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Manuscripts by Subject - Groups / Organizations - #10435

Title: Greater North Dakota Association

Dates: 1925-1978

Collection Number: 10435

Quantity: 1.5 feet and film

Abstract: Includes by-laws, financial statements, resolutions, and minutes of the Executive Committee, Industrial Committee, Board of Directors, and joint meetings with the North Dakota Automobile Association. Minutes relate primarily to administration of the Association, tourism, promotion of economic development, Missouri River diversion plans, plans to establish the Theodore Roosevelt National Park, and relations with the North Dakota Automobile Association prior to their split in 1925. Film footage shot for the GNDA by Corwin, Sebens and Snyder is of rodeos, farm and ranch life, Medora, Theodore Roosevelt National Park opening, oil well opening, Jewel Bearing Plant groundbreaking, Fargo Diamond Jubilee, Rosemeade Pottery, Cloverdale Creamery, and Melroe Manufacturing Company. (Film is digitized)

Provenance: The State Historical Society of North Dakota acquired the collection from Dale Anderson in September 1984.

Property Rights:  The State Historical Society of North Dakota owns the property rights to this collection.

Copyrights: The North Dakota Right to Life Association has dedicated such copyrights as it possesses in this collection to the public. Consideration of all other copyrights is the responsibility of the researcher.

Access: This collection is open under the rules and regulations of the State Historical Society of North Dakota.

Citation: Researchers are requested to cite the collection title, collection number, and the State Historical Society of North Dakota in all footnote and bibliographic references.

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Box / Folder Inventory

Box 1:
1 Promotional Brochure ca. 1929
2 Minutes 1925-1927
3 Minutes 1927-1929
4 Minutes 1931-1934
5 Minutes 1934-1939
6 1940-1945

Box 2:
1 Minutes 1946-1949
2 Minutes 1950-1954
3 Minutes 1957-1960
4 Minutes 1960-1963
5 Minutes 1963-1968

Box 3:
Minutes 1968-1978

Moving Image Inventory
Item Number/Description/Location/Date

10435-00001-001            Rodeo, Mandan (N.D.), 07/1947
10435-00001-002            Rodeo, Dickinson (N.D.), n.d.
10435-00001-003            Rodeo, Sanish (N.D.), 1949
10435-00002-001            Rodeo, Sanish (N.D.), 1951
10435-00003-001            ND High School Athletic Association; National - rules of basketball, filmed in Ames, Iowa, ads by Wheaties., Iowa , n.d.
10435-00003-002            Jewel Bearing Plant groundbreaking; includes speakers (includes Milton Young, William Langer), Indian dances, and ceremony, Rolla (N.D.), 10/18/1952
10435-00003-004            Southwestern Trip, n.d.
10435-00003-005            Boys' State at NDAC, Fargo (N.D.), 1945
10435-00003-006            Greater North Dakota Association; NY.  Far. Tour, farm, and crop tour, Fargo (N.D.), n.d.
10435-00003-007            Apple trees and grapes; Morden, Man and Mandan, Sebens, Mandan (N.D.), n.d.
10435-00004-001            Northern Sheet & Iron, Wahpeton (N.D.), n.d.
10435-00004-002            Wahpeton Pottery Co.; Rosemeade, Wahpeton (N.D.), n.d.
10435-00004-003            Wahpeton Pottery Co.; Rosemeade, Wahpeton (N.D.), 1954
10435-00004-004            Melroe Manufacturing Co.; Combine pick-ups, Gwinner (N.D.), n.d.
10435-00004-005            Melroe Manufacturing Co., Gwinner (N.D.), 1954
10435-00004-006            Wahpeton Pottery Co.; Rosemeade, Wahpeton (N.D.), 1954
10435-00004-007            Macaroni Festival, Devils Lake (N.D.), 1953
10435-00004-008            Grocery shopping, Cloverdale Creamery, Badlands, dehydrating potatoes, Mandan (N.D.), 1954
10435-00004-009            Fargo Diamond Jubilee; Includes a parade, Fargo (N.D.), 1950
10435-00004-010            Scrap metal & lumber processing plant, North Dakota, n.d.
10435-00004-011            Lewis and Clark Pageant, North Dakota, n.d.
10435-00005-001            Klindworth Seed Cleaning, North Dakota, n.d.
10435-00005-002            Feed processing, North Dakota, n.d.
10435-00005-003            Vitamin deficient sheep, North Dakota, n.d.
10435-00005-004            Miscellaneous plant and animal life, farm tour and horse show, North Dakota, n.d.
10435-00005-005            Feed mixing chicks, North Dakota, n.d.
10435-00005-006            Rural electric, North Dakota, n.d.
10435-00005-007            Harvest scenes, North Dakota, n.d.
10435-00005-008            Beef and snowdrifts, North Dakota, n.d.
10435-00005-009            Farm life, North Dakota, n.d.
10435-00006-001            Passion Play, North Dakota, n.d.
10435-00006-002            Passion Play, North Dakota, n.d.
10435-00006-003            Theodore Roosevelt Park dedication, North Dakota, 1949
10435-00006-004            Dairy Show; Includes parade with several "misses" in convertibles, Jamestown (N.D.), 1950
10435-00007-001            Ranching film; shows baling - Farm animal tests; chickens raised on poor and good rations, North Dakota, n.d.
10435-00007-002            Cattle round up, river scenes, opening of oil well, etc., North Dakota, n.d.
10435-00007-003            Farm and flooding miscellaneous pieces, North Dakota, n.d.
10435-00008-001            Combining and threshing, crops at experiment station, North Dakota, n.d.
10435-00008-002            Grains, North Dakota, n.d.
10435-00009-001            North Dakota Land of Opportunity; filmed by W. A. Sebens for GNDA-lots of agriculture; sugar beets, capitol building, Badlands, Fargo, North Dakota, n.d.
10435-00009-002            Flooding; wheat breeding, Red River, Riverside Drive, Fargo Truman campaign train (Fargo - September 29, 1952), North Dakota, 1948-1952
10435-00009-003            Filmed by Sebens wheat breeding, beets, potatoes, beef, North Dakota, n.d.
10435-00010-001            "Roughrider Country"; filmed by Bill Snyder -- for GNDA and the Industrial Commission, North Dakota, n.d.
10435-00010-002            "Goodbye Mr. Germ"; Tuberculosis, North Dakota, n.d.
10435-00011-001            Flood prevention across ND, some sugar beet, etc., North Dakota, 1950
10435-00011-002            "Land of Opportunity"; water development, early states, North Dakota, 1952
10435-00012-001            "Land of Opportunity" geology, coal, etc., North Dakota, n.d.
10435-00013-001            Clay, coal, oil, North Dakota, n.d.
10435-00014-001            Devils Lake underpass-parade-"Pan American Unity"; agriculture; dams; oil and gas, Devils Lake (N.D.), n.d.
10435-00015-001            Agriculture; historic sites; Ida Prokop Lee; mining; oil and gas production, North Dakota , n.d.
10435-00016-001            How to Lose Weight by National Dairy Council and Michigan State College, North Dakota, 1951
10435-00016-002            Train derailment; Northern Pacific Railway, North Dakota, 03/05/1963
10435-00016-003            Arlo Begg; ND Farmers Union convention and tour, Chicago (Ill.), 02/28/1966

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