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Photographs - Collections - 701-750 - #00737

Title: North Dakota Conference of Methodist Churches

Dates: 1899-1968

Collection Number: 00737

Quantity: 458 items, plus slides and negatives

Abstract: Images of Methodist churches across North Dakota, ministers, lay persons, congregations, choirs, Wesley College, Wesley Acres Camp, annual conferences, and various celebrations such as the 75th anniversary of the Evangelical United Brethren Church.

Provenance: The State Historical Society of North Dakota acquired the North Dakota Conference of the United Methodist Church Records from Rev. Norman C. Neuman, President of the Board of Trustees, North Dakota Conference of the United Methodist Church, on June 7, 1983. The photographs were separated from MSS 10333 to create this collection.

Property rights: The State Historical Society of North Dakota owns the property rights to this collection.
Copyrights: Copyrights to materials in this collection remain with the donor, publisher, author, or author's heirs. Researchers should consult the 1976 Copyright Act, Public Law 94-553, Title 17, U.S. Code and an archivist at this repository if clarification of copyright requirements is needed.

Access: This collection is open under the rules and regulations of the State Historical Society of North Dakota.

Citation: Researchers are requested to cite the collection title, collection number, and the State Historical Society of North Dakota all footnote and bibliographic references.


00737-0001 – 0011 Wesley Acres Methodist Camp, Rogers (N.D.)
00737-0012         Edgeley Methodist Church Junior Choir, Mrs. R. Unkenholz, Director, Spring 1958
00737-0013 – 0014 Edgeley Methodist Church Senior Choir
00737-0015         Post Office, Grassy Butte (N.D.)
00737-0016         Methodist Church, Grassy Butte (N.D.) 
00737-0017 – 0019 Grassy Butte (N.D.)
00737-0020 – 0021 Sod house
00737-0022 – 0023 Aerial view of Wesley College, Grand Forks (N.D.) 1960
00737-0024         First Church of Jamestown (N.D.)
00737-0025         School Jamestown (N.D.)
00737-0026         Methodist Church burning, Harvey (N.D.) April 1963
00737-0027         Hillsboro Methodist Church, Hillsboro (N.D.)
00737-0028         Methodist Church, Minot (N.D.)
00737-0029         Methodist Church, Minot Air Force Base, Minot (N.D.)
00737-0030         Mandan Oil Refinery, Mandan (N.D.) 1955
00737-0031         Mouse River flood, McKinney (N.D.) 1904
00737-0032         Wood frame church
00737-0033         First Evangelical United Brethren Church, Pleasant View (N.D.)
00737-0034         Interior view First Evangelical United Brethren Church, Minot (N.D.) 1954
00737-0035         Methodist Church, Lehr (N.D.) built by Rev. H. Loewen 1886
00737-0036         Evangelical Church, Belmont and 5th St., Grand Forks (N.D.)
00737-0037         New chapel at the Minot Air Force Base, Minot (N.D.)
00737-0038         First Methodist Church, Grand Forks (N.D.)
00737-0039a       First Church Methodist Episcopal Church                              
00737-0039b       First Church Methodist Episcopal Church                              
00737-0040         Methodist Church, Mandan (N.D.) 1965
00737-0041         First Methodist Church, Grand Forks (N.D.)
00737-0042         Methodist Church, Napoleon (N.D.)
00737-0043         First Evangelical United Brethren Church
00737-0044 – 0047 United Methodist Church, Milnor (N.D.) 1960
00737-0048         Salem Methodist Church, Valley City (N.D.)                        
00737-0049         Free Mission Church, Enderlin (N.D.)
00737-0050         Methodist Church, Enderlin (N.D.)
00737-0051         Methodist Church, Mott (N.D.)
00737-0052         Methodist Church, Washburn (N.D.)
00737-0053         McClusky Methodist Church, McClusky (N.D.) May 1966
00737-0054         Methodist Church, Mott (N.D.)
00737-0055         Methodist Church, Napoleon (N.D.)
00737-0056         Methodist Church, Napoleon March 1959
00737-0057         Methodist Church, Nortonville (N.D.) 1964
00737-0058         Frieden Methodist Church, Streeter (N.D.) built in 1928 by William Butchat
00737-0059         Hope Church, Streeter (N.D.)
00737-0060 – 0061 Evangelical Church, Streeter (N.D.)
00737-0062         Bantry Methodist Church, 1910
00737-0063         Methodist Church, Harvey (N.D.)
00737-0064         Methodist Church and Parsonage, Hettinger (N.D.)
00737-0065 – 0066 Amelie Bailey Memorial Methodist Church, Moffit (N.D.) 1960
00737-0067         Zion Church, Chaffee (N.D.)
00737-0068         Evangelical Church, Chaseley (N.D.)
00737-0069         Evangelical United Brethren Church, Tappen (N.D.)
00737-0070         Methodist Church, Cleveland (N.D.) 1964
00737-0071         Methodist Church, Nortonville (N.D.) 1964          
00737-0072         Immanuel Evangelical Church, 7th St. & Rosser, Bismarck (N.D.)
00737-0074         Methodist Church, Harvey (N.D.)
00737-0075         Methodist Church and Parsonage, Hettinger (N.D.)                        
00737-0076         Evangelical Church, Medina (N.D.)
00737-0077         Robertson/Sayre Hall, Wesley College, Grand Forks (N.D.)
00737-0078         Methodist Church, Napoleon (N.D.)
00737-0079         Grace Methodist Church, Napoleon (N.D.)
00737-0080         Corporal Elmer A. Ketterling of Stutsman County (N.D.)
00737-0081         Methodist Church, Lansford (N.D.) April 1964
00737-0082         Grant Center Church on the old foundation
00737-0083         Bismarck Evangelical Hospital
00737-0084 – 0085 McCabe Methodist, Bismarck (N.D.)
00737-0086         Wesley College, Grand Forks (N.D.)
00737-0087         First Methodist Church, Oakes (N.D.) 1962
00737-0088         Methodist Church, Hamilton (N.D.)
00737-0089         Antelope Township Methodist Church, Richland County (N.D.)
00737-0090         Workers on scaffolding at Methodist Church, Menoken (N.D.) March 1959
00737-0091         Interior, Methodist Church, Harvey (N.D.)
00737-0092         Community Methodist Church, St. Thomas (N.D.)
00737-0093         Dakota Conference 1899
00737-0094         Group of children holding certificates of recognition
00737-0098         25th Conference, Great Bend (N.D.)
00737-0099         Ordained together: 1st row L-R: Musser, John Booth, John Eischer; 2nd row L-R: Dexheimer, George Zech, William Gaines
00737-0101         Annual Conference at Streeter EUB May 1944
00737-0103 – 0104 Ministers outside Evangelical Church, Grand Forks (N.D.) 1938: 1st row: J. Arthur Heck, R. E. Strutz, A. W. Heidinger, Bishop Praetorius, C. F. Strutz, C. A. Bramer, A. H. Ermel, John Fisher; 2nd row: G. H. Martiz, J. J. Schroeder, Carl Heining, Henry C. Lehner, Alexander Gehrins, Eugene Schroeder, J. W. Schindler, A. G. Martin; 3rd row: William C. Lemke, Floyd Breau, Reuben Strutz, E. K. Heimer, W. J. Weinands, Wiley Hoy, Otto Gehring, Marlo Elvin, G. C. Thiele; 4th row: G. H. Bruns, Ira Herzberg, G. H. Mittag, F. J. Knuth, Robert Becktle, William Breher; 5th row: W. G. Schendle, C. E. Bach, Vincent Schneider, E. A. Gruneich, Otto Felberg, Walter D. Elmer, W. W. White, Solomon Gruneich
00737-0105         Group of women outside EUB Church, Jamestown (N.D.)
00737-0106         75th anniversary celebration, Holmes (N.D.) 1957
00737-0108         Front row: Mrs. C. F. Strutz, Mrs. G. H. Mittag, Mrs. John Schindler; back row: Mrs. John Fisher, Mrs. A. G. Martin, Luella Eickhorn (Fisher), Mrs. Ollmare Reynolds, EUB Church, Jamestown (N.D.) 1944
00737-0112         Missions Unlimited through sacrificial giving, 75th Anniversary of EUB Church
00737-0113         Rev Ira Carter, first minister at Fairmont Church
00737-0114         Building construction, Larimore (N.D.)
00737-0115         Methodist Church, Hecla (SD)
00737-0116         Stained glass window, Allen Memorial Library, Valley City (N.D.) January 1962
00737-0117         Interior, Epworth Methodist Church, Valley City (N.D.) March 1968
00737-0120         Painting exterior of church at Faith (SD) June 1956
00737-0125         NDAC YMCA building damage after tornado, Fargo (N.D.) 1959?
00737-0126         Lt. Commander O. E. Kinzler, Jr. July 1967
00737-0127         First church on Lehr field
00737-0128         Proposed Wesley Center at Grand Forks
00737-0131 – 0134 New Lay Leaders July 1962
00737-0137         Rev. Miller and Dr. Curtis
00737-0142         McCabe Nave, Bismarck (N.D.) July 1962
00737-0147         Sign outside Civic Auditorium [Jamestown?]: Annual Conference The Methodist Church
00737-0156         Peace Garden Cairn 1963
00737-0157         Kenneth Birch, Tioga (N.D.) February 16, 1956
00737-0161         Baptism August 1963
00737-0173         Congregation in Vincent Church, Minot (N.D.)
00737-0174         Mrs. Eastburn, Mrs. Garrison, Mrs. Miller
00737-0187         William A. Lemke
00737-0193         ND Annual Conference Planning Session 1964
00737-0194         District Superintendents of ND: Robert Paul, Harold Eastburn, Bernard Curtis 1965
00737-0213         ND midyear committee meeting: Chris F. Miller, Mrs. Jacob Haas, J. Ralph McNeil
00737-0217         Ordained
00737-0218         Stanley W. Voelker October 1967
00737-0219 – 0220 Mrs. Lionel Muthiah
00737-0221         Lionel Muthiah
00737-0222         Howard Correll, Convocation July 1967
00737-0223         Rev. Markley, Rev. Asher, presiding elder, Minot (N.D.)
00737-0224         Rev. and Mrs. Herbert Markley, served Granville, Riga, and Denbigh churches 1914-1917
00737-0230         North Dakota men look over displays October 1965
00737-231            Elmer West, Wesley Acres caretaker, and Fred Schroeder, Salem Methodist Church building contractor March 1967
00737-0238         ND Elders at Annual Conference 1967
00737-0240 – 0241 Dr. & Mrs. Bernard Curtis at Annual Conference 1967
00737-0245         Lionel Muthiah June 1968
00737-0257         Bob Lear, Kathy Platt, Bishop Garrison, John MacMullen, Preston Brown July 1967
00737-0258         ND Lay Speakers April 1963
00737-0262         Constance Anderson, Alfred Biggs, Bernard Curtis at Bethany Church, Fairmount (N.D.)
00737-0264         Wesley Acres Church Camp on Lake Ashtabula north of Valley City, North Dakota – aerial color postcard
00737-0265         Junior Department, Junior Class, Wahpeton (N.D.) Clark Gripentrog, Bill Whitman, Rudolph Hartlebein, Gerald Grenz, Mrs. Rueben Laboda, teacher, ___Hartlebein, Sandra Fauss, John Marohl, ____Beeson, Linda Gordon, Cheryl Loll, Graves Grenz
00737-0276         Stained glass window, Edgeley (N.D.)
00737-0277         Oliver R. Kettering, Streeter (N.D.)
00737-0278         Rev. & Mrs. John H. Iszler and son Everett August 1941
00737-0280         Pastor Robert Paul, Tioga Methodist Church August 1955
00737-0281         Kenneth D. Birch, Toga (N.D.) August 1955
00737-0283         Robert Paul, Mrs. Hill, Tioga (N.D.) August 1955
00737-0288         North Dakota Discussion Leaders April 1961
00737-0289         Phillip Lint, Mary Ann Wolfe, Robert Ouradrich, Larry Seilley, William Gould, Sara Schultz, Mary Kay Pederson June 1963
00737-0290         New ministers July 1962
00737-0294         James Pomeroy, Richard Teichman, Marvin Miller, Bishop Edwin R. Harrison
00737-0295         Retiring ministers July 1962
00737-0298         Hale – MYF Award July 1962
00737-0300         Haas – Curtis July 1962
00737-0301         Dr. C. A. Armstrong, editor of the recently published Conference history, presents the official Conference copy to Conference Secretary, Rev. Ray McClure
00737-0302         Baby Brunk baptism July 1962
00737-0303         Deacons August 1963
00737-0304         On Trial May 1963
00737-0305         Retired ministers and wives May 1963
00737-0306 – 0307 General and Jurisdictional Conference delegates: front: Dr. Curtis, Mr. Pengra, Mr. Gunkelmon; rear: Dr. Tannehill, Mr. Morrison, Mrs. Haas June 1963
00737-0307a       Dr. Alvin Rogness, Conference speaker and William Morrison June 1963
00737-0313         Rev. Teichmann, Rev. Holcomb, Rev. Unkenholz
00737-0314         Head table at Washburn banquet: Mrs. Garrison, Bishop Garrison, Charles Parlin, Leroy Meier, Mrs. Heininger, Bishop Heininger, Bishop Alton
00737-0315         Vincent Church interior, Minot (N.D.)
00737-0316         Rev. Paul, Jim Petnek, Henry Hottmann
00737-0319         Mrs. Prezler, Shirley Prezler, Mr. Prezler August 1966
00737-0321         Rev. Henry Gernhardt presents the Walter Larsons
00737-0322         Mr. & Mrs. William L. May of Canton (Ohio) present a plate to Rev. Wayne McKirdt, Edgeley (N.D.), secretary of Conference Commission on Archives and History, while Rev. Walter Elmer of Jamestown (N.D.), chairman of the Conference Commission, looks on
00737-0326         Wesley Acres Camp December 1959
00737-0327         Couple in front of rustic cross, Wesley Acres Camp June 1960
00737-0329         Wesley Acres Camp June 1960
00737-0330         Work Camps Jan 1962
00737-0331         Swimmers in the pool, Wesley Acres Camp September 1963
00737-0332         Paul represents youth at dedication service, Wesley Acres September 1963
00737-0333 – 0338 Wesley Acres, Rogers (N.D.) September 1963
00737-0339         Officers of ND Methodist Student Movement
00737-0360         Wesley Acres Methodist Camp. Rogers, (N.D.) postcard
00737-0361         New First Methodist Church, Bismarck (N.D.)
00737-0363 – 0370 Wesley Acres Camp
00737-0371 – 0377 Faith Methodist Church, Fargo (N.D.) August 1955
00737-0378 – 0379 Youth Banquet at St. Thomas (N.D.)
00737-0380         75th Anniversary cake, Drayton (N.D.)
00737-0381         Rev. Dr. Phillip P. Moulton, President, Wesley College, Grand Forks (N.D.) August 1958
00737-0382         Mr. Moral Shively, General Conference Delegate 1960
00737-0383         Conference on Ministry Vocations Jan 1965
00737-0384 – 0386 Air Force Base
00737-0387 – 0388 Rev. Wesley Sheffield March 1963
00737-0389         ND Lay activities May 1963
00737-0390 – 0391 First parsonage, Fargo (N.D.)
00737-0392         Wesley Acres, Rogers (N.D.) March 1967
00737-0393 – 0397 New church, Milnor (N.D.) July 1961
00737-0398         Officers May 1968
00737-0419 – 0424 New officers, Dickinson (N.D.) April 12, 1957
00737-0425         ND Vocations Conference 1961
00737-0426 – 0427 ND Vocations Conference 1959
00737-0428 – 0429 District Office, Fargo (N.D.)
00737-0430         ND Methodist Youth Officers, seated: Richard Teichmann, Terry O’Rear, Lynn McNeil; standing: Jerry Nagel, Phil Sturlaugson 1967-1968
00737-0431 – 0435 ND Methodist Youth Officers May 1968
00737-0436 – 0441 ND Methodist Youth May 1963
00737-0443         ND Board Min. Tr. September 1955
00737-0444         Rev. H. D. Eastburn, Northern District Supt and Rev. C. F. Muller, Pastor of Vincent Methodist Church, Minot (N.D.) at future site of North Hill Community Methodist Church March 1966
00737-0445         Rev. Norm Holcomb conducting a religious survey on North Hill at the home of Mr. & Mrs. Donald Sherlock in Minot (N.D.) December 1965
00737-0446         Wesley College study March 1963
00737-0447         ND mid-year sessions April 1962
00737-0448         Elmer Brunk family 1968
00737-0450         Mission workshop, Langdon (N.D.) November 1956
00737-0451         Parsonage, Fargo (N.D.)
00737-0452 – 0455 Air Force Base
00737-0456         Education building plans, Epworth Methodist Church, Valley City (N.D.) November 21, 1957
00737-0457         Unkenholz family Christmas card 1967
00737-0458         Birth announcement Timothy David Knecht December 1967

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