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Manuscripts by Subject - Agriculture - #10147

Title: John C. Eaton Papers

Dates: 1879-1963

Collection Number: 10147

Quantity: 4 feet               

 Consists of correspondence, printed material, subject files, photographs, and newspaper clippings concerning early McHenry County history, ranching, irrigation, and democratic politics.

Provenance: The John C. Eaton Papers were donated to the State Historical Society of North Dakota by his son, J. C. Eaton, Jr. in January 1976. The inventory was prepared by Emily Ergen in October 2009.

Property rights:
  The State Historical Society of North Dakota owns the property rights to the collection.

Copyright of the John C. Eaton Papers been dedicated to the public. Consideration of all other copyrights is the responsibility of the author and publisher.

This collection is open under the rules and regulations of the State Historical Society of North Dakota.

  Researchers are requested to cite the collection title, collection number, and the State Historical Society of North Dakota in all footnote and bibliographic references.

See: History of the Eaton Ranch by Jonathan C. Eaton, Jr. 1997


Funeral Services were held at Gethsemane Episcopal Cathedral in Fargo Saturday, September 14 for Jonathan Chase Eaton who died in the Mohall hospital early Thursday.

Officiating was the Very Rev. Harry W. Vere and arrangements were by Ivers Funeral Home. Pallbearers were Chester Foresman, Mel Sullivan and Charles Vogel all of Fargo, Dr. F. R. Erenfeld, Minot, Axel Kongslie and Richard Oium, Towner. Honorary pallbearers were Senator Quentin Burdick, Rep. Don Short, Governor William S. Guy, David G. Kelley, Norman Tenneson, Bruce Burritt, W. M. Harrington, Murray Baldwin, Clair Sherdahl, Jake Goldberg, Karnes Johnson, Charles Pollock, Abner Larson and John Resier. Burial was in Riverside Cemetery.

Mr. Eaton was born at Devils Lake December 20, 1890, the son of Mr. and Mrs. James Briggs Eaton. His father was active in business and his mother was the former Mabel Chase, daughter of a pioneer Minnesota family.

The family moved to Fargo where Jonathan attended school. He graduated from Fargo High School and was graduated from Northwestern University, Evansville, Ill. in 1913. In June of this year he attended the 50th anniversary reunion of his class at Northwestern.
In Fargo he was associated with his father in the firm of Eaton and Eaton and was active in a loan agency and other business. In 1936 he moved to his Denbigh ranch, spending considerable time there each year.

Later he was with the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation in Minot and in 1951 was director of the Office of Price Stabilization in Fargo. For a time he was temporary United States Marshal, later being appointed marshal by the court until a presidential appointment was made.
He had been active in Democratic circles, having served as a state chairman and was a member of the state executive committee. He was a director of the Garrison Diversion Conservancy District for McHenry County and had recently headed a drive to form a new irrigation district on the Garrison Diversion project which would adjoin the Middle Souris District.

The Denbigh ranch had been in the family since 1897 when it was established by his father as a big cattle raising and feeding venture near Towner including over 4,500 acres of fertile bottom lands on the Mouse River. Mr. Eaton was intensely interested in history of pioneers in McHenry County, spending considerable time in research and correspondence in attempting to learn more of the life and times of the early days of the area. He was one of the group interested in organizing a McHenry County Historical Society and was a member of the board of directors of the Towner Historical Society.

A member of the Episcopal church, Mr. Eaton had also been a member of the Masonic Lodge, Scottish Rite bodies; El Zagal Temple of the Shrine; Turtle Mountain Shrine Club; Elks Lodge and country clubs in both Fargo and Minot. A past president of the American Cattlemen’s Association and of the North Dakota Stockmen’s Association, he was secretary for many years of the Mouse River Cattlemen’s Association.

He married Ellen Miller of Upham in 1925. She died in October 1950. He later married Mrs. Florence B. Warner of Fargo who survives. He also leaves two sons, J. C. Eaton, Jr. of Minot; James Briggs Eaton II of Edina, Minn. and Mrs. H. E. (Ellen) Johnson, Mohall; a sister, Mrs. George (Louise) Dixon, Detroit Lakes, Minn., and ten grandchildren.
From: Mouse River Farmers Press, Thursday September 12, 1963


Box 1:
1 Certificates, 1903
2 J. B. Eaton, correspondence, political, 1904
3 J. B. Eaton, correspondence, political, 1904
4 Democratic Convention, St. Louis, 1904
5 J. B. Eaton, correspondence, political, 1908
6 J. B. Eaton, Federal Reserve Board, applications, 1914
7 Miscellaneous: photograph and invitation
8 Democratic National Committee, 1957-1959
9 Newsclipping [facsimilie], 1936
10 Democratic County Chairman listing, ND
11 W. E. Glotzbach, Fargo, ND, 1936-1937

Box 2:
1 Newsclippings: Truman’s visit, 1950
2 Truman Day: Truman’s visit to North Dakota
3 Correspondence, 1936-1937
4 Inaugural invitation, President Truman, 1949
5 Correspondence, political, 1938
6 Correspondence, political, 1937-1938

Box 3:
1 J. C. Eaton, personal correspondence, 1951-1953
2 Office of Price Stabilization (OPS), 1944-1952
3 OPS, Washington Post clippings, 1951
4 [no folder]
5 Correspondence, Political
6 Correspondence, James A. Farley, 1936-1937
7 Farm Credit Administration, Correspondence, 1942-1945
8 Farm Credit Administration, Correspondence, 1936-1937
9 Seed Loan Office, Correspondence,1935-1936
10 Democratic National Committee, 1936-1937
11 Foreclosing Attorneys for Land Bank, 1936-1937
12 J. C. Eaton Political File, 1937
13 J. C. Eaton Political File, 1937

Box 4:
1 Water Rights, 1935-1958
2 Flood Irrigation, 1937
3 Flood Irrigation, General Correspondence, 1935
4 Flood Irrigation, State Engineer, Correspondence, 1935
5 Report on the Souris River Investigation, 1940
6 Board of Flood Irrigation, McHenry Co., 1937
7 Flood Irrigation, Washington, 1934
8 Flood Irrigation, 1933
9 Eaton Project, 1936-1937
10 Eaton Project, 1936-1937
11 Flood Irrigation, 1936
12 Flood Irrigation, 1933-1936
13 State Water Conservation Committee, 1935-1950

Box 5:
1 Eaton Project, State Engineer Report, 1933
2 McHenry Co. Flood Irrigation Proposals, 1933-1961
3 Flood Irrigation, 1950
4 Flood Control Board, McHenry Co., 1933
5 Flood Irrigation, General, 1936
6 State Engineer Correspondence, 1933-1937
7 Flood Irrigation Board, McHenry Co., 1934
8 Flood Irrigation, State P.W.A., 1935
9 Flood Irrigation, State P.W.A., 1933-1934
10 Flood Irrigation, State Engineer, 1933-1934
11 Flood Irrigation, Washington, DC, 1936
12 Flood Irrigation, State P.W.A., 1936
13 Flood Irrigation, Washington, DC, 1935
14 Flood Irrigation, 1919
15 Flood Irrigation, General, 1933-1935
16 Flood Irrigation, 1951-1952
17 F. Miscellaneous, 1935-1936

Box 6:
1 Early Settlement of Mouse River Area
2 Lady Pentland Family Letters, 1883-1963
3 Lady Pentland, Peace Garden, 1950
4 Eaton Letters to Pentland, 1950-1958
5 Pentland Letters to Eaton, 1946-1959
6 Correspondence, Pentland, Marjoribanks, 1946-1957
7 Newspaper Articles: Majoribanks, 1961
8 Historical: Major banks, Ranching, 1949-1956
9 Sandoz Correspondence, 1957
10 McHenry County, 1950
11 Newsclippings
12 Photos
13 Historical Material, 1950
14 McHenry County History

Box 7: Photographs 00001 - 00035

Photographs Inventory

10147-00001      J. H. Bollig at Buffalo Lodge Lake (D.T.)  1888
10147-00002      Edmund Thursby herd, Towner (D.T.)  1887
10147-00003      Edmund Thursby Ranch, Towner (D.T.)  1887
10147-00004      Edmund H. Thursby Ranch, Towner (D.T.)  1887
10147-00005      Edmund Thursby Ranch, Towner (D.T.)  1887
10147-00006      Edmund H. Thursby hunting party near Towner (N.D.)  1887      
10147-00007      Cattle grazing on Edmund Thursby Ranch near Towner (D.T.)  1887
10147-00008      Cattle herd, E. H. Thursby Ranch, Towner (D.T.)  1883
10147-00009      Alex McDougall near Towner (D.T.)  ca. 1887
10147-00010      Honorable Coutts Marjoribanks and group  ca. 1895
10147-00011      Marjoribanks Coutts  with "Vaquero" and "Flo" at Coldstream Ranch, Vernon, British Columbia  ca. 1895
10147-00012      Honorable Coutts Marjoribanks and his horse "Vaquero" at Coldstream Ranch, Vernon, British Columbia  ca. 1895
10147-00013      Coutts Marjoribanks and his dog Lady  1894-1895
10147-00014      Coutts Marjoribanks  1895
10147-00015      First herd driven from Texas to Dakota Territory, Standing Rock Reservation, Fort Yates (D.T.)  1879         
10147-00016      Vic Christianson branding horse at Figure 4 Ranch near Watford City (D.T.) 1879
10147-00017      Sketch by Ishbel, Countess of Aberdeen  06/24-30/1887
10147-00018      Sketch by Ishbel, Countess of Aberdeen  07/05-07/1887
10147-00019      Rough sketch of Horseshoe Ranch N.Dakota by Lady Aberdeen  07/06/1887
10147-00020      Man on a white horse  n.d.
10147-00021      Aberdeen Angus herd at Home Farm, Guisachan, Inverness-shire n.d.
10147-00022      Lord Dudley Gordon, Marjorie Lady Pentland, the Marquis of Aberdeen ca. 1960
10147-00023      Marjorie Lady Pentland, West Clandon  1963
10147-00024      The Hon. Margaret Sinclair  1963
10147-00025      Marjorie Lady Pentland  ca. 1960
10147-00026      Possibly the Marquis of Aberdeen  ca. 1960
10147-00027      Boy standing with a wall behind him  ca. 1960       
10147-00028      Boy standing on a pile of snow as high as the roof behind him  ca. 1960
10147-00029      Horses between two log cabins  n.d.   
10147-00030      Barnyard, possibly chickens  n.d.     
10147-00031      Two log cabins with fence between  n.d.
10147-00032-00034          Three postcards to Mr. J. C. Eaton from Marjorie Pentland and Margaret Sinclair 1957
10147-00035      Coutts Marjoribanks and ranch foreman  ca. 1880

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