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Photographs - Collections - 201-250 - #00239

Title: Miscellaneous

Dates: ca. 1879-1957

Collection Number: 00239

Quantity: 174 items

Abstract: Consists of many photographs of Four Bears Bridge dedication; the Government Indian School at Wahpeton; Elbowoods American Legion Post portrait; Standing Rock Indian Camp; and Elbowoods police chief. Settler photos and post cards depict wheat threshing; Caledonia Mill; Bismarck firemen; John Deere thresher; Ole Gilbertson farm, Brinsmade; Capital Aviation; U.S.S. North Dakota; Women’s Temperance march, Devils Lake; Constitutional Convention reunion; and Fort Rice State Park dedication. Includes buildings and scenes in Bismarck, Mandan, Mohall, Devils Lake, Linton, Hillsboro, Wilton, Jamestown, Minot, Valley City, Grand Forks, and Fargo. Photos of people include Ralf Ward, Floyd Jennings, Rep. Ingard Bjerkan, George Bell, Judge Carmody, Russell Reid, Davis Hanson, Louis Magin, James W. Foley, Russell L. Cooke, Andrew A. Bruce, Patricia Larson, B.F. MacCall, and William Jennings Bryan. There is a photographic copy of a picture of Teddy Roosevelt, ‘Ready for the Hunt.’ There are many unidentified Native Americans, but also images of Foolish Bear, Drags Wolf, and Slohan.

Provenance: These photograph came from many separate donations.

Property Rights: The State Historical Society of North Dakota owns the property rights to this collection.

Copyrights: Copyrights to material in this collection remains with the donor, publisher, author, or author's heirs. Researchers should consult the 1976 Copyright Act, Public Law 94-553, Title 17, U.S. Code and an archivist at this repository if clarification of copyright requirements is needed.

Access: This collection is open under the rules and regulations of the State Historical Society of North Dakota.

Citation: Researchers are requested to cite the collection title, collection number, and the State Historical Society of North Dakota in all footnote and bibliographic references.


00239-001            Pine tree, Badlands (ND)
00239-002            North Dakota’s biggest tree, (cottonwood) Mayville (ND) July 1955
00239-003            Benton Packet Co. boats on ways, Bismarck (ND) 1914
00239-004            Custer Trail Ranch, Bad Lands (ND)
00239-005            Highway 10 Memorial Bridge, Bismarck (ND) ca. 1940-1950
00239-006            C. A. Birke barn, Mohall (ND) 1910
00239-007            C. A. Birke residence, Mohall (ND) November 1910
00239-008            Ralf Ward
00239-009            Rep. Ingval Bjerkan, 28th District Bottineau (ND) 1957
00239-010            Floyd Jennings
00239-011            George Bell
00239-012            Judge John Carmody
00239-013            Father Clemens, Mandan (ND)
00239-014            Horses, Sulky Race
00239-015            Young Hawk Post #253American Legion, Elbowoods (ND) 1930
00239-016            Students and teacher at Elbowoods School Photographer: Leo D. Harris
00239-017            Memorial Dedication, Elbowoods (ND) 1930
00239-018            Bears Arm
00239-019            Louis Baker, Sr.
00239-020            Crows Heart
00239-021            Crows Heart and young boy
00239-022            Crows Heart and young boy
00239-023            Sitting Crow?
00239-024            drawing of Native American man
00239-025            Franklin D. Roosevelt at the Four Bears Bridge dedication June 17, 1934
00239-026            Four Bears Bridge Monument, Elbowoods (ND) June 17, 1934
00239-027            Four Bears Bridge 1930 
00239-028            Four Bears Bridge Monument, Elbowoods (ND) June 17, 1934
00239-029            Four Bears Bridge Monument, Elbowoods (ND) June 17, 1934
00239-030            Four Bears Bridge Monument, Elbowoods (ND) June 17, 1934
00239-031            Four Bears Bridge ribbon cutting ceremony, Elbowoods (ND) June 17, 1934
00239-032            Four Bears Bridge 1930 
00239-033            Four Bears Bridge Monument, Elbowoods (ND) June 17, 1934
00239-035            Four Bears Bridge ribbon cutting ceremony, Elbowoods (ND) June 17, 1934
00239-036            Four Bears Bridge Monument, Elbowoods (ND) June 17, 1934
00239-037            Four Bears Bridge dedication, Elbowoods (ND) June 17, 1934
00239-038            Four Bears Bridge ribbon cutting ceremony, Elbowoods (ND) June 17, 1934
00239-039            Four Bears Bridge dedication, Elbowoods (ND) June 17, 1934
00239-039-04     Memorial Dedication, Elbowoods (ND) 1930
00239-040            Four Bears Bridge Monument, Elbowoods (ND) June 17, 1934
00239-041            Four Bears Bridge Monument, Elbowoods (ND) June 17, 1934
00239-042            Four Bears Bridge Monument, Elbowoods (ND) June 17, 1934
00239-043            Four Bears Bridge Monument, Elbowoods (ND) June 17, 1934
00239-044            Four Bears Bridge dedication, Elbowoods (ND) June 17, 1934 Photographer: Leo D. Harris
00239-045            Four Bears Bridge dedication, Elbowoods (ND) June 17, 1934
00239-046            Four Bears Bridge dedication, Elbowoods (ND) June 17, 1934
00239-046-04     Dedication of Four Bears Memorial, Elbowoods (ND) September 8, 1933
00239-047            Four Bears Bridge dedication, Elbowoods (ND) June 17, 1934 Photographer: Leo D. Harris
00239-048            Four Bears Bridge dedication, Elbowoods (ND) June 17, 1934 Photographer: Leo D. Harris
00239-049            Four Bears Bridge Monument, Elbowoods (ND) June 17, 1934 Photographer: Leo D. Harris
00239-050            Four Bears Bridge dedication, Elbowoods (ND) June 17, 1934
00239-051            Four Bears Bridge dedication, Elbowoods (ND) June 17, 1934
00239-052            Indian Mission School, Elbowoods (ND)
00239-055            Drags Wolf, Bears Arm and unidentified man
00239-056            Drags Wolf
00239-057            Annie, Jim and Loretta Eagle
00239-058            Annie Crows Heart and Jim Eagle
00239-059            Drags Wolf
00239-060            Judge Dan Wolf
00239-061            Unknown Native American man
00239-062            Unknown Native American man
00239-063            Louis Baker, Sr.
00239-064            Unknown Native American man
00239-065            Crows Heart (Mandan)
00239-066            Unknown Native American man
00239-067            Imogene Baker Campbell
00239-068            Carolyn Chase Pleets
00239-069            Tom Frosted
00239-070            Mrs. Porcupine and baby
00239-071            Drumming at a gathering
00239-072            Drags Wolf and unknown white man     
00239-073            Drags Wolf and unknown white man
00239-074            Drags Wolf and two other men
00239-075            Foolish Bear and Drags Wolf who regained possession of the Sacred Bundle Photo by Leo D. Harris
00239-076            Two Native American women in front of a log cabin
00239-077            Dancing
00239-078            Helen Wolf Wilkenson on horseback
00239-079            Three Indians on horses
00239-080            Five Indians on horses
00239-081            Carolyn Chase Pleets
00239-082            Boy with pony
00239-083            Log homes
00239-084            Tipi, Standing Rock Reservation
00239-085            Tipis, Fort Yates (ND)
00239-086            Ferry, Elbowoods (ND)
00239-087            Water Chief’s red flower corn identified by George Will
00239-088            Harvesting in the Red River Valley in North Dakota
00239-089            NS Agricultural College, Fargo (ND) postcard 1911
00239-090            Liberty Memorial Building, Bismarck (ND)
00239-091            Liberty Memorial Building, Bismarck (ND)
00239-092            Peder Pederson’s residence, McVille (ND)
00239-093            Peder Pederson’s residence, McVille (ND)
00239-094            Boat landing, Devils Lake (ND)
00239-096            Snow on Northern Pacific tracks Mandan (ND) February 13, 1923 Naylor Studios
00239-097            Red River of the North, Moorhead (MN) Grandin Line Elevator 1879
00239-098            Flooded Northern Pacific Railroad Yard, Mandan (ND) March 3, 1923
00239-099            View of 4th Street looking north from NP Depot, Bismarck (ND) 1915
00239-100            Burleigh County Courthouse, Bismarck (ND)
00239-101            Red River Cart, Bismarck (ND)
00239-102            Cannon, Fort Berthold (ND)
00239-103            Bronco Busting at Custer Trail Ranch
00239-104            The old Stoyell place, Bismarck (ND)
00239-105            Chateau de Mores, Medora (ND)
00239-106            Hospital staff (nuns), Linton (ND) November 19, 1953
00239-107            Flock of sheep watering on the range
00239-108            Shocks of grain
00239-109            William Skeeles 1932
00239-110            Russell Reid, Bismarck (ND) 1956
00239-111            Steamboat Peerless on Missouri River
00239-112            Slohan (Crawler)
00239-115            Government Indian School, Wahpeton (ND)
00239-116            Post Office, Bismarck (ND)
00239-117            Methodist Church, Linton (ND)
00239-118            Soo Line Depot, Wilton (ND) February 1914
00239-119            Flooded buildings March 1943
00239-120            Hi Line Bridge, Valley City (ND) 1952
00239-121            Ferry, Bismarck (ND) 1909 Photographer: Holmboe
00239-122            Two men in automobile with sign ‘Hazelton’ in front of sod house
00239-123            Ferry ‘Minot’
00239-124            USS North Dakota 1916
00239-125            Train pushing snow off track, Wilton (ND) 1916-1917
00239-126            Airport, Grand Forks (ND)
00239-127            State Hospital, Jamestown (ND)
00239-128            Trinity Hospital, Jamestown (ND)
00239-129            Bucyrus steam shovel on a coal line
00239-130            Water Ski Club: Skinauticues
00239-131            William J. Bryan
00239-132            Stereograph of military men seated and standing outside log post office
00239-133            Girl with dolls
00239-134            Temperance March, Devils Lake (ND) 1880s
00239-135            Davis Hanson and Bliss playing guitar and mandolin on a bed
00239-136            Emelia Plante, St. John (ND)
00239-137            B. F. Macrall in full length fur coat, Moorhead (MN) January 1878 Photographer: Haynes, Fargo
00239    0138       Mrs. Murphy,(Major’s wife)
00239-139            J. F. Mangels jumping from platform 75 feet high, July 20, 1907
00239-140            Louis Magin Photographer: Butler Studio, Bismarck
00239-141            Autographed portrait of James Foley
00239-142            A. S. Ward, Stark Co. Auditor and three men
00239-143            Autographed portrait of Russell L. Cooke in military uniform December 1918
00239-144            Autographed portrait of Andrew A. Bruce Photographer: Holmboe, Bismarck, N.D.
00239-145            Civil War veterans seated on top of Dutch Oven at Fort Rice State Park dedication, 1913 Photographer: Holmboe Studio, Bismarck, N.D. Bill Pamplin, ‘Chip’ Creighton, Louis Larson, M. C. Caddell, Tom Welch, W. S. Sterland, ‘Bully’ Welch, L. C. Ares, James T. Murphy, Bender Wall, Kurtz, Mose Hyatt, and John Leach
00239-146            Constitutional Convention Reunion, Bismarck (ND) Photographer: Holmboe Studio, Bismarck, N.D.
00239-147            Constitutional Convention in front of old Capitol building, Bismarck (ND)
00239-149            Moen Farm, Hillsboro, Traill Co. (ND)
00239-151            Gilbertson and Raines Buggies and Wagons
00239-152            Caledonia Creamery, Caledonia (ND)
00239-153            Merchants Hotel?
00239-154            Pupils and others in front of schoolhouse
00239-155            Steamboat on river
00239-158            Firemen, Bismarck (ND)
00239-160            Couples in ethnic costumes dancing
00239-161            John Deere thresher on Ole Gilbertson Farm, Brinsmade (ND)
00239-162            Bison
00239-163            Old Time Government Wagon
00239-164            Knappen House, Fargo (ND)
00239-165            Crowds of children near Dakota Theater, Dari-O, Provident building, Bismarck (ND) 1954
00239-166            Capital Aviation, 1st flight to Williston, Bismarck (ND)
00239-167            Ben Meier
00239-168            Group in front of Spruce Hotel with sign, Headquarters Oregon Kansas No. Dakota Delegation 1950
00239-170            Bridal portrait of Patricia Larson (Mrs. Neil Linzbach)
00239-171            Fort Union and distribution of goods to the Assiniboines, copy of engraving
00239-172            Fort Benton (MT), copy of engraving
00239-173            Old Fort Walla Walla, copy of engraving
00239-174            Theodore Roosevelt, ‘Ready for the Hunt’

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