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Photographs - Collections - 1001-1050 - #01041

Title: Swede Township in LaMoure County ND Photograph Collection

Dates: ca. 1880s-1992

Collection Number:  01041

Quantity: 122 items (prints and digital scans)

Abstract: Collection consists of images taken in Swede Township, LaMoure County, ND, including individuals and families, agricultural scenes, funerals, celebrations of the Kulm Baptist Church, the Gospel Tabernacle. The Collection also includes an image of the Alden, ND, Post Office, Hettinger County, ND. Many of the images have identification, which are located in the collection case file and in this document. Digital images are located on the Q Drive. Images 1041-031 – 1041-074 are on a disc with the case file.

Provenance: Jeffrey Malm donated the collection of sixteen copied images on June 21, 1993. Additional material was added and a gift agreement was signed on July 12, 2012. Images donated were either scanned by Malm or by State Archives Staff. Originals remain with the donors.
Property Rights: The State Historical Society of North Dakota owns the property rights to this collection.
Copyrights: This collection is for REFERENCE USE ONLY and copies cannot be made, as the originals of most of the photographs reside with the owners. Malm or SHSND staff scanned most of the images after Malm borrowed the photographs from the owners.
Access:  This collection is open under the rules and regulations of the State Historical Society of North Dakota.
Citation: Researchers are requested to cite the collection title, collection number, and the State Historical Society of North Dakota in all footnote and bibliographic references.       

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1041-01           August Nelson Funeral, Swedish Baptist Church, rural Kulm (ND) (Swede Township), 5/15/1916 (Nelson died March 27, 1916)
Identified individuals include: Ed Forsman, Nels Forsman, Reynold Malm, Oscar Lindgren, Frank G. Nelson, Pete Hanson, Glenn Smith, Alfred Loven, Ludwig Johnson, Reverend A. E. Lysell, Ole Edstron, P. A. (Peter) Davidson, G. H. (Gust) Davidson, Anton Johnson and Carl Oscar Anderson.
Digital scan (original) and print (copy)
1041-02           Tjernlund Dam, WPA Project, Swede Township, 1935 Print (copy)
1041-03           Tjernlund Dam, WPA Project, Swede Township, ca. 1935 Print (copy)
1041-04           Tjernlund Dam, WPA Project, Swede Township, ca. 1935 Print (copy)
1041-05           Tjernlund Dam, WPA Project, Swede Township, ca. 1935 Print (copy)
1041-06           Raney Gold Mine Swede Township, LaMoure County (ND), ca. 1900-1920. Unknown photographer. Three men, two are on the bottom of an open pit gold mine sitting on boards, and the third man is sitting on the top. It is a narrow pit, shovels indicate the open pit mine is hand dug.  Top: Alfred Loven, middle: Carl O. Anderson, bottom: Victor Lund.  Print (copy)
1041-07           Threshing on John Ogren farm with P. A. Davidson’s rig, 1915 (1911 Aultmann-Taylor Tractor). ½ mile south of John Ogren Farm, Swede Township, LaMoure County, Orville Ogren original copied by Jeff Malm and returned on August 17, 1992 Contact print (copy) only
1041-08           Threshing on John Ogren farm with P. A. Davidson’s rig, 1915 (1911 Aultmann-Taylor Tractor). ½ mile south of John Ogren Farm, Swede Township, LaMoure County, Orville Ogren original copied by Jeff Malm and returned on August 17, 1992 Contact print (copy) only
1041-09           Alden (ND) Post Office/John Lien Farm, Hettinger County (ND)
1041-010         Kulm city band, ca. 1920s-1930s
1041-011         Charles Pruetz standing near automobile, ca. 1910
1041-012         Charles Pruetz standing near automobile, ca. 1910
1041-013         Parked automobiles at unidentified event
1041-014         Carl Lindblom with case tractor, Kulm (ND)
1041-015         Carl Lindblom with case tractor, Kulm (ND)
1041-016         Carl Lindblom with case tractor, Kulm (ND)
1041-017         Gospel Tabernacle Swede Township, 1929. Digital scan (original) Identified individuals include: Leslie Carlson, Arthur Christianson, Douglas Johnson, Elford Anderson, August Blomquist, John Johnson, Ray Loven, Stanford Lindgren, Alfred Loven, Victor Backstrom, Chester Johnson, Ralph Anderson, Howard Johnson, Glenn Smith, Everet Arvidson, Lloyd Blomquist, Francis Malm, Carl Anderson, Arnold Christianson, Albert Larson, Elwood Johnson, Wesley Lindblom, Roy Johnson, Raymond Christianson, Woodrow Edstrom, Alvin Johnson, Randolph Lindgren, Roger Lindgren, Arnold Loven, Harold Loven, Marvin Loven, Paul Johnson, Jacob Lindgren, Caleb Bjur, Everet Johnson, Gordon Johnson, Bryan Loven, Swan Johnson, Cecil Lindblom, Mrs. Christianson, Willard Backstrom, Edwin Anderson, Vivian Erickson, Milton Lindgren, Mrs. Gust Erickson, Esther Backstrom, Gerda Erickson, Reverend Christianson, Conrad Lindblom, Lilleth Lindgren, Mrs. Erick Larson, Bertil Johnson, Audrey Lindgren, Adolph Larson, Mrs. Oscar Lindgren, Arminda Larson, Connie Johnson, Ruby Lindgren, Connie Lindblom, G. A. Smith, Jacob Bjur, Mrs. August  Carlson, Frank Carlson, Eric Bowman, Oscar Lindgren, August Carlson, Pearl Carlson, Mrs. John Blomquist, Mrs. Daniel Malm, Carl Carlson Mrs. Carl Oscar Anderson, Otto Malm, Mrs. Ole Edstrom, Eunice Johnson, Mrs. Claus Johnson, Mrs. Carl Carlson, Leona Ca4rlson, Pauline Carlson ,Claus Johnson, Carl Oscar Anderson, Marion Brome, Lucille Backstrom, Mrs. Ludwig Johnson, Lillet Johnson, Ludwig Johnson, Grace Backstrom, Mrs. Alfred Loven, Christine Bowman, Marilyn Johnson, Mrs. Norgen, Mrs. Bert Lindgren, Einar Loven, Mrs. Eric Bowman, Judith Johnson, Pauline Lindgren, Marci Blomquist, Vernette Johnson, Mrs. Jacob Lindgren, Sylvia Johnson, Helen Anderson, Carrie Johnson, Minnie Larson, Rose Bergeson, Sylvia Lindgren, Anna Larson, Mrs. Carl Lindgren, Inez Anderson, John Blomquist, Mrs. Johns Arvidson, Henny Larson, Eileen Lindgren, Ruth Arvidson, Ruth Blomquist, Ermoine Swenson, Mrs. Victor Arvidson, Mabel Johnson, Jean Loven, Hazel Arvidson, Mrs. John Johnson, Victor Arvidson, Ethel Loven, Arthur Anderson, Josephine Anderson, Richard Anderson, John Anderson, Wallace Johnson, Mrs. N. C. Lindgren, N. C. Lindgren, Ole Edstrom, Gladys Johnson , John Arvidson, John F. Anderson, Mrs. Oscar Anderson, Carl Lindgren, Oscar Anderson, Andrew Malm, Donald Lindgren Eric Bjur (photographer), and Mrs.0 Eric Bjur.
1041-018         Kulm (ND) Baptist Church 50th Celebration, 1942 Digital scan (original)
Identified individuals include: Elaine Bjur, Mrs. Caleb Bjur (Eleanor), Paul Entzminger, Caleb Bjur, Ruby Lindgren, Jean Smith, Frank Carlson, Lester Berntson, Roy Olson, Emil Anderson, Walfred Danielson, Sylvia Lindgren, Adele Entzminger, Mrs. Bernie Entzminger (Nettie), Manfred Lindgren, Mrs. Carl Tjernlund (Alice), Bruce Anderson, Bernie Entzminger, Inez Anderson, Carl Tjernlund, Jim Anderson, Rodney Tjernlund, Roy Entzminger, Mrs. Jacob Entzminger (Katharina), Jacob Entzminger, Mrs. A. C. Johnson (Rebecca), June Anderson, Lorraine Johnson, Ruth Entzminger, Katherine Berntson, Philip Entzminger, Mrs. Bert Lindgren (Minnie), Bengt Anderson, Howard Tjernlund, Lewis Berntson, Minnie Nelson, Mrs. Bengt Anderson (Edna), Russel Tjernlund, Norman Parvey, Mrs. Lewis Berntson (Christine), Mrs. Christ Bollinger, Nelda Weber, Bernard Steen, Theckla Tjernlund, Joyce Bjur, Audrey Anderson, Harriet Bjur, Esther Lundgren, Christ Bollinger, Erma Lundgren, George Johnson, M. N. Bader, Gladys Wittola, Evelyn Lundgren, Jacob Lundstrom, Robert Lundgren, Mrs. Erick Anderson (Betsy), Mrs. Carl O. Anderson (Helga),  Gunnard Lindgren, Mrs. Henry Lind, Mrs. Albert Larson (Mamie), Mrs. Bader, Reverend Arlander, Arlene Bjur, Mrs. Emil Anderson (Elna), Richard Anderson, Evelyn Wittola, Roger Lindgren, Lester Loven,. Beverly Anderson, Mrs. Peter Sjostrom (Esther), Revered Sutherland, Jeanette Zachrison, Mrs. Manfred Lindgren (Florence), Mrs. J. Anton Tjernlund (Mathilda), Mrs. Vernor Zachrison (Hildur), Delwayne Zachrison, Eugene Bader, Peter Sjostrom, Mrs. Jacob Lindgren (Tillie), Jerome Anderson, Vernor Zachrison, Carlton Lindgren, Ed Forsman, Stanford Lindgren, Bert Lindgren, Mrs. Nels Forsman (Christina), Jacob Lindgren, Grant Johnson, Nels Forsman, Mary Lu Hanson, Edwin Lundgren, Nels Ogren, G. H. Davidson, Erick Bjur, Arden Anderson, Viola Entzminger, Martin Swenson, Carl O. Anderson, Mrs. G. H. Davidson (Theckla), Reverend N. E. McCoy, Mrs. Carl Lindbloom (Ida), Marjorie Lindbloom, Patricia Lindbloom, Mrs. Peter Lindgren (Betsy), Mrs. N. E. McCoy (Lillian), Haydle Smith, Mrs. John Johnson (Sophia), N.D. Lindgren, Mrs. Edwin Lindgren (Caroline), Carl Lindblom, Edwin Lindgren, John Anderson, Signar Lundgren, Arthur Noren, John Arvidson, Elmer Noren, Oscar Anderson, Sigrid Noren, Carl Lindgren, Mrs. Victor Scherling (Hilda), Ruth Noren, Mrs. Victor Arvidson (Emma) Eric Bowman, Virginia Lindgren, Mrs. Elmer Tjernlund (Theckla)
1041-019         Kulm (ND) Baptist Church 75th Celebration, 1967. Digital scan (original)
Identified individuals include: Todd Erickson, Rodney Erickson, Philip Entzminger, Robert Lundgren, Cliff Beeler, Ken Koppelman, Arthur Anderson Jr. (Andy), John Lundgren, Douglas Swenson, Harvey Wolff, Jim Lundgren, Verlye Bjur, Bruce Lindgren, Carl Tjernlund, Edgar Ostrom, Shelby Smith, Martin Swenson, Victor Swenson, Leroy Swenson, Harold Swenson, Burton Johnson, Leroy Olson, Edwin Malm, Carl Linden, Carlton Lindgren, Rodger Erickson, Dr. J. E. Grenz, Arthur Anderson, Robert Buerkley, Mrs. Robert Buerkley (Ruth), Caleb Bjur, Ruebin Norden, Glenn Smith, Roy Pierce, Alfred Norden, Elmer Noren, Henry Schuett, Levi Schuett, Henning Lundgren, Edwin Lindgren, Delwayne Zachrison, Randolph Lindgren, Arthur Erickson, Mrs. Rodney Erickson, Tim Erickson, Rms. Swan Johnson, Mrs. Henning Lundgren (Edith), Faith Beeler, Mrs. Cliff Beeler (Gladys), Mrs. Virgil Bjur (Darlene), Virgil Bjur, Howard Tjernlund, Mrs. Howard Tjernlund (Nancy), Karen Lindgren, Dennis Erickson, Mrs. Dennis Erickson, Edwin Lundgren, Mrs. Edwin Lundgren (June), Erie Franz, Mrs. Erie Franz (Leah), Merle Bentson, Mrs. Merle Bentson (Lois), Kenneth Anderson, Mrs. Kenneth Anderson, Peggy Anderson, Vicki Anderson, Mrs. Martin Swenson (Bev), John Swenson, Mrs. Victor Swenson, Mrs. Leroy Swenson, Mrs. Harold Swenson, Mrs. Burton Johnson (violet), Gail Johnson, Mrs. Carl Linden (Sharon), Mrs. Carlton Lindgren (Rose), Mrs. Bert Lindgren (Minnie), Vivian Lindgren, Mrs. J. E. Grenz (Ida), Nancy Anderson, Mrs. Robert Lundgren (Marion), Mrs. Arthur Anderson (Mildred), Mrs. Eric Bowman (Christine), Sigrid Noren, Ruth Noren, Mrs. Glenn Smith (Anna), Mrs. Roy Pierce (Gladys), Evelyn Lundgren, Mrs. Elmer Noren (Dorothy) Vernor  Zachrison, Mrs. Carl Lindblom (Ida), Mrs. Vernor Zachrison (Hildur), Theckla Tjernlund, Carole Jean Zachrison, Mrs. Lawrence Swingen (Jeanette), Mrs. Clayton Zachrison (Darnella), Laurel Zachrison, Clayton Zachrison, Mrs. Willie Erickson (Ellen), Lorraine Tjernlund, Durinda Swingen, Bud Bradford, Mrs. Bud Bradford (Elna), Mrs. Edwin Malm (Inez), Mrs. Lorraine Schmidt, Mrs. Matt Schlecht (Katherine), Matt Schlecht, John Rott, Mrs. John Rott (Eva), Mr. Ebele, Mrs. Ebele, Mrs. Edwin Lindgren (Caroline), Mrs. Vernon Lindgren (Esther), Vernon Lindgren, Dennis Lindgren, Dianne Lindgren, Mrs. Dennis Lindgren (Darlene) Deb Lindgren, Ralph Anderson, Mrs. Ralph Anderson (Florence), Mrs. Ken Koppelman (Janet), Reverend Credo Erickson, John Erickson, Jan Erickson Mrs. Credo Erickson, Wesley Lindblom, Mrs. Wesley Lindblom (Ruby), Mrs. Martin Swenson (Ruth), Mrs. Alder Swenson, Reverend James Hubbard, Mrs. Victor Erickson (Olga), Victor Erickson, Bengt Anderson, Mrs. Bengt Anderson, Reverend Gerald Holmes, Mrs. Gerald Holmes, Paul Holmes, Minnie Nelson, Mrs. Emil Anderson (Elna), Mrs. Haydle Smith, Mrs. Carl Lindgren (Alma), Mrs. Gunnar Holmgren (Hildur), Mrs. Signar Lundgren (Jennie), Signar Lundgren, Mrs. Gust Malm 9Alma) Mrs. John O. Davidson (Virginia), Mrs. Conrad Lindblom (Elsa), Mrs. Walt Busch (Carol), Janna Busch, Walt Busch, Edith Erickson, N. C. Lindgren, Mrs. Carl Tjernlund (Alice) Jill Koppelman, Cary Kinslow, Bonnie Schmidt, Terri Ann Tjernlund, Dawn Kinslow, Jeffery Malm, John Swenson, Deb Swenson, Mary Lou Lundgren, Emery Lindgren, Cheryl Lindgren, Brent Lundgren, Lynda Lindgren, Tami Erickson, Luanne Malm, Bill Hamlin, Gloria Lundgren, Glenda Lundgren, Maribeth Lindgren, Stanford Lindgren, Jay Lindgren, Tammi Holmes, Kathy Holmes, Pauline Lindgren, Mark Lindgren, Ken Swenson, Mrs. Caleb Bjur (Eleanor), Dennis Hamlin, Kevin Hamlin, John Hamlin, Arlene Hamlin, Shelby Smith, Blaine Lundgren, Sherwood Lundgren, Jolene Zachrison, Kevin Swingen.
1041-020         Kulm (ND) Baptist Church 100th anniversary celebration 7-5-1992 Digital scan (original)
1041-021         Gust Malm, John Malm and Ted Johnson in Swede Township band uniforms, post card, ca. 1909 Digital scan (original)
1041-022         Carl Carlson, Frank Davidson, and Hugo Ogren in Swede Township band uniforms, post card, ca. 1909 Digital scan (original)
1041-023         Daniel Malm Family, 1914
Identified individuals include: Alice Malm, Mrs. Reynold Malm, Martin Malm, Edith Malm, Reynold Malm, Nels Ogren, John Ogren, Victor Ogren, Luther Ogren, Mabel Ogren, Mrs. John Ogren, Valborg Ogren, Ethel Ogren, Malkus Ogren, Daniel Malm, Lillian Ogren, Andrew Malm, Minnie Ogren, Mrs. Daniel Malm, Erick Malm, Robert Malm, Arnold Malm, Mrs. Erick Malm, Leonard Malm, Elsa Malm, Alvina Ogren, Gottfried Ogren, Gideon Ogren, Mrs. Gottfried Ogren, Gust Malm, Julia Malm, Edwin Malm and Mrs. Gust Malm.
1041-024         Swede Township Band portrait at Elmer Tjernlund’s wedding at Carl Tjernlund’s, 2-22-1909
Bottom, left to right are: Gust Smith, Carl Carlson, John O. Davidson, Sigfried Johnson, Victor Samuelson, Algot Johnson. Row two left to right are: Hugo Blomquist, Elmer Larson, Willie Samuelson, Philip Ogren, Arvid Larson, Ted Johnson, Albert Samuelson. Back row: Frank Carson, Hugo Ogren, John Malm and Gust Malm.
1041-025         Gust Malm threshing crew, Swede Township, ca. 1916. Left to right: Ivar Peal, Olof Virell, Ole Edstrom, Sigfried Johnson, Phillip Entzminger, unidentified, unidentified, Andrew Malm, Elmer Berglund, Ed Rath, Gust Malm. Tractor ca. 1912 30-60 Aultman Taylor. Digital scan (original)
1041-026         Gust Malm threshing crew, Swede Township, ca. 1916. Left to right: Gust Malm, Sigfried Johnson, Elmer Berglund, Phillip Entzminger, Olof Virell, Andrew Malm, unidentified, Ole Edstrom, unidentified, Ed Rath (on top of the separator) and Ivar Peal (in the grain wagon). Tractor is 30-60 Aultman Taylor, car is a Brush. Digital scan (original)
1041-027         A. E. Ramey, Henry Putnam and Charles Burges in automobile. Digital scan (original)
1041-028         Early Kulm Baptist Church, ca. 1928. Individuals identified include: Lloyd Bjur, Randolph Lindgren, Carl Lindgren, Signar Lundgren, Esther Lundgren, Mrs. Signar Lundgren (Jennie), August Blomquist, Erma Lundgren, Caroline Lindgren, N.C. Lindgren, Margaret Vircell, Ed Olson, Rodney Tjernlund, Ruby Lindgren, Mrs. Elmer Tjernlund (Theckla), Elmer Tjernlund, Carl Lundstrom, rose Lundgren, Eddie Bjur, Vivian Lindgren, Marvin Olson, Carl Tjernlund, Inez Anderson, Edwin Lindgren, Dorothy Tjernlund, Pauline Lindgren, Phyllis Tjernlund, Manfred Lindgren, Ellis Tjernlund, Caleb Bjur, Roy Olson, Mildred Lundgren, Evelyn Lundgren, Vivian Lindgren, Bert Lindgren, Roger Lindgren, Sylvia Lindgren, Minnie Lindgren, Ruth Blomquist, Alfred Sjostrom, Ethel Tjernlund, Victor Ostrom, Minnie Larson, Lorraine Tjernlund, Mrs. August Blomquist (Henny), Mrs. Ellis Tjernlund (Millie) Theckla Tjernlund, Mrs. J. Anton Tjernlund (Mathilda) Ruth Arvidson, Mrs. Victor Arvidson (Emma), Mrs. Olof Olson (Eva), Mrs. Rudolph Orgen (Augusta), Victor Arvidson, Jacob Bjur, Erick Bjur, Mrs. Carl Lindgren (Alma), John Arvidson, Rudolph Ogren, Jacob Lindgren, John Anderson, Mrs. Jacob Lindgren (Tillie), Stanford Lindgren, Olaf Olson, Eric Bowman, Mrs. Eric Bowman (Christina), Edgar Ostrom, Robert Lundgren, Mrs. John Arvidson (Anna).
1041-029         Kulm Baptist Church 60th Anniversary portrait, 1952. Digital scan (of original)
Individuals identified include: Clarence Anderson, Mrs. Clarence Anderson (Luella), Mrs. Edwin Malm (Inez), Mrs. M. W. Gunter (Helen), Reverend Paul White, Mrs. Paul White (Irene), John G. Cackle, John Anderson, Mrs. Henry Forsman (Alma), Harold Lindgren, Alfred Bradford, Claus Johnson, Roy Olson, Bernie Entzminger, Arnold Loven, Milton Lindgren, Car Bjur, Vernon Lindgren, Clayton Zachrison, Vernor Zachrison, Mrs. Henning Lundgren (Edith), Henning Lundgren, Jerome Anderson, Mrs. Carlton Lindgren (Rose), Gunnard Lindgren,. Luanne Malm, Edwin Malm, M. W. Gunter, Carl Lindblom, Marlene Forsman, Henry Forsman, Eric Bowman, Mrs. Eric Bowman (Christine), Arthur Noren, Albert Lundstrom, Mrs. Archie Smith (Annie), Mrs. Ole Anderson (Signe), Lillie Hample, Mrs. Bernie Entzminger (Nettie), Mrs. Carl Bjur, Emil Forsman, Mrs. Emil Forsman (Ellen), Mrs. Lawrence Swingen (Jeanette), Lawrence Swingen, Mrs. Albert Larson (Mamie), Albert Larson, Elmer Schultz, Archie Smith, Fred Peahl, Ruth Noren, Kent Noren, Elmer Noren, Mrs. Elmer Noren (Dorothy), Sigrid Noren, Cleo Noren, Emil Anderson, Andrew Johnson, Mrs. Emil Anderson (Elna), Pauline Lindgren, Mrs. John O. Davidson (Virginia), Mrs. Manfred Lindgren (Florence), Mrs. Carl Lindblom (Ida), Mrs. Elmer Schultz (Mildred), Mrs. Haydle Smith, Vivian Lindgren, Mrs. Gust Lindblom (Tilda), Mrs. Edwin Lundgren (June), Mrs. Vernon Lindgren (Esther), Mrs. Harold Lindgren, Mrs. Vernor Zachrison (Hildur), Mrs. Edwin Lindgren (Caroline), Mrs. Milton Lindgren (Erma) Mary Lou Lundgren, Mrs. Robert Lundgren (Marion), Mrs. J. E. Grenz (Ida), Minnie Nelson, Judy Ferch, Mrs. Gust Erickson (Annie), Theckla Tjernlund, Mrs. Martin Swenson (Ruth), Joanne Loven, Mrs. Arnold Loven (Josephine), Mrs. Claus Johnson (Miranda), Harriet Bjur, Elaine Bjur, Sonny Ferch, Peter Sjostrom, Lorraine Tjernlund, Mrs. Morris Carlson (Phyllis), Mrs. Carl O. Anderson (Helga), Evelyn Lundgren, Mrs. Carl Tjernlund (Alice), Carl Tjernlund, Mrs. Carl Lindgren (Alma), Carl Lindgren, Mrs. Elmer Tjernlund (Theckla), Elmer Tjernlund, Signar Lundgren, Mrs. Victor Scherling (Hilda), Mrs. Peter Lindgren (Betsy), Mrs. Olof Olson (Eva), Sylvia Lindgren, Carlton Lindgren, Lowell Lindgren, Manfred Lindgren, Spencer Lindgren, Carl O. Anderson, Dr. J. E. Grenz, Edgar Ostrom, Don Gunter, Aaron Larson, Mary Ann Entzminger, Elisabeth Lindgren, Sharon Lindgren, Janet Tjernlund, Ulla-Brit Lundgren, Marilyn Gunter, Karen Lindgren, Sonja Lindgren, Carolyn Davidson, Eddy Forsman, Virgil Bjur, Ernest Erickson, Mrs. Caleb Bjur (Eleanor), Verlye Bjur, Caleb Bjur, Lynda Lindgren, Edwin Lindgren, Robert Lundgren, John Lundgren, Edwin Lundgren, Holgar Bradford, Russel Tjernlund, Howard Tjernlund, Delwayne Zachrison, Wayne Lundgren, Lois Malm, Marcene Forsman, Dennis Entzminger, Dean Entzminger, Carole Jean Zachrison, Kay Entzminger, Nancy Forsman, Joann Entzminger, Sally Erickson, Betty Entzminger, Thelma Dallman, Dianna Hottman, Delores Dallman, David Hottman, Ron Loven, Jim Lundgren, Art Anderson Jr. (Andy), Bruce Lindgren and Lester Loven.
1041-030         Vacant number
Images 1041-031 – 1041-074 are digital files located on the Q drive or on a CD in the collection case file
1041-031         Allis Chalmers using Victor Ogren’s Roto Baler
1041-032         John Anderson and Carl Gust threshing rig Ralph and Josephine on top
1041-033         Andrew Malm and Ed Rath
1041-034         Anna (fourth from the left) and Adolph (far right), Larson Harvest
1041-035         John L. Bjur, sheep shearing
1041-036         John L. Bjur, sheep shearing
1041-037         Blading snow
1041-038         Butchering (from Alvin Lindgren’s Collection)
1041-039         Edwin Malm on tractor
1041-040         Elmo Malm with hat and Andrew Malm on haystack
1041-041         Fixing flat tire (from Alvin Lindgren’s Collection)
1041-042         Gust Malm with Aultman Taylor
1041-043         Gust Malm threshing crew
1041-044         Gust Malm threshing rig
1041-045         Gust Malm’s disc rig with Daniel and Andrew Malm and Ed Rath
1041-046         Ludwig Johnson and manure sled
1041-047         Kulm (ND) harvesting Noren’s rig
1041-048         Kulm (ND) harvesting Noren’s rig
1041-049         Unidentified child on horse-drawn sleigh
1041-050         Unidentified man on horse-drawn cart
1041-051         Noren’s oil pull
1041-052         Noren’s threshing rig, Swede Township, Kulm (ND)
1041-053         Noren’s threshing rig, Swede Township, Kulm (ND)
1041-054         Ogren’s Avery
1041-055         Ogren’s Aultman Taylor
1041-056         Ogren farm scene
1041-057         Ogren Nels well drilling
1041-058         Ogren rig, 1894
1041-059         Ogren rig, 1897
1041-060         Ogren farm scene
1041-061         Ogren farm scene
1041-062         Ogren farm scene
1041-063         Ogren farm scene
1041-064         Ogren farm scene
1041-065         Ogren farm scene
1041-066         Ogren farm scene           
1041-067         “Roosevelt’s prosperity,” WPA project, 1936
1041-068         “Roosevelt’s prosperity,” WPA project, 1936
1041-069         Unidentified men with tractor
1041-070         Unidentified men with tractor
1041-071         Swede County telephone company
1041-072         Swede County telephone company
1041-073         Threshing crew, Axel (third from left) and Ivar (back fourth from right), Nordstrom
1041-074         Horse powered threshing, Swede township (ND)
1041-075         Bat. C 18th Bn. FARD portrait Ed Olson 1st row, 7th from left, Camp Zachary
Taylor Louisville KY (donated by Deb and Sherwood Lundgren), September 1918. Biographical
information about Ed Olson in case file.
1041-076         Gust Malm farm panorama, farm was located 8 miles north and 1 mile east of
Kulm, ND, Swede Township, ca. 1919
1041-077         Olof Olson farm panorama, farm was located 4 miles north and 1½ miles east of
Kulm, ND, Swede Township (donated by Deb and Sherwood Lundgren)
1041-078         Mrs. Rudolph Ogren funeral, Swede Township Cemetery, September 8, 1910
(individuals identified on scan) (donated by Ed and Joan Sprague)
1041-079         Rabbit drive near Kulm, ND (individuals identified on scan) (donated by Ed and
Joan Sprague)
1041-080         Advertising lantern slide for John Ogren’s Avery tractor dealership, ca. 1915-1920
1041-081         Advertising lantern slide for John Ogren’s Avery tractor dealership, ca. 1915-1920
1041-082         Advertising lantern slide for John Ogren’s Avery tractor dealership, ca. 1915-1920
1041-083         Advertising lantern slide for John Ogren’s Avery tractor dealership, ca. 1915-1920

February 23, 2015 Accession
Images 1041-00084 – 1041-00119 are digital files located on the Q drive or on a CD in the
collection case file
1041-00084         Kulm City Band members: A.R. (Abbie) Kempf, Riney Kurtz, Harry Grosz, Bill Grosz and Ed Hollan, ca. 1930s-1940s
1041-00085         Kulm City Band marching through the business district, ca. 1930s-1940s
1041-00086         Kulm City Band members: Ole Holman, Ed Hollan, Hugo Ogren, Ferd Pazandak, Bill Ward, Robert Hollan and Oscar Lange, 1950
1041-00087         Kulm City Band members: Ed Hollan, Hugo Ogren, Bill Ward, Oscar Lange, and Robert Hollan, 1950
1041-00088         Hollan's Kulm City Band: Ray, Bob, Dennis, Tom Schock, Ed, Curt, Art, Sylvia and Ted, 1967
1041-00089         Kulm Band, August 1912. Front row, left to right: Chris Dobler, Fred Guthmueller, Henry Kempf, William Wolf, Joe Melicher, Theodore Hillius, director F.W. Kempf, Dave Wirch, Gottfried Grosz, Gottlieb Hanneld, A.R. (Abbie) Kempf, Otto Isaac and Robert Kurtz. Back Row: John Stolt, Al Riese, Bob Lange, Ed Guthmueller, Fred Bergman, Oscar Lange, Martin Gackle, Albert Grosz, Ed Hieb, Richard Lange, and Otto Wolf
1041-00090         Kulm City Band, 1928
1041-00091         Kulm City Band, 1946
1041-00092         Kulm City Band: Rob Hollan, Oscar Lange, Lois Hildebrand, Art Hollan, Leroy Oberlander, Ed Hollan, Walter Kusler, Art Krein, Virgil Rath, Marilyn Mueller, Reed Melicher, George Gackler, Don Gackle, Jean Fergusson, Wilbert Hildebrand, 1946
1041-00093         Kulm City Band, 1946
1041-00094         Kulm City Band, 1946
1041-00095         Kulm City Band, 1949
1041-00096         Kulm City Band, ca. 1949
1041-00097         Kulm City Band outside City Hall, Kulm (N.D.), 1933
1041-00098         Kulm City Band at Grand Rapids, ca. 1950
1041-00099         Kulm City Band at Grand Rapids, ca. 1950
1041-000100       Kulm City Band: Harold Hildebrand,  Edwin and Gus, ca. 1940s
1041-000101       Art Hollan with Kulm City Band at Kulm Park, ca. 1981
1041-000102       Ed Hollan and sister Daisy, ca. 1920s
1041-000103       Ed and Sylvia Hollan, Kulm City Band
1041-000104       Ed and Sylvia Hollan, Kulm City Band
1041-000105       Ed Hollan, Kulm City Band
1041-000106       Kulm City Band: Mary Hollan, Ed, Art, Lee, Curt, Dennis, ca. 1960s
1041-000107       Kulm City Band: Robert Hollan, Lee, Art and Ray
1041-000108       Kulm City Band: Robert Hollan, Lee, Ray, Art, Ed and Sylvia
1041-000109       Robert Hollan, Kulm City Band, before 1951
1041-000110       Sylvia and Ed Hollan, Kulm City Band, ca. 1968
1041-000111       Kulm City Band at Krein open house, November 4, 1963
1041-000112       Kulm City Band and Kulm Park (N.D.), ca. 1981
1041-000113       Kulm City Band and Kulm Park (N.D.), ca. 1981
1041-000114       Oscar Lange, percussionist, Kulm City Band, 1981
1041-000115       Kulm City Band in Mandan parade, July 4, 1945
1041-000116       Ferd Pazandak and Ed Hollan, Kulm City Band, ca. 1950
1041-000117       Kulm City Band, Whitestone, 1963
1041-000118       Kulm City Band, Whitestone, 1991
1041-000119       Kulm City Band, Whitestone, 1991
1041-000120       News clipping, Kulm Brass Band, 1895
1041-000121       News clipping, left for the Klondike, 1898
1041-000122       News clipping, F. W. Kempf director, 1904

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We will also be closed on Christmas Eve this year.
State Archives: 8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. M-F, except state holidays; 2nd Sat. of each month, 10 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.
State Historical Society offices: 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. M-F, except state holidays.

Contact Us:
phone: 701.328.2666