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Manuscripts by Subject - Family / Local History - #10113

Title: Charles and Viola Liessman Papers

Dates: 1892-1972

Collection Number: 10113

Quantity: 13.5 Feet

Provenance: The State Historical Society of North Dakota acquired the Charles and Viola Liessman Papers from Jack Vantine on July 18, 1985. Gregory S. Camp prepared the inventory for the Charles and Viola Liessman Papers, May 1986.

Property Rights: The State Historical Society of North Dakota owns the property rights to this collection.

Copyrights: Copyrights to materials in this collection remain with the donor, publisher, author, or author's heirs. Researchers should consult the 1976 Copyright Act, Public Law 94-553, Title 17, U.S. Code and an archivist at this repository if clarification of copyright requirement is needed.

Access: This collection is open under the rules and regulations of the State Historical Society of North Dakota.

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Transfer: Senate and House documents, magazine and books, were transferred to the library.


Charles and Viola Liessman played an important role in the settlement of turn-of-the century Kidder County and later, North Dakota. The Liessman's involvement in business and politics there was influential in the development of the region. Moreover, the political experiences of Charles Liessman in Kidder County helped to catapult him into state politics during the early years of the Nonpartisan League (NPL). His most influential posts included Deputy Secretary of State and Executive Secretary of the state Farm Security Administration. Likewise, Viola Liessman's clothing store in Steele, North Dakota and involvement in a myriad of women's clubs reflected her active participation in social and patriotic spheres.

Charles Liessman was born on September 24, 1878 in Hildesheim, Germany. When he was sixteen years old he joined the merchant marine and served as a maritime sailor for Germany and other European nations. Around 1900, he established residency in the United States and shortly thereafter joined the U.S. Navy. He served until 1909. During his tenure with the United States Navy, Liessman visited most of the world's major seaports. Between 1905 and 1909, he served on the personal staff of the commander-in-chief of the Pacific fleet. Liessman resigned in 1909 when he decided upon homesteading in North Dakota. He had visited the state during the summer of 1907 and was impressed with it enough to make future plans to live there. Shortly after his move to North Dakota in 1909, he married Viola Stramblad. The two had met at Queen Victoria's jubilee celebration in London in the 1890s. Like Charles, Viola Liessman's origins were not in North Dakota.

Born Viola Stramblad on July 13, 1869 in Lenark, Illinois, Viola and her parents moved to Peyton, Iowa where they operated a family-owned general store. Sometime in the 1890s fire destroyed the business. Shortly thereafter her father died. Along with her mother and brother she traveled across Europe and supported herself from proceeds of sales of photographs and articles about Europe to American publishers. It was during these tours that she met sailor Charles Liessman. Viola returned to the United States in 1902 and filed a homestead claim on a tract of land in Kidder County. Viola and her family had claims around the now abandoned town of Bostonia. Her brother Theodore was largely responsible for the establishment of the town and even served as postmaster until 1913. After Charles and Viola married in July 1909, they worked their claims in Kidder County and on the Fort Berthold Indian Reservation. As a result, Charles had to be away from home a good deal of the time. During one such absence, Viola's mother helped her deliver her first child, Thelma. Viola raised a white signal flag when the time arrived, prompting her mother to rush to her side. On another occasion, Viola and her daughter were forced to live in a tent and granary when their home burned to the ground. After the harrowing and rough times before World War I, the success both she and her husband enjoyed was welcomed indeed.

Charles and Viola Liessman were involved in a number of different business and professional activities. The same was true of the Stramblad family of Bostonia. Admitted to the state bar in 1916, Charles was involved in states attorney work for Kidder County, as well as other minor governmental positions. Mrs. Liessman owned and operated a clothing store in Steele, North Dakota. By 1925, however, Charles was called upon to serve in the Secretary of State's Office.

In January 1925, Charles Liessman took charge of the Office of Deputy Secretary of State under Thomas Hall. He held the post for ten years. Of course, the job demanded that the Liessmans live near the seat of government. As a result, the Liessmans moved to Bismarck. Mrs. Liessman threw herself into a multitude of clubs and organizations in Bismarck. Some of those clubs included Women's Christian Temperance Union (WCTU), Garden Club, Art Club, Pan Attic Club, and local women's suffrage groups. Mrs. Liessman was engaged in a good deal of political activity on behalf of the NPL. Charles' loyalty, too, was to the League and its ideals throughout his life, and was reflected in the earlier political posts he held.

Prior to his position as Deputy Secretary of State (1925-1935), Charles Liessman acted as Executive Secretary of the Board of Administration, Secretary of the State Board of Regents, Chief Clerk of the State Selective Service during World War I, and State's Attorney for Kidder County. His wealth of experience in political offices made his selection in 1925 as Deputy and Secretary of State an understandable one. His many political experiences, and Mrs. Charles Liessman’s involvement in different women's clubs, had an impact on Bismarck, Kidder County, and even state development.

Charles Liessman died on February 16, 1963 after a ten-day stay in a Bismarck hospital. His wife passed away on November 20, 1969 at the age of 99.

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Charles and Viola Liessman Papers, 10113


The Charles and Viola Liessman Papers, which were not in coherent order when received, have been divided into twelve (12) records series. The collection consists of Personal Correspondence and Papers, 1906-1972; Board of Administration Records, 1919-1922; Secretary of State Papers, 1928-1952; National Youth Administration Subject Files, 1938-1943; State Bar Association and Legal Files, 1923-1959; Taxation Department Subject File, 1950-1961; Farmer's Security Administration Subject Files, 1926-1948; World War I Selective Service Files, 1917-1918; Women's Christian Temperance Union (WCTU)/Women's Clubs Records, 1892-1970; and Viola Liessman Financia1 Records, 1915-1927.

Series I, Personal Correspondence and Papers, 1906-1972, is comprised of personal correspondence to and from the Liessmans, as well as school notebooks and papers of the Charles Liessman children, presumably from the 1920s and early 1930s. The personal correspondence also contains numerous greeting cards from their many friends and acquaintances both in state and out. Other files contain correspondence from Masonic Lodges and Fraternal organizations, remnants of a World War II ration book, Emerson Liessman's military discharge papers and correspondence, and diplomas. Series I occupies one cubic foot.

Series II, Business Correspondence and Papers, 1915-1963, is comprised of miscellaneous bank correspondence to the Liessmans and business correspondence to and from Viola Liessman and occupies approximately one-quarter cubic foot. Most of the correspondence is in the form of inquiries, orders, and bills. Series II provides the researcher with limited view of the non-political business affairs of the Liessman family.

Series III, Board of Administration Records, 1919-1922, is comprised solely of correspondence and reports to and from Charles Liessman. These papers relate to Liessman's job as Executive Secretary 1919-1922, and address office activities such as administration and supervision of all North Dakota higher education, charitable, and penal institutions. Correspondence and reports are to and from, as well as about, those institutions. Series II occupies one-quarter cubic foot.

Series IV, Secretary of State Papers, 1928-1952, is comprised of State Auditor's reports to the Governor, contracts for state printing, primary election files, miscellaneous election correspondence, reports and flyers, petitions, referendums, nominations, ballots and proofs, voter registration enrollment book, and form letters. This series is reflective of the political races and controversies between 1928 and 1952. It also documents some of the "nuts and bolts" or basic workings of getting elected. This series occupies approximately three quarters of a cubic foot.

Series V, the National Youth Administration Subject Files, 1938-1943, occupies but one-quarter of a cubic foot. This small series contains a public relations file, bulletins and general information file, correspondence, information on projects, and public relations. All of the files pertain to Liessman's role as Burleigh County Supervisor of the NYA. His duties, as reflected in this series, included the coordination of activities, recruitment and supervision of trainees, public relations, and a search for cooperating agencies and businesses.

Series VI, the Boy Scout Files, 1928-1937 is comprised mostly of miscellaneous correspondence, but also includes Boy Scout manuals, bulletins, and flyers. These files, which occupy approximately three-quarters of a cubic foot, detail something of the civic and community involvement of Mr. Liessman. The thrust of virtually every folder is, as expected, patriotism and duty.

Series VII, Charles Liessman's Attorney Case Files, 1917-1942, are, as the title suggests, individual records of specific cases in which Liessman acted as attorney. Occupying one cubic foot in one hundred and twenty-one folders, the cases range from paternity suits to contracts between firms or individuals. Other items related to, but not necessarily involved in litigation include Courier- American Bar Association, the local Masonic Lodge the La Follette presidential campaign, and the American Peace Award. A considerable portion of Series VI, approximately one-third of a cubic foot (25 folders), deals with cases Liessman handled when he was with the Office of States Attorney. This series does not provide a great deal of information on Liessman himself, but rather on the types of cases he handled. Moreover, the correspondence and reports Liessman filed document how individual cases were approached.

Series VIII, the State Bar Association Files, 1923-1959, occupies approximately one-half cubic foot. Comprised largely of correspondence to and from members, this series also includes invitations to Bar conferences, State Bar certificates, law examination file, a small file on the controversial MacDonald-Nielson case, and general meeting information. In addition, court case files of interest to the State Bar Association are included. This small series documents Liessman's membership and interest in the organization.

Series IX, Tax Department Subject Files, 1950-1961, contains files dealing with sales and use tax, probate, probate decisions, income tax, joint tenancy estates, estate tax, inheritance and property tax, correspondence, and miscellaneous papers. Each file has a large number of photocopies and arguments concerning their respective subject. Also included, but to a lesser extent, are letters where an individual case is concerned. Liessman's intent in taxes was largely from a legal point of view, and Series IX exhibits that slant. Series IX occupies approximately one-half cubic foot.

Series X, the Farmer's Security Administration Subject Files, 1926-1948, is the largest series in the Liessman Papers collection, occupying four and one-half cubic feet. This sizeable series is comprised of an array of related topics. They include Administrative files, circular files, miscellaneous forms, Farm Debt Adjustment Meeting material, Farm Credit Association forms, correspondence and meetings, loan repayment correspondence, memos, Bank of North Dakota file, state parks and historic sites files, and political party (Nonpartisan League and Independent Voters Association) files. Liessman's work with the Farmer's Security Administration is clearly shown in this series, especially the time spent with farm debt readjustment. His understanding of the farmer's problems and the unpredictable farm economy is evident throughout this series.
Series XI, the World War Selective Service Files, 1917-1918, is comprised of telegrams to the Governor of North Dakota, miscellaneous telegram, Provost Marshal forms, National Guard Rosters, Adjunct-General circulars, and Apportionment or quota files. As chief clerk for selective service of North Dakota, Charles Liessman was a quasi-legal advisement officer who interpreted the War Department's instructions for the state's fifty-three counties. This one-half cubic foot series provides the researcher with a look at some draft procedures at that time.

Series XII, the Women's Christian Temperance Union (WCTU)/Women’s Club Files, 1892-1970, detail the wide and varied interests of Mrs. Charles (Viola) Liessman. This series contains a considerable collection of WCTU tracks, programs, meetings information, minutes, booklets, and information on national meetings. Hand-written speeches, WCTU songbooks, bulletins, "morally questionable" women's apparel ads, secretarial records, meeting reports, minutes, and yearbooks are also included. The Women's Club portion of this series is much the same as WCTU counterpart, with files containing correspondence, bulletins, minutes, handbooks, programs, and financial records. The Women's Clubs include the Garden Club, Art Club, Pan Attic Club, and local women's suffrage groups. Series XI occupies approximately two and one-quarter cubic feet.

Series XIII, Viola Liessman Financial Records, 1915-1927, record the business dealings of Mrs. Liessman's clothing store in Steele, North Dakota. Comprised of receipts and sales slips, purchase orders, correspondence, bank accounts, and records of the store's overall performance. A small series, approximately three-quarters of a cubic foot, it nevertheless provides a limited view of Viola Liessman 's business in the frontier town of Steele.
Series I: Personal Correspondence and Papers, 1906-1972

Box 1:
1 Personal Correspondence, 1917-1919
2 Personal Correspondence, 1920s
3 Personal Correspondence, 1920s
4 Personal Correspondence, 1920s
5 Personal Correspondence, 1920s
6 Personal Correspondence, 1920s
7 Personal Correspondence, 1920s
8 Personal Correspondence, 1920s
9 Personal Correspondence, 1920s
10 Personal Correspondence, 1920s
11 Personal Correspondence, 1930s
12 Personal Correspondence, 1930s
13 Personal Correspondence, 1940s
14 Personal Correspondence, 1950s
15 Personal Correspondence, 1950s
16 Personal Correspondence, 1960s
17 Personal Correspondence, 1970s
18 Personal Correspondence, n.d.
19 Personal Correspondence, n.d.
20 Personal Correspondence, n.d.
21 Miscellaneous correspondence, Thelma Charles Liessman school tests, 1914
22 Elk Lodge correspondence, 1961
23 Order of the Eastern Star, 1950s-1960s
24 Thelma Liessman school papers, 1914
25 Emerson Liessman school papers, 1914
26 Charles (?) Liessman, 1906
27 Miscellaneous family history, n.d.
28 Miscellaneous Mss by Charles Liessman, n.d.
29 Emerson Liessman military discharge correspondence, 1914
30 Ration books, 1941-1945
31 Greeting cards, 1920s-1950s
32 Diplomas, 1956
33 Miscellaneous writings by Liessman, 1930s

Series II: Business Correspondence and Papers, 1915-1963

Box 2:
1 Miscellaneous bank correspondence, 1915-1918
2 Business correspondence, 1916
3 Business correspondence, 1917
4 Business correspondence, 1918
5 Business correspondence, 1919
6 Business correspondence, 1921
7 Business correspondence, 1921
8 Business correspondence, 1921
9 Business correspondence, 1921
10 Business correspondence, 1922
11 Business correspondence, 1923
12 Business correspondence, 1924-1926
13 Business correspondence, 1924-1926
14 Business correspondence, 1924-1926
15 Business correspondence, 1924-1928
16 Business correspondence, 1939-1963

Series III: Board of Administration Records, 1919-1922

17 Correspondence, 1919-1922
18 Correspondence and reports, 1919-1922
19 Correspondence and reports, 1919-1922
20 Correspondence and reports, 1919-1922

Series IV: Secretary of State Papers, 1928-1952

21 State Auditor's Report to the Governor, 1928
22 Contracts for State Printing (Bismarck Tribune), 1930s
23 Contracts for State Printing (Bismarck Tribune), 1930s
23 Primary election file, 1932
24 Primary election file, 1932
25 Primary election file, 1932
26 Primary election file, 1932
27 Primary election file, 1934
28 Miscellaneous election material, 1930-1934
29 Miscellaneous election material, 1930-1934
30 Miscellaneous election material, 1930-1934
31 Election correspondence, 1934
32 Miscellaneous Secretary of State correspondence, forms and memos, 1940s
33 Copies of sundry petitions and referendums, 1940s
34 Miscellaneous correspondence and reports, 1940s-1950s
35 Miscellaneous correspondence and reports, 1940s-1950s
36 Miscellaneous correspondence and reports, 1940s-1950s
37 Miscellaneous correspondence and notes, n.d.
38 Miscellaneous correspondence and notes, n.d.

Box 3:
1 Miscellaneous petitions, 1930-1952
2 Notary Public file, 1930-1952
3 Nominations and petitions, 1940s
4 Form letters, 1945-1947
5 Ballots and proofs, 1930s
6 Voter registration enrollment book, 1930s
7 Certificates of nomination, n.d.

Series V: National Youth Administration Subject Files, 1938-1943

8 Miscellaneous correspondence, 1938-1943
9 Information on project units, Sheridan County, 1938
10 Public relations file, 1943
11 Bulletins, general information, 1940s
12 Travel, mileage, compensation, 1940s

Series VI: Boy Scout Files, 1928-1937

13 Miscellaneous Boy Scout correspondence, bulletins, and flyers, 1920s-1931
14 Miscellaneous Boy Scout correspondence, bulletins, and flyers, 1920s-1931
15 Miscellaneous Boy Scout correspondence, bulletins, and flyers, 1930-1932
16 Miscellaneous Boy Scout correspondence, bulletins, and flyers, 1930-1932
17 Miscellaneous Boy Scout correspondence, bulletins, and flyers, 1931-1933
18 Miscellaneous Boy Scout correspondence, bulletins, and flyers, 1933-1937
19 Miscellaneous Boy Scout correspondence, bulletins and flyers, 1935-1937
20 Songbooks, manuals, etc., 1930s
21 Songbooks, manuals, etc., 1930s
22 Songbooks, manuals, etc., 1930s
23 Scoutmaster manuals, 1930s
24 Scoutmaster manuals, 1930s

Series VII: Charles Liessman's Attorney Case Files, 1917-1942

Box 4:
1 Questions and answers pertaining to UND, n.d.
2 Contract for Valley City State Power Plant, 1919
3 Coal contract, 1921
4 Clemens and Clemens, 1927
5 J.A. Coates and Son's vs. Miller Mercantile Company, 1924
6 Cox vs. Cox, 1927
7 Dakota Trust Company, 1923
8 Mrs. Grace Dockter, 1923
9 Law practice, Israel Dommer, 1923
10 W.J. Dyer and Brothers vs. Joseph Stans, 1923, 1925
11 Erickson vs. Hanson, 1923
12 Erickson vs. Jolley, 1923
13 Erickson vs. N.P. Railroad Company, n.d.
14 Farmers and Merchant's Bank, miscellaneous, 1924
15 Farmers Union Elevator Company, vs. Alex Kanter, 1923
16 Farmers Union Elevator Company of Tuttle vs. F.G. Garrison, 1923
17 Jacob Fetzer Will, 1924
18 Law Practice, First State Bank of Dawson vs. C.E. Brooks, 1923
19 Law Practice, Maria Geiter, will, 1923
20 Harlem Branch Abandonment, 1923
21 Katherine Harty Estate, 1928
22 Austin Hogenson Mortgage, 1924
23 Barbara Johnson Estate, 1924
24 Kelsven Guardianship, 1923
25 Otto Kjanner vs. E.W. Williams, 1923
26 F.P. Lamie vs. F.U. Even Company of Steele, 1923
27 Daniel Lend and John Giese vs. J.A. Wurm and J.G. Lybelck, 1923
28 Maw vs. Maw, 1924
29 Maw vs. Maw, 1924
30 Alviln Melcher Guardianship, 1923
31 Montgomery Guardianship, 1924
32 Myren vs. Mayer, foreclosure, 1923-1924
33 Nomen Nescio, will, 1920
34 Park, Grant, and Morris vs. Halverson, 1923
35 Emmett W. Patten-farm loan, 1923
36 Pendroy Mercantile Company vs. John Diewitz, 1925
37 John G. Pepple vs. A.F. Cramner and Wallace School District, 1923
38 E.M. Pool vs. Depositors Guaranty Fund Commission, 1925
39 Helva Webb Richardson, will, 1926
40 John F. Robinson, will, 1922
41 Specialty Service Company vs. C.R. Orner, 1925
42 Sundheim vs. Brosz, 1921
43 George W. Thieling, 1923, Mortgage foreclosure, 1923
44 Tischler-Bergam garnishment, 1923
45 Turner vs. Brost, 1924
46 Wilson vs. Flynn, 1924
47 Wing Mercantile Company vs. J.E. Severson, 1924
48 Winnor-Adams Company vs. Sivett, 1924
49 Paul Martin Wise guardianship, 1942
50 M.F. Woessner, will, n.d.
51 Joseph A. Wurm vs. Emma Boileau, 1923
52 Young vs. Brewster, 1923
53 Draft of Mother's Day Speech, ca. 1923-1924
54 Courier-American Bar Association, 1923
55 Miscellaneous correspondence, 1923-1925
56 "Old Ironsides" Committee, 1926
57 Ancient order of United Workman of North Dakota correspondence, 1926
58 La Follette matters (politics), 1924
59 La Follette campaign, 1924
60 Lease of Steele property, 1923
61 "Steel School," 1924
62 American Peace Award, 1924
63 Support of Mr. John Sherman, n.d.
64 Letters from U.S.S. Texas, 1929
65 Miscellaneous correspondence, 1923, 1928
66 Unlabeled folder, 1925-1926
67 Civil actions, 1924
68 Civil actions, miscellaneous, 1923-1924
69 Civil actions terminated, 1923-1925
70 Unlabeled folder, 1926
71 "Langer and Nichols," 1924
72 "Land matters," 1923-1924
73 Confidential inquiries, 1924
74 States Attorney: Mrs. Frank Ennis–mother' s pension, n.d.
75 States Attorney: Estray automobile, 1922
76 States Attorney:
77 States Attorney: Kidder County settlement with Farmer's and Merchant's State Bank of Steele, 1924
78 States Attorney: N.P. Railroad vs. Kidder County, 1924
79 States Attorney: Prohibition, 1923
80 States Attorney: State vs. William Burton, 1924
81 States Attorney: State vs. Jack Crawford, 1924 (liquor violation)
82 States Attorney: State vs. Ed Davis, 1923
83 States Attorney: State vs. Oayne Davis, 1924
84 States Attorney: State vs. Fred Dockter, 1924 (liquor violation)
85 States Attorney: State vs. Jacob Fetzer, 1924
86 States Attorney: State vs. Simon Gartner, 1923 (liquor violation)
87 States Attorney: State vs. Dewey Goodman, 1921
88 States Attorney: State vs. Sam Graff, 1925
89 States Attorney: State vs. Albert Johnson, 1924
90 States Attorney: State vs. Ed Johnson, 1924
91 States Attorney: State vs. Konopatake, 1922
92 States Attorney: State vs. Reinhold Mertz, 1924
93 States Attorney: State vs. Miller Family, 1920
94 States Attorney: State vs. Harry Morse, 1924
95 States Attorney: State vs. Anton Schieb, 1924 (liquor violation)
96 States Attorney: Joe Freeman paternity, 1924
97 States Attorney: State vs. George D. Richards, 1920
98 States Attorney: State vs. Lewis Springer, 1924
99 States Attorney: Steele National Farm Loan Association vs. Clark, et. al., 1924
100 States Attorney: Fred Ubert-Judgements, 1922
101 July 1925 Term of Court
102 Opinions, 1924
103 1919 Tax Levy
104 Child welfare laws, 1923
105 Tax laws, 1923
106 Plaintiff's brief, State vs. North Dakota Treasurer, 1923 (?)
107 Aeschlimann correspondence, 1924-1925
108 Andrew Aichele estate, 1924
109 Marie Albrecht, will, 1923
110 Anthony vs. Ness, 1923
111 Atkins vs. Williams, 1923
112 Claims against closed banks, 1923
113 Bauer vs. Bauer, 1934
114 Jack Benson hail insurance claim, 1924
115 Bismarck Bank vs. John C. Lorech, 1923
116 Frank Brown estate, 1923
117 Miscellaneous probate papers, 1917-1924
118 Accounts collected, 1923-1926
119 Fossgate will, 1922
120 Deal of B.F. Bauer, 1924
121 Miscellaneous correspondence

Series VIII: State Bar Association Files, 1923-1959

Box 5:
1 Miscellaneous State bar correspondence to members, 1923, 1947, 1959
2 Invitations from various state, county, and local
bar association's gatherings, 1924, 1959
3 Bar publications (Annual Proceedings of Meetings,
licensed attorneys), 1923-1941
4 State bar certificates, 1935-1936
5 Law examination file, 1920-1921
6 J.S. Weeks vs. State of North Dakota, 1923
7 McElrox vs. Kidder County Commissioners, 1923
8 MacDonald-Nielson case, 1919
9 Civil service application, 1940s
10 Correspondence, 1923-1924
11 Correspondence, 1923-1924
12 Correspondence, 1923-1925

Series IX: Tax Department Subject Files, 1950-1961

13 Sales and use tax, 1960-1961
14 Property tax/real estate, 1957-1960
15 Estate tax/probate, 1953-1960
16 Estate tax/probate, 1953-1960
17 Estate tax/probate, 1953-1960
18 Probate decisions, 1950s
19 Income tax, 1958-1959
20 Joint tenancy estates, 1956-1961
21 Estate tax, 1954-1960
22 Inheritance and property tax, 1960-1961
23 Miscellaneous tax correspondence, forms, bulletins, 1950s and 1960s
24 Miscellaneous tax correspondence, 1950s and 1960s
25 Miscellaneous notes, n.d.
26 Miscellaneous notes, n.d.

Series X: Farmer's Security Administration Subject Files, 1926-1948

Box 6:
1 Administrative file, 1930s
2 Circular letters, 1930s
3 Weather file, 1930s and 1940s
4 Miscellaneous speech notes of Charles Liessman, n.d.
5 Public welfare boards, 1939
6 Miscellaneous forms, n.d.
7 Farm debt adjustment forms, n.d.
8 Farm debt adjustment forms, n.d.
9 Debt adjustment correspondence, 1930s
10 Debt adjustments, agreements, reports and comments, 1930s
11 Debt adjustment reports, 1930s
12 Farm debt adjustment forms, reports, and correspondence, 1930s
13 Farm debt adjustment, cases, notes, 1930s
14 Farm debt adjustment, notes, 1930s
15 Farm debt adjustment, notes, 1930s
16 Farm debt adjustment, notes, forms, 1930s
17 Farm debt adjustment, notes, forms, regulations, 1930s
18 Farm debt adjustment, notes, forms, regulations, 1930s
19 Farm debt adjustment, miscellaneous forms, 1930s
20 Farm debt adjustment, miscellaneous, forms, maps, 1930s
21 Tenant purchase file, 1940s
22 Tenant purchase file, 1940s
23 Miscellaneous circulars, 1940s
24 Rehabilitation statistics, 1930s-1940s
25 District conference, 1941
26 Publicity file, miscellaneous, 1940s

Box 7:
1 General correspondence, 1940s
2 Correspondence and miscellaneous forms, 1940s
3 Correspondence and miscellaneous circular letters, 1940s
4 Correspondence and survey forms, 1940s
5 Correspondence and federal survey forms, 1940s
6 Correspondence, loan information, 1940s
7 Debt readjustment loan forms case file No. 1, 1940s
8 Debt readjustment loan forms case file No. 2, 1940s
9 Debt readjustment loan forms case file No. 3, 1940s
10 Resettlement file
11 Farmer’s Union booklet, history, 1940s
12 Farmer’s Union brochures, 1940s
13 County and district files: Adams, 1930s-1940s
14 County and district files: Billings, 1930s-1940s
15 County and district files: Benson, 1930s-1940s
16 County and district files: Bottineau, 1930s-19405
17 County and district files: Bowman, 1930s-1940s
18 County and district files: Dunn, 1930s-1940s
19 County and district files: Emmons, Eddy, 1930s-1940s
20 County and district files: Foster, 1930s-1940s
21 County and district files: Golden Valley, 1930s-1940s
22 County and district files: Grant, 1930s-1940s
23 County and district files: Hettinger, 1930s-1940s
24 County and district files: McHenry County, 1930s-1940s
25 County and district files: McLean County, 1930s-1940s
26 County and district files: Mercer County, 1930s-1940s
27 County and district files: Morton County, 1930s-1940s
28 County and district files: Oliver County, 1930s-1940s
29 County and district files: Pierce County, 1930s-1940s
30 County and district files: Rolette County, 1930s-1940s
31 County and district files: Sioux County, 1930s-1940s
32 County and district files: Slope County, 1930s-1940s
33 County and district files: Wells County, 1930s-1940s
34 County and district files: Renville County, 1930s-1940s
35 County and district files: Ward County, 1930s-1940s
36 County and district files: Williams County, 1930s-1940s
37 County and district files: District I (northwest part of the state), 1940s
38 County and district files: District II (north central part of the state), 1940s
39 County and district files: District III (southwest part of the state), 1930s-1940s
40 County and district files: District IV (central part of the state), 1930s-1940s

Box 8:
1 Conference/meeting material, 1940s
2 Conference/meeting material, 1940s
3 Farm Debt Adjustment Conference, 1940s
4 Farm Debt Adjustment Conference, 1940s
5 District II Conference, 1944
6 Miscellaneous FDA meetings materials, 1940s
7 Miscellaneous FDA meetings materials, 1940s
8 Miscellaneous FDA meetings materials, 1940s
9 Miscellaneous FDA meetings materials, 1940s
10 FDA Supervisor's meetings material, 1940s
11 FDA Supervisor's meetings material, 1941
12 FDA Supervisor's meetings material, 1941
13 Approved loans, 1940s
14 Resettlement forms and correspondence, 1930s-1940s
15 Resettlement forms and correspondence, 1930s-1940s
16 Farm Credit Association forms, correspondence, and form letters, 1940s
17 Farm Credit Association forms, correspondence, and form letters, 1940s
18 Farm Credit Association forms, correspondence, and form letters, 1940s
19 Farm Credit Association forms, correspondence, and form letters, 1940s
20 Farm Credit Association forms, correspondence, and form letters, 1940s
21 Farm Credit Association collection forms, 1940s
22 Farm Credit Association collection and informational forms, 1940s
23 Farm Security Association, Agricultural Credit Corporation, 1940s
24 Miscellaneous tenant purchasing material, 1940s

Box 9:
1 Miscellaneous circular reports, 1940s
2 Miscellaneous circular reports, 1940s
3 Miscellaneous circular reports, 1940s
4 Miscellaneous circular reports, correspondence, 1940s
5 Miscellaneous memos, 1940s
6 Miscellaneous correspondence, farm loan, debt reduction, 1940s
7 Miscellaneous correspondence, farm loan, debt reduction, 1940s
8 Miscellaneous correspondence, farm loan, debt reduction, 1940s
9 Miscellaneous correspondence, farm loan, debt reduction, 1940s
10 Miscellaneous correspondence, farm loan, debt reduction, 1940s
11 Miscellaneous correspondence, 1940s
12 Loan repayment correspondence, 1940s
13 Loan repayment correspondence, 1940s
14 Loan repayment correspondence, forms, 1940s
15 Loan repayment correspondence, form letters, 1940s
16 Purchase agreements, correspondence, 1940s
17 Miscellaneous correspondence, forms, etc., 1940s
18 Miscellaneous correspondence, forms, etc., 1940s
19 Miscellaneous correspondence, forms, etc., 1940s
20 Statement of travel by motor vehicle, n.d.
21 Letterheads, n.d.
22 WPA material file, 1930s-1940s
23 Miscellaneous maps, 1920s-1940s
24 History of the Farm Security Administration, 1940s
25 Miscellaneous field trips, 1940s
26 Miscellaneous field trips, 1940s

Box 10:
1 War Bonds, miscellaneous, 1940s
2 Rural maps and surveys, 1940s
3 Field notes and surveys, 1940s
4 "Prosperity of America" manuscript, n.d.
5 Miscellaneous record books, 1940s
6 Miscellaneous, 1940s
7 Bank of North Dakota file, 1936
8 National Farmers Union file, 1930s-1940s
9 Theodore Roosevelt Nature and History Association, 1950s
10 Nonpartisan League file, 1918-1930s
11 Independent Voters Association, 1921
12 Women's Auxiliary National NPL, 1914-1920s
13 Northwest Farm Manager's Association, 1930s-1940s

Series XI: World War Selective Service Files, 1917-1918

Box 11:
1 Miscellaneous telegrams, 1917
2 Telegrams to Governor, 1917
3 Provost Marshal memorandum, 1918
4 Provost Marshal forms, 1917
5 National Guard Roosters, 1917
6 Adjunct General circulars, 1918
7 Apportionment (quotas), 1917
8 Apportionment (quotas), 1917
9 Apportionment (quotas), 1917

Series XII: Women's Christian Temperance Union (WCTU)/Women's Club Files, 1892-1970

Box 12:
1 Miscellaneous WCTU tracts, n.d.
2 Miscellaneous WCTU tracts, n.d.
3 Miscellaneous WCTU tracts, n.d.
4 Miscellaneous WCTU tracts, n.d.
5 Miscellaneous WCTU tracts, n.d.
6 Miscellaneous WCTU tracts, form letters, bulletins, 1930s-1950s
7 Liquor, cigarette ads; examples of "morally questionable" women's apparel ads, 1950s
8 Handwritten speeches, 1950s-1960s
9 Miscellaneous WCTU correspondence, 1950s-1960s
10 Miscellaneous WCTU correspondence, 1950s-1960s
11 WCTU song sheets, n.d.
12 Secretarial records, ledger books, 1926-1932, 1941-1942
13 Miscellaneous meeting agenda, 1930s-1940s
14 Miscellaneous meeting agenda, 1930s-1940s
15 Annual WCTU meeting booklets, instate and out, 1933-1965
16 Meeting reports, 1957, 1962
17 Minutes, 1932-1939, 1947

Box 13:
1 Minutes of National WCTU conventions, 1892-1896
2 Minutes of National WCTU conventions, 1901-1907
3 Minutes of National WCTU conventions, 1908-1913
4 Minutes of National WCTU conventions, 1914-1919

Box 14:
1 Songbook and yearbook, miscellaneous WCTU publications, 1895-1930s
2 National WCTU yearbook, 1919

Box 15:
1 Bulletins, correspondence from Women's clubs, 1940s
2 Bulletins, correspondence from Women's clubs, 1950s
3 Bulletins, correspondence from Women's clubs, 1950s
4 Handbooks and programs, 1930s-1950s
5 Handbooks and programs, 1930s-1950s
6 Pan-Attic club programs, 1930s-1950s
7 Pan-Attic club minutes, 1960-1970
8 Pan-Attic secretary and treasurer's records, 1950s-1960s
9 Pan-Attic correspondence, 1930s-1950s

Box 16:
1 Women's Club correspondence, 1930s-1940s
2 Women's Club correspondence, 1930s-1940s

Series XIII: Viola Liessman Financial Records, 1915-1927

3 Financial records from Viola Liessman's clothing store, receipts, 1915-1920
4 Financial records from Viola Liessman's clothing store, receipts, 1920s
5 Financial records from Viola Liessman's clothing store, correspondence, 1915-1920
6 Financial records from Viola Liessman's clothing store, correspondence, 1920s
7 Financial records from Viola Liessman's clothing store, correspondence, 1920s
8 Financial records from Viola Liessman's clothing store, receipts and correspondence, 1920s
9 Financial records from Viola Liessman's clothing store, receipts and correspondence, 1920s
10 Financial records from Viola Liessman's clothing store, 1920s
11 Financial records from Viola Liessman's clothing store, 1920s
12 Bank records, Kidder County, 1920s
13 Miscellaneous correspondence, 1937-1938

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