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Photographs - Collections - 701-750 #00743

Title: Fred A. Harvey

Dates: 1920-1960

Collection Number: 00743

Quantity: 127 images and 1 scrapbook

Abstract: Postcards of North Dakota towns, photos of the 1943 Mandan flood, scrapbook about the Bismarck Police Department, and a photo album of Company “M” 4th Infantry at Fort Lincoln, Fort Lawton (WA), Camp Lewis (WA), and the Presidio, San Francisco (CA) from 1920-1928. The photo album also included images of a war film shot at Camp Lewis (WA), "The Patent Leather Kid".

Provenance: The State Historical Society of North Dakota acquired the Fred A. Harvey collection from Mrs. Frederick “Bob” Harvey in April 1988.

Property Rights:  The State Historical Society of North Dakota owns the property rights to this collection.

Copyrights:  Copyrights to materials in this collection remain with the donor, publisher, author, or author's heirs.  Researchers should consult the 1976 Copyright Act, Public Law 94-553, Title 17, U.S. Code and an archivist at this repository if clarification of copyright requirements is needed.

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From Bismarck Tribune obituary 30 March 1988:

Fred A. Harvey was the first member of the Bismarck Police Department to attend the Federal Bureau of Investigation National Police Academy, in Washington, D.C., and was certified as a fingerprint expert. Mr. Harvey died March 29, 1988, in a Bismarck hospital at the age of 87. Services will be held at 11 a.m. Monday, at Church of St. Anne, with spring burial in St. Mary’s Cemetery.

Visitation will begin at 5 tonight at Nickisch-Ressler Funeral Home, where a rosary will be said at 7 p.m. Sunday.

Mr. Harvey was born Oct. 31, 1900, at Mountain View, Wyo., where he was raised and educated, graduating from Mountain View High School in 1918. He served in the U.S. Army during World War I, and came to Fort Lincoln at Bismarck in 1927. He married Maxine Kupitz, April 20, 1930, in Bismarck. He worked at Logan Grocery Store and for the WPA for two years before joining the Bismarck Police Department in 1937. After becoming the first Bismarck graduate of the FBI Academy in 1940, he returned to the Bismarck Police Department. He joined the FBI in 1942, and worked in Minneapolis, Des Moines, Iowa, and Milwaukee, Wis. He took a leave of absence in 1944 to take a position as police chief in Seward, Alaska, returning to the FBI in 1945, to become a resident agent at Bismarck, until retiring in 1970. Maxine died in 1980.

He is survived by three daughters, Mrs. N. J. (Patricia) Eysaldt, Wilmington, Del., Mrs. Kathleen Cowles, Silt, Colo., and Mrs. Donald (Nancy) Polasky, Bismarck; two sons, Frederick “Bob”, Bismarck, and Charles, Great Lakes, Ill.; two sisters, Mrs. Edith Van Vleet, Hudson, Wyo., and Mrs. Vera Davis, Evanston, Wyo.; 12 grandchildren; and nine great-grandchildren.


1 Color Postcard “Chateau de Mores, Medora North Dakota” photo by Osborn Studios, Dickinson, N. Dak.
2 Color Postcard “The Chateau de Mores, Medora, Bad Lands of North Dakota”                                
3 Color Postcard “Entrance to Theodore Roosevelt National Park, North Dakota”
4 Color Postcard “Elevators, Sentinel Butte N.D.”
5 Postcard “Noyes Modern Cabins, Beach, N. Dak. West Gate Roosevelt Park Agates-Petrified Wood-Souvenirs”
6 Color Postcard “Hotel Clara Lincoln & Café Flower & Gift Shop” Bowman, N.D.
7 Postcard “Grassy Butte Badland P.O.” photo by L. E. Osborn Dickinson, N.D.
8 Postcard “Main Street –Bowman, No.Dak.
9 Postcard “Clara Lincoln Hotel – Bowman, N.D.”
10 Postcard “Clara Lincoln Hotel Lobby – Bowman, N.D.” 1946
11 Postcard “Dickinson, N.D.” photo by Osborn
12 Postcard of St. Charles Hotel, Dickinson (ND)
13 Color Postcard “Dickinson, North Dakota, Villard Street, looking west on Highway 10—Ray Hotel to right” Photo by Osborn Studio, Dickinson, N. Dak.
14 Postcard of Motel Ray “Ray and Betty Lindquist Owners and Managers Hettinger, N.Dak.
15 Postcard “Main Street-Hettinger, No.Dak”    
16 Postcard “Mirror Lake and Hettinger, No.Dak.”            
17 Postcard “Main Street South Van Hook N.D.”
18 Postcard “Watford City, No.Dak.” from a distance showing many wood framed buildings and a few automobiles ca. 1950
19 Postcard “Main Street-Watford City, No.Dak”              
20 Postcard “Highway 85 thru Badlands” Photo by L. E. Osborn Dickinson, N.D.
21 Postcard “Main Street – Belfield, No.Dak.”ca. 1940s
22 Postcard “Medora, No.Dak.”                                                                
23 Postcard “Medora, No.Dak.” Overview of Medora (ND) showing wood frame buildings, stores, one a gift shop, and a butte in the background, and a few automobiles are on the street. 1930-1940
24 Postcard “Main Street - New England, N.Dak.” 1930-1940
25 Postcard “Rhame, North Dakota”       
28 Ed Daly, Dickinson (ND) on a pony 1952           
30 Blizzard (ND) street scene in snow 1946-1947                
31 Blizzard (ND) men digging cars out 1946-1947               
32 Blizzard (ND) men digging cars out 1946-1947                               
33 Blizzard (ND) men digging cars out 1946-1947                               
34 Blizzard (ND) men digging cars out 1946-1947
35 Fred Finger bronc busting at rodeo Dickinson (ND) September 1947                  
36 Postcard “Main Street Looking North-Harvey, No.Dak.” ca. 1950
37 Postcard “Harvey Beach – Harvey, No.Dak.” 1960                       
38 Postcard “St. Aloisius Hospital Harvey, No.Dak.” 1960
39 Postcard “Sheyenne River Academy – Harvey, No.Dak. 1960                                 
40 Postcard “St. Cecelia Catholic Church Harvey, No.Dak. 1960                                    
41 Honorable George S. Register, U.S. District Judge, seated on judge’s bench with group in Bismarck. Photo taken by Nicholas Marshall November 1964
42 Judge George S. and Mrs. Register at his retirement party in the Federal Building November 1964
43 Judge George S. Register and group at his retirement party November 1964
44 Williams County Sheriff’s office personnel: Sheriff William Sveen, Deputy Edward Hamann, Deputy Severt Johnson  June 16, 1949                               
45 Williston Police Department group: Ole H. Olson, Emmett Oster, Bill Clark, Reed Givinn, Norman Schuman, Alfred Jenson, Reed Guinn June 16, 1949
46 Mandan Golf Course after the flood showing silt and sand two feet deep April 4, 1943
47 Mandan Club House showing waterline on building and damage to hedge and trees April 4, 1943
48 View down from middle of Missouri River bridge showing ice flowing downstream April 4, 1943
49 Flood damage near railroad overpass in Mandan May 1943
50 Flood damage to railroad tracks in Mandan as viewed from top of overpass April 4, 1943. Photo by Miss Ruth Clark
51 Bismarck-Mandan bus making its first trip after the flood. Note water in roadway April 4, 1943
52 New or partly finished underpass partly filled with silt and debris after the Mandan flood April 4, 1943
53 Flood damage to railroad tracks in Mandan as viewed from top of overpass April 4, 1943
54 View showing water flowing along railroad tracks at beginning of Mandan flood Mandan March 25, 1943
55 Heart River Bridge road completely inundated northwest of Mandan March 25, 1943
56 View of water flowing beside Northern Pacific Railway tracks in Mandan (ND) March 25, 1943 
57 Part of “Dogtown” in Mandan under water. Note dog swimming to safety March 25, 1943
58 Part of residential section (northside) under water when the flood was at its highest point in Mandan March 25, 1943
59 View of Mandan business district showing flood at its height March 25, 1943
60 Close up view of Mandan Post Office under water March 25, 1943
61 View of Mandan Post Office and nearby buildings under water. Two people in canoe March 25, 1943
62 View of water flowing along railroad tracks from Heart River north of Mandan opposite State Training School March 25, 1943
63 Water flowing under overpass along Northern Pacific Railway right of way in Mandan March 25, 1943
64 Portrait of Melville A. Hunter, Bismarck (ND) 1957                                      
65 Police Department Bismarck (ND) 1967 composite photo of personnel portraits
66 Jack Dempsey, Jim Brady, Caesar Murphy at Brady’s Bar in Minot 1949 photo by Slorby Minot                              
67 Group photo of Company “M” 4th Infantry Fort Lincoln (ND) Lt. George H. Dietz commanding.
On porch L to R: Corporal Joe Conti,  Corporal John Mastawaskas, Privates Von Kammerman,  Cecil Edwards, Frank Smith, Harry Hile, Pvt. Tallman, Pvt. Trimble, Cpl. Collins, Pvt. Frank Gegoric, Pvt. Laurant, Stephen O'Donnell, Pvt. Clair O. Bradley, Pvt. Teddy L. Bequette, Martin Arvidson, ____________, Hubert Black, “Banjo Hicks”
On steps – back row: Bugler James “Red” Morgan, Privates Hugh L. Erwin, Sam “Jawbone” Wright, Cpl. Erzen, Pvt. Jones, Pvt. Guthrie Williams, Pvt. Felix Pochuichanski, Cpl. Vadnais, Pvt. Laporte, Earl Humphries (Co. Mechanic), Pvt. Alexander Napirokowski, Sgt. George Waschke
On steps - front row: Sgt. Fred A. Harvey, Sgt. Thomas Howard, Capt. George F. Bloomquist Commanding, 2nd Lt. George H. Dietz,
In rear of Captain: Sgt. Forrest E. Williams, Cpl. W. H. Turner, Cpl. Harmon, Sgt. Olson
Front row cont’d: Cpl. Harvey S. Allen, Cpl. George “Count” Gregory November 1927

Photo album     
00743-01a            Post Headquarters, Fort Lincoln November 1927
00743-01b           Squad room Co. K, 4th Infantry, Fort Lincoln 1927
00743-01c            Main drive, Fort Lincoln winter 1927-1928
00743-01d           Officers quarters, Fort Lincoln, Thanksgiving Day 1927
00743-01e           Guard house, Fort Lincoln 1927
00743-02a            Post Headquarters, Fort Lincoln 1927
00743-02b           Quartermaster building, Fort Lincoln 1927
00743-02c            Officers line (quarters), Fort Lincoln 1927
00743-02d           Driveway to HQ, Fort Lincoln 1927
00743-02e           Old Gallery house, Fort Lincoln 1927
00743-03a            Sgt. Fred A. Harvey Co. M Infantry 1928
00743-03b           Post hospital, Fort Lincoln 1928
00743-03c            Staff Sgt. John Pheasy, Quartermaster, Fort Lincoln 1928
00743-03d           Post gym, Fort Lincoln 1928
00743-03e           Enlisted men’s barracks, Fort Lincoln 1928
00743-04a            2nd Lt. George H. Dietz, Commanding Co. M 4th Infantry, Fort Lincoln 1927
00743-04b           War scene from the movie, “The Patent Leather Kid”
00743-05a            War scene from the movie, “The Patent Leather Kid”
00743-05b           Group on steps, Fort Lincoln
00743-05c            Group on steps, Fort Lincoln
00743-05d           Co. M on parade, Bismarck (ND) July 4, 1928
00743-06a            A bunch of Co. M boys 1928
00743-06b           Col. Hilliard and Pvt. Brown
00743-06c            Combat wagons 3rd Batt. 27th Inf., Fort Lincoln 1928
00743-06d           Ivan Bigler
00743-06e           At the salute gun 1928
00743-06f            Sgt. Harvey and little Jean Russell, Bismarck (ND) 1928
00743-07a            Field Day at Fort Lincoln
00743-07b           Lt. George H. Dietz and Lt. Henry C. Jones, winter 1927-1928
00743-07c            Teddy Bequette and Sgt. Harvey at the Post Exchange July 4, 1928
00743-07d           Field Day high jump
00743-08a            Clarence Boehmer, Co. M 1926
00743-08b           Pvt. Howard Chowen, K.P., Fort Lawton (WA)
00743-08c            N. Western pistol match, Fort Lawton (WA)
00743-08d           Harvey at Fort Lawton (WA)
00743-08e           Dog, Fort Lawton (WA)
00743-09a            Puget Sound 1927
00743-09b           Burke’s Tower, Fort Lawton (WA)
00743-10a            Infantry barracks Presidio, San Francisco January 1920
00743-10b           Machine gun Co. Presidio, San Francisco 1921
00743-10c            Officers quarters Presidio, San Francisco 1921
00743-10d           YMCA building Presidio, San Francisco 1921
00743-11a            Mess Sgt. Fred Harvey Presidio, San Francisco July 1923
00743-11b           Cooks and bakers delegation enroute to Seattle and Alaska
00743-11c            Capt. M. H. Booth and Sgt. F. A. Harvey, Camp Lewis (WA) 1923
00743-11d           Pvt. F. A. Harvey 32nd Inf. Presidio, San Francisco 1921
00743-11e           Cook Charlie Brown, 31st Inf. P. Islands
00743-11f            Sgt. Fred Harvey 1928
00743-11g            Cpl. Harold Chowen 1928
00743-12a            Co. M 4th Inf. on parade, Bismarck (ND) 1928
00743-12b           Hugh L. Irwin 1927
00743-13a            War scene from the movie, “The Patent Leather Kid”
00743-13b           Richard Barthelmess, star of “The Patent Leather Kid”
00743-13c – 14c War scene from the movie, “The Patent Leather Kid”

Law Enforcement Scrapbook
Photographs and newspaper clippings detailing “a few happenings during my employment as a police officer in the city of Bismarck” 1936-1952                                                                                      

612 East Boulevard Ave.
Bismarck, North Dakota 58505
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