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Photographs - Collections - 201-250 - #00226

Title: Mildred Rothgarn

Dates: 1886-1962

Collection Number: 00226

Quantity: 132 items

Abstract: Images of people, farms, and street scenes in Willow City, Overly, Lake Meigoshe, and Devils Lake (ND).

Provenance: The State Historical Society made copies from the collection of Mildred Rothgarn in 1988.

Copyrights: Copyrights to materials in this collection remain with the donor, publisher, author, or author's heirs. Researcher should consult the 1976 Copyright Act, Public Law 94‑553, Title 17 U.S. Code and an archivist at this repository if clarification of copyright requirements is needed.

: This collection is open under the rules and regulations of the State Historical Society of North Dakota.

Researchers are requested to cite the collection title, collection name, and the State Historical Society of North Dakota in all footnote and bibliographic references.


00226-001            Merchant’s National Bank, Willow City (ND)
00226-005            Hotel Columbia, Willow City (ND)
00226-011            Livery Feed & Sale Stable, Willow City (ND)
00226-012            Nol and Emede Cote in front of steam-powered tractor, Willow City (ND) 1924  
00226-013            Horse drawn wagons in front of barn, Willow City (ND)
00226-014            Willow City (ND) from a distance
00226-015            Horse drawn hay rake and Charlie Jacoby  on a large haystack, Willow City (ND)
00226-016            Glen Brynjalfran and Maurice Kitzman, one of them sitting on a calf
00226-017            Birds Eye View, Willow City (ND)
00226-018            Main Street, Willow City (ND)
00226-019            John Due, Malvine Cote, and Alberie Cote 1916
00226-020            Birds Eye View, Willow City (ND) ca. 1909
00226-022            Family on their farmstead, Willow City (ND) August 20, 1911
00226-025            St. Paul Lutheran Church, Willow City (ND)
00226-026            Elevators, Willow City (ND)
00226-032            Elevators, Willow City (ND)
00226-037            Emede and Alberie Cote, Willow City (ND) 1902
00226-041            Pete Paulson, Henry Schrump, Charles Rothgarn, Richard Rothgarn, Henry Morgan, and Ed Blaisdell                        
00226-042            Charlie, Emelia, Hattie, and Lena Jacoby
00226-043            Photo Gallery at Willow City (ND)                            
00226-044            Richard Rothgarn, Henry Morgan, Joe Peat, Pete Paulson, and Ed Blaisdell
00226-045            Catholic Church , Willow City (ND)
00226-046            Presbyterian Church, Willow City (ND)
00226-047            Northern Lutheran Church, Willow City (ND)
00226-048            Methodist Episcopal Church, Willow City (ND)
00226-049            Main Street, Willow City (ND)
00226-050            Store interior, Willow City (ND)
00226-051            Store interior, Willow City (ND)
00226-052            Store interior, Willow City (ND)
00226-053            Store interior, Willow City (ND)
00226-054            Ed Haustad, Ted Lovly and group in front of Norman School near Willow City (ND)
00226-055            August Johnson driving horse-drawn Standard Oil tanker wagon, Willow City (ND) ca. 1890-1910
00226-056            Store interior, Willow City (ND)
00226-057            Haying
00226-058            Restaurant interior
00226-059            Willow City Band ca. 1916-1917. Photo by Holler “Dad Holler-Leader of Band”
00226-060            Restaurant interior: Ester and Marv Wittmayer, Peggy Wittmayer, Dalvida Brandt, Doris Kitzing, Miss Belcourt, Ester Gouin, Martha Brabdt, Gen. Brandt, and Mrs. Percy Gibbs
00226-061            Restaurant interior
00226-062            Family on their farmstead, Willow City (ND) August 20, 1911
00226-063            group in front of large house
00226-064            Portrait of two small girls. Photographer: E. O. Holler, Willow City, N.Dak.
00226-065            Group portrait
00226-066            Group portrait
00226-067            Mattress making projects, Bottineau Co. Extension Service
00226-068            Bottineau County Home Makers Clubs Booth at the fair
00226-069            Mattress making projects, Bottineau Co. Extension Service
00226-070            Mattress making projects, Bottineau Co. Extension Service
00226-071            Mattress making projects, Bottineau Co. Extension Service
00226-072            Mattress making projects, Bottineau Co. Extension Service
00226-073            Mattress making projects, Bottineau Co. Extension Service
00226-074            Mattress making projects, Bottineau Co. Extension Service
00226-075            Mattress making projects, Bottineau Co. Extension Service
00226-076            August Erdman family
00226-077            Phil Halls Barber Shop and Bill Gua, Willow City (ND)
00226-078            Main Street, Willow City (ND) 1920
00226-079            Mertle Degner (Mrs. Herman Degner) House built 1894 by Gottlieb Degner        
00226-080            Willow City High School 1962
00226-081            Willow City (ND) 1962
00226-082            Store interior
00226-083            Michael and Clara Kitzman wedding portrait, Willow City (ND)
00226-084            Grasshopper net                             
00226-085            First National Bank, Willow City (ND)
00226-086            Marlow and Pauline Kitzman wedding portrait, Willow City (ND)
00226-087            Pauline and Marlow Kitzman wedding portrait, Willow City (ND)
00226-088            Mike Kitzman farm house, Willow City (ND)
00226-089            Mike Kitzman farm house, Willow City (ND)
00226-090            Elevators, Gardena (ND)
00226-091            Elevator addition, Gardena (ND)
00226-092            Sons of Norway, Overly (ND) ca. 1920s
00226-093            Elevator, Overly (ND)
00226-094            Central Hotel, R. H. Rogers Land Lawyer, and Drug Store, Willow City (ND) 1886
00226-095            Doyle Hancock, Twins Baseball Player, Willow City (ND) July 1906
00226-096            Rogers Lumber Company, Overly (ND) July 1906
00226-097            Ernest Wentworth, first mail carrier, Willow City (ND) in horse drawn sled
00226-098            Imperial Lumber Yard, Overly (ND) July 1906
00226-099            Anna and Joseph Mittermapp wedding portrait, Willow City (ND)
00226-100            Bridge on the Clark-Salyer Wildlife Refuge east of Upham (ND)
00226-101            George Freeman home built in 1904, just west of the present Freeman Bridge1904
00226-102            Doyle Hancock, Twins Baseball Player 1934
00226-103            Group boating on Lake Metigoshe ca. 1919
00226-104            McHenry County Courthouse interior: Hans and Hubert Rothgarn and Ella Ekstad, Towner (ND) 1906
00226-105            Hans Hoffman family ca. 1895
00226-106            Willow City High School Basketball Team: Pro. Grimes, M. N. Cooke, Cliff Grimes, Harold Olson, Maurice Robertson 1913
00226-107            Hunting with dogs near Willow City (ND)
00226-108            Teacher with class outside school house, Hulde Lehmann
00226-109            Ernest Wentworth, first mail carrier, Willow City (ND) in horse drawn sled
00226-110            Pastor Potratz and family. Photographer: E. O. Holler, Willow City, N.Dak.
00226-111            Andy and Grace Rothgarn ca. 1900
00226-112            Rothgarn farm home built in 1897in McHenry County ca.1900     
00226-113            Sigrid Kjelbertson at the spinning wheel, Devils Lake (ND) November 15, 1937
00226-114            Aerial view of Overly (ND) ca. 1960
00226-115            Willow City Girls Basketball Team: Ella Thorson, Gertrude Rothgarn, Lillian Sherwin, Florence Haltz, Alice Walker, Lucille Holler, Winnifred Wallace, and Viola Weckworth, Willow City (ND) 1919
00226-116            Willow City Businessmen: Louis Bauer, Cliff Grimes, F. F. Dolen, Mel Martin, Charles Wilkins, Howard Ross, Dave Odland, and D. V. Allison
00226-117            Overly Band: Chris Moe, Carl Johnson, Pete Svingen, Thompson, Fred Hinck, and Clarence Bakken, Overly (ND) ca. 1915
00226-118            Group portrait
00226-119            Cars parked at church
00226-120            Group outside church
00226-121            Main Street, Overly (ND). Copyright by I. A. Iverson
00226-122            Carrie F. Bunker Deming, Oakland (ND) 1892
00226-123            Chauncey A. Deming, Oakland (ND)
00226-124            Laundry on line outside C. A. Deming home on the Mouse River
00226-125            C. A. Deming home on the Mouse River
00226-126            Emery Cote in front of pumps at the Willow City (ND) Farmer’s Union gasoline station
00226-127            East side of Willow City (ND)
00226-128            Willow City High School
00226-129            Mrs. Schultz, Arnold Ella, Elta, Martha and Miletta Schultz
00226-130            August and Minnie Schultz farm two mile north of Willow City (ND)        
00226-131            Churches, Willow City (ND)
00226-132            Rose Thompson, Mrs. Ellis, Mrs. Emery, Mrs. Robertson, Mrs. Michael, and Mrs. Gordon, Willow City (ND)

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