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Photographs - Collections - 251-300 - #00270

Title: Frances Densmore

Dates: 1900-1915

Collection Number: 00270

Quantity: 177 images and one photo album

Abstract: These photographs were taken by Frances Densmore on the Fort Berthold Reservation in 1912 and 1915 during a study of Mandan and Hidatsa music.

Provenance: Frances Densmore presented this collection to the State Historical Society of North Dakota on March 30, 1950.

Copyrights: Copyrights to this collection remain with the donor, publisher, author, or author's heirs. Researchers should consult the 1976 Copyright Act, Public Law 94-553, Title 17, U.S. Code or an archivist at this repository if clarification of copyright requirements is needed.

: This collection is open under the rules and regulations of the State Historical Society of North Dakota.

Researchers are requested to cite the collection title, collection number, and the State Historical Society of North Dakota in all footnote and bibliographic references.

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10335 Frances Densmore Papers, ca. 1912-1918
Notes, music manuscripts, indexes, and inventories of wax cylinder recordings of Arikara, Hidatsa, and Mandan songs and legends recorded by Densmore and Orin G. Libby at the Fort Berthold Indian Reservation. (.25ft)


1 group of men on horseback, standing and seated
2 three women seated outside a house while a man looks out a window
3 Harness Shop Washburn (ND)
4 group of women in hats around a large tree stump
5 view of Fort Berthold
6 two men seated outside tarpaper shanty
7 man and young girl outside wood frame house
8 Steamboat Expansion
9 Skiing Cross County in a snowstorm    
10 Train derailment McKenzie (ND)                        
11 Train derailment McKenzie (ND)        
12 Train derailment McKenzie (ND)                        
13 Train derailment McKenzie (ND)
14 Successful duck hunt                                               
15 Binders with tractors                               
16 Plowing with a "Hackney" Tractor                                      
17 Pulling binders with a "Hackney" Tractor                                                         
18 Steam tractor pulling plow                                                    
19 Steam tractor pulling plow                                                    
20 Plowing with Reeves steam tractor two men on board
21 Plowing with Reeves steam tractor two men on board
22 Automobile in front of house                                              
23 Farm                                                               
24 B. F. Scovil General Merchandise farm store                                 
25 Cow pulling Buggy                                     
26 Jim Spitzer's Sod House at Rice Lake (ND)       
27 Dipping cattle & horses                                           
28 Horse and cattle dip chute                                    
29 Dipping Cattle                                                             
30 Dipping horses                                                           
31 Horses in horse parade McKenzie (ND)           
32 Horses in horse parade McKenzie (ND)           
33 Automobile parade McKenzie (ND)  
34 Parade beside Northern Pacific Railroad Depot looking Southwest Bismarck (ND)
35 Kupitz Building
36 Birds eye view of McKenzie (ND)                       
38 Overview of Mandan (ND) towards Morton County Courthouse on hill in background 1900
39 Cattle scene, man riding horse                                            
40 Bears Teeth on horse (Arikara)           
41 Fannie Perkins (Arikara)         
42 Mr. & Mrs. White Bear (Arikara)         
43 Mr. & Mrs. Strikes Enemy (Arikara)   
44 Thad Mason and Chippewa   Group
45 Mr. & Mrs. Whistler (Assiniboine- Hidatsa) Shell Creek            
46 Drags Wolf; front: Mrs. And Mrs. Spotted Tail and child           
46 Mr. & Mrs. Spotted Tail & child            
47 Blue Bird & Family (Hidatsa) Elbowoods (ND)
48 Mr. & Mrs. Birds Bill   Hidatsa; Shell Creek       
49 Lodge of Kidney (Hidatsa)             
50 Mr. (Nah-pi-tsi-wa-ru-ta) (1854-23 July 1941) and Mrs. (Otter That Shows) (Hidatsa; Shell Creek) Foolish Bear. Foolish Bear is wearing a quilled buckskin shirt and his leggings are made of trade wool in a pattern favored by the Crow. Otter That Shows dress is of trade cloth with silk ribbon decoration. Her earrings are of dentalia shells and her breastplate is of cow bone and beads
51 Mrs. (Otter That Shows) Foolish Bear and Mrs. Lucy Baker (Hidatsa, from Shell Creek) sewing quills. Otter That Shows taught Naomi quill work
52 Goes Everywhere and Owl Comes Out; Hidatsa          
53 Goes Everywhere & wife; (son of Crow Flies High) Hidatsa     
54 Crow Flies High (Hidatsa) and Goes Everywhere Portrait
55 Mr. & Mrs. White Face (Hidatsa) Elbowoods (ND)      
56 Children of George & Lucy Bull Eye    
57 Mr. & Mrs. Long Bear and family (Hidatsa; Shell Creek)            
58 Strikes Enemy & family           
59 Mrs. Harry Livings (Shell Creek) and Nora Smith (Hidatsa)
60 David Brave and Nora Smith (Hidatsa)
61 Plenty Horn (Hidatsa; Shell Creek)
62 George Parshall (Hidatsa; Shell Creek)             
63 Ole Bull (Mandan) and Walks (Hidatsa)            
64 Black Hawk, Chief (Hidatsa; Shell Creek) Black Fox & son the Star (Hidatsa; Shell Creek)
65 Conrad Smith & family (Hidatsa; Shell Creek)
66 Drags Wolf (Hidatsa; Shell Creek)
67 Smells (Hidatsa; Shell Creek)
68 Mr. & Mrs. Smells
69 Skunk (Hidatsa; Shell Creek)
70 William Grady, Harry Livings, Medicine Crow, Rufus Red Feather (Hidatsa)
71 Mrs. Birds Bill scraping a hide (Hidatsa; Shell Creek)   
72 Drying meat at Fort Berthold Reservation
73 Ice Harvesting by Shell Creek Indian                                                 
74 Bull Boat; Hidatsa at Shell Creek.                        
75 Bull Boat at Shell Creek           
75 Snow sledding at Shell Creek                                                               
76 Issue House at Shell Creek.                                                   
77 Ready for Issue, Shell Creek 1900
78 Shell Creek Indians waiting for issue 1900       
81 Hidatsa Singers at Shell Creek 1913
82 Hidatsa Dance at Shell Creek 1913
83 Hidatsa Dance at Shell Creek 1913
85 Sweat of Long Bear (Hidatsa; Shell Creek)      
86 Children of Drags Wolf (Hidatsa- Shell Creek)               
87 Indian's herd of cattle; Shell Creek    
88 Earth Lodge                                                 
89 Shell Creek School - Collection: Hoffman
90 Pyramid Butte                                            
99 Frances Densmore recording on a Victrola on Fort Berthold Indian Reservation (ND). Two people seated on chairs talking or singing into a cone shaped object used for recording sounds 1910-1915
100 Frances Densmore recording on a Victrola on Fort Berthold Indian Reservation (ND). Two people seated on chairs talking or singing into a cone shaped object used for recording sounds 1910-1915
101 Earth Lodge                                                               
102 Earth Lodge                                               
103 Earth Lodge                                                               
104 Earth Lodge                                                               
105 Earth Lodge                                               
106 Chippewa Cradle Board                        
107 Sioux fleshing a Hide                                                             
108 Sioux fleshing a Hide                                             
109 Sioux fleshing a Hide                                                             
110 Sioux fleshing a Hide                                             
111 Taking up stakes around the hide                                                    
112 Woman with shawl on manner of blanket   
113 Woman with shawl dropped from shoulder, preparing to work on the hide
114 Woman sharpening blade of implement for removing hair from hide             
115 Turtle Mountain Chippewa woman making a wooden bowl, showing tool
116 Chippewa showing how this bowl was used as a scoop for removing snow around door of tipi. Turtle Mountains (ND)                               
117 Sioux gathering at Bull Head (SD)      1913      
118 Sioux gathering at Bull Head (SD)      1913      
119 Women Sioux gathering at Bull Head (SD)     1913      
120 Indians gathering Bullhead (SD) 1913                             
121 Indians gathering Bullhead (SD) 1913
122 Sioux gathering at Bull Head (SD)                     
123 Charles L. Hall helping Densmore unload boat            
124 Charles L. Hall helping Densmore unload boat            
125 Charles L. Hall helping Densmore unload boat            
126 Charles L. Hall helping Densmore unload boat            
127 Charles L. Hall helping Densmore unload boat            
128 Charles L. Hall helping Densmore put up the tent
129 Charles L. Hall helping Densmore put up the tent                                     
137 Crows Heart’s mother cooking corn
138 Crows Heart’s mother cooking corn
139 Hide preparation - Woman removing hair from hide (either Crows Heart’s wife or mother)
140 Hide preparation                                                     
141 Hide preparation                                                     
142 Hide preparation                                                     
143 Hide preparation                                                     
144 Young woman with baby on back #51                            
145 Crows Heart's earth lodge                                                   
146 Crows Heart's earth lodge                                                   
147 Crows Heart's earth lodge                                                   
148 Fort Berthold Agency offices & houses         
149 Fort Berthold Agency offices & houses         
150 Fort Berthold Agency offices & houses         
151 Fort Berthold Agency offices & houses         
152 Reservation Fairground showing grandstand              
153 Reservation Fairground showing tipis            
154 Reservation Fairground showing tipis and horses     
155 Reservation Fairground showing travois       
156 Reservation Fairground women's game.      
157 Reservation Fairground - horses under tree               
158 Reservation Fairground - road from three toward Missouri 
159 Mr. & Mrs. Pan preparing to be photographed          
160 Mr. & Mrs. Pan preparing to be photographed          
161 Pan ready to blow grass dance whistle          
162 Pan; house with corral          
163 Pan; house showing sweat lodge     
164 Frame of Pan's sweat lodge               
165 Old Dog; house & Council    
166 Old Dog; house & Council    
167 Little Soldier; house               
168 Little Soldier; house               
174 Frances Densmore and Charles L. Hall

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