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Photographs - Collections - 351-400 - #00368

Title: Daughters of the American Revolution State Conference of North Dakota              

Dates: ca. 1911-1969

Collection Number:  00368

Quantity: 110 items

Abstract: This collection contains individual and group portraits and pictures of members of North Dakota Chapters of Daughters of the American Revolution.  A large number of postcards of French monuments and ruins during World War I are present, along with photos of destitute families (many of Native American descent) in the 1940’s and military men and buildings.  These were probably causes for which this organization raised funds.  Also included are photos of early Bismarck (DT and ND) and Dryden (NY).

Provenance: The State Historical Society of North Dakota received the Daughters of the American Revolution, State Conference of North Dakota Records (MSS 10152) from the State DAR in 1939, and from Louise Jevne in June, 1985. This collection was separated from MSS 10152.

Property Rights: The State Historical Society of North Dakota owns the property rights to this collection.
Copyrights:  Copyrights to materials in this collection remain with the donor, publisher, author, or author's heirs.  Researchers should consult the 1976 Copyright Act, Public Law 94-553, Title 17, U.S. Code and an archivist at this repository if clarification of copyright requirements is needed.
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While the national Daughters of the American Revolution was organized in 1890, the counterpart on the state level in North Dakota was not established until 1915. Attempts to set up local DAR chapters in North Dakota had come to naught since 1893, apparently due to lack of numbers and organization. Then President-General of the DAR, Mrs. William Story, appointed the wife of North Dakota Congressman George Young to take on responsibility for organizing local chapters as regent for the DAR in the state.

Living in Washington, D.C. made the research and paperwork easier for Regent Young to document the lineage of potential DAR members back in North Dakota. Beginning with her hometown, Valley City, Mrs. Young established the Sakakawea chapter in 1916. Named for the Shoshone "Bird Woman" guide of Lewis and Clark, the Valley City chapter served as a springboard for other chapters.

The Minishoshone or "Smoky Water" chapter of Bismarck began in 1918, followed by the Fort Seward Chapter of Jamestown and the Dacotah chapter of Fargo, both founded in 1919. During the 1920s, the Red River Chapter of Grand Forks (1920), the Mandan (Indian) chapter of Mandan (1921), Sully Hill Chapter of Devils Lake (1922), Carrington Chapter of Carrington (1923), Pierre Verendrye Chapter of Minot (1925), and Quentin Roosevelt Chapter of Williston (1929), were founded. The Bad Lands Chapter of Dickinson was established in 1930. By 1937, chapters in Fingal and Arthur had been set up, too.

The philosophy of the State DAR is, of course, a mirror of the national organization. Basically the DAR calls for the furthering of the ideals which prompted the original patriots to call for independence from Britain. Further, the organization seeks to promote education as a cornerstone of maintaining America's freedom from tyranny. Preservation of the memory of the past is stressed too. Operations such as erecting historic site markers or reconstruction of buildings plays an important part of the DAR program.

Stressing what essentially were values of the late 19th and early 20th Century - the era in which the DAR was founded - the organization has maintained a relatively high profile in community and national affairs. While avowedly non-political, which is to say refraining from endorsements, the DAR has consistently taken a conservative stance on the issues of the day. Highly popular during the World Wars, the group suffered in the wake of the McCarthy era and during the Vietnam War. One prominent member, Mrs. Eleanor Roosevelt, resigned her membership after the DAR refused to allow Black singer Marian Anderson to perform in Constitution Hall, an auditorium owned by the organization. Still, the DAR has survived controversy in the past and has, according to some accounts, enjoyed a revival during the Reagan Presidency.
Like the national organization, the North Dakota will no doubt continue to exist and represent Americans interested in promoting the values of the American Republic as they see them. In so doing, an aspect of North Dakota political thought will live on and assert itself in the future.

Sources: DAR Magazine, 1960s, passim; The Daughters of the American Revolution, State Conference of North Dakota Records scrapbooks (MSS 10152).


0368-001              Lebanon Church, near Amidon (ND), built 1913, additional information with photo
0368-002              Hart Agency, Inc. interior, Bismarck (ND) (postcard)
0368-003              Fort Lincoln Military Post, Bismarck (ND) (postcard)
0368-004              Painting of the Cathedral of the Holy Spirit, Bismarck (ND) (postcard) (painted by K. Spindler, 1946)
0368-005              St. Charles Hotel, Bunk House interior (postcard), Dickinson (ND), ca. 1943
0368-006              Birthplace of John Miller sign, first Governor of North Dakota, inaugurated 1889, Dryden (NY) (Barbara Ben photograph)
0368-007              Dwight Mansion, Dryden (NY), July, 1969 (Barbara Ben photograph)
0368-008              Store built by Jeremiah Dwight in 1852, Dryden (NY), July, 1969 (Barbara Ben photograph)
0368-009              Store built by Jeremiah Dwight in 1852, Dryden (NY), July, 1969 (Barbara Ben photograph)
0368-010              Green Hills Cemetery, Dwight Monument and Miller Mausoleum, July, 1969 (Barbara Ben photograph)
0368-111              North Dakota State Legislature interior (Boyce photography, Bismarck, ND)
0368-112              Military parade, Main Street, Bismarck (ND)
0368-113              Unidentified parade, including group of Native Americans
0368-014              Drawing of Lincoln at Gettysburg (PA) on November 19, 1863 (painting copyright 1941 by Addison T Smith)
0368-015              John Miller portrait
0368-016              J. W. Dwight portrait engraving (engraved by J. K. Campbell, NY)
0368-017              Bruce, Bryan, and Bradley Johnson Christmas card portrait, 1965
0368-018              Vacant number
0368-019              Unidentified man and woman, additional information with photo
0368-020              Unidentified military man leaning out of a metal construction
0368-021              Intersection of Rues des Roches and de Quintefol, Loches, France
0368-022              Postcard from the Jewish Welfare Board of the United States Army and Navy (copyrighted by M. Weiss, 1919)
0368-023              Members of the Master Card Department (postcard), identified: August W. Johnson, Reimer Speer, Chris Petersen, and Brian H. Martin, additional information on back of photo
0368-024              Unidentified apartment building
0368-025              Unidentified man playing ball game
0368-026              Unidentified man and store interior (postcard)
0368-027              Unidentified house and automobiles
0368-028              Woman in bathing suit at beach, France (postcard), ca. 1911
0368-029              Enlisted Men’s Club, Merrit Hall, Camp Merrit (NJ), supervised by Army chaplains (postcard)
0368-030              Enlisted Men’s Club interior, Merrit Hall, Camp Merrit (NJ), supervised by Army chaplains (postcard)
0368-031              Statue of Liberty postcard, printed by Y. M. C. A.
0368-032              Galerie des Batailles [Gallery of Battles] (postcard), Palace of Versailles, France
0368-033              Napoleon I’s bedroom (postcard), Museum [Musee] of Grand Trianon, Versailles, France
0368-034              Grand Trainon Palace exterior (postcard), Versailles, France
0368-035              Law Courts (postcard), Tours, France
0368-036              Castle of King Charles VII (postcard), Mehun-sur-Yevre, near Bourges, France
0368-037              Castle plaza [Place du Palais] (postcard), castle in the background, Mehun-sur-Yevre, near Bourges, France
0368-038              Le Pantheon (postcard), Paris, France
0368-039              Royal Chapel of Dreux [Chapelle royale de Dreux/Chapelle Saint-Louis], Dreux, France (postcard)
0368-040              Grand Palace [Grand Palais des Champs-Elysees], Paris, France (postcard)
0368-041              Bird’s eye view of Nice-Havrais, Sainte-Adresse, France (postcard)
0368-042              Façade of Les Invalides (L’Hotel nationel des Invalides), Paris, France (postcard)
0368-043              Place Royale, Reims, France (postcard)
0368-044-045  Church of Saint Clotilde [L’Eglise Sainte-Clotilde], Reims, France (postcard)
0368-046              Military buildings, Bourges, France (postcard)
0368-047              Regatta Hotel seen from the Palais de la Justice [Law Courts]. Nice-Havrais (postcard)
0368-048              Fairgrounds camp, Hotel du Boeuf Couronne, Noyers-sur-
Cher, Loir-et-Cher, France, ca. 1918 (B. F. photograph, Paris, France) (postcard)
0368-049              Wine cellar, France
0368-050              Panorama of the Grand Tianon Palace, Versailles, France, ca. 1919, signed on the Versailles Peace Table (postcard)
0368-051              Ruined houses destroyed by the Germans in World War I, Villers-Bretonneux, Somme, France, ca. 1918 (postcard)
0368-052              German War prisoners returning from the lines, ruined houses destroyed by the Germans in World War I in background, Villers-Bretonneux, Somme, France, ca. 1918 (postcard)
0368-053              German War prisoners marching on the road, returning from the lines, Villers-Bretonneux, Somme, France, ca. 1918 (postcard)
0368-054              Territorial soldiers repairing a railroad, buildings damaged by the Germans in World War I in background, Villers-Bretonneux, Somme, France, ca. 1918 (postcard)
0368-055              Village of Hébuterne completely destroyed in World War I, Pas-de-Calais, France, ca. 1918 (postcard)    
0368-056              Remains of the village of Puiseux after World War I, Somme, France, ca. 1918 (postcard)
0368-057              Countryside near Puiseux after German bombardments of World War I, with soldier marching on road, Somme, France, ca. 1918 (postcard)
0368-058              Ruins of houses and the Church of Saint Venant after World War I, Saint-Venant, Pas-de-Calais, France, ca. 1918 (postcard)
0338-059              Ground regained by the Allies in World War I after August 25, 1918, Somme, France (postcard)
0368-060              Saint Martin’s Church, Harbonnières, Somme, France, ca. 1918 (postcard)
0368-061              Bombarded houses near Saint Martin’s Church, after World War I, Harbonnières, Somme, France, ca. 1918 (postcard)
0368-062              Ruins of the Church of Saint Croix [L’Eglise Sainte-Croix], after German bombardments in World War I, Caix, Somme, France, ca. 1918 (postcard)
0368-063              Ruins of bombardeded houses, after German bombardments in World War I, Caix, Somme, France, ca. 1918 (postcard)
0368-064              Damaged Church of Saint Pierre [Eglise Saint-Pierre], after German bombardments in World War I, Mailley-Maillet, Somme, France, ca. 1918 (postcard)
0368-065              Street with damaged houses, after German bombardments in World War I, Mailley-Maillet, Somme, France, ca. 1918 (postcard)
0368-066              Destroyed houses, Bouzincourt, Somme, France, ca. 1918 (postcard)
0368-067              German sign near Martinpuich, World War I, Somme, France, ca. 1918 (postcard)
0368-068              Soldiers on horseback riding under a railroad bridge destroyed by the Germans in World War I, near Miraumont, Somme, France, ca. 1918 (postcard)
0368-069              Soldiers and the ruins of the village of Miraumount, Somme, France, ca. 1918 (postcard)
0368-070              Same as 0368-052
0368-071              The Moulin Rouge, Paris, France (postcard)
0368-072              The Panthéon, Paris, France (p0stcard)
0368-073              Porte Saint-Denis, Paris, France (postcard)
0368-074              Church of Saint-Germain-l'Auxerrois, Paris, France (postcard)
0368-075              Palais de Justice, Paris, France (postcard)
0368-076              Pont des Arts [Bridge of Arts] and the Palais du Louvre (Palais des Arts), Paris, France (postcard)
0368-077              Statue monument at the center of the Place de la Republique, Paris, France (postcard)
0368-078              Church of Saint-Étienne-du-Mont, Paris, France (postcard)
0368-079              Medici Fountain [Fontaine Medicis], Jardin du Luxembourg,  Paris, France (postcard)
0368-080              The Pont du Carrousel (Pont des Saints Peres) across the River Seine, Paris, France (postcard)
0368-081              The Petit Palais, Paris, France (postcard)
0368-082              The Old Tracadero Palace, Paris, France (postcard)
0368-083              Same as 0368-081
0368-084              Eighth U.S. Field Artillery Regiment, in review, panorama, after 1916
0368-085              Martin Farmer portrait illustration, Mellin’s Food Boy
0368-086              Soldiers resting in the caves, France
0368-087              Remains of the nave of a destroyed church, Maucour, Somme, France
0368-088              The destroyed remains of the choir chapel of the Verdun Cathedral, Verdun, France, ca. 1916
0368-089              Army dog kennels, France
0368-090              Mass in a village near the battlefront, France, World War I
0368-091              Funeral of a soldier, France, World War I
0368-092              Villa Militare, Fort Buford (ND) (J. E. Pasonault photograph, Williston, ND)
0368-093              Mrs. Bowen, Mrs. Tollefson, Mrs. Nachlwey, and Mrs. Suckerman dressed as colonial women, on a float celebrating the 50th anniversary of Dickinson (ND), 1932
0368-094              Badlands Chapter of DAR dressed as colonial women, Daughters of American Revolution Bi-Centennial, identified: Eva Weinbergen(?), Ethel Bowen, Nell Robinson, Mrs. H. L. French, Leila Woods, Genevieve Reed, and Florence Thorkelson, Washington (D. C.), February 22, 1932
0368-095              Badlands Chapter of DAR dressed as colonial women at tea, Daughters of American Revolution Bi-Centennial, identified: Eva Weinbergen(?), Ethel Bowen, Nell Robinson, Mrs. H. L. French, Leila Woods, Genevieve Reed, and Florence Thorkelson, Washington (D. C.), February 22, 1932
0368-096              Children in Mrs. Currier’s program at the DAF Conference
0368-097              Mrs. Harold Graves, member of the Fort Seward Chapter of NDDAR, presenting the North Dakota flag to an Episcopalian Bishop, additional information on the back of photo, National Cathedral Washington (D. C.), 1935 (Bonde & Sons photograph)
0368-098              Winifred A. Benson portrait, President North Dakota State Chapter of the Philanthropic Educational Organization and Sakakawea Chapter (Valley City, ND)
0368-099              Amy Moors Williams portrait, member of the Sully Hill (Devils Lake, ND) Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution
0368-100              Ella Josephine Clarke, member of the Sully Hill (Devils Lake, ND) Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution
0368-101              Unidentified group of women with American flag
0368-102              Martha Washington Carter, Daughters American Revolution member No. 196449, Warwick ND, April, 1930
0368-103              Elm tree sapling
0368-104              “Washington Elm” tree sapling
0368-105              Ethel Raymond portrait, Daughters American Revolution member, Grand Forks (ND)
0368-106              Amaia Parker Peake (Anne Teall Hollister), member of the Sakakawea (Devils Lake, ND) Chapter of DAR, Los Angeles (CA), December, 1916 (Hartsook photograph, Los Angeles, CA)
0368-107              Meeting of the North Dakota Daughters of the American Revolution, identified: Mrs. Harve Robinson, Mrs. H. L. Lincoln, Mrs. George M. Young, Mrs. George Sartell, Mrs. Joe Cutting, further information with photo, Williston (ND), 1949
0368-108              North Dakota Daughters of American Revolution Delegation, identified: Mrs. Cutting, Hires, Flannery, Meeker, Haskin, Knauf, Shannon, Moore, Smith, Clapp, and Putnam, Valley Forge (VA) April 10, 1941
0368-109              Unknown Horseman, in front of Theodore Roosevelt Cabin, Bismarck (ND)
0368-110              National Society of  the Daughters of the American Revolution ceremony, oversize panorama, attended by Florence Tollefson and her grandson Robert C. Wickum in North Dakota Box, 66th Continental Congress, Washington (DC) April 15-19, 1957 (Schultz photograph, Washington, D.C.)
0368-111              Mrs. William A. Becker portrait, President General of the National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution
0368-112              The Madonna of the Trail Memorial sculpture, with A. Lewis (sculptor) and Mrs. John Trigg Moss, National Chairwoman of the  Society of the  Daughters of the American Revolution

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