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Manuscripts by Subject - Family / Local History - #11022

Title: Thomas F. Baker Family Papers

Dates: 1817-2008

Collection Number: MSS 11022

Quantity: 9 feet

Abstract: Consists of personal papers of Thomas F. Baker (1920-2005), Inez Schonert Baker and their family. Photographs, career and civic files, including newspaper clippings of Thomas Baker, long-time Bismarck City Auditor/City Coordinator, reflecting his work in budgeting, airport development, and city management as well as his civic involvement with local hospitals, YMCA, and campaigns. Tom and Inez were in the first class of graduates at Bismarck Junior College (now Bismarck State College [BSC]). Tom graduated from the University of North Dakota (UND), and Inez graduated from the North Daktoa Agricultural College (NDAC). Tom served in the Army Air Corps during World War II. Both Inez, an artist, and Tom, a photographer, were active in local art organizations. The photographs and negatives in the collection document the family, their ancestors, Bismarck, and Tom's travels during the war.

Provenance: The State Historical Society of North Dakota acquired the Thomas F. Baker Family Papers from Inez Baker in November 2008. Photographs and negatives were added to the collection in October 2009, transferred from the Bismarck Public Library. Emily Ergen prepared the inventory to the Thomas F. Baker Family Papers in October 2009.

Property Rights: The State Historical Society of North Dakota owns the property rights to this collection.

Copyrights: Copyrights to this collection remain with the donor, publisher, author, or author's heirs. Researchers should consult the 1976 Copyright Act, Public Law 94-553, Title 17, U.S. Code or an archivist at this repository if clarification of copyright requirements is needed.

Access: This collection is open under the rules and regulations of the State Historical Society of North Dakota.

Citation: Researchers are requested to cite the collection title, collection number, and the State Historical Society of North Dakota in all footnote and bibliographic references.




1 Abraham, Anne and Hilda (Wenz) (Hilda was granddaughter of John Satterlund; Anne was a distant relative of Inez), 1980 & n.d.
2 Andahl, Helmer, 1995
3 Arts Beat, 1990
4 Atkinson, Myron H., ca. 1955
5 Baker genealogy (Origin and History of the Name Baker with Biographies of All the Most Noted Persons of that Name), 1905
6 Baker, Clara (Johnson) (Mrs. Lyman) - correspondence (to Esther and Ethel; to Inez; to Anne; to and from Lillie; to Marguerite), and obituary, 1921-1972
7 Baker, Clara (Mrs. Lyman) - correspondence to Tom (and Inez), 1940-1972
8 Baker, Inez - biographical, certificates, contracts, correspondence (miscellaneous; to and from Edith Hughes; from parents; to grandparents), newspaper clippings, newsletter, 1922-1984
9 (Baker), Inez Schonert - correspondence to Tom Baker, 1943-1945
10 Baker, Inez - Bismarck Art & Galleries Association, 1983-1989
11 Baker, Inez - Bismarck Art & Galleries Association, 1990-2008
12 Baker, Inez - Bismarck Art Association, 1970-1981
13 Baker, Inez - Bismarck Folkfest, 1983
14 Baker, Inez - Bismarck Presbyterian Religious Arts Festival, 1970-1989
15 Baker, Inez - Capital A'fair flyer, 2004
16 Baker, John (will and genealogy), 1848 & n.d.
17 Baker, Joseph (print of silhouette, genealogical information, [copy of] marriage certificate, copy of page from Antiquarian Papers [Ipswich, Massachusetts, November 1881], and copy of page from unknown book), 1881-1930
18 Baker, Lucy Smith (needlework), n.d.
19 Baker, Lyman Ashbury, 1908-1920
20 Baker, Lyman A., 1921-1972
21 Baker, Lyman Ashbury, n.d.
22 Baker, Lyman A. - correspondence to Marguerite, 1947-1965
23 Baker, Lyman A. - correspondence to Tom (and Inez), 1942-1972
24 Baker, Lyman A. - correspondence to Tracey (Baker), 1969
25 Baker, Marguerite Agatha (Todd) (correspondence, writings, school records, Masonic certificate) - 1907-1970
26 Baker, Samuel and (his son) Baker, Samuel Hibbard (newspaper clipping, genealogical information, and extract from will), 1817-19-
27 Baker, Scott, 1976-1977
28 Baker, Susan (married Samuel Baker), 1889


1 Baker, Tom - art
2 Baker, Tom - biographical (baby book), 1920-1984
3 Baker, Tom - certificates, 1939-1998
4 Baker, Tom - Christmas cards (hand-made), 1950s-1990s
5 Baker, Tom - City Auditor-Coordinator, 1950s-1970s
6 Baker, Tom - City Auditor-Coordinator correspondence, 1953-1982
7 Baker, Tom - correspondence to grandparents, 1945
8 Baker, Tom - correspondence to Inez Schonert (Baker), 1942-1945 & 1974
9 Baker, Tom - correspondence to Lillie (last name unknown, friend of Clara [Mrs. Lyman A.] Baker), 1973-1978
10 Baker, Tom - correspondence to parents, 1942-1946 & 1971
11 Baker, Tom - correspondence to (and from) politicians, 1962-2003
12 Baker, Tom - correspondence to Scott, 1987
13 Baker, Tom - personal correspondence, 1939-2005
14 Baker, Tom - correspondence regarding professional references, 1947-1949
15 Baker, Tom - newspaper clippings & publications, 1963-2005
16 Baker, Tom - retirement, 1984
17 Baker, Tom - death, 2005
18 Baker, Tom - World War II and military service (also certificate for Veterans Administration loans, 1941-1954 ***NOTE: folder contains one USA 1869-75 10 Cents Fractional Currency note
19 Baker, Tom and Inez -correspondence, 1950-1997
20 Baker, Tom and Inez - correspondence to and from grandchildren, 1982-1991
21 Baker, Tom and Inez - correspondence to Tracey, 1972-2002
22 Baker, Tom and Inez - finances, 1993 & 2000
23 Baker, Tom and Inez - home mortgage, 1954
24 Baker, Tracy (birth announcement, correspondence, business card), 1973-1999
25 Baker, Walter A. and Margaret Emma (Sim) (Lyman's parents) (including correspondence to Lyman A.), 1882-1947
26 Baker, William (genealogical information)
27 Beatt family (Earl J., Zoe, and Earl Jr.), 1993-2005
28 Bismarck history and reminiscences by Tom Baker (airport, park system, "trivia personalities + events & interesting facts," Bismarck History following World War II, notes, Board of City Commissioners)
29 Bismarck (newspaper clippings and publications)
30 Bismarck Airport (and Air Mail) (SEE ALSO: Bismarck [history and reminiscences by Tom Baker] and Bismarck [newspaper clippings and publications]), 1950-1982
31 Bismarck Chamber of Commerce, 1965
32 Bismarck High School (with photographs), 1936-1989


1 Bismarck Junior College (Bismarck State College), 1940-2005
2 Board of Education, School Board, 2001
3 Bodnell, Flora - correspondence, n.d.
4 Bredy, Carl and Louise (also Bertha [Bredy] Leary and Marion Sitter [Bredy]), 1938, 1964 & 2006
5 Burleigh County (public works, County Commissioners, correspondence, county populations, Social Service Board Compensation, budgets, meeting minutes), 1977-1994
6 Buswell, Vesta - correspondence to Tom Baker, 1985 & 1988
7 Carter, Mrs. Jeannette E., 1984
8 Church (First Presbyterian), 1967 & 1987
9 Conley, Mary P. - correspondence to Tom, 1987-1991
10 Correspondence - unidentified writer and recipient, 1985, 1994 & n.d.
11 Craig, Minnie, 1975
12 Dawson, Mrs. J.E. (mother of Mrs. J. A. Larson), 1945 & 1956
13 Evensen Dodge Inc. (Tom Baker began as Vice President & Manager in 1984), 1984-1995
14 Gold Seal Company (publications), 1967 & 1981
15 Hildeer (Last name unknown) - correspondence to Tom Baker, 1973-1980
16 Horses, 1940-1947
17 Hospitals (includes photographs), 1975 & 2003
18 Ipswich, Massachusetts (books: Ipswich Antiquarian Papers, Ipswich River: Its Bridges, Wharves, and Industries, Dr. Dana's Hymns: Occasional and Textual Hymns, Old Ipswich in Verse: Gleanings from the Printed Page, and newspaper clippings, writing by Sarah Ann Treadwell), 1831-1923
19 Johnson, Bruce, 1960
20 Johnson family (Fran and Rick; Les and Norma; John and Mary; and others), 1887-2002
21 Kiwanis, n.d.
22 Larson family (Arnie and Dorothy; Carl; Charles; Clara A.; Ervin; Frank; Frank Arthur; Hattie May; John A.; Lester; Louis A.; Mabel; Marie; Marjorie; Mary; Richard; Robert J.; William; [Larson] Mitzel, Edna Mae), 1876-2002
23 League of North Dakota Municipalities (Tom Baker was president beginning in 1957-1958)
24 Lips, Evan E., 1966 & 2005
25 Mandan Art Association, art show programs, 1970-1978 & 1990
26 Moore, William Ernest and Millie Johnson Wood (includes photographs) (***Note: contains vital statistics and historical record with Millie Moore's social security number and death certificate for William), c. 1918-1993
27 Moore, Millie Johnson Wood - correspondence to and from Tom Baker (most are undated), 1973-1984
28 Morris, Robert A., 2002
29 Myers, C.J., Hazel and Dick - correspondence to and from Tom, newspaper clipping, 1942-1969
30 Newspaper clippings - miscellaneous
31 North Dakota Agricultural College (NDAC, now North Dakota State University, NDSU), 1942-1994
32 North Dakota League of Cities (Tom Baker was President from 1957-1958 and a committee member), 1972 & 1987
33 North Dakota Municipal Bond Bank, Advisory Committee minutes (Tom Baker was chairman), 2002
34 Packard, Frank E., 1961
35 Political campaigns, 1971 & 1998
36 Postcards (Huffman Pictures, Coffrin Studio, Miles City, Montana), 1907
37 Provident Life Insurance Co., 1976-1980
38 Register, Francis Roland "Pinky" (transcription of World War II diary), 1941-1942
39 Rubin, Caroline (daughter of Hilda Satterlund Wenz, granddaughter of John and Charlotte Satterlund) - correspondence, 1973-1996
40 Satterlund (Setterlund) family (Alfred; Emma; Erica Louise [Satterlund] Loffness; Erick; Florence D.; Hilda Satterlund Wenz; Johanna; John; Lulu; Mrs. Maria Elizabeth; Marie A. [Larson]), 1875-1996
41 Schonert family (Agnes Elizabeth; Agnes Mae; Esther Paul [Schonert] Schultz; George; Harry R. and Mabel (Larson); Henry; Joseph; Lois A. [Little]; Paul; Robert; Roy), 1910-1999
42 Scott, Harold G., 1974
43 Scottish Rite of Freemasonry (Valley of Bismarck-Mandan, Orient of North Dakota) and Shriners, 1943-2004
44 Sim, (Peter and Mary Jane [Steele] [parents of Margaret Emma Sim Baker]; Estelle B.),


1 Smith, Harriet and James A., 1991 & 2006
2 Social events (Bismarck), 1920 & 1976
3 Steele, John and Charlotte E., n.d.
4 Taylor, Adrian, n.d.
5 Todd, Mary L., 2005
6 University of North Dakota (UND), 1947-1948
7 Washburn, North Dakota, centennial,
8 Wedding, Tom and Inez Baker (September 6), 1946
9 Wedding Anniversary, 50th, Tom and Inez Baker
10 YMCA (Missouri Valley YMCA), 1987-1988
11 Lithographic print - Commanding Officer's Quarters, Fort Abraham Lincoln, Mandan, North Dakota, by Carrie Weiss (1987), "Friends of Dakota Territory, Fort Abraham Lincoln" ribbon attached (loose)


(loose) VHS - Tracey Baker and family, 1956-1957
(loose) VHS - North Dakota capitol burning
(loose) VHS - Interview with Evan Lips and Tom Baker, by Darrell Dorgan (raw footage
October 2, 2003)
(loose) Medcenter One Health Systems 2003 Robert H. Lundberg Award "Tom and Inez Baker," running time 12 minutes, produced by Medcenter One and Pro-Clips Video/Post Production
(loose) Photographic book - With the Eyes of the Seventh Photo Group… Now…It Can Be Told, 1945


(loose) Negatives - "Service negatives and miscellaneous portraits"


(loose) Slide box - miscellaneous family slides, 1940s-1960s
(loose) Box of color slides by Tom Baker
(loose) Box of photographs and negatives (a few slides) by Tom Baker


(loose) Photo box - Todd Family (Marguerite [Lyman Baker's sister]), 1915-
(loose) Photo album - Lyman A. Baker, c. early 1900s-1930s
(loose) Leather photo frame - two portraits of Tom Baker during World War II, 1940s
(loose) Photo Album - Clara and Lyman Baker, Tom as a baby, 1912-1928
(loose) Photo album in box - "L.A. Baker Family and Friends," 1910s-1960s
(loose) Photo album in box - "T.F. Baker U.S. Army Air Force," 1942-c. 1946
(loose) Photo album in box - "Study in Pictures," photographs of Tom Baker and Bismarck area, photographs of Europe (while serving in World War II), family members, 1900s-1955


(loose) Photo box - Lyman Baker family, prior to 1920
(loose) Photo box - Lyman Baker family, 1920 -
(loose) Photo box - Lyman Baker, after 1940
(loose) Photo box - Baker family, early, 1880s
(loose) Photo box - Sim family (also several Bakers), c. 1870s-1945
(loose) Photo box - "Harry Schonert family, 1915-" mostly of Inez and friends in college years, 1940s
(loose) Photograph - Bismarck Horse Club outing at the George Schunk cabin - Missouri River "bottoms" north of Bismarck, 1941
(loose) Photograph - Group - couple be Bismarck Horse Club outing, 194-
(loose) Photograph - "Stage Stops at 'Painted Woods' south of Washburn," gift from Tom Baker to Bismarck Public Library, 1946 (Came with October 22, 2009 accession from Bismarck Public Library)
(loose) Photograph - by D.F. Barry, taking census at Fort Yates, gift from Tom Baker to Bismarck Public Library (Came with October 22, 2009 accession from Bismarck Public Library), 1885?

BOX 10

(loose) Photo box - Tom Baker, the World War II years, 1940s
(loose) Photo box - Tom & Inez Baker family and friends, photos around Bismarck - 1930s-1990s
(loose) Photo box - Tom & Inez Baker family and friends, photos around Bismarck - 1930s-1990s
(loose) Rolled photograph - portrait of Pilot Squadron 68 Santa Ana Army Base February 3, 1943, Captain A. E. Brayson commanding
(loose) Rolled photo - Minneapolis ladies seated, men standing, H. Larson Studio (Minneapolis), 1929
1 Photographs - one of Inez Schonert, c. 1942 and one of Governor Lynn Frazier, 1921
2 Photographs and prints (from Bismarck Public Library October 22, 2009 accession), 1880s-1920s
3 Photographs and prints (continued) (from Bismarck Public Library October 22, 2009 accession), 1880s-1920s
4 Negatives - Bismarck area (from Bismarck Public Library October 22, 2009 accession)

OVERSIZE (in folder)
Certificate - Lyman A. Baker appointed Tax Commissioner of the State of North Dakota, August 9, 1934

Harriet Schonert Scrapbook, c. 1936-1960

Clara (Johnson) Baker scrapbook, 1940s

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