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Photographs - Collections - 301-350 - #00344

Title: Bismarck Tribune
Dates: 1952-1960

Collection Number: 00344

Quantity: 166 items

Abstract: Collection of photographic prints and negatives used in Bismarck Tribune including formal wedding photographs, farming photographs, images of Governor Norman and Mrs. Brunsdale, New Temvik Farmers Elevator, children's parade in Wilton (ND), Steamboat painting, Mrs. Jean Houston playing instrument in Moose Jaw Junior Lions Club Band concert, Spencer Boise and Tom Kleppe with tractor, men standing on front of train engine hauling cars, agricultural photographs, Tioga Signal Oil dedication ceremony, Paul Wachter holding revolver and group of men, Tom Kleppe, Spencer Boise, Sr., Cliff Nygaard and Cliff Giest in field with boys driving tractor, Robert Langford, Glenn Jolinke and Bill Kulm presenting savings bonds, Last load on Euclid dump truck at Garrison dam, Boy Scout ceremony at first Presbyterian Church, Bismarck (ND), Mr. and Mrs. H. G. Smith and Mr. and Mrs. Rex Brown attending a Nokota Club event in the Princess Room, Bismarck (ND), C. E. Jorde, Dental Lab leading Dental discussion with Dr. C. D. Stewart, Garrison, Mrs. J. A. Babcock, Jamestown, Dr. B. D. Rowley, Jamestown hospital, Dr. R. E. Pedersen, Beulah, Don Shirley and Willis Bredlow working at Mandan refinery, crane pulling wrecked railroad car off tracks.

Provenance: The collection was donated to the State Historical Society of North Dakota by The Bismarck Tribune on May 7, 1953. Additional negatives were found and added to the collection in June 2015, likely donated to the SHSND by The Bismarck Tribune.

Property Rights: The State Historical Society of North Dakota owns the property rights to this collection.
Copyrights: Copyrights to materials in this collection remain with the donor, publisher, author, or author's heirs.  Researchers should consult the 1976 Copyright Act, Public Law 94-553, Title 17, U.S. Code and an archivist at this repository if clarification of copyright requirements is needed.
Access: This collection is open under the rules and regulations of the State Historical Society of North Dakota.
Citation: Researchers are requested to cite the collection title, collection number, and the State Historical Society of North Dakota in all footnote and bibliographic references.       

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00344-00001 John Joan C. Reichert Norby, Bismarck N.D., May 31, 1959
00344-00002 Mr. and Mrs. Tony A. and Loretta Wetch Bismarck N.D., 1955-1958
00344-00003 Potato pickers N.D., 1955-1958
00344-00004 Speakers at dedication ceremonies, first Oil Well near Tioga N.D., October 25, 1953
00344-00005 Governor C. Norman Brunsdale and Alfred Jacobson at Monument Dedication Ceremonies first oil well near Tioga N.D., October 25, 1953
00344-00006 Governor C. Norman Brunsdale and Lieutenant General Lewis Andrew Pick, Bismarck N.D., 1954
00344-00007 Governor C. Norman Brunsdale and Harold Vavra, North Dakota Aeronautics Commission Director Unidentified, Bismarck N.D., 1950-1955
00344-00008 Governor C. Norman Brunsdale signing paper Bismarck N.D., 1954 Bismarck Tribune photo
00344-00009 Mrs. C. Norman Carrie Brunsdale serving tea to Mrs. Holand, Mrs. Ellis, Mrs. Robertson and Mrs. Van Houten Bismarck N.D., 1950-1955
00344-00010 New Farmers Elevator under construction, Temvik N.D., 1920-1925
00344-00011 Children's bicycle parade, Wilton N.D., 1954
00344-00012 Frank Zahn and cast of They Died With Their Boots On, Burbank (Calif.), 1941, Schuyler Crail, Warner Brothers photo
00344-00013 Chief Leading Eagle Basil O'Connor of March of Dimes receiving headdress, Chief Frank Zahn
00344-00014 Woman holding painting of steamboat on Red River, Fort Abercrombie in background
00344-00015 Miss Jean Houston plays valveless instrument in concert, Moose Jaw Junior Lion's Club band, Bismarck N.D., July 25, 1960
00344-00016 Spencer Boise and Tom Kleppe break ground with John Deere tractor Bismarck N.D., 1954
00344-00017 Scoping out the path for Soo Line train N.D., ca. 1950-1955
00344-00018 Plowing field to prepare for planting N.D., ca. 1950-1955
00344-00019 Abandoned farm buildings N.D., ca.  1950-1955
00344-00020 Plowed fields around farm home N.D., 1961
00344-00021 Signal Oil speaker at dedication ceremonies, first Oil Well near Tioga N.D., October 25, 1953
00344-00022 Paul Wachter holding revolvers with group of men around him, Bismarck N.D., ca. 1950-1955
00344-00023 Tom Kleppe, Spencer Boise, Cliff Nygaard and Cliff Giese stand in front of John Deere tractor, Bismarck N.D., ca. 1954-1955
00344-00024 Presenting Robert Langford, Elected Governor of Boys State, with a $100 savings bond, Bismarck N.D., 1953
00344-00025 Last load on Euclid Dump Truck at Garrison Dam N.D., June 1956, Leo LaLonde photo
00344-00026 Reverend Joseph Bachman, Boy Scout Ceremony, first Presbyterian Church Bismarck N.D., 1953
00344-00027 Mr. and Mrs. H G Smith and Mr. and Mrs. Rex Brown Nakota Club in Princess Room Bismarck N.D., 1954
00344-00028 Dental discussion at dental conference Bismarck N.D., ca. 1950-1955
00344-00029 Don Shirley and Willis Bredlow working at the Standard Oil Refinery Mandan N.D., December 4, 1953
00344-00030 Industrial Brown Hoist Crane lifts refrigerator car off demolished railroad car N.D., ca. 1950-1960
00344-00031 Carla Lind on ladder with sunflower plants, ca. 1950, Leo LaLonde photo
00344-00032 "U.S.A. In Action" by Carl B. Knutson, Dunn Center N.D., ca. 1952
00344-00033 Native Americans in traditional clothing in parade outside Hoskins-Meyer studio, Bismarck N.D., ca. 1955
00344-00034 Unidentified man being inducted into tribe, ca. 1955
00344-00035 John A. Zuger, Roland A. Heringer, Vernon M. Johnson, John T. Traynor, Floyd B. Sperry, Harold W. Bangert, Theo. F. Kessel, Dean O. H. Thormodsgard, Linn Sherman, and Ronald N. Davies seated at table, ca. 1955
00344-00036 Group at naturalization ceremony: Hanna Paula Steckler, Barbara Davidson Westbrook, Erna Ruth Mertz, Sylvia Ilene and Arthur Graham Hewitt, Cecila Burgad, Karley Asplund, Emma Bossart, Percy Joseph Rosen and Leopoldine Kuntz, ca. 1955
00344-00037 Members of the North Dakota Council on Education, including E. C. Blackorby, Hazel Webster Byrnes (State Library Commission), Richard Klein, Russell Greenlee, M. F. Peterson, ca. 1954
00344-00038 H. L. Shults, Magistrate, Mott and R. L. Larson, Justice of the Peace, Regent, ca. 1954
00344-00039 Chris Yegen with two unidentified men, ca. 1955
00344-00040 Representatives H. Bye, C. W. Johnson and others, ca. 1955
00344-00041 Judge A. M. Christianson and three unidentified men with medals at a Boy Scouts ceremony, ca. 1951
00344-00042 North Dakota Oil and Gas Association Annual meeting: W. W. Simpson, James Burhan, Dan Jones, C. P. Dahl, T. N. Jordan, Henry Ralph, R. D. Nielson, William Sloan, and Rex Tarr
00344-00043 Irrigating young trees at the Fort Lincoln Soil Conservation nursery, October 1960
00344-00044 Members of the North Dakota Council on Education, including E. C. Blackorby, Hazel Webster Byrnes (State Library Commission), Richard Klein, Russell Greenlee, M. F. Peterson, ca. 1954
00344-00045 John Zimmerman, Walter Sayler, Ludwig Sailer, Murrey, Mueller, Conmey, S. J. Reinbold, J. M. Glaser at Grand Pacific Hotel, April 19, 1954
00344-00046 Dr. Robert B. Radl, Dr. C. C .Sturgis, Dr. T. E. Harwood and Dr. John Calene, ca. 1955               
00344-00047 Damage to hay stacks, ca. 1954
00344-00048 Group of clergy men, ca. 1955
00344-00049 Unidentified men with C. Norman Brunsdale, ca. 1955
00344-00050-00052 Materials at an oil refinery construction site, ca. 1955
00344-00053 Man standing in a field, ca. 1955
00344-00054-00055 Moving hay bales, ca. 1955
00344-00056 Unidentified Native American men presenting an unidentified man with a pipe, ca. 1955
00344-00057 Five unidentified men, ca. 1955
00344-00058 Two unidentified clergy men, ca. 1955
00344-00059 Sculpture of a man's head, ca. 1955
00344-00060 River Road, Bismarck N.D., ca. 1955
00344-00061 Robert Thomas, Anne Haugard, M. F. Peterson, Mrs. Hazel Webster Byrnes, Wallace Warner, Mrs. Rosamund O'Brien, and unidentified, seated at table, ca. 1955
00344-00062-00065 Republican Organizing Committee (ROC) dinner, February 1955
00344-00066-00073 Republican Unity Meeting, February 1956
00344-00074-00081 Republican Unity move, April 1956
00344-00082 Democratic-NPL campaign, fall 1956
00344-00083-00093 Democratic-NPL convention, including images of John F. Kennedy, April 11, 1958
00344-00094-00104 Democratic-NPL convention, April 31, 1958
00344-00105-00116 Democratic NPL convention, March 25-26, 1960
00344-00117-00142 Republican Party convention, March 29-31, 1960
00344-00143-00166 Democratic NPL convention, April 7-9, 1960

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