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Photographs - Collections - 651-700 - #00670

Title: George William Hill

Dates: 1868-1882

Collection Number: 00670

Quantity: 83 items

Abstract:  This collection contains seventy-five (75) stereograph scenes photographed by Stanley J. Morrow between 1868 and 1882, six (6) portraits of North American Indians by C. L. Hamilton, Fort Randall (DT), and two (2) stereographs by Benjamin Franklin Upton from his series of Indian Portraits and Views. The Morrow stereographs includes views of the Badlands, signers of the Peace Treaty between the Rees, Gros Ventres and Mandans of Fort Berthold and the Sissetons (Sioux) of Fort Totten DT, Yankton and Missouri River scenes and steamboats, Fort Totten and vicinity, Fort Abercrombie, Fort Stevenson, Fort Buford, Fort Berthold, Fort Rice, Fort Sully, Fort Thompson and vicinity, the Cheyenne Agency, Grand River Agency, and Santee Mission. The Upton stereographs show Indian village scenes and portraits. The C. L. Hamilton photographs are mostly full length portraits of Indians who were interned at Fort Randall (DT).

Provenance: Virginia Hughes donated the collection to the State Historical Society of North Dakota in October 1988. The photographs were the property of her grandfather, George William Hill, who was stationed at Fort Sully in 1866, transferred to Fort Totten in 1867, transferred to Fort Rice and finally, in 1870, to the Brule Agency. He left Dakota Territory in February 1871.

Property Rights: The State Historical Society of North Dakota owns the property rights to this collection.

Copyrights: Copyrights to this collection remain with the donor, publisher, author, or author's heirs. Researchers should consult the 1976 Copyright Act, Public Law 94-553, Title 17, U.S. Code or an archivist at this repository if clarification of copyright requirements is needed.

Access: This collection is open under the rules and regulations of the State Historical Society of North Dakota.

Citation: Researchers are requested to cite the collection title, collection number, and the State Historical Society of North Dakota in all footnote and bibliographic references.

Photographs Inventory

00670-01 Stereo view of butte in badlands
00670-02 Stereo view of hill in badlands
00670-03 Eroded butte in badlands
00670-04 Looking toward toadstool in Dakota Badlands. Erosion has created a knob or toadstool on top of harder rock
00670-05 Mound in the Badlands of Dakota
00670-06 Peace Treaty signing with Rees, Gros Ventres, Mandans and Sissetons at Fort Totten (DT)
00670-07 First and Second Chiefs of the Gros Ventres, Peace Treaty signers at Fort Totten (DT)
00670-08 First and Second Chiefs of the Rees at Fort Totten (DT)
00670-09 First and Second Chiefs of the Mandans at Fort Totten (DT)
00670-10 Signers of the Great Peace Treaty between the Rees, Mandans, and Gros Ventres and the Sisseton Sioux at Fort Totten (DT)
00670-11 Two Bears and his chiefs of Yanktonais Indians
00670-12 Dinner Scene Steamboat Ida Reese     
00670-13 Steamboat Ida Reese salon
00670-14 Missouri River steamboat docked
00670-15 Steamboat Evening Star unloading cargo at the shoreline near Yankton (DT)
00670-16 Steamboat Hiram Wood discharging goods at levee at Yankton (DT)
00670-17 Governor Andrew Jackson Faulk's Residence Yankton (DT)
00670-18 Distant view of Yankton (DT)
00670-19 Woman with little girl sitting on rocks at Rocky Point Lake Minnewaukan (DT)
00670-20 Hospital Fort Totten (DT)
00670-21 Man standing in front of Headquarters building Fort Totten (DT)
00670-22 Men standing on porch of Officers Quarters Fort Totten (DT)
00670-23 Headquarters Fort Totten (DT)
00670-24 Making brick Fort Totten (DT)
00670-25 Fort Totten (DT) from distance
00670-26 Totten Bay from Dales Gulch Lake Minnewaukan (DT)
00670-27 Carriage Road to Fort Totten, Minnewaukan (DT) 1870
00670-28 Carriage Road around Lake Minnewaukan (DT)
00670-29 Sulley's Point Lake Minnewaukan (DT)
00670-30 Red River Carts Sioux Indians Fort Totten (ND)
00670-31 Ferry crossing the Red River of the North at Fort Abercrombie (DT)                      
00670-32 Stanley J. Morrow's Photograph Gallery at Fort Abercrombie (DT)
00670-33 Doctor's Quarters Fort Abercrombie (DT)
00670-34 Distant view of Fort Abercrombie (DT)               
00670-35 Officers' Quarters Fort Abercrombie (DT)
00670-36 Men's Quarters Fort Stevenson (DT)
00670-37 Sally port Fort Stevenson (DT)
00670-38 Man standing on porch of officer's quarters at Fort Stevenson
00670-39 Assiniboine Village Fort Buford (DT)
00670-40 Headquarters Fort Buford (DT)
00670-41 Indian village at Fort Berthold (DT) looking northeast
00670-42 Mandan Medicine Lodge Fort Berthold (DT)    
00670-43 View from Bastion looking east Fort Berthold (DT)
00670-44 Interior Fort Berthold (DT) looking northwest
00670-45 Fort Berthold (DT) looking southeast
00670-46 Indian Village Fort Berthold (DT) looking northwest
00670-47 Indian Village Fort Berthold (DT) looking north
00670-48 – 49  Scouts and their Tipis at Fort Rice (DT)
00670-50 Men in front of Fort Rice Company Quarters Buildings
00670-51 Store Houses Fort Rice (DT)
00670-52 Artillery Fort Rice (DT)
00670-53 Officers' Quarters Fort Rice (DT)
00670-54 Graveyard and Officers' Quarters Fort Rice (DT)
00670-55 Scouts and their Tipis at Fort Rice (DT)
00670-56 Corral at Fort Rice (DT)
00670-57 Store House and Hospital, Fort Rice (DT)
00670-58 Trading Store Fort Rice (DT)
00670-59 Artist's Studio Fort Rice (DT)
00670-60 Hospital and Artist Studio Fort Sully (DT)
00670-61 Fort Sully as it appeared while under construction in autumn 1886
00670-62 Fort Thompson
00670-63 Scene on the Missouri River just below Fort Thompson Landing (DT)
00670-64 Indian Dance Fort Thompson
00670-65 Steamboat Ida Reese Store Houses Fort Thompson (DT)
00670-66 Captain Connell's and Doctor Livingston's Quarters Fort Thompson (DT)
00670-67 Grand River Agency (DT)
00670-68 Ravine and Garden at Santee Mission
00670-69 Cheyenne Agency
00670-70 Officers' Quarters Fort Wadsworth (DT)
00670-71 Boat building on the Red River (DT)
00670-72 View of fenced area near Missouri River
00670-73 Kińmkińmich waterfall and rapids
00670-74 Wah-pa-sto-ka, (one who is gentle,) Sioux Belle PaPasluka
00670-75 Wo we na pe and Friends - Ote Dun -White Spider - Pipe Circular Cloud
00670-76 Indian tipis below Cheyenne River       
00670-77 Sisseton women
00670-78 Contrary Man, Wee-Oke-a' studio portrait
00670-79 Wabilen-Sapa studio portrait
00670-80 Two Dogs, Shunk a waka studio portrait
00670-81 Medicine Horse, Shunka wa ka studio portrait
00670-82 Shining Cloud, Meak-pe-za-za studio portrait
00670-83 Black Eagle studio portrait

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