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Photographs - Collections - 251-300 - #00257

Title: Edwin White

Dates: 1887-1940

Collection Number: 00257

Quantity: 214 items plus numerous loose photos

Abstract: Contains photos taken by Major Frank White, later North Dakota Governor, who served as a major in the 1st North Dakota Volunteer Infantry in the Philippines and was awarded the Silver Star on October 11, 1924 for "gallantry in action against insurgent forces at Manila, Luzon, Philippine Islands on February 5, 1899."

Provenance:  The State Historical Society received this collection from Edwin Lee White in September 1953. Edwin White was a son of Governor Frank White.

Property Rights: The State Historical Society of North Dakota owns the property rights to this collection.

Copyrights: Copyrights to this collection remain with the donor, publisher, author, or author's heirs.  Researchers should consult the 1976 Copyright Act, Public Law 94-553, Title 17, U.S. Code or an archivist at this repository if clarification of copyright requirements is needed.

Access: This collection is open under the rules and regulations of the State Historical Society of North Dakota.

Citation: Researchers are requested to cite the collection title, collection number, and State Historical of North Dakota in all footnote and bibliographic references.

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Biographical Sketch
From Barnes County History, 1976

Edwin Lee White was born in 1896. He graduated from the Normal School in 1914, went one year to Earlham College, and taught school in Barnes County for one year. He left the University of North Dakota in the spring of 1917 to join the United States Naval Reserve. Before going on active duty, he married Christena K. Black, who was born in Churchs Ferry, North Dakota, and was a graduate of the Normal School.

Edwin served on active military duty until February 1919, mostly on transport duty in the North Atlantic. After the war, he entered business in Indiana, and never resumed residence in North Dakota.

Early in 1921, Edwin moved to the District of Columbia and entered George Washington University, obtaining his AB in 1922, and his MS in 1925. He entered the service of the Federal Government in 1922, and served with distinction until 1955, when he retired.

In World War II, Edwin took leave of absence from his Government service to go on active military service one month before Pearl Harbor. He served until February 1946, achieving the rank of Colonel in the Air Corps. He retired from his reserve commission in 1956.

Christena died in 1953 and is buried in the Arlington National Cemetery in the plot next to the Frank Whites. Edwin has remarried to Marjorie M. Bunting, D.P.M. of Trenton, New Jersey. They live in St. Petersburg, Florida.

Edwin has four children, fourteen grandchildren and as of this writing, ten great grandchildren.

Edwin Lee White died in St. Petersburg, Florida on November 4, 1989.


00257-01              Christmas
00257-02              Christmas
00257-07-17        Autos                   
00257-09              Miss Pennybacker 1915
00257-15-17        Clothing Styles  1940
00257-18              Bruce and Jean Stevens at the Geographical Center of North America, Rugby (ND)
00257-19              Bruce and Jean Stevens, Rugby (ND)
00257-20              Mrs. Getchell
00257-21              Margarite Hadley 1899
00257-23              Bess Hale                            
00257-25              Margarite Hadley 1895
00257-26              Eva Wheeler 1887           
00257-27              Anna and Jessie Harris
00257-28              Jessie Harris
00257-29              Zella Dobbin
00257-30              Eva White
00257-31              Mattie Morrow
00257-32              Julia Wheeler    
00257-33              Marguerite Carmichael
00257-34              Mrs. White
00257-35              Sarah Comfort 1889       
00257-36              Julia Toman
00257-37              Elizabeth Hadley 1894   
00257-38              Miss McDonald
00257-39              Miss Pennybacker 1915
00257-40              Edna Brown       
00257-41              Phebe Parker
00257-44              Miss Eugene Reilley 1914             
00257-45              Clara Stevens
00257-46              Clara Stevens and Joshua Wickenson
00257-47              Siamese Twins                 
00257-48              Siamese Twins                 
00257-49              Carter, Wilson E.                              
00257-50              William Penn
00257-51              General U. S. Grant
00257-52              W. E. Wickenson
00257-53              Wallace Wheeler
00257-54              Tom Black
00257-55              Tom Black                           
00257-56              Harry Smith
00257-57              C. W. Getchell 1899
00257-58              E. W. Brown
00257-59              Charles F. White
00257-60              Elizabeth L. White
00257-61              Lawrence Burton Hadley                             
00257-62              Elizabeth Bachman
00257-63              Frances White  
00257-64              Lawrence Burton Hadley
00257-65              Carolyn Brown
00257-66              Jack White
00257-67              Donald White
00257-68              Lucy and Edna Brown
00257-69              Edna and Lucy Brown
00257-70              Lucy and Edna Brown
00257-71              Edna and Lucy Brown    
00257-72              Genevieve White
00257-73              Carolyn Brown
00257-74              Susan Harrison
00257-75              Nora and Summer Kane
00257-76              Minnie Anderson and Jessie Harris 1890
00257-77              Mary Middleton 1890
00257-78              Daisy White,
00257-81              Bess Hale dressed as a Quaker Lady       
00257-82              Arthur Helm
00257-83              Donald  White
00257-89              Lucy and Edna Brown
00257-92              Mildred Hadley 1890      
00257-93              Donald and Genevieve White                   
00257-95              Catherine Wheeler 1908              
00257-96              Rural scene near Bilibid Prison
00257-97              Roof of building in interior of Ft. Antonio showing effect of one of Dewey’s shells which penetrated thick wall of fort and exploded so it struck the roof. House was powder house. 52 men killed.
00257-100            Scene in Spanish Arsenal
00257-101            Ercotte Manila
00257-102            Royal Palms of Honolulu
00257-103            Quartel Malati. 14th U.S. Infantry quartered here
00257-104            Gates leading into walled city
00257-105            Marks from flogging in prison Manila
00257-106            Two women, Manila
00257-107            Where Spanish shot their prisoners see bullet holes in rear wall
00257-108            Interior Fort San Antonio
00257-109            Co. G’s cook and kitchen in the field near Culicule Church March 6, 1899
00257-110            Artillery to the front
00257-111            Placing rapid firing guns in position. These are on right of our line with the Astor guns. Firing capacity 5 shots per second.
00257-112            Scene near post office
00257-113            Our first camp near San Pedro Malati
00257-114            Arrival of transport at Manila
00257-115            YMCA and men’s quarters in Malati
00257-116            Ft. San Antonio
00257-117            Vault rents not paid – two boys stand by piles of skeletons
00257-118            Gen. Ovenshine’s headquarters
00257-119            Shacks behind breastworks. Part of Jamestown quartered here
00257-120            Pariau gate into walled city
00257-121            View of section of vaults in Paco Cemetery. Rents are paid
00257-122            View of Moutojos flag ship, Reina Christina, as she lies in the bay. Taken from forward deck
00257-123            House between the lines just south of Manila
00257-125            Group of natives
00257-126            Old convent in line of fire
00257-127            Ready for action. A battery of artillery composed of the Astor battery guns now on our right in trenches February 7, 1899
00257-128            Co. G boys at the wall
00257-129            Barricaded street in Malati, suburb of Manila
00257-130            Scene of Astor Battery’s famous (?) charge. Major White’s horse and cart
00257-131            Passay road into Manila
00257-132 – 142 Photo album, Philippines
00257-143            Three women, Manila
00257-144            Our present headquarters at Malati
00257-146            Fort San Antonio, Manila
00257-148            Pasig River looking toward Bay
00257-150            Block house No. 14. Breast works of sandbags on top of earthworks, Note effect of gunners’ good aim on right hand corner. Scene is just outside Manila where we are now quartered
00257-151            A quiley (ke ley) carriage used in Manila
00257-153            The first P.O. on Philippine soil at Cavite. Major White
00257-154            Bamboo bridge at Pavanaque. Near here we were landed after leaving Cavite prior to our march to Camp Dewey
00257-155            San Sebastian Church “Swell kirk of the town”
00257-156            Shipyard at Cavite taken from tower 75 ft. high
00257-157            Picturesque scene of Ft. San Antonio
00257-158            Scene in Cavite showing officers’ quarters on the left. Barracks for men this side of gate August 5, 1898
00257-159            Interior view of one ward of Division Hospital, Manila
00257-160            Custom House, San Francisco, Calif.
00257-161            View of cells in Cavite
00257-162            Shows carving over one of city gates
00257-163            At the Commissaries
00257-164            Waynesville Ohio meeting
00257-165            Carolina Twins, Millie and Crissie
00257-166            Baby Frank June 12, 1929
00257-167            Lawrence Burton Hadley
00257-168            taken from east side white house windmill and milk house on the farm
00257-169            1st ND Infantry standing at attention in front of tents
00257-170            1st ND Infantry camped by river
00257-171            1st ND Infantry tents
00257-172            Mrs. Russell and Margaret. Photographer: Fisher, Valley City N.D.
00257-173            Mrs. Russell and Margaret. Photographer: Fisher, Valley City N.D.
00257-174            First trial trip of torpedo boat Destroyer Farragut, Golden Gate
00257-177            Margaret Russell
00257-186            Signal Officers CMJC Fort Meade, Md. July 1936
00257-187            Transport Grant. ND troops returned on this boat from Philippines. Left Manila July 31
00257-189            George Washington portrait
00257-190            Large elm tree in backyard of home in Valley City (ND)
00257-191            Cattle, hybrid buffalo Yellowstone Park Mammoth Hot Springs 1902
00257-193            Christina Black, Fergus (ND) Photographer: Tuttle’s Studio
00257-195            George A. M. McFarland
00257-196            Charles Ferrier, Manila September 25, 1899
00257-201            Trolley line Lead to Deadwood August 1919
00257-202            Depot, Deadwood (SD) August 1919
00257-211            Trolley line Lead to Deadwood August 1919
00257-212            Robert James’ barn near Deadwood August 1919
00257-213            Robert James’ mountain cabin near Deadwood August 1919

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