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Photographs - Collections - 251-300 - #00251

Title: Edwin Lee White

Dates: 1880-1946

Collection Number: 00251

Quantity: 207 items

Abstract: Primarily unidentified portraits, images from Manila, Philippines 1898-1899, the Burdick family at Graham’s Island, and post cards.

Provenance: The State Historical Society acquired this collection from Edwin Lee White in September 1953.

Property rights: The State Historical Society of North Dakota owns the property rights to the collection.

Copyrights: Copyrights to this collection remain with the donor, publisher, author, or author's heirs.  Researchers should consult the 1976 Copyright Act, Public Law 94-553, Title 17, U.S. Code and an archivist in this repository if clarification of copyright requirements is needed.

Access: This collection is open under the rules and regulations of the State Historical Society of North Dakota.

Citation: Researchers are requested to cite the collection title, collection number, and the State Historical Society of North Dakota in all footnote and bibliographic references.

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Biographical Sketch
From Barnes County History, 1976

Edwin Lee White was born in 1896. He graduated from the Normal School in 1914, went one year to Earlham College, and taught school in Barnes County for one year. He left the University of North Dakota in the spring of 1917 to join the United States Naval Reserve. Before going on active duty, he married Christena K. Black, who was born in Churchs Ferry, North Dakota, and was a graduate of the Normal School.

Edwin served on active military duty until February 1919, mostly on transport duty in the North Atlantic. After the war, he entered business in Indiana, and never resumed residence in North Dakota.

Early in 1921, Edwin moved to the District of Columbia and entered George Washington University, obtaining his AB in 1922, and his MS in 1925. He entered the service of the Federal Government in 1922, and served with distinction until 1955, when he retired.

In World War II, Edwin took leave of absence from his Government service to go on active military service one month before Pearl Harbor. He served until February 1946, achieving the rank of Colonel in the Air Corps. He retired from his reserve commission in 1956.

Christena died in 1953 and is buried in the Arlington National Cemetery in the plot next to the Frank Whites. Edwin has remarried to Marjorie M. Bunting, D.P.M. of Trenton, New Jersey. They live in St. Petersburg, Florida.

Edwin has four children, fourteen grandchildren and as of this writing, ten great grandchildren.

Edwin Lee White died in St. Petersburg, Florida on November 4, 1989.


00251-001            Aunt Ann Horney, Richmond, Ind. 1880                
00251-002            Mrs. McFarland                                               
00251-003            Miss Mudgett, Charles's sister, Valley City (ND)
00251-004            Mrs. Getchell
00251-005            Steps, Nez Perce Indian who escaped from the band while surrounded in the bad lands of Nebraska, by Gen. Miles in 1878. He then joined Sitting Bull's band of Uncapapa Sioux Indians in the British possessions and has followed their fortunes ever since. He lost his feet above the ankles, also his right hand by being frozen, having been caught in one of the severe snow storms, 21 years ago. (1862) Photographer: Bailey, Dix and Mead
00251-006            O. L. Burdick home built on Graham’s Island in 1881                        
00251-007            Mr. and Mrs. O. L. Burdick and family on their 60th wedding anniversary, January 6, 1946
00251-008            O. W. Burdick just after leaving the army                             
00251-009            Mrs. O. W. Burdick, mother of Usher L. Burdick                                 
00251-010            David DeNoyer, a member of Sibley’s Campaign in the Dakotas
00251-011            Dr. Hendrickson and Largor Sinness, who taught Usher Burdick on Graham’s Island
00251-012            Josephine DeNoyer, age 18, early teacher on Graham’s Island 1891
00251-013            James Michaels, Sr. home on Graham’s Island                                   
00251-014            Leonard Burdick, Usher’s brother, and family in front of the LaRose home, Graham’s Island                                        
00251-015            Grassy Butte Post Office, Grassy Butte (ND)       
00251-016            Washburn riverboat at landing   ca. 1910-1920    
00251-018            The Little Country Theater, North Dakota Agricultural College, Fargo (ND)            
00251-021            O. W. Bennett Capt. “Governor’s Guard” 1st Infantry Dakota National Guard
00251-022            Josiah Perham first president of Northern Pacific Railroad
00251-023            Jamie White with dog
00251-025            Restaurant interior
00251-034            portrait ‘for Aunt Elsie with love from Donald Christmas 1905’
00251-035            James D. White, Louis White, Jamie
00251-036            Baby portrait ‘to Aunt Elsie and Uncle Frank from James Arthur White’
00251-043            John B. Bonny September 23, 1907 90 ½ years of age today
00251-049            Blue Canyon School, Arizona as it appeared when abandoned in 1903
00251-051            Spink County Courthouse, Redfield (SD) the object of 19th century conflict. Photographer: Clell Gannon 1967
00251-052            Spink County Courthouse, Redfield (SD) the object of 19th century conflict. Photographer: Clell Gannon 1967
00251-058            Girl in farmyard with a sheep
00251-067            One Bull. Photographer: Bailey, Dix and Mead 1882
00251-068            Sitting Bull. Photographer: Bailey, Dix and Mead 1882
00251-076            Men playing cards
00251-080            David and Elizabeth McSparron and sons William James, Archibald, and Andrew
00251-081            Bridge, Manila, Philippines
00251-082            Philippine hut 1898-1899
00251-083            House between Spanish and American lines, Manila, Philippines
00251-084            Block House #12, Manila
00251-085            Barracks, Manila
00251-086            University at Manila
00251-087            Market, Manila
00251-088            Rural village, cattle grazing, Manila
00251-089            Captain Cogswell sleeping on a cot, Manila
00251-090            Co. G Headquarters, Manila
00251-091            Children in school room
00251-092            St. Paul, Minneapolis and Manitoba engine
00251-093            Five men and bicycles at Garfield Old Mill
00251-082-2        Fort Malate, Manila Philippines February 5, 1899
00251-083 – 102 Unidentified portraits
00251-097            Lake Worth (FL) 1934. Photographer: Mary Hay
00251-098 – 103 Post cards
00251-104 – 155 Interstate News Service photo cards no. 1-105
00251-158 – 206 Post cards
00251-207            View of Margrave Mansion near Harriman (TN)

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