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Manuscripts by Subject - Family / Local History - #10856

Title: Florence (Goldsmith) Murphy

Dates: ca. 1880s-1971

Collection Number: MSS 10856

Quantity: 1.5 feet

Abstract: Papers consist of genealogical research compiled for a Goldsmith family history,  printed material and photographs.  

Provenance: The Florence (Goldsmith) Murphy Papers were donated to the State Historical Society of North Dakota by Diane Haugen on August 15, 2000.

Property rights: The State Historical Society of North Dakota owns the property rights to the collection.

Copyrights: Copyrights to materials in this collection remain with the donor, publisher, author, or author's heirs.  Researchers should consult the 1976 Copyright Act, Public Law 94-553, Title 17, U.S. Code and an archivist at this repository if clarification of copyright requirements is needed.  Permission to use any radio or television broadcast portions of the collection must be sought from the creator.

Access: This collection is open under the rules and regulations of the State Historical Society of North Dakota.

Citation: Researchers are requested to cite the collection title, collection number, and the State Historical Society of North Dakota in all footnote and bibliographic references.

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Florence Edna Goldsmith was born on October 7, 1900 to Owen and Leila E. (Sherwood) Goldsmith in Banner Township, Woodbury (IA). She had one sister, Lela May. By 1910, her family moved to Kidder County (ND).


Box 1:
1 Correspondence, 1918-1951
2 Correspondence, 1952-1971
3 Goldsmith genealogy, 1949
4 Miscellaneous, ca. 1907-1960:
May Goldsmith correspondence, 1909
Leila Sherwood Goldsmith correspondence, 1909
Obituaries of Ralph and Elmer Goldsmith, 1954
Memorial card from funeral services of Milton, Joseph and Elmer Goldsmith, 1954-1958
Leila Sherwood Goldsmith family records
List of children of Samual R. Goldsmith and Abigail Goldsmith (married May 4, 1856)
List of children of Nelson Sr. and Nancy (Davis) Goldsmith (married August 8, 1823)
Gertie James obituary and funeral memorial, 1960
Postcards and correspondence of “Sisseton, SD Goldsmiths”: Abigail, Tom, Asa and Albert, ca. 1907-1914
Harriet Goldsmith Lavacek obituary and genealogical information, n.d.
Box 2:    Photographs 10856-001-038 (see inventory below)

Box 3:    Photographs 10856-039-070

Box 4:    Photographs 10856-071-116

Box 5:    Photographs 10856-117-124       


10856-001            Florence (Goldsmith) Murphy, Spokane (WA), 1925
10856-002            Florence (Goldsmith) Murphy and Diane Haugen by Christmas tree, December 1967
10856-003            Florence (Goldsmith) Murphy, Dorothy and Diane Haugen, July 1, 1948
10856-004            Florence (Goldsmith) Murphy and Diane Haugen next to bus, Skyline Drive (VA), July 1, 1948
10856-005-006   Florence (Goldsmith) Murphy with Brian Avery Lindawood, son of Diane (Haugen) Lindawood, Silver Springs (MD), December 20, 1969
10856-007            Dorothy Haugen and Florence (Goldsmith) Murphy, April 3, 1970             
10856-008-009   Paul R. Murphy and Dorothy (Goldsmith) Haugen, April 1963
10856-010-018   Portrait of Florence (Goldsmith) Murphy, 1928-1968
10856-019            Portrait of Florence (Goldsmith) Murphy and Dorothy (Goldsmith) Haugen, Washington, D.C., April 17, 1962
10856-020            Florence Goldsmith, November 11, 1918
10856-021            “Western Pickers” - Florence Goldsmith with seven other young women in overalls and straw hats, ca. 1918
10856-022            Florence (Goldsmith) and Paul R. Murphy with Dorothy (Goldsmith) Haugen, September 2, 1962
10856-023            Florence (Goldsmith) Murphy and Dorothy (Goldsmith) Haugen, 1940s?
10856-024            Florence (Goldsmith) and Paul R. Murphy with Milton Goldsmith, 1954 
10856-025            Joe, Florence, Milton Goldsmith at Milton’s home, October 1, 1946
10856-026            Florence Goldsmith, September 7, 1919
10856-027            Leila (Sherwood) Goldsmith, July 1935
10856-028            Florence (Goldsmith) Murphy with Leila Sherwood Goldsmith, May 8, 1932
10856-029            Florence (Goldsmith) Murphy and unidentified young woman, 1932
10856-030            Portrait of Leila (Sherwood) Goldsmith, 1938
10856-031            Joe, Florence, Milton Goldsmith at Milton’s home, October 1, 1946
10856-032            Portrait of Florence Edna and May Lela Goldsmith, Goodrich (ND), July 20, 1909 (copy – see 10856-039 for original)
10856-033            Ode, Leila (Sherwood), May and Flora Goldsmith, 1916 or 1917?
10856-034            Portrait of Owen (1864-1917) and Leila (Sherwood) (1868-1939) Goldsmith, 1900?
10856-035-036   Portraits of Leila (Sherwood) Goldsmith, ca. 1922-1930s (copies)
10856-037            Portrait of Florence (Goldsmith) Murphy, October 14, 1939
10856-038            Portrait of Florence (Goldsmith) and Paul R. Murphy, 1940s?
10856-039            Portrait of Florence Edna and May Lela Goldsmith, Goodrich (ND), July 20, 1909
10856-040            Portrait of unidentified Women’s organization or group, Spokane (WA): Mable Delbridge, Lillian Avery, Pauline Fleener, Ethel Ogelsbee, Margaret Horn, Blanche Garrish, Molly Teal, Blanche Dupere, Florence Goldsmith, Isabell Salmon, Myra Wagner, Berena Bierlien, Blanche Shaffer (Dalton), Rose Vyverberg, Mable Hoffman, Ethel Kennett, Pearl Landry, Anna Rannie
10856-041            Portrait of Florence (Goldsmith) Murphy, ca. 1940s
10856-042            David Richard and Elizabeth (Moore) Goldsmith with children Delia, Sarah Ellen and James Donald outside home, Pits Point (KY), late 1890s (copy)
10856-043            Unidentified couple, ca. 1890s (copy)
10856-044            Unidentified couple, ca. 1910s (copy)
10856-045            Thomas Hicks, Washington, D.C., April 10, 1960
10856-046            Melville and Henry Goldsmith, April 18, 1949
10856-047            Family of Nelson Jr. and Helen (Miller) Goldsmith: Melville, Ralph, Maud, Henry and Elmer, 1947
10856-048            Probably Nelson Thomas (1866-1910) and Nancy (Davis) (1869-1921) Goldsmith, ca. 1900
10856-049            Maude (Goldsmith) Cheadle and daughter Mabel, St. Peter (MN), ca. 1901
10856-050            Hattie, Gertie James, Nan Canfield, Fannie Sapp and Maude Cheadle, Sisseton (SD), September 6, 193?         
10856-051            Portrait of man, possibly Tom Goldsmith, ca. 1880s
10856-052            Portrait of Tom Goldsmith, ca. 1880s
10856-053            Portrait of Milton Goldsmith, ca. 1890s
10856-054            Portrait of Annie, Delia and Hattie Goldsmith, daughters of Sam and Abigail, ca. 1890s
10856-055            Portrait of Albert Goldsmith, ca. 1890s
10856-056            Portrait of Nancy (Goldsmith) Lawrence, daughter of Sam and Abigail, ca. 1880s
10856-057            Henry Clay Goldsmith near Cleveland (MN), ca. 1936
10856-058            Donna Goldsmith? 1961
10856-059            Dorothy Goldsmith? 1961
10856-060            Mrs. Rudolph, Dorothy, Leila (Sherwood), and Dorothy Goldsmith, 1961
10856-061            Portrait of Henry and Nan Canfield, ca. 1890s
10856-062            Joe, Harriet (Hattie) (Goldsmith) Lavachek, and Milton Goldsmith, at Dale Goldsmith’s farm, September 1946
10856-063            Goldsmith farm, Sisseton (SD), ca. 1910
10856-064            Portrait of Harriet (Hattie) (Goldsmith) Lavachek and youngest daughters Nina and Gladys, Sisseton (SD), ca. 1917
10856-065            Portrait of James Duane Wilkins, Lexington (NE), class of 1954
10856-066            Portrait of Saide and Mary Arretus Lavachek, ca. 1918
10856-067            Harriet (Hattie) (Goldsmith) and Joseph Lavachek and children Sadie, Mary Arretus, and Edwin Joseph, ca. 1906
10856-068            Hattie Lavacheck and Douglas Alten Lavachek, December 195,
10856-069            Portrait of Sadie (Lavachek) Larson, ca. 1961
10856-070            Hattie Lavacheck, Sadie (Lavachek), Vera Lou and Bradley Larson (four generations), 1951
10856-071            Portrait of Mr. and Mrs. Louis P. Larson and family, Sisseton (SD), ca. 1950s
10856-072            Portrait of Bruce C. Lavachek, June 1957
10856-073            Ardyce (Nelson) Lavachek and daughter Lois Jean, January 1957
10856-074            Robert Lavachek with children Bruce and Lois Jean, January 1957
10856-075            Bruce and Douglas Lavachek, ca. 1962
10856-076            Robert and Ardyce Lavachek with sons Bruce and Douglas, ca. 1960s
10856-077            Robert and Ardyce Lavachek, ca. 1960s
10856-078            Louis March, grandson of Joe Goldsmith, son of Charles March and Maude (Goldsmith) March, July 30, 1968
10856-079            Portrait of Belle (Goldsmith) and Fred Wetzel, 1930s?
10856-080            Nellie Peterson’s children (Jo’s sister), ca. 1900s-1910s
10856-081            Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Goldsmith family, 1954
10856-082            Portrait of Frankie (Goldsmith?), 1920s-1930s? (wife of one of Joe’s sons, she is from Kidder County, father Ez Simer, sister Dorothy married another of Joe’s sons)
10856-083            Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Driscoll and family, 1954
10856-084            Addie and Ruby with automobile in background, 1935
10856-085            Ted Cromwell (Viney’s husband) and Joe N. Goldsmith, 1910s-1920s?
10856-087            Joseph Nelson Goldsmith’s children and spouses, Clifford (ND), June 14, 1964: Harold and Bonnie (Hirsch) Goldsmith, Maude (Goldsmith) and Charles March, Helen (Goldsmith) and ? Erickson, Fred and Belle (Goldsmith) Wetzel, Ruby Goldsmith and Gerald Driscoll, Clifford and Lorene (Gray) Goldsmith
10856-088            Portrait of (probably) Becky Driscoll, 1960s-1970s?
10856-089            Portrait of Milton S. and Joseph N. Goldsmith, ca. early 1950s
10856-091            Joe and Milton Goldsmith at Milton’s home (ND), October 1, 1946
10856-092            Tom Goldsmith and children (including Joseph Nelson Goldsmith)
10856-093            Belle (Goldsmith) Wetzel, ca. 1960
10856-094            Portrait of Joseph Nelson and Adeline Martha (DeLaughter) Goldsmith family with children: Helen Florence, Arthur, Maude Ethel (March), John Daniel, Vernal Charles, Luella Belle (Witzel), Harold Forrest, Ellwod Leroy, Ellsworth Joseph, Clifford Robert and Chester Hugh, 1933
10856-095            Milton Goldsmith and siblings Flora Wise and Herbert Goldsmith, ca. 1950
10856-096            Portrait of Etta Goldsmith Long and her mother Arabella Goldsmith, 1920?
10856-097-098   Milton at the grave of James’ Goldsmith, 1954? (2x2 color slide)
10856-099            Milton S. Goldsmith, Florence (Goldsmith) Murphy, Lawrence Goldsmith, December 20, 1949
10856-100            Milton and Lawrence Goldsmith, December 20, 1949
10856-101            Arabella Goldsmith, Milton Goldsmith’s stepmother, 1920?
10856-102-103   Milton Goldsmith and the remains of the last house he helped to build before he left KY, built for his brother Lawrence Goldsmith, ca. 1900-1901
10856-104            Milton, Etta (Goldsmith) Long and Arabella Goldsmith, 1920?
10856-105            First cousins and spouses: Flora Wise, Martha Goldsmith, Sam Fox, Lawrence Goldsmith, Laura Fox, Henry and Mattie Watkins, Herbert and Madeline Goldsmith, Dyson Branch, Mary and Clarence Goldsmith, 1939
10856-106            Lawrence and Martha (Combs) Goldsmith, 1940s?
10856-107            James D. and Zorada (Hibbs) Goldsmith with children Roenia, Flora, and Lawrence, ca. 1870 (photograph of a painting)
10856-108            Milton and Olive Susanna (Everett) Goldsmith, 1943
10856-109            Portrait of Lieutenants Arthur J. and Ginny C. Cavanaugh, 1943?
10856-110            Unidentified Cavanaugh boys, ca. 1950s
10856-111            Portrait of Gertie (Davis) James, ca. 1915 (Florence Goldsmith’s first cousin)
10856-112            Belle James and Gertrude James, 1951
10856-113            Lillian (Barmore) Jennings, Ruby (Jennings), Edward O. II and Edward Edney III, Birmingham (AL), 1950s?
10856-114            Arthur Cavanaugh, Philippine Islands, April 1945
10856-115            Unidentified Cavanaugh baby boy, ca. 1950s
10856-116            Cavanaugh boys in swimming pool (Christmas card), ca. 1950s
10856-117-118   Milton at the grave of James’ Goldsmith, 1954? (2x2 color slide)
10856-119            Joseph Nelson Goldsmith and Addie with family, 1940s? (copy negative used in genealogy)
10856-120            Mable (Fisher) Withers on porch of home (KY) (copy negative used in genealogy)
10856-121            Unidentified family outside home, ca. 1890s-1900 (copy negative used in genealogy)
10856-122            Unidentified man portrait, ca. 1880s-1890s (copy negative used in genealogy)
10856-123            Unidentified woman portrait, ca. 1880s-1890s (copy negative used in genealogy)
10856-124            Unidentified family portrait, ca. 1910s-1920 (copy negative used in genealogy)

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