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Manuscripts by Subject - Art / Architecture - #10749

Title: Lorraine E. Berger. Papers

Dates:      1880-2010     

Collection Number:   MSS 10749
Quantity:   10.5 feet  

Abstract:   The papers consist of the artist's exhibit papers, slides, booklets, audiovisual material, correspondence, manuscripts, published and draft books by Lorraine E. Berger and Mildred A. Berger, family Bibles, scrapbooks, Christmas letters, legal documents, financial material, material relating to the memorial services of David Berger, and Mildred A. and Fred Berger, typed journals of Lorraine E. Berger, certificate, photographs and a video.

Provenance:   The Lorraine E. Berger Papers were donated by Lorraine Berger on March 3, 1998. Additional material was added between 1998 and 2011. This collection was processed and the inventory prepared by Emily (Ergen) Schultz in October 2009.

Property Rights: The State Historical Society of North Dakota owns the property rights to this collection.


Access: This collection is open under the rules and regulations of the State Historical Society of North Dakota.

Citation: Researchers are requested to cite the collection title, collection number, and the State Historical Society of North Dakota in all footnote and bibliographic references.




Box 1:
1 Baby book: Lorraine Estelle Berger, July 11, 1930
2 Gift cards from birthdays, Valentine and Easter card, certificate of baptism, locks of hair
3 Small baby book from McHenry drug store
4 Correspondence and news clippings concerning blizzard, 1941
5 Correspondence, report cards and newspaper clippings, 1940-1949
6 Diplomas: High School and MA from University of Minnesota
7 Notes from three U of M graduate classes, 1961
8 Papers written by Lorraine Berger while an undergraduate and graduate student
9 Teaching manual by Lorraine Berger, “The Child and the Rural Elementary Art Program”
10 Album pages commemorating Lorraine Berger's emeritus professor appointment, 1995
11 Cut Paper Letters: A Workbook by Lorraine E. Berger
12 Letters to Lorraine Berger from Grandma Berger, 1948
13 The Almost Gladstone Bag by Lorraine Berger, 1996
14 “Wars and Pieces” from the Almost Gladstone Bag by Lorraine Berger, 1997 15 Feed the Body, Nourish the Spirit: A Collection of Recipes from the Kitchens of Friends and Relatives by Lorraine Berger, 1995
16 “Lox and Potlatches” from the Almost Gladstone Bag by Lorraine Berger, 1998
17 TCHG clippings, teaching elementary art, n.d.
18 Sympathy cards and letters
19 Sympathy cards and letters
20 Sympathy cards and letters
Slides of the work of Lorraine Berger (removed from collection 10/2002)

Box 2:
1 Minneapolis exhibition information
2 Fargo art related information
3 Valley City fine arts ball, Arts Festival publicity
4 Valley City workshop/teaching information
5 Lorraine Berger exhibition information, Valley City years 6 Dreammakers exhibits
7 Loose material
8 Dreammakers exhibits III
9 Loose material
Photographs and Slides (removed from collection 10/2002) 11 Children's exhibition number 1, local representation
12 Children's exhibition number 2, national representation
13 Presentations/lectures
14 Children's Exhibition number 3, international representation
15 Samples of student assessments of Lorraine Berger
16 Exhibition information L.E.B. U.N.T. years
17 Denton, TX, Human Society Newsletter, 1985
18 Denton publicity
19 Children’s exhibition, Valley City and UNVC exhibition information, 1963
20 Living with Art by William McCarter and Rita Gilbert (autographed copy), 1985
21 Drawing: A Contemporary Approach by Claudia Bette and Teel Dale (autographed copy)
22 Northwest academic decathlon team
23 Studies for Ranchman's Café Motel
24 Teaching slides and lecture on China, 1986
25 Dynamic Denton movie

Box 3:
1 VHS tapes about: art courses (27 tapes)
2 The Commotion with The English Professor by Lorraine Berger
3 The Christmas Day Visitors by Lorraine Berger
4 Feed the Body and Nourish the Soul by Lorraine Berger, 1995
5 Lox and Potlatches by Lorraine Berger, 1998
6 Birthday book given to Lorraine Berger by Mary Halvorson Arneson in 1938
7 Cut Letters Workbook by Lorraine Berger (two copies, one used)

Box 4:
1 Professional Vitae of Lorraine Berger
2 “The Gladstone Bag Tales” from the Early Journals by Lorraine Berger, 1995
3 Handmade book by Lorraine Berger
4 Christmas Gift to Lorraine Berger from Raymond Halvorson, 1936
5 Book given to Lorraine Berger, Beautiful Girlhood, 1922
6 Lorraine Berger authored books sent certified mail to herself
7 In Loving Memory of Mildred A. and Fred E. Berger by Lorraine Berger, 1998
8 Map of North Dakota, 1936
Celebrity autograph collection of Lorraine Berger (returned to donor)
10 Correspondence to Lorraine Berger from Harley Jane Kozack, 1990s
11 Christmas/holiday greeting cards sent to Lorraine Berger, 1990s
Photographs and Slides (removed from collection 10/2002)

Box 5:
1 Art journals
2 Correspondence
3 Family films on reels

Box 6:
1 The Reverend A. H. and Karen Marie Strinden Berger
2 Herman and Wilma Berger Family
3 Stella Berger Halvorson (E. J.) Family
4 North Dakota history information (Fred)
5 Copies of letters from David Berger (Lorraine's brother)
6 Mildred Berger family nee Arneson
7 Helen Berger Olson (Harold) family
8 Family of L. E. (Erling) Berger, son of Reverend and Mrs. (Carrie) Berger of Fort
9 Harold Berger, son of Reverend and Mrs. A. H. Berger, Fort Ransom
10 Family of Trigne Berger (Bertha)
11 Edna Berger (Reverend family)
12 Correspondence, death of mother, 1997
13 Mildred Arneson Berger's family
14 Clarence Arneson family (Jesse)
15 Albin Arneson family (Hazel)
16 Lillian Hilstad family
17 Publication: Iets Besonders, 2000
18 Arneson Halvorson families: significant historical information, photographs
19 Arneson Halvorson families: significant historical information, correspondence, 1880s-1980s
20 Mildred Arneson Berger family, extended family and extended shirttail relatives, 1980s
21 Arneson family, extended family and extended shirttail relatives, 1980s
22 Photo album (very fragile), 1910s-1920s
23 Photo album (very fragile), continued
24 Photograph album, 1930s-1950s
25 February 8, 2011 accession - News clippings, correspondence, Christmas cards, 1988-2010

Box 7:
1 Family Bible owned by Mildred A. Berger with genealogical information
2 “Book One: The Almost Gladstone Bag,” manuscript by Lorraine Berger
3 “Book Two: ‘Wars and Pieces’ from the Almost Gladstone Bag,” manuscript by Lorraine Berger
4 “Book Three: ‘Lox and Potlatches’ from The Almost Gladstone Bag,” manuscript by Lorraine E. Berger
5 “Pseudobeeper and denny-phil-dron,” picture book by Lorraine Berger
6 “Loving Tributes” book in memory of Siverina Halvorson (b. 1883 Griggs County,
ND, d. 1971 Minneapolis MN; Lorraine’s mother, Mildred Berger was a niece of Miss Halvorson), 1971?
7 Scrapbook of Mildred Berger’s reminiscences about McMillan apartments, Minneapolis, MN, written September 1984
8 Siva (Siverina) Halvorson Christmas letter, 1965
9 Family Bible owned by Fred and Mildred Berger (with family information)
10 Scrapbook about Reverend Dr. David Preus and others who served at University Lutheran Church of Hope, 1950s-1970s
11 Loose material from scrapbook
12 Family Christmas Stories and Other Tales (two copies, one with note from Mildred to Lorraine), copyright 1996 by Lorraine E. Berger, The Almost Gladstone Press, second printing, 1996
13 618: Forty Two Years and a Day, by Mildred A. Berger, printed 1996
14 Legal documents (involving Siverina Halvorson, Mildred Berger, Anna S. Halvorson, Lisa Halvorson, Caroline Halvorson, Halvor S. Halvorson, 1924-1961 15 Halvor S. Halvorson correspondence, 1924
16 Siva Halvorson correspondence, 1918 & 1960
17 Financial statements of H. S. Halvorson (and Ernest H. Halvorson), 1928-1929
18 Donations to various organizations in memory of David Berger (memorials and thank you notes), 2005
19 David Berger memorial service material with special cards and messages received by Lorraine Berger, 2005
20 Draft and background information about book, “Mr. Timothy,” also with background information about the book “Pseudobeeper” 21 Christmas letters by Lorraine Berger, 1961-2006
22 “Interest,” short manuscript by Siva Halvorson
23 Typed journals of Lorraine Berger (1952, 1960, 1964-1965, 1993, 1994), 1952- 1994
24 Receipts and envelope “amount raised over night to keep bank from closing and Emmetz out of the pen,” October 1, 1926
25 Memorial booklet for Mildred A. And Fred E. Berger, by Lorraine Berger
26 Booklets by Lorraine E. Berger, “Once Upon a Time Stories for Adults”; “The Christmas Day Visitors”; “the Cinnamon and Sage Syndrome”; “A Love Story”; “Rising to the Occasion”; “You May Come in Now”
27 “Feed the Body, Nourish the Spirit: A Collection of Recipes from the Kitchens of Friends and Relatives,” by Lorraine Berger, 1995
28 Smorgaasbord Cook Book (University Lutheran Church of Hope Women’s Society), to Lorraine from Mildred Berger
29 Lorraine Berger correspondence (mostly cards), 1995-2007

Box 8:
1 Professor emeritus, Lorraine Berger, University of North Texas, 1995
2 Writings by Reverend Christian Scriver (C.S.) Thorpe (and note to Lorraine)
3 Mildred and Fred Berger memorial concert program and invitation, held February 15, 2004
4 Video of Mildred and Fred Berger memorial concert (videographer Robert Hoisington)
5 Program and invitation - Augustana Care Corporation's Donor Recognition Event and Oktoberfest Celebration (with painting by Lorraine E. Berger), held October 8, 2009
6 Old Aker Church, Oslo, Norway
9 Photographs (and one tintype), ca. 1880s-2004
Scanned photos:
10749-09-01 Halvorson home, Cooperstown, N.D., 1920s?
10749-09-02 Cooperstown 75th Anniversary, 1957
10749-09-03 “Candid shot” of Mildred and Fred Berger, taken on street in Winnipeg, Canada, August 1947
10749-09-04 “On the Halvorson Farm McHenry N. Dak” – threshing scene (post card), between 1900 and 1920
10749-09-05 Mrs. A. S. Halvorson and unidentified woman reading The Burr McIntosh Monthly, Cooperstown, N.D., 1908?
10749-09-06 Threshing scene, Halvorson Farm, Cooperstown, N.D., between 1900 and 1920

Box 10:
1 University Lutheran Church of Hope centennial celebration correspondence, 2003-2004
2 Centennial commemorative book email (from binder), 2002-2004
3 Centennial planning binder (1 of 2), 2001-2004
4 Centennial planning binder (2 of 2), 2001-2004
5 Centennial committees (from binder)
6 Centennial - Coordinator of events, archives, banquet one, banquet two, financial planning, publicity email (binder)
7 Centennial - Visual Arts, Visual Presentation, Website, Worship email (from binder)
8 Centennial - Dr. Charles W. Lewis
9 Centennial - Reservations (Master List)
10 Centennial - printed material
11 Centennial - photographs
12 Centennial - photographs
13 Centennial - dedication of Parish Center with photographs
14 Centennial - DVDs and VHS

Box 11:       
1 “Carrie’s journals” “’As the Day, So Shall Thy Strength Be’: The Diaries of Karen Marie Strinden Berger: 1928-1965” (bound)
2 Worship email: Year’s activities, 2002-2004
3 Worship email: Year’s activities, 2002-2004 (continued)
4 Genealogical information regarding common ancestors of Kyle Jansson (Monmouth OR) and Berger, articles about the University of North Texas' exhibit of the work of its earliest educators (including Berger), Christmas cards, and a clipping about Jeanette Stone, former teacher and school principle in Fargo.
5 Letter from Paul Reveland to Berger relating a trip to Finley (ND) to visit the grave sites of her parents (includes copies of photos) Information about Valborg Oslund’s death (English teacher at Valley City College)

Box 12:        (Loose in 1 ft box)
Lorraine Berger: printed material featuring Lorraine Berger or her activities; professional work; correspondence; genealogical material; family photographs, film and slides; poetry; and 2007 Minneapolis bridge collapse material

David Berger material: recording when he was about 5, confirmation book, resume, college transcript, diplomas, report cards, artifacts, memorial service recording (cassette) and photographs
Berger family material: final papers of Fred, Mildred and David Berger; video of Mildred and Fred Berger memorial concert (videographer Robert Hoisington); Mildred Berger birth or baptism certificate; war ration books; and Evelyn Berger High School diploma

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