr. and Mrs. John Mandan (ND), 1973/11/29
2009-P-010-06083            Anderson, Governor Wendell (MN), 1973
2009-P-010-06084            Wilder, Thornton  Pulitzer Prize winner three times, 1973
2009-P-010-06085            Baer, John Dakota Sand and Gravel, 1973
2009-P-010-06086            Tkach, Mr. and Mrs. John, 1973
2009-P-010-06087            Palmer, Elroy  7th district commander, American Legion, Flasher (ND), 1973
2009-P-010-06088            Adelson, Jim Sportscaster, KXMB-TV, 1973
2009-P-010-06089            Meeuwsen, Terry Anne  Miss America 1973, 1973
2009-P-010-06090            Picasso, Jacqueline, 1973
2009-P-010-06091            Lama, Dalai, 1973
2009-P-010-06092            Bailey, Pearl singer, 1973
2009-P-010-06093            Nathan, Abie  operator of "Peace" radio station in ship off Israel, 1973
2009-P-010-06094            Meredith, Don  Sportscaster, 1973
2009-P-010-06095            Useeldinger, Vernon Department Adjutant, American Legion, Fargo (ND), 1973
2009-P-010-06096            Piotrowski, Sister Wanda Annunciation Priory, Bismarck (ND), 1973
2009-P-010-06097            Moorhead, Mario  United People's Party, Virgin Islands, 1973/12/02
2009-P-010-06098            Lehy, Frank  former Notre Dame Coach, 1973
2009-P-010-06099            Cosgrave, Liam  Irish prime minister, 1973
2009-P-010-06100            Clements, Jr., William deputy defense secretary, 1973/06/01
2009-P-010-06101            Sather, Edward B.  Bank of North Dakota, Bismarck (ND), 1973
2009-P-010-06102            Larson, Mrs. Gwen  Bank of North Dakota, Bismarck (ND), 1973
2009-P-010-06103            Eckroth, Mrs. Ila Bank of North Dakota, 1973
2009-P-010-06104            Zieb, Mrs. Betty   Bank of North Dakota, Bismarck (ND), 1973
2009-P-010-06105            Zelmer, Mrs. Evelyn    Bank of North Dakota, Bismarck (ND), 1973
2009-P-010-06106            Rivera, Geraldo ABC-TV newsman, 1973
2009-P-010-06107            Albrecht, Warren, attorney, Bismarck (ND), 1973
2009-P-010-06108            Meier, John  former aide to Howard Hughes, 1973
2009-P-010-06109            Pringle, Kenneth G.  President, Northern Lights Council, Boy Scouts of America, 1973/12/26
2009-P-010-06110            Tokach, Mr. and Mrs. Stephen St. Anthony (ND), 1973/07/06
2009-P-010-06111            Zander, Mr. and Mrs. George, 1973/07/04
2009-P-010-06112            Pen-fei, Chi foreign minister, China, 1973/06/01
2009-P-010-06113            Elk's Swimming Pool, Bismarck (ND), 1973
2009-P-010-06114            Simon, Paul, 1973
2009-P-010-06115            Fabian, Mr. and Mrs. Paul, Mandan (ND), 1973/06/20
2009-P-010-06116            Montoya, Sen. Joseph (NM), 1973
2009-P-010-06117            Espeland, Richard A. named to head new Model Training Center, 1973
2009-P-010-06118            Dupont, Rep. Pierre S. "Pete" (DE), 1973
2009-P-010-06119            Gallagher, Cornelius E. former Rep. (NJ)  2 year prison term for tax evasion, 1973/10/06
2009-P-010-06120            Gruening, Ernest  Former Sentor Democrat-Alaska, (AK), 1973
2009-P-010-06121            Nabokov, Vladimir  author, 1973
2009-P-010-06122            Clairmont, William Board of Regents, Mary College, 1973
2009-P-010-06123            McCall, Governor Tom (OR), 1973
2009-P-010-06124            Klecker, Edward J.  Director of Institutions, 1973/06/16
2009-P-010-06125            Garbo, Greta actress, 1973
2009-P-010-06126            Arnegard, Michael Mary College, Bismarck (ND), 1973
2009-P-010-06127            Coppelino, Carl --Pauling, Dr. Linus, 06/15/1974
2009-P-010-06128            Reichert, Dr. H. L., 1973/06/13
2009-P-010-06129            Herman, Steve, 1973/05/19
2009-P-010-06130            Urff, Richard, 1973
2009-P-010-06131            Cousteau, Jacques  sea explorer, 1973
2009-P-010-06132            Balzano, Michael P., Jr. Director of action, 1973
2009-P-010-06133            Phillips, Howard J.  Acting director of Office of Economic Opportunity, 1973
2009-P-010-06134            Jobert, Michel  French Minister of Foreign Affairs, 1973
2009-P-010-06135            Hammer, Armand Chairman, Occidental Petroleum Corporation, 1973
2009-P-010-06136            Rich, Buddy  Jazz drummer, 1973
2009-P-010-06137            Rothschild, Baroness Batsheva, 1973
2009-P-010-06138            McEachin, James  TV actor, 1973/11/11
2009-P-010-06139            Mt. Rushmore National Memorial (SD), 1973
2009-P-010-06140            Klassen, Elmer T.  Postmaster General, 1973/10/02
2009-P-010-06141            Shepherd, Cybill   Model-Actress, 1973
2009-P-010-06142            Carradine, John actor, 1973/06/03
2009-P-010-06143            Boehm, Katherine, Mandan (ND), 1973/06/09
2009-P-010-06144            Bohrer, Mrs. Duane, Menoken (ND), 1973/06/10
2009-P-010-06145            Selmann, Dan J. Executive Director Revolution Bicentennial  Committee, 1973/05/00
2009-P-010-06146            Weismuller, Johnny  Tarzan, 1973
2009-P-010-06147            Dahl, Jack  Gackle, president of ND Stockman's Association, 1973/06/13
2009-P-010-06148            Kotrapu, Dr. Niran MidDakota Clinic, Bismarck (ND), 1973/07/25
2009-P-010-06149            Garriott, Jr., Owen Skylab II astronaut, 1973
2009-P-010-06150            Pogue, William R.  Skylab, 1973
2009-P-010-06151            Carr, Col. Gerald Skylab, 1973/11/14
2009-P-010-06152            Gibson, Dr. Edward G. skylab, 1973/11/14
2009-P-010-06153            Wambaugh, Joseph  novelist, policeman, 1973
2009-P-010-06154            Finkbine, Sherri, 1973
2009-P-010-06155            Rampton, Governor Calvin (UT), 1973
2009-P-010-06156            Phillips, Mrs. Forrest, 1973
2009-P-010-06157            Rigby, Cathy  gymnast, 1973
2009-P-010-06158            McClure, Sen. James A. (ID), 1973
2009-P-010-06159            Bromel, Dr. Mary   NDSU, 1973
2009-P-010-06160            McBride, Robert former U.S. ambassador to Mexico, 1973
2009-P-010-06161            Blatchford, Joseph   Peace Corps Director, 1973
2009-P-010-06162            Thomson, Governor Meldrim (NH), 1973
2009-P-010-06163            Browning, Albert  V.P. Mich-Wis., 1973
2009-P-010-06164            Cassidy, Joanna actress, 1973
2009-P-010-06165            Munsel, Patrice, 1973
2009-P-010-06166            Mimieux, Yvette  actress, 1973
2009-P-010-06167            Cain, Richard former Chicago top policeman switched to chauffuer for top mobster, 1973
2009-P-010-06168            Marks, Leonard H. Chairman, U.S. Advisory Committee on International Education and Cultural, 1973
2009-P-010-06169            Getty, J. Paul III grandson of American Oil Billionaire, 1973
2009-P-010-06170            Matthew, Dr. Thomas  supporter of Nixon and self-help progam for Black Americans, 1973
2009-P-010-06171            Leger, Jules  Canadian Ambassador to Belgium-to be Governor General, 1973
2009-P-010-06172            Martin, Rep. Dave (NE), 1973
2009-P-010-06173            Peckinpah, Sam  director, 1973
2009-P-010-06174            Lousma, Jack   Lieutenant Colonel Marine Corps Skylab, 1973
2009-P-010-06175            Saxbe, Mrs. William wife of attorney general, 1973
2009-P-010-06176            Kimball, Spencer W. president of Council of Twelve Apostles of Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, 1973
2009-P-010-06177            Savalas, Telly  television actor, 1973
2009-P-010-06178            Uggams, Leslie   singer-actress, 1973/12/30
2009-P-010-06179            Moore, Mary Tyler  actress, 1973
2009-P-010-06180            Young, Coleman  first Black Mayor of Detroit, 1973
2009-P-010-06181            Harris, Gail mother of J. Paul Getty III, 1973
2009-P-010-06182            Papacek, George  Chief, land acquisition, ND Highway Department, Bismarck (ND), 1974/01/00
2009-P-010-06183            Maloney, Thomas  Mayor of Wilmington (DE), 1973/12/30
2009-P-010-06184            Kristofferson, Kris  singer, 1973
2009-P-010-06185            Peron, Isabel Martinez wife of Jaun D. Peron ex-dictator, 1973
2009-P-010-06186            Matsukowa, Lori Lei, 1973
2009-P-010-06187            Gangl, Roberta Staff-Pioneer, Society, 1973
2009-P-010-06188            Hermandez, Angelita Spain's first bullfighter, 1974
2009-P-010-06189            Meredith, Dr. Ron, 1974
2009-P-010-06190            Lyon, Sue  actress, 1974
2009-P-010-06191            Schneider, Sheila  Southwest Region Pork Princess, 1974
2009-P-010-06192            Funt, Allen Candid Camera producer, 1974
2009-P-010-06193            Nordwall, Adam 44 year old American Indian travelling to Rome to "discover" it, 1973
2009-P-010-06194            McMillan, Greg  National Audubon Society, 1974
2009-P-010-06195            Frisch, Karl von Medicine Nobel Prize winner, Munich, Germany, 1974
2009-P-010-06196            Tinbergen, Nikloas, Medicine Nobel Prize winner, Oxford, England, 1974
2009-P-010-06197            Lorenz, Kenrad,  Medicine Nobel Prize winner, Seewiesen Germany, 1974
2009-P-010-06198            Skrowaczewski, Stanislaw  Minnesota Orchestra Director, 1974
2009-P-010-06199            Gray, James P., 1974
2009-P-010-06200            Klein, Ivo  Assistant cashier in real estate department of First National Bank, Mandan, Mandan (ND), 1974
2009-P-010-06201            Good, Robert B. elected cashier, First National Bank, Mandan (ND), 1974
2009-P-010-06202            Vasey, Ed, 1974
2009-P-010-06203            Ely, Susan Worthy Advisor, Bismarck Assembly #3, Order of Rainbow Girls, Bismarck (ND), 1974
2009-P-010-06204            Springen, Paul  Hockey, 1974
2009-P-010-06205            Linington, Victor A., 1974
2009-P-010-06206            Wallace, Peggy Sue  daughter of George Wallace, 1974
2009-P-010-06207            Priestes, John J. contractor (FL), 1974
2009-P-010-06208            Mead, Bill O. chairman, American Baker's Association and Board Campbell Taggert, Inc., Dallas (TX), 1974
2009-P-010-06209            Kelly, John B.  Statue of the late Kelly, 1974
2009-P-010-06210            Feeney, Gene, 1974
2009-P-010-06211            Rust, Bob, 1974
2009-P-010-06212            Metesky, George, 1974
2009-P-010-06213            Regan, Phil, 1974
2009-P-010-06214            Menotti, Gian Carlo, 1974
2009-P-010-06215            Jones, J. Robert, 1974
2009-P-010-06216            Fugate, Caril Ann, 1974
2009-P-010-06218            Ryan, Sheila, 1974
2009-P-010-06219            Kerwin, Joseph, 1974
2009-P-010-06222            Nickisch, Willard W.  Nickisch-Ressler Funeral Home, 1974
2009-P-010-06223            Kraft, Mrs. John (Mary), 1974
2009-P-010-06224            Quail, Ron  Hettinger (ND), 1974
2009-P-010-06225            Cannady, Tom St. Alexius Hospital, 1974
2009-P-010-06226            Schanel, Mrs. Alan M. (Lotys) National VA and Rehabilitation Chairman, 1973-74, Riverside (RI), 1974
2009-P-010-06227            Bane, Col. Mary, 1974
2009-P-010-06228            Franklin, Jr., Earl D. National Legion C & Y Chairman, Sterling (CO), 1974
2009-P-010-06229            Grasso, Rep. Ella T. now candidate for Governor (CT), 1974
2009-P-010-06230            Gibson, Paul  Deputy Mayor, NYC, 1974
2009-P-010-06231            Quinn, Sally former CBS News correspondent, now with New York Times, 1974
2009-P-010-06232            Mendel, Governor Mervin (MD), 1974
2009-P-010-06233            Stockdale, Rear Admiral James highest ranking office to be captured in Vietnam, 1974
2009-P-010-06234            Snowden, Lord  husband of Princess Margaret, 1974
2009-P-010-06235            Skelton, Red   comedian, 1974
2009-P-010-06236            Mayer, Al J., 1974
2009-P-010-06237            Pickard, Claude, 1974
2009-P-010-06238            Baukel, Rudy P., 1974
2009-P-010-06239            Fullerton, Maj. Charles, astronaut, 1974
2009-P-010-06240            Lenker, William F.  Legion National Rehabilitation Chairman, Sioux Falls (SD), 1974
2009-P-010-06241            Brown, Mrs. Paul (Norma) Filer, Idaho, National Auxiliary C & Y Chairman 1973-74, 1974
2009-P-010-06242            Ruci, Billy, 1974
2009-P-010-06243            Nordby, Donald  Amidon (ND), 1974
2009-P-010-06244            Hubbert, M. King  Research geophysicist for U.S. Geological survey, 1974
2009-P-010-06245            Riesel, Victor  blinded newspaper columnist, 1974
2009-P-010-06246            Hill, Loren appointed to College of Science and Mathematics at NDSU, Fargo (ND), 1974
2009-P-010-06247            Boeshans, Fred, 1974
2009-P-010-06248            Beall, George U.S. Attorney, Baltimore (MD), 1974
2009-P-010-06249            Knutson, Dr. Joseph, 1974
2009-P-010-06250            Erickstad, Lois K., 1974
2009-P-010-06501            Martwick, Marlys tennis coach, Mandan High School, Mandan (ND), 1973/12/05
2009-P-010-06502            Fankhanel, Lois Memorial Mental Health Center, 1973/08/12
2009-P-010-06503            Rouzie, John, 1973/07/21
2009-P-010-06504            Schon, Mr. and Mrs. John  Bismarck (ND), 1973/07/22
2009-P-010-06505            Foreman, Percy attorney Houston, 1973/07/22
2009-P-010-06506            Cannon, Dyan actress, former wife of Cary Grant, 1973/05/25
2009-P-010-06507            Shah, Mohammed Zahir last King of Afghanistan, 1973/07/22
2009-P-010-06508            Schneider, Ronald O.   Basin Electric, 1973/07/22
2009-P-010-06509            Page, Mr. and Mrs. R. W.  35th anniversary, Mandan (ND), 1973/05/08
2009-P-010-06510            Shearer, Mr. and Mrs. C. C. 60th Anniversary, 1973/07/18
2009-P-010-06511            Rude, Allen R.  Basin Electric, 1973/07/22
2009-P-010-06512            Powell, James F., 1974
2009-P-010-06513            Vadnie, Ann, 1973/07/26
2009-P-010-06514            Norstag, Konrad President of NDWF, Watford City (ND), 1973/11/30
2009-P-010-06515            Ellison, Richard (Ike) District ranger, U.S. Forest Service, 1973/11/30
2009-P-010-06516            Scheer, Robert S. NDWF, Parshall (ND), 1973/11/30
2009-P-010-06517            Ellingson, Mr. and Mrs. Alf N., Bismarck (ND), 1973/12/06
2009-P-010-06518            Murray, Robert  Vice-President-North American Coal Company, 1973/12/07
2009-P-010-06519            Kierland, David C., 1973/12/09
2009-P-010-06520            Putz, Roy Open Your Heart Chairman, Bismarck (ND), 1973/12/05
2009-P-010-06521            Sherman, Rev. William, Fargo (ND), 1974
2009-P-010-06522            St. Louis, Louis  entertainer-composer, 1973/12/02
2009-P-010-06523            Calloway, Northern guitarist-Composer, 1973/12/02
2009-P-010-06524            Sheffield, Dorothy J.  Den leader coach, Boy Scouts, 1974
2009-P-010-06525            Sobolik, Melvin N.  District Commissioner, Boy Scouts Dickinson (ND), 1974
2009-P-010-06526            Anderson, Arthur A. scoutmaster, Boy Scouts, Bismarck (ND), 1974
2009-P-010-06527            DeSica, Vittorio Italian director, 1974
2009-P-010-06528            Edwards, Governor Edwin (LA), 1974
2009-P-010-06529            Hayakawa, S. I. former president of San Francisco State College, 1974
2009-P-010-06530            Risner, Col. Robinson former Prisoner of War, 1974
2009-P-010-06531            Gilliam, Stu  actor, 1974
2009-P-010-06532            Kohoutek, Lubos for whom the comet was named, from Germany, 1974
2009-P-010-06533            Brown, Jr., Edmund, 1974
2009-P-010-06534            Kashfi, Anna  former wife of Marlon Brando, 1974
2009-P-010-06535            Liberace  pianist, 1974
2009-P-010-06536            Plume, Mrs. Shirley  Standing Rock superintendent, 1974/01/00
2009-P-010-06537            Moriarty, Michael  actor, 1974
2009-P-010-06538            Ben-Veniste, Richard Assistant Watergate prosecutor, 1974/01/16
2009-P-010-06539            St. Clair, James Chief White House Watergate lawyer, 1974/01/16
2009-P-010-06540            Bull, Stephen  White House aide, 1974/01/17
2009-P-010-06541            Deloria, Vine Indian author, leader, 1974
2009-P-010-06542            Mineta, Norman, Mayor of San Jose (CA) 1974
2009-P-010-06543            Kennedy, Jr. Edward M., son of Senator Edward (Ted) Kennedy, 1974
2009-P-010-06544            Larshus, Leonard ND Vocational Association President, Bismarck (ND), 1974/02/00
2009-P-010-06545            Conti, John former manager of J. C. Penny Company at Shelleyvill (IN) now in Bismarck (ND) --Mayer, Norbert Bismarck, State Vocational staff representative  See also #6544, Bismarck (ND), 1974
2009-P-010-06546            Robinson, Lewis S. Merchandise manager for Sears, Roebuck and company, Chicago now in Bismarck (ND), 1974
2009-P-010-06547            Sheeks, Gilbert E.  Mitchell, Ind. National vice-commander of American Legion, 1974
2009-P-010-06548            Walsh, Lawrence  President-elect, American Bar Association, 1974
2009-P-010-06549            Bradley, Bill  New York Knicks star --may seek congressional seat from N.J., 1974
2009-P-010-06550            Gunlikson, Roger  assistant cashier, State Bank of Burleigh County Trust Co., 1974
2009-P-010-06551            Johnson, Richard C. insurance agent, Bismarck (ND), 1974
2009-P-010-06552            Hearst, Patricia daughter of newspaper executive Randolph A.Hearst and 19-year-old granddaughter of William Randolph Hearst, 1974
2009-P-010-06553            Symbionese Liberation Army, 1974
2009-P-010-06554            Hechler, Rep. Ken (WV), 1974
2009-P-010-06555            Kroeze, Dr. Jeanette Gray wife of late Dr. Barend H. Kroeze, first President of Jamestown College, Jamestown (ND), 1974/02/00
2009-P-010-06556            Troutt, Ken, 1974
2009-P-010-06557            Janeski, Dean, 1974
2009-P-010-06558            Johnson, Rev. Mel R. daily broadcast, "Tips for Teens", St. Paul (MN), 1974
2009-P-010-06559            Hook, Dr. William F., 1974
2009-P-010-06560            Loeb, Helen  Assistant manager of VFW Club, Bismarck (ND), 1974
2009-P-010-06561            Just, Myron Commissioner of Agriculture, 1974
2009-P-010-06562            Dylan, Bob poet-composer, 1974
2009-P-010-06563            Rockne, Michael  director, 1974
2009-P-010-06564            Rehmann, Lieut. David, imprisoned for 6 years in North Vietnam, to run for GOP nomination, 1974/02/12
2009-P-010-06565            Cain, M. J., Dr. Ohio, first American veterinarian to study under the Chinese Academy of Acupuncture, 1974/02/06
2009-P-010-06566            Lord, Jack   actor, 1974
2009-P-010-06567            Cox, Col. Rodney E., 1974
2009-P-010-06568            Huebner, Lee  former Presidential speech writer, 1974/01/31
2009-P-010-06569            Roen, Chriss, 1974
2009-P-010-06570            Thosteson, Dr. George C.  Health column writer, 1974
2009-P-010-06571            Byrnes, Stephen L.  Director MW  North Dakota Office, 1974
2009-P-010-06572            Roach, Corwin C. NDSU Professor of Religion and Philosophy, 1974
2009-P-010-06573            Cohen, Mickey, 1974
2009-P-010-06574            Simon, William  Energy Chief, 1974/02/13
2009-P-010-06575            Dempsey, Jack former heavyweight champion, 1974/01/31
2009-P-010-06576            Miller, Mr. and Mrs. Gary Miller North Dakota artist, 1974
2009-P-010-06577            Hall, Warren, 1974
2009-P-010-06578            Griebling, Colonel Alfred, 1974
2009-P-010-06579            Griebenow, George, 1974
2009-P-010-06580            Bronn, Carl, 1974
2009-P-010-06581            Goldwater, Jr., Rep. Barry (AZ), 1973/05/15
2009-P-010-06582            Reinecke, Ed, 1974
2009-P-010-06583            Panov, Valery  Russian ballet star, Russia, 1974
2009-P-010-06584            Bridges, Jeff   actor, son of Lloyd Bridges, 1974
2009-P-010-06585            McIntire, Robert, 1974
2009-P-010-06586            Sailer, Hubert, 1974
2009-P-010-06587            Smith, Vernon, 1974
2009-P-010-06588            Schmitz, David, 1974
2009-P-010-06589            Fockler, Richard, 1974
2009-P-010-06590            Janssen, Kent, 1974
2009-P-010-06591            Kautzmann, Dwight, 1974
2009-P-010-06592            Vander Veen, Richard, 1974
2009-P-010-06593            King, Rebecca Ann, 1974
2009-P-010-06594            Ford, Tennessee Ernie country singer, 1974
2009-P-010-06595            Harper, Valerie actress, 1974
2009-P-010-06596            Lloyd, Jr., Lester W., Assistant Regional Director for Upper Missouri Region of the Bureau of Reclamation, Billings (MT), 1974
2009-P-010-06597            Lund, H. R.  Dean and director of NDSU College of Agriculture and Agricultural  experiment station, 1974
2009-P-010-06598            Fisk, Allen L. ND conservationist, soil conservation service, 1974
2009-P-010-06599            Todorov, Stanko, 1974
2009-P-010-06600            Martin, Dean Jr.  singer, son of actor, entertainer Dean Martin, 1974
2009-P-010-06601            Three Dog Night  rock group, 1974
2009-P-010-06602            Boumedienne, Houari, 1974
2009-P-010-06603            Stoessel, Walter J. Jr., 1974
2009-P-010-06604            Lawler, Debbie, 1974
2009-P-010-06605            Blake, Amanda  actress 19 years in show  "Gun Smoke", 1974
2009-P-010-06606            Unruh, Jess, 1974
2009-P-010-06607            Academy Awards, 1974
2009-P-010-06608            Holte, Ralph W., 1974
2009-P-010-06609            Shapiro, Henry, 1974
2009-P-010-06610            Ramsey, Dr. Michael, 1974
2009-P-010-06611            Luken, Rep. Thomas and wife, (OH), 1974
2009-P-010-06612            Murphy, Reg Atlanta Constitution Editor, Atlanta (GA), 1974
2009-P-010-06613            Princess Caroline of Monaco, 1974
2009-P-010-06614            Sullivan, Rev. Leon H., 1974
2009-P-010-06615            Harris, Phil actor, 1974
2009-P-010-06616            Sheen, Martin  actor, 1974/03/00
2009-P-010-06617            Austad, Alan, 1974
2009-P-010-06618            Severin, Barbara, 1974
2009-P-010-06619            Balogh, Dr. Bela, 1974
2009-P-010-06620            Brown, Pat, 1974
2009-P-010-06621            Dahl, John O., 1974/04/05
2009-P-010-06622            Clark, Roy country singer, 1974
2009-P-010-06623            Frost, David Talk show host, 1974
2009-P-010-06624            Wickenheiser, Dr. Robert, 1974
2009-P-010-06625            Carlsen, J. T. director, pupil transportation, Dept. of Public Instruction, 1974
2009-P-010-06626            Moench, James M. NDSU researcher, Fargo (ND), 1974/04/10
2009-P-010-06627            Kuylen, Andy, 1974
2009-P-010-06628            Earsley, Russell, 1974
2009-P-010-06629            Bosch, Tony Park Board, Bismarck (ND), 1974
2009-P-010-06630            Wood, Bill, 1974
2009-P-010-06631            Bauer, Edmund, 1974
2009-P-010-06632            Erickson, Don, Bismarck (ND), 1974
2009-P-010-06633            Production Credit Association Board of Directors and assistant managers, 1974
2009-P-010-06634            Finck, Arthur, 1974
2009-P-010-06635            Ward, Robert, 1974
2009-P-010-06636            Delmas, Jacques Chaban  former French Prime Minister candidate for presidency, 1974/04/09
2009-P-010-06637            Nixon, Edward  brother of President Richard Nixon, 1974
2009-P-010-06638            Vought, Mrs. Frank A., 1974
2009-P-010-06639            Bendish, Richard, 1974
2009-P-010-06640            Schnell, Richard L., 1974
2009-P-010-06641            Van Hoy, Dorothy M., 1974
2009-P-010-06642            Dauenhauer, Eugene Commander, Gilbert S. Furness American Legion Post 40, Mandan (ND), 1974
2009-P-010-06643            Sandoval, Fred M. USDA Agriculture Research Services, 1974
2009-P-010-06644            Knutson, Byron former state representative, 1974
2009-P-010-06645            Higgins, Bill  Bismarck High School chemistry teacher, Bismarck (ND), 1974
2009-P-010-06646            Naaden, Pete  Braddock (ND), 1974
2009-P-010-06647            Trotter, Dr. Virginia Y. Number 1 educator in the nation, 1974
2009-P-010-06648            Hsiao-ping, Teng deputy prime minister, China1974/04/00
2009-P-010-06649            Sawhill, John C.  new energy director, 1974
2009-P-010-06651            Gunn, Stan entertainer, 1974
2009-P-010-06652            Hoglund, Robert V., 1974
2009-P-010-06653            Wood, Bob, 1974
2009-P-010-06654            Jones, James Ellsworth, 1974
2009-P-010-06655            Bergland, Rep. Bob (MN), 1974
2009-P-010-06656            Bright, Judge Myron H.  Circuit Court of Appeals, St. Louis, 1974/05/00
2009-P-010-06657            Traxler, Sen. J. Robert (MI), 1974
2009-P-010-06658            Rabin, Yitzhak  Labor minister, 1974
2009-P-010-06659            Simmons, Jean  actress, 1974
2009-P-010-06660            Stevens, Sen. Ted (AK), 1974
2009-P-010-06661            de Spinola, Gen. Antonio head of Portugese military junta, 1974
2009-P-010-06662            Swank, W. P.  Montgomery Ward Store Manager, Bismarck (ND), 1974
2009-P-010-06663            Henley, Elmer Wayne 17 year old accused of six of 27 Houston, (TX) murders, 1974
2009-P-010-06664            Rosenberg, Michael and Robbie, sons of Julius and Ethel Rosenberg, executed in 1953 for passing atomic bomb secrets, 1974
2009-P-010-06665            Bronson, Charles  actor, 1974
2009-P-010-06666            Hall, Monty Game show host, 1974
2009-P-010-06667            Fisher, Wilbert Solen (ND), 1974
2009-P-010-06668            d'Estaing, Valery Giscard Independent Republican leader candidate at French Presidential elections, 1974
2009-P-010-06669            Merrill, William H.  Associate, special prosecutor for Watergate, 1974
2009-P-010-06670            St. Clair, James D. President Nixon's Watergate lawyer, 1974
2009-P-010-06671            Siler, Admiral Owen Wesley 15th Commandant of the Coast Guard, 1974
2009-P-010-06672            Richter, Larry, 1974
2009-P-010-06673            Heinshon, Arnold H. Investment officer, Northern National Life Insurance Company, Bismarck (ND), 1974
2009-P-010-06674            Paulson, Zane, 1974
2009-P-010-06675            Anderson, Dr. Richard D., 1974
2009-P-010-06676            Chirac, Jacques, 1974
2009-P-010-06677            Bumpers, Gov. Dale L. (D.-Ark.), 1974
2009-P-010-06678            Assad, Hafez Syrian President, 1974
2009-P-010-06679            Schmitz, Orell D., 1974
2009-P-010-06680            Loken, M. D. "Mike"  VP Mandan Security Bank, Mandan (ND), 1974/05/00
2009-P-010-06681            Alexander, Chauncey, 1974
2009-P-010-06682            Stratton, Lewis D., 1974
2009-P-010-06683            Bush, Charles  Republican National chairman, 1974
2009-P-010-06684            Drexler, Douglas, 1974
2009-P-010-06685            Gerhardt, L. F. "Bert" Executive VP Mandan Security Bank, Mandan (ND), 1974
2009-P-010-06686            Duppong, Wayne L. Century Motors, 1974
2009-P-010-06687            Hanson, Harold L. Reeder (ND), 1974
2009-P-010-06688            Leach, Charlene  Morton County program assistant, Urban 4-H field, 1974
2009-P-010-06689            Horak, Edward violinist, 1974
2009-P-010-06690            Kuhn, Larry  Southwest ND Distributor Salesman, Grande Canadian, 1974
2009-P-010-06691            Scott, Glenn TV news reporter, station KAJB Channel 4, Fargo (ND), 1974
2009-P-010-06692            Dorr, Mrs. Mary Public relations person, Volunteer Department American Bible Society, 1974
2009-P-010-06693            Kralicek, Dr. Eugene F. Director of Radiology, St. Alexius Hospital, Bismarck (ND), 1974
2009-P-010-06694            Fahd ibn Abdual Aziz Saud, Prince Saudi Arabia, 1974
2009-P-010-06695            Terry, Jerry R. Resident agent, U.S. Secret Service, Bismarck (ND), 1974
2009-P-010-06696            Watergate Break-in Impeachment proceedings, 1974
2009-P-010-06697            Wetsch, Del  Outstanding Mandan Jaycee for 1974
2009-P-010-06698            Guy, Sr., Mrs. William L. Sr. (Grace) Democratic-NPL Woman of the year, 1974/06/00
2009-P-010-06699            Combs, Jack R. Manager, Swimming Pool-Armory Auditorium complex, Mandan (ND), 1974/06/00
2009-P-010-06700            Henderson, Dr. William NDSU, Fargo (ND), 1974
2009-P-010-06701            Sheldon, Florence  Frboloprtd Incorporated, 1974/06/14
2009-P-010-06702            Thomas, Ralph, 1974
2009-P-010-06703            Neff, Mrs. Francine Irving  Treasurer of the United States, 1974/06/21
2009-P-010-06704            Riccardo, John J. President Chrysler Corporation, 1974/06/24
2009-P-010-06705            Johnson, J. Philip  appointed to ND Supreme Court, Fargo (ND), 1974/06/20
2009-P-010-06706            Hunter, Lendell  On FBI's "10 Most Wanted Men" list, 1974
2009-P-010-06707            Reeve, Bob founder of Reeve Aleution Airways, (AK), 1974
2009-P-010-06708            Tindemans, Leo Belgium Premier, 1974
2009-P-010-06709            Soares, Mario Secretary General of Portugese socialist party, 1974
2009-P-010-06710            Earl of Donoughmore Dublin, Ireland, 1974
2009-P-010-06711            Gesell, Judge Gerhard A., 1974
2009-P-010-06712            Sampson, Nicos new president of Cyprus, rebel government that ousted President Archbishop Makarios, 1974
2009-P-010-06713            Carlos, Prince Juan Spanish heir to throne, 1974/07/00
2009-P-010-06715            Mavros, George Greece's Foreign Minister, 1974/07/25
2009-P-010-06716            Greenspan, Alan  Chairman on the Council of Economic Advisors, 1974/07/23
2009-P-010-06717            Hogan, Rep. Lawrence (MD), 1974/07/23
2009-P-010-06718            Doar, John M. chief counsel to the House Judiciary committee, 1971/07/19
2009-P-010-06719            Sunset Terrace  proposed shopping center, Mandan (ND), 1974/07/00
2009-P-010-06720            Kilander, Ellie NDSU, Fargo (ND), 1974
2009-P-010-06721            Unkenholz, Sr., Mr. and Mrs. Grant H., Mandan (ND), 1974
2009-P-010-06722            Halm, Theodore J., 1974
2009-P-010-06723            Homuth, Donald, 1974/10/23
2009-P-010-06724            Huilskamp, Mike, 1974
2009-P-010-06725            Barrett, Mike rodeo co-chairman, Mandan Jaycees, 1974
2009-P-010-06726            Rhone, Jerry Jr., 1974
2009-P-010-06727            Wright, Mr. and Mrs. Estel 50th wedding anniversary, Flasher (ND), 1974/08/06
2009-P-010-06728            Boff, Sister Mary Joan, 1974
2009-P-010-06729            Karamanlis, Constantin Greek premier, 1974
2009-P-010-06730            Adams, John E. Assistant Attorney General, 1974
2009-P-010-06731            Richard, Ivor  British Ambassador, 1974
2009-P-010-06732            Ekart, Sylvester SCS, 1974
2009-P-010-06733            McCormick, R. D.  Northwestern Bell, Fargo (ND), 1974
2009-P-010-06734            Miller, Herb  president of the ND Division, National Association of Mental Health, Fargo (ND), 1974
2009-P-010-06735            Meier, Bernie Mandan Security Bank, Mandan (ND), 1974
2009-P-010-06736            Olson, Floy  Mandan Security Bank, Mandan (ND), 1974
2009-P-010-06737            Arnts, Allen, 1974
2009-P-010-06738            Austin, Ken, 1974
2009-P-010-06739            Engel, Gerald W., 1974
2009-P-010-06740            Jensen, Dale H.  Bismarck (ND), 1974
2009-P-010-06741            Grunseth, Dr. John, 1974/08/20
2009-P-010-06742            Holand, Roy A.  LaMoure (ND), 1974
2009-P-010-06743            Harvey, Frederick R. "Bob", 1974
2009-P-010-06744            Armstrong, Douglas, 1974
2009-P-010-06745            Oldenburger, Dr. Derek, 1974
2009-P-010-06746            Mermer, Noel F.  Detroit (MI), 1974
2009-P-010-06747            Olson, Thomas M. Assistant Morton County Agent, Mandan (ND), 1974
2009-P-010-06748            Nystuen, Peder, 1974/10/23
2009-P-010-06749            Edmonds, Nancy, 1974/10/23
2009-P-010-06750            Zeeb, Al, 1974/10/23
2009-P-010-06751            Ziegler, Kenneth, 1974/09/07
2009-P-010-06752            Bye, Duane, 1974/09/07
2009-P-010-06753            Rossow, Arthur L. Flasher, 1974/10/23
2009-P-010-06754            Hartmann, Robert T., 1974/10/23
2009-P-010-06755            Barbie Paul E. --Feist, Jerry, Mandan (ND), 1974/10/23
2009-P-010-06756            Rupe, Charles, 1974/10/23
2009-P-010-06757            Knecht, Mrs. Jane  President ND League of Women Voters, 1974/10/23
2009-P-010-06758            Tveito, Gary, 1974/10/23
2009-P-010-06759            Tosterud, Dr. Robert J., 1974/08/26
2009-P-010-06760            Grauman, Dr. Don  optometrist, 1974/10/00
2009-P-010-06761            Likness, Carleton J. Department Commander, ND American Legion, Milnor (ND), 1974/09/22
2009-P-010-06762            Foreman, George, 1974/10/30
2009-P-010-06763            Sevig, Daniel A.  Librarian, Mandan (ND), 1974/09/00
2009-P-010-06764            Messmer, Roland Library assistant, Mandan (ND), 1974/09/00
2009-P-010-06765            Nickey, Mrs. Phil (Linda), 1974/09/00
2009-P-010-06766            Ziniel, Ed, 1974/10/00
2009-P-010-06767            Goetz, Edmer A. auctioneer, 1974/09/00
2009-P-010-06768            Holte, Robert W., 1974/09/00
2009-P-010-06769            Schmitz, Herman  Williston (ND), 1974/09/00
2009-P-010-06770            Cher
2009-P-010-06771            Helbling, Mr. and Mrs. Val, 1974/09/00
2009-P-010-06772            Goetz, Larue, 1974/09/00
2009-P-010-06773            Hanson, Duane S. Reeder Western, Vice Commander ND American Legion 1974/75, Reeder (ND), 1979/09/22
2009-P-010-06774            Howes, Sr., Mr. and Mrs. Charles, 1974/08/00
2009-P-010-06776            Smith, Brian L., 1974/08/00
2009-P-010-06777            Thomas, Craig, 1974/11/00
2009-P-010-06778            Hansen, Sophie, 1974/11/00
2009-P-010-06779            Swenson, Larry, 1974/10/00
2009-P-010-06780            Morrisette, Joseph, 1974/11/00
2009-P-010-06781            Peterson, Harold, 1974/11/00
2009-P-010-06782            Neigum, George, 1974/11/00
2009-P-010-06783            Jamison, Warren L., 1974/11/00
2009-P-010-06784            Gruber, Dr. John B., 1974/11/00
2009-P-010-06785            Clark, Gary, 1974/11/00
2009-P-010-06786            Stewart, Lyle G., 1974/11/00
2009-P-010-06787            Greff, Bennie, 1974/11/00
2009-P-010-06788            Mushik, Corliss, 1974/11/00
2009-P-010-06789            Pederson, Vernon R., 1974/11/00
2009-P-010-06790            Radcliffe, Phyllis A., 1974/11/00
2009-P-010-06791            Dennis, Thora, 1974/11/00
2009-P-010-06792            Davis, Dennis Russell, 1974/11/00
2009-P-010-06793            Phillips, B. C., 1974/11/00
2009-P-010-06794            Allen, Rex, 1974/11/00
2009-P-010-06795            Pride, Charlie, 1974/11/00
2009-P-010-06796            Wicker, Tom, 1971
2009-P-010-06797            Von Braun, Dr. Wernher, 1970
2009-P-010-06798            Lee, Gary, 1974/11/22
2009-P-010-06799            Bommersbach, Rudy   Melroe, Fargo (ND), 1974/10/21
2009-P-010-06800            Zarb, Frank G., 1974/11/00
2009-P-010-06801            Udall, Rep. Morris K.  (AZ), 1974/12/00
2009-P-010-06802            Jury, George, 1974/12/00
2009-P-010-06803            Milsap, Ronnie, 1974/12/00
2009-P-010-06804            Renken, Betty  Management Secretary ND Association of Rural Electric Cooperatives, Mandan (ND), 1974/12/00
2009-P-010-06805            Rader, Robert Melroe, 1974/12/00
2009-P-010-06806            Fiedler, Arthur, 1974/12/00
2009-P-010-06807            Hetler, Gene Bank of North Dakota Asst.VP, 1974/12/00
2009-P-010-06808            James, Delores Bank of North Dakota Assistant Cashier, 1974/12/00
2009-P-010-06809            Wagner, Duane  Bank of North Dakota Assistant Cashier, 1974/12/00
2009-P-010-06810            Jahner, A. L.  Bank of North Dakota Assistant Cashier, 1974/12/00
2009-P-010-06811            Klemmer, Dave  Bank of North Dakota Assistant Cashier, 1974/12/00
2009-P-010-06812            Bishop, Bob, 1974/12/00
2009-P-010-06813            Ferebee, Ora, 1974/12/00
2009-P-010-06814            Mardian, Robert C., 1974/01/00
2009-P-010-06815            Carver, Bob NDSU, 1975/01/00
2009-P-010-06816            Nankivel, Richard NDSU, Fargo (ND), 1975/01/00
2009-P-010-06817            Thompson, Mrs. James (June), 1975/01/00
2009-P-010-06818            Wilson, Jack, 1977
2009-P-010-06819            Wedding photo, Brinch-Wetsch, ca. 1971
2009-P-010-06820            Wedding photo, Schmidt-Roberson, St. Mary’s (Bismarck, N.D.), June 12, 1971  
2009-P-010-06821            Wedding photo, Raymond Hoff, Janice Nelson (Flasher, N.D.), June 26, 1971
2009-P-010-06822            Wedding photo, Mr. and Mrs. John Kilber, St. Mary’s (Bismarck, N.D.), July 3, 1971          
2009-P-010-06823            Wedding photo, Audrey Hagwalt, Daniel Spencer, ca. 1971          
2009-P-010-06824            Wedding photo, Mr. and Mrs. Terence Dvorshak, Pitzer, July 9, 1971      
2009-P-010-06825            Wedding photo, Mr. and Mrs. Jerome Lee Becker, ca. 1971         
2009-P-010-06826            Wedding photo, Weilman-Stewart, June 5, 1971              
2009-P-010-06827            Wedding photo, Kottsick-Juskra, July 10, 1971   
2009-P-010-06828            Wedding photo, Haider-Poffenberger, June 19, 1971     
2009-P-010-06829            Wedding photo, Turner-Peterson, St. Lawrence (Flasher, N.D.), June 12, 1971   
2009-P-010-06830            Wedding photo, Kary-Clark, Christ the King (Mandan, N.D.), June 12, 1971           
2009-P-010-06831            Wedding photo, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Thomas, May 22, 1971      
2009-P-010-06832            Wedding photo, Mrs. Robert Johnson, ca. 1971
2009-P-010-06833            Wedding photo, Mr. and Mrs. Harold Schoff, ca. 1971    
2009-P-010-06834            Wedding photo, Shirley Zinnel, Fleck, July 23, 1971          
2009-P-010-06835            Wedding photo, Zaske-Chris Peterson, ca. 1971
2009-P-010-06836            Wedding photo, Brickner-Allen Schaeffer, ca. 1971         
2009-P-010-06837            Wedding photo, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Leingang, (St. Anthony, N.D.), July 2, 1971               
2009-P-010-068 38           Wedding photo, Burke-Michelson, June 26, 1971             
2009-P-010-06839            Wedding photo, Kuffenkam-Ron Vander-Linder (Bismarck, N.D.), June 12, 1971               
2009-P-010-06840            Wedding photo, Reinhart-Randall Sellheim, Faith Lutheran (Bismarck, N.D.), June 11, 1971          
2009-P-010-06841            Wedding photo, Leinarin-Folk, July 10, 1971        
2009-P-010-06842            Wedding photo, Jim Klein-Cheryl Wegner, July 24, 1971
2009-P-010-06843            Wedding photo, Storick-Lee Bahm, Christ the King (Mandan, N.D.), July 17, 1971              
2009-P-010-06844            Wedding photo, Wald-Baumgartner, July 3, 1971             
2009-P-010-06845            Wedding photo, Weller-Kilzer, ca. 1971 
2009-P-010-06846            Wedding photo, Bauerman-Virgil Wisdom, ca. 1971        
2009-P-010-06847            Wedding photo, Herman-Ervin Schantz, July 24, 1971     
2009-P-010-06848            Wedding photo, Pfaff-Lonnie Freier, ca. 1971
2009-P-010-06849            Wedding photo, Daman-Daniel Leverson, Cathedral (Bismarck, N.D.), July 2, 1971            
2009-P-010-06850            Wedding photo, Yetta-David Barth, ca. 1971
2009-P-010-06851            Wedding photo, Laubne-Rod Fisher, ca. 1971     
2009-P-010-06852            Wedding photo, Leingang-James Cornell, June 25, 1971
2009-P-010-06853            Wedding photo, Mr. and Mrs. Dan Zimmerman, ca. 1971
2009-P-010-06854            Wedding photo, Weiand-Melvin Ressler, St. Joe’s (Mandan, N.D.), June 26, 1971             
2009-P-010-06855            Wedding photo, Jane Hatzenbuhler-Wayne Benz (Center, N.D.), June 25, 1971 
2009-P-010-06856            Wedding photo, Mr. and Mrs. Phillip Duchscher               
2009-P-010-06857            Wedding photo, Horning-Whitman, ca. 1971
2009-P-010-06858            Wedding photo, Ellwein-Ahnemon, June 5, 1971              
2009-P-010-06859            Wedding photo, Pfaff-Donald Opp, ca. 1971
2009-P-010-06860            Wedding photo, Boehm-Gerhardt, June 19, 1971             
2009-P-010-06861            Wedding photo, Mr. and Mrs. Roger Jenkins, St. Gertrude (Raleigh, N.D.), May 22, 1971               
2009-P-010-06862            Wedding photo, Rodakowski-Simniohiu (Belfield, N.D.), June 12, 1971   
2009-P-010-06863            Wedding photo, Johnson-Wayne Zander, 1st Baptist (Bismarck N.D.), ca. 1971   
2009-P-010-06864            Wedding photo, Berger- Dennis Wetzstein, July 9, 1971
2009-P-010-06865            Wedding photo, Suko-Kermit Bullinger, St. Joe’s (Mandan, N.D.), June 4, 1971  
2009-P-010-06866            Wedding photo, West-Gary Brucker, Christ the King (Mandan N.D.), July 10, 1971            
2009-P-010-06867            Wedding photo, Mr. and Mrs. Duane Greff, May 1, 1971              
2009-P-010-06868            Wedding photo, Mr. and Mrs. Stone Clifford, May 7, 1971 or Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Werner
2009-P-010-06869            Wedding photo, Barbara Hilzengeger-LeeRoy Mitzel, ca. 1971                    
2009-P-010-06870            Wedding photo, Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Hilbling August 27, 1970
2009-P-010-06871            Wedding photo, Mr. and Mrs. Ken Remmick, St. Anne’s (Bismarck, N.D.), October 13, 1972
2009-P-010-06872            Wedding photo, Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Weiand, St. Joe’s (Mandan, N.D.), May 15, 1971               
2009-P-010-06873            Wedding photo, Naaden-Karls (Braddock, N.D.), June 5, 1971    
2009-P-010-06874            Wedding photo, Blazer-Pat Hertz, 1st Methodist (Mandan, N.D.), July 10, 1971  
2009-P-010-06875            Wedding photo, Helbling-Larry A Brown, St. Joe’s (Mandan, N.D.), July 10, 1971
2009-P-010-068 76           Wedding photo, Mr. and Mrs. Jim Grinsteinner, ca. 1971              
2009-P-010-06877            Wedding photo, June and Robert Ferderer, May 14, 1971            
2009-P-010-06878            Wedding photo, Mr and Mrs. Pat Dauenhauer, St. Joe’s (Mandan, N.D.), May 15, 1971  
2009-P-010-06879            Wedding photo, Mr. and Mrs. James Reinhardt, April 13, 1971   
2009-P-010-06880            Wedding photo, Jane Sturn-Ross Sasse, ca. May 1971    
2009-P-010-06881            Wedding photo, Gloria Dietz-Dallas Wade, July 24, 1971
2009-P-010-06882            Wedding photo, Joyce Weigel-Louis L. Loeb, ca. 1971     
2009-P-010-06883            Wedding photo, Resla-Lee Johnson, St. Anthony (town or church?), May 29, 1971           
2009-P-010-06884            Wedding photo, Mr. and Mrs. Gaylord Schmidt, ca. 1971
2009-P-010-06885            Wedding photo, Betty Tschida-Meredith Peterson, May 29, 1971             
2009-P-010-06886            Wedding photo, Mr. and Mrs. Tom Fiest, May 22, 1971 
2009-P-010-06887            Wedding photo, Marie Barth-Gross, May 29, 1971
2009-P-010-06888            Wedding photo, Debra Johnson-Tim Turnbull, ca. 1971
2009-P-010-06889            Wedding photo, Baum-Lyle Boehler, ca. 1971
2009-P-010-06890            Wedding photo, Diane Tellman-Larry Freise, Peace UCC (New Salem, N.D.), ca. 1971
2009-P-010-06891            Wedding photo, Mr. and Mrs. Chester and Bonita Schantz, St. Anne’s (Bismarck,             
N.D.), April 16, 1971
2009-P-010-06892            Wedding photo, Mr. and Mrs. James Geiger, St. Joe’s (Mandan, N.D.), ca. 1971
2009-P-010-06893            Wedding photo, Mr. and Mrs. James Koch, May 1, 1971
2009-P-010-06894            Wedding photo, Dallas and Wanda Guenthner (Mandan, N.D.), May 1, 1971       
2009-P-010-068 95           Wedding photo, Ost-Robert Joyce, ca. 1971        
2009-P-010-06896            Wedding photo, Donna Markel-Larry Jenkins, May 29, 1971        
2009-P-010-06897            Wedding photo, Schmidt-Lloyd Jensen, ca. 1971
2009-P-010-06898            Wedding photo, Judy Dietz-Arvin Schiene, May 28, 1971              
2009-P-010-06899            Wedding photo, Hruby-Ronald Geiss, ca. 1971   
2009-P-010-06900            Wedding Photo, Mr. and Mrs. Larry Duppong, 1st Lutheran (Mandan, N.D.), June 12, 1971
2009-P-010-06901            Wedding Photo, Barnhardt-Thomas, ca. 1971     
2009-P-010-06902            Wedding Photo, Becker-Neubauer, ca. 1971      
2009-P-010-06903            Wedding Photo, Mr. and Mrs. Wilbur Ressler, Christ the King (Mandan, N.D.), June 4, 1971
2009-P-010-06904            Wedding Photo, Mr. and Mrs. Monty Zins, Christ the King (Mandan, N.D.), ca. 1971        
2009-P-010-06905            Wedding Photo, Kathy Kessler-Howe, June 5, 1971
2009-P-010-06906            Wedding Photo, Bullinger-Harold House, Jr., June 5, 1971
2009-P-010-06907            Wedding Photo, Mrs. Jay Morland, ca. 1971        
2009-P-010-06908            Wedding Photo, Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Fried, ca. 1971      
2009-P-010-06909            Wedding Photo, Mr. and Mrs. Ed Newton, 1st Lutheran (Bismarck, N.D.), June 6,             
2009-P-010-06910            Wedding Photo, Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Werner, St. Anne’s (Bismarck, N.D.), June              
26, 1971
2009-P-010-06911            Wedding Photo, Larson-Weeda, ca. 1971             
2009-P-010-06912            Wedding Photo, Ulmer-M. P. Daner, ca. 1971    
2009-P-010-06913            Wedding Photo, Roemmich-Rodney Rudolf, ca. 1971     
2009-P-010-06914            Wedding Photo, Hruby-Seidel (Wilton, N.D.), June 26, 1971
2009-P-010-06915            Wedding Photo, Kary-Joe Markel, Christ the King (Mandan, N.D.), July 16, 1971
2009-P-010-06916            Wedding Photo, Kary-Thomas, St. Joe’s (Mandan, N.D.), ca. 1971            
2009-P-010-06917            Wedding Photo, Hatzenbeuler-Neibauer, St. Joe’s (Mandan, N.D.), June 19, 1971
2009-P-010-06918            Wedding Photo, Schwarz-Sakslang, ca. 1971       
2009-P-010-06919            Wedding Photo, Cindy Wessel-Gerald Schmidt, ca. 1971               
2009-P-010-06920            Wedding Photo, Nancy P. Bailey-Willard Blevins, ca. 1971
2009-P-010-06921            Unidentified man with puppet, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-06922            Inscription on back of photo states, “1974-1975 Bismarck FFA Chapter officers: Virgil Smith, Jay Brown, Jerry Biwer, Cheryl Ziegler, Robb Boyd, Mike Meuer”
2009-P-010-06923            2 unidentified women and 1 unidentified man at desk, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-06924            3 unidentified men in front of display, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-06925            Unidentified man, woman, and child talking, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-06926            3 unidentified men and 1 woman talking, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-06927            Unidentified man instructing 2 unidentified flute players, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-06928            3 unidentified cheerleaders, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-06929            4 unidentified men talking, 1974
2009-P-010-06930            2 unidentified women and 1 man sitting at table, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-06931            2 unidentified women holding knitted Old Milwaukee hats, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-06932            Stage rehearsal, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-06933            Crowd of men walking through a field, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-06934            2 unidentified men standing in field, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-06935            Large group stuffing envelopes, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-06936            2 unidentified women and 1 man sitting at table, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-06937            3 unidentified men sitting at table, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-06938            Woman sitting at table with decorations, inscription states, “Mrs. Theresa Anderson”, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-06939            Unidentified man holding artwork, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-06940            Unidentified woman with teenage boy, 1971
2009-P-010-06941            Children’s musical performance, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-06942            Unidentified man at podium, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-06943            Unidentified man standing in door of Volkswagen Beetle with Rolls-Royce grill, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-06944            2 unidentified men talking, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-06945            Unidentified group of teenagers, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-06946            3 unidentified men outdoors, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-06947            Unidentified woman dressed as queen waving from back of convertible, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-06948            Unidentified man with new appliances, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-06949            4 unidentified teenagers outdoors, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-06950            Store display of furniture and art, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-06951            Auto sales lot, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-06952            Store display of furniture and art, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-06953            Store display of table and chairs, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-06954            House for sale, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-06955            Stage set mimicking riverboat, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-06956            Ford pickup, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-06957            Collin’s store interior, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-06958            House under construction, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-06959            Wall mural, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-06960            Saleswoman holding shirt, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-06961            Store display of dresses, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-06962            Woolworth store display, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-06963            Saleswoman holding pants, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-06964            Salesman and hardware display, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-06965            Damaged building, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-06966            2 unidentified men holding paper, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-06967            2 unidentified men at desk, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-06968            2 unidentified women and 1 man holding platter of meat in office, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-06969            6 unidentified men from Elgin American Legion, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-06970            Unidentified woman with man seated at desk, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-06971            2 unidentified children shoveling, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-06972            Crowded outdoor swimming pool, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-06973            Unidentified woman trimming dog, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-06974            Unidentified child on horse being led, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-06975            4 unidentified men in suits, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-06976            2 unidentified men and 2 women seated at table, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-06977            4 trophies and 2 tiaras, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-06978            Unidentified woman and toddler in shoe store, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-06979            Unidentified man holding Christmas tree, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-06980            3 unidentified girls at crowded swimming pool, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-06981            Store display of furniture, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-06982            2 unidentified men trimming tree, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-06983            Group of unidentified men outdoors, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-06984            4 unidentified men in suits, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-06985            Unidentified family of four in store, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-06986            Unidentified woman in clothing store, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-06987            Santa with unidentified boy, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-06988            Unidentified man with group of boys holding trophies, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-06989            Unidentified woman, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-06990            Unidentified family, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-06991            4 unidentified men looking at building plans, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-06992            2 unidentified men, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-06993            4 unidentified women looking out of windows, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-06994            Unidentified shoppers in clothing store, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-06995            Unidentified man holding Christmas tree, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-06996            Instructor with group of young golfers, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-06997            2 unidentified men and woman sitting at table, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-06998            5 unidentified men painting tennis court lines, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-06999            2 unidentified men and 2 women at event, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07001            Unidentified man with folder arms, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07002            Unidentified group in front of Basin Electric sign, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07003            Unidentified boy and girl receiving award, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07004            2 unidentified women and man holding papers, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07005            Beaver cut tree, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07006 – 07007 Unidentified woman with sculpture, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07008            3 unidentified women and 1 man, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07009            2 unidentified women holding soft drink bottles, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07010            Ford GT, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07011            Unidentified man sitting at desk talking on telephone, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07012            Saleswoman holding dress, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07013            Matching Thermos set, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07014            Fleck auto dealership, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07015            Blue Ribbon Furniture and Appliance storefront, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07016            Office interior with Christmas tree, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07017            Honkola dental office exterior, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07018            6 unidentified boys wearing Cass-Clay shirts, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07019            Row of houses, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07020            House, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07021            Unidentified couple with baby, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07022            4 unidentified women, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07023            People building outdoor skating rink, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07024            5 unidentified men, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07025            Unidentified group sitting in room with mural covered walls, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07026            Unidentified children watching something, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07027            6 unidentified men in suits, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07028            2 unidentified men on horseback carrying flags, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07029            Unidentified woman holding book, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07030            4 unidentified women in costumes, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07031            4 unidentified men in suits, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07032            Unidentified man holding television in Appliance section of store, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07033            Sign for Bismarck Sports Equipment/Moto-ski, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07034            Furniture store display, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07035            Singer store front, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07036            Self Service Postal Center, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07037            2 unidentified boys working at table, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07038            Unidentified woman working at table, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07039 – 07040 Unidentified boy working at table, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07041            5 teenagers sitting on steps, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07042            Unidentified man holding Bernelli motorcycle, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07043            Unidentified woman, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07044            Car in auto lot, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07045            2 unidentified women in swimming pool, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07046            Unidentified man in front of pickup and holding fish, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07047            Ironing board cover, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07048            Unknown, inscription on back states, “for house ad”, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07049            Station wagon, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07050            Ice auger on table, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07051            Matching Thermos set, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07052            Camper, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07053            Pontoon boat, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07054            Group of birdbaths, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07055            Campers in lot, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07056 – 07057 Fitness equipment, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07058            2 unidentified men holding Nastrom-Peterson auto dealer sign, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07059            Unidentified man in front of grocery shelves, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07060            Unidentified man in restaurant, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07061            Restaurant interior, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07062            Unidentified couple in front of car at Deichert dealership, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07063            Unidentified man holding trophy behind 3 cattle, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07064            Televisions in salesroom, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07065            Furniture in salesroom, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07066            2 unidentified men in front of Driver Education car, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07067            Televisions in salesroom next to Santa display, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07068            Stereo systems in salesroom, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07069            Unidentified men sitting at restaurant counter, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07070            Unidentified man in doorway of machine, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07071            3 unidentified men with boxes, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07072            6 unidentified men at event, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07073            Illuminated “Wow!” sign, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07074            Unidentified cashier and 2 customers, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07075            Unidentified man in uniform at typewriter, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07076            First National Bank sign, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07077            Unidentified man at back of cargo van, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07078            Unidentified woman with clothing display, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07079            Unidentified man, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07080            2 unidentified men and woman at event, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07081            Unidentified man with 2 teenagers eating watermelon, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07082            Football game, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07083            4 unidentified teenagers sitting on wall, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07084            Unidentified man sitting in wheelchair in front of store display, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07085            Morrey Alan’s store front, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07086            4 unidentified women with Christmas tree, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07087            5 unidentified men in suits in office, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07088            Group of men eating box lunches, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07089            2 unidentified men in suits, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07090            Unidentified man with trophy, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07091            2 unidentified men with trophy, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07092            People placing rocks on hill to spell word, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07093            Unidentified group in gymnasium, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07094            Construction work next to store, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07095            5 unidentified people, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07096            3 unidentified in suits, ca. December, 1972
2009-P-010-07097            Unidentified man holding trophy, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07098            Unidentified woman kneeling by Christmas tree, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07099            Unidentified woman with man and boy in Boy Scouts uniform, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07100            Group of children with Santa, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07101            2 unidentified men and 2 women in front of Cenex 43rd Annual Meeting sign, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07102            Folding camp chair, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07103            House, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07104            3 unidentified teenagers holding FFA ribbons, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07105            Unidentified teenager in front of wall, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07106            3 unidentified boys in FFA jackets, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07107            2 unidentified men in front of pickup, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07108            2 unidentified men in Mazda showroom, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07109            Unidentified couple with baby, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07110            4 unidentified men, one with award, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07111            2 unidentified men, one presenting the other with US Dept. of Ag. certificate, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07112            Ribbon cutting ceremony, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07113            Unidentified man holding trophy, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07114            Coast to Coast store exterior, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07115            3 unidentified men seated at table, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07116            3 unidentified men and 1 woman, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07117            Unidentified man in front of store display, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07118            Television with Santa figure next to it, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07119            Store display of candles, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07120            5 unidentified men in suits, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07121            Unidentified boys in library, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07122            Unidentified woman holding artwork, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07123            5 unidentified men seated at table, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07124            3 unidentified men, 2 seated, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07125            Unidentified man in kitchen, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07126            Unidentified woman, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07127            Unidentified child in Santa’s lap, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07128            Saleswoman holding coat, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07129            4 unidentified men, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07130            Large group at 90th birthday party, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07131            Salesman holding box of rings, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07132            2 unidentified children holding paper turkeys, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07133            Unidentified man looking over fence, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07134            6 unidentified men painting a fence, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07135            2 unidentified men holding rebar, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07136            2 unidentified men in suits outdoors, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07137            6 unidentified teenagers in stairwell, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07138            Mandan sports team, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07139            4 unidentified men, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07140            6 unidentified teenagers in band room, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07141            Unidentified man in front of dumpster, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07142            Unidentified children playing baseball, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07143            3 unidentified boys with bicycle, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07144            2 unidentified children in rain coats, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07145            4 unidentified Boy Scouts, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07146            Car, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07147            Ribbon cutting ceremony, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07148            Empty office, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07149            Package of gift wrap, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07150            Building exterior, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07151            Office machinery, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07152            Saleswoman holding pants in Collin’s store, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07153            Collin’s store interior, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07154            Unidentified man leaning against pickup topper, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07155 – 7156 Furniture store interior, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07157            Hand picking up golf ball in cup, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07158 – 07159 Clothing store interior, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07160            Group holding North Dakota state flag, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07161            Unidentified man holding beading loom, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07162            2 unidentified women in costume, one dressed as Snoopy, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07163            4 unidentified women behind table, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07164            Unidentified woman on stage, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07165 – 07166 Student band, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07167            Student choir, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07168            Group of adults and children, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07169            Building demolition, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07170            Burning building, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07171            Building demolition, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07172            Group of people at table with paint brushes, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07173            3 unidentified women with record rack, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07174            Children’s gymnastics, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07175 – 07176 Decorated gymnasium, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07177            Unidentified man and woman holding artworks, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07178            2 unidentified men, one playing piano, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07179            3 unidentified women on patio, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07180            Unidentified man and woman with life ring sitting on chair, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07181            5 unidentified children on patio, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07182            Unidentified man speaking at podium, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07183            2 unidentified women posing, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07184            Unidentified girl behind table, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07185            Unidentified woman in front of store display, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07186            2 unidentified men in front of shoe display, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07187            Choir performance, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07188            Unidentified man holding champagne bottle in liquor store, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07189            Unidentified man in front of suit rack in store, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07190            5 unidentified women in front of exhibit, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07191            2 unidentified women sitting in chairs, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07192            6 unidentified women on front of wooden doors, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07193            5 unidentified women in front of netting, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07194            Painting of 2 unidentified men, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07195            Fountain in clothing display, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07196            6 unidentified children in dress clothes in Sears, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07197            Large assembly listening to speaker, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07198            Bicycles in store display, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07199            Furniture display, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07200            Unidentified man in Sears, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07201            Unidentified man with plastic bags on desk, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07202            Store interior, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07203            2 saleswomen holding clothes, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07204            Shoppers in store, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07205            Teenagers seated in room, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07206            Group of people outdoors, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07207            4 unidentified men, one seated, June 15, 1971
2009-P-010-07208            6 unidentified teenagers in front of curtain, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07209            2 unidentified men, 1 seated, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07210            Unidentified group of women seated at desks, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07211            8 unidentified women posing in room, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07212            2 unidentified women and 1 man, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07213            6 unidentified people around display table, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07214            Unidentified man and woman holding certificate, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07215            3 unidentified boys posing outdoors, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07216            1 unidentified man and 2 boys in Boy Scout uniforms, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07217            4 unidentified men in suits with certificates, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07218            2 unidentified men with trophy and plaque, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07219            Group of teenagers in a library, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07220            Unidentified group of children, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07221            Unidentified child in shopping cart, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07222            3 unidentified teenagers holding up right hands, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07223            3 unidentified women, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07224            5 unidentified men in front of car, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07225            Witness stand, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07226            Unidentified man in front of handbag display, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07227            5 unidentified men outdoors in matching coats, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07228            Wall poster of dancing dog that states, “Feelin’ Groovy”, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07229            Mandan Baptist Church exterior, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07230            Carpet World exterior, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07231            Large assembly of men, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07232            Unidentified man in suit, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07233            Salesman in front of rack of suits, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07234            Mannequins in clothing store, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07235            House, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07236            2 unidentified men shaking hands, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07237            Unidentified woman feeding fish in tank, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07238            Furniture store display, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07239            3 unidentified women at table, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07240            Unidentified woman by stairs in store, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07241            Unidentified boy next to bovine in elevated cage, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07242            3 unidentified teenagers reaching up to top of sunflowers, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07243            Large group seated at picnic tables outdoors, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07244            4 unidentified men in suits, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07245            6 unidentified women at table, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07246            2 unidentified women and 1 man, 1 woman seated, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07247            Unidentified man presenting award to 2 Boy Scouts, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07248            4 unidentified seated men, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07249            Unidentified women posing behind table with punch, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07250            7 unidentified men in suits, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07251            6 teenagers with instruments on steps, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07252            Marching band, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07253            4 teenagers in front of curtain, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07254            3 unidentified women, 1 seated, and 1 man, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07255            3 unidentified men and 2 seated women, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07256            9 unidentified people outdoors, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07257            Saleswoman with Halloween masks, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07258            2 unidentified men and 1 woman with nametags, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07259            Roadwork at Exit 34, Interstate 94, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07260            Unidentified man holding Christmas tree, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07261            3 teenagers working at table, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07262            4 unidentified women, 2 seated, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07263            4 unidentified men, 1 seated, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07264            Unidentified man and woman holding Monopoly glasses, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07265            5 unidentified women with gift wrapping, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07266            Frost covered tree, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07267            5 unidentified women holding cloth, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07268            Unidentified man standing in clothing store, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07269 – 07270 Unidentified woman standing in clothing store, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07271            Unidentified man standing in clothing store, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07272            Unidentified man and woman holding certificate, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07273            Collin’s furniture store, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07274            5 unidentified teenagers in stage production, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07275            3 unidentified women sitting on lawn, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07276            2 unidentified men in front of camper with Lutheran and Catholic charities sign, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07277            3 unidentified men and 1 woman in open doorway, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07278            8 unidentified children with 4-H plaques, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07279            Unidentified man and woman behind meat counter, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07280            Unidentified man in a suit, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07281            2 unidentified women and 1 man in medical shirts with Governor Guy, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07282            Unidentified man presenting award to teenage boy and girl, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07283            3 unidentified men in suits with shovels breaking ground, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07284            Unidentified man standing in front of group of teenagers, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07285            2 unidentified men shaking hands in front of airplane and soldiers, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07286            7 unidentified women posing in a line, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07287            Band members in uniform, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07288            6 teenagers in matching clothes, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07289            2 unidentified men in field with unknown equipment, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07290            Group of Masons standing in front of stage, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07291            Unidentified man giving a paper to 5 people, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07292            6 unidentified men at table, ca. 1970
2009-P-010-07293            Unidentified woman and girl in front of curved brick wall, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07294            Unidentified man speaking into microphone addressing crowd, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07295            4 unidentified women outdoors, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07296            Trinity College women’s choir, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07297            Portrait of unidentified man, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07298            2 unidentified men in front of 1974 Caprice, ca. 1974
2009-P-010-07299            2 unidentified men in front of El Camino, ca. 1974
2009-P-010-07300            2 unidentified men in front of 1974 Nova, ca. 1974
2009-P-010-07301            2 unidentified men in front of 1974 Chevelle, ca. 1974
2009-P-010-07302            Band members, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07303            4 unidentified men with certificate, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07304            Sizz’lin Sirloin restaurant exterior, ca. 1968-19754
2009-P-010-07305            2 unidentified men in front of Chevrolet pickup, ca. 1974
2009-P-010-07306            Unidentified man, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07307            4 unidentified women at table with crafts, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07308            Group of people getting off floating bridge, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07309            7 unidentified people table with documents, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07310            Empty hallway, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07311            Governor Link presenting award to unidentified man at Mandan Rodeo, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07312            Governor Link with Miss Mandan at Mandan Rodeo, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07313            Unidentified man with trophy, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07314            2 unidentified men inspecting plants, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07315            3 unidentified men in suits, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07316            5 teenage boys and 1 girls in FFA jackets with plaque, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07317            Unidentified woman, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07318            2 unidentified sixth grader boys at table holding glue bottle, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07319            8 unidentified 6th graders at table, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07320            Unidentified man in suit at table, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07321            Wall heating unit, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07322            2 unidentified men with Chevrolet plaque, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07323            Building exterior, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07324            Ice auger in store, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07325            Standard gas station exterior, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07326            Blue Ribbon store interior, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07327            Clothing rack in Collin’s, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07328            Unidentified woman, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07329            Farmers Insurance Group building exterior, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07330            Group of students in front of sign, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07331            3 unidentified people creating picture of man, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07332            10 unidentified women posing on grass, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07333            4 unidentified men holding a piece of paper, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07334            10 unidentified people in front of wall, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07335            Building exterior, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07336            Unidentified teenage boy in band uniform holding French horn, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07337            2 Plymouth cars, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07338            Portrait of Chet Huntley holding a pipe, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07339            Paul A. Wachter and R. C. Kirkwood, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07340            2 unidentified saleswomen holding shirts at Mandan Western Wear, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07341            6 unidentified teens, 1 reading to the others, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07342            Unidentified group of men in uniforms with drug display case, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07343            Governor Link signing paper with 4 unidentified men, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07344            Mandan High School Marching Braves, ca. 1974
2009-P-010-07345            Portrait of unknown man, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07346            North Dakota National Guard members with teenagers, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07347            2 unidentified boys with trophies, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07348            Christian Brothers Quartet posing with unidentified woman, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07349            9 unidentified men under welcome sign, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07350            2 unidentified men on golf course with trophy, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07351            Portrait of unknown man, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07352            5 unidentified men, 2 holding pieces of paper, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07353            2 unknown boys with produce, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07354            Outdoor pavilion near radar domes and parking lot, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07355            2 unknown women in dorm room, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07356            Unidentified man and woman with Christmas tree, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07357            2 unidentified men and woman at table in meeting, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07358            3 unidentified men, 1 on tractor, in Ditch Witch business, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07359            Ditch Witch building exterior, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07360            Unidentified man and woman, Ditch Witch employees, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07361            Ditch Witch building exterior, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07362            A&B pizza building exterior, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07363            2 unidentified men in front of truck, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07364            2 unidentified women, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07365            2 unidentified women and man in hair dryers, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07366            2 unidentified women playing cards at table, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07367            Unidentified woman in kitchen, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07368            Unidentified woman working at table by Christmas tree, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07369            Stocked store shelving at J&S Mobile Homes, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07370            School band, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07371            Unidentified man behind bar, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07372            4 unidentified women decorating a tree with eggs, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07373            Unidentified woman with giant loaf of bread, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07374            Driveway to home under a metal truss bridge, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07375            Unidentified police officer presenting in a classroom, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07376            Unidentified woman in crocheted shirt, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07377            Unidentified woman playing woodwind instrument, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07378            3 unidentified woman sitting in chairs conversing, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07379            Choir performing, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07380            Unidentified man and woman by model of classical building, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07381            8 unidentified men sitting around a table, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07382            5 unidentified girls with trophies, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07383            7 unidentified teenagers sitting on grass, 1 on car, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07384            Christmas decoration on light pole, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07385            2 unidentified men looking at table, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07386            2 unidentified men looking at document, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07387            11 unidentified women looking up at camera, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07389            3 unidentified men, 2 seated at table, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07390            Unidentified woman speaking at podium at Holiday Inn (Bismarck, N.D.), ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07391            Tony Schalz of Tony’s Trading Post, Mandan, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07392            Portrait of Candyce Andrus, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07393            Portrait of Senator William F. Knowland, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07394            Mr. and Mrs. Lowell Moravetz, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07395            Portrait of Mrs. Charles M. Bosley, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07396            Mrs. U. J. Dillavon, Mrs. R. A. Rittenbush, Mrs. Enock Schultz, Mrs. H. D. Dunahay, Mrs. G. A. Hample, Mrs. Enola Eck, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07397            Mandan Rainbow Miss Runyan, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07398            Wall Street Jaycees on stage, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07399            Elgin Golden Agers craft show, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07400            Bismarck Hospital Nurses, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07401            Patty Schulte, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07402            Donna Dunhilberger, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07403            Charlotte Ann Simms, Miss Minnesota, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07404            Diane Miller, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07405            Phyllis Kelsch, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07406            Susan Rivinius, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07407            Lynn Marone, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07408            Mary Beth Barr, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07409            Linda Hanson, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07410            Judy Thomas, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07411            Donna Dunkelberger, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07412            Karen Leet, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07413            Kathi Kennelly, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07414            Redington Larson, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07415            Norma and Carl Shepherd of Shepherd Sales (Bismarck, N.D.), ca. August 1972
2009-P-010-07416            Bismarck Hospital School of Nursing graduates, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07417            Sioux Falls College Choir, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07418            Dorothy Wagner, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07419            Ken Holum at Missouri Basin Municipal Power Conference, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07420            Helma Brunmeier, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07421            Larry Schroeder, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07422            Mrs. Arnold Jaeger, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07423            Ashley Alexander, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07424            Rudy Voegal, Jack Steckler, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07425            Wayne and Linda Frohlich with 1974 Chevelle, ca. 1974
2009-P-010-07426            YMCA Construction, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07427            Al Royce and Senator Young, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07428            El Rancho trailer house, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07429            Julius Orth-Beulah, Donald Pulkrabek-Mandan, Harlem Werner-Carson, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07430            El Rancho trailer house, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07431            Wanda Schafer, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07432            Sandra Neidhardt, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07433            August Dirk and Mickey Mouse, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07434            Frank S. Miller and son, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07435            Old Missouri Players, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07436            Members of Old Missouri Players, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07437            Jerry Biwer, Robb Boyd, And Fred McClure in FFA jackets, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07438            Marcia Bigelow, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07439            Don Rychlick and Dale Schmidt with Jaycee of the month certificates, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07440            Ruben and Gene Auch, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07441            Dave Evinger, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07442            Keith Mohler, FFA National Vice President 1973-1974, ca. 1974
2009-P-010-07443            Roger Hille and 3 unidentified men, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07444            Alice Kahl, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07445            Peter Materi with a Chevrolet Impala, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07446            Vonna Haug at Northridge School playing violin, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07447            Ron and Diane Susek, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07448            Partially identified men holding instruments: Martin-Medina, Schmeling, Hatzenbihler-Mandan, Rausch-Bismarck, Morrison-Bismarck, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07449            Timm M. Hurst, Vice President-Administration, Blood Services, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07450            Juanita Helphrey, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07451            Lotus Rosini, January 15, 1974
2009-P-010-07452            Knute Brick, January 24, 1975
2009-P-010-07453            Stanley Briggs, January 24, 1975
2009-P-010-07454            Mike Vig, January 24, 1975
2009-P-010-07455            Mrs. Paul Angell, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07456            Gary Mantz, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07457            Don Zundel, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07458            Dr. Terril B. Ingebrightson, Blood Services, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07459            Eleann Huffmaster, Blood Services, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07460            Marquis Childs, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07461            Ann Haas, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07462            Mr. Ray Shimer, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07463            George Olson, Melrae-Clark, February 10, 1975
2009-P-010-07464            Darnell Lundstrom, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07465            Phyllis A. Ratcliffe, ca. 1974
2009-P-010-07466            Steve Ohm, First Northwest Bank, ca. January 1975
2009-P-010-07467            Elvin Luiring, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07468            Nevins Wilburn, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07469            Bill Mitsette, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07470            Frank Klein, Dakota Northwest Bank (Bismarck N.D.), ca. 1975
2009-P-010-07471            Bob MacKenzie, December 18, 1974
2009-P-010-07472            Mrs. Alton Kappong and Welcome Wagon presenting gift, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07473            St. Mary’s Central High School Honor students, ca. 1969
2009-P-010-07474            Revolutionary War maps given to Veteran’s Memorial Public Library by Friends of the Library (Bismarck N.D.), ca. April 1973
2009-P-010-07475            Nik Miller, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07476            Irene Theisen, Vice-President and Controller of First Northwest National Bank (Mandan N.D.), ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07477            Charles Ruzicka, ca. August 1962
2009-P-010-07478            Georges Pompidou, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07479            Chet Huntley, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07480            Arthur Leno of Bismarck, ca. 1991
2009-P-010-07481            Theodore Jamerson of Fort Yates, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07482            Richard J. Thompson, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07483            Mr. Ruzicka, June 11, 1960
2009-P-010-07484            James Mische, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07485            Kay Schmidt, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07486            Carmen Greenshields, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07487            Paulette Rae Nelson, June 14, 1970
2009-P-010-07488            William Litterdale, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07489            Mary Preth Rifen, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07490            R. Fay Brown of Bismarck, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07491            Judge Alvin C. Strutz, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07492            Ruth Rudsen, ca. 1952
2009-P-010-07493            Dr. Neff, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07494            A. W. Bolt, ca. 1966
2009-P-010-07495            Elsie Stark Martin, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07496            Palma Fristad, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07497            Roger Conklin, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07498            Colleen Connell, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07499            Kathy Brown, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07500            Cindy Kuntz, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. William J. Kuntz of Mandan, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07501            Bonnie MacMartin, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07502            William Engelter, Sr. family, Family of the Year award, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07503            Marla Olson, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07504            Iris M. Wright, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07505            Ronette Schmidt, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07506            Mark Kattenbrock, Glen Ullin High School Salutatorian, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07507            Diane Schafer, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07508            Donita Masseth and Diane Schlosser, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07509            Paul Kim Heisler, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07510            Jake Schlosser, Chase Chevrolet, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07511            Richard Kern, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07512            Edwin Eglic and wife of New Salem with 1974 Impala, ca. 1974
2009-P-010-07513            Mary Kay Schaumty, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07514            Art Tokach, Director and Polly Fischer, Co-Director of Mandan Art Show, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07515            DeLayne Trautmann of Bismarck with a Vega Wagon, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07516            Mark Carlson and Eric Dahlin shaking hands with Harry Trainer at Missouri Slope                Lutheran Home, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07517            Mr. Johnson, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07518            Dr. Kautzman, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07519            Mitchell E. Premis, Director of the IRS, installed 1/15/1975, ca. 1975
2009-P-010-07520            Kathy Fricke, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07521            Robert W. Wagner, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07522            Yvonne M. Hilbling, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07523            Douglas Sattler, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07524            Ray Papacek, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07525            Paul Schack, Koreen Ressler, Cindy Maker, Charles Giedd, Durnell Kleim, John Bae, Mark Giedd, Randi Josephson, Paul Toman, Richard Tokach, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07526            Jim Dovier, TSC store, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07527            Dr. Francis V. Tannehill, West District United Methodist, ca. 1975
2009-P-010-07528            Al Jallarano, January 9, 1975
2009-P-010-07529            Jim Braten, December 3, 1974
2009-P-010-07530            Sharon Kelly, Bismarck Junior College student, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07531            Rose Staller and Judy Nygard, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07532            Roy Young and Mrs. Hildegard Giese of New Salem, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07533            Farrell Carlson, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07534            Mrs. Mel Skager and daughter Susie preparing goodwill baskets, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07535            Jake Mills, Broaster Catering, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07536            State School of Science President Clair T. Blickre, Harvey Hakkenson, Vocational Director at BJC, Don Eshelby, research coordinator for state board for Vocational Education in Bismarck, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07537            Perry Rask, Mike Zachmeier, Trint Rask, Myra Lang, Jacquelin Pratschner, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07538            Warren Means, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07539            Chuck Giller, Betsy Tollstedt, Annette Mischke, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07540            Francis Larson, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07541            Dr. H. A. Wheeler, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07542            Sean Morris, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07543            Mr. Lynd, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07544            Mrs. Signe Cooper, ca. August, 1971
2009-P-010-07545            Veteran’s Memorial Public Library bookcase (Bismarck N.D.), ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07546            Thomas Boehm of Mandan with 1974 pickup, ca. 1974
2009-P-010-07547            3 unidentified men, inscription on back states, “Burlington Northern Days in Mandan”, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07548            2 unidentified men and woman, inscription on back states, “Baldwin Farmer”, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07549            Arta Leno, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07550            TEAM Electronics store display, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07551            Donald L. Schmid, Bonnie L. Miller, Melvin H. Hanson, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07552            Robb Boyd, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07553            Timothy Renner, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07554            Jerome Biwer, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07555            Steven Johnson, Dan Jordan, David Demke, Jon Gilbertson, Ricky Link, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07556            Assistant Chief Mandan Fire Dept. Don Sturn, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07557            Joyce Masseth, Tony Engelhardt, Linda O’Connor, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07558            Unidentified saleswoman holding pants in Collin’s store, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07559            Television sets in Bill’s Magnavox store, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07560            Jeans display at Sears, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07561            Television sets at Montgomery Wards, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07562            Stereoland building exterior, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07563            4 unidentified Cloverdale employees, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07564            Vaneta Ackerman, Becky Freise, Pat Huger, Barb Hill, Diane Friesz, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07565            Clothing rack in Collin’s, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07566            Eckroth Music store interior, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07567            2 unidentified men in front of pickup, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07568            Blue Ribbon store interior (Mandan N.D.), ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07569            Dakota Flooring store interior, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07570            Dakota Flooring store interior, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07571            Console stereos in Thomas store showroom, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07572            Mrs. Olson, Northwestern Bell, with artwork, November 1, 1971
2009-P-010-07573            Rack of coats in Collin’s, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07574            Floyd Dohn, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07575            Dan Heintzman, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07576            Ed Martinson, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07577            Dick Goetzfried, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07578            Bob Schrub, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07579            Bob Fleck, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07580            Vern Bender, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07581            Len Hetland, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07582            Village Inn counter, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07583            Schneider ad photo, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07584            Appliances in Thomas store, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07585            Al Von Bank, service manager at Century Motors, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07586            Larry Bohmiller of Century Motors, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07587            3 unidentified railroad workers sitting at table, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07588            Yvonne DeBlaey, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07589            Andy Piatz, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07590            Gerald M. Sturn of New Salem, ND, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07591            Alvin Toppler, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07592            Donna Kuhn, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07593            Kenneth Kuntz, Solen High School, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07594            Carlene Hatzenbuhler, Solen High School, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07595            Alan Gullickson, Solen High School, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07596            Gloria Geiss, Solen High School, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07597            Bob Bender, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07598            Ms. Silvercruys and her prize-winning bust of James V. Forrestal, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07599            Wildlife photographer Kent Durden, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07600            Arlene Thompson, Lola Monroe, Sandra Schmidt posing on stairs, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07601            Pam Haupt, Girl Scout Troop 116 in sandwich board outdoors, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07602            Douglas Davis and 3 unknown children, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07603            Burleigh County Horsemen: Barb Hill, Mary Hill, Erin Lies, Mike Meuer, Lisa Remick, Vaneta Ackerman, Tom Alk, Susan Spitzer, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07604            2 unidentified men, Bismarck Masonic Lodge, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07605            One of six cabins at Camp Grassick, ND, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07606            4-H cooking award winners: Lorraine Koppang, Corine Coleman, Debbie Stewart, Carla Steckler, Cindy Vollan, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07607            4-H speech award winners: Steve Morris, Curtis Coleman, Vicki Holden, LuAnn Gregoryk, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07608            4-H speech award winners: Sheldon Adams, Marshal Erickson, Sandy Buchfink, Judi Gartner, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07609            4-H award winners: Kathy Pederson, Margaret Dockter, Debi Boone, Mary Beth Johnson, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07610            4-H award winners: Judy Baranyk, Lois Franklund, Janis Adams, Brenda Spitzer, Marie, Erickson, Janette Anderson, Barbara Krush, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07611            Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence J. DuKast, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07612            Swine judging winners: John Boe, Cindy Maher, Steve Eckroth, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07613            4-H crop judging winners: 4 unidentified children, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07614            Bernard Alt, U.S. Forest Service, ca. 1975
2009-P-010-07615            4-H sheep winners: Mark Giedd, Randi, Josephson, Paul Tomas, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07616            2 unidentified men holding documents, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07617            Toni Marak in 4-H jacket, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07618            Art Tokach, Director and Polly Fischer, Co-Director with a painting, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07619            4-H beef winners: Dumell Klein, Paul Toman, Paul Schock, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07620            Kirwood Bank interior, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07621            4-H award winners: David Brown, David Johnk, Lyndon Anderson, Terry Alm, Janis Baranyk, Colleen Schneider, Melanie Anderson, Sharon Asplund, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07622            2 adults with 5 children holding bags of sticks: Patter, Gerhardt, McFerran, Laib, Bachmeir, Duane Olson, Barbara Ann, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07623            8 teenage girls in prom dresses: Lynn Fried, Bernie Weigel, Roberta Schule, Polly Rowender, Carol Pfleger, Connie Moser, Sharlene Zenker, Kathy Yunker, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07624            3 unidentified men in front of van marked “Fun Wagon, Donated by US Men’s Club, Bismarck, ND”, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07625            Kirkwood Bank interior, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07626            Dean C. and Edith Humann of Coast to Coast store, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07627            Coast to Coast store interior, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07628            Mrs. Henry Larson, Mrs. John Kruger, Mrs. Adam Hoff, Mrs. Emil Lang, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07629            3 men cutting cake at Bismarck Toastmasters 25th Anniversary: Richard Corcoran, James Dertien, Richard Horton, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07630            Mannequin in clothing store, photo inscribed “Tempo”, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07631            7 unidentified 4-H winners, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07632            3 unidentified men, photo inscribed “Realtors”, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07633            Unidentified man holding a “Cigarette Machine”, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07634            5 unidentified men sitting at table conversing, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07635            Backyard of Crawford house, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07636            Plaza Twin Theatres exterior, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07637            Hughes High School marching band, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07638            4-H Junior Division winners: LuAnn Gregoryk, Lois Franklund, Lynda Anderson, Janice Baranyk, Elwood Erickson, Melonie Anderson, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07639            Jill Anderson, RoseMary Leingang, Lorren Hoger, Rocky Bateman, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07640            Bill Fristad, winner, State Science Fair, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07641            Bill Fristad with science project, “Polymerization Apparatus”, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07642            Elks 1256 building exterior, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07643            Cindy Ziegler on horseback, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07644            Katherine Klein holding a dress in The Fashion Shop, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07645            George Diwyer in pharmacy, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07646            3 unidentified men and nun “planning a dinner dance”, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07647            Gerry Sundquist, service specialist, in record shop, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07648            James G. Schneider in furniture showroom, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07649            House at 109 11th Ave NW, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07650            Tracey Martin of Mandan playing piano, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07651            Adults and children standing around a snow cone machine: Keith Bunnell, Kenny Siegel, Linda Bunnell, Mrs. Elda Johnson, Phil F. Thomas, Neil Gallagher, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07652            Mr. and Mrs. Sam Thiel and Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Seld holding certificates, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07653            Mr. and Mrs. Emanuel Fleck, Mr. and Mrs. Richard Schmidt, Mr. and Mrs. Adam Guetin holding certificates, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07654            Unidentified man by science display entitled “Heat Machine”, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07655            Hebron High School choir, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07656            Console stereos in Wylie Piano Stereophonic Saloon, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07657            Racks of clothing in Collin’s, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07658            Unidentified man with donation filled grocery cart for Mandan Jaycees, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07659            Crown of people at picnic tables near Mandan Depot (Mandan N.D.), ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07660            Merlin P. Dahl and Jim Lenner, Work Adjustment and Vocational Education, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07661            Marine Biology Field Trip group, Jamestown College: Dionne Mack-Pettibone, Bud Sivert-Jamestown, Professor Joseph Claflin-Jamestown, Rita Woltzer-New Salem, ca. 1971
2009-P-010-07662            Otto Dahn playing violin, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07663            Jane Bland modeling bullet belt in My Sister’s Closet clothing store, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07664            Village Inn restaurant interior, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07665            Unidentified saleswoman holding jacket in Collin’s, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07666            Snowblower in K-Mart, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07667            GMC truck, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07668            Blue Ribbon Furniture store interior, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07669            Unidentified woman with cart of flowers in Woolworth Department Store, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07670            1969 Plymouth Fury II, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07671            Unidentified saleswoman holding clothing in Collin’s, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07672            Miss Fargo, Sharon Klabo, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07673            1st National Bank Architectural Drawing, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07674            Miss Enderlin, Patricia Anderson, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07675            Celeste Adele Hill, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07676            Janice Carole Septon, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07677            Deborah Sue Hillier, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07678            Connie Kaye Kroh, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07679            Loanne Lee Smaaladen, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07680            Miss Geographical Center, Shiela Rosann Axtman, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07681            Marcy Roth, Grant County, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07682            Marsha Dick, Lisbon, ND, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07683            Dianne Meyers, Northwood, ND, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07684            Candy Skarsgard, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07685            Larraine Kay Baumgarten, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07686            Laurel Norman, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07687            Janet Denise Gesner, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07688            B. Johanns, Richland County, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07689            Miss Tanya Ska Koon, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07690            Miss Jamestown, Michelle Morrison, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07691            “Killdeer Lass”, ca. 1967-1968
2009-P-010-07692            Miss Gateway to West, Kailiss Kay Hiel, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07693            Maxine Faskerud, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07694            Sandra Sue Gronowski, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07695            Jan Wilken speaking on phone, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07696            Dakota Flooring showroom, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07697            Schneider’s Furniture sign, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07698            Camera in box at K-Mart, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07699            Lola in aisle of Central Drug, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07700            Hobby Shack exterior, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07701            Dishwashers in showroom, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07702            Century Shoppe interior, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07703            Chilton baking pans at K-Mart, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07704            1965 Chevrolet Bel Air, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07705            Chaparral motorcycle, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07706            Mike Leingang and Bob Nelson in Texaco uniforms, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07707            Missouri Valley Motors, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07708            Bank interior, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07709            Unidentified man in Co-Op jacket, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07710            Unidentified man in front of Farmer’s Union station, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07711            Wade Selmly, Karen Rensler, Gail Soerbke, Jean Rush, Jaime Johnson, ca.
2009-P-010-07712            Elmer Ratio, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07713            Karol Kisen in Steckler’s for Men, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07714            Unidentified saleswoman in Montgomery Wards, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07715            4-H award winners: Karla Klusman, Eleanor Schmidt, Peggy Schmidt, Dal Siebery, Wade Schultz, Kenton Holle, Tina Klusman, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07716            Ed Nagel, manager, in showroom of Corwin Churchill Appliance, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07717            4 unidentified men, Mandan Chamber of Commerce, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07718            Wanda Lou Lawry speaking to audience, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07719            Wanda Lou Lawry speaking to audience, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07720            4 Boy Scouts: Mike Engel, Steve Seitz, David Bruntsell, Greg Seebert, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07721            4 Boy Scouts: Mike Engel, Steve Seitz, David Bruntsell, Greg Seebert, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07722            Heart Butte encampment, ca. July 1968
2009-P-010-07723            Group of Boy Scouts, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07724            Unidentified women on Mandan Elks Indian headdress parade float, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07725            11 unidentified women in gowns, Bismarck Eagles Auxillary, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07726            9 unidentified women in gowns, Bismarck Eagles Auxillary, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07727            Connie Zarndt, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07728            3 unidentified women with trophies, Miss Morton County, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07729            Burned out McDonald Hotel, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07730            Gary Miller painting a picture, ca. 1968-19750
2009-P-010-07731            Unidentified woman in Mandan Art Gallery, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07732            2 unidentified women at Presbyterian Bazaar, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07733            2 unidentified women at Presbyterian Bazaar, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07734            6 unidentified people seated, October 23, 1969
2009-P-010-07735            3 unidentified women, BPW presentation, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07736            6 unidentified women, BPW officers, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07737            Miss Grand Forks AFB and Miss James River, April, 27, 1969
2009-P-010-07738            Mike K., Bishop Hacker, Jeff Ehli, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07739            American Cancer Society function: Mrs. G. J. Olslund, Mrs. William Higgins, Mr. Russell Hughes, Mrs. Hubert Heid, John E. Davis, Mrs. William Watters, Mrs. Joe Gold, Mrs. John Burkhardt, Mrs. Don Klingensmith, Rev. John L. MacMullen, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07740            Morton Cancer: Mrs. Don Klingensmith, Mrs. G. J. Olslund, Mrs. Jarrett Imgram, Mrs. William Higgins, Mr. Russell Hughes, Mrs. John Burkhardt, Mrs. William Watters, Rev. John L. MacMullen, Mrs. Matt Tokach, Mrs. Joe Gold, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07741            Bonnie Geir with VFW members, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07742            Grant Hendrick, Wall Street Jaycees, carrying toys with unidentified man, ca.
2009-P-010-07743            9 unidentified women, PEO ,ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07744            3 unidentified women, PEO, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07745 – 07746 7 unidentified women, PEO members, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07747            Grocer’s convention, April 27, 1969
2009-P-010-07748            White Shrine, women’s clubs members, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07749            Muscular Dystrophy group posing outdoors, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07750            “Situation well in hand! Members of St. Mary’s Central High School Chair
Council” outdoors in snow, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07751            St. Mary’s Choir practicing, ca. 1968
2009-P-010-07752            “Miracle Worker” play, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07753            3 women in large hats, “Mad-Hatters”, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07754            4 unidentified people outdoors by university of Mary belltower, “Bennett Cerf,” ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07755 – 07756 Ancilla Luncheon, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07757            Ancilla fashion show by indoor pool, Carol Dawson, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07758            Ancilla fashion show by indoor pool, Linda Guon, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07759            Ancilla fashion show by indoor pool, Carol Thompson, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07760            Sheriff’s Posse, 5 unidentified men in uniform, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07761            Mindi Berg holding Vanity 4 pant suit, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07762            5 unidentified girls in Maurice’s store display, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07763            Vern Miller, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07764            Robert Watts, Dickinson painter with paintings, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07765            Group of children on steps of St. Joseph’s church, ca. October, 1968
2009-P-010-07766            Unidentified salesman holding a television in an appliance store, ca. 1968-
2009-P-010-07767            Chase Chevrolet showroom, January 17, 1971
2009-P-010-07768            Ad photo, 2 jewelry boxes, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07769            Mike Gieser in front of machinery, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07770            Connie’s Body Shop exterior, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07771            Gus Bougre, Minnkota Center plant superintendant, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07772            2 unidentified men in front of Kirkwood Barber Shop, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07773            Prince Hotel exterior, April 11, 1971
2009-P-010-07774            Senior Division Winners: L to R, Linda Adamyk, Alex Hager, John Schneider,
Debbie Noon, Deborah Anderson, and JoAnn Baranyk, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07775            5 unidentified men in front or marquee, “Circle K Club”, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07776            Baptist Temple exterior, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07777            Unidentified girls with baked goods, ca. 1971
2009-P-010-07778            Boy Scout Troop 6 serves FCK Dinner, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07779            Kary receiving award, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07780            Banquet scene, “Kline”, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07781            Marge Geiger, Chuck Lehmann, Jared Ingram, Mary Ellen Ingram, ca. 1968-
2009-P-010-07782            Eugene Rath, Steam Carpet Cleaners of Bismarck, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07783            Bianco Falrichland open house, Bernice Smith, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07784            A. R. Thernes receiving award at banquet, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07785            Salesman in furniture display, “Sears Room Settings for Spring”, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07786            Jerry Groh, Maurice’s store, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07787            Delilah Gerhardt, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07788 – 07802 Remund used car lot advertisement photo, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07803            Marvin, Remund used car lot, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07804            5 PEO members, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07805            “David Gray and Linda Schmidt of Eckroth Music hold tickets for the community concerts annual membership drive, September 23-27”, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07806            “Linda Schumacher, Marie Locks, Jane Blank, the three got 1st Place in Women’s Division from Downtown Merchants”, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07807            “John Huddleston as Vick Velasco, Andy Fibiger as Corie Brattier, Dan King as
Paul Bratter”, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07808            Ford dump truck, “Hanks”, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07809            Hazen High School marching band – Euphonium section, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07810            Hazen High School marching band – Tuba section, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07811            Hazen High School marching band – Oboe section, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07812            Hazen High School marching band – Flute section, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07813            Hazen High School marching band – Trumpet and Cornet section, ca. 1968-
2009-P-010-07814            Hazen High School marching band – Clarinet section, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07815            Hazen High School marching band – percussion section, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07816            Rita Morrison and Peggy Gallagher painting a wall, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07817            Mandan Juniors, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07818            Mrs. C. R. Montz, ca. June 1971
2009-P-010-07819            Helida, Miss Morton County, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07820            Mrs. William addressing banquet attendees, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07821            Engagement photo of Lou Ella Wetzel, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07822            Marilyn Brunelle painting nose of unidentified man, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07823            Linda Kobilansky, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07824            “Marcounty prepares for K-C opening”, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07825            “North Dakota checkers champions playing”, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07826            Bill Russell, Cameron Clemens, Duane Kuehn, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07827            FFA Sweetheart, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07828            ND Employee Association members, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07829            3 unidentified women, nurse symposium attendees, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07830            ABC kindergarten graduates, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07831            Mandan honor students, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07832            Mandan High School honor students, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07833            Dorie Benesh, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07834            Ken Schneider and Kraig Zitzman during football practice, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07835            Irvin Jordre and unidentified man with Highway Commissioner’s Award, ca.
2009-P-010-07836            4 unidentified teenagers, senior members of Bismarck High School Orion
Award, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07837            4 unidentified children, winners of Burleigh County (illegible), ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07838            Wall Street Jaycees officers, ca. 1971-1972
2009-P-010-07839            Grant Hendrick and 4 unidentified men, Wall Street Jaycees award winners,
ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07840            Teri Steckler remodeling Steckler’s For Men, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07841            Rita Rady – (illegible) and 3 unidentified people in church, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07842            4 unidentified men, Irrigation officers, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07843            Mans portrait, “Stewart”, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07844            4 unidentified women, Homemakers officers, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07845            Mrs. Kent Grace Jensen of Center and 4 unidentified women, homemakers
cultures and art, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07846            Mrs Kent Grace Jensen of Center and Mrs. A. L. Alma Tavis of Glen ullin and
unidentified woman holding certificates, Homemakers citizenship, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07847            6 unidentified teens in swimming suits, “Nine members of Bismarck qualify for
Amateur Athletic Union”, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07848            Wayne Cooper, Stanton, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07849            7 unidentified teenagers, Junior Achiever Award winners, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07850            Mike Thompson, Stanton, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07851            Janet Pender, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07852            4 unidentified teenagers, Junior Achiever Pres. Report, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07853            Rev. John, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07854            Doug Vik accepting FFA Star Farmer Award, ca. 1970
2009-P-010-07855            6 unidentified men, TB Society, April 17, 1971
2009-P-010-07856            Gov. William Guy speaking at event, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07857            2 unidentified men on crutches, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07858            4 unidentified women, ND Medical Auxiliary Officers for 1971-1972, ca. 1972
2009-P-010-07859            Ron Haas and unidentified man, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07860            Rev. J. Lambert, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07861            4 unidentified men, Lions Christmas Tree Benefit, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07862            Unidentified woman and girl, “Pre-Schooler Takes Listening Test”, ca. 1968-
2009-P-010-07863            Mrs. Grace Link and 5 unidentified women, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07864            Mia Watters and Charlene wading in water, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07865            Johnson scraper at K-Mart construction site, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07866            4 unidentified women, Mrs. Jaycee Bismarck officers for 1971-1972, , ca.
2009-P-010-07867            5 unidentified men, Motor Carriers officers elected to serve, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07868            5 unidentified people, Bismarck American Legion, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07869            4 unidentified adults and 2 children in voting booths voting in a School Board
election, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07870            2 unidentified men with “Drivers on Strike” signs, February 21, 1971
2009-P-010-07871            Large assembly of Democrats for Stronger North Dakota Day, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07872            7 unidentified men, newly elected officers of Retired Servicemen Association,
ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07873            Miss Lisa Marie wins sewing machine, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07874            Rev. Roger D. Grow, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07875            Ron Kibble and F. C. Heitke representing the John Deere Foundation present a
check to Mary College president Dr. Harold Miller, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07876            Lanore Steinert with four season doll, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07877            5 unidentified women, Bismarck Council of Catholic Nurses officers, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07878            4 unidentified teenagers holding hand bells, Wesley Bell Ringers, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07879            Susan Kopp, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07880            Neal Nygard and 2 unidentified men with C. W. Leifur Oratorial Award Trophy, March 14, 1971
2009-P-010-07881            Ray and Evelyn Horst of Mandan Office Supply, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07882            2 unidentified men in Music City, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07883            William B. Yule of Bismarck playing an organ, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07884            Monte Parkins and unidentified man in K-G Bootery, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07885            Marguerite Wyout in Claire’s Boutique, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07886            Performers singing in Superstar - The Musical, ca. 1970-1975
2009-P-010-07887            Faye E. Seidler receiving award from unidentified man, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07888            Unidentified man speaking at public relations meeting, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07889            Phil McCarvel and unidentified man in K-G Men’s Store, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07890            Bismarck Junior College Professor Arnold Gruter, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07891            Terry playing flute, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07892            2 unidentified women, Medical Auxiliary fund raising chairmen, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07893            5 unidentified women, Mrs. Jaycee award winners, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07894            2 unidentified men in Masonic Grand Lodge, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07895            Mrs. Doryce applying bandage to unidentified man’s wrist, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07896            7 unidentified teenagers on slide in swimming pool, Mandan Life Guards, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07897            12 unidentified Mandan High School students, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07898            2 unidentified women arranging lilies for Easter, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07899            Miss Whittey, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07900            5 unidentified children, Mandan 4-H winners, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07901            Miss Buchman, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07902            4 unidentified people, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07903            Presentation in Evangel Temple, Assemblies of God, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07904            Unidentified boy with box of rabbits, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07905            Student production of Cinderella, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07906            Miss Mary and unidentified girl reading a book, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07907            Henry Bosel, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07908            2 unidentified men, owners of Music City, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07909            Joan Petz holding toddlers jacket in store, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07910            Robert Anderson and unidentified boy on snowmobiles in showroom, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07911            Anne Simpson, PEO speaker, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07912            Roselyn Strommen, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07913            Oliver J. Wahl and Al Lang in Kitchen Supply Company showroom, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07914            Rudi Hermes and 2 unidentified people, winning team of Sears appliance salesmen, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07915            Mr. Chogka, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07916            Unidentified woman, “Mr. Jack’s Gifts and Boutique”, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07917            Unidentified woman, “Steckler’s Grand Opening Big Success” ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07918            Mike Gieser of One Hour Martinizing, January 3, 1971
2009-P-010-07919            Unidentified man in front of Town and Country’s beer coolers, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07920            2 unidentified people in Hatch’s Card and Gift Shop, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07921            2 unidentified men, new owners of Mandan Red Owl, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07922            Karen Ketterling, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07923            2 unidentified girls with Rainbow Girls bake sale, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07924            Ron Burkh standing next to wood burning stove on display in store, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07925            2 unidentified girls at sewing machine making aprons for 4-H, April 4, 1971
2009-P-010-07926            Kirkwood Easter Bunny with 2 unidentified children, April 4, 1971
2009-P-010-07927            Unidentified couple rehearsing a musical, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07928            Dickinson Trinity students, Student Congress sweepstakes winners holding awards on ND State Capitol steps (Bismarck, N.D.), ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07929            Student Congress winners holding awards on North Dakota State Capitol steps (Bismarck, N.D.), ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07930            Harold Wright of Jamestown and 2 unidentified men, boating enthusiaists, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07931            7 unidentified women, North Dakota Home Economics associates, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07932            Dakota Drifters Litter Survey, group of people holding bags of litter, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07933            Neal Nygard of Minot with science fair exhibit, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07934            Carl Muus of Minot with science fair exhibit, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07935            D. Strasser - Luckinbill, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07936            2 unidentified men presenting a plaque reading “Wheeler Nursery”, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07937            The Big Sandy dragline, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07938            Cindy Graner of Mandan, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07939            Rocky Bateman and unidentified boy with 4-H tractor, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07940            Kim Heider, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07941            Outdoor rock concert, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07942            Larry (illegible) receiving an award, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07943            Mr. Jenkins, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07944            Mr. Hilden, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07945            Children’s pageant participants, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07946            Joyce Manolantz, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07947            Rev. Al (illegible), ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07948            Ken Gaub Family Evangelistic Association publicity photo, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07949            3 unidentified girls ladling punch, Bismarck Junior College Scouts, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07950            Debbie Tokey at Kirkwood opening, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07951            Unidentified teen in a debate, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07952            Stan Fink and 3 unidentified men holding a fur coat, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07953            College students sitting on campus lawn, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07954            Darrell Anderson with gun belt, “Shoot ‘Em Up Demons”, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07955            5 unidentified women wearing coats in hallway, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07956            5 unidentified children in costumes and riding bicycles advertising George’s Jack and Jill, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07957            Rose Bate ringing a bell for the Salvation Army, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07958            Unidentified man, woman, and child in front of sign reading, “Thank you Mr. Salle”, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07959            Donetta Black and Sandi Holmrost, art show guides, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07960            Unidentified man holding painting, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07961            3 unidentified men sitting at table, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07962            2 unidentified people examining a machine labeled, “Associated Press”, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07963            Kathy Heisler as Laura examines a glass animal figurine, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07964            2 unidentified students playing saxophone, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07965            2 unidentified women ladling punch, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07966            Children in classroom rolling up newspapers, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07967            Saxvik children Christmas choir concert, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07968            Unidentified women and boys in costume, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07969            Children’s choir concert, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07970            Unidentified woman holding a book entitled, “Missouri River Steamer”, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07971            4 unidentified women around a craft display, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07972            Unidentified man holding a Christmas tree, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07973            3 unidentified women with Christmas décor, Presbyterian Women’s Association, First Presbyterian Church (Bismarck, N.D.), ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07974            Unidentified group of people talking in hallway, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07975            2 unidentified women in Herbst fashion show, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07976            Unidentified group of teenagers, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07977            4 unidentified women, one of them painting, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07978            Unidentified person examining a science fair exhibit, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07979            “Vivian Kuipers and Marion Ness of Bismarck examine a decorative tree with miniature flower baskets hanging from it. Built by Mrs. Nellie Solberg.”, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07980            Poor photo of unidentified people, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07981            Poor photo of unidentified people examining tree, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07982            Unidentified men at groundbreaking ceremony, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07983            Miscellaneous highway signs hanging on a wall, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07984            4 unidentified women baking muffins, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07985            Unidentified man brushing snow off cars in a sales lot, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07986            “Leanne Saxvik plays Alice and Gerald Weiss plays Tommy in Bismarck High School play, The Brick and The Rose”, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07987            Santa Claus with unidentified woman and boy, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07988            3 unidentified women around a ballot box, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07989            Pile of Christmas trees, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07990            Unidentified man speaking on phone in a Holiday Inn, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07991            2 unidentified children looking at a rabbit, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07992            “Mrs. Bonnie Wilson, a counselor at Bismarck high School, interviews Kenneth Johnson from Minot High School for the Mr. Future Business Leader from North Dakota at the FBLA convention at the Holiday Inn”, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07993            6 unidentified men, 3 signing papers, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07994            2 unidentified Girl Scouts ladling punch, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07995            Mr. Murry and Mr. Holand, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07996            Mr. Maher and Mr. Christensen, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07997            2 unidentified Boy Scouts, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07998            4 unidentified women and 1 man participating in a fashion show, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-07999            “Barb Abfalter and Marlene Hastings work on the decoration committee for the Hospital Ball display decorations”, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08000            Director of St. Mary’s Central High School concert band Doug Smith and students Julie Kettleson, Pam Cartledge, Sharon Friez, Julie Lacher, Amy Sticha, Shannon Kelly, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08001            3 unidentified men in suits, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08002            “Ben Meier Bout to be presented the petitions. People around him are students body presidents from ND colleges and universities”, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08003            Coca-Cola Bottling Co. exterior, Ave A East (Bismarck, N.D.), ca. April 1974
2009-P-010-08004            St. Mary’s Central High School music students Julie Kettleson and Pam Cartledge, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08005            Unidentified group at groundbreaking ceremony, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08006            “Mary Ellen Woodmansee and Carolyn Olson, co-chairmen of decoration committee for Hospital Ball,” ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08007            Girl Scout Troop 56 Bismarck members Theresa Schneider, Sandi Sorenson, Melissa Heiber, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08008            7 unidentified teen girls, Bismarck High School Band Majorettes, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08009            Unidentified man in suit, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08010            Lynette Gates of Mohall competing in French horn competition, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08011            Unidentified man and woman looking at paper, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08012            Mrs. Tsuneko Grimm of Japan with instructor Eileen Kokott, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08013            2 unidentified women with Christmas decorations, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08014            Unidentified man sitting on couch, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08015            Unidentified doctor attending to military member on table, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08016            Book sale, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08017            8 unidentified teen girls sitting on stairs, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08018            Unidentified group of teenagers in front of van, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08019            Mary Ann Reimer, Keith Rhodes, Brenda Cummings with stage art, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08020            Holiday decoration made by Mandan Hospital patients, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08021            Estella Brunner from Mexico and Betty Storick from Korea with instructor Sharon Urness, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08022            Unidentified boy in feather headdress at activity table, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08023            Gary Zander with instructor Lawrence Thielsen, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08024            Unidentified boy speaking into microphone, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08025            2 unidentified women making craft flowers, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08026            Unidentified girl sitting on large stump, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08027            Book sale, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08028            2 unidentified people putting on ice skates, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08029            Unidentified girl holding paintbrush, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08030            Woodwind Trio: Karen Krentz, Tara Trautman, Judy Fay, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08031            3 unidentified girls working with twine, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08032            Bismarck Junior College student Dennis Just of Bismarck working on pen and ink drawing, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08033            Patricia Aune, Meonas Brown, Mary Johnk, and 1 unidentified woman, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08034            Bismarck Junior College student Teri Lee of Devils Lake working on a charcoal drawing, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08035            Unidentified man speaking at Holiday Inn (Bismarck, N.D.), ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08036            Unidentified boy sitting in a canoe, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08037            Unidentified woman in a bookstore, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08038            Unidentified man holding little girl, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08039            Unidentified man and woman in art gallery, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08040            George Berger, Kathy Heisler, Bill Zander, and Robyn Berger performing in a play, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08041            Bill Zander performing in a play, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08042            Robyn Berger and Bill Zander performing in a play, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08043            Robert Kottke, Soo Line Railroad speaking at event, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08044            Unidentified man speaking at podium, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08045            Mike Flaten and Everett Harley with his circuit board, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08046            Arne Graff receiving certificate from Governor Link, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08047            Doering and Sandoval with laboratory equipment, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08048            Mrs. Bruce Sundahl, music teacher at Pioneer Elementary School, directing her choir, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08049            Santa and Mrs. Claus with person in wheelchair, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08050            Carleen Sperle with tiara and roses, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08051            2 unidentified women seated and talking, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08052            St. Mary’s Central High School senior Pat Spilman with science fair project, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08053            Unidentified man at a meeting, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08054            Unidentified people playing chess, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08055            Mrs. Joyce Masseth presenting certificate of appreciation from Welcome Wagon to Cal Tanner, March 1, 1974
2009-P-010-08056            2 unidentified men in suits, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08057            ND Trades and Labor building under construction, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08058            Governor Link with 2 unidentified men, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08059            2 unidentified boys holding snake and snakeskin, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08060            Unidentified woman singing into microphone, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08061            Unidentified children performing Snow White and the Seven Dwarves, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08062            2 unidentified women and 1 man, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08063            Unidentified man walking in front of Nativity scene set up by Knights of Columbus (Mandan, N.D.), ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08064            4 unidentified men in suits looking uncomfortable in a large arena, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08065            4 unidentified women around outdoor craft display, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08066            Group of unidentified people playing chess, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08067            View from above automobile showroom, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08068            Mayville-Portland High School students Barb Forsgren, Connie Von Ruden, Kim Sandvig, Connie Sandvig with FBLA project, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08069            Unidentified man and woman with display case at event, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08070            Mr. Sandoval and Mrs. Doering working at table, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08071            “Christy Marie Fisher, age 8, from River Heights Mandan and cans of ice cream topping from the George Fox Co. of Kansas City, MO”, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08072            June Kraft, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08073            Choir practicing, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08074            2 unidentified men in front of building, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08075            7 unidentified women around card table in living room, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08076            2 unidentified men, one of which driving a cart pulled by 2 donkeys with antlers attached to their heads, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08077            Unidentified man and woman looking at children’s Christmas art in store windows, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08078            Band performing at Variety Show, ca. 1974
2009-P-010-08079            Plant in display rack in store, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08080            Santa Claus, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08081            Unidentified woman checking out in busy shopping center, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08082            Hughes Junior High School Honor Band drummers, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08083            Nancy Beekler, daughter of Julius, holding a Donald Duck balloon, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08084            School band performing in a mall, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08085            Unidentified man in suit coat and turtleneck speaking, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08086            Don Short, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08087            Unidentified man playing tuba, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08088            Harold Kepler directing Honor band, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08089            4-H’er Presyler, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08090            4 unidentified Elks members, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08091            Unidentified man and woman at podium in The Shamrock Hilton, banner on table states, “Readiness in Emergencies” (Houston, Tex.), ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08092            2 unidentified women and 1 man, convention speakers, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08093            Morton County Youth Council, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08094            Unidentified man writing on clipboard at table, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08095            Miss ND, Wanda Lou Lowry, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08096            3 unidentified women and 2 men, St. Alexis, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08097            Ria Tedin, St. Alexis Medical Technologist, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08098            Large feather headdresses on table, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08099            4 unidentified women, 1st Place Southwest 4-H winners, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08100            Workers painting street lines, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08101            Unidentified women walking down sidewalk with a sheepdog, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08102            2 unidentified women in hippy clothes, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08103            Gene Severson handing out 1st place ribbons in Midget Leage to Greg Krebsbach and Joe Kraft, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08104            Doug and Cindy playing checkers at Awareness House, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08105            Unidentified man and woman in a fashion show, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08106            Al Polasky in toga, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08107            Dr. John Fusbay, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08108            Maj. Gen. James F. Hamlet addressing audience at Townhouse Motor Inn with Minn-Kota Roughriders (Fargo, N.D.), ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08109            Ray Gress, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08110            Dr. Lowenbly, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08111            Mary Foss, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08112            Paige Baker, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08113            Annette Schneider, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08114            Eleanor Schmidt, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08115            Jackie French, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08116            Women’s golf style show, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08117            Group of unidentified women preparing for Miss Morton County, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08118            Junior High Honor Band, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08119            Mandan High School concert band, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08120            Mandan High School choir, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08121            Unidentified Golden AFC members, March 13, 1969
2009-P-010-08122            3 unidentified women in gowns at Apple Creek, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08123            Unidentified boys in stage production, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08124            2 unidentified boys playing Frisbee, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08125            8 unidentified people standing in a line, October 22, 1970
2009-P-010-08126            Unidentified boy being awarded Eagle Scout award, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08127            6 unidentified men in suits in front of swimming pool, October 27, 1970
2009-P-010-08128            Hazen High School marching band - trombones, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08129            Hazen High School marching band - saxophones, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08130            6 unidentified men, rail strike, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08131            Unidentified people standing and seated at table, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08132            2 unidentified men, 1 receiving a plaque, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08133            Musical performance, Frank Scott and Co., ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08134            6 unidentified men, 1 in uniform named Morris, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08135            FFA members, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08136            unidentified women being kissed on cheek by man, Homecoming, ca. 1970
2009-P-010-08137            Unidentified woman painting a plate, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08138            4 unidentified men and 2 women, St. Alexis graduates, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08139            Unidentified man operating a zamboni, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08140            4 unidentified men in front of Public Service Comm. truck, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08141            Unidentified man and woman signing paperwork at a busy table, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08142            2 unidentified men, 1 in a machine, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08143            Unidentified pageant winners, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08144            Unidentified boy and girl at zoo’s bear exhibit, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08145            5 unidentified people at table with newspapers on it, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08146            ND Army National Guard banquet, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08147            2 unidentified men in suits speaking, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08148            Large group of people, woman speaking with man at table, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08149            Legislative body applauding (Bismarck, N.D.), ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08150            Unidentified children on playground equipment looking down at camera, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08151            3 unidentified men in suits at round table in hotel, October 27, 1970
2009-P-010-08152            Unidentified men standing outside of courtroom, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08153            Unidentified men addressing people at table, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08154            Unidentified couple decorating Christmas tree, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08155            3 unidentified men in Plymouth mechanics jackets, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08156            Unidentified woman in Burleigh County dress review, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08157            Choir concert, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08158            Governor Link discusses gas rationing to group of students, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08159            3 unidentified men speaking at event, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08160            Unidentified boy holding a lit match, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08161            Bismarck High School straight A students, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08162            Helm Bender and 2 unidentified men with New Holland machinery, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08163            Unidentified man and woman looking at painting, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08164            Unidentified man looking at object on table, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08165            People ice skating outdoors, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08166            Unidentified man directing a choir, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08167            People in a courtroom, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08168            Unidentified girl being crowned at pageant, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08169            Band and choir, “Frank Scott, The Composer’s Songbook”, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08170            Moorhead State College concert choir, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08171            Unidentified boy and girl putting sign up on Starlight billboard, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08172            E. V. Lahr, Jr. signing document with 2 unidentified men looking on, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08173            Unidentified 4-H member receiving award, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08174            Unidentified man signing document with man looking on, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08175            Mrs. William Pearce, Mrs. Marty Walsh, chairman, and Fran Bleth at craft bazaar, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08176            Saxvik students, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08177            Sister Paul, ca. 1973
2009-P-010-08178            Connie Bye, on right, and unidentified woman in front of Art Link for Governor truck, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08179            Rep. Kay Cann, seated, and Rep. Ruth Meiers, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08180            Bob Sullivan, Gov. Link, and Craig Smith, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08181            2 unidentified people with plaque, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08182            Unidentified woman with filing cabinet, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08183            Choir, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08184            2 unidentified men and 1 woman outside mobile home office, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08185            Front and rear view of 1971 Chrysler Newport, ca. 1971
2009-P-010-08186            2 unidentified men looking at document in library, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08187            4-H group (Washington D.C.), ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08188            Gov. Link proclaiming Agriculture Day in ND with Linda Kennedy, Marlene Bohrer, Don Evanshanko, and Myron Just (Bismarck, N.D.), ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08189            Unidentified man with pencil in mouth reading a newspaper, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08190            Gov. Link signing bill transferring Old Governor’s Mansion to SHSND. With him is Grace Link, Jan McKinney, James Sperry, Dick Palmr, Doryce Kyser, and John Adams (Bismarck, N.D.), ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08191            Gov. Link and Ben Meier, Sec. of State (Bismarck, N.D.), ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08192            Gov. Link proclaiming Save Your Vision Week with Dr. James F. Woodward and Nadeane Silbernagel (Bismarck, N.D.), ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08193            John Warner, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08194            Severed deer head on snowman base, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08195            2 unidentified people in stage production, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08196            Unidentified military members seated in office, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08197            Unidentified man in suit speaking at meeting, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08198            Miss Rodeo America with unidentified man, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08199            Heartview’s new wing (Mandan, N.D.), ca. 1972
2009-P-010-08200            9 unidentified men burning a piece of paper, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08201            Gov. Link with Ukrainians of ND, ca. 1974
2009-P-010-08202            Unidentified man with landscape in background, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08203            Gov. Link with 8 unidentified women, “Greeks”, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08204            Three wheelers outside of Sioux Cycles, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08205            Unidentified woman with 4 children settling table, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08206            Unidentified woman setting a table, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08207            4 unidentified men, ribbon cutting ceremony, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08208            3 unidentified women at table by Christmas tree, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08209            2 unidentified men in cowboy hats shaking hands, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08210            Unidentified UND students, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08211            2 unidentified women hanging pots, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08212            JoAnn Froelich and Annette Ehrlich with unidentified man looking at UND book, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08213            3 unidentified children with Thanksgiving crafts, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08214            Gov. Link and unidentified man looking at book, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08215            3 unidentified men talking, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08216            Nancy Orger and Ann Lilly washing a car, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08217            Gustavus Adolphus College Band of St. Peter, MN, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08218            5 unidentified people in presentation, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08219            St. Alexis Practical Nurse graduating class, April 16, 1974
2009-P-010-08220            Unidentified man playing xylophone, and 2 unidentified women, one playing an autoharp, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08221            Gov. Guy and Ray Reich with 5 unidentified men, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08222            Mike Zachmeier and poster, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08223            11 unidentified men, 4 sitting on couch, ESA chapter, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08224            Mike Deisz, Frank H. Johnson, Bill Weimer and 5 unidentified men at Toastmasters assembly, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08225            Mandan High School Jazz Ensemble, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08226            3 unidentified men in suits talking, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08227            7 unidentified people at table, 4 seated, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08228            William Rodgers and unidentified man at Western States Safety Supervisors Conference (Bismarck, N.D.), ca. 1971
2009-P-010-08229            Gordon Weiss, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08230            Unidentified woman in mariachi costume dancing with maracas. Ribbon on vest reads, “Valley City”, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08231            Sandy Runyan and Rita Olson with paintbrushes and a stray cat, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08232            Architectural drawing of a large building, possibly a church, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08233            Mrs. Margaret Schaff and Lynn Kisse playing bingo, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08234            Natalie Thompson serving cookies to Mrs. Pauline Wray and Mrs. Magdalena Paul, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08235            Gov. Link signing document with 4 unidentified men, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08236            Cadette Girl Scout Lynn Kisse serves punch to St. Vincent’s Nursing Home residents Nana Erickson and Rose Vetter, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08237            2 unidentified men putting wrapped object in stovepipe, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08238            Jolene Jacobson and unidentified man working at table, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08239            Marco the Magnificent impaling his unidentified female assistant, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08240            Unidentified Girl Scout, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08241            2 unidentified women on couch, 1 laying down, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08242            W. R. Schmeling and 2 unidentified men at United Way event, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08243            8 unidentified teenage boys, 4-H members, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08244            2 unidentified men at table, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08245            Mrs. Ervin Hofmann and Mrs. R. W. Edick, co-directors of art exhibit, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08246            Ribbon cutting ceremony for new training center, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08247            Unidentified man and woman with NDRA Champion saddle, ca. 1971
2009-P-010-08248            2 unidentified women holding boxed medals, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08249            Unidentified man and woman sitting on table, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08250            Gov. Link signing a document with John Conyne and Mike Thompson, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08251            5 unidentified men in suits talking, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08252            2 unidentified men and 1 woman who is holding a container of honey, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08253            Roma Beck, Cancer Chairman, presenting check to Dr. W. E. Cornatzer at The Guy and Bertha Ireland Laboratory for Cancer Research (Grand Forks, N. D.), January 4, 1972
2009-P-010-08254            BHS Photo Club, ca. 1967
2009-P-010-08255            7 unidentified women cutting cake, Republican Legislative, March 16, 1969
2009-P-010-08256            6 unidentified choir members, 2 men shaking hands, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08257            Eileen Severs, ND Ballet Troop, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08258            Mandan Junior High honor band, ca. 1965-1966
2009-P-010-08259            Symphonic Wind Ensemble, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08260            MHS concert band, ca. 1965-1966
2009-P-010-08261            Miss Morton County, Mary Kay Leshe, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08262            3 unidentified women wrapping gifts, committee chairmen, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08263            Miss ND, Denise Flodderman, ca. July 1966
2009-P-010-08264            Tim Fleck with glasses he made, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08265            6 unidentified children playing cards, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08266            8 unidentified women bank tellers in bank, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08267            2 unidentified boys eating ice cream cones outdoors
2009-P-010-08268            Unidentified woman posing in between two mannequins, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08269            Cheryl Rae Holton wearing tiara, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08270            Gov. Link with 3 unidentified boys holding newspapers, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08271            Barbara Reinke, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08272            Unidentified man in suit, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08273            Wedding Photo, Bachmeier - Helbling, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08274            Unidentified woman in turtleneck and jacket, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08275            Unidentified man in suit, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08276            Herman Leonhard, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08277            Kenton Hoerauf, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08278            Connie Schatz, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08279            5 unidentified women with Homemakers Awards, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08280            Henry Kissinger shaking hands, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08281            Mrs. Arnold (Hazel) Wagy crowned TOPS Queen, ca. 1968
2009-P-010-08282            Lutheran Choir, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08283            Mrs. Clarence J. Vlasek of Tabor, SD, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08284            George Zent of Bismarck with lime and orange trees, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08285            Sandy Neidhaidt and heifer, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08286            Bismarck Regional Mental Health Association officers: Mrs. R. D. Schoregge, Mr. Donald Schell, Bill Schott, Mrs. H. E. Hendrickson, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08287            Unidentified person in a mini-bike, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08288            2 unidentified girls in costume on a stage, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08289            Unidentified person looking out a window, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08290            Miss Rodeo ND, Bonnie Kuntz with unidentified man, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08291            Homemakers Officers: Mrs. Marion Roberts, Mrs. J. C. Pfieffer, Mrs. Theodore Thorson, and Mrs. Carl Hendershott, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08292            “You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown” play at Ford’s Theatre (Washington D.C.), ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08293            Ruth Langeliers crowned 1971 State Dairy Princess by Mrs. Catherine Deeter with Vicki Alderin, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08294            Jim Fors and Dale Wolfgram with unidentified man, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08295            John Elsbernd and 5 unidentified people, AAU swim qualifiers, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08296            2 unidentified women and 1 man in back of car, (El Paso), ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08297            James Hanson and 2 unidentified men, 1 receiving a pin on shirt, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08298            Group of unidentified teenagers, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08299            Maj. Gen. Dean Van Lydegraf presenting Army Major insignia to Frederick J. Carl, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08300            Marine Pvt. Wayne Breimeier, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08301            Wayne Gress, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08302            Unidentified sailor with small child, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08303            Seaman Zander painting the deck, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08304            Airman Brown, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08305            Duane R. Keller, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08306            Sgt. James Grothe, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08307            Sgt. Glenn Elliot, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08308            Unidentified service member getting blood pressure taken, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08309            Unidentified service member speaking with nurse, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08310            Unidentified service members in flag ceremony, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08311            Pete Thomas of Mandan National Guard, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08312            Kamstra receiving award, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08313            Sign at Dakota Zoo, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08314            Unidentified sailor, E-1, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08315            USN Pretends Eagle, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08316            Unidentified service member receiving award, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08317            2 unidentified National Guard members raising money for Easter Seals, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08318            Larry M. Weigum, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08319            Unidentified service member receiving award, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08320            MG La Clair A. Melhouse, SP4 Michael T. O’Brien, SP4 Jacob A. Eckenrode, 1SG Eugene D. Robinson and Gov. Link, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08321            Steve Koch, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08322            Karen Lager, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08323            Donald G. Blevis, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08324            Mark Thomas, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08325            Edna Mandan, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08326            Amphibious Assault Ship, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08327            Tom G. Assel on monkey bars, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08328            Joel Backstrom on radio, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08329            Jay N. Schearer, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08330            Dennis Erickson, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08331            David F. Fedora, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08332            Unidentified airman, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08333            Rodney Sauter, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08334            Daniel Wintermeyer, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08335            Edward Biegler, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08336            Cadet Robert Woodmandee, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08337            Herman Galster, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08338            Patrick McCormick, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08339            Henderson, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08340            Lovell, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08341            James Guthrie, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08342            PFC Emmanuel Harsche, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08343            Alexander Benz, Jr., ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08344            Kevin Schneider, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08345            Unidentified Marine, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08346            George Redington, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08347            Robert Woodmansee, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08348            Marvin Glaser, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08349            Anthony Dennis Wangler, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08350            Grant Gienger, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08351            Butch Woodmansee, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08352            Derryl Lee Skjod, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08353            Mark Thompson, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08354            Dennis Olheiser, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08355            Larry Layne Netzer, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08356            Dean Nodland, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08357            Harris, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08358            Lesley Luithle, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08359            Archambault, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08360            Unidentified Marine, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08361            Anthony K. Wolssner, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08362            Faye Ann Ratcliff, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08363            Graig I. Gutsche, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08364            James L. Helferich, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08365            Marvin M. Glaser, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08366            Andrew Charles Skovran, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08367            Brian Guler, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08368            Kenneth Lee Borchers, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08369            Eddy L. Schumpelt, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08370            Arnold J. Marking, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08371            Guy M. Bourn, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08372            John A. Van Vleet, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08373            David Miller, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08374            Lt. Col. John Yonker and Cpt. Robert Schulte, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08375            Fredrick Clark, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08376            George Bernard, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08377            Richard Witkouski, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08378            Dale F. Bishop, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08379            Unidentified Marine, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08380            Unidentified service member, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08381            Rolf Buchholz, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08382            Dennis R. Lynch, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08383            Parker, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08384            Dennis Ottman, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08385            Timothy Geffre, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08386            Ronald Leslie Hanson, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08387            Pary Dietrent, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08388            Unidentified USN, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08389            Unidentified USN, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08390            Cpl. Bentz, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08391            Cadet Robert Paris, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08392            Mark W. Thompson, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08393            Duane Curtis Selinger, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08394            R. Crouse, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08395            John Allan Dvorak, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08396            Jon G. Assel, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08397            Michael J. Guthrie, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08398            Charles Weichel, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08399            Unidentified service member, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08400            Donald Rittenbach, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08401            Wayne Otto, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08402            Mindy Lea Holznagel, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08403            Murray Franz, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08404 – 08410 Unidentified service member, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08411            Unidentified Coast Guard, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08412            Wolfgang Buchholz, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08413            Daniel Ustanko, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08414            Eugene Hoerne, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08415            Maj. Charles Bartholomew, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08416            William Faris, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08417 – 08418 Unidentified service member, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08419            Robert Allen Martin, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08420            Two Bears, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08421            David Kopp, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08422            Herbert Archie Nelson, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08423            Vernon R. Huber, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08424            Sgt. W. G. Wolf, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08425            Craig Hartness, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08426            Michael Ehrlich, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08427            Mark Thomas, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08428            Richard Presser, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08429            Robert Kollman, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08430            Robert Almeida, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08431            William F. Village Center, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08432            Chandler D. Eagle, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08433            Darryl P. Young Eagle, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08434            Joann Kay Neibauer, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08435            Timothy Arnts, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08436            Robert W. Browning, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08437            John Backstrom, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08438            Dennis F. Glasser, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08439            David Lee Monroe, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08440            Donna G. Parker and Sharon L. Barrington, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08441            Frank M. Rippley, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08442            Sharon Keller and Capt. Clifford Keller, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08443            Douglas Paul Goetz, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08444            Leon N. Beitelspacher, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08445            Carl Alfred Johnson, Jr., ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08446            Terry R. Luke, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08447            Byron W. Rihling, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08448            Staff Sgt. Donna G. Parker, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08449            Gordon Thomas Weichel, ca. 1968-1975
2009-P-010-08450        &