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Title: Clarence E. Staff Papers   
Dates: 1946-1973

Collection Number: MSS 10451

Quantity: 5.5 feet
Abstract: Papers consist of notes, printed materials, drawings, MDU-IBEW labor contracts, MDU annual reports, Staff's attaché case (containing notes, pens, pencils, slide rules, conversion charts, drawings, a measuring tape, sun-glasses, and other memorabilia) and photographs of MDU employees, substations, various construction projects, and the Garrison Dam. 

Collection relates primarily to the construction and operation of electric transmission systems in central and western North Dakota.  Clarence E. Staff was born December 13, 1906 and passed away October 20, 1984. He was an electrical engineer and the photographer for Montana-Dakota Utilities (MDU), who retired on December 30, 1971.

Provenance: The collection was donated by Ron Staff, son of Clarence Staff, on March 26, 1985. This inventory was created by Emily E. Schultz in August 2012.  

Property Rights: The State Historical Society of North Dakota owns the property rights to this collection.

Copyrights: Copyrights to this collection remain with the donor, publisher, author, or author's heirs.  Researchers should consult the 1976 Copyright Act, Public Law 94-553, Title 17, U.S. Code or an archivist at this repository if clarification of copyright requirements is needed.                                                                         

Access: This collection is open under the rules and regulations of the State Historical Society of North Dakota.   

Citation: Researchers are requested to cite the collection title, collection number, and the State Historical Society of North Dakota in all footnote and bibliographic references.


Box 1:
1 Correspondence, 1946-1965
2 Notes and drawings
3 Personal and MDU telephone directories, 1970
4 Certificates, 1966-1982
5 Annual Electric Operating Meeting, May 9-11, 1955
6 Annual Electric Operating Meeting, May 10-11, 1956
7 Annual Electric Operating Meeting, May 22-24, 1957
8 Annual Electric Operating Meeting, May 6-8, 1959
9 Annual Electric Operating Meeting, May 4-6, 1964
10 Staff’s retirement, December 30, 1971
11 Miscellaneous ephemera, 1964-1966 and n.d.: MDU fact card, December 31, 1966; General Electric stencil, “package substations”; Clarence Staff nametag Electric Operating Meeting, May 4-6, 1964; ticket for the Bismarck Division Employee Club, the Lens Louse, Official publication of the Bismarck Camera Club
12 MDU annual reports, 1947-1957 (incomplete)
13 MDU annual reports, 1958-1969 (incomplete)

Box 2:
1 Scholarly articles and clippings, ca. 1950s-1970s
2 General Electric guides and manuals, 1961-1962
3 High Voltage Airblast Breakers printed material, 1954
4 Mid-Continent Area Power Planners (MAPP), ca. 1963
5 “How to Cut Electric Utility Costs,” published by Electrical World, ca. 1954
6 “Radioactive Fallout, Employee Family Protection,” MDU, ca. 1962
7 “Missouri River: A Plan Offered by 14 Local Electric Systems to Firm The Electric Output from the Missouri River Hydro Plants,” ca. 1962
8 Union material (MDU and System Council U-13 – International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers), 1953-1973
9 Accidents/injuries graphs and statistics, 1955-1958

Box 3: Staff's attaché case containing notes, calendars, pens, pencils, slide rulers, conversion charts, drawings, handbooks, publications, printed material, codes and rule books, a measuring tape, sun-glasses, a button, and other tools used by Staff, ca. 1947-1971.  A weight set, drafting triangle, necktie pin, and tweezers used by Staff are also in this box.

Box 4: Photographs 1-234

Box 5: Photographs 235-269

Box 6: Photographs 270-307

Box 7: Photographs 308-329

Box 8: Photographs 330-369

Box 9: Photographs 370-399

Box 10: Photographs 400-429

Box 11: Photographs 430-469

Box 12: Photographs 470-499

Box 13: Photographs 500-529

Box 14: Photographs 530-559

Box 15: Photographs 560-587

Box 16: Photographs 588-609

Box 17: Photographs 610-631

Box 18: Photographs 632-670

Box 19: Photographs 671-699

Box 20: Photographs 700-751

Box 21: Photographs 649, 675, 678

Box 22: Photographs 752-761

Photographs Inventory
Note: Image titles were mostly taken from Staff’s notes on the back of the photographs
10451-01 – 10451-56       New substation at old Bismarck power plant, November 1954
10451-67 – 10451-115     R.M. Heskett power plant construction, etc., Mandan, 1950-1954
10451-116 – 10451-127   Scenes near R.M. Heskett Station, Mandan, late 1950s
10451-128 – 10451-222   MDU Poplar, MT substation, 1960s
10451-223 – 10451-234   Bismarck division, rubber protective equipment testing, late 1960s
10451-235            (center) Hugh Mangskau, to his right, Judge Harris
10451-237            John Johnson (GE Co., below), Carl Condon (MDU, on top of circuit breaker), 1960s
10451-238            Left to right: Mark Walsh, Matt Aller, Red Fettig, Allan Martinson, Art Halverson, Dick Jaeger, 1960s
10451-239            Betty Frahm, 1960s
10451-240            Meter school, Paul Angel (left), unidentified (center), John Chesire (right)
10451-241            Hettinger substation
10451-242            Walt Render, 1960s
10451-243            Mobridge Bridge, 1960s
10451-244            Peter Tamm, 1960s
10451-245            Power plant tour
10451-246            Heskett station, 1960s
10451-247            Meter school, 1947
10451-248            Substation
10451-249            Heskett station, 1960s
10451-250            Hugh Mangskau (left), Mark Scarff (center), unidentified (right)
10451-251            Unidentified (left), Hugh Mangskau (center), Walt Rieke (right)
10451-252            Bob Hixson, 1960s
10451-253            Garrison Dam, left to right: unidentified, Gravinger, Hugh Mangskau, Bob Thorson
10451-254            Walt Sylvester (left), Bob Hixson (right) checking rubber glove, 1960s
10451-255            Bob Hixson, early rubber glove test equipment, 1960s   
10451-256            Jennie Germain
10451-257            Bismarck power plant, 1950s
10451-258            Substation 3rd and Front, Capitol Laundry in back, 1960s
10451-259            Unidentified (left) and Alvin Jacobsen (right)
10451-260            Mobridge Bridge             
10451-261            Jeannie Germain (left), Beth Frahm (center), and unidentified (right)
10451-262            Beulah plant switchboard, 1960s
10451-263            Bismarck power plant, 1960s
10451-264            Meter school, 1947
10451-265            Left to right: Chuck Ritchie (MDU), Ernie Ridgewell (GE Co.), Maynard Meschke (MDU), Geo Germain (MDU), Carl Condon (MDU), Elsmer Einins (MDU)
10451-266            Bismarck power plant from northwest, 1960s
10451-267            First rubber glove tester, 1960s
10451-268            Bismarck power plant in background, 1960s
10451-269            Bismarck power plant cooling towers on south side of Front Avenue at 4th Street            
10451-270            Unidentified
10451-271-274   System board study at G. E. Co, NY
10451-275            En route to G. E. Co. Schenectady, NY by train
10451-276            Carl Fagrelius and Hugh Mangskau
10451-277            Bowdle
10451-278-279   Touring Garrison plant
10451-280            Meter school, 1947
10451-281            Touring Garrison plant
10451-282            Mobridge substation
10451-283-285   Bowdle
10451-286            Unidentified                                     
10451-287            Wishek substation
10451-288            Unidentified
10451-289            Unidentified
10451-290            Mandan refinery
10451-291            Bismarck
10451-292-294   Heskett station
10451-295            Wishek substation
10451-296            Bowdle, March 4, 1953
10451-297            Elgin substation
10451-298            Bismarck substation
10451-299-303   Elgin substation, 1950s
10451-304            Hettinger, ND, 1950s
10451-305            Unidentified
10451-306            Lewis and Clark, Sidney, MT
10451-307            Dickinson substation
10451-308            Touring Garrison plant
10451-309            Unidentified Elks Lodge meeting
10451-310            Unidentified MDU substation
10451-311-313   emorial Bridge, Bismarck, ND
10451-314            H. L. Pearson, MDU Vice President of Power Plants, 1965
10451-315            Ben Thompson, address at Annual Electric Operating Meeting, Bismarck, 1965
10451-316            Coffee break at Annual Electric Operating Meeting, Bismarck, 1960s
10451-317            Ben Thompson, a/c Vice President, 1965
10451-318            Clark Hostfield address at Annual Electric Operating Meeting, Bismarck, 1965
10451-319            Crane, Heskett Plant, Mandan, 1956
10451-320            Kty R.
10451-321            Hebron substation looking west
10451-322            Hebron substation looking north and up, by-pass switches for regulators and metering equipment, March 10, 1949                                               
10451-323            Hebron substation looking toward the northeast, March 10, 1949
10451-324            Hebron substation looking east toward brickyard, March 10, 1949
10451-325            Hebron substation looking south, by-pass switches for regulators and metering equipment
10451-326            Hebron substation looking south
10451-327            Hebron substation looking north
10451-328-339   Unidentified, ca. 1940s
10451-340            Beulah substation facing northwest
10451-341-346   Unidentified
10451-347-369   Views of and work at an unidentified substation
10451-370            Unidentified
10451-371-381   Wishek substation, November 23, 1959 (each photo has additional descriptive information)
10451-382-388   Bowdle substation, February 12, 1958 (each photo has additional descriptive information)
10451-389            Left to right: George Alexander (G.E. Co.) Peter Tamm, unidentified and Herman Fulbrugge, 1960s
10451-390            Bismarck staff meeting, 1960s
10451-391            Employees coffee party, 1960s
10451-392            Walt Renden and Bill DuVall checking our new driver testing equipment, 1960s
10451-393            Tour, Heskett station, 1954
10451-394            Heskett station, facing camera: Warren VanTassel (R) and Judge Harris (L), 1950s
10451-395            Heskett station, 1950s
10451-396            Heskett station tour, 1950s
10451-397            Sidney power plant in middle Harry Pearson
10451-398            MDU plant tour, Herman Fulbrugge pointing, 1950s
10451-399            Robert Crawford, Refrigeration Engineer, 1950s
10451-400            Substation at Front between 3rd and 4th Streets, 1950s
10451-401-402   Power plant tour, 1950s                                               
10451-403            Ray Schaefer, Bismarck plant Superintendent, 1950s
10451-404            John Chesire at Heskett Plant, 1960s
10451-405            Heskett power plant, 1960s
10451-406-407   Heskett power plant tour, 1960s
10451-408            Bismarck 4th and Front substation, 1960s
10451-409            Bismarck Country Club, 1960s
10451-410            East Bismarck substation construction, moving in transformer, 1960s      
10451-411            Betty Frahm and her father
10451-412            Betty Frahm’s father
10451-413            Mark Walsh, 1950s
10451-414            Bismarck substation at Front and 4th, 1960s
10451-415            Heskett plant
10451-416            Heskett turbine torn down for maintenance
10451-417-418   Heskett plant
10451-419            Lewis and Clark plant, Sidney, MT
10451-420            Shaft to water wheel from turbine
10451-421-424   Bismarck Country Club
10451-425-426   Sidney, MT plant
10451-427            230KV structure
10451-428            South wall of Mobridge plant showing distribution circuit take off
10451-429            Unidentified group of men (at Garrison Dam?)
10451-430            Looking south into substation east of Mobridge plant
10451-431            Miles City, MT power plant
10451-432            Connecting sub to transmission line
10451-433            Armored transmission line
10451-434-436   Heskett Plant
10451-437            Bismarck (Country Club?)
10451-438            Heskett intake
10451-439            Unidentified gag photo
10451-440            MDU Company, 1950s: at board: Ray Pengra, in front of Pengra: Clark Gillespie, in front of right board back view: John Chesire         
10451-441            Heskett plant, Terry (last name unknown), 1950s
10451-442            Bismarck ball park covered in snow, Front and Washington
10451-443            MDU company staff meeting, 1960s
10451-444            Bismarck, first Annual Electric Operating Meeting, August 1947
10451-445            Bismarck power plant, view from south
10451-446            Old power plant, Front Street
10451-447            Power production meeting, 1960s
10451-448            Mark Walsh, sales manager, 1950s
10451-449            Phil Nelson, Gas Superintendent, 1950s
10451-450            Walt Riecke, Electric Superintendent, 1950s
10451-451            Mickey McLarnon, Chief Accountant, 1950s
10451-452            Milt Reifschneider, Gas Engineer (later gas Superintendent), 1960s
10451-453            Warren Van Tassel, Power Production manager, 1960s
10451-454            Bob Nelson, Power Production manager, 1960s
10451-455            Walt Render, Bismarck Division Manager, 1960s
10451-456            Tony Bartolina, Gas Superintendent (later Assistant Division Manager), 1960s
10451-457            Ray Schaefer, Bismarck Plant Superintendent, 1960s
10451-458            Glendive, MT
10451-459            Bismarck substation, 1950s
10451-460            Bismarck 69KV substation, March 4, 1953
10451-461            Glendive, MT
10451-462            Mandan refinery
10451-463            NY board study
10451-464            Wishek substation, 1950s
10451-465            Beulah plant
10451-466            Bismarck substation, 1950s
10451-467-468   Heskett station
10451-469            Hettinger substation, 1950s
10451-470            Unidentified
10451-471            Dr. McNut (gag photo)
10451-472            Bismarck substation, 1950s
10451-473            Hettinger substation
10451-474            Unidentified
10451-475-476   Bismarck 69KV substation, March 4, 1953
10451-477            Wishek substation, 1950s
10451-478-480   Unidentified bus tour
10451-481            Unidentified, maybe Bismarck 69KV substation, March 4, 1953
10451-482-483   Bismarck 69KV substation, March 4, 1953
10451-484            Driving school
10451-485            Transportation structure, Martin Beach contractors
10451-486            69KV substation south of Bismarck plant
10451-487-488   Elgin substation
10451-489            Unidentified
10451-490            Beulah plant
10451-491            Lewis and Clark plant, Sidney, MT
10451-492-494   Unidentified
10451-495            Bismarck substation, 1960s
10451-496            Unidentified
10451-497            Beulah substation
10451-498            Bismarck substation
10451-499            Unidentified
10451-500            Bismarck 69KV substation, March 4, 1953
10451-501-502   Garrison Dam
10451-503-504   Unidentified
10451-505            Bismarck cooling tower
10451-506            Unidentified gag photograph
10451-507            Unidentified lecture or training
10451-508            Bismarck staff meeting
10451-509            Unidentified
10451-510-511   Lewis and Clark, Sidney, MT
10451-512            Mobridge plant and substation, station power bank in foreground
10451-513            Williston plant
10451-514            Annual Electric Operating meeting
10451-515-516   Unidentified
10451-517            Heskett Station
10451-518            Mobridge Moose Club building
10451-519            Williston plant
10451-520-521   ND badlands
10451-522            Unidentified
10451-523            Heskett Plant
10451-524            Derrick Motel, Glendive, MT
10451-525            Beulah Plant
10451-526            Western Electric wire reel
10451-527-538   Unidentified
10451-539            River north of Bismarck, Double Ditch
10451-540            Geographic marker, Geodetic Survey marker
10451-541            Underpass at Bismarck
10451-542            230KV structure
10451-543            Digging holes for structure
10451-544            Military cemetery
10451-545            Framing structure
10451-546            Garrison spillway
10451-547            Garrison Dam
10451-548            Unidentified
10451-549-550   Wishek sub structures
10451-551            Sales meeting
10451-552            Parking lot, Garrison Dam
10451-553            Sales meeting
10451-554            United Nations Building, NY
10451-555            Cathedral, NY
10451-556-557   Wishek substructures
10451-558            Lewis and Clark plant, Sidney, MT
10451-559            Contractor equipment
10451-560            Heskett plant tour
10451-561            Unidentified
10451-562            Hettinger substation
10451-563            Unidentified
10451-564            Southeast corner of Mandan power plant
10451-565-566   Garrison plant
10451-567            Garrison Dam
10451-568            Sales meeting
10451-569            Missouri River
10451-570-571   Probably Lewis and Clark Bridge across Missouri River, Bismarck
10451-572            Feed lot
10451-573            115KV structure
10451-574            Lewis and Clark tour
10451-575            USBR substation, Bismarck
10451-576            Wishek substation, March 4, 1953
10451-577            Angle structure
10451-578            Heskett plant
10451-579            Line west of Mandan
10451-580            Heskett plant
10451-581            Bismarck 69KV substation
10451-582            Laying underground conduit for wiring
10451-583            Contractor equipment
10451-584            Sand and gravel east of old Hettinger substation on driving way
10451-585            First structure east of Hettinger substation looking north showing conductor arrangement, July 10, 1953
10451-586            First structure east of Hettinger substation looking west showing
conductor arrangement, July 10, 1953
10451-587            First and second structures to east of Hettinger substation, shows restricted guying (?) space on second structure, July 10, 1953
10451-588-631   Probably Garrison Dam construction, ca. 1947-1953
10451-632-648   Photographs used in the September 1958 issue of the Mondakonian
10451-649            NY Board Study, Schenectady, NY, ca. March 1954
10451-650            Bowdle substation, switchboard, February 12, 1958
10451-651            Bowdle substation, carrier cabinet, February 12, 1958
10451-652            Bowdle substation, carrier cabinet, east wall, February 12, 1958
10451-653            Bowdle substation, battery charger, north side of east wall, February 12, 1958
10451-654-661   Unidentified
10451-662            Unidentified plant or substation, taken by Mohr, Mandan, ND, August 23, 1955
10451-663            Unidentified
10451-664-665   Unidentified, probably MDU female staff (or wives) at parties  
10451-666-673   Graphs and pages, “Experiments in Color Vision,” by Edwin H. Land, from an unidentified textbook
10451-674            Knife River Coal Mine Co. large drag line named "the Beulah Bell" strip mining for lignite coal, 1950s
10451-675            ND Board Study, Schenectady, NY, March 30, 1960
10451-676            MDU Company employees, left to right: Dick Bennett, Dutch Liedle, Walter Rendon, 1960s
10451-677            Writing safety rule book, committee met at Bismarck Division office, 1960s
10451-678            Garrison Dam construction, 1950s
10451-679            Unidentified
10451-680            Bismarck Camera Club, 1950s
10451-681            Pouring concrete footings, Hettinger substation, 1960s
10451-682            Elgin substation, 1962
10451-683            Knife River Coal Mine, Beulah, 1960
10451-684            Knife River Coal Mine, Beulah, 1950s
10451-685            Bismarck Camera Club, 1950s
10451-686            Knife River Coal Mine, Beulah, 1950s
10451-687-693   Bismarck Camera Club, 1950s
10451-694            Aerial photograph of the ND Capitol, ca. 1952
10451-695            Knife River Coal Mine, Beulah, 1950s
10451-696            Company meeting, Bismarck Division office, 1960s
10451-697            Open house at Heskett Plant employees at turbine location, 1962
10451-698            Heskett Station operating personnel, John Cheshire, Chief Engineer (third from left), 1961
10451-699            Dispatch office, old Bismarck plant, 1950s
10451-700            Dispatchers, 1950s
10451-701            Heskett power plant, 1950s
10451-702            Heskett Station boiler operators observing fire bed, 1960
10451-703            Walter Sylvester in MDU dispatch office in power plant on Front Street between 3rd and 4th Streets, 1955
10451-704            MDU Company committee writing distribution construction, stds, 1961
10451-705            Bismarck Division staff meeting, 1950s
10451-706            MDU Co. Warehouse storeroom, 3rd Street and Front Avenue, Bismarck, 1962
10451-707            Rubber goods testing lab, Gene Horner, 1965
10451-708            Annual Electric Operating Meeting, Williston, ND, 1960
10451-709            Jake Wutzske, land agent for MDU, 1960s
10451-710            Gas turbine Williston ND power plant, mid 1960s
10451-711            R. M. Heskett Station plaque
10451-712-713   Unidentified meeting, Hugh Mangskau (fourth from right)          
10451-714            Meeting, Bismarck division, hospitality room, 1970s
10451-715            Williston plant gas turbine equipment, 1960s
10451-716            Garrison Dam tail race, Riverdale, ND 1970
10451-717            Gas turbine, Williston ND power plant, mid 1960s
10451-718-719   Hayride with Trinity Luther League, cooked the food in this garage
10451-720            R. M. Heskett station under construction, 1950s
10451-721-722   R. M. Heskett station, 1950s
10451-723            Lineman installing armor rod on hi voltage transmission line, location unknown, 1960s
10451-724            Transmission line that connect in the Elgin substation
10451-725            Unidentified
10451-726            Unidentified (statue of George Washington)
10451-727            Hettinger substation, testing set-up, 1960s
10451-728            Hettinger substation, more testing for lightning protection, 1960s
10451-729            Hettinger substation, closing disconnect switch with hot stick, “Grd Fault neutralizer testing,” 1960s
10451-730            Hettinger substation, more lighting testing, 1960s
10451-731            Overall view of Hettinger substation where testing transpired, 1960s
10451-732            Hettinger substation, reading instruments, set-up for lightning tests, 1960s
10451-733            MDU personnel, Bismarck, 1960s. Front row, left to right: Mark Walsh, Walt Riecke, Hugh Mangskau, Walt Renden, John Cheshire, Ervin Bates; rear, left to right: Alvin Jacobsen, Warren Van Tassel, Ray Schaefer, Paul Angell, William DuVall, Milton Reifschnieder.    
10451-734            Visiting engineers from Korea, with W. G. Render, Bismarck District Manager and Robert Nelson, plant supervisor, studying USA utility engineering and operation on Government program, 1960s
10451-735            Left to right: Walter Riecke (Dir. Elec. Supt.), Hugh Mangskau (General Supt. of Transportation and Distribution), Walter Renden (Bismarck Division Manager), John Cheshire (Bismarck plant superintendent)
10451-736            Bowdle, SD substation (Clarence Staff, operator), 1960s
10451-737            Meeting of MDU staff, company-wide personnel, Annual Electric Operating Meeting, Clarence Staff at far left, May 9, 1955
10451-738            Former Gilman Garage purchased by MDU about 1949 and used for electric service and meter personnel
10451-739            MDU personnel, Bismarck, 1960s: front row, left to right; Mark Walsh, Walter Riecke, Hugh Mangskau, Walter Renden, John Cheshire, Ervin Bates, Mark Scarff. Back row, left to right: Alvin Jacobsen, Warren Van Tassel, Ray Schaefer, Paul Angell, William DuVall, Milton Riefschnieder, Robert Nelson
10451-740-751   Unidentified
10451-752            Taxidermied deer
10451-753            Taxidermied antelope
10451-754            Closing Garrison Dam
10451-755            Horses in field, due west from Cathedral, Bismarck (ND), early 1950s
10451-756            Building an addition to the old Bismarck Power Plant located between 3rd and 4th Streets on Front Avenue., construction in progress, 1948. Local contractor John Larson crane installing steel columns, etc.
10451-757            MDU Co. Heskett Station, 1960
10451-758            Men working on substation at Elgin (ND), ca. 1960
10451-759            Kids’ baseball game, ca. 1950s
10451-760            Contract crew building substation: Melvin Lange (Construction Co. on extreme right, crew members are unknown), ca. 1950s
10451-761            Gauvey Rig & Trucking Inc. working on MDU line, ca. 1950s

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