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Photographs - Collections - 1-1091 251-300 - #00284

Title: Bismarck Tribune

Dates: ca. 1948-1953

Collection Number: 00284

Quantity: 193 items

Abstract: Collection of images, primarily portraits, used by the Bismarck Tribune in publication. Some images belong to the Associated Press or photography studios and may not be duplicated without their permission.

Provenance: The State Historical Society of North Dakota acquired this collection from the Bismarck Tribune.

Copyrights: Copyrights to this collection remain with the donor, publisher, author, or author's heirs.  Researchers should consult the 1976 Copyright Act, Public Law 94-553, Title 17, U.S. Code or an archivist at this repository if clarification of copyright requirements is needed.   

Access: This collection is open under the rules and regulations of the State Historical Society of North Dakota.

Citation: Researchers are requested to cite the collection title, collection number, and the State Historical Society of North Dakota in all footnote and bibliographic references.

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00284-001            Mrs. Clell S. Rambough, Braddock N.D.
00284-002            Mrs. H. A. Belcher, Fessenden N.D.
00284-003            Mrs. Margaret Westley, Cooperstown N.D.
00284-004            Lois Unke, Cavalier N.D.
00284-005            Dr. Anne Carlsen, Jamestown N.D.
00284-006            Dr. Lillian J. Wood, Minot N.D.
00284-007            Mrs. A. M. Wold, Devils Lake N.D.
00284-008            Mrs. Violet Pendleton, Bismarck N.D.
00284-009            Mrs. Harry J. Wienbergen, Dickinson N.D. State Regent, National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution
00284-010            Frances Neville, Grand Forks N.D.. Photographer: Cooper Studio, Grand Forks N.D.
00284-011            Lucy Beyers, Buchanan N.D., Junior Vice President of Daughters of Union Veterans
00284-012            Gertrude Voldal, Dickinson N.D.
00284-013            Irene (Mrs. Willard) Rasmussen, Mandan N.D., Social Worker, State Training School. Photographer: Cooper Studio, Grand Forks N.D.
00284-014            Mrs. Winifred Stockman, Fargo N.D.
00284-015            Mrs. L. R. Maust, Cando N.D.
00284-016            Viola Bohn, Bismarck N.D.
00284-017            Mrs. O. A. Stevens, Fargo N.D.
00284-018            Mrs. Ethel T. Cowan, Fargo N.D., President of the North Dakota Federation of Business and Professional Women
00284-019            Mrs. O. S. Johnson, Jamestown N.D.
00284-020            Mrs. Gilman S. Wang, Cartwright N.D.
00284-021            Dr. E. Waidt Evenson, Williston N.D.
00284-022            Mrs. Edward Dorr Tucker, Valley City N.D. Photographer: Lee-Evanson Studio, Grand Forks N.D.
00284-023            Mrs. P. I. Dahlen, Williston N.D.
00284-024            Mrs. Richard Beck, Grand Forks N.D. Photographer: Lee-Evanson Studio, Grand Forks N.D.
00284-025            Mrs. Thomas Whelan 1951          
00284-026            Mrs. A. Ross Fillebrown, Fargo N.D.
00284-027            Vernice Aldrich, Grand Forks N.D. Photographer: Lee Studio, Grand Forks N.D.
00284-028            Clarisse Clementson, Fargo N.D.
00284-029            Mrs. W. S. Shaw, Fargo N.D. President of North Dakota Federation of Music Clubs 1952
00284-030            Mrs. Olive Zinck, President of VFW Auxiliary
00284-031            Mrs. Tom Bentley Throckmorton, Abigail Adams Chapter of DAR, Des Moines (IA)
00284-032            unidentified woman. Photographer: Risem, Bismarck N.D.
00284-033            Mrs. O. W. Fode, Jamestown N.D.
00284-034            Mrs. E. L. Hubbard, Mohall N.D. President NDFWC 1950
00284-035            Mrs. Ruth B. Hergberg, Valley City N.D. Democratic candidate for Secretary of State
00284-036            Edward C. Blackorby
00284-037            Henry W. Anderberg, candidate for Commissioner of Insurance
00284-038            Albert  Jacobsen, State Treasurer, Bismarck N.D.
00284-039            Paul Zeigler, Minot N.D.
00284-040            Jerry Dunn, Commander of Cecil Tracy VFW Post #760   
00284-041            Henry Anderberg, Democratic candidate for Commissioner of Insurance           
00284-042            Frank Albers, Bismarck N.D. 1940. Photographer: Mason Owens Studio, Bismarck N.D.
00284-043            E. H. Brant. Photographer: McFarland Studio, Bismarck N.D.
00284-044            C. W. McDonnell, Public Service Commissioner
00284-045            Dave Holt
00284-046            Roy L. Swenson, Dickinson N.D., President of North Dakota Education Association
00284-047            Ken Hysing, Williston N.D.
00284-049            M. McCrea, Valley City N.D.
00284-050            Wesley G. Keller, Minot N.D., Vice President of Truax-Traer Coal Co.
00284-051            Bill Mills, Bismarck N.D. Photographer: Mason Owens Studio, Bismarck N.D.
00284-052            Ernest D. Nelson             
00284-053            J. G. Halbeisen, Fargo N.D.
00284-054            C. S. Summers, Bowbells N.D.
00284-055            J. A. Schoonover, Jamestown N.D.
00284-056            C. G. Byerly, Mandan N.D.
00284-057            James H. Cadoo, President Dakota Moose Association                  
00284-058            V. E. Fenelon, Executive Director North Dakota Beverage Dealers Association. Photographer: Campbell’s Studio
00284-059            Victor F. Fisher, Cavalier N.D. Photographer: Cooper Studio, Grand Forks N.D.
00284-060            F. A. Foley, Rolla N.D.
00284-061            Theodore E. George, Jamestown N.D., State Vice President BPO Elks
00284-062            F. H. Gilliland, Superintendent of Schools, Devils Lake N.D.
00284-063            Arne A. Gregor, Leeds N.D.
00284-064            Ulric M. Gwynn, Jr., Minot N.D.
00284-065            Fred G. Hagen, Fargo N.D.
00284-066            J. O. Jacobs, New England N.D.
00284-067            Dr. Fred A. Maides, Grand Forks N.D.
00284-068            Alfred J. Jensen, Bismarck N.D. Photographer: Campbell’s Studio, Bismarck N.D.
00284-069            Charles Tighe, President of North Dakota Young Democrats. Photographer: Lenertz Studio, Grand Forks N.D.                      
00284-070            Virgil L. Weiser 
00284-071            Robert Peskey, Grand Forks N.D.
00284-072            Dr. Samuel S. George, Jamestown N.D.
00284-073            Bart Sogaard, Minot N.D.
00284-074            R. C. Newcomer, Photographer: Lee Mohr, Mandan N.D.
00284-075            Harry R. Arneson, Fargo N.D.
00284-076            Rev. Thomas A. Simpson, Minot N.D. Photographer: Victor C. Erickson, Minot Daily News
00284-077            Leland Brand, Taylor N.D.
00284-078            Harry Wray, Devils Lake N.D.
00284-079            C. E. Jorde, Mandan N.D. Grand Chapter de Gare du ND 40 et 8
00284-080            Rev. E. A. Grefthen, Taylor N.D.
00284-081            Dan Baillie, Rugby N.D., President of North Dakota Pharmacy Association 1949-1950
00284-082            Dr. J. O. Foss, Minot N.D.
00284-083            J. H. Pass, Devils Lake N.D., State Deputy Knights of Columbus
00284-084            Norman B. Jensen, Rugby N.D., Candidate for Public Service Commission
00284-085            Elmo R. Olson, Finley N.D.
00284-086            Truman E. Risbrudt, Jamestown N.D.
00284-087            Dr. H. H. Pfister, Wahpeton N.D.
00284-088            A. B. Strong
00284-089            Alan Adams. Photographer: Cooper Studio, Grand Forks N.D.
00284-090            Willard C. Rasmussen, Mandan N.D., Psychologist, State Training School
00284-091            H. C. Helle, Fargo N.D., Grand Master IOOF
00284-092            Sol Kampf
00284-093            Walter H. Paul, Stanley N.D.
00284-094            Dr. C. P. Lura, Mayville N.D.
00284-095            John Korsmo, Fargo N.D.
00284-096            Judson Tracy, Carrington N.D.
00284-097            Earnie Schmit, Beach N.D.
00284-098            Ernst Paul, Bismarck N.D.
00284-099            Dr. Ralph E. Dunbar, Fargo N.D.
00284-100            H. H. Joos, Jamestown N.D.
00284-101            A. T. Zimmerman, Beulah N.D.
00284-102            W. H. Wilson, Mandan N.D.
00284-103            Earl N. Shearer, Minot N.D.
00284-104            Dr. H. K. Walth, Wishek N.D.
00284-105            David F. Cordner, Postmaster, Bismarck N.D.
00284-106            B. F. Steven, Devils Lake N.D.
00284-107            R. M. Miller, Beach N.D.
00284-108            Berkley D. Halstead. Photographer: Molli Anderson
00284-109            A. T. Larson
00284-110            Robert M. Lord, Cando N.D.
00284-111            H. J. Snortland, Bismarck N.D.
00284-112            Clarence Kron, Kenmare N.D.
00284-113            Paul A. Miller, Minot N.D.
00284-114            Ray Hill, Chief of Police, Grand Forks N.D. Photographer Cooper Studio, Grand Forks N.D.
00284-115            Garfield B. Nordrum. Photographer: Mason Owens Studio, Bismarck N.D.
00284-116            Claude Bazal, Dickinson N.D., State Deputy
00284-117            Dr. Ellsworth Schuck, Jamestown N.D.
00284-118            Phil Hoghaug, Devils Lake N.D. 1949
00284-119            C. P. Medley, Fargo N.D. 1949
00284-120            Dr. G. Wilson Hunter, Fargo Clinic, Fargo N.D. 1949
00284-121            C. D. Locklin, Grand Forks N.D. Photographer Cooper Studio, Grand Forks N.D.
00284-122            Lyle E. Huseby, Fargo N.D.
00284-123            William Micklin, Grand Forks N.D. Photographer: Cooper Studio, Grand Forks N.D.
00284-124            Donald W. Westbee. Photographer: Cooper Studio, Grand Forks N.D. 1951
00284-125            John E. Howard, Grand Forks N.D. Photographer: Lee-Evanson Studio, Grand Forks N.D.
00284-126            Orlando K. Scherling, Fargo N.D. Photographer: Scherling, Fargo-Moorhead
00284-127            Obed A. Wyum, Rutland N.D.
00284-128            W. H. Stutsman, Mandan N.D. 1949
00284-129            Fred C. Mullen, Grand Forks N.D. Photographer: Lee-Evanson Studio, Grand Forks N.D.
00284-130            O. M. Johnson, Bismarck N.D.
00284-131            Harold W. Bangert, Fargo N.D.
00284-132            Curtis Olson, Mayor of Valley City N.D. Photographer: Kent Studio, Valley City N.D.
00284-133            Arthur C. Ulseth, Grand Forks N.D. Photographer: Lee-Evanson Studio, Grand Forks N.D.
00284-134            M. M. Oppegard, Grand Forks N.D.
00284-135            Oscar Seilstad, Conway N.D.
00284-136            Wallace E. Warner, Bismarck N.D. Photographer: Grand Forks Herald
00284-137            Ervin Schumacher
00284-138            Leroy Pease
00284-139            Dr. R. L. Bork, D.D.S., Bismarck N.D.
00284-140            Oscar Lunseth, Grand Forks N.D. Photographer: Lee-Evanson Studio, Grand Forks N.D.
00284-141            Harry O'Brien, Park River N.D., U.S. Senate candidate
00284-142            George Longmire, Grand Forks N.D. Photographer: Lee-Evanson Studio, Grand Forks N.D.
00284-143            Ervin Schumacher, Drayton N.D. Nonpartisan League Candidate for Governor 1948. Photographer: Russ Rohde, Grand Forks Herald
00284-144            Gordon Peterson, Associated Press reporter
00284-145            Burr Cline, manager of Jamestown theaters, former president of Jamestown Shrine Clowns, former mayoral candidate
00284-146            George A. Soule, Fargo N.D. 1948
00284-147            Pulschlen                            
00284-148            T. H. H. Thoresen. Photographer: Lee-Evanson Studio, Grand Forks N.D.
00284-149            Harry O'Brien, State Senate, Walsh County
00284-150            Reverend Joyal L. Tallalson, Head of Lutheran Church. Photographer: Cooper Studio, Grand Forks N.D. 
00284-151            V. J. Christensen, Watford City N.D. 1951. Photographer: Osborn’s Studio, Dickinson N.D.
00284-152            Glen C. Hulett, Grand Master of North Dakota A. F. and A. M.    
00284-153            Dr. C. B. Bjornson, Assistant State Veterinarian, 1951. Photographer: Lee Mohr, Mandan N.D.
00284-154            Truman C. Wold                               
00284-155            C. A. Trullinger, Carrington N.D.
00284-156            Frank J. Barth, Dickinson N.D.
00284-157            Dr. A. D. Ottinger, Chiropractor, Valley City N.D.
00284-158            Edgar A. Berg, Grand Forks N.D. Photographer: Lee-Evanson Studio, Grand Forks N.D.
00284-159            Albert  F. Dawson, Devils Lake N.D.
00284-160            Deane Wiley, Williston N.D., Williston Chamber of Commerce
00284-161            A. R. Weinhandl                               
00284-162            Thomas C. Scott, Minot N.D.
00284-163            Peter Aafedt, Grafton N.D., Sheriff of Walsh County
00284-164            Colin Stewart, Gilby N.D.
00284-165            Richard V. Boulger                          
00284-166            McCrory,                            
00284-167            Dr. James Buckley, Fergus Falls (MN)
00284-168            Dr. John B. McHugh, Minot N.D.
00284-169            Charles G. Burke, Fargo N.D.
00284-170            Joe S. Fevold,   
00284-171            High School Golf Camp Runner-ups: Leon Power, Minot; Junior Chamber of Commerce Bill Breding, Jerry Mueller, Bismarck; and Bob Hanson, Lisbon N.D. 1953
00284-172            Sheep herder on horse with dog near Marmarth N.D. Photographer: Leo D. Harris
00284-173            Sugar beet field near Park River N.D. Photographer: Leo D. Harris
00284-174            Cattle
00284-175            Marquis de Mores packing plant chimney, Medora N.D. Photographer: Russell Reid
00284-176            Elmer E. Cecil, Williston N.D. 1952, Grand Chef de Gare 40 et 8. Photographer: Artice Studio, Williston N.D.
00284-177            Helen and Ivan Sprouse, Ellendale N.D.
00284-178            Beef Cattle being loaded into rail cars for shipment to the eastern markets, Killdeer N.D. Photographer: Leo D. Harris
00284-179            Clarence Iverson test well #1, Tioga N.D. erected starting August 4, 1950. Photographer: Williston Herald
00284-180            Pat Milloy, Wahpeton N.D., Vice President North Dakota Junior Chamber of Commerce
00284-181            Cyril Frederick, Grand Forks N.D.
00284-182            Irrigated potato field near Watford City N.D. Photographer: Leo D. Harris
00284-183 – 184 Wide Overshot Wheel saws cordwood, grinds feed, or whirls around a generator. Photographer: L. D. Harris, Killdeer N.D.
00284-185            A. D. “Blackie” Davidson, drilling superintendent and R. C. Watts, drilling foreman at the Amerada Petroleum Co. oil well south of Tioga N.D. 1950
00284-186            Roy G. Fuller, production superintendent of Amerada Petroleum Co. at the Tioga well site 1950
00284-187            Killdeer Mountains- Signal Rock, Killdeer N.D. Photographer: Leo D. Harris, Killdeer N.D.
00284-188            Killdeer Mountains- the Passage to Signal Rock, Killdeer N.D. Photographer: Leo D. Harris, Killdeer N.D.
00284-189            Medicine Hole in Killdeer Mountains 2200 feet above sea level. Photographer: Leo D. Harris, Killdeer N.D.
00284-190 – 193 Rabbit Hunt. Photographer: Leo D. Harris, Killdeer N.D.

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