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Photographs - Collections - 1-1091 251-300 - #00277

Title: Leona Lamb

Dates: 1917-1933

Collection Number: 00277

Quantity: 207 items

Abstract: Images from a photo album of Leona Lamb who was a student and nurse at Bismarck Hospital (now Sanford). Subjects include World War I, Turtle Lake and Bismarck Hospital and nurses.

Provenance: The State Historical Society of North Dakota acquired this collection from Patricia Hobert, great niece of Leona Lamb, in December 1986.

Property Rights: The State Historical Society of North Dakota owns the property rights to this collection.

Copyrights: Copyrights to this collection remain with the donor, publisher, author, or author's heirs.  Researchers should consult the 1976 Copyright Act, Public Law 94-553, Title 17, U.S. Code or an archivist at this repository if clarification of copyright requirements is needed.

Access: This collection is open under the rules and regulations of the State Historical Society of North Dakota.

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Biographical Sketch

Leona Lucille Lamb was born June 26, 1896 in Iowa to Massena M. and Hulda Lamb. Her siblings were Ola, Ruth and Willard. The family moved to Lake Williams, just outside of Turtle Lake (ND) in McLean County between 1910 and 1920. Lucille attended nursing school and later was a registered nurse at Bismarck Hospital. She died at age 86 on April 19, 1983 in Portland (OR).


00277-001            Pansy Etling
00277-002            Cora Suckow 1922           
00277-003            Grace Cook 1922             
00277-004            Lillian Bangert 1922         
00277-005            Marie Skeem 1922          
00277-006            Edna Renfrow 1922        
00277-007            Minnie Renfrow Anderson                         
00277-008            Blanche Renfrow
00277-009            Margaret Tellman                           
00277-010            Minnie  Wick     
00277-011            Mabel Michall   
00277-012            Theodosia Fitch 1924     
00277-013            Miriam Keidel    1924      
00277-014            Alma Klusman                  
00277-015            Pansy Etling                       
00277-016            Marie Overmoen                            
00277-017            Sophie Knauss                  
00277-018            Ruth Anderson Rosenow 1922  
00277-019            Charlotte Coit                   
00277-020            Edna Stillman
00277-021            Emma Bruns 1922
00277-021-1        Edith Jenkins
00277-022            Mani Trapp                        
00277-023            Ella Doeling                        
00277-025            Lucille Roehm                   
00277-026            Catherine MacDonald                   
00277-027            Lillian Bangert, Nettie Fillmore and Pansy Etling 1922
00277-028            Picnic at Colwell’s Corner
00277-029            Picnic at Colwell’s Corner
00277-030            Picnic at Colwell’s Corner
00277-031            Leona Lamb, Dr. and Mrs. Brandt, Nellie Reeshagen, and Minnie Wick
00277-032            Nellie Reeshagen, Minnie Wick, and Dr. and Mrs. Brandt
00277-033            Billy Waldschmidt
00277-034            Billy and Audrey Waldschmidt
00277-035            Billy and Dr. Waldschmidt
00277-036            Dr. Robinson and sons
00277-038            Leona Lamb
00277-039            Marcus and Dorothy Windum September 19, 1920
00277-040            Rose Lee and Leona Lamb                           
00277-041            Leona Lamb and Rose Lee                           
00277-042            Rosalie Pabst                    
00277-043            Gina, Reinhold, and Leland Lierboe
00277-044            Nellie Reeshagen 1924 
00277-045            Arnold Remmen                              
00277-046            Curt Dirlam
00277-047            Dorothy and Marcus Windum, Turtle Lake (ND)
00277-048            Catherine Sperry, Mason City (IA)
00277-049            Mary Jane Sperry in cap and gown                          
00277-050            Selma Pfefferkorn 1923               
00277-051            Pansy Etling, Dr. Waldschmidt, Bloedau
00277-052            Mr. Omett 1922
00277-053            Bismarck Hospital ambulance 1922          
00277-054-82     Bismarck Hospital Operating Room Nurses 1922
00277-059            Lillian Bangert                   
00277-062            Leona Lamb, and Clara Handy
00277-063            Leona Lamb, Lillian Bangert, Nora Kamevig, Maybelle Wise, and Edna Stillman
00277-064            Edna Stillman, Maybelle Wise, Rosalie Pabst, Nora Kamevig, Lillian Bangert and Leona Lamb                        
00277-065            Minnie  Wick, Leona Lamb, Marie Overmoen, Sophie Knauss, Theodosia Fitch, and Tilton
00277-066            Nora Kamevig, Edna Stillma, Maybelle Wise, Leona Lamb, and Lillian Bangert      
00277-068            Rosalie Pabst                    
00277-069            Nora Kansvag and Nellie Reeshagen
00277-070            Leona Lamb and Hildegard Bauer                             
00277-071            Pat Balzer
00277-072            Rosalie Pabst
00277-073            Marie Skeem, Wilbur 1922          
00277-075            Pat Balzer and Theodosia Fitch
00277-076            Edith Jenkins 1922
00277-077            Nurses Class Picnic 1923
00277-078            Bismarck Hospital nurses 1922
00277-079            Pansy Etling                       
00277-080            Pansy Etling                       
00277-081            Pansy Etling and Edith Jenkins
00277-082            Junior – Senior Party 1933           
00277-083            Charlotte Logan and Dorothy Birdzell                     
00277-084            Leona Lamb and Liz Johns
00277-085            Lillian Bangert 1924         
00277-087            Alice Leuck and Ella Doeling
00277-088            Martha and Madge Haas
00277-089            Mildred Kitchen, Leona Lamb, and Charlotte Logan
00277-090            Harry Smith
00277-091            Irma Logan, Grace Cook, and Leona Lamb, Char Logan at Old Fort Lincoln Park
00277-092            Clara, Lena, Mr. L., Effie
00277-093            Leona Lamb and Mother getting dinner July 4, 1918
00277-094            Effie and Leona Layed Out
00277-095            Picnic 1918
00277-096            Aneta Stevens
00277-097            Rip-rap on Missouri River: Nettie Fillmore, Nellie Reeshagen, Clara Hanley, and Lillian Bangert
00277-098            Ruth and Fred Hazie
00277-099            Lydia Neumeyer and Hilda Gustafson
00277-100            Reid Smith
00277-101            Margaret LaValla at Fort Lincoln
00277-102            Leona Lamb and Char Logan at Fort Lincoln State Park 1923         
00277-103            Char Logan and Margaret LaValla                             
00277-104            France in 1918
00277-105            Mary, Gina, Ebby, Leona, and Thelma
00277-106            Fred Hazie                          
00277-107            George Roessler
00277-109            Rotary snow plow on railroad near Turtle Lake                  
00277-110            Velva (ND)
00277-111            Velva (ND)
00277-112            Leona Lamb on bridge, Velva (ND)          
00277-113            Leona Lamb on bridge, Velva (ND)          
00277-114            Chautauqua Circus, Turtle Lake (ND)                      
00277-114            Turtle Lake (ND) July 4  
00277-115            Turtle Lake (ND) July 4                  
00277-116            Turtle Lake High School
00277-117            Service flag in Turtle Lake (ND)
00277-118            Street scene, Bismarck (ND) 1922            
00277-119            Evangelical Church, Bismarck (ND)
00277-120            Old State Capitol, Bismarck (ND)
00277-121            New Chase Hotel, Walker (MN)
00277-122            Red Cross Nurses                            
00277-123            Leona and Billy Herred on railroad tracks
00277-124            Leona, Lena, Billy Herred, Clara, Bertha Ham and Thelma on train steps
00277-125            Billy Herred and Bertha Ham
00277-126            National Guard drilling 1917       
00277-127            Richard Barnes 
00277-128            Ruth and Richard Barnes                              
00277-129            Orrin Lee, sailor               
00277-131            Valentine Swan               
00277-132            Hank in France
00277-132            Hank in France World War I                        
00277-133            Hank in France World War I                        
00277-134            Hank in France World War I                        
00277-135            Hank in France World War I                        
00277-136            Henry Waleker World War I                        
00277-137            World War I 1918
00277-138            Pansy Etling and Edith Jenkins
00277-139            Blaedau, Pansy Etling and Edith Jenkins
00277-140            Pat Balzer, Lil, Edith Jenkins
00277-141            Julius and Arnold
00277-142            Marie Overmoen, Edith Jenkins and Pansy Etling
00277-143            Leona Lamb and Thelma Remmen
00277-145            Madge and Thelma Remmen
00277-146            Thelma Remmen and Lena Kautt
00277-147            Group at Turtle Lake (ND)
00277-151            Fred Hazie and Charlotte Cait
00277-152            Selma Pfefferkorn, Lil, Leona and Nellie Jenkins
00277-153            Madge, Leona and Martha Lamb
00277-154            Paula, Mrs. Bremer and Alice
00277-155            Nellie Reesehagen
00277-156            Maggie, Bertha, Ebby, Leona, Ruth, Bertha and Joyce
00277-157            Leona, Irma Logan, Hana and Grace Cook at Old Fort Lincoln Park
00277-158            Grace Cook, Char Logan, Margaret LaValla and Leona at Old Fort Lincoln Park
00277-159            Grace Cook, Irma Logan, Marg LaValla and Leona at Old Fort Lincoln Park
00277-161            Dorothy Birdzell, Liz Johns and Char Coit
00277-162            Elizabeth Johns
00277-163            Leona, Lena, Ebby, Thelma and Gina
00277-165            Willard, Leona, Clara, Julius and Elmer
00277-166            Lil, Oscar, Leona on Missouri River rip-rap
00277-168            Anna, Leona, Marie and Marg
00277-169            Class Picnic 1923
00277-170            Class Picnic 1923
00277-171            Nurses’ Class Picnic 1923
00277-172            Brush Lake (ND)
00277-173            Cait, Stilly, Kam
00277-174            Elmer, Leona, Lena, Julius, Clara, Berthold (ND)
00277-175            Effie
00277-176            Group on Missouri River bluffs
00277-177            Mrs. Stopple fishing at the river
00277-180            Mrs. Ebbinghausen, Lena Kautt, Gina Lierboe and Thelma Remmen
00277-184            Nursing Class ca. 1922
00277-185            Margaret and Marie Anderson
00277-188            Leona Lamb and Nell
00277-189            Louise V. and Leona
00277-193            Bruns women
00277-194            Bruns family
00277-195            Em and Mrs. Bruns
00277-196            Martha Lynch, Mrs. Stopple and Alice Stopple
00277-197            Dad, Joe and Martha Lynch
00277-198            Chester Stopple and Delia Olson
00277-200            Leona Lamb, Mrs. Brandt, Nellie Reeshagen, and Minnie Wick
00277-201            Mrs. Richmond, Leona Lamb, Mrs. Baret, Char
00277-203            Margaret, Leona Lamb, Marie Anderson
00277-204            Nellie Jenkins, Lamb, Rath, Pfefferkorn
00277-205            Nora Kansvag
00277-206            Maybelle Wise

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