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Manuscripts by Subject - Politics / Government- #10971

Title: Mark E. Nelson Collection

Dates: 1853-1995

Collection Number:  10971

Quantity: 3.75 feet + oversize

Abstract: Collection consists of material related to the history of Dakota Territory and North Dakota. Files primarily consist of correspondence, biographies, clippings, autographs, and photographs of many ND and DT Governors and politicians. Collection also includes miscellaneous early correspondence, assorted Territorial contracts and receipts, biographical clippings of various people (mostly early ND political candidates), a early map of Dakota and a U.S. House of Representatives Report. Files on William “Bill” Langer and Senator Gerald Nye include FBI files requested by Nelson in 1995 under the Freedom of Information Act.

Provenance: The collection was donated by Mark E. Nelson February 26, 2007. Additional material was donated in March of 2007.  The preliminary inventory was created by Janet Beltran in January 2007.

Property Rights: The State Historical Society of North Dakota owns the property rights to this collection.

Copyrights: Copyrights to this collection remain with the donor, publisher, author, or author's heirs.  Researchers should consult the 1976 Copyright Act, Public Law 94-553, Title 17, U.S. Code or an archivist at this repository if clarification of copyright requirements is needed.

Access:  This collection is open under the rules and regulations of the State Historical Society of North Dakota.

Citation: Researchers are requested to cite the collection title, collection number, and the State Historical Society of North Dakota in all footnote and bibliographic references.



Box 1:
1 Miscellaneous correspondence - Correspondence to William Emerson, Jr. from J.B. Thayer, 12/17/1863; - Envelope addressed to Hon. John Casey, Casey, OH, from Mr. A. Howards, Detroit, MI, 9/26/1866; -Correspondence to Charles Hofokius, Equitable Life Assurance Co., NY, from Sgt. George H. Love, Fort Buford, DT, 4/25/1875; -Correspondence to John Devitt, Ryan, MN, from Peirce & Smith, Salem, DT, 3/11/1887; -Correspondence to M.H. Lowe from J.H. Scott, 9/14/1899
2 Aandahl, Fred G., Governor (1945-1951)-Postcard with photograph and autograph, 11/9/1950
3 Allin, Roger, Governor (1895-1897) -Portrait (10971-01); -Autograph (10971-02); -Some biographical information
4 Brunsdale, Governor C. Norman, Governor (1951-1957)-Autograph, 4/1/1951; -Newspaper photograph, ca. 1957
5 Burbank, John A., Governor of D.T. (1869-1873)-Autographed portrait (10971-03); -Some biographical information
6 Burdick, Usher L., Lieutenant Governor (1911-1913), U.S. House of Representatives (1935-1945, 1949-1959)- Autograph, 1/13/1953
7 Burke, Andrew H., Governor (1891-1893) -Biographical clippings; -Envelope addressed to Lawrence F. Bowen, 11/17/1891
8 Burtness, Olger B., U.S. House of Representatives (1921-1933) – Autograph;  -Correspondence to Hon. Daniel E. Garrett from O.B. Burtness, U.S. House of Representatives (1st Dist. ND), 5/29/1929
9 Casey, Lyman R., U.S. Senate (1889-1893) -Autograph, 12/17/1889; -Biographical information
10 Davis, John E., Governor (1957-1961) – Autograph;
11 Devine, Joseph M., Governor (1898-1899) -Biographical sketch
12 Fancher, Fred B., Governor (1899-1901) -Correspondence with envelope to H.W. Fay, DeKalb, IL, from Gov. Frederick B. Fancher, ND, 5/13/1899; -Biographical clipping; -Photograph (10971-04); -Envelope
13 Frazier, Lynn, Governor (1917-1921) -Correspondence to Master Jimmy Timbers, Mauston, WI, 1/2/1932; -Newspaper photograph, n.d.; -Admission card for Jimmy Timbers for the U.S. Senate Chamber, 1/2/1932; -Correspondence to Dr. Clarence J. Owens, Washington, D.C., 1/31/1921
14 Guy, William L., Governor (1961-1973) -Correspondence to Miss Helen Timbers, Madison, WI, 1/15/1965
15 Hanna, Louis B., Governor (1913-1917) -Correspondence to Dr. Clarence J. Owens, Washington, D.C., 12/8/1916
16 Hansbrough, Henry Clay, U.S. Senator (1889-1909) -Photograph clipping; -Autograph; -Biographical information
17 Langer, William, Governor (1933-1934 and 1937-1939) -Card attached to flowers in honor of “The Great Emancipator”; - Correspondence to H. W. Fay from William Langer, 5/21/1947, 3/11/1948; Autographed photograph of Senator William Langer, ca. 3/11/1948 (10971-05); -Correspondence to King V. Hostick from Senator William Langer, 4/16/1942, 11/28/1945
18 Langer Freedom of Information Act File
19 Langer Freedom of Information Act File
20 Langer Freedom of Information Act File
21 Langer Freedom of Information Act File
22 Melette, Arthur C., Governor of D.T. (1889) -Biographical clippings and photos; -Autographed portrait (10971-06); -Correspondence to Ben W. Austin, Trinity Historical Society, Dallas, TX, 5/6/1891
23 Miller, John, Governor (1889-1891) -Clipping (photograph); -Biographical material                      
24 Nestos, Ragnvold A., Governor (1921-1925) -Correspondence to Clarence J. Owens, Washington, D.C., 5/14/1923
25 Nye, Gerald P., U.S. Senator (1925-1945) -Autographed photograph at Lincoln’s Tomb, 7/22/1938 (10971-07); -Autographed photograph to John Boller, 7/1/1942 (10971-08)

Box 2:
1 Nye Freedom of Information Act File
2 Pierce, Gilbert A., Governor of D.T. (1884-1886) -Autographs (2), 1890 and n.d.              
3 Roach, William N., U.S. Senate (1893-1899)-Obituaries; Biographical information; Envelope from Roach, 12/31/1898
4 Sarles, Elmore Y., Governor (1905-1907)-Portrait (10971-09); -Correspondence with envelope to Rev. L. F. Bower, 8/8/1906
5 Shortridge, Eli C. D., Governor (1893-1895) -Biographical sketch, ca. 1894 (10971-10)
6 Young, Milton R., U.S. Senate (1945-1981)
-Correspondence to H. W. Fay from Milton R. Young, 9/10/1945, 3/18/1948
-Correspondence to King V. Hostick, from Senator Milton R. Young, 11/27/1945 and 7/18/1949
7 Assorted [ND] Territorial Contracts and Receipts
8 Miscellaneous biographical clippings (mostly political candidates)
-Dyste, Nils H.
-Gibson, J.R.
-Grant, Mrs. U.S. obituary
-Hannum, Nathan B.
-Keyes, George
-Thomas, Henry U.
-Wheeler, Charles
-Wilbur, Charles F.          
-Campaign of 1896 (William McKinley and Garret A. Hobart)
9 Miscellaneous - U.S. House of Representatives Report no. 581, 4/28/1848

Fold over maps, Minnesota, Dakota Territory, North Carolina, n.d.
Certificate No. 8182, General Land Office, DT, Recorder, for Ann Buchanan, 9/10/1889

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